Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sacramento Park

The South Park boys have hit on this great scheme they found on the internet. They buy 8 houses and... but then Cartman... and the Chef finally... and?

Talk among yourselves I'm going to Disneyland.

And Caspedia guys? Feel free to scour this blog for tidbits. Murse jokes should run a couple pagez™. Heck (tm) wordz™ alone would run a couple pagez™.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Damn - I knew I shouldn't have added the ™!

It's all good, though.

Anonymous said...

Flailing is the funniest.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Haterz™. It's great to be an early riser, isn't it?

I'm embarrased to admit it, but I have something in common with Casey. Like his, my business has failed. Apparently I overestimated either the cleanliness or the gullibility of my target market, because nobody is buying Ogg the Caveman's Patent Wang Deodorizer. In fact I only made one sale, to a gentleman from Salt Lake City who ordered three cases after I assured him that the product would not mask the scent of pleather.

It's all good though. I didn't buy too large a stock in advance of orders, and since the product is simply bar soap with the serial numbers filed off, I'll make up my losses in due course by not having to buy any soap for the next year or so. It's almost a win-win situation.

Now if you'll excuse me, it sounds like it's time to feed the catz™. They can be such haterz™ sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Check out the pic at appears in CaseyPedia under "Murse"

Photoshop is a bad, bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Casey would accept an exuberantnation advertisement to help him fulfill his marital contract with the Galinator.

Rob Dawg said...

Wouldn''t it funny if Galina accompianied Casey down to Los Angeles where he has been invited to be a panelist on a TV show about RE investing only to find himself dragged onto Dr. Phil?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Dawg,
They would spend a few days in The Dr. Phil House with cameras running 24/7. Just Casey's narcissistic cup of tea. Dr. Phil would consult you and Duane, and then "Break open a cap of whoop A$$" on Casey.
Then The South Park episode would parody it.
te he

The Dude said...

Can of Wupass

Anonymous said...

Instead of Doctor Phil, how about Jerry Springer.

BTW, is Butterfly still missing. Do you guys remember when he was writng about how Yahoo did a press release on his award winning blog? He was quite proud that Yahoo picked up his release, and was posting over at SDCIA about how his award winning blog was picked up by Yahoo, yada, yada, yada. As it turns out, he paid Yahoo to send out the release.

I miss his over at SDCIA. He promised to tell me why it wasn't going to be different this time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, you killed Nigel.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely class A work.

Anonymous said...

Sonwflake.. he always leaves off the tiniest of details... from the IAFF link that explains advertising..

"Example of a traffic spike from being featured on MSN. As an advertiser you would get extra exposure without spending any extra money:"

It shows a graph of the 60K in visits...

What he forgot to say is that 59K out of the 60K saw a page that said SUSPENDED...

As always.. upfront.. honest.. ethical..

Anonymous said...

@ 6:54 AM, Nigel's Guest Blogger said...Flailing is the funniest.

-I think that one pretty much ices it for Flailing.

flailing forward said...

@ taddy
I love that thread. Also, the one where Tony Montana spanks him for spamming up the board with links to his (not yet) award-winning blog is great. Or the one where Jeff himself corrects one of Nigel's rosy predictions using NAR numbers. I find it hard to take certain pleather enthusiasts seriously when they're even more itsallgood than the NAR.

"SLC is not flat right now. 1st quarter showed nearly 20% appreciation year over year. Properties less than 300k are flying off the shelves because of limited supply, but above that, they are going slower.

I think there is some nervousness right now because of national sentiment and tougher loan standards, but we'll see how that turns out. I saw the same sort of sentiment in October 06, but things quickly changed December - February.

I am betting on another year of strong appreciation and seeing a slowdown the first of 2009."
Nigel Swaby, 4/26/07

Anonymous said...

I know what follows is common sense to everyone except Casey who thinks his playing around was "all good", but it would indeed be a "sweet Deal" to see this scumbag get featured on South Park, and the character's main activity is to move through the town like King Kong, but pooping all over neighborhoods by 'buying' and flipping previously cheery and healthy homes in nice neighborhoods, and the insta-blight just moves through like a plague of locusts -- murky pools, pleather-clad interlopers, Uzbek hookers, overgrown unkempt yards, the homeless sleeping in driveways in Jettas...

Newspapaer article on local foreclosure situation

Even those not struggling to make house payments should care about what's happening, analysts say.

Homeowners behind on their mortgage payments typically don't maintain the properties, which reflects poorly on entire neighborhoods, said Jim Banford, who runs Real Estate Asset Disposition Corp., a West Palm Beach company that sells foreclosed homes for lenders.

Once the lenders take back the properties, they'll reduce asking prices to compete with the record number of homes already on the market, Banford said. "That weighs down the values of all the surrounding homes," he said.

flailing forward said...

nswaby 10/27/06 at 10:28 PM

For anyone who is interested, I have posted part two of my Casey Serin story. Part 3 should be posted Sunday. I'll let you know when it's up.

TonyMontana 10/28/06 at 02:41 AM

I think you have posted part 2 of your attempt to get traffic to your blog.

One word "Classifieds".

Good luck on your new career.

nswaby 10/28/06 at 09:06 AM


Thanks for the comment man. Now everybody is reading my blog to see exactly how "lame" it is!

"There's no such thing as bad publicity." - Don King

Thanks again!


TonyMontana 10/28/06 at 10:14 AM

And I'm sure you won't disapoint them one bit.

Dont spend that $12 in google ad dollars all in one place, man.

From the irony department: Nigel's current binary comment code is 0000 0101, and there's no such thing as bad publicity. (That's not even as bad as it was for a while. SLCRE used to be the only positive Nigel result on the first page.)

