Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Full Workup

Armchair head shrinkers. Come on. We all do it. It is one of this trainwrecks' guiltier pleasures. After last night's performance art I have a deeper appreciation of some of the various comments from people. "Just wired wrong" comes to mind. So imagine the Serin Clan does the right thing and drags him in for a full evaluation. This would IMHO be a great thing. First he'd get a complete physical workup and then... The Couch. And that is this morning's guilty entertainment. Imagine The Conversation that would go on between the doctor and Casey onThe Couch...


Anonymous said...

FIRST! Mad IT skillz at work!

Anonymous said...


Rob Dawg said...

Sweet, we got it 8. Please turn off the 'bot. First has also become a guilty pleasure don'tca know.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

First Human, bot looser.

Anonymous said...

"So, Doc.... have you seen my sweet blog?"

Anonymous said...

Half way through the session G. will be on the couch and Casey will be asking the questions from The Doc's chair.

Anonymous said...

"So, Doc. Do you like to make money? I have some sweet investments for you with 25% return on the dollar. How bout lunch? You're buying right?

Rob Dawg said...

Awwww. Cute widdle avatar.

Doc: "Tell me about your mother."

Casey: "So you have a degree? I mean everyone has a mother so I guess you know how that can be but you are saying that even though you don't have my mother you think you can judge about my situation? "

Anonymous said...

Sociopath. Incurable.

The Dude said...

Sweet can've proved your point, which also proves you aren't FIRST and never have been....opps...didn't think that would be the result, did 'ya. ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

First by default!

The Dude said...

I just got somewhat caught up on the Belchathon last night and wonder if anyone else finds it curious Snowflake's brother chose that medium to confront his brother.

On a CaseyPedia note.....
If that idiot says "Sure..Sure" one more time I'll scream. Is it listed as one of his "ism's"?

Anonymous said...

Doc "Just put your bag and PDA down over there please"
CS "Are you sure that's OK"
Doc "Oh yes, don't worry"
Doc "Now lie back on the couch and read this please"
CS "What? This is some sort of letter from the Sheriff's Office"
Doc "Yes, that's right. This is a temporary office for CashCall" Picks up murse (containing Jetta keys) and PDA and leaves quickly.

Anonymous said...

Doc: "So tell me Casey, how you envision getting yourself out of financial ruin, avoiding prosecution, saving your marriage and re-establishing the ruined reputation of both you and your family?"

Casey: "Doc! Do you seriously expect me to give you all my tips and tricks???"

Anonymous said...


Sociopath. Incurable.
Unfortunately, you may be right. But no "intervention" from his family alone will help him, either. They need backup. On second thought, maybe jail's the only place for 'im. ("Hey, why am I here? I just did what everyone else is doing! Why am I being singled out?")

Anonymous said...

I just got somewhat caught up on the Belchathon last night and wonder if anyone else finds it curious Snowflake's brother chose that medium to confront his brother.

As with Duane's two appearances, I'm betting that this is basically a re-run of conversations that have been had in private many, many times already - only this time with an audience. The theory being that the presence of said audience will shame Casey into changing his ways, though it doesn't seem to be working much so far.

Anonymous said...

Doc: Casey, what do you think it is that leads you to act the way that you do?

Casey: What you mean ENTREPRENEURIAL? I mean what do YOU know about real estate anyway? I mean how are you qualified to comment on my situation.

Doc: Casey this isn't about me. It's about your inability to listen to people.

Casey: I listen to people and I'm grateful for all of the great advice that I get.

Doc: So why do you continue to act this way?

Casey: Act what way? Like a businessman who wants to support his family? Maybe I haven't been the best at that but good things are coming.

Doc: Let me stop you there...good things have been coming for a long time and yet you still live with your sister in law, you have no real job, you've alienated your entire family... is it worth it? I mean has it occurred to you that perhaps for the sake of your family that you might try to fix your situation before trying striking out on your own again?

Casey: I don't know what you mean, my in box is full of golden opportunities. I'm magical that way - good things just come to me. I mean you have no idea what's cooking. You don't live my life so you don't know what great opportunities are right around the corner do you? Well there are good things coming, and we'll have to save that for next week.

Doc: But Casey we have 30 more minutes...

Casey: Well perhaps we can catch up in my Foreclosure Fridays talkcast, where I can answer some of your burning questions and hear your advice. Anyway I gotta go - you know late night meetings, sweet deals...

