Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crossing the line

Some people have no shame. For some strange reason Nigel has decided to pick a fight by trying to hold up individuals for ridicule. His site has a new post supposedly "outing" a regular poster here. While I didn't think this kind of stuff was acceptable behavoir I also have no compunction following his ethical compass. In the past I've elided personal and employment information but frankly this kind of anti-social behavior needs to be watched very carefully for our own protection. Post any information you fell relevant to keeping Nigel a responsible citizen.


bemused guy said...

First Loosers!

aaron said...

second biyatches..

bemused guy said...

I've never been to Cotton Swab's site so I don't know what drivel he's posted, whethere it's hateful or just plain stupid. But if he is behaving unethically someone should complain to the Utah licensing board. I posted that info before.

R-Boy said...

It's on the DontHateCasey site, which, being negative, kind of defeats the purpose of a positive take.

Anyways, I have flagged the blog and reported him. We may make jokes about him, but we haven't out-ed him.

Anonymous said...

Nigel I'd bet you was the snitch in school, tattle taling on all of the bad little boys and girls who would'nt feed his proto-ego and made fun of him.

And he has'nt outgrown it.

Nigel, you sad queen. You are SUCH a pussy. Get over yourself, bitch. If all you have is being a punk, then get out of the game. If you're such a worldly investor and RE expert chock full o' wisdom, then you should'nt be acting like the little bitch priss you are.

Rob Dawg said...

He tries to make fun of "aelfscine" with excepts from his online information but just ends up looking like a bitter jerk. r-boy,good idea. I flagged his blog as objectionable as well. If a few more do it they'll probably make him pullit.

Anonymous said...

Where's the blog?

Rob Dawg said...


Go there, flag it and then take a shower.

GameOver said...

From Nigel's very first post, "Flame, hate or attack and you will be banned."

Does this mean he is banning himself?

What a little, little man.

Anonymous said...

Tenth, bitch!

Anonymous said...

Holy hell what a douche'. We're seeing what he's all about now. Thing is, if he wants to fuck around, why are we still wearing gloves? The guy deserves an unflattering wiki summary. And we should use the fucker's name. NIGEL SWABY. He's lowering, lowering, lowering himself and people need to know the shit he rolls in. At this point it's painfully obvious that NIGEL SWABY is a far more trivial and less successful shithead than he ever projected himself to be. He's cracking and with just a small push he'll tumble over the edge and take down every bit of reputation he has worked to manufacture on this interweb. I could do it with my pinky. Alas, my pinky's lazy.

Nigel's Mom said...

xpost at Nigel's:

This is supremely weak, Nigel. You're no different than the haters you supposedly despise, and at least Casey can take the heat. R-boy is right, you need to remove the "positive take" tagline. DHC is nothing more than a hater-hater site.

Admit it, you didn't make it to set the record straight on Casey, you made it to combat your own negative press on the hater sites.

P.S. I read somewhere that you have 2759 monthly visitors. That's awesome!

R-Boy said...

In othe news


bemused guy said...

I think it's probably that great head of hair on aelfscine that set off the Swab.

Disgusted said...

Nigel has really made himself the tard dujour over here lately. Doesn't his behavior lately show how downhill his life must be going at the moment? If he was busy at work, would he have time to not only work on his SLC blog, but also the DHC one, and also peruse EN constantly? The "non-award winning blog" remark shows he's been here very recently.

Nigel, I know you'll read this. There's a thing called the high road that people who don't want to look like asses choose to take. If you can find your way back to the surface from the subterranean level you've sunk to, you might want to give it a shot. The ride is much smoother.

There was a time when I used to think of you as respectable. Tim too.

non-award winning commenter said...

If the forums ever do materialize, I predict that the Nigel bashing megathread will be the most popular one on there.

Steve said...


Here's some dirt on me:

- I also like sci-fi (geek!)
- I was a band geek in high school
- I got mostly A's in school (geek!)
- I wet the bed when I was little
- I slept with a teddy bear
- I wear glasses (four eyes!)
- I like computers (nerd!)

Now - don't you hate me too?! Don't you feel superior to me? Nigel - you've surrendered to the dark side; now you are also a hater! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

one thing obvious to me is how subtly awesome Mr. Bakos is. His awesomeness flies right over Nigel's head. But check out his comic. It's clear Nigel fished around in Mr. Bakos' LiveJournal for some juicy bits, but it's also true Mr. Bakos has a remarkable sense of humor and will relish this criticism from an award-winning blogger who doesn't have a fucking clue.

Big Cheese said...


Not sure where this fits so I'll post it here... check out the exchange between KC and Gordon from the call last week. Here's where KC gets into deep yoghurt and proves he won't ever survive a cross examination...

