Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's The Burn Rate?

Young Sputnik pictured here has an idea to acellerate Young Toadlickerz™ "burn rate." He isn't accumulating mortgage lates or penalties except on the Utah house. In fact, if he gets lucky enough he might even find a way to ultimately keep that one with its' improvements. That would be a golden ring pulled from the manure pile he jumped into. Still, he's got expenses and minimum payments and catchup payments to consider. Since the flopper extraordinare hasn't updated his spreadsheet of doom in so long I'm a little lost as to his "monthly nut." Looks to me that -if- he can control expenses $6,000-$7,000 per moth could keep the wolf from the door. Anyone have a better analysis?

'Scouse that much money passing through the sticky fingers of Better Idea Buttfly™ won't go to the best use, we all know that by now. Keeping the wolf from the door may be a goal but who is gonna keep the bad kitty from the dynamite plunger?


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(make that definitely)

and MURST!

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And no cheating neither.

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Anonymous said...

Another reason Casey doesn't like cats.

Anonymous said...

What does 'Scouse mean? It's not even in the Urban Dictionary of slang.

Anonymous said...

Scouse is a slang term for the dialect of English spoken by the people of Liverpool (colloquially known as Scousers), but somehow I don't think that's what Rob meant.

Rob Dawg said...

'Scouse is a mashup of "of course" and "excuse." IOW: Inevitable because of all we know already.

Anonymous said...

Burn rate only applies to people who have an interest in meeting their obligations. Blue ball boy is not thusly afflicted. His burn rate is what he needs to put food on the table and pay rent for his boudoir, that's it.

Rachel Luxemburg said...

One of the things I find so sad about this whole saga is while Snowflakes goes on and on about making big money, his horizons are in reality very limited.

His goal of $5,000 a month is "sweet passive income" is pathetically low in the grand scheme of things. $5k in "cash on the kitchen table" is still less than $100K gross income per year, or in other words, upper-middle class. It's a perfectly fine goal, but wealth it ain't.

Anonymous said...

How do I get ahold of the caseywiki thing? they have nummerous spelling mistakes. I definately not a grammar nazi. But If I spot them they are pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

How do I get ahold of the caseywiki thing? they have nummerous spelling mistakes.

And the age-old rule that says that anyone who criticizes someone else's spelling online invariably makes a howler themselves in the process...

...proves to be as accurate as ever!

Anonymous said...

i've grown bored with snowflake. he's not giving us any new drama. he tried some hater baitin' in the latest post, but it's all the same stuff.

the entertainment factor is wearing off. i noticed his feedburner number has been dropping lately. he's down to 1000. 14:55 in and he's grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

The comments used to be the main reason for visiting IAFF, but the quality threshold has plunged through the floor - they're either deluded newbies or blatant trolls. All the good stuff is either here or at CaseyPedia.

Sprezzatura said...

Hey rob, how about a thread for Snowflake's "unique" views on marriage?

Anonymous said...

For the record - dickhead's last post burned me up, and I guess I just want Steve to know that some of us are on his side cause I know Snowflake won't publish this:

I know you won't print this because you have not printed other comments that I made regarding the way you have treated your family. All good though cause I will just post it on another site since I know for certain that your family will read it there.

Where is your sense of obligation? Your mother and father brought you to this country so that you could have a better life - is this anyway to repay them? I know your parents' names, your brothers' names, your sister's - I don't know this info about anyone that was up for an Academy award this year - how can you liken yourself to a "movie star" in regards to the beating that your family's reputation has taken ? Casey, people usually get famous because they are beloved by the public - not because they have made themselves a public laughingstock and whipping boy.

I could never imagine bringing the shame upon my family that you have and then declaring it "allgood". You seem to insinuate that there is a small core group of hatersz out there who are causing all this harm. When are you going to realize that you have no supporters at all? Where is the admiration that a politician or movie star would get in your case? No one admires you Casey and there is no small group of hatersz trying to ruin your life - you brought this shame upon yourself.

