Saturday, May 19, 2007

Duane LeGate Part 2.1 All Hat and No Cattle

It was pretty clear he was a train wreck waiting to happen. After talking with him about the properties, I didn’t see any “THERE” there. The only asset I saw was his blog, and he had the ability to get work. So, we had to focus on 2 things at once. One, get steady income from blog/work or preferably both. Two, unwind the houses as fast as possible.

The hurdle was the NLL—example... Casey sells blog, NLL whips out contract and says pay me… Casey sells his story.. ditto. He had told me about the NLL contract in passing. When I started asking questions about it, I became REAL concerned. I asked him to send it to me so I could read it. He did. The whole freaking tone of the NLL contract sounded like it was written by a first grader that had just watched Perry Mason. I let someone in my office that is a contract master (but not an attorney) look at it. We both agreed it was a MASSIVE joke. But to be on the safe side I sent it to my attorney. He literally LAUGHED. He was telling me how this was a legal form of indentured servitude. Ok. I thought these ladies can be reasonable people right?? So I picked up the phone and called Erin. I told her who I was, and why I was calling which was to ask them to release Casey from the contract. I also told her it wouldn’t stand up anyway, he has no assets, so they have no benefit… kinda… lets just all move on…

Well, you would’ve thought I had called her mom a bad name. She dug in and let me know the contract WAS legal, it WAS written by a professional attorney, THEY did give Casey valuable services, Casey screwed the whole thing up being wishy washy. And finally.. hell no! CLICK…

I called back. She didn’t answer. So I called Joy. Brother… I would NEVER want to meet up with her in a dark alley… “I aint scared of NUTTIN” except Joy. The way she sounded on the phone reminded me of “Mister T”.. .. UUGGHHH HHEEEYY BBBOOOYYY YOOUUU LIISSTTEENNN HHEERRREEE….

She hung up too.. however I was to scared to call her back… J

So.. back to my attorney. We have an unenforceable contract. It is a joke and everyone knows it HOWEVRE… that would NOT preclude The NLL from flaunting it and ruining any deal Casey may land in the future. TO be clear, for those of you that hadn’t read it. The contract basically stated that not only did the own Casey, but now and forever.. I MEAN ALL of Casey. Even his thoughts.. his future earnings.. his HAIR… EVERYTHING… Why snowflake signed it I will never know.
The more I thought about the contract the madder I became.. I mean who in their RIGHT mind.. WHO… would screw someone over like that.. I mean.. HEY THERE HE IS>> KICK HIM WHILE HES DOWN… AGAIN…AGAIN..

What they did was just flat out EVIL!!

So I wanted to have the contract busted for a lot of reasons.. but now for me the main one was principle. Options? Court. That simple. Venue was a problem.. Im in GA> CASEY in Cali, The NLL in AZ and Cali.

So I asked Jerry… what happens if I have Casey expose Laverne and Shirley? He advised against it… they could cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble. OK, not to back down from a good fight. I made a business decision. If they come after me… I will not only defend but attack, if they go after Casey… I got his back . I told Casey I would foot the first 10,000 in legal bills. I said lets expose them for what they are… the LEACHES they are.. and shame them to death with THEIR own actions.

So as most of you know… we did… and BOY did it get FUN….

More to come…..
Rob Dawg says; Part 2.2 the emails that go with this part of the story.


Anonymous said...

There's no way in hell that he will shut down the blog. It's the only valid distraction left.

It's all Troll.

IAFF has turned into the equivalent of a Mexican Novella. Wow what a cliff hanger - earn $1000 per week or else!

And that countdown clock. You've gotta be kidding me.

When's the official blanket party on the Yahoo PPC's anyway?

BTW is available.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Snowflake wants advertisers. This has got to be a joke, right?

May 10th, 2007
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As an official advertiser you get the following benefits:

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The Dude said...

Dammit...had to "honey do" some stuff and missed my threepeat!

Anonymous said...

