Saturday, March 31, 2007

Staring Into the Abyss

It's all about the almighty dollar. The filthy lucre... I feel a song coming on:

I've got ninety thousand pounds in my pyjamas.
I've got forty thousand French francs in my fridge.
I've got lots of lovely lire.
Now the Deutschmark's getting dearer,
And my dollar bills would buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as money.
There is nothing quite as beautiful as cash.
Some people say it's folly,
But I'd rather have the lolly.
With money you can make a splash.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as money.

...Money, money, money, money.

There is nothing like a newly minted pound.

...Money, money, money, money.

Everyone must hanker
For the butchness of a banker.
It's accountancy that makes the world go 'round.

'Round, 'round, 'round.

You can keep your Marxist ways,
For it's only just a phase,
For it's money, money, money makes the world go 'round.

...Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, moneeeeey!


Jean val Jean said...


francisco d. said...

first among equals

Jean Val Jean said...

HA!. I pwned, not unlike T, later today.

But, seriously... what about the Euro? and the British pound? I think it's almost 2:1 to the Dollar by now. Am I losing (sorry, loosing) money by having my savings in the not-as-almighty-anymore dollar?

Jean Val Jean said...


Is anybody here?
Everyone sleeping late after the beg-athon?

It kinda takes the fun out of being FIRST!

Rob Dawg said...

Took near half an hour just to skim the comments that accumulated last night. Then the e-mails. I started a new thread just to keep things from tripping over each other. Fell asleep reading to my 7yo last night and wake up to this?

Anonymous said...

Casey is now trolling the debt'kids blog in an effort to make sure attention doesn't get away from him..

he feigns "shock" at the fact this kid's mom has loaned him over 100k...

makes me sick to see him show up there... it's a nice, little, honest blog...

How long until Nigel posts at

Schnapps said...

Ok, I had to post this at the Casey Love-in

The thing is, Nigel, you talk about how its immoral and unethical to involve other people in this is: G, your family, Casey's family - then you insist on posting photos of Rboy's fiancee.

That's hypocritical. You're calling on the "haters" (fyi, you might want to look up what that actually means), to stop this, yet you continue to do it yourself.

I guess the rule is, "Do as I say, not as I do."

And quite honestly, you seem bright enough. You KNEW when you started THIS site (not your real estate blog) that it would be a magnet for this sort of thing. I really think it was all a ploy to gain some traffic, not for here, but for your other blog, rather than getting traffic off that blog's own virtues.

Grow up, Nigel. Quit comparing what happened to Kathy Sierra as being comparable to your experience. The level that was taken to is completely different than what happened here or over at EN. There's a difference between being mortally threatened by a community you trust (to some extent) than having some anonymous people saying stuff about you.

Why don't you ask Ms. Sierra about that difference?

And that was before any coffee. :) This is why my honey stays in bed while I get up.

Oh and what's this interview with Casey and T? When? Can we listen? I don't want to scroll through the 50 bazillion comments our favourite FB has.

R-Boy said...

Its very funny about Nigel, because while I didn't like his economic thinking I never really had a personal opinion of him until he umm, outed me (I outed myself).

It's also funny that he speaks to me so condescendingly, like I haven't grown up and he has.

But Im not going to google him or do stuff to out him. I will tell him to spellcheck his integrity loans website.

lawnmower man said...

Nigel's post outs him as _at least_ the extra moderator on IAFF:

He asked me to remove reference to him at IAFF and do you know what? I did.

Anonymous said...

What, pray tell, is the "debt'kids blog?"

Katie said...

Nigel also blames EN for the Duane debacle; Casey dispelled that by mentioning during the beg a thon that he did not do the debt repayment work that Duane had required. So either Casey lied to Nigel (that's entirely possible!) or Nigel is talking out his ass. In any event, I'm siding with walt; Nigel's minute is up.

As for donating to the cause, as Whitney Houston would say, "hell t the no!" I'm going to give a donation to our local food bank. They are the people who really need it. KC is pathetic, so much so that he was willing to pimp his wife out for a pic before someone was kind enough to point out that that was gross. And the pic with the FFC thing? Ugly whores roaming the streets make more money for doing less. OMG, this chump will do anything for cash and I'm not convinced that he will pay CC or anyone else for that matter. In fact, I won't be surprised if he blows T off and "disappears" for a week.

Sprezzatura said...

Hi gang! I am off to the airport in an hour. Looks like I missed a lot by spending last night cleaning & packing.

The fact that Casey made a bunch of $ from blegging is just going to reinforce his belief that money magically falls out of the sky when you look for it. Watch for more fundraising events to come. Ugh.

Anyway, gotta go -- I'll try to stop by while I'm on the road.

Rob Dawg said...

The $850 contribution has got to be a spoof or error.

Schnapps said...