Anonymous said...

samk said...
I just went to Caseypedia and....Nigel Swaby pulled Rob's credit report? If true, please file charges

Oh if buttfly did that to me..I would bring the wrath of god down on him.

I have been known to pull my credit reports DAILY...and at the very least once a week....I have everything memorized on everysingle one right down to dates, amounts, creditors, and creditor addresses, etc.

I can see if 1 single piece of info has changed.

I am permanently opted a month ago there was a inquiry from someone I did not recognize and a date had changed on one of my line items.

They both got a Certified letter sent that day, as well as all of the credit reporting agencies.

These are not just what the fuck (tm) letters...these are letters giving them there 1 and only chance to explain and fix it or go to court letters.

Before i said I was a 1 man show...well I didnt think of this.

This is the 1 thing I do turn over to an attorney after 30 is very very very rare..because I keep on top of my credit reportz(tm) like a nazi..

and I make my attack tactics like the nigel blitzkrieg(tm) when it comes to fighting these bastages(tm--see day in the life of johny dangerously)

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't get TonyMontana over here, he was pretty funny.

"And I'm sure you won't disapoint them one bit.

Dont spend that $12 in google ad dollars all in one place, man"


flailing forward said...

NGB has a new one up: Casey and Nigel land their own show on the Fox Network

Anonymous said...

Looks like Snowflake will make the cut this week. Only has to raise $363 in 5 days.

I am thinkiing I might advertise on IAFF. Still trying to determine if is worth $100. Basically trying to figure out how many sales it could generate. I know I would get hits, but not sure how many could be converted given the auduiance. My guess (contrary to Butterfly) is that a majority are haterz, but are the haterz intersted in my product?

Sprezzatura said...

@taddy -- If it ain't Garmin, it ain't GPS as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Taddyangle, $363 is what he's raised; he has $637 to go. And he's got to get the money from Paypal, which takes three days.

In fact, if the money doesn't arrive by Friday, it might not be in until Tuesday because of Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Snowflake will make the cut this week. Only has to raise $363 in 5 days.
He's only got $363 so far, that isn't a countdown it's a count up. Now my dumb question, why the $121.07 amount?

Anonymous said...

Now my dumb question, why the $121.07 amount?

$21.07 of that might be the income from provision of street-based conscience gratification services.

flailing forward said...

@ taddy
The majority of the hits will be haterz, but it's probably worth the $100. Just do like the Bandago guy and throw in a tm or a z or something to show you're a trainwreck watcher, not a supporter. I found the Bandago and the music sites interesting enough that I would consider using them if I ever need their services.

You'll of course get a few emails from angry haterz condemning your association with Serin though.

Anonymous said...

Think like Casey: He got $363.00 since the non-beg-a-thon Friday night. That was in approximately 12 hours. Now because there are 168 hours in a week, Casey will go tell Galina "Look I made $363.00 in 12 hours that projects out to $5092 a week and $264,264 sweet passive income a year! Let's go to Maui to celebrate, er no, I mean Tahiti. Wheatgrass shots all round on me!"

Anonymous said...

The 121.07 is probably $125 for the link minus the fees PayPal charges...

Anonymous said...

well according to a link on foreclosure avoiders....I went and checked out

casey's blog is worth 0 according to them..
and rob dawgs is worth


Duanes site is worth


Anonymous said...


That reminds me of the old joke

KC "Look Galina I made $121.07 on the street doing blowjobs"

Galina "That's great, but why $121.07?"

KC "I got a penny for each one..."

Anonymous said...

The 121.07 is probably $125 for the link minus the fees PayPal charges...
That makes more sense, I was worried it was $100 + sales tax which I didn't realise had got to 21.07% in CA. :)

Lou Minatti said...

I just went to Swaby's SLC blog. The browser window (Firefox) flickered and jumped around, then a popup for some "ErrorSafe" thing showed up. I assume it's spyware. When I tried to close the popup (not the OK or Cancel button) it forced me to the spyware page.

Does Blogger allow this in their TOS?

Unknown said...

Casey is going to have a hard time selling advertising if he doesn't get his shit together and make a new post every day. Now that he has made blogging his full-time job, I have a feeling that it will start to get neglected, just like every other committment he has made in his life.

Anonymous said...


My product is a remote real-time tracking unit. The fact is, one can mount it inside the wheel well on a vehicle and track the vehicle covertly (takes seconds to install). While it is illegal to track a vehicle without the owners permission, many do this. The device gets about 5-7 days depending on how often it reports.

Garmin does not make these units, BTW.

As far as advertising, I sent an email to KC and I am awaiting his response. I suppose if he reads here he may not want me as a sponsor.

How is this?

JETT-LocateTM-Real Time Locating Systemz.

Anonymous said...

There's a woman in CA you can sell one to. Her husband keeps going off on "business trips" and she doesn't know where he is.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:42, "Errorsafe"

Be very careful! not only is that a cousin of the notorious "Winfixer" spyware, and difficult to remove in it;s own right, there are dozens of scammy 'errorsafe/winfixer' remomal tools that themselves are spyware/malware.

Ugly stuff, and if it is indeed steming from Nigel's site, that is a rotten thing.

See Sunbelt S/W link for info.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this took so long - real life kept intervening - but I finished transcribing the Duane-Casey TalkShoe encounter - it's now up at Caseypedia.

And there's a ton more stuff on Caseypedia as well - the writing team is now up to eleven (from just two a mere 48 hours ago).

flailing forward said...

That sounds good. Here are some other ideas:

JETT-Locate Haterz™ Tracking™ Systemz™ (Itsallgoodz™)

Casey Serin™ Brand Sweet Cashback Detectorzez™

Murse-sized Trackerz™ for Organic Uzbeki Immigrantz

I Paid $100 For This Ad and All I Got Was a Bunch of Lousy Haterz™™™

Anonymous said...


lawnmower man said...

