Friday, May 25, 2007


Safely ensconced behind the golden EN keyboard at the remote mountain headquaters of the wildest 2hr 18 mins in internet fraudcast history. Something like 750 posts so far. Traffic spiked at triple IAFF page views and is finally returning to normal.

Everyone has been good and even the occasional trolls have kept their comments tame. But it's Friday and a long weekend. I'll clean up any loose ends tomorrow and maybe format somemore LeGate.

My only comment is that he's getting more slippery with practice. The one that had me clenching fists was the asking personal questions of callers.

Man if that's how he treats his brother then you gotta imagine mom and G are getting some seriously abusive attitude. I can only hope there's a flurry of late night calls amongst the Serin family of the sort "what do you mean mom could lose the house and maybe even go to jail?" "He owes HOW much?" Problem is I don't see as there is anything they can do at this point. Even if they sold a house or somehow came up with 200 large that only keeps the wolves at the back door at bay. The wolves at the front door won't go away for just money.


Anonymous said...

FIRST! Even while I sleep!

Anonymous said...


Rob Dawg said...

Oh and tomorrow mornig. One million pageviews. AXE and pleather on the house.

Anonymous said...

Crap, looks like I missed a good time! I was at SIFF hearing Lisa Gerrard give a presentation. Saw her perform at the Moore last night...what a godess!

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that one person can be so hated!

Anonymous said...

Casey Mother co-signed on a corporation for Casey.

Casey wife co-signed on several federal documents with false information.

Casey sister-in-law allows Cassey to live at their house - enabler.

Casey Father allows does nothing for the past 3 years - enabler.

All of these people are not as innocent as they think they are.

If I had done 1/100th the shinanagons Casey has done, my mother would have taken me to the back and shot me on the spot.

Like my mother used to say: I brought you into this world and I can take you out. My father supported my mother 100%.

It's all due to the upbringing of Casey by his parents. These parents are worthless.

Sorry, just speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

If Casey's parents are so bad, why did the rest of their kids turn out OK?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawg.
Thanx for the shout out to the Trolls .
Have a great weekend. :)

ratlab said...

Finally got to the part with FlyingMonkeyWarrior. Great interview. Love the "twang" in your voice... just like Duane's.

Making him admit straight up law breaking was a work of art. Genius.

Anonymous said...

Caseypedia has a transcript of the Casey-Steve encounter here.

Anonymous said...

Could he possibly be a bigger azz-byte?

Let's say they break down o n the side of the road and they get thirsty. Almost dying of thirst. Only one can of soda. Guess who ain't gettin' a sip until Casey is fully sated?


"I sometimes get so driven by the business... I love Galina, and I'm not supposed to be using her name, but you've been saying it a few times so if she goes after me based on that contract we signed she's going to have to go after you."

WHAT BUSINESS? What product to you produce? Foreclosure advice?

Puh-lease, you have never given one iota of good advice, because you always either don't know what is right and proper, and/or you would not do it, even if you did.

Casey, the blog is a drug, and you are an addict:

"...maybe improve on maybe putting more priority onto our relationship without necessarily having to throw the blog out, right?"

"It's almost like saying "choose between your wife or making money". Now the blog's kind of my job, and it's actually making money for once, so might as well keep going, right?"

"It's not begging, it's advertising."

"...sweet deals are coming, good things are coming."

STEVE: ...limit it to one, two hours a day. Period.

CASEY: But if I'm making a stable thousand dollars a month... thousand dollars a week from the blog?

STEVE: But that's where you're wrong, Casey. You're blinded, man."

Anonymous said...

And it ends thusly:

STEVE: Ask her what she wants to do, and put her needs before your own. Because she's hurting, man. Because you've lost your homes, you've lost your credit, you've lost your reputation. The one thing you have not lost is your wife, man, and you need to hold onto that. You need to hold onto it. Everybody on the blog... I mean, you guys need to stop talking. I don't know, man, there's really not much I can do about the blog, but man you need to save the one thing you have left, and that's your wife. That's very important, man.

