Monday, March 05, 2007

Just Say No

There are people who are qualified to own homes who refused to participate in the housing bubble. The current homeownership rate of 70% is some 4% ahead of trend going back generations. Those 4% have priced housing at the margins far higher than prices would be otherwise. There will be no choice but a return to mean and that means there are people in houses they cannot keep and never deserved. In the great sense a home invasion takeover with a fraudlent loan, transaction, appraisal, ability to repay is every bit an illegal confiscation as an armed takeover would be.


Tony Soprano said...

First Loosers!

Tom in NJ said...

I guess my wife and I were lucky, We live in an area that precludes most of the slick moves that a flipper uses. Even a VA loan was of no help, who wants to go through that exposure?
Anyway, we bought a rental single family in 07648 in '86 for 160K, and except for the four years we lived in it-(89-93), it has always been rented. It is a 5 minute lawn-tractor ride from our residence.
In 93 we bought the home next to us, and paid a premium price,(240K). The logic was that it was easier to control the neighbors if you own the house. We lived there from 93-2000, and moved back next-door in Y2K.
The home we live in is paid for, as is the house next-door. We have a small, 85K, mortgage on the house a couple of blocks away.
The point I'm making is that 'buy and hold" has served us well, and these three properties cost us 500K, we could still sell them before sundown for 1.75M.
Greed and ignorance is what trapped Casey, and immaturity is what seems to drive him to maintain his blog.
I still say he will disappear to Isreal soon.

rot13 said...

Has anyone contacted First Magnus about C's property being sold/wrapped in Utah?

C's in violation of his "2nd home rider", among other items.

I will contact First Magnus with the relevant info if it hasn't been done already ... thx

Anonymous said...


As soon as Nigel pulls out, we'll be out mining some sweet wholesale deals as that is where the sweet action is.

Make fun all you want cube dwellers.

R-Boy said...

I should be able to make my way to the national mortgage broker's association this week to get their thoughts, finally found their building.

Also, could a few of you guys also call up the Sacremento FBI Office today and report Casey's blog to them, and link them to the "I lied on my loans part?"

Phone: (916) 481-9110
Agents Parenti or Johnson is who you should talk to.

Relevant Casey Link is The revelant text from that link is: I overstated my income, and misrepresented my owner-occupied status and concealed the cash-back-at-close from the bank. I knew it all along. Nobody made me do it. It was my fault. I take full responsibility.

Soup Nazi said...

From Nigel GayBoy's blog: "In fact, Casey has three major media stories coming out in the next few months. One of them is a half hour program still in production."

Uh-huh. Right.

It's called: "America's dumbest criminals"

Anonymous said...


You'd be impressed. Nigel is teaching me some new things that have nothing to do with real estate. It's all very educational and I'll post pictures very soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Nigel or Casey are excited about their media exposure. If I were Casey, I would want as few people as possible to know how much of an idiot and failure I was. So say he gets a 30-minute show, what good will come from it. No successful businessman will have any interest in doing anything with Casey. With his track record of failure, this media exposure hurt what little, if any, chance he had.

So Casey, go promote your story. Let the world know how much of a crook you are. You will not gain 1 ounce of credible business contacts with this publicity. No one wants to be attached to you. Anyone who does attach themself to you loses credibility instantly.

R-Boy said...

contact first magnus, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

So is it a rental car or is it Nigel's car? Why would you take a pic of a rental car? Why would you take a pic of Nigel's car? Sure, it's a gem compared to his broken down VW, but it's nothing special. His effort to be a big shot is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Who goes around taking pics of their car, plane they landed on, restaurant menu, etc? How retarded.

And Nigel sure does look like a happy boyfriend in their pics together. Just a guess but I'm guessing his hidden hands in the dinner pic are j/o Casey.

It's amazing to me the people that are willing to expose their financial hardships for everyone to see. People do it monthly in "Money" magazine and I wonder what they get out of it other than some (bad) attention.

Cased! said...