Fifth at Ex-Hooper Nation™! :-)

The Dude said...

Question: What would it take to get the "ladies" to void the contract?

Shaming them won't work. Reason won't work. What would motivate them ? Nobody will file suit against them because there's no money to be had to offset the expense.


Rob Dawg said...

That "ex-uber nation" bit says quite a lot about the boy behind the blog. He knows, he visits here more often than IAFF. My first thought was sloppy but the repetition meant not only is he jealous of EN but he feels the need to sabotage any click through. That's pretty low and devious for a kid who just got into a little financial trouble.

Anonymous said...

@ Rob Dawg... on the other hand, he could just be an idiot. Occam's Razor and all. :-)

He had no problem letting me plug the actual URL. Yeah, he threw in the gratuitous attempted insult afterwards, but that's Casey for ya... again, I kick myself for not mentioning how only one of the two blogs has been accessible constantly throughout the last 2 weeks, and it hasn't been Casey's. ;-p

Anonymous said...

New EN Slogan: Ex-Uber is Suber-Duber ;-p

Anonymous said...

Those No Limits Ladies sound like pretty mean harpies. Like most Kiyosaki clingers they've got no scruples at all. They all sound like Amway drones who get brainwashed into selling the product and then become consumed by greed and visions of success.

I know he's a retard and all but what the HELL was he thinking signing that contract??? That's the most restrictive contract I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

@Rob Dog

So roll with it. Register, and make it a pointer here.

No big deal.

Lost Cause said...

So I guess nobody ever thought of mailing a letter giving five days notice to cancel the contract?

Anonymous said...

Totally makes it sound rad, Dude, to the max. Its UBER cool. Its ex-UBER-nation!

Casey was very jealous of any mention of EN and seems not to like Rob Dawg much...

How many people who were listening to the live Talkcast were haterz? 99% sound right? Sadly, Casey owes his livelihood to the people he baits with dumb ploys and cliffhangers. He must have picked up a Blogging for Dummies handbook on how to get the most traffic.

Anonymous said...

them bitches crazy

Unknown said...

How come every single thing Casey is involved with turns into a huge disaster?

M. SINGH said...


If you recall, Mr. SERIN has been the signatory of three hilarious contracts:

a) The No Limits Ladies contract, where "the agreement shall go by the following name: Casey SERIN," and,

b) The Moline "wholesaling" endeavor, which made quizzical use of bold-face type and strange legal terminology bordering on the meaningless, and

c) Mr. SERIN's recent offering, done in illegible cursive handwriting. Perhaps he needed to write the contract in black ink, and one of the witnesses needed to correct the errors in red ink. Then his mother, the schoolteacher, can scrawl a large letter "F" on the top of the page.

Mr. SERIN would do well to request a translator along with his court-appointed counsel. I wonder, however, how "failing forward" would be translated into the Russian?

I remain,


As a postscript, you may wish to view my Web journal. It currently boasts 897 distinct weekly visitors.

Anonymous said...

Make that 4 contracts:

Don't forget the $50,000 Promissory Note for a house that was just weeks away from foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

I kinda want to listen to Casey's fraud cast (I mean blog cast) but I don't think I'm up for the whole thing. How can I fast forward over the parts that I don't want to listen to? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@unbelievable said

go to:
32:00 - Duane
1:20:00 - Benoit
1:44:00 - J Treehorn

Dimes said...

Also CHJTS 2:26:00
and Declan 2:57:00

Pretty much everyone else is forgettable

The Dude said...

About the contract and the "ladies"......

Sometimes, when you hold onto something you shouldn't it becomes a burden. What if the contract were submitted to several law schools for them to use in their classes as an example of how NOT to prepare one.

What if the contract followed the "ladies" where ever they go...especially to all the Rich Dad online events? What would K say if it became the topic of discussion and a distraction from the business at hand......

HERE is the Rich Dad Underground site

flailing forward said...