Rob Dawg said...

Incurable yes. Manageable possibly. Some mandatory chemical regimes, a little alone time with only a roomate to think about it, restraining orders against people and activities, court ordered restitution. Yeah, we can manage his illness to the point where he isn't an immediate threat to the general population.

Anonymous said...

Just about to post this on Casey's blog ... I missed the phone call (predictably) and didn't listen to the transcript (yet, perhaps ever) but from everybody's comments here, I get a feeling about what happened ... and I wonder why I even bother.

Here it is.

Casey: Have you finished the $300 blog job yet?

Don't give it up! That would be exactly the wrong thing to do.

Why would you give it up? Because you made your $1000 goal already and it seems like hard work? NOT A VALID REASON.

You made a commitment; now you have to perform your end of the agreement. Returning the money will NOT void your commitment, and here's why. The buyer expects you to do the job and so he/she has stopped looking for other people to do it. If you return the money now, you have wasted this person's time and energy in firstly finding you and deciding to hire your services, and secondly the buyer has lost the time he/she could have spent finding somebody else to do the work. If it's a week since you accepted the money, that's a week you have cost the buyer. At this point the buyer has committed the funds and so the buyer no longer has a choice of suppliers; if you give back the money the buyer will have their funds back but he/she now has to go look for another person to perform the job, and has been delayed by a week.

One of the accusations leveled against you is that you screw everybody who deals with you. If you give back the money, you'll be screwing this buyer too. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

From the psychiatric ward at Bellevue:

Doc: "Mr. Serin, if you would only cooperate we could remove the cuffs, shackles and straight jacket - your little brother is waiting in the limo outside to come in and say hi."

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Dawg,
Awh, shucks Dawg, she is a cute winged bi-peddle carbon based gif, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

This is a really comfortable couch, Doc. I think I'll have a 'power' nap.

Anonymous said...

Milton's Ghost

In the publishing world I used to dole out Kill Fees all the time. Part of life. You waste someone's time you pay for it. Similarly, should Casey decide to back out, the buyer should collect a fee from him for wasting their valuable time. $100 MIGHT make them happy.

Anonymous said...

Casey doesn't have anything that a 30 minutes, a 2x4, and some duct tape can't cure. Let someone go Jack Bauer on his ass (either in a PMITA prison, or on the outside) and he'll be singing a different tune in no time.

Anonymous said...

Let someone go Jack Bauer on his ass (either in a PMITA prison, or on the outside) and he'll be singing a different tune in no time.

Or the same tune three or four octaves higher...

Lost Cause said...

Involuntary commitment. Doesn't hospitalization follow an intervention? This would possibly keep him from serving any jail time.

Anonymous said...

Hey good morning, guys. What a night.

Just wanted to say, in case Steve's reading this.. good going, guy. It was tough. I know; I've done it. But sometimes it comes down to this, and it's likely far from the last time.

I have a family member like Casey. It's why I can't seem to let this go, I know it. He has a mental illness; this person has caused a lot of damage and hurt to the people around him over the years, mostly out of our weak hopes that he could turn around. He's a master at getting people to cut him slack out of hope. But he's a user, the only saving grace being that he didn't have the opportunity Casey had to run with it.

Steve, Casey won't suddenly say, "oh, you're right, I *am* hurting others" and stop. He'll simply decide that he's the victim of anyone who disagrees with him and instead lock onto the next chump. He'll buy time and string you along. Interventions won't work, because that theory assumes that Casey loves someone or something else more than himself, enough to fear losing it. He doesn't.

When you get a chance, go rent the film "American Movie". Trust me. I think you'll find the story - and the cast - very familiar.

Protect yourself, protect your family. You proved yourself to be a man last night and you brought a bit of dignity back to them. You have my respect, sir.

Sprezzatura said...

Involuntary commitment.

Not applicable. You'd have to get a ruling that Casey was an immanent danger to himself or to others, which basically means he has to be actively suicidal or making multiple credible threats to kill other people before he'd qualify.

Anonymous said...

You'd have to get a ruling that Casey was an immanent danger to himself or to others, which basically means he has to be actively suicidal or making multiple credible threats to kill other people before he'd qualify.

Indeed. Casey's problem is that he ignores other people, not that he's an active danger to them (at least not directly - clearly, there's a huge amount of long-term collateral damage).