Anonymous said...

BTW, great job, Duane. You really seem to get under Snowflake's skin - keep up the good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was snooping around the Internet yesterday, and happened across - about a guy who experimented with a home-made parabolic mirror, and his pictures of cooking ordinary household objects. He got one mention on, and ended up with 700k visits to his website. Seven hundred thousand. In one day.

In comparison, KC has had his 15 minutes, and his big traffic spike was about 70K visits in one day. One-tenth what a dude with some mirrors in his backyard achieved.

I note now that IAFF traffic is back down to about 6K visits a day. Good traffic, but on the scale of the Internet... a joke.

I mention this because it's clear that KC is a legend in his own mind. He's provided us entertainment these past months, but all the houses are gone, he's not going to get a job, his marriage is history (though he doesn't know it yet). He has no useful advice to give, and he's running out of story to tell.

Overall, i don't think the $1,000 a week is sustainable. Nope. Noway.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Snowflake can't get Will Ferrell to do a parody of him. Check out Will's site - "The Landlord" and the new clip with Sanjaya are comedy gold. I could just see Casey in a clip - laying on the doc's couch would be freakin priceless. CS wouldn't even need a script.

Rob Dawg said...

Okay. I agree there's little meat left on the carcas but not because the good things are gone. No, Casey is starting to conceal his deals and errors. It isn't teasing that he won't identify "G" or confirm the family memeber investor. He's coming to terms with his being a criminal and now he's becoming a better criminal. He's not going to tell anyone if he gets a 1099c. He's not going to tell anyone if there are any negative repercussions from the traffic ticket and/or car insurance. He's not ever admit to the shady details of the Utah wrap. And for me, I am still interested in the wrap. He sort of transfered the mortgage for what he owed and now apparently the people who bought it are in trouble but also have $70l in the place. If he could get the payments current he could probably sell it out from under them but what would the consequences be? We may never know because I can also already see a reticence to keep up the $1000/wk countdown clock. That's because no matter how much he gets he'll tell Galina it's always $1000 and the rest will go into a coffee can for his impending freedom flight.

Anonymous said...

i get a kick out of not only not posting references to galina, but blocking out any mention to the word wife, not deleting them, but using w***, what a hoot.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

OT and second post. An open letter to the Flying Monkey Warrior Critics and anonopussys.

Clears Throat:

I did not want to talk to Casey. I am not I.T. savvy and I just wanted to listen to the conversation. Next I knew he was talking to me. I did not try to sound better than anyone, I was not prepared, but neither did I back down. I was just myself.

Since 2001, I have been through three hurricanes, a house fire, and total destruction of my three bedroom and two bath home that I paid off.

I had a five year battle with the insurance company and was finally paid a pittance (less than one third) of what my home would cost to replace it last July. The only good thing is that I finally got the check a week after my rental home burned down last summer. Oh, yea, and my new 2006 car exploded into pieces all over the yard.

While I waited for the Insurance Company to finish with their stall tacts and to loose (tm) the law suite (they were liable and knew it) I lived in 13 hotels with my son and watched real estate fliptard speculators destroy my home town real estate affordability.

People like Casey have treated our homes like so much stock. Terms like Liars Loans, and Housing ATM and short sales are going to be the death of our economy and culture as we know it and our children will pay for it.

I was not trying to get in front of the Haterz line, and if I sound arrogant, I think you must mean confident. And it is because I am hardened now and a cynic. We are effin doomed and the public at large is not informed at all. They think it is business as usual.

Again, we are doomed financially and I am the poster child for the fall out or effect; just as much as Casey is the poster child for cause of the Crash and devastation of families across America, along with Real Estate Agent Liars, and Mortgage Broker Thieves and Insurance Company F@cktards.

So, judge me if you want, I am not mad at you. I am too busy working to start three (that is 3) companies, working full time at my W2 job, taking care of my son and two dogs, and only buying something if I can afford to pay for it.