CS: Okay. I definitely respect your opinion on that. Now would you say it’s a step above a person who’s denying their mistakes or not even acknowledging them?

GDS: Well I don’t see — there’s a fine line between acknowledging your mistake and sticking your head in the sand, and sticking your head in the sand period. There’s not much difference. But if you acknowledge, “Hey, I screwed up and I want to make it right, and I’m going to face the consequences and pay the people and talk to the people.” Everyone’s dodged a creditor at one time or another; I agree with you on that one.

But the fact is that everyone that talks to you says, “Dude, it’s not a smart move. You need to face up to it.” And you keep bragging about –

CS: Yeah, and check this out, and I don’t need to convince you of this, but if a person is looking at something from afar they don’t realize, “Oh, yeah, they own it; they’re involved.” For example I’ll give you one quick example, people would tell me to just go ahead and file bankruptcy when I first started off. Now do you think that was the responsible thing or not? Well check this out, if I was to file bankruptcy I would have not had a chance to at least try to do a short sale and find a way to pay those lenders back, or try to find a way to do something. Bankruptcy means that’s it, I’m out. And to me I wanted to at least do something. So that’s an example that I’d like to say that I’m doing something positive, at least attempting to sell those properties.

GDS: Yeah, I don’t see that you learned anything because the short sales, you talked to a realtor about. You spent so much time trying to find somebody that would even do a short sale for you anyway, but let’s get past that. You qualified for a lot of loans, $2.2 million of loans within a couple of months. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that somebody making $50,000 a year won’t qualify for a $500,000 house. Somebody making $50,000 a year won’t quality for a $250,000 house. Somebody making $50,000 a year barely qualifies for a $125,000 and most likely a $100,000 house. You didn’t just overstate your income by 10 or 15 percent; you couldn’t have.

CS: Now that particular house, the one in Rio Rancho, I was applying right after I quit my job, so I was running that one I believe as a self-employed real estate investor. And so based on that the income stating range was much higher so I was able to do it that way.

GDS: Yeah, but just earlier in this conversation you said that you — I wouldn’t have doubled or tripled my salary, I would have maybe adjusted it by a little bit.

CS: Yeah, that’s when I was working at Pride Industries. Now when I was already on my own I was seeing money coming in. For example, taking out $30,000 on one of the deals and some of the other deals were coming my way. The money was definitely coming in, so to me it made sense.

GDS: But that wasn’t income that was money that you were using for something else. It was already pre-used. I mean, you can’t claim that it’s –

CS: Yeah, you’re right. Technically it was a loan. At the same time, if I’m able to sell that then it ends up being income. So it was early take out of the profit; that’s the way I saw it. Now whether it was right or wrong to see it, that’s a different story. I’m just telling you how I was looking at it at the time.

GDS: Right. So you’re saying that on some of your applications you probably said you were making $250,000 or $300,000?

CS: That was probably the case unless that was one of the ones I did a no doc loan because one of them I didn’t state anything; I was just able to qualify. It was a higher interest rate but I love those no doc loans, they’re the best because you’re never stating anything so no one can ever go back and say you were lying on your application.

The prosecution rests.


Anonymous said...

I have not been over to Nigel's blog so I don't know how much has been 'outed' by Nigel. However I did see Casey doing something like what Nigel has done (I did not expect Nigel to do it I'm not clairvoyant) so I have posted here Anonymously. Nigel as much as Casey is hated over here you are beneath him (You'd love that wouldn't you old boy) in at least my mind.

Nigel said...

What happened to my precious? His site is down again.

Come and get me, haterz. I'm award winning and you are not. Say it to yourselves - 2759, 2759, 2759.

Nigel said...

I can also now claim to have surpassed you all in haterness too so that's another award that I win. So nyah nyah nyah.

Endgame Observer said...

Casey must be in the middle of applying his mad IT skills to tranforming his site into the "destination site" for people facing foreclosure. His experts are waiting in the wings, content is being madly loaded, and a "sea" of people are waiting to visit and get help.

Right? Swwet!

BC said...


Transformed but I will bet that he won't ever post the part II of the transcription... it will mysteriously disappear.


Hobbes said...

@ Big Cheese

GDS: Right. So you’re saying that on some of your applications you probably said you were making $250,000 or $300,000?

CS: That was probably the case unless that was one of the ones I did a no doc loan because one of them I didn’t state anything; I was just able to qualify. It was a higher interest rate but I love those no doc loans, they’re the best because you’re never stating anything so no one can ever go back and say you were lying on your application.