Rob: it was. Paypal sent him an email about it and he reversed it. Apparently. Wouldn't surprise if he actually kept it.

Award Winning Commenter said...

Aww, poor widdle Nigey is upset that he got drug through the muck at EN, and he is going to get us back by dragging us through the muck at DHC. Watch out, Nigey is going to write mean stuff about us and his mom, Yneone, and one other non-hater will read it!

Nigel, your blog is the knife, EN is the gunfight. Go crawl under a rock and come out during the next housing bubble. There's no point in even posting this at your site because no one will read it.

Scene: Nigel, one year in the future. He has just finished his outing masterpiece, finally having found the vital info with which to crush Ogg. He's gotten his myspace page, an old resume from, and a couple of comments from non-housing related blogs. He clicks publish, and then checks on his traffic stats, the yearly view.
March: 2759
April: 275
May: 27
June: 2
July: 2
Nigel: (Sob....) Guess it's still just you and me, mom.

R-Boy said...

casey can only pull 400 out today. Also, Ive downloaded the cashcall call and that will be on the next cd that the fbi/da over there get from me =) Just forwarding evidence.

Schnapps said...

It seems Nigel just doesn't understand that talk is cheap, and he should shut up and dance. Or at least try.

Boy is annoying me this morning. Or it could just be the busted ankle.

Schnapps said...

But, at least he took the picture of your fiancee down, Rboy :>

Annie said...

Good morning everyone

This is Annie.

So, does everyone think I got $250 worth of honesty from Casey?

I did a quick review and found questions he didn't answer and have asked him to answer the following (just posted to his site):

Questions that Cause me Concern:

$30K Profit Question:
Did you pay capital gains tax on the $30K profit sale??
(You said that you needed to file an extension) My question relates to the condo that you sold in March 2003. The one where you had some sweet cash and G believed you were able to make some $$ doing real estate.

From your pod casts and blog, it is my understanding that you bought the condo, lived in it, then rented it out. Given that you did not live in it for two years, you were subject to pay capital gains on the proceeds.

Please be honest. Post a copy of your return (take the sensitive information out) and show us you reported the capital gains income and paid tax on the proceeds.

Question 2 - Credit Card Bills?
How long had this debt been piling up?
Did you have high balances three years ago?
Two years ago?
One year ago?

No answer has been given. I have a feeling, however, you've used credit cards in the worst way possible - using them as "income" to support your "living above your means" life style. We know when you sold your condo in 2003 you had $30K. We know you bought G her engagement ring on credit.

My bonus question since you didn't answer these:

At what age did you get your first credit card? As you were getting these credit cards, business lines of credit, etc., what were you stating your income to be? Please be honest here. Did you ever inflate your income or earnings to get more credit other than your mortgages?

Next Question:
You did not answer the following:

How much $$ does G have in her checking account?

You answered every other question but this one. You didn't even acknowledge the question which is suspect and makes me believe that G has a checking account.

Next Question: Dallas "Friend" and the Loan

You did not answer the following that I asked (#372)

What did he do? (Specifics please - is he a contractor?)
How was he compensated? (i.e., by cash payment or check?)
And, what were the terms (though unwritten) of the loan? And, don’t you think it is time to call him and get payment? He could be getting a nice juicy (that’s my asw) tax refund and have the $$ available right now…..

My Bonus Questions since you let this one pass:

Is he self-employed or does he work for someone else? (I'm trying to determine if you have paperwork for his services and that he'd documented his "earnings" from you on his tax return.)

Now that I've pointed out that its tax refund time, are you going to call him and remind him payment about the loan?

Next Question:
You say things are in the works and you talk about the "value" you bring to the table.

I asked you something very directly:

"Now, lets say you do all this work - find anxious sellers and find a buyer. How are you compensated? How is your money partner compensated? What kind of returns is s/he anticipating? Is it based upon a percentage of the net or gross profits? How is the partnership income reported? How is your income reported? In your answer be tangible. Be concrete.

Show us a “mini-business plan” of what is in the works. No names needed."

You DID NOT answer these questions with specifics. Nor were you concrete.

I would think that prior to flying to Utah you and your "money partner" would have hammered out a partnership agreement.

Your answers are such that I don't believe there is any partnership agreement. Yes, you have someone who is a "money partner" - but something isn't right based upon your answers.

As a reminder, you answered the following way:

We can structure the partnership in any number of ways. The simplest is we can do a 50/50 split. They put up the cash. I do the leg work and we split the net profit.

We can do a simple partnership agreement or on a bigger deal put together a corporate entity for more protection.

These answers are WAY TOO VAGUE and didn't answer my question. You say you have a "money partner" and good things are coming..... so you must have a plan. You two flew to Utah... don't tell me you flew to Utah and met with people without having a true partnership with these things hammered out.....