A Bubble Blogger since October 2005

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Okay, I'm done now.
Thank you.

Sprezzatura said...

*hugs FMW*

Anonymous said...

I thought you were GREAT Flying Monkey!

WE should make anonopussys part of the Caseypedia....

Anonymous said...

FMW is da bomb. Anonypussies can eat my sheorts. FMW sed:

We are effin doomed...

That's right. I hate all the flippers, fraudsters, aholz who buy every fixer for themselves so no one else can find a fixer without paying for their tasteless "updates". They are arrogant when they profit, pathetic when they "loose", it's never their fault and I hate them all. They never pay the price for their ignorance and the rest of us do. If every fuggin' flipper frauster in the USA died or went to a Halliburton detention camp I would laugh myself into a coma. Die aholz, Realtwhores®, Mortgage purveyors, corrupt appraisers, Trump wannabes, and assorted scum, I hope you choke on your million dollar mortgage and your $20k salary. Choke on it aholz. [/rant]

Anonymous said...

This is to Mocha, in case she is reading:

I hope you rot in a cell you deadbeat

Anonymous said...

Well, the weather sucks today. It's a good thing I chose yesterday & tomorrow to play and today to stay in and do the responsible thing. Took the catz™ to the vet (they think she's such a hater), paid some bills (which come in the mail), changed the oil in the wheel, and now I'm cleaning the cave up a bit.

On an unrelated note, I hereby declare war on the phrase "hate on" and all who utter it. It is trite, ungrammatical, and serves no conversational purpose other than to redirect criticism. I will hunt down all those who use it and box them about the ears with my copy of "How Not to Sound Like a Stereotypical Gen-Y Looser" until they cease and desist.

To the same end, I am trying to train the catz™ to poop in shoes on command. So far, the results have not been encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Ok so TLC is having this marathon of Property Ladder. They had this kid called TJ. And he totally sounded like Snowflake, except he didn't call it a sweet deal....


Anonymous said...

Fliptard has a new posting up... I click so you don't have to. -RB

My Mistress, Foreclosure Blog & Family
If you listened to the last Foreclosure Fridays talkshow, you know I had my brother Steve Serin call-in and chew me out over not taking care of my responsibilities and putting this foreclosure blog above everything else.

I later found out he contacted Duane LeGate of House Buyer Network before the show to get advice on how to “get through to me”. It was actually a nice surprise to hear from Steve, even though he was pretty critical (almost like a Haterz but not quite)…

I was a little agitated on the Foreclosure show…

Wasn’t too happy about Steve talking with Duane in secret and getting tips before the show. And then Duane called in too to criticize me some more. I have a problem with Duane. He seriously stepped over the line with his “tough love” by exposing my private emails all over the Internet. What is that supposed to accomplish, anyway? Just to piss me off?

I used to have very high respect for Duane until that cheap move and for ripping into me for selling links and making an honest buck or two. Look, we tried to do some things together in the past. I appreciate all the help but things didn’t work out (Mostly my fault). We left on good terms (I thought). And now he is on some kind of a mission to make me look like a bad guy! What are you trying to accomplish Duane?

Anyway… back to my brother Steve. I agree with a lot of his points. I’m blogging from my parent’s house right now after spending several hours talking with him more about these issues.

His Bottom Line: I’m a Bad Husband.

Steve’s (and other people’s) central point is that I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities as a husband. So I am bad provider, a bad protector of her name and I am putting my business goals above my marriage.

1. Bad Provider.

True, I have never had true financial stability for any considerable length of time. I’ve always either been trying to get some kind of a business off the ground or going back temporarily to a W2 job to buy me some time. I’ve had several of these cycles: tech support, vending machines (briefly), website design, hosting, and lately real estate. I’ve learned something each time I failed. I’m still on track toward my goals. So it’s all good.

However, now that I’m married (3 years and still getting used to it) I need to be more careful with taking risks. Seems like the risks have been getting bigger and bigger with each new venture. She was supportive and has been going along with it for a long time, even allowed me to use her credit and then watch me ruin it. (I promised I wouldn’t let it happen. I feel really bad and want to pay off her credit cards ASAP).