I noticed that last night and was going to post it today. Now that is fraud. And you have to ad the Casey factor meaning that he probably did it more than once.

focus: Nigel I dislike Nigel more than I do Casey. At least Casey's so damned goofy that in between infuriating me he does make me laugh ---albeit at him, not with him. Nigel's loathsome and I, like the poster above, came to the table thinking he's respectable. No longer (and the 'outing' wasn't the straw).
The "don't hate Casey" site amke Nigel look not only dull, pendatic and uninformed, but a petty vindictive little Mussolini.

Anonymous said...

How many unique visits per week on Nigel's Blog?

Nigel said...


Learn it. Know it. Live it.

2759 said...

Love your comment at DHC to Nigel about Aelfscine:
"He has hair and a real job, you must be jealous."

Nigey has zero supportive comments on that post. Or on any of his posts for that matter. He must be one of those attention whores who think any kind of attention is better than no attention.

Perhaps the reason that Nigey has latched onto Casey and defends him so hard is because he realizes that once IAFF disappears, he will once again be relegated to the relative obscurity of his pre-IAFF days. He's tasted the sweet nectar of high-grade web traffic and doesn't want the party to end.

thatotherguy said...

I'm glad Nigel linked to Bakos' site. I wouldn't have found his comic otherwise. It's pretty good. Nice car, too. How come Nigey didn't mention Bakos' upcoming linguistics degree?

BadjerJim said...

You know... reading between the lines... Nigel is spending a LOT of time defending KC. Set up a whole separate 'Blog, writing insane stuff about how KC didn't do the right thing but he's still a good guy. Writing a defense that it's okay not to make payments to creditors, etc.

And he's doing this just as KC is turning the corner to the most legally-vulnerable time: right at the final foreclosures, when the DA has the iron-clad case for fraud in all of the RE transactions.

I gotta wonder why. Methinks Nigel has a much deeper involvement in the KC saga than meets the eye. I've speculated in the past that Nigel is probably well along on writing KC's book. And KC and Nigel have alluded to upcoming media coverage.

Nigel must have a huge financial interest in the KC story. Nothing else makes sense. Methinks all of his antics on the DontHateCasey 'Blog are calculated to fan the fires for upcoming media coverage, and, of course, to increase upcoming book sales. Nothing else makes sense.

2759 said...

I would like to point out to you that there is little point in even responding to you at your site. If we comment here, 10 times as many people will see it, and you will have no control over the content. I know this pisses you off, and I am truly enjoying the fact that you are irrelevant even to a discussion about yourself.

Your last post was pure unadulterated trollshit, by the way.

To everyone else,
We really ought to stop feeding him. He's just trolling us now, much like Casey. Those who can win an argument or earn someone's respect: they discuss things. Those who can't: they troll.

Khatie said...

Well, "outing" someone on the Web is a fantastic way to get publicity and street cred as an author...the fact that he didn't even research his victim very well speaks volumes. Nigel is a slimy turd. But an award winning turd.

Cotton Swaby said...

I wonder what Nigelama Ding Dong's boss would think about the 'Don't Hate Casey' blog and Nigey's junior high outing of aelfscine? Integrity, indeed. I would never endorse tattling on someone, however.

Stanley said...

Surely, Haterz(tm) won't give Nigel a free pass on his crap. As The Bard wrote, "Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war".

Tony Soprano said...

Anyone else notice that Snowflake has not answered a single question since the big show? All he's done is moderate the comments, no witty banter back and forth. What gives? That cave must be getting pretty deep.

2759 said...

Cotton Swab:
Don't forget his boss is also a mortgage broker. And he hired and has kept Nigel on all this time. He's probably about as ethical as Nigel.

But then again, considering Nigel has been too busy hate-blogging and doing wheatgrass belly shots off of Casey to deliver any mortgages, maybe bossman IS secretly considering dumping the swab like a used q-tip. That would be hilarious.

Akubi said...

Nigel is a real piece of work.

Some have described Casey as a sociopath, but in comparison to Nigel he’s Sociopath Lite™. Should anyone really bother doing him the honor of providing additional traffic his pathetic blog?

C-Corp Man said...

Based on that new Nigel post, I'd say that Nigel truly defines the term "Hater."

It's much more about jealousy and cyberbullying than anything else. If you guys ask me, I'd say Nigel is now the worst person there is. Casey may have done some bad stuff, but compared to this clown he at least can take a beating and not post people's personal info. Remember Nigel's last public outing? Casey at least pulled that info from his site.

Nigel is the scumbag here and I recommend we expose him to the world for what he truly is, a bitter little man.

Nigel 101 said...

Let us not forget that the award he won was third place on a blog-carnival that he hosted.

Let us also keep in mind that his blog is better because it has less traffic but more Alexa reacharound.