Nigel mentioned in his blog your "money partner" when asked what you bring to the table is "contacts." Well making contacts doesn't pay the rent or put food on the table. How do you know that once you've done the leg work, your "money partner" doesn't then just step in and do his own thing - cutting you out of the deal. Without a legal agreement between the two of you there is nothing. You are just a "friend" giving another "friend" advice or an "ideal" which has no compensation value.

Let's say your money partner does take an idea and benefits from your contacts - does a couple of deals and makes some money. Without a legal agreement with specific terms of what each individual brings to the "partnership" there is no partnership. You could attempt to sue your "partner" but it wouldn't hold up in court without documentation.

A few more questions:

Did you censor posts during this "Casey-a-thon?
Did people post or ask questions that you purposely did not pass through?

You answered the following question:

“What specific efforts have you made on sorting out the Utah wrap payment?”

Here is your answer:
I called them this week and recorded my calls. They say their records are correct and that I’m wrong. More investigation is needed.

Ok, please play the calls - just like you did with CashCall. What is it you will do with regards to "more investigation."?

Next Question - From Winex:

"Casey, more detail on the Duane situation.

Just saying that he wasn’t happy with your progress is not enough.

What did he ask you to do?

What was your response/why didn’t you do what he asked?"

My take on this - please be specific. Did he ask you to call and negotiate with all of your creditors? Or, was his pull out more because of his association with you.?

One more question:

What is the status with PRwhatshername? Have you heard from her or her attorney? Do you need to share with her some of the $$ you made from last night's/early this morning's blog?

I'm off to hang out with my mom. I will be looking for evidence of the phone call Casey has promised T. He can not hide from this - he accepted her $50 "deposit" for the call.

T - I find you (and everyone else) highly entertaining. I look forward to listening to the call.

Good Luck

sid_finster said...

Speaking for mywself, *I* would not have paid $250 for that information.

Benoit™ said...

It might be interesting if everyone who sent Casey money was just playing a trick on him -- and after he's answered all the questions, done the interview with Nacho™, and snapped Galina in the buff -- everyone files a chargeback with PayPal and gets their money back. Casey would lose every case because he did not send out any tangible item for any of the money. :-)

Schnapps said...

Ok, I've only used Paypal once to buy something off of ebay so I'm not all that sure how it works.

So does Paypal condone this type of stuff - allowing donations for people who beg for money?

Ho Cakes said...

I have to say after reading last night's exchange with fliptard, it was damn funny to see him pop a boner after the donations started coming in and immediately turn into mega-blog-whore. When he gets excited, his spelling skills are atrocious. Whoever bought the blue ball, please send us a picture of the meeting. That's priceless.

But a couple of observations:
1. No one will ever get a straight answer out of him again without paying for it.
2. Giving him money for nothing is not in his (or G's) best interest. Give $20 to a homeless shelter, but don't give it to a bum on the street. You're just keeping him on the street.
3. He clearly has still not accepted responsibility or learned his lesson. He is still pursuing the easy path. In fact, I think last night convinced him that he can make it big via the internet and whetted his appetite.
4. He initially didn't have any problem with bringing Galina into the blog whore-a-thon. Give him a week, Big Cheese.

P.S. That FFC photo was whore-iffic.

Casey Fannnnn said...

--waking from a deep, long slumber--

Jesus H Whiz, there's just too much to read over here and too much to read over there, but it appears, from a quick skimmmm, that Casey has been sent actual money by his audience, some of whom are regulars here. Has everyone gone fucking crazy? Donating money to Casey? I wouldn't piss on that run-of-the-mill worthless little prick if he was on fire.

The only difference between him and any number of hateful slacker kids in your neighborhood is that he pimped his drama on the web. As will a crackhead, he'll whore out the last of his dignity for ever-diminishing returns in the form of pity pennies. Don't feed the scrawny poop-ape, and it will crawl back into its sewer.

Get Your Whore On said...

What would be funny is if Paypal freezes his account due to the bogus $850, and auto-refunds all of the rest of last-night's payments. You know he's got another Friday-night whorathon planned for next weekend, which would be rather pointless with no paypal account.

walt526 said...

@ Schnapps

Paypal doesn't give a crap about what the transaction is so long as its a) not illegal enough to get their records subpoenaed and b) they collect their outrageously high commission. They will have absolutely no problem facilitating Casey's donations.

@ Annie

Of course you didn't get $250 worth of answers from him. Are you surprised?


sid_finster said...

@Schnapps: Paypal doesn't care where the money comes from, long as they get their cut.

@Ho Cakes: See my last post in the last thread.

Get Your Whore On said...

Tangential thought here:

Yet another reason why Casey is not the intarnets impresario he thinks he is is the fact that he only pursues real estate related ad revenue for his site. Hater traffic is of no use to foreclosure vulture sites, and even of the few visitors that actually are facing foreclosure, only the most stupid of them would listen to advice from Casey or go to a site he recommends.