Oh my God, you killed Nigel. YOU BASTARDS!

"Screw you guys, I'm loosing my homes."

Akubi said...

I'd like to encourage everyone to get the sweet Digg's going for Flailing F's and Nigel's Guest Blogger's exclusives.

Digg Nigel's Guest Blogger's FARML exclusive here
Digg Flailing's FACML Exclusive here

Sprezzatura said...

My product is a remote real-time tracking unit. The fact is, one can mount it inside the wheel well on a vehicle and track the vehicle covertly (takes seconds to install). While it is illegal to track a vehicle without the owners permission, many do this.

Sounds like a perfect match for Casey's site.

Anonymous said...

Award-winning CaseyPedia writer Benoit™ provides interesting footnote to story

Byron T. Goates' middle name is Tidwell.

(Yes, I'm being serious.)

Lost Cause said...

At 11:42 AM, Lou Minatti said...

a popup for some "ErrorSafe" thing showed up. I assume it's spyware.

I think your computer is infected with something. I don't get the same thing that you are seeing. Perhaps Ad Aware is a good place to start a removal process.

Anonymous said...

@Lou Minatti

a popup for some "ErrorSafe" thing showed up. I assume it's spyware.

I get the same with IE7. I wouldn't assume spyware - just a popup I hope. I'll do a scan though.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:23 PM, flailing forward:

Couldn't we just get an ad for Olympic Pins and link it to the "Swaby is a Wretch" thingy?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel,

I'd like to thank you very much for being so concerned about the integrity of my computer. When I visited your SLC site today for the first time in months, it INSISTED that my computer's registry was at risk, and that I should buy software to do a scan.

When I politely said no, it again INSISTED and automatically (so very helpful!) redirected me to a website so that I could see firsthand the benefits of your sponsored software.

Is this an example of 'value add' I get by visiting award winning blogs? If so, I'll think I'll avoid such blogs in the future.

Fortunately, I have programs installed on my computer that actively protect me from viruses, spyware and the like. So, there are no harmful after-effects of your very special offer. Which is fortunate for both of us - I know that I really don't have time to visit SLC right now, and ball bats are so very inconvenient to travel with nowadays!

BTW, you really should make sure Casey is aware of your special offer - he'd love it (in his mind, I'm sure it would confirm his belief in his magical powers of opportunity attraction).

Thanks again! Say hi to RCS for me!

Lost Cause said...

I guess the popup is blocked for me, but yeah, I see the point -- why would an award winning blogger be hawking such crap? Times getting tough?

Anonymous said...


I got the pop-up as well.

This can only means that a certain award-winning Salt Lake City,(which is in Urah), mortgage broker's blog is spreading disease around the intertoobs.

Please wrap your keyboard and monitor in Saran Wrap before visiting this site.

This has been a public service message.

Anonymous said...

Call me a hater with a cinder for a heart, but couldn't Rob offer to anybody who advertises on Snowflake's site free ads here? Undercut his revenue stream?

I just hate to see even one penny (dirty™ or clean) go to the Flailer.

Anonymous said...

@At 3:13 PM, Dinah Might said...
Call me a hater with a cinder for a heart

WRT to KC, those are good qualities!

Anonymous said...

OK, I've spent the last hour whittling down the number of dead links on Caseypedia™ from 65 down to 29 or so.

I'm off to dinner... would encourage others to pick up where I left off. If a dead link appears worthless, just find the referring article and de-link it. Otherwise, as was the case with "corporate credit", write a small summary. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dinah Might:

"Call me a hater with a cinder for a heart, but couldn't Rob offer to anybody who advertises on Snowflake's site free ads here? Undercut his revenue stream?"


How about that, Rob Dawg?

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble creating an account for caseypedia. There's only a login page and it doesn't recognize my name. I think I got some sad skillz.

Sprezzatura said...

TK -- you need to email the site owner requesting that he create an account for you.

mursemaster [at]

Anonymous said...

I just read the transcript of the conversation between Duane and shithead.

Casey is dumb as a bag of rocks, but he has the manipulator technique down cold. He rarely answers a direct question, deflects questions with another question, loads up value-based questions to generate lots of yeses (it's all good!), and answers tough questions with passive aggresive attacks of his own.

No wonder he's slid until now, he's the kind of person who annoys you so much, gets your head spinning so much, you can't remember what you asked him, or what you were angry about, that you let him go just to clear your head. He also talks over you and talks a mile a minute, so you have to fight for a spot to say anything, and by the time you do, the topic is long forgotten.

I knew idiots in speech and debate class who though that would win them arguements. Boy, were they wrong. They were mini-tyrants in class (because our fat lazy teacher actually approved of this and would grade them as winning), but once they hit the debates with other schools, got their asses handed to them.

The next time you guys spar with the idiot, if he's still online next week, just do this. Keep stopping him, yelling if necessary, say "Stop changing the topic", and keep repeating a question until he answers it. If he responds with a question, repeat the question. If he asks for valuation (which he just loves, don't he), repeat the original question. Use "yes", "no", or "answer the question". No shades of grey, no weasal words, no charging down a new path when the questions get icky. Hammer him relentlessly, he'll fold - and I guarantee he'll get snotty and pissed off - and when people like him get that way, they speak before they think.

It could be VERY entertaining.


The question is: how many of you have been planning on mailing, by certified mail, a tape of the part where he talks about thinking about divorce so he could blog about it, to Galina? (Certified so SHE has to sign for it, and shithead can't intercept it. If he opens or steals it, it's a Federal crime and very actionable.).

C'mon. You know you want to. I'm trying to find someone with a tape recorder (I can't believe how long it's been since I've owned one) and I get a discount on certified mail at work...