I'm kind of a fan of egg super nation. Except that the guy who runs it is too cheap to get real web hosting. If he was smart like my boy Casey he would get a sweet $80 server from Go Daddy. Maybe throw in a DNS change on those high traffic days.

New Southpark characters:

M. SINGH said...


Thank you for refreshing my memory. As I recall, this is the note that he obtained due to his "super-persistent agent lady," Amy COLEMAN.

You may remember that she too had the dubious distinction of being victimized by Mr. SERIN's social experiment. In fact, she terminated communications with Mr. SERIN shortly after she was exhibited on his site.

I still wonder why he chose to place her picture on his journal and call her "cute." Perhaps we can add Ms. COLEMAN to the ever-growing list of people affected by Mr. SERIN's negligence. Or was Mr. SERIN, in his own misogynistic matter, attempting to do her a favor? Perhaps he thought: "The agent lady is trying to find my house a good buyer. In return, I should help her find a good husband."

If Mr. SERIN was marketing a movie script, a romantic sub-plot like this would have been critical.

I remain,


flailing forward said...

@ The Dude
Heh, now is your chance to let Robert Kiyosake know what you would like him to discuss in his next book with The Donald. Looks like they allow anonymous comments too.

Anonymous said...

I'd encourage all reasonably serious Haterz™ to sign up with CaseyPedia. I'm working on the Casey article itself right now. We're looking for a mix of Wikipedia seriousness with a little Uncyclopedia Dramatica silliness.

From my recent editing spree, an example quote of the latter kind: "Serin apparently never made the obvious connection between his having both a job and a positive balance in his bank account simultaneously, and thus quit his job in late 2005."


Anonymous said...

@ M SINGH: I still wonder why he chose to place her picture on his journal and call her "cute."

Well, Casey almost assuredly mixed up female realtor Amy Coleman with male CashCall spokesman Gary Coleman. It was actually Gary that Casey thinks is "cute". ;-)

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I read said agreement on IAFF when it was posted there. I remember my thought were, “Well, there goes any chance Casey has of bringing in a credible angel investors. He is done.
Was I wrong, Duane was ready to get in the game in spite of the “Clouds” on the deal. It is amazing Casey reneged on Duane’s offer of an exit from the BizNet, Chicks and his debacle.
I'm not a lawyer, but as my normal day to day dealings I work with contracts, with my name and company's names on the bottom line.
The agreement was the most ridiculous supposed "business document"/ legal agreement I have EVER come across. If someone put that in front of me I would have laughed at them, seriously.
These women are exploitative at least and as Duane sez, they are evil.
Here again, the line blurs with Casy, is he a con in training or the victim?
Who is conning who.

Anonymous said...

Just listening to the talkcast. First time I've heard Casey speak - reminds me of a cross between Kermit and Bill Gates. Interesting quote around 14:00 where he confuses his blog with his marriage:

...she was ready to pull the plug and everything, I mean I really respect her and love her, and how it was
always between money and fame, and the blog - I was gonna kind of - sorry, it was between money and fame and my marriage, I'd definitely choose my marriage...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it at least mildly amusing that Casey really considers himself famous?!?!?! I mean seriously, "money, fame, blog...oops I mean marriage?!?!?!"

He's not famous, he's an utter failure, has a crummy blog that probably won't be around much longer, and the vast majority of the people who know his name detest him. FAMOUS?!?!

Money?!?! As in money he stole?! Yeesh. Talk about delusional.

Anonymous said...


Rob Dawg said...

jilly beat me to it. Infamous.

Me, I'm still pondering whether to let "lose" the dawgs of war on LossMitPro. Leaving comments elsewhere with things like we all secretly want to be Casey but don't have the gutz™. Then we find out he may not be all he claims. Sounds like a little SDCIA Jeff and a little Brian S. Nick and maybe even a little RCS going on there.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about the "page not found" errors: I get the impression they appear when Snowflake is moderating the comments. I'd guess he publishes them all, then goes through the list deleting the worst ones, and keeps the page offline while he's doing it.