Let us additionally remember that he is an aspiring web journalist and landed the RE story of the year, as decreed by Yahoo, for a modest sum paid for by himself.

Nigel's Editor said...


Seems to me that Nigel is all upset at the false Nigel prose from the previous entry. I especially liked the poster (same guy?) who talked about himself in third person and called us haters from haterville!

Nigel's Editor said...

Alexa sucks. Can't baldy realize that?

bemused guy said...

Gang: The Swab is just an attention whore. Want to bother him? Ignore him. Go to his inane blog and flag it. Then go away. (it was seriously stupid. "don't pay credit cards? the big bad cc companies make too much anyway?" what sort of horseshit is that? we all think mortgage brokers make too much but we still pay those stupid fees.)

Want to annoy him even more? After flagging his blog, don't even mention him over here. Not even a "did you see the latest stupid post?" I guarantee that if he doesn't see his name here for 3+ days he will go batshit.

Now pay attention & do as I say. After all, I WAS FIRST ON THIS POST. heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all start a "The Truth About Nigel" blog?

Why not?

Akubi said...

But I did flag his blog btw.

Anonymous said...

Bemused, makes sense but here's the problem...Nigel truly is a villain. For all we know he might be the ultimate Machiavellian character and advising Casey on all the loony crap behind the scenes.

I say we start a Nigel clearinghouse and play the same game. Outing people is just lame.

Nigel Who? said...

Discussing Nigel here is what pisses him off. He wants to debate the haters where he has control. DHC should be named DHN, because that's what it's really about.

I admit, I've been checking back to see how long it's going to take him to delete all of those comments, but I'll stop. Ignore him there and at SLC, and the only way he has to get our attention is to post at IAFF or troll here. That, my friends, is a winwin itsallgood for us.

"Hey guys!! Look at me!! It's Nigel!! Look!! MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!"

Steve said...

New blogger and post (3/9/07) to me, perhaps not to others:


And while this is far from 'old media', it is worth noting that attention whore mortgage broker Niles Swaby has put out several press releases, positing himself as the authoritative source on Casey Serin. Niles Swaby chose the self-important headline Aspiring Web Journalist Lands Real Estate Story of the Year.

Well, that's really stretching it, isn't it? As you can tell from the timeline above, two major news outlets had already "landed" the story when he issued this press release on Halloween of 2006. (And regarding the timing, it's just too easy...I'm leaving that one alone.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not the only one who finds the cozy relationship between Nigel Swaby and Casey Serin to be curious. I have to heartily agree with everyone who says they would be incredibly leery about working with a mortgage broker who has such close ties to an admitted felon. I really wonder what his bosses and coworkers at Integrity First Financial think about it.

Anonymous said...

I am in full agreement with the idea that posting about Nigel here drives him batshit crazy.

Think about this...he posted the Aelfscine entry after an evening of fake Nigel IDs writing unflattering satirical posts. He HATES it.

I might be alone on this, but I'd say turn up the heat RIGHT HERE. Ignore all of his sites and he will do something desperate to get attention. Once he does, we have him cornered.

Anonymous said...

Nigel HAS to have a financial stake in Casey or else why go after the more google-able haters? He wants to neuter what he perceives as his opponents so when he cashes in on the Casey story we aren't there to trip him up.

Anonymous said...

@ Tony Soprano,

Dude, CS sold IAFF to his "business partner." That's why he is not answering. CS eluded to that a week ago.

Anonymous said...

Where did that Aelfscine stuff come from? Aelfscine sent that to Nigel?

Anonymous said...

So is IAFF now belong to the "Silent Silent Partner" aka Zewg.com ? ?

Rumor has it the guy Heekee who owns Zewg was behind the "John Titor" hoax.

Anyone else here this? Im starting to think this is one big elaborate prank.

Crabs said...

Nigel reminds me a bit of the hunchback guy in 300.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, there was a really funny Galina thread on CI this morning lol
Galina Beefs

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31,

Aelfscine is one of Nigel's bigger thorns. He makes Nigel look rigthfully DUMB.

Now what does Nigel do? He googles the posting ID and finds Aelfscine has a bunch of blog info on the Internet and some contains personal info.

Like the coward he is he posts this as a new entry to out Aelfscine as if he's a guru of information. Problem is ANYBODY can FIND ANYTHING on ANYONE if they look hard enough.

Anonymous said...

If it's true that Casey sold out the rights to IAFF to either Zewg guy or Nigel that has to be the crowning achievement of DUMB on Casey's part.

But then again, if he got some SWEET cash from either of these guys he may look more like a genius in the end as the site is becoming worthless by the day.