CASEY: Thanks, man. I appreciate you calling in. I didn't know you were gonna... you said you might, but I didn't realize you were gonna just come on the line. That's really really good, thanks a lot. I'm going to put you on mute, but I'll get back to you...

[Casey ends the session without ever getting back to Steve]

They might as well save time and go ahead and inscribe that last phrase on Casey's tombstone, because since he will never change, it will be just as much as a symbol of his lack of follow through and truthfulness then as today, and of course yesterday, when he outright stole money by fraudulently having eight mortgages he could never hope to support, taking cash back, done with lies about income and occupancy, and who knows what else:

Casey's epitaph:

"I'll get back to you..."

Anonymous said...


That must've taken the better part of the night.

A Million thanks.

Anonymous said...

I see Fliptard has got Google ads back on his site. I wonder who's name and address he used to sign up this time.

Anonymous said...

It took just over an hour to do Steve, considerably less to do Duane. I might have a crack at FlyingMonkeyWarrior later...

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the transcription, Miguel.

Anon@12:45 I wouldn't be so quick to blame his parents. The guy is mentally ill -- there's only so much they can do.

Rob, if you do have an ongoing discussion with Steve, encourage the family to get him to a shrink. Not any old psychiatrist, but maybe a university clinic for a full work-up. They've gotta stop him from harming them more.

Anonymous said...

There is waaaay too much content here for me to get through given some rather crappy real life nonsense that is interefering with my daily entertainment. Anyone know a real bulldog of a civil litigator who wouldn't mind suing the fuck out of a soulless conglomerate run by vorporate ass covering robots?? I have money.

This is the point I get:

-Casey's bro steve ripped him a new one

-Duane tried to do it again but got hung up on (But still his last set of emails were gold so I can see why Casey was burned

-Flyingmonkeywarrior laid into him?

What was the overall tone this time? Did he take control as he typically does by deflecting every question with a question he knows you don't have the answer to?

Thanks in advance. Few more minutes of fun then back to the grindstone...

Anonymous said...

Excellent trascript Miguel. That helped a lot. Casey's getting a "Serin Boys" sitdown this weekend. His father, who appears to have done a good job with at least a couple of Serins should take this opportunity to bitch slap his son. They have made this about being a man, which Casey never has been. A concept foreign to Casey is that if you fail to provide and protect it doesn't matter how "important" your stupid blog is. Also shows that Steve understands a little something about the future of IAFF (your 15 minutes are up) that Casey probably knows deep down but can't stand.

Casey, if you can't provide for your wife, at least protect her. That's being a man. Weather the storm, be her rock, don't continually sacrifice your wife's dignity for the sake of a measly $3000. Because next week and the week after? NO $3K. That's right Casey, $3K ain't shit when compared to your wife's right to be not humiliated daily by her husband. I'll take the under on 6 more months of marriage. Steve has it right - Casey is already mentally preparing himself for the inevitable. Nothing to stop this train now. Wonder if Galina realizes it yet?

Anonymous said...

You know how sick he is when you read the transcript with his brother...

CASEY: Hey man, do you mind holding until we do another round of calls, because we want to hear a few more people.

He treats his family like they are another blogger.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't trying to treat his brother like another blogger, he only wanted his brother on hold so he could avoid the tough questions.

We heard where Steve tried to be Murse-iful but his questions were Murse-iless.

God bless ya Steve Serin and Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he obligated to do another talkcast every Friday because of his advertisers? I think part of the deal is that they are mentioned on his talkcast.

Anonymous said...

After hearing that exchange, can you imagine how Casey berates/manipulates Galina? I'm married, and if I had to hear that rapid fire questioning and twisting around of my words constantly, I'd have taken a frying pan to his ass. I can hear it now:

Galina: This blog is destorying our marriage!

Casey: So you think the blog is destroying our marriage? I appreciate your saying that, but Look at the money I made this week. It was for you and for the contract that YOU came up with.