Anonymous said...

I just read the transcript of the call with Steve.

Steve, it was a good try, but I think Casey is beyond your help. Casey lives in some other world. In this one he is doomed to be a miserable failure. But in his world the success is just around the corner.

Steve, you need to make the transition to full-blown haterdom. You are only halfway there. I know because you are still telling Casey to take care of Galina.

You need to face facts - Casey is lost. He's insane and dangerous.

You have to save Galina. Please. Get him away from her. If you are kind you will have Casey committed to an institution. Otherwise, help Galina and Yulia by kicking Casey out of Yulia's house.

I don't want Casey to suddenly snap and hurt Galina or Yulia. Clearly no amount of talk can help Casey, as you said he just agrees and agrees and then changes nothing. One day Casey is going to hit a brick wall. No blog, no money. And he's going to turn and lash out at the source of his problems. You have to get them out of danger.

ratlab said...

@Lost Cause

In CA, a family member or friend only has to call the police and say fliptard is a danger to himself (i.e. suicide). The police are then bound by law to cuff him and then send him off to a hospital, then a some sort of psychiatric hospital. A worst, he stays in there for a day or two.

wine country dude said...


I have had a great deal of experience with a member of my immediate family--my mother--who has Narcisstic Personality Disorder. I believe KC has it too. Sorry for the long post below, but I need to do it.

Duane's comment that KC is "not wired right" is not merely a colloquialism. It is right on--KC is not wired in the way that most human beings are wired, but he is not unique. There are others with the same constellation of symptoms.

And it leads me to the following:

1) Nothing any one of us says will have any effect on KC. Get it through our collective heads: he will experience no epiphany; he will not ever view his actions as wrong; and he will not ever view himself as manipulative. Period.

2) A person with NPD always--always--has a verbal response with which to deflect criticism. Usually, the response puts the questioner on the defensive, very often by reconstituting the question. For example: me to my mom, February 2004: "Mom, you really need to get some help". Response: "Why do you dislike me so much?"

An illustration: one could push an NPD sufferer's nose up to within 2 inches of a brick wall, command him to look at the brick wall, and tell you what he sees. His responses would include "You've betrayed my trust", or "Why do you resent my success so?" or "How are you so successful that you get to control what I think?"

Where that fails, the NPD sufferer attempts to act like a supremely reasonable, rational person, who seriously hears and values what is being said, when no part of what is being said to him--NO part--filters through. The NPD guy will say--does this sound familiar--"you've made some good points, which I will consider". But he never takes action on them.

If law enforcement gets involved, belatedly, KC will face real-world consequences for his actions, but his mindset will remain the same. He is being victimized for an essentially victimless (in his mind) crime; the police don't understand him or his specialness; they shouldn't arrest him because, hell, he'll make so much money off his blog and his other schemes that he will pay back every dirty penny. How stupid of them, he will think, to keep him from making money with which to repay the lenders!

It never, ever, ever, ever ends. Interventions don't work; other confrontations don't work; financial penury doesn't work; loss of friends and family doesn't work.

The only way a person with NPD changes is if he or she WANTS to change. But a person with NPD, by definition, locates the source of his problems in the outside world, in others. They don't want to change; they see no need to change; and they feel that all would be right if the world just recognized their sterling attributes and good intentions.

"Good intentions" is a critical phrase to an NPD sufferer. The real world consequences of their actions on other people take second place, if not last place, to the issue of their INTENTIONS. This, in turn, hinges not on whether their intentions were reasonable, or in any way appropriate to the facts. Instead, as long as their intentions are subjectively justifiable, i.e. the NPD sufferer BELIEVES that his intentions were benign, well, all the rest is just pointless carping.

3) People with NPD thrive on conflict. They enjoy argument. But the argument never, ever gets anywhere. A sane person makes the choice whether he or she wants to exhaust themselves in absolutely pointless, draining argument. It just does not work.

They also thirst for attention. The fact that it is negative attention--that the responses they evoke are usually hostile--is of little moment, because the NPD sufferer is still the focus.

4) Ripping apart KC's words in EN is fine, insofar as it reinforces among us some sense of justice and order in the financial world. KC' antics were, in the past, supremely entertaining (his more recent posts have become transparent manipulation and quite boring); Caseypedia is a wonderful piece of work. But--critical but--it's not going to change KC one bit. If we choose to spend our time doing so, just realize we do it for our own benefit; it's not going to affect KC's world view.