Anyway, he's got $875 to go.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... I thought I'd seen BAD websites in the past, but this one's a doozy.

Here's a link to Snowflake's $125 sponsor's web page (so you don't have to go to the IAFF site, or pass credit for the link, etc.:

Real class stuff, this first sponsor!

Anonymous said...

"LossMitPro. Leaving comments elsewhere with things like we all secretly want to be Casey but don't have the gutz™. "

I said it before and I'll say it again, it did NOT take guts on Casey's part to lose other people's money. That's like going to Vegas with your friends money to gamble with, and no need to pay him back. I think LossMitPro is "projecting", HE secretly wishes he could be like Casey, or even be Casey, and this disturbs him. to get back to equilibrium, he tells himself that EVERYBODY wants to be like Casey too, so it's not that bad.

I've read some of his posts today, and found him kind of a poseur like Nigel, just not as much hot air.

Ah screw it, he can go in the dog pound with Casey and Nigel.

El Gringo said...

I'm listening to the podcast too.

J. Treehorn is hilarious:

"Build the Drama, get a divorce, and blog the whole thing."

And Casey says he's considering it.

Anonymous said...


lol, I'm surprised he didn't hit casey up to massage some quality into his website. Shit man, there's stuff there I haven't seen in like 10 years; the scrolling flag, the mouse trailing text, the cheesy photo of him looking pensive out the window..sheesh.
And what the hell does pro wrestling have to do with Casey' site? Oh yeah..they're both fake. I don't even know what the hell this Bruce guy is selling..all I saw were some men in tights on a book, figured it was a Nigel internet time warp and left.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Dawg. LossMitMark is a first class buttwipe.

Anonymous said...

The impression that the NLL document that Casey signed is no more than an attempt to 'legalize' indentured servitude in this case, was the same impression that I got.

It would be interesting to bang that document against laws enacted to combat slavery and incidentally, indentured servitude. Casey could have a tort case against the NLL if they try to exercise it or try to hold it over his head. They would be seen as acting much like an extortionist... pay up or else I make sure your life is miserable by continually introducing this (nasty but unenforceable) document whenever you try to market yourself or try to profit from the name you made for yourself. It is truly a document that bites both ways. I do agree that he needs to take a pro-active approach against that document though. It would help in any court case against the NLL for tortuous interference.

One of the previous posters mentioned that they can now see how Galina might feel 'stuck' in this relationship and less of a willing 'partner' than initially thought. This 'effect' that he could create against a naive person was exactly what I meant by a 'reality distortion field'. I have personal experience with one of these because of my father. It took me a bit to get my head back on straight after leaving the house at 18. It works as a series of excuses, justifications, rationalizations that have the sound of truth, possibly mixed in with a few fragments of truth. What can't be distorted gets ignored or deflected by attempting to attack the credibility of the other person. (ie the association of a person who works as a looser™ W-2). These people feel self justified, and that they are never wrong. It is always someone else's fault. They often develop a bit of paranoia as a result (excessive feeling of self worth combined with everyone else not perceiving them as such)

Seeing Casey's behavior over these several months reminds me what this type of behavior does to people living under it.. and that is why I cut Galina slack on it. Yes, she did work with Casey on the initial buy-rehab-flips, but any decent wife would probably try to help her husband. It looked like she backed out after when all the 'work' portion of it kept falling to her. I want her to feel like the world outside is not quite as 'hostile' as she may feel, and possibly as hostile as Casey may want to portray it(so that she would feel that she has no choice). It is good that she is staying at her sisters. People like Casey often like to have their significant others terminate familial support connections (forced dependency upon him - he become the truth and only truth as a result).

I suspect someone will ask or wonder if there is potential for physical abuse when a person of this nature has their view of themselves questioned. The answer is a conditional yes. Conditioned upon how the person deals with those of equal physical stature.