Or, an alternative is to call there, ask for her, then play the recording back to her.

CDRS are fine, I guess.

A typed transcript sent certified would be dandy as well.

C'mon, lets get the shithead the divorce he wants to blog about!

flailing forward said...

@ Anon 2:00
That would be funny. Place an ad using some dummy site, and then once the ad is in place, have it redirect to the wretch video.

Anonymous said...

flailing forward:

Sorry I did not comment promptly when your outstanding text based timeline of murse-boi's activities was brought out.

Great work!

I think it would be oh-so-veddy-awesome if that information could form the core of an editable document on Caseypedia, that could serve as a single repository and resource regarding Casey's shenanigans.

For instance, here is a link to Use excel to build a timeline.

I played with it, but it was far to cumbersome for me personally to tangle with, but maybe for some excel-wizards out there....

Anonymous said...


"The question is: how many of you have been planning on mailing, by certified mail, a tape of the part where he talks about thinking about divorce so he could blog about it, to Galina? "

Why hurry along what will come about naturally?

It's like my life insurance policy on the Hobbit.
I advised him to go see a doctor, he babbles "wheatgrass" and shit.

So if he croaks it tomorrow, I can cash the insurance check with a clear conscience.


Lost Cause said...

What'd I miss? I just watched 'The Big Lebowski' again. I am really impressed with Dick Cheney's acting abilities, in the title role.

R-Boy said...

hey caseypedia editors!

I am around, and I aint quiet

Got two major cases in deposition/trial this week. So I am very busy helping the lawyers understand math stuff and other fun, very fun activities.

Oh, and I'm supposed to call someone in LA this week. o.0

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I saw the CaseyPedia entry.

I'll fix it right away.

Akubi said...

Lost Cause,
I don't recall Dick Cheney in The Big Lebowski...Care to refresh lost memory?

Anonymous said...

Now, we all know that Nigel Swaby Googles himself at least daily to check the effects of all the "sweet link love" he's been layin' down.

How bad do you thinks it kills him to see that "Nigel Swaby is a Wretch" picture on the first page of Google results for "Nigel Swaby"?

Bravo to whoever got that thing ranked so high. What can we do to help keep it up there?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@flailing forward,

NGB has a new one up: Casey and Nigel land their own show on the Fox Network
OMG, I can't even read the rest of the thread because I am laughing too much.
Too Funny FF

@ The Dude,
Can of WhupAss, nice pic!

Anonymous said...


It getting to a point where we need a Hall of Fame link on here.

Anonymous said...

To the people working on the Caseypedia, excellent writing, funny as hell, awesome work, and THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Flailing -

I am seriously thinking of making you my #1 crush instead of Abe. His dry wit and irresistable charm has sustained me for years, but I I am slowly realizing there may be room in my life for two funny men. I wrote to you last night professing my admiration after my dog got a burping attack. Somehow reading your posts while listening to him belch repeatedly provided a surreal experience similar to being on hallucinogenics. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:45 Legion:

I agree that Caseypedia looks to be coming along quite nicely! I wonder if the following is just a temporary statistical anomaly, or the shape of things to come -- since Pool Boi has been incommunicado so much lately, it looks like Nigel is edging him out as an individual page. Ouch. For a attention wh*re like Casey, that's just gotta smart, ya know?


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Anonymous said...

Akubi: re: Lebowski:

Exhibit "A"

Exhibit "B"

Anonymous said...

Ah, dang it, dead link. Try this for
Exhibit "B"

Anonymous said...

Dang Cheney's Black helicopters all to %$$@@$

Final try:

Exhibit "B"

Anonymous said...

@ Legion
Hey... glad you're enjoying CaseyPedia. As it evolves, it's getting all the more honed and refined. The thing seems to taken on a life of its own!

I'm tremendously enjoying the minor part that I'm playing in CaseyPedia. Wahoo!

El Gringo said...

listening to the podcast... A couple thoughts:

Casey is a legend in his own mind. His ego his huge, his self-opinion is sky high. It comes across alot more in his podcasts than his posts.

At first it's hard to believe that a complete looser like Snowflake would think so much of himself until you reflect on what Duane had to say.

Duane made the point that Casey hasn't faced any consequences. When he started he had nothing. Now he has a blog, articles about himself in major publications and people calling him on the phone. In Casey's mind he's progressed. That's why he doesn't understand the haterz. He has "fame", what does everyone else have?

At some point Casey will face real consequences. At that point he'll probably end the blog. Until then we all need to take Treehorn's tact and encourage him.

The Dude said...

"Until then we all need to take Treehorn's tact and encourage him." do WHAT? Haterz(tm) HAVE encouraged get a freakin' job, pay his bills, and take responsibility for his actions.

El Gringo said...

Dude, Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

I'd like to encourage him to keep the blog open. To keep trolling. To keep being a looser.

I don't think it would be fair for him to quit the blog and THEN hit rock bottom. I want him living alone in a car, facing prosecution and still blogging in the parking lot of hi local Panera Bread (free-wifi.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nigel...

You lose asshole. Stay away forever because you can't beat the big dogs.

El Gringo said...

From the podcasts I've also changed my tune on KC's personality. When I first read the blog I just though KC was stupid. I thought he was dumb. Now, after listening to his podcasts, I still think he is clueless and a bit stupid, but not dumb.

He's actually pretty good at defending himself. He asks pointed questions, twists words, passive aggressive attacks. (An almost evil veneer, if you ask me.) He's no rocket scientist, but he's not the dumb kid I originally thought he was.

Listening to him he had to know he was doing something wrong when he was lying on all those mortgage applications. He knew.

But if that's the case. If he did know he was doing something wrong, why write the blog and advertise his crime? Is it the classic case of a sociopath who thinks he's too smart to get caught? Was he attention hungry? But how would he know then that his blog would catch on? Was that more socio-pathic visions of grandeur?