As for me, I will continue to follow, somewhat, without spending an inordinate amount of time: the EN posts, Caseypedia and very occasionally, the IAFF front page.

As for the rest of us, have a good weekend. Nothing we do--nothing--will have any effect on KC. It's great to be alive, and it's great not to be KC.

Rob Dawg said...

Casey has already hit that wall. I suspect the defining moment will ultimately prove to be last night when he put his own brother on indefinite hold. IAFF and EN are seeing identical traffic this morning. That's got to be a wake up call especially since his pageviews are all of the "read more..." type. The only thing left he cares about and it too, like everything else is abandoning him. His last defense; turning the blame oh those offering the most help has been shattered by Duane's selfless acts of revelation and Steve's attempted intervention.

Lost Cause said...

Casey does not need an intervention. He needs de-programming. He is totally hypnotized by his guru way of life. Nobody has brought up the guru scams in all of this. It is useless unless these frauds are exposed.

Anonymous said...

"When you get a chance, go rent the film "American Movie". Trust me. I think you'll find the story - and the cast - very familiar."

The difference being the guys from American Movie eventually got their movie made.

Anonymous said...

Not worth posting on here anymore...but I'm glad I did!!! Makes me support K-C even that I now where all you rejects are coming from. If you even faintly have me "figured" as you think you have K-C figured then you really are JUST a bunch of true "haterz" in every sense of the word!!!

1. I graduated from college Summa
Cum Laude (despite the
occasional typo or misspelled
word...I don't bother to
check...who cares in this

2. I don't get drunk and have
never even "seen" street drugs

3. I am actually an "up to my
eyeballs" in debt medical
student and I have NEVER
received welfare

I don't even care about RE as a matter of fact...but I am just like many others who has fallen behind in bills (for whatever reasons) even if its not in the millions and is looking for a break untill I can settle my debts. I will continue to root for him untill he gets back on his feet...the way I would want some one to do for me. C'mon, he is not such a bad guy...but unfortunately he is just an easy target for ppl like you who want to punch the walls out so bad because your lives are pitiful. Keep it up!!! This will make the book even more interesting...hehehehehehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

I saw 'American Movie' at a festival screening, knowing nothing about it in advance other than the hype in the festival program - which billed it as a laugh-out-loud comedy in the 'Spinal Tap' mold.

So I watched it wondering why it wasn't especially funny, and didn't realize until afterwards that it was actually a serious documentary - a bit like the near-universal assumption at the start of the Casey Serin saga that it was all or partially fictionalized.

It's fascinating that someone should bring this up, though, as many months ago I said that Casey reminded me of Edward D Wood, Jr., the real-life "worst moviemaker in the world" who had a similarly Casey-like belief in his own nonexistent powers. Tim Burton filmed his life story as 'Ed Wood', and I really recommend it - you'll recognise a kindred spirit pretty much instantly.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, he is not such a bad guy...but unfortunately he is just an easy target for ppl like you who want to punch the walls out so bad because your lives are pitiful.

Every single one of the Haterz™, virtually without exception, started out peddling much the same line.

In fact, most of us were rooting for him last September when his story first broke online - we only changed our minds when we realized his true nature, and the extent of the damage he was doing (not least to his wife and family).

You clearly haven't yet. But you will.

Sweet Cashback said...

I will admit to my crimes (firstness cashback)! I am surprised it took 12 firsts for the first comment about it.....Those 15 lines of bash code where fun to write though :-)

But you might have noticed I didn't push the code to log me into Google before posting. Tried to figure it out but its kind of a cookie mess between blogger and google. My mad IT skillz don't go that far and my looser(tm) W-2 job doesn't leave me the time either.

Maybe I should contract Snowflake to impove on my code ?? Maybe Nigel would want to buy the code to increase the number of comments on his site??? He might be able to use it to post some random crap for him. Wouldn't seem any different!

So I guess I was caught doping and will have to give up all my titles (damn you The Dude). Do I incur any kind of firstness ban for cheating? Will there be any consequences to my actions or can I just look the other way like Snowflake???

Anonymous said...


You are a liar.