On the whole beg-a-thon thing, geesh.. go out with my GF/SO and miss whole lot of stuff. Congrats to those that roasted that weener™ (pronounced in a bad mexican accent, saying winner).

Anonymous said...


Oh deere lowered. WTF? You're right Legion... one of the worst looking non-MySpace webpages I've seen this century.

Great sponsor Casey.

Dimes said...

Do you think Casey will get to the point where he'll accept advertising revenue from any sponsor, no matter how bawdy? Will his desire to keep his site family-oriented and organic trump his desire to keep it alive at all?

In other words, do you think that by Thursday afternoon we'll be able to sell him a link to the steel-toed Steph J. egg-cleavage ball-kicking muddy-jeep fetish website? Or something else he would hate, like a link to this beloved foodstuff?

Last night he told a caller that he believed his site was worth more in (unrealized) business opportunity than $30K. He's an idiot. If I were him, I'd sell the domain and start up a new one.

Of course, I'm not a successful real estate investor, so any suggestion of mine should be promptly shot down by ad hominem attacks.

Dimes said...

PS: As far as I know, no such Stephanie J. adoration website exists. Sorry guys. :-)

Anonymous said...


But but but... he's got a picture of himself with Michael Jordan. And look at how much Michael is worth, he must have bought this guy's books.

Geeze Us.

Anonymous said...

Concerning LossMitPro, he is right.. but only partially (humm, is he the same persona-type as Casey?). He may bit a bit of an ass.. but I have never met him, so I can't speak to that.

The problem is that Casey was doing business as Casey on the house purchases (note the how the houses were titled). The only transaction with the business entity seemed to be the loan. If Casey did the transactions on the house purchases and refurbs through the corporate entity, the loan from the corporate entity to Casey would stand up to the 'sniff' test. Doing the house purchases and refurbs through the corporate entity would have also allowed him to walk away from everything if it collapsed as it did. The bankruptcy/foreclosures would have been on the corporation entity, not him. (This incidentally is why you form corporations). It allows you to be personally shielded from liabilities. The corporation is effectively a 'person'.

Casey's inability to understand how to use a corporation/LLP also tells me that his real-estate eddication is worth Jack-Shit.

The Dude said...

Take a peek at this link on Rich Dad Underground...guess who's their "guest"?...none other than
Elvira the Evil , herself. LOL

What's your thoughts on a cut and paste of the the comments?

Dimes said...

Do you really think Kiyote even looks at Rich Dad Underground? Do you think his visitors read other people's comments?
I'll guess "no" on both counts.

The Dude said...


YES, they do......

Check out the "Pizza Hut" deal....they screwed up the numbers, were called on it and it blew up in their face...not just there but on a bunch of K related sites and YouTube.

I doubt K ever visits, but the schmuck that runs it reports to him on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg @ 6:29 PM:

”Me, I'm still pondering whether to let 'lose' the dawgs of war on LossMitPro. Leaving comments elsewhere with things like we all secretly want to be Casey but don't have the gutz™..Then we find out he may not be all he claims.’”

Hey Rob:
Look if I’ve offended you by something said on another blog, that wasn’t my intent. Don’t think I meant to be that general within the post in question, but recall focusing on a couple of “Haterz” comments read before. Long and short, I don’t think anyone wants to be like Casey.

Again, apologies, but as I learn more about this Casey saga I’m trying to take a more balanced approach. There are no devils here, that’s for sure, yet if I’ve offended please forgive?

Having said that Rob, you are of course free to act as you see fit. And I am free to respond accordingly, and shall, to protect my professional reputation. Albeit you seem like a reasonable man, so I hope you consider your actions in context with the whole... I mean you (or anyone else) no harm, and I’d hope that sentiment is extended to myself as well.

Thanks in advance for understanding.


Anonymous said...

Lost Mittens, it's nice to see you adding substantive info in your most recent posts here, and I for one don't want to 'hound you', but c'mon!