Anonymous said...

You may think Casey selling to Nigel is dumb, but god man, how dumb is it to actually BUY Casey's site??

Anonymous said...

Over Two THOUSAND seven HUNDRED unique visits to Nigel's blog per week?!? I've never seen such high numbers.....no wonder he's so proud. I've been skipping around today with two seven five nine ringing in my ears...over and over and over again.

I am impressed.

GameOver said...

I must have missed something...where is the original reference from Casey about selling IAFF?

Rob Dawg, time for a new post maybe?

Why would you buy IAFF?
How much would you pay?
What would you do with it?

GameOver said...

Why would you buy IAFF?
To make Casey my beyotch.

How much would you pay?
$100 gift card to Jamba Juice.

What would you do with it?
Moderation free comments!

segfault said...

That's a perfect explanation. Casey's giving Nigel the media rights, after he already gave them to the PRLinkBiz people. That's why Nigel was instrumental in telling him that the contract with PRLinkBiz wasn't valid. You'd think Casey would have learned his lesson about taking advice from people who aren't disinterested...

Anyway, there's another money-making idea for Casey: Sell the same house twice, to two different people. Win-win! He'd get some sweet cash back, but it'd be hard to vet it past the lawyers and title insurance companies.

Legion said...

Just checked out Nigel's other 'blog'. I am stunned. I always pegged the guy for being a small man with a loser aura, but man, he just pretty much buries himself with his IQless comments and arguements and his petty ways. I seriously think the guy has a major inferiority complex along with delusions of grandeur. This guy is dangerous in more ways than Casey, in that he reacts like a wounded animal and has no morals or any true sense of right or wrong. I could easily see this guy going over the edge. He outs people like he is some internet secret agent This guy makes Casey look mature. I always thought he was a dirtbag, something confirmed when I saw what he looked like, but man..sheeeit. And Nigel, we KNOW you have been posting here, just anonymously, so don't give us that crap about how you don't bother to post here.

Nigel said...

The Nigepire Strikes Back. You read it here first Haterz. As pointed out on my award winning blog...wait a minute, I struck back on the friendly Casey site. Oh well, perhaps I overreacted but that's all good playa's because I'm Mr. 2759. I'm really sticking to my pledge of unmoderated exchange, except for those times that I moderate it. Kind of a modified Vegan type of moderation. My ongoing pledge is that name calling and personal attacks will be deleted, except those times when it's done by award winning bloggers - you all know whom I'm talking about.

Back to skool Haterz!

Legion said...

I just watched the movie The Number 23

I can just imagine Nigel being jsut as obsessed with 2759, seeing as how he is crzy and all

Nigel "2759, my dick is two inches, I've slept with 7 prostitutes in my life, hmmm, I've had 5 loser jobs in my life and I finished the 9th grade. It all makes sense. 27, that's when I started to lose my hair, and 5 plus 9 is 14 which is exactly when I learned I liked men! "

Nigel's Ego said...

My award winning self would like to know what is wrong with outing the haters from Haterville? My expertise at uncovering the identities of haters is something you don't want to mess with. I employ state of the art methods at uncovering those who slight me. I am a smart man as you no doubt realize by now.

I use a combination of Googlemetrics and my secret formula when verifying a hater. Who's next you ask? If I told you then I'd lose readers since that is my #1 concern.

Remember, when dealing with me I am a God. I own Casey and now I will own you as well as all of Haterville. You cannot hide from my Award Winning abilities.

Bwahahahaha (cue Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Theme).

Nigel Vader said...

Casey, I am your lover.

Nigel Strikes Again said...

Rob Dawg's name is really Robert Cote!! Dolph's name is really not Dolph Deroos!! Casey Fannnnn is not really a fan of Casey at all!! Ogg is not even a caveman, he's some dude that lives in Seattle!!

Moo hoo ha ha ha! Phear my mad internet sleuthing skillz!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen everybody! If you want google to bite this prick on the ass like it shouldm make sure yoiu use the terms Nigel Swaby is a supreme prick, Nigel Swaby is a bald unethical looser, Nigel Swaby licks balls, Nigel Swaby is worse than any of us. Use the name in its full capacity to fuck him in the ass as it ultimately should. Google search: Nigel Swaby. Number 1. EN "Nigel Swaby sucks Casey Serin's cock for Traffic."

Anonymous said...

Listen everybody! If you want google to bite this prick on the ass like it shouldm make sure yoiu use the terms Nigel Swaby is a supreme prick, Nigel Swaby is a bald unethical looser, Nigel Swaby licks balls, Nigel Swaby is worse than any of us. Use the name in its full capacity to fuck him in the ass as it ultimately should. Google search: Nigel Swaby. Number 1. EN "Nigel Swaby sucks Casey Serin's cock for Traffic."

