Friday, March 02, 2007

The Casey

Wholesome recognizable things go in, A sticky mess spews forth. No wonder it is called "The Casey." Special shout out to our own "Anony Mouse" for the graphic. She knows who she is.


Anonymous said...


Benoit said...

An apartment building named "The Casey", eh? How Serindipitous! ;-p

Big Cheese said...


I am still thinking back about all the Yiff comments from another thread.

Maybe Casey can change his website to YIFF (Young & In Full Foreclosure). I'm pretty sure that YIFF is the noise Casey makes when he is alone with Nigel.

-Big Cheese

Lou Minatti said...

I bet that it will have a trampoline on the roof instead of a pool. Sweet!

ExCorpMobil said...

I would like to suggest a tangerine.

Stephanie J. said...

She does indeed.

Benoit said...

Added the following line to the Criticism section of Caseypoo's wikipedia article:

"Inability to reconcile his purported Christian faith with his actions, particularly his mooching off his family and in-laws."

Well, *I* think it's poignant ;-)

Benoit said...

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried sneaking in "verboten" HTML to Casey's blog? I'm thinking "IMG SRC" in particular as a way to put the Casey headshot into the body of a message.

Standard HTML like bold and italics works, and I don't see any notice that you can't use IMG SRC... or TABLE or anything else for that matter. hmm...

Rob Dawg said...

Especially if the image is all good when Casey moderates the comment but "mysteriously" changes (at your source) ti something bad during one of his extended moderation dry spells.

Rob Dawg said...

Left this on IAFF:

I’m going to Utah with a partner of mine...

Partner? You mentioned no new business ventures. What were the terms of the formation? Surely you remember those parts of your ejucation where your mentors stressed that business entities can shield and leverage your personal wealth potenial?

and I hope to meet with the buyer of the wrapped property...

Hope does spring eternal. But why? What in person needs tobe accomplished?

but mainly to meet some business associates and look at some sweet deals.

Your partnership already has associates? Kewl.

How I’m paying for it shouldn’t matter,

It always matters. It always matters for anyone. It's money, m-o-n-e-y. This in a nutshell is why you have troubles, you don't understand money. Your haterz™ understand money. If you had listened to them you would have traded in those V-Dub "hot shoes" for practical footwear and had a grand in your pocket. As it is the other two tires are begging for a shreddin. How you pay is also important because as you are beginning to suspect, and the haterz™ have long known, y-o-u won't be paying, -we- will be picking up the tab.

but since everybody keeps asking, my other partners’ corporation is paying for it.

You have told your partner about the potential exposure your arrangement has created? Even if the set up is legit if/when bad things happen the lawyer fees just to be cleared are going to be ruinous.

So what skillz do you bring to the partnership?

Man another poor innocent tainted.

bemused guy said...

ROB: Man another poor innocent tainted.

After this much time & exposure Rob, I seriously doubt any business associate of his is innocent or untainted.

TK said...

I am curious to see what this partnership is all about.

Now you see Casey has once again broken each tenet of his New Year's resolution package:

No more lying

Lies of ommission are still lies. Leaving out the fact that I banged the Shampoo girl at the salon doesn't mean it didn't happen. In the 100% honest world of Casey world one must constantly wonder how much other stuff is being hidden.

Has Casey purposely ommitted elements of his life to his new "business partner"? I am curious about what Casey brings to any potential business partner which has me wondering how badly taken advantage of Casey will be by this individual and their "corporation".

You'd think Casey would have learned that brick and mortar out-of-state investments are difficult to keep track of.

Another thing I've been considering is, Galina is likely waiting for all of this to blow over (publicly at least) so she can avoid the public humiliation that divorce will bring. She knows we Haters will find out about it before anyone else does, and we'll beat it to death, until all parties are appropriately humiliated. All parties except Casey, who has no humiliation function.

Jade said...

Benoit - awesome addition to the wiki.

I am still on his case to explain how a Christian can do that to his Utah buyers.

I'm not stopping until he answers.

TK said...

Casey is about as Christian as Ted Haggard, who by the way is totally "cured" and very heterosexual. AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm sure Ted would like a "massage" from Casey.

So Galina is "totally supportive" of the Utah trip...

More time to A) Look for new man (girls night out in Sac-Town tonight, G is ready willing and able!) AND b) Consult divorce lawyer.

"Sure Casey, I totally support your going to Utah...Um what am I gonna do? I dunno, maybe just sit at home and watch some movies with my sister..."

Rob Dawg said...

...girls night out in Sac-Town tonight, G is ready willing and able!

Yes, but will she be an AbleBuyer ot AbleSeller?

Cotton Swaby said...

I just posted #183 as 'Cashcall Blows'. Check it out.

Cotton Swaby said...

Whoops, that would be #183 on Casey's cashcall post.

TK said...


Very sharp. She'll be tonight, while Casey scopes out SWEET dealz. hee hee!

segfault said...

Comment #32 on his timeline is hilarious:

Anonymous said...

Here's my submssion to Casey this morning - let's see if he (1) posts it and (2) answers any questions.

In the meantime, I'd be interested in what you all think:

Hey everybody:

Think of this: Casey ("Mr. Self-Employed) and his partner(s) are travelling over a weekend to meet with associate(s) who've agreed to see them over a weekend....

Me thinks the partner(s) and associate(s) all have regular JOBS.

I don't know who these partner(s) and/or associate(s) are, however, my guess is that in two months time (probably less) the relationship will be down the drain. As we all know, Casey has a limited attention span, poor attention to detail, no ability to "follow-thru" and avoids the real "hard work" it takes to make any venture successful.