Galina: But we're so deep in debt and we have no place to live..

Casey: So you're saying that because we're so deep in debt that I don't care for you? Oh, so it's just because we don't have our own place? Look, your sister was kind enough to put us up, we couldn't turn that down. That's what family is for, isn't it? Good things are coming; its all good. You've been reading the blog again. I told you not to; it's the haterz and Nigel and Duane, they are all against me and they've put our family name out there...

Galina: But you've broken the contract by using our family name and by posting it in the first place..

Casey: I haven't done anything. Steve started it, he used your name on the broadcast and he started it, so I haven't violated anything. Have I? HAVE I??? Look at what I'm going through to earn money for us....

Egads. It makes my head hurt just to TYPE this.

Anonymous said...

CASEY: Hey man, do you mind holding until we do another round of calls, because we want to hear a few more people.

I can absolutely guarantee that if you did a snap poll of all his listeners at that moment, 99.9% would have opted for more Steve!

Anonymous said...


I can also guarantee that any "supporterz" who wandered in the fraudcast at that moment realized how sick and crazy Casey is.

My husband heard only part of the exchange, and muttered, "That boy has lost his mind."

Anonymous said...

@Khatie 6:48

You are totally right. He is no doubt abusive but in a way that you can't pinpoint. Normal people wouldn't even be able to repeat how he says things because it's so convoluted. I'm in the non-conspiracy camp. I think that he has just pulled his wife along for the ride with his manipulative charm, always convincing her that their big break is just around the corner and reassuring her that it's all on the up-and-up. Those are the scariest dudes out there.

Anonymous said...

Amused reader and occasional poster from Tokyo here. You'll have to forgive me for posting anon because I'm too lazy to deal with signing up for registration or whatever.

Anyway, it occured to me as I listened to the most recent call-in thing that there is a Japanese verb that applies perfectly to Casey: nagasu. If you look in the dictionary it gives English like "to float along" or "to cruise" as literal translation, but I think it not full capture the actual nuance of the word in daily life. There is no one word direct translation in English for nagasu, I believe.

Basically, nagasu is used in a situation where somebody is criticized, and then seems to accept the criticism entirely and humbly...but then does nothing to change the basic behavior first criticized. It is a very common way of reacting to uncomfortable in Japanese society, to avoid direct conflict. Or to appear of agree while just doing what you want anyway. Casey is a expert of nagasu I am absolutely sure. Because it can be said, he always agrees with the criticism and keeps saying "yes you are right, I have to work on that" over and over but then he just continues earlier behaviors without any changes at all.

It is very funny in one sense, but also a kind of sickness of behavior in his case, it seems.

Anonymous said...

I think that he has just pulled his wife along for the ride with his manipulative charm, always convincing her that their big break is just around the corner and reassuring her that it's all on the up-and-up.

That's my position, and I've yet to see any evidence that suggests otherwise. I countersign stuff for my wife all the time (she set up a business a few months ago), and I take it on trust that she's not pulling a Casey and doing something blatantly fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

@Joan the Arch

I know. I have a relative with several of the same attributes; fortunately, his wife kicked him to the curb after several years of emotional abuse. She grew a spine and got out.

Fortunatly, this relative WORKS for a living, so she was able to get some financial recompense. His mad obsession is material things, and he pays for them but makes other people suffer as a result. I don't think he is quite as far gone as Casey, but the manipulation, the flat affect to the voice, the manipulative questioning, the 11th hour rescues, the degradation of loved ones, it's all there.

He is now the family pariah. He is living in his own private hell on earth because we've all had it with him.

Anonymous said...


Or he just plain lied. Or he turned up the vocal noise to the point where she signed whatever just to shut him up and to make him stop berating her.

Again, she will unfortunately have to pay the price for all of this, but she needs to leave that mofo NOW.

Anonymous said...

I might have a crack at FlyingMonkeyWarrior later...

Well, I started, but the sound quality is too poor - for some reason drastically poorer than the Steve/Duane MP3s.