Maybe KC viewed the blog a vehicle to sell his houses and figured the risk of exposing his crime would be worth it if he could sell his property with the added publicity.

Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?

Anonymous said...

glad you're a part of it, I know you've been here a while. The main reason I think it's a really good imagine how much hogwash and bullshit Casey and Nigel WOULD have gotten away with if there weren't people like us watching there every move. Casey would have looked like a poor vicitm of predatory lending, and gotten away with it scott free, maybe even get some bucks in some class action lawsuit like his fellow loser Jeff wants to do (where's his hubris now). As for Nigel, the moron pretty much outed himself as the lowlife scumbag with no ethics that he really is. The fact that the you tube video of him as an asshole was made..I mean just think about what people who have to deal with him daily must want to do to him, if he can piss us off so much on the internet.

Anonymous said...

A weekend...and I must say what a dissapointing day in responses here.

It is one of the few days I have actually had to pay close attention and I keep checking the blog to see any new developments or people bantering back and forth and it is next to nonexistant in activity today on caseys site and this one.

You all suck.

There I feel better now..going to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow you will all be awake from your casey sympathy nap(TM) and back on the blue ball.

Anonymous said...

@El Gabo gringo

He definitely knew he was lying on the applications, he was hoping to sell the properties for a profit with minimal upgrade (his pictures attest to that). He definitely knows how to talk a good game, he just gets your head swimming, and part of his monotone voice makes it easy for people to tune him it's easy for you to say the wrong thing which he pounces on.
I think he did make the blog for publicity, this guy NEVER had any intentions of doing the right thing. He went from "paying back every penny" to "why should I continue to pay them at all? Why should I pay anyone at all if my credit is already ruined?"

What he doesn't realize, and probably never will, is that he did commit a crime..and that is something you don't advertise. the bigger he gets, the bigger a fish he becomes to fry. He also has pretty documented every lowlife scheme he has done. Cashcall knows he is making money somehow, and yet he doesn't want to pay. He IS a good talker, and I think that's why he thinks he's magical.
I've seen better are just a low level smooth talking scam artist..not an entrepreneur, not a real estate investor, not a businessman, not a good husband, and barely a MAN.

Anonymous said...


"CHJTS said...
A weekend...and I must say what a dissapointing day in responses here.

It is one of the few days I have actually had to pay close attention and I keep checking the blog to see any new developments or people bantering back and forth and it is next to nonexistant in activity today on caseys site and this one.

You all suck."

To quote an intelligent man;
"Well f-you too and the bouncing blue ball your rode in on!"

Anonymous said...

Casey has taken down his Flickr account it would appear. ANyone know what's up there?

Sprezzatura said...

@CHJTS -- all the activity over at the Caseypedia has drawn some of the focus away from here today.

Things will perk up tomorrow, I expect.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of, or have any way of finding out, Nigel E. Swaby's full middle name? The whole name has a British ring to it, so I'm guessing Earl or Edward. But I can't find anything other than the initial...

Homey? Mr. Goates? Anyone? :-)

Anonymous said...

I can still see everything on his Flickr account.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I'm also having the exact same problem with Margarita V. Serin's middle name... though since it's likely Uzbekistani, I can't even hazard a guess on what the V stands for. Vasileyevich? ;-)

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought V = the feminine for Vanya, but Vanya is a familiar for Ivan, and the feminine is Ivanova. Maybe for the feminine of Valeri (a Russian male name).

A Russian's middle name is often an patronymic (son of) and ends in ovich for a male. There's probably a femine suffix (daughter of).

Anonymous said...

My theory:

Shithead started Earth Blog, or whatever it was, to chronicle his rise as the Next Great Guru™ - I think he's always lusted for fame, and when he saw the adulation and almost rock star treatment these idiots get, he had to get it himself.

But, as well all know, shithead bought at nearly the top of the market, and his dreams of being in the spotlight started to crumble.

It is to note that during this time, flitard spent copious amounts of time researching how to make a successful blog, and more importantly, monetize one. His De.Lic.ious links show this.

It's also this period where shithead tried to save his ass through maxing out any credit account he could get his hands on. The gurus teach you to use other people's money ("I'm a sucker for no money down" are his exact words), but somewhere in thius period shithead finally realized that not only was his front-ended profit gone, but the houses were going to go into default and he would lose them.

Soon after, IAFF was born.

I think he intended from day one, to use the blog to accomplish the following:

1. Find the new long con to save his spindly ass
2. Find new cons to enable his dreams of Guruhood and doing nothing
3. Feed his ego and narcissism by creating a blog that was all about HIM, where he could be the mini-Napolean and rule with an organic fist.
4. The blog created "work" and an excuse not to get a real, w-2 job and to fend off family and Galina when they demanded he work - the blog will be our savior, it just needs a little more time, I have so many opportunities coming, just let me go for a little while longer! He manipulated and bargained a year+ vacation from even basic tasks like waking before noon, and taking out the trash.

He created the current sad-clown eyed "Aw shucks I'm just an innocent hick from Sacramento" pose to fend off the criticism, and made himself seem helpless so people would offer aid - which they did.

I think shithead knew *exactly* what he was doing, but ran out of ideas quickly, and since that point (right around the time the last foreclosures started) he started trolling hard, to keep the circus going, because now the blog has been targeted as the root of all of his troubles, which is partially true - he's wasted over a year on it, with practically no benefit or profit, and plans to continue for the indefinite future, until his wife and whoever signed his promisary note force him to stop.

Pretty fucked up, huh?