* Name your undergraduate degree level and type (i.e. certificate, "Medical Transcriptionist", associates, "Medical Records Coder", Bachelors in Arts, "Laboratory Assistant"

* Do you sometimes forget what you did,following drinking? Do you sometimes have personal issues related to drinking(money, fights, legal)? Is it difficult for you to go through a complete week, including weekend with NO ALCOHOL? I strongly suspect you are an alcoholic; your excuse-making behavior for self and Casey, and rationalizing in general have the earmarks.

* How many credits did you earn applicable towards a Doctor of Medicine degree last semester?

* How can you be behind in your bills if you have student loans, grants and perhaps a little part time job? Most med school students find they can live quite frugally, and for a long period of time, since most of their hours are in school, studying, or in residence. Little time for vacations, drinking,late night calls to bloggers, or other wasteful activities.

In short, you are a liar. Oops, I already said that.

Anonymous said...

Mocha is full of crap. Like I mentioned previously, I am a former Detroiter, and I call BS. This "chick" is a fake and she protests too much. In addition, anyone trying to attain a medical degree would be a hell of a lot more articulate and would embrace standard English and spelling. Still think she is a plant--one of Casey's friends, or a damn fool who was drunk dialing and wants to take it back.

One other thing, "Mocha," sistah to sistah...grow the fuck up and quit lying. Stop watching "Grey's Anatomy" for guidance and fade off into the booze-sodden obscurity you so richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

No doctor.

What needs to happen, is for his Marine brother to kick Casey's ass 7 days til Sunday.

Any legit true marine would have done this 3 years ago.

That marine brother needs to grow some balls and protect the family. What is his name?

Anonymous said...

NOPE...WON'T ANSWER SHIT. I REALLY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. I merely said a lil bit about myself just to show you how "online" you can perceive ppl very differently from how they really are. But in Casey's defense "of course" he even gave you "real life" proof of his ordeal etc. etc. which non of us even deserve. ITS HIS BLOG FOR GOD'S SAKE...his "diary" so to speak...we are priviledged to have the opportunity to even read it publicly and learn fron his mistakes. Hell...I live a pretty legit life(despite my debts)...but cuz of that blog...I cross my t's and dot my i's even more than I used to. And when I do become a Doc and venture into investing...I have the tools of what "NOT TO DO"!!! Wait a sec...Why am I even here??? IAFF is wayyyyyyyyyy more note worthy than your negative crap...SEE YA...ahem...FOR GOOD THIS TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all know that MOCHA is Galina Serin.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all know that MOCHA is Galina Serin.

Following Steve's comments, I think you can pretty much guarantee that the one person MOCHA isn't is Galina Serin!

People who are a hair's-breadth from divorce generally don't try to big up their soon-to-be-ex-husbands, and certainly not as aggressively as MOCHA is.

Anonymous said...

Then maybe it's his Mother.

It's defenitely someone in that family.

Also, I feel sorry for Galina, but pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Look at the pictures of her doing the RE fraud with Casey.

She was involved. Legal public documents prove this.

Sprezzatura said...


What part of "don't feed the troll" doesn't make sense?

Like the Emperor Palpatine, trolls grow strong off the hate and anger of others. Ignore them and they fester and die.

Anonymous said...

mocha - I really can't believe that a medical student writes the way you do. Equally I question the ethics of anyone who spend 1 day on a forum and decides that every other contributor should be addressed as "all you rejects".

I am more and more coming to the conclusion that Wine Country Dude and others have hypothesised, Casey has serious mental health issues. I really hope that his family can do something to get this addressed.

The other item I would ask people to address is, is there a way his mum can minimise or mitigate the guarantee she has given on the corporate credit? You understand I won't know the local CA rules, but I suspect that she might be as well off just paying the account up to date and closing it, as leaving it there for Casey to run up and abuse.

Anonymous said...

Not being a Troll.

I just dont swing in that "naive" guitly free living attitude.

Do you folks understand that even Galina's sister enables Casey by hosting free / cheap housing for Casey so that he can continue his Fraud.

Anonymous said...

@ sprezza - sorry cross posted with you

Sprezzatura said...

@arthur -- :-)

By the way, in doing a little work on the CaseyPedia this morning, I dug out the reference for the corp credit guaranteer. Declan in the CNet article said that the person was "a relative" and speculated that the relative was Casey's mother, but it is not, in fact, confirmed that she is.

Anonymous said...