But if anyone knows of a higher-quality version I'll happily give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts after getting a good night's sleep:

Best regards and respect to Steve for trying to intervene, and for doing it for the right reasons. Steve - you've redeemed the Serin name in my mind. Protect your Mom.

Duane, FMW and other EN callers - good jobs trying to pin the teflon man down. KC knew Duane has his number, so just hung up. The other EN callers must have felt like they were wrestling with a greased pig. As someone else said, he's getting more slippery.

I lived in Detroit for 1.5 years, and have a VIVID mental image of Mocha - a brainless, drunk welfare-type. Likely a leech on society like KC. As someone else commented last night, she and KC were chatting online after the talkcast. KC was really soaking up her mindless affirmations - e.g. "you the man", "KC rulez", "I'm your biggest supporterz", etc. KC loving every malformed thought and fawning phrase...

KC will not (and cannot) change. Duane's right - he's wired wrong. To use a geek (that's me) analogy, the wrong wiring is in the hardware, not firmware/software - so not easily changed.

I've about given up on law enforcement - but realize they may be taking their time building a solid case, then someday, WHAM! OTOH, just as likely that he's not on their radar and will skate.

I think he may be heading for a fall with his blog. It's become an adfest and traffic will likely continue to drop. I'm not suprised he made his $1000 nut this week - he's probably good for another couple/few weeks of whoring himself and picking low hanging fruit. With his entire self-image and identity wrapped up in blogging, the likely traffic drop and lack of low fruit in a few weeks may send him down the bi-polar path big time.

Again - props to Steve, Duane et al. Steve, man, protect your Mom.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Detroit for 1.5 years, and have a VIVID mental image of Mocha - a brainless, drunk welfare-type. Likely a leech on society like KC. As someone else commented last night, she and KC were chatting online after the talkcast. KC was really soaking up her mindless affirmations - e.g. "you the man", "KC rulez", "I'm your biggest supporterz", etc. KC loving every malformed thought and fawning phrase...

I grew up in Detroit, and I agree with you; however, I'm beginning to think that Mocha is a plant. In any event, she was totally potted last night.

Anonymous said...

I countersign stuff for my wife all the time (she set up a business a few months ago), and I take it on trust that she's not pulling a Casey and doing something blatantly fraudulent.

Mind you, having just re-read that, I realize that there's a pretty crucial difference between Casey and my wife, which is that she is completely competent to offer the services that she's offering, and they're backed by loads of relevant paper qualifications, over a decade's experience and a lengthy list of satisfied clients - if she didn't have the latter, she wouldn't be going independent in the first place.

And, most crucially, she has a professional reputation to protect, without which her career would crumble into dust - which is another pretty good reason to trust her!

But why should Galina know any better?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ ratlab,

Thank you.

Steve was a hard act to follow.

I was not prepared at all, I just jumped on to the phone line to listen because I thought Homey was going to be the 'surprise' caller. We now know it was Steve.

Anyway, the next thing I know I am talking to Casey! I winged it, thanks to the questions posted here.

Then the jousting began in earnest.

Casey is a slippery one, and I could not believe he tried to turn things around to put me in his light. Left me speechless at one point because I do not buy things I can not pay for.

He thinks illegal activity is okay if everyone else is doing it, or if it is in the shadows, or if he can get paid and then make excuses for it later.

The pool is still green.

Also he openly blames his wife for his financial short comings and living situation, imo.

After I hung up I had a beer and a shower.

Anonymous said...

Mocha disgusted me. Lets stop talking about her.

Back to Casey chat last night. I'm glad a few of the callers didn't fall for Casey trying to discredit them. Casey was pretty smooth for the first couple of podcasts and really took Nacho to the cleaners. Basically its like this

Caller: Casey, I think you should get a job.

Casey: So you think I should close the blog down and stop helping others who are in need of foreclosure help?

Caller: No, I think you can do both.

Casey: You're making a good point and I agree.

