Friday, March 16, 2007

Who Needs Wiki

Since truthiness in Wikipedia is fast devolving into caution in the face of uncomfortable facts it is only a matter of time before the Casey reference is pulled entirely. Tough noogies wiki. EN has archived the latest version and we'll do our own.


TK said...


Who needs Wiki? Casey!

Stanley said...

Once again.......FIRST!

TK said...

Nice try!

Stanley said...

Screw you TK.....beat me by mere seconds. You're dead meat

Gameover said...

calm down kids...its sarting to sound like TfMBA in here!


Limited Thoughts Guy said...

1. I couldn't care less about Nigel.

2. I couldn't care less about the wiki page on CS. It's all just a drama queen sideshow effort that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Wiki and Nigel are just distractions.

3. The real issue at hand is my entertainment watching snowflake self destruct and to prod him on the way down, pointing out his contradictions, lies and fraudulent behavior.

R-Boy said...

it may be changed but not deleted...way too many keep votes, and only 1 user against it

Anonymous said...

The wiki issue is important, because Snowflake is obviously trying to set himself up as some wierd anti-guru, and make profit off of his crimes by "counseling" those in foreclosure.

We can take this away from him.

I'd guarantee he has a book title all planned out, and the photos he's been staging, like those in Utah, are for it.

Another crucial use for the Wiki article is if any other members of the press try and do an article on him or use him for their stories, if they get the Wiki when they google his name, it will help kill stories or help them to not enable his victim status he's foisting on everyone.

I would love to know the people who have checked out the Wiki article. The banks and law enforcement agencies will love even more exposure for Turnip Head, and maybe add a little more pressure to do something about the (Scarface voice) cockaroach.

I just know Turnip Head burns with hatred and anger whenever he thinks about the wiki, and this site, and he knows he cannot under any circumstances show any of it. That makes me happy.

Fuck you, Casey, and fuck you, Nigel. Just to tide both of you over the weekend, doncha know.

Some Guy From Colorado said...

Is there a link to somewhere in Wiki where one can vote for the content/vote against deletion?


CASEY'S WIFE said...


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Dawg readers,

I think the "Documented Vendetta", on the VOTE wikki page, pointing out that the Vendetta is from this blog is interesting enough to post here.

Here is the VOTE to keep KC page link and a snippet:

2: article is possibly the result of a vendetta documented at - see afd talk) ˉˉanetode╦╩ 03:00, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

RJ said...

I just was this on our little snowflakes flickr pages:

That was just one year ago, when he (and his precious wife) attended some kind of brainwashing expo in SF.

I guess he still believes that all of it is still true. So how is it that he is still not a millionaire today. Oh yes, that's because this "get rich quick" system is just a load of BS (unless you are selling these courses/seminars to our little snowflake).

Anonymous said...

Casey wanted to get it deleted all along. That's why he made that post yesterday. More than likely Nigel put told him how to do it.

If he does get it deleted, put it on

It's a wiki for trolling, and Casey is certainly a troll, even if he's also a real-life failure with several foreclosures.

segfault said...

From the Wiki AFD page:
"...this is not a majority vote, but rather a discussion to establish a consensus amongst Wikipedia editors..."

IOW, you are welcome to huff and puff until you're blue in the face to establish some illusion of democracy, but no matter what the majority thinks, in the end the admins will do what they want anyway...

Anonymous said...

Cute kitten -- any relation to sputnik?

Here kitty kitty. I've got some nice fishy treats for you...

And please, go to Casey's house and poop in his shoes.

segfault said...

And, poop in anetode's shoes. He seems to be one of the foremost wikinazis pushing for deletion.

Aelfscine said...

Posted this at IAFF in one of my blind 'post something constructive' moments. I know he won't give it the slightest thought, because why should he waste his time languishing in a 'job' when he can just win the PowerBall and live in luxury?

Crazy idea for you: get a job as an Enrollment Counselor at University of Phoenix. They'll pay you $33,000 a year and you don't have to have a degree. Plus, you get free tuition for any of their courses, and your spouse gets 80% off. If you're good at the job, you can get a 20% raise in 6 months. Get the wife in the same position and your household will have $66k coming in, and she can keep going to school for nothing.

I know, $66k and free tuition for both of you can't compete with the $50,000,000 you're going to get from whatever pie in the sky venture/scam you're plotting right now. You want control, you're not going to settle for being some corporate lackey. And you want to learn about business, not just waste away as an 'employee,' like all us sucker college grads do.

I mean, how could anyone learn how a business works by working within that very business, interacting with all kinds of different departments, seeing how what they do makes the company function? Taking notes, so if one started his own business, he could say to himself
"These roles need to be filled. These tasks have to be done. These resources will be needed."

But I know, I know, I'm a "hater," so my advice on getting a salary, health benefits, and free tuition is naught but hideous lies. You're a Positive Thinker, who WON'T get a job because the pay WON'T cover all his debts, so he just decides he WON'T pay any of them, WON'T work, and WON'T even try to prevent his houses from foreclosing. Yep, positive!

Sorry, Just Trying To Help said...

At least once a month, Monster, Dice and assorted others call me, plus emails each week or two.

So, howabout we dob our little friend in, he should get lots of job applications and so forth.

G. too.

Use the cell phone number - If it't not available, HOMEY DA might be able to get it.

Don't spend the finder's fee yet, though.

Aspeth said...

It really chaps my ass that the little fucktard is pulling that whinging and moaning bullshit. I've said it before and I'll say it again...what part of that wiki doesn't reflect things he himself has posted?!?!

Fuck him.

Rob Dawg, thanks for stopping by the TwelveYearsOfBeingAnnoyedByChloeSevigny blog. I've been terribly lax in leaving you an appreciative note here. Obviously, I love the site.

Aspeth said...

Did anyone notice that is reposting the wiki? Funny.