...and by the all know that when "chattin" or "chillin".. text or use of words or expressions etc. is very different from when you're dealing with "formal" situations... . This crap is no where near anything I would even dream of being at my best!!!

I am "da bomb"..."I got it going on" and I know it...that's allllllllll that matters. Soooooooooooooo keep labeling me allllllllllll you want...shows me how narrow minded and stupid you really are. Much respect to the immagrants that come here and try to make use of what this wonderful country has to offer and thanx to the K-C supporterz that know that in this land ANYONE can make a comeback!!!

Anonymous said...

Shut up, MOCHA.

wine country dude said...

One more observation.

Duane also was right, IMHO, in characterizing KC as highly intelligent. Whether or not he's more intelligent than most people on EN, as Duane hypothesized, is irrelevant. Besides, there is some heavy duty grey matter operating on EN.

That KC is highly intelligent, extremely articulate, and very personable (at least in situations he feels he can control) does not mitigate that he has a serious personality disorder, in my view. Grey matter and superficial social skills are not at all inconsistent with serious personality problems.

True story: a friend of mine, a member of the California State Bar, Phi Beta Kappa (junior year) grad of Berkeley, where he majored in philosophy; Notes Editor of the Law Review of his law school; claimed to have an IQ of 165-171 (tho I don't know what scale of measurement he was using). Lived in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in some of the most beautiful country in the world.

But, he had a history of some serious personality problems, and a toxic family situation back in Wisconsin. In late 2003, at age 51, he went back for "3 days" to attend to said toxic situation, and ended up staying. By late 2005, he was living out of a car outside of Milwaukee, drinking heavily. In November 2005, he tried to kill himself. Last I've heard of him, once he was released from the hospital. No money, he's lost his license to practice law and his family wants nothing to do with him.

Grey matter is but one component of the ability to successfully navigate life.

Anonymous said...

HI Gang! Just came in from the beach and thought I'd check in. My income generating rental down here is still doing well so now I can write this weekend off my taxes next year.

Oh wait - maybe I shouldn't since it turns out I am people who "want to punch the walls out so bad because your lives are pitiful."

HAHAHAHA - a very sad troll indeed!
See ya!

Anonymous said...

Also, I feel sorry for Galina, but pleeeeeeeeeeeease. Look at the pictures of her doing the RE fraud with Casey.

The pictures prove no such thing. Casey told her he was a RE mogul about to make it big. She believed him. Naive, certainly, but hardly criminal. That's just as plausible an interpretation of the pictures, no?

She was involved. Legal public documents prove this.

They don't prove intent to defraud. Which, granted, may not be enough to save her from prosecution - but that's a separate issue.

Obviously, there's no doubt whatever that Casey did intend to defraud - but all the evidence, especially that which has emerged in the last fortnight, suggest that he talked Galina into it rather than her being an active and fully cognizant partner.

And given that literally all the actual witness evidence - very much including Galina's own handwritten contracts - supports this interpretation, that's the one I'm going with for now.

Rob Dawg said...

I merely said a lil bit about myself just to show you how "online" you can perceive ppl very differently from how they really are.

You gotta be a much better troll if we are gonna let you play. Niether you nor the audio Mocha are what you claim. No one even cares to listen to the plaintive bleatings of denial. The fish in this pond are so big they won't bother. Swim on little minnow.

Rob Dawg said...

Supposedly Galina was doing the books for a while. At some point a $9k/mo burn rate had to get her attention. 11 of those credit cards are in her name.

Hey, maybe she wised up and won't sign the '06 tax return and that's why Casey hasn't filed.

The Dude said...

Sweet sez:"Do I incur any kind of firstness ban for cheating? Will there be any consequences to my actions or can I just look the other way like Snowflake???" was pretty evident you were doping. NOBODY has so little of a life they can accumulate that many FIRSTS!...even me, and I have no life whatsoever.

Best thing to do is:
1) Take no responsibility
2) Admit no fault
3) If so, blame others
4) Speak in "isms"
5) If all else fails, ignore.

Then, and only then, do you get your Certificate of Caseyhood

Anonymous said...


You are obviously a newbie. We have known since last year Galina is more involved than Snowflake lets on.

Yawn... thanks Captain Obvious. What's next? You going to inform us that Chris Record is in on it too?

Anonymous said...

Dr: Good morning Casey, have a seat.

KC: Hi

Dr: Tell me, what's going on.

