Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hicks Tix Pics


aaron said...


GameOver said...

Tony you napping?

aaron said...

my first one! :)

Tony Soprano said...

Damn, competition is heating up. I was slacking over at WFT. Must not go to CI and get bogged down...

So snowflake went up and carved some turns. Good for him. I still have my old Morrow 186 board that I'll have to break out this weekend for some freshie tracks. I've driven that stretch of I80 a zillion times and the one thing you don't do is speed. The other thing you don't do is speed while bringing back a bunch of hi-cap Glock and AR mags from Nevada hehehe. CHP is on that like white on rice. The scary thing is those lo-pro tires in the snow. Dumb ass should have got a Jeep International or an old K-5. Much more practical wheels. And why get nailed westbound and then flip a U-turn and snap the shot Eastbound is beyond me. Why not just cop to the fact that he got nailed on the way home? Wonder what Galina and Yulie have to say about this? Last week Snowflake is borrowing a car and gas money and now he can jet to Tahoe for some R&R?? Something smells and it ain't the litterbox!

Benoit™ said...

Anyone know if there's an analogous website to NYC's ticket system? If you get a parking ticket here, you can check the status of your ticket (dismissed, etc) on a website if you have:

1) Car License Plate
2) Ticket Number
3) Car Type (Van, Passenger Sedan, etc)

We have all of those things for Gaysey, not to mention his DL#...! So is there such a website for California?

R-Boy said...


I don't know his birthday or what county the ticket was in

Mr. Ed, the mule, not a fucking horse said...

His birthday is 9/10/82.

GameOver said...

Any normal person would get the point by now that publishing EVERY BIT OF PERSONAL INFO isn't a very good idea, but not our Snowflake!

Too funny. I would think it'd be pretty uncomfortable to have so many people watching every move you make...personal preference I suppose.

Not that I am condoning it but why wouldn't someone try and steal his identity? Granted you couldn't qualify for much but I'm sure you could get a couple hundred bucks on a retail card. Considering how much of his info is out there it be like stealing candy from a f*cktard...

Anonymous said...

aaron bitch slaps Tony.....life is good.

Lonesome Looser said...

I take it there were more ticket photos than the photo that's on this post? (Specifically someone said that there was a shot with the cop pulling him over or something.) Casey took them off of Flickr.

Ratlab, you should make your flickr page the definitive Casey collection. It's getting hard to locate a lot of the old photos.

Here are a few old thumbnails from his Hawaii vacation days that I saved a long time ago if anyone wants them (all tiny thumbnails):
Casey with ice cream cone
Galina and Casey
Galina and Casey
Galina as a hula dancing pineapple

ratlab said...

@Lonesome Looser

The pineapple pic cracks me up. I'll archive these on the flickr page. Thanks.

Mikel said...

I just discovered a interesting article I would like to share:

Don't Blame the Market for Housing Bubble
by Ron Paul

The U.S. housing market, long considered vulnerable by many economists, is now on the verge of suffering a serious collapse in many regions. Commodities guru and hedge fund manager Jim Rogers warns that real estate in expensive bubble areas will drop 40 or 50%. Mainstream media outlets like the New York Times are reporting breathlessly about the possibility of widespread defaults on subprime mortgages.

When the bubble finally bursts completely, millions of Americans will be looking for someone to blame. Look for Congress to hold hearings into subprime lending practices and "predatory" mortgages. We'll hear a lot of grandstanding about how unscrupulous lenders took advantage of poor people, and how rampant speculation caused real estate markets around the country to overheat. It will be reminiscent of the Enron hearings, and the message will be explicitly or implicitly the same: free-market capitalism, left unchecked, leads to greed, fraud, and unethical if not illegal business practices.

But capitalism is not to blame for the housing bubble, the Federal Reserve is. Specifically, Fed intervention in the economy-- through the manipulation of interest rates and the creation of money-- caused the artificial boom in mortgage lending.

The Fed has roughly tripled the amount of dollars and credit in circulation just since 1990. Housing prices have risen dramatically not because of simple supply and demand, but because the Fed literally created demand by making the cost of borrowing money artificially cheap. When credit is cheap, individuals tend to borrow too much and spend recklessly.

This is not to say that all banks, lenders, and Wall Street firms are blameless. Many of them are politically connected, and benefited directly from the Fed's easy money policies. And some lenders did make fraudulent or unethical loans. But every cent they loaned was first created by the Fed.

The actions of lenders are directly attributable to the policies of the Fed: when credit is cheap, why not loan money more recklessly to individuals who normally would not qualify? Even with higher default rates, lenders could make huge profits simply through volume. Subprime lending is a symptom of the housing bubble, not the cause of it.

Fed credit also distorts mortgage lending through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two government schemes created by Congress supposedly to help poor people. Fannie and Freddie enjoy an implicit guarantee of a bailout by the federal government if their loans default, and thus are insulated from market forces. This insulation spurred investors to make funds available to Fannie and Freddie that otherwise would have been invested in other securities or more productive endeavors, thereby fueling the housing boom.