He's such a smooth talking conartist. Every time someone went at him with a question, he will discredit them and then put words into their mouth.

Anonymous said...

"The pool is still green."

I like that euphemism.

"Casey promised his advertisers he would massively focus on fixing his server problems.

"One week later, the pool is still green."

Anonymous said...

My husband (DH) has glanced at the trainwreck that is Casey but refuses to become a regular reader.
Probably a wise choice.

Last night I told him that Casey's brother was on the talk-cast ripping Casey a new one. DH made the comment that "It wouldn't surprise him if Casey was a millionaire someday". Not by any legal effort on Casey's part of course.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things...

First I FORGOT to give FlyingMonkey a big ol' "ATTA GIRL".. you were poised and kicked him in the teeth.

Second, there was some butthead anon on another thread claiming that wasnt Steve on the phone. Yes it was. I now have all of Steves contact info, email addresses, work numbers, we spoke after the call. He was still rattled. I think the guy is sincere, and I think that Galina is a victim (that will not sit well with some here)

Third - Caseys WHOLE life is his blog. He thrives on the attention. But if his blog started to take a dive, he would be backed further in a corner. It is only THEN - when he has no where else to turn, when the walls are crumbling.. will he begin to hit bottom.

It has to drive hom CRAZY that EN got only a few less visits last night but over 7,000 more page views. Someone might want to point that out to Casey.

Fourth - I think a full scale boycott of his blog needs to happen, I guarantee you that over 1/2 the traffic comes from this crowd... he loses traffic, sponsors wane.. fame gone.. again backing him into the corner ...

This is about making this kid make ammends, and in order to do that.. well hes gotta hurt...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought Mocha was drunk. She got a little pissed when I kept telling her to go have another drink or two or ten.

Anonymous said...

Second, there was some butthead anon on another thread claiming that wasnt Steve on the phone. Yes it was.

How could it not have been? If it wasn't, it wasn't just the voice that fooled Casey, but also references to private events that only the two of them could have known about!

Anonymous said...


Yep, agree with you about the blog being his life and the only way to get his attention.

I was trying to say the same thing in my earlier post, but you say it better.

I agree that we all give him a large chunk of his traffic. I "sneak" over there a couple of times per day to peek. But, after last night, I'll try hard to stop that. I'm just enabling him...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Duane,

Thank you.

I agree with you.

First, I do not wish anything bad on Casey. I reckon the Universe will give him what he brought on himself.

He is like an addict when it comes to IAFF.

He will not stop until something catastrophic happens to stop him;

family/wife disowns him, or

homelessness, or

computer crashes and he can not afford a new one.

Other than that, he is what he is.

Nothing rattles him. He has no empathy. No fear gage. No ability to evaluate, and own his actions that I can detect.

The total opposite of you Duane.


@ Casey,

You can find yourself and still pursue your dreams, but STOP compromising your soul.

Find Out Who You Are, which has nothing to do with Money.

Our relationships with ourselves are the basis for every relationship we have. That single relationship — me with myself — defines how I see me and how I see every other person I know.

In a real way, every relationship we have is really a relationship in our minds. We decide how we think other folks feel. We decide who we believe, what we perceive, and we make those things into reality. How do we know, how do we find out? The only answer is to pay attention.

Here are 5 Ways to Help You Find Out Who You Are.