Gee, all those major media deals, and Casey still has to borrow money to fill the gas tank of a car he borrowed.

He is going to completely crater - nothing short of jail or complete destitution is going to affect his thinking (and his thinking may not change even then).

What sort of "investor" would be attracted to Casey through Casey's blog, given what is on Casey's blog? It's not as if there is any money left to con out of Casey, you would think...

king friday the 13th said...

it's a rental. hint: look in the lower right hand corner of the windshield; you will see what appears to be a barcode.

gee, why rent such a large vehicle. a compact would suffice.
unless they were planning on inviting Brian over to film a session of
"real estate guru boyz gone wild" in the auto.

btw -- after seeing that pic of Nigel, I said "Arrrrr may-tey, me thinks Nigel is an arse-pirate."

segfault said...

Casey and G-man's rental car is a Chrysler 300--only a full-size rental for them! The pic of Nigel shows him driving a 1999-2005 model BMW 3-series sedan.

segfault said...

Factual update: The pic on Nigel's blog actually looks like a 3-series coupe, which I think would be from years 2000-2006 (if memory serves, the coupes run a year behind the sedans).

Anonymous said...

The pic of Nigel shows him driving a 1999-2005 model BMW 3-series sedan.

How on earth did you come to that conclusion?

king friday the 13th said...

Arrrr, could someone put a link to the picture of capt. swaby's car?

e46 bimmers are pretty distinctive. actually, if nigel has stock rims I may be able to tell you the packages the car has...

Anonymous said...


Here you go...

Hardly anything of the car is showing except for the leather seats and sunroof.

Agent #777 said...

Of course we recognize that they are dining at - where else? - Macaroni Grill!!

The Original Kevin said...

Lord not only did they eat at the Grill, he was wearing that same damn blue shirt.

The Original Kevin said...

And there is going to be a 1/2 hr show on Casey on TV!?

AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! The end is near, people... the end is near....

king friday the 13th said...

it appears to be an e46 3-series coupe. the slope of the rear window gives the coupe designation away.

the interior of the car is distinctively e46 3-series BMW.

from the right door panel (behind snowflake), it appears to have the wood iterior, which comes exclusively with the premium package (including leather seats).

If I could see the rims, I could tell you if the car has the sport package (better seats, suspension, etc) or not.

also, there is NO interior disticntion between the cheaper 325 and the more powerful 330. most possers buy the 325 cause it's cheaper.

but a camry or accord is actually FASTER than a stock 325. lmao.

segfault said...

king @ 11:56:

The Accord/Camry may be faster in a straight line than an E46 325i, but the BMW is much more responsive and communicative. They serve different markets... I don't see many Camrys on the weekend autocross circuit.

Homey thee Clown said...

Looky what I found!

Nigel's photo account

Rob Dawg said...

Accord/Camray through a combination of computers and cams and torque curves don't "grunt" when you poke them. With lower weights, lower cgs and more nimble steering they need better drivers to extract maximum performance. The average driver could probably run the 3 series faster but after a few laps the "average driver" becomes the "better driver" and could use the full potential of the Accord.

I agree the 3 series communicates better.

rot13 said...

sent to First Magnus today,
attention to Mortgage Fraud Alert

Owner name: Casey Serin
Property Address: 6656W 10250N
Highland, UT 84003

Property Description 51:453:0008

Violation of "2nd Home Rider"
a) Owner Serin has never occupied the property
b) Owner Serin has sold/wrapped the property
- Warranty Deed of 9/12/06 between Casey K Serin ("Grantor") and Wilcox, Richard & Jennifer, Christensen, Edward & Linda ("Grantee")
- Trust Deed of 9/13/06 between Wilcox, Richard & Jennifer, Christensen, Edward & Linda ("Grantor") and Casey K Serin ("Grantee")


Reference Documents

See Also:

Oh, and Nigel,

Risky move meeting with C
Negotiating any new deals?
Good luck

Zero-hour is fast approaching
Remember to wipe your PC for evidence