But the one thing that everyone who visits his site has in common is that we're all nerds. Let's face it, the Monty Python threads over here proved that. The cool cavemen are out clubbing cavewomen and the cool cats are howling in the backyard on Friday nights, not bashing on Casey, gutting gift boxes, and pooping in shoes.

So why not pick a neutral topic for the ad revenue such as tech gadgetry, games, or software? No, he wants to pursue foreclosure referrals so he can get a commission. Casey will never succeed as a web entrepreneur because he doesn't understand his audience and he can't be honest with himself.

007 said...

I wouldn't pay $1 for anything that dancing chicken has to say, but that's just me. I think what he did and what he is doing now is loathesome. Any money given to him is enabling and reinforcing a behavioral pattern that is destructive towards himself and society in general.

He's going to skate on an IRS exposure of $400K because of insolvency, declare BK on $185K+ of CC debt and most likely slither out of prosecution due to lethargic law enforcement. He's stolen over half a million dollars. I don't find that funny or entertaining in the least.

What I find even less funny is the fact that he is going to do this all over again the first chance he gets. He is a calculating con-artist, and any money or encouragemnt given to him only helps in perpetuating his fraudulent schemes.

walt526 said...

@ Get your whore on

I think that scenario is quite possible, especially if someone else (Annie?) files a complaint as well.

Paypal will look at Casey's account in the following way: is 5% of $1000 (or whatever) worth having to administrate several complaints? My guess is no. The sudden upswing in activity along with the bogus $850 have already put him on Paypal's radar for fraud. My guess is that a single complaint--and surely several--will trigger the auto-refund scenario response that you mentioned.

I suspect (and hope) that Casey's about to learn a very important lesson about receivables: AR is an asset, but its not the same as cash. You don't move the money from "AR" to "cash" until you actually have the cash in hand.

Galina hasn't been able to figure out basic accounting despite 6 years of studying accounting at the community college. Can Casey learn that in a single weekend, after watching $1000 disappear?


Get Your Whore On said...

If Casey had ads for hot chicks in dirty jeeps on his site, he would be well on his way to retirement.

Walt 526-
Based on her continued marriage to Casey, I have a hard time believing that Galina can learn anything beyond standing around and looking pretty. She hasn't learned to take the tags off of her new shoes before she wears them. If there is any cosmic justice, our friend bad karma will be paying Casey a visit real soon. Also, Cashcall will show up and totally fuck up the feng shui in Yulia's apartment.

casey said...


im going to jamba juice to celebrate, macaroni grill tonight, the wife is asking for a new purse


walt526 said...


Agreed, except I really don't think that Galina is all that attractive. She's sorta cute in a mousy way, but certainly not that remarkable.

But yeah, by staying with Casey she has definitely proved that she's dumber than a door nail.


Lost Cause said...

Annie: Casey did not answer my question last night after two attempts. I am not sure that he fufilled his duty to you.

beezer said...

Annie -

No, I don't think he lived up to his end of the bargain. He was vague, he ignored questions, he ignored questions from other people even though you directed him to answer everyone, he censored posts with perfectly reasonable questions (I know, some were mine), he was Casey.

In addition to that, I think you should refrain from paying him because it's exactly what he does. Send him 10%, $25, and tell him you'll possibly pay the rest sometime in the future, maybe, if you have the money and feel he deserves it. Because that's exactly what he does to lenders, banks, his friends, his in-laws, his uncles, etc.

From the post you made on IAFF, it doesn't seem as if you have a lot to spare, just like Casey. Keep the money you WORKED for, don't give it to the guy who didn't work for it, and treat yourself to a frappucino or something. :)

Oh, and also, totally seriously because I did the *exact* same thing you did, drive around with a cracked windshield, get full glass coverage with your auto insurance. They cover total replacement for any kind of random cracks, breaks, etc., for any reason and it's like $1 extra a month. I didn't know about it until I had to pay for a windshield myself, but I've had it ever since.

Jean Val Jean said...



Now, I have no way of knowing if it was the REAL homey from EN, but it sure sounded like it.

This is the comment, if you don't want to visit IAFF:

March 31st, 2007 at 10:17 am



It’s Homey.


NO phony talk, bs jive, or funny stuff.

Some time ago, you wanted to make a “deal” with me, remember? Well, here is my “deal” to you, which in my opinion is worth far more than the money you bilked out of these people on this post.


Make it easier on yourself, G***** , and the others involved.

You have no clue as to the forces being amassed against you.

That’s it.

Here is where you need to go:

4500 Orange Grove

How ironic ASW: letsdoiit
Sacramento, CA 95841

Ask for any of the Agents in charge

Special Agent Parenti
Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mark F. Johnson
Assistant Special Agent in Charge David A. Picard

How Ironic ASW: letsdoit