1. Pay attention to your history.
Everyone has lessons we face again and again. Which are yours? Those are your weaknesses. Everyone is called on by friends to help again and again to do the same things. Those are your strengths. Everyone has moments of tragedy — look for what you learned, not for how those events hurt you. Let the pain go. Find the learning. The pain gets between you and who you really are.
2. Pay attention to your body.
Learn the physical signs that you are acting out of emotion rather than logic. Learn the physical signs that you are acting unkind toward another human being. When you feel adrenaline, stop to breathe before you act, except when immiment physical danger is involved.
3. Pay attention to people who care about you.
Listen when they tell you what they see. Test the information against what you know. Try it on for size and ask others who care if they agree. Get to know yourself as others see you. UPDATE: Look for generous folks who have your interests at heart and who have no other agenda of their own for you. Test their feedback by asking them and yourself how balanced what they see is, and how someone who knows you in another role might respond to what they are suggesting about you.
4. Pay attention to your inner truth — you have the intuitive detail.
You are the sum total of everything you have ever done, ever experienced, ever dreamed or thought. Stop to reflect on what your heart says is so about you. Sometimes the voices around us are loud and the negative noises are many. In your heart you know what you are really about. We all do. Hearts speak the truth if we quiet ourselves to listen without letting other voices in.
5. Pay attention to the positive
We already are programmed to hear and respond to the negative, because negative things can hurt. Don’t throw the positive away. It’s a valuable source.

When we know who we are, it’s one bit easier for other people to see our value and our values.

Knowing who we are is the logical start.

Anonymous said...

The wrong wiring is in the hardware, not firmware/software - so not easily changed.

Great analogy. This is why his family shouldn't be blamed.

Anonymous said...

Official member of the Steve Serin fan club! Any chance of Steve becoming a regular contributor here at EN?

I say we keep Steve in our comments and start calling his brother "C"! Wouldn't that chap big brother's little ass!

Steve is stealing C's thunder - organically!

Anonymous said...

I am going to follow Duane's lead - no more IAFF for me! Could we get someone to copy the newest versions with comments (the best part) so we don't all have to contribute to C's sitemeter? I would if I knew how!

Anonymous said...

I usually lurk, but I wanted to give a shout-out to two people: Thanks for the transcript, Miguel. Interesting reading. Steve, good luck/

Anonymous said...

@steveserinforpresident: CaseyPedia already carries manual summaries of IAFF posts.

I will engage in some Massive focused action and see if I can expand CaseyPedia's this functionality in a more automized manner.

I think the sitemeter stuff on IAFF works with JavaScript, so you could try switching that off when visiting IAFF.

Anonymous said...


Wow! Just wow! Good things are coming for you because you seem to be all the things your brother is not. One day your future wife will be open and loving towards you more than you could possibly ever want. Why? Because you're a good man through and through.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy. This is why his family shouldn't be blamed.

I still think Caseypedia should junk all individual pages on family members who aren't voluntarily involved, but at least they've been toned down to stating facts - such as the revelation that Casey's dad objects to his current lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks NoDebt! Massive focused action is THE SECRET!

Must suck to be a member of the Serin family - I would want to lock C in the basement.

Sprezzatura said...

I go to IAFF maybe once a day, and I feel dirty every time I do so. It will be no hardship for me to stop.

Anonymous said...

Why the upper case for c? Upper case is sign of respect. Unlike Steve...

Anonymous said...

Somebody please explain how two people who stay home all day aren't spending enough time together?

As it is he only posts a few times a week, never on weekends, and he's got someone else moderating comments. He doesn't open mail or read e-mails on a regular basis.

If she doesn't think he's spending enough time with her, why doesn't she help him with the blog? What the hell do they do all day?

What would SWMNBNOR say if Casey had a J-O-B with a commute and the occasional overtime?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Steve Serin, but I have to be honest.

My best friend is a Marine. Several other people I know, old and young, are all Maries. They really are a different type of person.

I can tell you without any hesitation, that a true Marine would have KICKED Casey's ass 7 days till Sunday for just 1 of Casey's act.

Casey hung-up (mutted) Steve Serin on LIVE broadcast! Any other Marine would have gone in person and beat the crap out of Casey LIVE too so that everyone can hear Casey Scream.

Again, I applaude you Steve Serin, but you are way too soft on Casey given how Casey has publicly trashed his Wife and family.

With all due respect Steve, grow some balls.

Anonymous said...

Steve isn't the Marine - that's their other brother.

Sprezzatura said...

I don't have page delete privileges on CaseyPedia, but I've gone through the family pages, as have others.