Recently she has had enough. It has been painful but I’m glad she did. It forced me to negotiate the $1,000/week challenge. First week went great. Thanks to the Supporterz! Now I just gotta make it last…. until the big deals take off.

2. Bad Protector Of Her Name.

It’s really tough to have a personal blog without mentioning my significant other. Lately I’ve been getting a little too open about our relationship too. So I agreed to be more careful. Even on this entry I’m walking a fine line. (We’ll find out soon.) I did a fairly good job keep her off the blog for months but then she was finally OK with her name being mentioned (since everybody already knew it) but now she wants it off again.

Problem, is I can’t control what is said on other websites. In fact when I suppress her name here, it seems to add fuel to the fire elsewhere. Isn’t it true that anybody who gets enough public exposure runs the risk of Haterz digging up crap and talking trash about innocent family members? I can now identify with the politicians and movie stars.

I just wish it wasn’t this bad. What can I do at this point? Probably the only thing I can do is shut down the blog and hope everybody forgets about me.

3. Business Over Marriage

Unfortunately this is often true. The problems started from the very beginning. Right out of high school I become very driven to achieve my business goals. When I met her I thought, “Oh crap, we are falling in love, I hope this doesn’t interfere with the business”. But then I justified it thinking it would be awesome to have a partner in the business and build it together.

Well, things didn’t quite work out that way. She has always felt like this is MY business, and she is just tagging along. We tried many times to work together without much success. She feels the business is her competition.

She Thinks my Business is my “Mistress”.

This foreclosure blog is now a central part of my business. So the blog is my latest mistress. I messed up a few real estate deals but am in the process of turning my experience into a success by admitting my “sins” and sharing my lessons. So it’s all good.

I have been spending a lot of time on this foreclosure blog though. So the problem still remains. That’s why she still wants me to shut this thing down even if I’m making money.

It’s hard for me to pull the plug on something that has brought me lots of great exposure which I am in the process of leveraging into something positive. The amazing connections and opportunities that come from the blog keep me going even with all the Haterz and the negativity.

How can I kill this Foreclosure Blog?

Especially when the opportunities from this foreclosure blog, once properly developed, will take care of BOTH of us financially in a very big way. I am starting to make money and am putting myself into positions to start paying off every dirty penny. To me, the cost of negative exposure is worth all the benefits.

I also want to help people in foreclosure. It would be a waste of all this exposure if I didn’t! I’m finally getting my act together and bringing experts on board to help out - like my Supporterz American Foreclosure Specialists and LossMitPro you heard on the show. We even helped our first foreclosure person on the air. More to come!

Also, now I got paid a month’s worth of advertising, how can I stop? It wouldn’t be right toward my advertisers. I want to keep my commitments!

Challenge from my brother:

My brother Steve suggested I don’t kill this foreclosure blog but start taking AUCTION towards putting her first. No more talk. He challenged me to put together a plan of specific changes I will make and keep making to show her she is #1.

I’m truly blessed to have such a caring brother who is willing to keep his older brother in check. By the way, you can support Steve by buying a car from him or hiring him for auto repair. No shame in that plug.

How do other entrepreneurs do it?

You heard from one of my supporterz Damion Lupo on the Foreclosure Fridays show. He wrote the book Maverick Mistakes in Real Estate Investing.

I talked to him at length before the show and he was telling me more in details about all the mistakes he made early on (even worse than me!) and lost a ton of money but he kept going and become a millionaire at 27. He no longer buys little green houses. He does BIG deals (and sweet ones too!)

“My business is my wife”…that’s what Damion said when I asked him if he’s married. He also said he doesn’t know many hard working serial entrepreneurs who are able to handle traditional relationships. I thought about that for a little bit. Pursuing big business goals requires a lot of sacrifice. That’s why I was also planning to wait to get married until after reaching the goals.