How do you reconcile your bombast about anyone even breathing Casey's name (as if you were engaged as his attorney of record to protect him) with comments such as this recent one you made, but that might just as well have come from Duane:

"...I’m hoping more about this (my professional relationship with Casey) can be exposed later, as I’d be happy to discuss unprivileged matter..."

Rob Dawg said...

Mark, sure. We run a real loose ship here. Different opinions and wide backgrounds and spirited exhange are the only thing that keeps this place interesting. The "guts" comment was just not something I could let pass. That said, this is not a long knives club. People don't go out looking for a fight. Neither do they shrink away. As long as you present yourself as who you are you'll find the atmosphere collegial and polite. Problem is with anything Casey most dawgs have their BS sniff detectorz™ set on 11. Go slow and present your case. You make good points but in what little opinion I've formed so far I think you discount human nature in deference to the logical course. For instance, Casey is small potatoes. Why bother prosecuting a schmuck who is already facing a lifetime of sub 400 credit scores? The human nature side tells me that the Sacto DA is having his nose rubbed in this and he's also elected. No matter who is set to run against him, this kind of thing sticks. The human factor tells me he and any number of others have no choice but to take out the thorn no matter how small.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to add this to last post:

"So, Mark, maybe it's now no wonder that Nigel is trolling you and a bit upset, given it now appears another defection' from the Casey-o-sphere, just like Duane's, might be under way.

In any event, I do appreciate your information about the various means of corp financing, etc., but am literally incredulous that you could be a legitimate businessman AND simultaneously approve of ongoing business relations with an unrepentant and self-disclosed eight time mortgage fraud, who admitted and reveled in use of false information on occupancy status, income, debt, and who knows what other information in order to secure that ~2.2MM.

More apologists, this idiot Serin does not need, IMHO, and especially none having a current position in the finance industry along with a clear modicum of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

All kidding aside,

and I think Duane, Dawg, Benoit, and others will back me up on this.

One of the things I would have loved to do was talk shop with casey about REI, but it is time consuming and boring.

I wanted to stress to him that even though he wants to be an investor the most important thing above all else is your reputation.

You accomplish your reputation by not making promises that you simply cannot deliver.

If you cant help someone within your tolerance and formula (that you had better have already established to adhere to what you can and will deliver), then you should not be doing it. Or simply find an investment vehicle that you can deliver on.

Your reputation is the single most important aspect of Real Estate Investing. Everything else is secondary and come as a result of your reputation.

The contracts, the marketing, the salesmanship, your ability to generate new all becomes a cause and effect because of your reputation.

If you consistently show that you can follow through with what you promise, the rest all falls into place.

One of the other aspect that I will touch on is casey's Bird Doggin' Mailman(TM).

I am one of the original people that gave this hint to him.

When you develop ways to have additional eyes and ears out there to bring you deals such as a mailman who knows every vacant house on his/her route....well you try and develop ways to bring this to your attention.

You simply cannot cover an entire city block by block by block and they do.

You can advertise to the people that need your services, and word of mouth is always golden and produces the most productive results, but what about the out of state owners, the burned out landlords, the people who inherit some property that dont have a clue what to do with it.

Hell I even know some people (and they are complete masters at what they do--and it is kinda morbid too) that go and read the obituaries and go to estate sales and talk with the family members about acquiring/disposing of the property left behind. This takes extreme patience, tact, and guile...I know I could never do it.

One last subject I want to touch on in this post:

As far as snowflake thinking that Duane has violated his trust....I will offer a diseminating position.

Casey will continue on with his destructive behaviour until he is forcibly stopped.

It is obvious that the authorities in such matters are moving slowly (if they are even going to move at all), and it is obvious that his wife, parents, family, friends, and in-laws do not have what it takes to stop him.

So who does....????
What does it take to stop someone that is a danger to themselves and everyone around them?

He gives us his take on the info, half info, half truths, mostly lies and then gets very upset when dirt is dug up to fill in the blanks and to get the rest of the story.

As far as I can tell the only thing that shows any type of response from his is public ridicule and exposure to the truth.