I beleive in people pursuing dreams, and realize and know personally the sacrifices one must make to reach them...but you can also have some god damned common sense about it too and cover your bets. A "day job" is THE smartest thing anyone can have if they are taking the least traveled road, there are plenty of jobs that can coexist with the pursuit of other goals - jobs that require little if any real work, like babysitting servers, traveling sales jobs, or, god forbid, a job in the industry you want to strike out into on your own in.

But no, shithead wasted time with 'mentorships" with other scam artists, wasted time blogging, wasted time dithering, dallying, napping, what have you. He claims he could earn 52K a year...well, shithead, you pissed away more than a year, where you could have raised 52K, which is a huge chunk of your debt. Add 24K or more from your wife, and you two could be living in one of the houses, living well, and well on your way to bigger things.

All of which was HANDED to you by Duane and everyone else, and you scornfully passed on it and pissed away everything, to the point that you are so toxic, nobody will touch you.

The only thing you've earned this year is the title of 'Web's Most Hated Blogger".

Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Why did he wait so long after his google adsense got pulled before he started trying to make money off of it again? That has baffled me. It seems like exactly the kind of no work "passive" income he wants.

Rob Dawg said...

For everyone wondering why today was a "slow" day. What part of "Talk among yourselves I'm going to Disneyland" did you miss? Yes, I really went to Disneyland and had fun with my family. Discussed energy balance of ethanol in transportation applications and the political unraveling of the immigrant bill and the roadmap to enacting an additional land use restriction here locally. Obviously all those will be fodder over the next couple days. And yes, the Duane 2.2 is almost done. A few twisted pics, a few obscure sci-fi references... itsallgood.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland = cool
CaseyPedia = next best thing

Especially on a rainy Sunday in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Great work on CaseyPedia guys. The next round of wheatgrass shots is on me!

The site's now been found by Google, where (ironically) the third result when searching for "caseypedia" is IAFF.

(On a related note I see IAFF is #9 for "foreclosure", down from Snowflake's documented #6).

Rob Dawg said...

You know, I was trying to think of which job Casey could perform at the park. It wasn't easy. Not just their strict punctuality and W-2 mentaility. I'm talking suitability. They do have a couple disney timeshare kiosks set up. They are big into selling trading pins that cost maybe 20¢ to make and range from $5-$15. But nothing passive. Cool temps, overcast and moderate crowds. Only a couple odious waits in line. 10 gallons of gas, lunch, and the amortized portion of a season pass. That's leveraging your entertainment budget.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:03

you should pick a name, that was a well thought out hypothesis. It is interesting that shithead has always been making it appear as if his blog is the refuge for people facing foreclosure, as if he thinks he can market an ebook..riiiight buddy, you couldn't stop a foreclosure if it came up and fell in his lap.

So, the moron ended up destroying any credibility by documenting how each of his houses got foreclosed on, with little work really on his part to prevent it.

Now he thinks he has some huge following of supporters...if I were him, I would hate to be in the same room as 100 of his 'supporters'.

Anonymous said...

@rob dawg

Maybe Casey could be the shit that the monkeys throw around at each other.

By the way, nice going giving cornflake an idea for what to do with all his olympic pins that didn't sell..he converts them to trading pins and he can finally unload all his inventory.

Sprezzatura said...


Over @ Yahoo, the first reference to Casey when you search for "foreclosure" is all the way down at #22, where you find a link to a Casey video on GooTube.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of, or have any way of finding out, Nigel E. Swaby's full middle name? The whole name has a British ring to it, so I'm guessing Earl or Edward.

'Earl' is a British title, not a Christian name - I've never come across anyone who has it on their birth certificate who wasn't born American.

Oh, and brilliant work on the CaseyPedia - I've had to spend the last few hours doing proper work/family stuff, but I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:03:

where he could be the mini-Napolean and rule with an organic fist

Nicely played. I have this mental image of Bonaparte, watching the Prussians take apart his right flank, muttering "Damned haterz™. If they don't stop, I'm gonna shut down the battle. Somebody get me a wheatgrass shot."

Sprezzatura said...

In an effort to get the CaseyPedia some good Google Juice, anyone who has a blog might want to link to the CaseyPedia with the link words as "Casey Serin".

For the HTML challenged, this is what it should look like:

<a href="">Casey Serin</a>

Anonymous said...

@Benoit/Orson re: Margarita V. Serin's middle name--

The Russian female patronymic is -ovna/-evna, rather than the male -ovich. That said, Margarita's patronymic would be "Alexseyevna." V. would have to be a regular "middle" name as we know it here in the US, then; "Valentina" would be one common Russian female name.

Hmmm... that would be an interesting "Haterz (Earth) Mission"--find out that whiny Jesus Freak Margarita's middle name! Ready, set... go!

Anonymous said...

Christ... forgive the choppy syntax/sentences on my last post. It's late over here! *shuffles off to get coffee*

Anonymous said...

Well, lets see how much cash Casey can net by selling ads:

According to He has 10 spots @ $100pm, 4 spots @ $400pm, and 1 spot @ $1500pm.

To convert per-month to per-7-days figures, the formula is (COST-PER-MONTH * 12 * 7) / 365.

When you do the math with Casey's ads, you come out to a grand total of $943.56 per week.

So even if he sells each and every ad spot (which is pretty unlikely for a site that's down more often than it's up), he still isn't going to meet Galina's target.

The only way he can meet the target is by shilling (items 4 and 5 on the packages and pricing list)

How long'll it be until his advertisers start asking for their cash-back-at-blog-closing?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

CaseyPedia is a funny sight. You guys and gals have a sense of humor in spit if the Haterz out look. te he
I have to go to my loozer w2 job this a.m. but read CaseyPedia with my coffee first thing.
Nice. You CaseyPediaians get an Award!
Hey Step, could you give CaseyPedia one of those awards?
@ Dawg,
See you at lunch time.