The Federal Reserve provides the mother's milk for the booms and busts wrongly associated with a mythical "business cycle." Imagine a Brinks truck driving down a busy street with the doors wide open, and money flying out everywhere, and you'll have a pretty good analogy for Fed policies over the last two decades. Unless and until we get the Federal Reserve out of the business of creating money at will and setting interest rates, we will remain vulnerable to market bubbles and painful corrections. If housing prices plummet and millions of Americans find themselves owing more than their homes are worth, the blame lies squarely with Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.

Dr. Ron Paul

R-Boy said...

While I personally feel lax regulation and an implicit ponzi scheme were at fault here Paul's point that subprime lending was a sympton is correct, and that credit was too easy to obtain, is correct also.

So, overall...Go Ron, or something. The only guy in Congress who actually gets things

GameOver said...

Not only does Ron Paul have my vote, I'd even campaign/make calls/pass out propaganda/drag elderly to the polls for the guy.

sid_finster said...

R-Boy, being that you is an economist and smart and stuff, would you say that fiat money can take on elements of a Ponzi scheme?

I am not a gold bug, just a tabbycat and cynic. Perhaps any money supply has a way of increasing - I can think of many historical metal-based currencies that were devalued.

lawnmower man said...

via I Will Teach You To Be Rich today: the New York Times on Russ Whitney.

Casey paid $15K to attend 3 seminars. The NYT, to put it bluntly, does not make it sound like good value for money.

king friday the 13th said...

my hypothesis is that our favorite little babushka will resemble the pineapple in about 10 years.

is it me, or has she appeared to put on some weight (look at the shape of her face) in the latter photos, compared to the HI vacation.

anyway, galina appears to be following tony's advice to "go heavy". nigel's advice is to "go deep" (well to snowflake at least).

Anonymous said...

First off R-Boy...great rebuttal to the "award winning" blooger whose name I will no longer mention. Secondly, f-him and his reasons why Casey isn't hurting anybody.

Uhhh, so-called award winning doofus...WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL THE FORECLOSURES OCCURING? Sure CFC and others rigged the system to sell loans and NOBODY made these people sign, but when the interest rate is still high for folks with 700+ ficos THAT IS A REASON FOR WHY CASEY IS F-ING THE SYSTEM!

What a fucking idiot that award winner is.


DC Troll said...

I notice the address on the ticket is his PO Box rather than his actual residence. That's not legal in most states, I don't know about CA.

UncleC said...

@Tony -- "And why get nailed westbound and then flip a U-turn and snap the shot Eastbound is beyond me."

That's ridiculous - who says he was heading west? He's stopped on the Eastbound median and it's a wide grade separation, "no whey" he flipped around just after getting a tic! Also "no whey" he would loop around to an exit and then pull off on to the median. I think the letter "W" on bottom of tic refers to an exit name, not his direction. He was obviously speeding to get up to ski area before it got too dark.

R-Boy said...

@@Anon 10:23
Preciates the compliments. Nigel consistently refuses to post my rebuttals of his tripe on his blog, even though I am very civil and factual in them (no hate). He sees trees, and maybe the forest, but not the vermin waiting to eat him when he runs in. Economists are not blind to those vermin...at least good libertarian economists.

I know alot of guys are proponents of a commodity-based currency standard. I understand it, but the problem with it is that you either get everyone on it, or its a no-go. The floating exchange rate system, nowadays with computers and the internet reducing arbitrage to a mere afterthought, I think works pretty well when folks don't manipulate it.

That's the key. I particularly like New Zealand's approach to this problem : inflation targeting. Money supply has to grow to accomdate a growing economy, but too much and well, money gets worthless and there's your scheme.

NZ sets a rate at about 2% inflation per year, and basically, the head guy keeps or loses his job based on how well he hits the target. Incentives work! There's no issue assuming gdp growth is greater than 2%. We expect...5%? It's an issue that one day will be solved with technology (Like the BATS exchange)

About Ron Paul : he'll lose, but if anything he says gains traction, that's good. Libertarians are the most active political group on the net, and now comprise the largest swing voting group in the US (15% of Americans can be classified as libertarian based on values surveys conducted Nov 2006. They're mostly out west, in GA, or in NH. Not many in DC. Maybe 10.

In other news, the 2nd position lender (SPS) called to see if they could convince us to stay with them

What would you choose?
7.875% 15 year HEL w/ 1 pt origination fee


6.74% 15 year HEL w/ no fees and a really nice high interest bearing checking account w/ the local bank whose chief accountant happens to be a guy you drink with frequently.


I explained to my fiancee : Honey, they want to keep our business because they're massively exposed to the subprime. We'd be bailing out the fools. Homey wouldn't approve of that.

Rob Dawg said...

...at least good libertarian economists

But you repeat yourself R-Boy.