However, I don’t regret getting married young! I love her and I want to treat my commitment seriously. It builds my characters and is making both of us a better person. That’s how God designed it. Marriage is to make you holy, not to make you happy. (Though eventually both should balance out).

And I don’t want to be like Donald Trump.

Which number wife is he on now? I think #3 or something like that. I want to be a businessman of integrity and stay married to one woman my whole life.

Any entrepreneurs out there who have successfully done both? I’d love to have an example to follow…

(The timestamp of this post illustrates my point. My mistress keeping me up late!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonomoose!

Anything to keep KCs traffic down. He sed:

What is that supposed to accomplish, anyway? Just to piss me off?

What goes around, comes around. To whomever is pissing off a$$hat I say: THANK YOU! May the wind always be at your back.

Anonymous said...

Murses' picture on the Frapper map has given me post traumatic stress for life.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Spin, spin, spin...if Casey spins any harder, he'll set himself on fire.

This si all setting it up so *Galina*, as usual, has to make the adult decisions. "Hey, I don't want to get divorced, but if that's what you want, man, sure, I think that's a good idea and you're right, we need to work on that."

Steven nailed it. He's building a case for it, but it won't be *his* decision. He wants to be married to one woman, but he'll get over that fast - I'm sure in his mind, he thinks he can replace her in a heartbeat, because he's so irrisistable.


Amusing points: he's REALLY annoyed that his brother went behind his back to a Hater™. Gee, Casey, if you were'nt such a lying, pathetic fucktard piece of shit, Steven would'nt have to do that. Nice how you're *almost* calling your own brother a "Hater".

(Don't even pretend you don't read here, liar. You've tried to make it look like people send you comments and stuff, but we all know you read every single fucking word, because you can't helo yourself.)

I laughed my ass off that you compare yourself to Donald Trump. He's a scumbag, too. Great choice there, shithead.

Your views on marriage are as pathetic as your views on business ethics. They are not something you just *get*, you grow them. A marriage is hard work, and you either get it, or you don't. That anyone has to even challenge you to change your ways says you don't get it. You don't love her, she's a prop for you, a couch that fits the decor of your office, so you can scam people by saying 'Look, I'm a family man! Would I scam you?"

Casey, you are sick. Your sickness makes you a liar, a thief, and a complete waste of time. Enjoy your boycott, I will never click on your site again, and I urge everyone here to never go there again, and spread the word to every site that discusses him, and spread the word to the sites that don't.

Bye bye Casey. It was fun while it lasted. Have fun living in your car - I won't be reading THAT blog, either.

wine country dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wine country dude said...


I thought your contribution to CaseyLive was great, and wasn't aware there were any comments to the contrary. If you had done nothing more than contribute "anonopussy"--a classic--to the discussion, we'd love you.
Keep the faith.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Wine Country, Legion, Mort and Sprezz,
Thanks so much all. (^:

The few negatory comments were at IAFF (went there) and at the King Friday thread.

I really enjoyed my rant.

Really, I am doing great, aside from the fact that sometimes I get a little emo about the housing bubble. Getting out of the Matrix will do that to one.

Silly me.

You all and EN rock.

Anonymous said...

Is this temporary or a longer term arrangement?
I’m blogging from my parent’s house right now

I really am trying to cut down on negative comments on Casey but if anyone wants to judge how delusional he is just look at this quote from the last post:
I’m still on track toward my goals.
Sorry, I missed that. What was that again Casey?
I’m still on track toward my goals.
"on track" implies part way down a route and being on schedule. Can anyone reading this seriously believe that Casey's current situation is going according to a plan?

Anonymous said...

Google New Alerts for 'Casey Serin' reports this

Anonymous said...

@ wankspittle

Anyone confused by how The Mursed Warrior can claim he is "on track" can easily be educated.

See Caseypedia entries for:

On Track

75% success



Failing Forward

Over and out.

Anonymous said...

lol at ontrack = not yet incarcerated..