KC: Its these haterz. There are thousands of them. My wife and family included.

Dr: When did you begin to notice these haterz?

KC: Shortly after I started a blog on the internet - it was a site dedicated to foreclosure help.

Dr: Tell me more, how or why did you start this blog.

KC: Well, I went to these RE seminars - spending in excess of $30,000 on these really bad one, then $16,000 on NRU which is a quality education.

Dr: Let me understand this correctly, you spent in excess of $46,000 overall on RE education?

KC: Yes.

Dr: Then what?

KC: Well, I then went and purchased 8 houses in 8 months in four states.

Dr: How much did this cost you?

KC: I ended up $2.2 million in debt.

Dr: Really?

KC: Yes.

Dr. Then what?

KC: Well, I started this site and then the media frenzy began - I appeared in New Yorker Magazine, SF Chronical, Sac Bee, Economist, MSN, Suzie Orman's show. Actually it got to the point I lost track. When the "sweet media" started I was the "poster boy for all bad in RE" - then later I became "the most hated blogger in the world." Websites have been developed by these haters. It sucks.

Dr: Really

KC: Yea

Dr: Now let me understand this a little better - you've been in the news, are the "most hated blogger in the world" and people have come to hate you, devoting hours of time developing websites dedicated to hating you?

KC: Yes

Dr: And these haterz are worldwide and include now your family and friends?

KC: Exactly

Dr: Could you excuss me a moment.

The doctor leaves the room and makes a phone call to the local mental health institution requesting a pick-up for this parinod delusional schizto.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Re: Galina. Perhaps she's guilty, in part, perhaps not, need I remind everyone all we know is what Casey has posted, and if anyone gives him even a shred of credibility after last night...I honestly don't know what to tell you.

Steven *could* shed more light, if he chose to, but i suspect he'd want to keep family issues private.

I tend to think Galina has been experiencing the horror of a spouse watching their mate drown, be it from alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, or gambling. Nothing works, nothing changes for the better, and "normal" becomes choas, arguments, manipulation, frustration, and anger.

We got a *taste* of Casey with his brother. Imagine what life is like in the sister's house, when she's tried to talk sense into him. Imagine the fighting, the endless hours trying to get a word in edgewise, the feeling of accomplishing nothing when he finally stomps off and ignores her.

I think she was doing what she felt she was supposed to, when she helped him with the rehabs...and since then her support has slowly turned into horror when the reality of who her husband is revealed itself.

If Galina was part of the problem, I suspect Steven would have addressed that. Instead, he talked about how much this is hurting her.

No, I think we need to put her firmly in the victim camp.

And i agree with Duane - full, 24/7 blockade and boycott of IAFF from now on. No more Haterz traffic, and spread the word anywhere else IAFF is mentioned to not go there, even with the Firefox controls in effect. We just need one person to go there on a regular basis and copy and paste Casey's insanity over here.

Further, no more comments, unless it's Duane or Homey.

Oh, yeah - and fuck LossMitPro. What a coward.

Anonymous said...


STFU. You don't have what it takes to banter with the dawgs here. Now go stand in the middle of 8 Mile. buh bye...

Anonymous said...

@ Mocha: How does "not taking welfare" make you a better person.

What the hell does welfare or the taking of it give people superiority complexes?

Fuck, If I needed welfare, I would take it. And if that makes you feel that your "a better person", fuck you.

Anonymous said...

"Now go stand in the middle of 8 Mile. buh bye..."

Not enough traffic, she needs to go stand in the middle of I-696

Anonymous said...

I just can't go along with the theory that the rest of Casey's family are victims. There are just too many places you can poke holes in the argument.

First, Galina is too involved on a variety of levels. From keeping the books, signing loan documents, numerous credit cards with gigantic debt and having her sister keep her and Snowflake for close to a year.

If you are the parents you cut Casey loose a long time before this, not to mention telling him flat out NO for co-signing anything. You must insulate yourself from an out of control knucklehead, or end up paying the consequences. If the parents were the hard working types, trying to raise a decent family, they don't let one bad apple blow it all to hell.

And if Steve is so concerned with the family name, Galina and whatever else, you don't air your dirty laundry on one of Casey's talkfests. You either call him up on the phone yourself, visit him in person, or gather up the family and cut him off until he comes to his senses.