Anonymous said...

Back online. Crap - will I ever learn? Go away a few days & we have top posts, another begathon, a Caseypedia...

BTW - Caseypedia is hilarious but no reference to "Fear the Murse. FEAR ME!" That always makes me last.

R-Boy said...

Today I scootered into work. From garage to bike rack, it took 11 minutes. Using the pretty good mass transit, it would've been 35 minutes. The weather is beautiful.

As for Casey, should he do another talk-cast, please swarm me with emails ( I will endeavor to be there and phoned in, because part of what I do for a living is to find falsehooods in statements and get witnesses/experts/whoever to admit their errors. It is incredibily difficult to weasel out of a line of questions I've developed.

On Nigel, I sent him an internet slap to the face, but he didn't post it on SLC, despite it being neutral and quite a good analysis on his "Condos are a good buy" shill.

On Mr V and the MBA
--Doubt I will get over there today. Trial Prep on one hand, and a meeting with a team on a few key depositions on the other...I'll be reading reports and analyzing models all day long.

ratlab said...

@Anon 10:03

With a nicely thought out hypothesis like that, you need to pick a name!

The hypothesis is pretty spot on.

Anonymous said...


Done. Linked Caseypedia from MY blog.

I would be interested in seeing your analysis on condo purchases, if you could post it here.

Unknown said...

If Snowflake can sell every one of his ad spaces AND get at least one exclusive review or talkcast interview per month, then he would be on track to make $52,200 this year.

The big question is this...can Yahoo/Google Ads or additional exclusive reviews/talkcast interviews make up the inevitable defficiency in ad revenue on a reliable basis? My guess is absolutely not. But I've been wrong before.

Anonymous said...

Doing my Earlier Riser impersonation, so what excuses will Casey come up with for not having $1000 on the table by Friday. I reckon there'll be an IOU in there for something he says he's been promised but (insert excuse here) it hasn't turned up yet.
What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@ Arthur Wankspittle

Agreed. Casey is slippery and will find some way out of his contractual obligation ~ more than likely, like everything else that has gone wrong for him, he will blame it on someone else.

Which is probably exactly why the contract said he wasn't allowed to manipulate Galina...

Anonymous said...

Ah - But can he manipulate Galina into forgeting that part of the contract

R-Boy said...


Its somewhere in comment limbo on SLC. Here's the basics

Condos are the most volitile real estate one can purchase. They face an immediate substitute good (apartments), where homes with a yard are not necessarily in the same goods-category.

Therefore, to say that someone should buy a condo at the top of the market or its first backslide is inviting them to lose money. In DC, for example, condo prices plunged 40% off their high in the 1990 bubble/burst. We are now seeing that same trend occuring again. Condos are being converted into apartments as the market cools and developers realize that they shouldn't have planned all these extra condo high-rises because the market isn't there now.

Not to mention in condos, neighbor issues are more prevalent. A condo purchase could be more influenced by taste or a person's own preferences for lawn-care, etc...

But homes with grass, basically, hold their value much better.

id happily go into more detail off-site.

Anonymous said...

If she included it in the crayon contract, I have no doubt it is an issue for them. Or they want us to think it is an issue for them. Either way, he'll be a weasel about the entire thing.

I think he'll screw with us. I think he'll put up a blank page then have a Come Back story.

Anonymous said...


Casey has been dleclaring he is on the road to a come back for some time now...and each month, he gets more and more pathetic financially and socially. His marriage is in shambles, financially he is screwed, especially if he had to actually pay back some of his debt, and he is grasping at more and more straws. The ad links he has now are pretty pathetic..people whose sites you ahve never heard of, and would rather be linked to some con artist than be ignored.
Casey will be saying he is going to make a come back from JAIL pretty soon. Or a come back from divorce.

Anonymous said...

@ Legion

I know he it is getting harder and harder for him to troll his readership. I've been reading since October (oh my! Has it been that long?) and the pattern is quite similar now as it was then. Up and down and up and down and happy then sweet dealz then crashing down. It is bipolar or a marketing scheme. Either way, it is win-win, right?

He has laid out his 'plan' in his contract with G. Take down the webpage and replace it with a blank page without selling it ~ if he hasn't made $1,000. That still gives him access to the website. It will last all of 2 days before he has to put it back up.

I wonder what kind of guarantee he has given the pond suckers who are paying for ads on his page? How long will they be up? If they paid for a month...won't he technically have to leave the page up for a month?

Anonymous said...

I'd be tempted to buy a fake ad just to see the weasel "terms" of, "supporting" an ad on shithead's site - I'd bet ten wheatgrass shots that he has in there that there will be no refunds if the site goes dark, or is not up enough to generate any traffic.

No, once that money hits his PayPay or his greedy little hands, his "advertisers" can go screw, it's *his* money now.

Rob, a good graphic for future use just came to mind - Daffy Duck running around the cavern of Ali Baba screaming 'Mine! Mine! Mine!" (One of my faves). Once money is in shithead's hand, you *know* it's more likely that pigs will require FAA clearance than shithead issue *refunds*.

As for his promissary note, he already communicated he's thinking of how to get around it. So much for "honor thy wife". I can't imagine being in a relationship where it's that passively aggresively antagonistic, where promises are things to begrudingly agreed to and then something to try to get out of.

Yet again shithead treats the most important thing in his life like a joke, it's all fun and games and I'm sure in his decrepit little chauvanistic mind he knows he'll get away with it, and abuse Galina's religious beliefs about divorce to continue his manipulation and taking advantage of her.

I believe in karma, I believe in making one's own fate, and I believe in my own way of paying it forward (I was doing it a long time before that movie came out.)