"Remodelling efforts of Larchmont"
"Opening/reading mail"
"Working out of my Rich Dad's Office"
"I got a real estate job" (Chris)
"Duane's sponsorship"
"Following up on the Utah wrap problems"
"Following up on the short sales of properties"

When the going gets tough, Casey will be in an "avoiding my partner(s)" mode just as he is in the "avoiding my lenders" mode.

The partner(s) will waste money. The associate(s) will waste time. Why, because they've been sold on the "magic of Casey." Don't worry, though, the money wasted will be done on "corporate credit" -- borrowed funds -- and yet another individual will be responsible for the cost - either the "partner" or the institution that extended the credit for the cost of this little trip.

More than anything, I'm interested in any "partnership" agreement Casey and these individuals may have written and signed. As you all know, Casey has an amazing way of signing agreements first and reading them later.... and we all know the agreements he signs are not to his benefit. My guess is there is no "partnership" agreement and Casey is full of hot air of self-importance and will find in four to six weeks right where he is right now - unemployed, having to borrow money for gas, wondering when the money for rent, utilities and other expenses will magically fall from the sky.

But don't worry about our young friend. Its all good. His parents will continue to supply him with plenty of fruits and veggies for those morning juices.

So guys - what do you think..... let's stop asking Casey about "who" is paying for the trip to Utah and focus on the bigger picture....

Who is/are the partner(s)?
What, if anything is the nature of the partnership agreement?
What, if anything, has Casey signed?
What is Casey's responsibility and duties as a "partner"?
What are the responsibilities and duties of Casey's partner(s)?
What is the nature of this partnership venture? (i.e. business plan)
How does this partnership venture intend to generate REVENUE?
How much of the REVENUE will the partner(s) see?
How much of the REVENUE will Casey see?

Until the partnership venture generates REVENUE, how do the partners make/pay their personal living expenses? (My guess is they have JOBS or other stable forms of income.)

Until the partnership venture generates REVENUE, how will Casey make/pay his (and G's) personal living expenses? Not to mention repayment of the HUGE personal notes coming due - if I recall correctly, these are in the amount of $5,000 and $22,000 respectively.

Casey has a poor track record of actually MAKING money in real estate.... his only successful sale was the condo he bought when he was 19.... my guess is that was dumb luck resulting from rising RE market than any strategic effort(s) on Casey's part.

That's my two cents.

And Casey, if you are reading this - perhaps you can answer all of the above questions asked.

walt526 said...

"Until the partnership venture generates REVENUE, how do the partners make/pay their personal living expenses? (My guess is they have JOBS or other stable forms of income.)"

I am not so sure. Seems to me that anyone who is self-sufficient would not risk their own assets on any venture involving Radioactive Man (or is he Fallout Boy?--me still thinks he has a silent puppeteer). Most likely, these guys (assuming they do actually exist) are other aspiring conmen. Without knowing who they are, its hard to figure out exactly what there angle for wanting to include Looser Boy might be. But I'm sure its there.

I also have no idea what the particular draw of Utah is right now. One of the few mistakes that Casey has acknowledged making is buying property out-of-state. He also said that he would stay local when (although really "if") he gets another shot at it some day. Obviously Casey's word is worth less than a turd in the toilet, but interesting how incompetent he is when it comes to changing his behavior to incorporate the lessons he's already learned.

Complete and total idiot.


007 said...

It doesn't matter who Casey says his partners or associates are, or what he's doing at any particular moment. He is a liar and a fraud and anything he writes on his blog should be discounted on it's face. The only thing that is pseudo-documented is he bought some properties, he sold some properties, and he's had some properties foreclosed upon. All the rest is hot air that he manipulates to his own advantage.

Reading IAFF is like watching a WWF Wrestling match. There might be two people grabbing each other in a ring but it sure isn't wrestling. The only value is in the entertainment. You might as well be asking why characters in Soap Operas do what they do. ITS A SHAM! Turn on your TV at 3am and do some channel surfing to see some real con artists at work. He is a waste of time to either figure out or emulate.

Casey has peaked, jumped the shark, shot his wad, whatever you want to call it. He is a Promoter, and the product he is promoting is his own idiocy. That usually has a short shelf life, but especially so when your idiocy causes others pain. My only hope now is that he is criminally prosecuted soon. That way it will be more difficult for him to do the same thing (or something analogous) to others again.

Nevertheless, he is going to have a rough time finding a BK attorney. New laws make the attorneys responsible for what they submit to the court. If I was a decent BK attorney no way would I take his case. And if one does they will charge BIG up front. He also has that nice trustee/creditor meeting to look forward to, where all the dirty laundry is exposed. That's if he is lucky enough to even get Chpt7 and not Chpt13. And if the numbers don't add up, the IRS is going to have a field day on him. He's already got anywhere from $200-400K in short term capital gains he'll have to resolve, and he could get tapped for a good chunk more.

I'd say he has 3-6 months if things fall apart rapidly. A year to 18 months on the outside. That's dependent upon what "business associtates" he can sucker, and friends and relatives he can mooch off of in the meantime. Credit is pretty much shot for him. After that, all this Alice in Wonderland crap comes to a screeching halt.

Then he has two choices. Keep on going with the delusional dream of self employment and unlimited financial gain, or knuckle down and bust a$$ at a real job. The first is a 2.2Million to one shot that he gets out from under his debt. The other is a slow painful character building slog that gives him a fair chance at making a decent life for himself after he is 35yrs old.

Now which one do you think our hero is going to choose?