No (what I would consider)normal family would react the way it appears the Serins and Sisters Suprin have done so far. That's my take on it, given the limited information available for conjecture. I believe they are all sloshing around in the same sewer hole. Each individual at different levels of involvement and enabling, but innocent victims, I can't buy into that one.

Anonymous said...

@ wine country dude. Vouch. My mother as well suffers from NPD (though it's typically the rest of us who suffer, no?). C has all the signs and symptoms. What you and I know, probably all too well, is that there is ZERO that anyone can do about it. NPs lack the capacity for love, they lack the capacity for empathy and they do not live in reality. They feel two things: victimhood and anger. If you are not with them (and thusly do not agree with every ridiculous thing they do or utter), you are against them and a "hater".

They take no responsibility for any action. Ever. They'll take credit for others' success, but never any ownership for anything negative. If they hit you, you made them do it. If they fail, they were set up for failure. They will charm you long enough to get you close enough that they can whack you again. The only purpose that other people serve for someone with NPD is to validate them. The minute you don't do that, you are an enemy. That goes for family members, doubly so.

I personally have nothing to do with my mother, nor do any of the other sane members of my family. People always wonder how one can cut off all contact with one's mother. Spend any amount of time with someone with NPD and it's easy to understand.

One characteristic of NPs that C has in spades (and part of why it's impossible to explain anything to him) as that he believes, truly, truly believes, that he is smarter than everyone. Not a conceited affectation but an honest-to-god delusion. They either think they are smarter than everyone else or more beautiful than everyone else (it's typically one or the other - sometimes both).

I sincerely hope for G's sake that she gets the hell out. There is no other solution. And for god's sake, do not have children with that kid. The reason C can speak so casually about G holding him back is because he does not love her. He has no idea what love is or feels like. She is only useful to him if she is worshipping him and aiding him and for as long as she doesn't, she will be "holding him back".

For everyone here who is trying to help him, please understand, he cannot be helped. The prognosis for NPD is notoriously bad. Their entire sense of self is based on self-delusion and they are absolutely incapable of understanding reality. It is a mental illness and it is largely incurable. All of your intentions are good, but they are futile.

Anonymous said...

Mocha, why would you feel the need to come on a forum where you just want to stir up trouble? It isn't as if you didn't know - especially after last night - exactly what EN was about. Then to tell all these monsterous lies about yourself being a doctorate candidate.

I think you have a need to be wanted, just like Casey does. Start your own blog so we can hate on you too.

Anonymous said...

"Now go stand in the middle of 8 Mile. buh bye..."

Not enough traffic, she needs to go stand in the middle of I-696"

Nahhh. Try the John C. Lodge freeway at rush hour.


Here's a thought. Would Casey be above forging his wife or other family members' signatures? He seems driven enough to do just about anything else.

Anonymous said...

I am neither a psychiatrist nor any sort of licensed doctor nor am I a gambling man, but if I were a gambling man, I'd put money on Casey responding well to at least one of the drugs they prescribe for bipolar disorder.

The difference between serious mental illnesses and personality disorders is pretty much summed up in the difference between "Snowflake" and "Butterfly". (Remember, "Butterfly" may have wrecked yet another nascent career with his broken personality.)

Oh yes, and Mocha is full of shit. Anyone remember that you don't have to pay on student loans when you're going to school full-time? And who goes to med school part-time?

Anonymous said...

"No where"? "Immagrants"?

When I went to medical school, it was at least competitive enough to weed out the illiterates. I'm fairly certain it still is.

wine country dude said...

@ Anon 3:01

Agree completely. I have been there, and you have too.

lawnmower man said...

Wine country dude, anonymous: I incorporated parts of your comments into this Casepedia article on NPD. Hope I did them justice.

(Important to note that an NPD "diagnosis" is pure speculation at this point, and that Casey denied suggestions that he may suffer from NPD. I tried to express these points in the article also.)

Anonymous said...

So RobDawg, are you going to call for an official IAFF boycott? It would probably give the thing more wings.

Even if you're more of the libertarian type, it would still make an interesting experiment to find out just how much traffic EN really does supply to Casey's train wreck.

Anonymous said...

Mocha obviously doesn't realize that being checked into a psych ward for drug and alcohol rehabilitation does NOT mean that she is "going to medical school".
If her grammar and spelling is any indication..she barely squeaked by high school. It is also pretty obvious she has some mental issues.