The only satisfaction I get is I know that it will some day sink into shithead's cranium how fucked up he is, and on that cold, bleak day...I hope he hears the sound of me laughing my w-2, cube dwelling ass off.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dan, that is the rub. Casey might be able to line up some people to pay to place links to his website. But not on a regular basis.

The only real value in his website is the name. If he sells that and lets someone do with it as they wish, he could make some money. But Casey's ego will get in the way as he still wants his 'story' referenced in the website somehow.

Anonymous said...

Legion @ 7:11 AM:
“Casey has been dleclaring he is on the road to a come back for some time now...”

“Come back” from where?

Casey made an appreciation profit of $30k or so on his condo, pissed that away on RE Gurus. He made money on his first spec purchase and recapitalized the credit cards, only to run those back up to limit. Then he buys seven more properties that never showed any real revenue extraction, other then expenses from the cash back structures (which is essentially debt). So other than these things, what has he done, what is he coming back to?

One has to have been somewhere to come back, IMHO. So I believe what Casey might mean by “come back,” is a return to some sense of financial stability. Although could be wrong about the latter, he may mean something else.

Legion @ 7:21 AM:
”...paying for ads on his page? How long will they be up? If they paid for a month...won't he technically have to leave the page up for a month?”

This was among the considerations (there were many) I had when Casey asked me for advertising dollars. The details of failure were not discussed, which leads me to believe Casey either hasn’t thought those through or doesn’t believe he’s going to fail (at the $1k goal). I admire him for the latter, if applicable, but my judicious business sense warned against not counting the costs (including failure, a worst case scenario).

I’d guess Casey would leave the page up for a month, for the sake of advertisers, but that’s speculative. I can’t speak for him.


Rob Dawg said...

Casey made an appreciation profit of $30k or so on his condo, pissed that away on RE Gurus.

But he didn't. The $30k was conditional on his purchasing one of the first houses which he ultimately lost. It isn't profit till you take it off the table. What he took was cashback at close which is more debt not some shading RE guru rationalized profit frontloading.

Anonymous said...


Come on, what happened?

Anonymous said...

@ Rob Dawg:

Thanks, I forgot about that. Still, the question remains, where is he coming back from? ;)

@ Anon (7:52 AM):

NOTHING happened, and that’s the crux of it. I’m not one to play games when it comes to business, where focus often means the difference between success and failure. Casey and I simply had different views there, and that’s no problem (he’s free to make his own choices).

I don’t need his business, and don’t relish probabilities of being made the fall guy for not following my advice. Serious stuff goin on in the background, that I don’t think he fully appreciates.

That’s it in a nutshell, no harm no foul. My choice, NOT his, yet I’m not a “Hater” (in the traditional sense). Disappointed, yes, but hate..? Naw, not me, but the day is still young! ;)


Rob Dawg said...

Still, the question remains, where is he coming back from? ;)

That's the question that needs to be asked. I would phrase it this way:

Casey can you name any two month period, month to month, any start day you wish where you were, even for a moment, better off at the end of the two months than you were 8 weeks prior?

Anonymous said...

Casey can you name any two month period, month to month, any start day you wish where you were, even for a moment, better off at the end of the two months than you were 8 weeks prior?

Didn't Duane ask something similar during the talkcast? I don't believe KC could come up with anything... Heck, he can only manage to take out the trash 75% of the time and his Early Riser thing only lasted about a week. Two months of postitive is a lot to ask!

Anonymous said...


Casey's definition of "success" has always been at odds with the overwhelming majority of people he comes into contact - his rationalizations of 'win win" serve to illustrate that.

Look at his debate with Duane - the only 'success" he could come up with was signing the promissary note - all the while it was posted on his blog that he might be able to avoid it. Who in any resemblance of a right mind would think that way?

Anyway, to answer where's he's coming back from, or to, is I believe he wants to get back to the heady days of 70K in the bank, and houses not in foreclosure, a wife who did'nt hate him and treat him like a child - I suspect he thinks he's "special" because he got 8 mortages (and was trying for more), and I think his brain is "stuck" at that idea - and won't move on from that idea, even if it lands him in jail, or worse. He "deserved" to sell those houses for a profit, and his dysfunctional little brain refuses to accept that he was yet another sucker who did'nt know how to play the game - after all, opportunities just come to him like magic!

(VERY reminiscint of Amway followers, a lot of their literature teaches them that if they "act positive" and use the right words and do the right things, wealth will just happen, because they're "special" - and that the rest of us are just dtupid dupes who don't have the magic key to the Kindgom of Wealth. I'm beginning to wonder if Casey dabbled with Amway before he got into his RE fantasy land, because his behavior closey mimics Amway followers...) (It would fit the profile, many people who fall for MLM scams can skip from scam to scam trying to find the one that fits them, they become junkies for self-help/MLM thinking, and start losing their ability to blend in and get along with the general public.)

Okay, enough dimestore psychology, time for my looser w-2 job!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 1,000 bucks a week.

I hope you all know that Casey already knows that he will make at least 1k a week on his blog.

Casey is a con-man and his wife is supporting him all the way to the bank. This is all an up-front folks to get more hits to Casey web site.

I am willing to bet money that he will magically hit 1,000 on the very last minute of his deadline, just like magic.

Anonymous said...

@ Rob Dawg @ 7:51 a.m.

Casey made $30K profit on the sale of the condo back in 2003. (Back when he had a $30K p/year job.) The money from that sale went to paying credit card debts that he had already racked up.... He then meets and marry's Galina, quits his job, moves to Tahoe and once again runs up the credit card debts (engagement ring, wedding, honeymoon, living expenses, etc.)....

The question I've had for Casey regarding the $30K he made from the condo sale is if he paid capital gains tax. He did not live in the unit long enough to not pay the capital gains. I've asked this question over-and-over... it has gone unanswered.