Concerning "which would you choose?" Yeah the great part about any bailout via subsidized rates is that it won't work. People like me will run to the lowest number and leave my previous lenders with a degraded portfolio. I essentially expect to be paid to be in your debt.

NoVa Sideliner said...

Hey UncleC,

What are you talking about???

"He's stopped on the Eastbound median and it's a wide grade separation"

Now I'm not from there, so I guess if we're looking eastbound or westbound on that road, but he is definitely NOT on the median.

See that yellow traffic line... to his LEFT? And the dotted white line to his right? He's smack in the left travel lane. (Hopefully idiot boy is not stopped THERE!)

Aspeth said...

Why does "casey with ice cream cone" have a vaguely gay porn feel to it? Maybe it's fucktard's posture where he's arching his back and lowering his chin for the camera.

Aspeth said...

At the very least, that photo just screams "jazz hands!!!"

king friday the 13th said...

I've driven that stretch of I80 a zillion times and the one thing you don't do is speed. The other thing you don't do is speed while bringing back a bunch of hi-cap Glock and AR mags from Nevada hehehe.


tony, best not to call attention to yourself when your "ridin' dirty."

I remember I was riding with someone who got pulled over by a CHP (initially 83 in a 65). Anyway, while the cop was writing the ticket, I politely asked if he knew Ponch.

He laughed, and said that I didn't look old enough to know the show. (I was only 27 at the time).
He "reduced" the speed to 79, which I guess save my friend a bundle...

sigh. maybe casey should have asked the CHP to "bird-dog" for him.

Anonymous said...

He was going 90 in a 65 on I-80. I was busted doing the same thing on the same freeway, and the bail was $375. That county isn't soft in their collection efforts, either. If it's not paid, Casey won't be renewing his license any time soon.

UncleC said...

@NoVa -- "See that yellow traffic line... to his LEFT? And the dotted white line to his right? He's smack in the left travel lane. (Hopefully idiot boy is not stopped THERE!)"

You are correct, sir! This proves he was heading east, lol... And that he took the pic while driving!

This section of I-80 where he took this pic must be just west of Blue Canyon and east of Colfax because of the grade separation and the sun angle; i.e., this section has the most northward angle to it, and only here and east of Blue Canyon does it have this much of grade separation. This long stretch, between Blue Canyon and Colfax is a notorious speed trap, especially westbound (downhill), but our hero shows us how to get a ticket going uphill, lol....

Lonesome Looser said...

You're right about the ghey-pornness of that one photo. I wish I had the full size version. It would be ripe for photoshoppage.

Lou Minatti said...

Looks like he removed the photos.

UncleC said...

@RATLAB -- Great work on JJUICE. Slight correction for you -- the address of COYOTE house should be 3550, not 3500 (as per Homey's 411 of early Feb).

DC Troll said...

Does that ticket actually list his height at 5 feet, NO inches ("50f") along with a weight of 150 lbs?
You could tell he was short in the pictures, but that's shorter than my grandmother! Also, you would think 150 on a five-foot frame would look bulkier, if he's 5'0" I would think he weighs more like 120.

Is it possible that one of my friend's dogs is larger than Casey?
When the Jetta dies, should we offer to hook him up with a pedal-car?

Rob Dawg said...

That's 508... 5'08"

Yeah right, he even lies on his drivers license!

ratlab said...


You're kidding me, right? Ahh crap. Well, that's incentive for me to run some errands into town in a couple of weeks to rectify my mistake.

Who knew there was more than one flipper house on that street? Well, I did by the number of for sale signs on the street.

Thanks for the heads up.

UncleC said...

@RATLAB - This is from Homey's 2/7/07 post under "50,000 visits" string. This string is totally excellent 411, everyone!

"Anyone checked dis here out?

Casey Serin

Does anyone know the story on this property?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn' that headline be HIX TIX PIX?

nika said...


I just wanted to say that I have found your site. I find it to be articulate and informative-in all the ways IAFF is not.

Casey is lucky he only got tagged with a 90 mph violation. If he had been going 95 (as he likely was, but the Chipper cut him some slack) he would automatically recieve extra points on his license and an extra chargeable offense from the local county DA. He may have even gotten booked to the local holding pen-and when you get booked on Sundays your case gets queued up after the friday and saturday night pickups.

You generally can't get a release hearing until early tuesday because of the monday backlog. And seeing how Placer, like its surrounding counties is rural-you can pretty much be held until the good ol boy sherriff and his golfing buddy the judge see fit to have your case held.

One could have only hoped the CHP would have realized who he was and presented him gift wrapped like a Christmas package to the Feds. He really doesn't realize how damn lucky he is.

Anonymous said...

What a moron, he blurs the VIN number on the ticket but his Driver's license number is not blurred?

It is California Driver's License:


If his credit wasn't already in the dumps, people would be stealing his identity by now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he really wants as much cacophony as he can get. Bad publicity is better than none. He is going for broke and trying to keep his poker face.