So who holds all of that? Who has the info and proof to back it up that will take the wool back off of the eyes of the people that are unintentionally enabling him (IE galina, Yulia, parents, etc)?

Well its Duane.

Duane has said he will show us and all of caseys family members the opportunities he was presented and that they had a solution to get him out of this mess. A solution based on logic, action, and painstaking planning nonetheless.

Duane has said "It would be painful, but it could be done". (paraphrased of course).

Now when Galina and others see that casey was presented with a definite opportunity to get out of this mess and solve all of the problems he created, yet he chose to basically say..fuck you galina, and fuck you everyone else, Then they will see that he simply doesnt give a shit about them and is so deluded in Narcissism that it will never stop.

I disagree with Duane that casey needs to hit absolute rock bottom before he will change.

Even if casey is stripped of everything, his marriage, family, roof over his head, EVERYTHING..he will still be lazy and always searching for the easiest way.

I do agree with duane that casey needs to be shaken, but unfortunately I believe his shaking should have happened about 23 years and 9 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Benoit, Duane and CHJTS for the Casey smackdown last night. My understanding of the "contract" he has with Galina is that by 4:45pm on friday he must give her 1k CASH in hand. Not potential or imaginary money.
His demeanor last night shows that this is just a big joke to him.
It's clear that instead of looking for a job or doing contract work he is gonna spend the entire week coming up with technical loopholes.

ratlab said...

Make that 5.5 bad contracts fliptard has signed.

Don't forget the $20K contract. $16K was needed, but he took out $4K more. Two lenders. Almost like a piggyback loan to stupidity. He discussed it in his implode-o-cast last night.

Anonymous said...

"Casey-o-sphere™" is a registered and licensed trademark of Whack-a-Casey Incorporated which is a subsidiary of Murse Boy Defilers LLC, which is a member of the Out'n Fraudsters family of companies, which includes SerinSpank and GalinaBounce, and all use is reserved and limited to Haterz, gawkers, bloggers, jokers, geeks, dweebs, and their families and assigns. Flippers, slippers, juicers, celebutards, trampo-cytes, Jetta-nappers, and such are specifically prohibited by the laws of Uzebekistan and other collapsed puppet states. Side affects may include cyanosis in nailbeds, dramatic weight loss, hair lightening, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, loss of libido, fixation on shiney objects. If these symptoms persist for more than three or four years, ya better haul what's left of yer azz to the sawbones.

Anonymous said...

I just about choked on my own vomit.

Ratlab and others:

There has been activity by butterfly at his mortgage blog..I clicked on some of his links and read his self promoting drivel.

It is just amazing how he links himself in his own postings...

What a smug little prick.

Duane needs to go shake him too.

Anonymous said...

He mentioned that he owes two people the 20k, perhaps they are involved in NRU and "fronted" the money to suck him into the pyramid. When he can't pay up they will make him "work it off" recruting fresh meat (good luck to them on that).

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg @ 8:09 PM:
”...this is not a long knives club. People don't go out looking for a fight. Neither do they shrink away. As long as you present yourself as who you are you'll find the atmosphere collegial and polite..’”

Thanks, Rob, I look forward to participating more on this blog. And yes, believe me, I am everything I claim to be. And as I post more that will become increasingly evident, one can’t fake knowledge about some of the stuff I could comment on. So therein rests the proof.

In my line of work, high credibility is the only thing that separates me from the many hacks in the foreclosure prevention business (many of whom are Investors looking for an angle, I’m sure Duane will confirm this). So admittedly, I’m a bit touchy when it comes to my professional competence being questioned (more so than the average business person) without cause.

Anyway, glad we got this cleared up. Reason and restraint should always prevail over reaction and discord, which is my first preference dealing with any conflict situation.

Beside, you folks are a fun bunch!


Anonymous said...