Anonymous said...

Listen everybody! If you want google to bite this prick on the ass like it shouldm make sure yoiu use the terms Nigel Swaby is a supreme prick, Nigel Swaby is a bald unethical looser, Nigel Swaby licks balls, Nigel Swaby is worse than any of us. Use the name in its full capacity to fuck him in the ass as it ultimately should. Google search: Nigel Swaby. Number 1. EN "Nigel Swaby sucks Casey Serin's cock for Traffic."

Anonymous said...

I'm really not too sure why anyone is concerned with anything Nigel says.

Yes, he blogs with an attitude of being experienced and knowledgable, but he received his license to originate loans on 5-25-2006, which by my calculation is less than a year ago.
Utah Licensee Lookup

He confirms that in one of his first posts.
Sad Story

It's one of the lower posts on that page, and yes, I saved it.

walt526 said...

Not going to risk infecting my computer at work with spyware by visiting the little turd's blog. Just curious: who did he "out"?



bemused guy said...

1 year as a broker? There's a certain synchronicity here. Casey enters the flipping game after it's over. The Swab becomes a broker after it's over. Let him argue about being successful but if he were, he'd be busy writing deals, not blogs.

thatotherguy said...

Not that it matters, but...I just did a search on "Byron T Goates" and it looks like Nigel's boss just had a foreclosure. Of course, that could be a common name in Utah.

R-Boy said...

The joint investigation stems from a series of articles that ran in The Charlotte Observer in mid-March, detailing allegations of abusive lending practices and unusually high foreclosure rates in a handful of Beazer housing developments in North Carolina. The paper's investigation alleges that foreclosure rates in several Beazer developments ran at around 20%, compared with the national average of 3%. At the time, Beazer said in a written statement that the high foreclosure rates were an anomaly. Still, such allegations have also sparked a class action against Beazer.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Nigel making fun of the guys Scion is that it's worth more than Nigels used BMW.

Used BMWs are notoriously cheap. I saw a sweet flawless 2001 330 with 80k miles for only $6500 in Irvine, CA the other day. It was in almost new condition to boot.

Without question I would take a new Scion over a used beater-bimmer like Nigel.

Nigel is the type of person who if you give enough rope, they will surely hang themselves.

Used BMW - $6500
Leather jacket from Walmart - $60
Sunglasses from Rite-Aid - $5

Looking like an ass-clown - Priceless!

T said...

Did I miss something? Was there an actual reason that Nigel tried to "out" Aelfscene (sp?) on his I Love Casey blog or was it totally random?

Nigeypoo said...

Now now, hater dearz, only my little Snowflake gets to talk about my ass.

Miguel said...

I suspect Aelfscine was the easiest one he could track down.

Mind you, I'd love Nigel to out me - the website I work on full-time (which I helped create five years ago as part of a tiny team) got nearly a million unique visitors in February and we might even beat that target in March.

Oh, and the firm I work for is headed by an Oscar winner. Absolutely true. In fact, I've had one-to-one chats with about a dozen Oscar winners in my time.

Note to Nigel: those are proper awards.

Nigel said...

Can you tell me your website address? I would like to post a number of links there.

I might even do one of those comparison thingys that I love to do on the Casey worship site once I can figure out how to make my award look better than yours.

Miguel said...

Sorry, Nigel, we don't host comments. I'll happily send you our advertising rates, though, if you're interested - though I have to say there's not much call for Utah real estate deals in my neck of the woods.

Dolph said...

Miguel -

Is your firm headed by a man who's first name starts with S?

Just a guess. If it is who I think it is, that is cool!

Miguel said...


It's A, if that helps.

Nigel said...

Miguel said...
the website I work on full-time got nearly a million unique visitors in February and we might even beat that target in March.

I think I just creamed in my jeans.

Dolph said...

Thanks Miguel. Guess I thought it might be somebody else.

John said...

Nigel keeps wanking about how wage and employment growth will insulate us against a housing recession. I mean when he's not wanking about how it'll get harder to get financing. I mean, can these even co-exist? Financing fueled the price boom... God knows wages didn't. Anyway, home sale prices are falling, consumer confidence is falling, and yep, now employment is falling. So what's left to prop up these outrageous prices? Diddily squat.

Dolph said...

What Nigel seems to fail to grasp is that wage growth is basically stagnant. Job growth is heading there as well. Gee, it grew incrementally, but compared to what we've seen it is nothing to crow about.