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites quotes from Flitart is when he said:

"I bring value to the marketplace" when talking of what he has done.

I wonder how that 2.2 million dollars he lost and all the property values he has affected brings any value, other than negative value to the community?

I strongly feel that his family is fueling his fraud. That Marine brother of his should have kicked Caseys ass 7 days til Sunday 3 years ago.

Casey is 70% of the problem, the other 30% are his family for enabling him.

Anonymous said...

Anonopussy... isn't that the title of the next James Bond film?

Anonymous said...

so if casey's blog is his mistress, does that mean TWO women are left unsatisfied by our Uzbeki Stallion.

Anonymous said...

galina is a beard

BelowTheCrowd said...

This morning's entry burned me up too. I promised myself that I wouldn't look this weekend, but I only partially succeeded.

In between different phases of cleaning up the garage (so far, 90% success, to be 100% by end of day), I penned my response. Too long to copy to this space. As always, haterz are welcome to use as they wish.

The Sad Lessons Of Casey Serin


Anonymous said...

I understand why we sometimes drop in at IAFF to see what's new.

I don't understand, however, why experienced haters still post there. Who are they posting to? Certainly not Casey - he doesn't even read them. Haterz read 'em and say 'yeah, yeah, skim on...'. Noob's don't understand. All it accomplishes is giving KC traffic...

Anonymous said...

Casey said If you listened to the last Foreclosure Fridays talkshow, you know I had my brother Steve Serin call-in and chew me out... [bolding mine for emphasis]

Spin...spin...spin... He's a pathological liar.

BelowTheCrowd said...


I have to admit, I think that's more reflective of his poor use of language than anything else. eg "I had the roof of my house collapse on me in a hurricane."

Still, he's an idiot. What else is new?


Anonymous said...

I agree - there's no way Casey engineered this. Why would he deliberately stage something that was so guaranteed to end in public humiliation?

And what possible motive could he have for revealing that his family is opposed to his behavior as well as his wife?

(I've transcribed three Casey talkcasts - in part - and I often had to listen quite carefully to get the word order right. Never forget that English isn't his first language!)

Anonymous said...

And what possible motive could he have for revealing that his family is opposed to his behavior as well as his wife?

And there you go - unlike Casey, I actually earn a living from writing, and even I can screw it up occasionally!

I meant, of course: "revealing that his family is as opposed to his behavior as his wife is."

Anonymous said...

I just went and looked at the google spreadhsheet thing.

Jebus Christ $174,000 in unsecured debt.

How much has the borrowed with his shell corp?

How much total sweet cash back at closing?

Baby G couldn't have seen this coming?

Casey: Hey G lets go to Sweet Hawaii!

G: Can we afford it, Neither of us work?

Casey:I'll pull some out of my azz!

G: Of Ok!

rinse lather repeat....

substitue scaminars, Business trips, Jamba Juice, Macaroni grill, etc..... for hawaii

Anonymous said...

fiat lux said:
His goal of $5,000 a month is "sweet passive income" is pathetically low in the grand scheme of things. $5k in "cash on the kitchen table" is still less than $100K gross income per year, or in other words, upper-middle class. It's a perfectly fine goal, but wealth it ain't.

I don't think his real goal was to have massive wealth. If that just happened to be the result, that would have been great but he wasn't going to be "greedy".

His real goal was to never ever ever ever have to work ever again for the rest of his life. Earning $100K by sitting on his ass while we W-2 loosers bust ours for the same income was what he feels God owes him. I'm sure he hated getting up in the morning, going to his dumb programming job, writing buggy code, getting chewed by his boss, never finishing anything on time, and looking stupid in front of his coworkers. Meanwhile he's reading about sons of bitches who made a killing in R.E. and are drinking out of coconuts on some beach somewhere.

Many Russian immigrants, even in their late 20's still have a somewhat Marxist view of America. If he believes any of the Communist doctrine they taught him, he knows all he was doing with his W-2 job was working hard to make other people rich.