The content on all of then has been significantly toned down, except for Galina's page, which still needs some work.

Please feel free to stop by the CaseyPedia, see the work, and give feedback. Unlike Casey, we do listen and act on it.

Anonymous said...

And Steve is also a fair bit younger than Casey - and, as Casey pointed out, unmarried, so lacks the personal experience to add weight to his accusations.

So props to him for at least trying: I really don't think it could have been easy.

Anonymous said...

@Duane LeGate (7:35 AM) I'm on board with the IAFF Boycott(tm)!

It would honestly be the nicest thing the "haterz" could ever do for him... may even get publicity as the "First Blog-Intervention"?

This site and Caseypedia... really, any site, shouldn't do wholesale copy-n-paste of his posts, but a parody/farce would probably be protected from any claim of libel/plagiarism/copyright infringement (we don't want him blowing more money trying to "protect" his IP (Intellectual Property).

"We should strive to do things in his [Gandhi's] spirit... not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in what we believe is evil." - Albert Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my mistake - I thought Steve Serin was the Marine in the family.

So let me correct: Whomever is the Marine brother in that family, see above.

I respectfully encourage you to grow some Marine balls. If you are in service at the moment, call on some Marine buddies - they will be honored.

Lost Cause said...

Yeah, I was boi-cotting for a while. Probably go back to it.

I wish somebody would confront him about guru-ism. That seems to be the source of his delusion. (Perhaps it is just a sympton.) He went back to NRU with our beg-a-thon money. RK gives him permission to flip off haterz. He borrowed money (which was due last week) the amount of $16,000 -- his old boss sold him this. This stuff just makes me sick. Casey thinks he is The Apprentice, but he is just a sucker.

Casey does not need an intervention. He needs de-programming.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I wish somebody would confront him about guru-ism. That seems to be the source of his delusion.

That came up last night in my conversation with him. He did say that the Gurus taught him how to fudge on the credit applications and get away with the "grey area" questions and get approved.
He called what he had learned "all of his tricks".

Anonymous said...

@ 11:02,lost cause, back to NRU with the cash...

Yeah, I am brought to mind of the Sharon Stone Character in Casino; as tough as they may act to others externally, they turn into a puppy dog for their "sponsor" (read "pimp"), and turn over the cash and the loyalty, even if it means burning family, spouses, law enforcement, self...

Some major esteem issues there.

Akubi said...

Anonymous in Tokyo at 6:59 AM: I thought your nagasu comment deserved a Caseypedia entry. If you would like to provide additional input email me at AkubiDoo[at] or leave a post at my low traffic blog. Everything is easily lost here.

Anonymous said...

When he started the blog, he was whining that he shouldn't bother to get a real job because it wouldn't pay him nearly enough to pay all of his bills. After all, money would start pouring in any day now.

My how his tune has changed. Now he's whining that he should keep working on his blog even though it's straining his marriage and turning his family against him. Why? It gives him a measly income of a thousand bucks a month. Or week. Or day, depending on how what sounds best at the moment. I'm guessing he's probably not even making that much a month.

Anonymous said...

akubi, fuck and screw your caseypedia and quit pimping your crap


Anonymous said...

I don't think we know enough about his parents to blame his behavior on them. It's not uncommon for a family to have 3 or 4 siblings, most of them doing well and have on who is entirely fucked up. However, I find it mind boggling that his Mom co-signed loans for his corporation. I can totally understand why his siblings would be incredibly pissed.

Also, if his Marine brother is on duty somewhere like Iraq, he should be worrying about taking care of himself and not even thinking about Casey.

Anonymous said...

akubi, fuck and screw your caseypedia and quit pimping your crap

I hate to break it to you, anonymous little troll, but most of the EN regulars are Caseypedia contributors, and Rob Dawg has pimped it himself in main EN posts.

So if you don't like it... well, try not to slam the door too hard on your way out.

Anonymous said...

I personally love CaseyPedia pages.

Can you pleaes put a link of FlipTartPedia to point to CaseyPedia.