As for the so-called growth in wages, doesn't matter if wages go up a couple percentage points if ARMs are resetting on folks who haven't been paying more than the minimum on the loan. When those loans reset and if the housing units in their area drop in price (a couple forclosures will do that) then it will equal negative equity which will make it hard for some newer homebuyers to refi that obnoxious ARM loan.

Say I buy a 600K home in the San Francisco area. I put 5% down and take an ARM loan for 5/1. My payments most likely will be around 1.5K or less per month depending on my introductory rate.

Guess what happens when the ARM resets? The monthly shoots up to 3 times what the homeowner is paying. Either they get overwhelmed and walk away with a forclosure or they put every DIME into servicing the loan. Basically, what Nigel doesn't grasp here is that the more homeowners trapped in servicing post-ARM home loans means less money going back into the local economy in the way of restaurants, retail and other service industries.

R-Boy or Rob Dawg, am I right about this? I am not the brilliant mind you guys are but I do have a grasp on how all this works. Would my simple analysis be correct or am I missing something?

John said...

Dolph, that's right. And it's the enormity of ARM loan resets that is so scary. Furthermore, these people cannot refinance, as the industry tightens the screws. That means a lot of very nervous and broke consumers in an economy that is driven by consumer spending. It also means prices must come down, which leads to underwater loans. Also add to my list of apocalyptic signs: Apparently the price of oil rose $5 today, and we're soon entering the "summer driving season" which will raise prices further. Listen, bottom line, don't look to Nigel for economic prognostication. He's just a kid who wants to wear pants. Darn you haters!!!!!

Dolph said...

John, I don't look to Nigel for anything. I really could care less about his take on anything.

Dolph said...

John, one last thing - good take on my post. You make some really strong points. It's a shame our economic cheerleaders in both government and industry can't face up to the warning signs. Trouble is brewing and it bodes ill for all of us.

Annie said...

I have three words - an easy sentence - that sums it up:

Nigel is stupid.


Or, how about this one:

Nigel is a loser.


Business must be pretty bad for Nigel to spend as much time as he does on his website, IMFF, the Casey Love Blog, and watching this site.

I see it now - Nigel's at his desk, eating the same denial candy as Casey, waiting for his phone to ring. While he waits, not only does he visit the various RE sites and blogs, but he's also checking out various adult sites, logging on to his bank account (to watch his dwindling balance), and checking out various stock prices.

If I were in SLC seeking a mortgage broker and googled Nigel, I would NEVER use him.

His "award" is akin to ribbons given out at the special olympics for all participants.

I'm gonna go spread a little hate now....... In the meantime, I miss Sputnik.

Lost Cause said...

Oh you poor h8trz -- Nigel Swaby is not a real person. Nobody could really have a name that stupid. All have been concerned that Casey was fake, when the fake one passed right underneath your noses!

Sprezzatura said...

aelfscine seems pretty cool to me, actually. I friended him on LJ.

Jerry Mander said...

@ Rob Dawg and the pack
I totally agree with Dolph's 4:@3 housing outlook. My question is this: Why would companies like LEND and NEW get so overextended? I'm assuming that they knew things would get this out of control and prices wouldn't go up forever. So what's their angle? They couldn't be that short sighted right? Right?

p.s. To the guy that gave my Dodd and Clinton's contacts. Called em both. Are you sure calls are worth 10X a letter - cause the people on the other line didn't really sound that concerned or responsive.

Lady Deadlock said...

Hopefully in our new forum era (P.S. I’d like to see a DawgPaddle and Dawgawumpus category) we can separate Nigel commentary from everything else. He’s simply too tiresome, intellectually challenged, physically unattractive and all around pathetic to bother with after a long day at the office.

John said...

Dolph: I know you're not a Nigel fan. I was thinking out loud.

Jennifer Government said...

I despise Nigel and highly resent this comment from his horrid blog: “I’m glad the government hired you Rboy. It must be their duty to provide welfare for those unable to take care of themselves.”
Can’t imagine why he feels such resentment about government jobs. Security clearance issues? Hmmm.

R-Boy said...

eh, that was a low comment. If he knew who i was and what I did he wouldn't be so smarky.

but eh, small fries and potatoes. If he's got to resort to that, then well, he aint got much

Aspeth said...

@Jerry Mander...most of the time, it's going to be college kids answering the phone lines, particularly at the campaign offices. They basically keep a log on what people called/wrote in to say and that is passed along to the leg people/PR/actual representative cum candidate.

But, yeah, it is worth the five or ten minutes out of your life to do it.

Jen Gov said...

Exactly, R-Boy.
He doesn't seem to realize the hornets nest he's dealing with.
Per Sun Tzu:
Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

Jen Sun Gov said...

The clever combatant looks to the effect of combined
energy, and does not require too much from individuals.
Hence his ability to pick out the right men and utilize
combined energy

Anonymous said...

O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you
we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible;
and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands.

Sun in Beta said...

We can form a single united body, while the
enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will
be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole,
which means that we shall be many to the enemy's few.

Sun for Nigel said...

And if we are able thus to attack an inferior force
with a superior one, our opponents will be in dire straits.

Dolph said...

John, I know just saying that I could care less about Nigel ;)

R-Boy said...

Wage growth has been stagnant for several years. That's a function of demographics...most of one's wage growth is in their younger years, and what? most of the work force is aged. Duh.

Yes, its the arms resetting that is causing all the hoopla.

In case you all missed it, there are some very important people who know about Casey. That's all I can/or will say.

Schnapps said...

He wanted constructive feedback, I gave him constructive feedback:

Hey, Nigel, you may not have called Jon any names, but this could be seen as a personal attack.

Take this as constructive feedback:

Step 1 (Identify the problem behaviour) Get rid of the charade that you're interested in other peoples' opinions.

Step 2 (Identify why its problematic) By continually deleting others' posts and now this post, you're showing that you don't believe in your own "rules". How is that fair? (over at EN, there are no rules).

Step 3 (Identify corrective behaviour) Rewrite your first post so that the "rules" are clearly explained - provide examples and specifics, not generalizations. Obey those rules yourself. Put up an apology for this post (not that Jon really seems to care, unless you've deleted all his comments).

Oh and by the way, Jon strikes me as the sort who would welcome publicity. This may actually backfire on you more than it already has (the already has being identification of your amoral character - and figure out the difference between "amoral" and "immoral")

I Am Not Facing Foreclosure said...

Here is the problem I see every time someone calls in regarding refinancing an ARM. I wrote a little bit about this yesterday (shameless plug ala Nigel).

The debt ratio is too high. Since doing their arm, they typically have gone out and bought one, if not TWO new vehicles with payments of $500-$600 each. This is much more common than lost jobs, medical problems, and falling house prices. We do see some people stuck with Godawful prepayment penalties but in most cases, the prepayments are going away at the same time the loan is getting ready to adjust, such as the standard 2/28. God forbid these people could give up the Ford F250 to save their house. Slow credit, no problem. You can still pile on the auto debt and they do it every day.

Anonymous said...

Chris Noble, the guy who did the transcription for Casey's call-in, is another FB himself.

His story is here: http://www.housingbubblecasualty.com/

He used to be a title rep... LOL. Apparently, he was able to do a short sale, still the bank for over $100k, and then get out of a 1099. Apparently, this is Casey's plan.

Rob Dawg said...

Chris former FB post is coming.

As to crossing the line, Nigel just trolled trying to "out" another poster here. IMO he's begging for somebody to take action. I'm not posting there anymore. It just isn't morally defensible.

Anonymous said...

In my 7:28 posting, I said still, when I meant stiff.

Thanks Rob, I'm looking forward to that post on Chris. Casey has a few sneaky (and illegal) tricks up his sleeve, and they need to be exposed.

Nigel fawns over Casey like those North Korean girls fawn over Kim. He's a starry eyed loser, and were it not for attaching his penis to Casey's ass, no one would even know who he is.

Jade said...

He just "outed" R-boy? What a tool.

Why is Nigel so angry? Seriously, what is wrong with him? At least Casey seems like a nice, if misguided, guy.

Jade said...

I'm reading that as "Chris former fuckbuddy"

is that incorrect?

Rob Dawg said...

FB == F*cked Borrower

The term doesn't assign causation just situation.

Jade said...

my bad. All this talk of Nigel and Casey and I immediately think "fuckbuddy"

Jobu said...

Regarding the swab's tax advice but not really Vegan tax advice, I posted over at IAFF asking for a 'real expert' to please comment since some 'bozo' wrote on another blog that Casey would probably have no liability. I didn't even mention swab's name. If that post doesn't get through, I'm thinking it's only fair to conclude that our friend Nigey is moderating over there.

Aelfscine said...

Recently posted:

And remember everyone, this is all to help Casey... erm... somehow.

But I apologize, once again I've interrupted a thriving discussion among Casey's supporters, working hard to get him out of debt.

Fortunately this comment will be swiftly deleted, or else a bizarre smear campaign will be begun against me, whereby a curtain is dramatically pulled back as a sinister voice bellows "and behold, he has a myspace page!!!"
It's... uh... www.myspace.com/yourmother

Anonymous said...


Nigel seems to work for or with this company as far as I can tell. I informed them of his unethical behavior via the feedback form. It seems to me that his behavior would damage the reputation of anybody associated with him.