LOL said...
He mentioned that he owes two people the 20k, perhaps they are involved in NRU and "fronted" the money to suck him into the pyramid. When he can't pay up they will make him "work it off" recruting fresh meat (good luck to them on that).

THE disgusting thing is that he went 20k into debt for 1 week of classes that teach you crap and nothing will learn more from than any guru can ever teach you...the people there are ones out there actually doing the deals and allot of the gurus today have been contributors there at one time or another or just people talking on the forums can also do a search of a guru's name...any guru..and get actual customer responses..find and talk to actual people that have used their programs etc.

Casey paid 20k to go to classes...outfuckingrageous.

and it cost them nothing to do this except indenture him to them for 20k. Casey was just someone sitting there listening to the information taking up what...2x2 feet of space that would have remained empty otherwise since the classes would have taken place anyway for the other people they duped out of 20k each.

Who the fuck would pay 20k for a 1 week education.....that is three seperate 2 year degrees where at the local community college here....casey is a fucking moron and anyone who pays these conmen these ridiculous amounts are equally morons.

Anonymous said...

8:35 PM, LossMitPro said...


Good stuff. True sign of character to be able to take some flak and come through with a sense of humor and not wanting to lash out at the world. Shows some depth, which, BTW, the pool-muck-alergic topic of this entire little soirée sorely lacks.

Anonymous said...


You're overlooking all of the other benefits of NRU:

The exclusive database of Sweet Deals, where you can "click the mouse and buy a house." You can make your $20K back on your first deal, easy.

tongue firmly in cheek

Anonymous said...

Loss mit.

Well I will be one of the first to say welcome with comments of course.

You say you dont like your competence and proffesional credentials questioned.

Well I am not one of the people that looks into this stuff, I simply dont have the time, nor desire to go search through public records....but your going to have to develop a thicker skin for a time being.

As it has been shown in the past...anyone that aligns themselves with casey gets an automatic review of every available public records/and or other means of digging dirt on them by the vast hordes of haterz.

So your professional credentials are going to be found and commented on.

If they are as strong as you claim they are, then great...the negativety will kept to a bare minimum.

I will tell you this, one of the most productive ways to stay involved is to keep posting here, reading here, offering your insight.

Dont get defensive and keep us in the loop about your dealings with casey, otherwise people will think your hiding something and it will quickly devolve into an attack on whatever dirt can be dug up on you.

So even when or even if something less than stellar in your past comes out on here, roll with the punches, Keep a sense of humor, and let it roll of your back like water to a duck.

I have seen many people in day get burned because one thing comes up that they would rather remain buried..they get stuck on that one point and it is the downfall of them..

If you keep it in perspective and in a good sense of humor, you will live to fight another day and stay a part of the community robdawg has established here for years to come...

I for one hope you relax in the future when dirt is dug up..because I like your responses thus far and look forward to your insight.

I have never really talked or seen the perspective of a loss mitigation expert, although for awhile I was dabbling in REO's and talked to enough of them...but I never got the behind the scenes perspective they have from the lender standpoint.

Some questions I have for you right off the bat though.

When a lender forecloses and they have a non-performing loan on their books...they are actually punished with the federal reserve requirement by the amount of the paper amount foreclosure reducing their amount to loan...

How much pressure is put on the loss mitigation peeps to resolve pre-foreclosure homes and avoid REO status?

Again my own personal experience started when I was looking for my own investment vehicle..I started in preforeclosures and then decided I didnt like being a counselor to people divorcing and refusing to talk to each I switched to REO's and decided I didnt like those either and kept trying until I found some things I do like.

so another question...when I was dabbling in the pre-foreclosures and talking to the loss mit people...some of them played some hardball, what position are they coming it all bluff and they actually will agree to more unconvential demands to make a deal work, I am not talking shortsales...Too much work in it for my liking to do those.

I am talking interest only payments, adding to the backend..etc.

and my final question to you is this.

WIth the due on sale clause with wrap around mortgages, subject 2 existing financing IE(trusts, assignment of beneficial interest), Lease options obviously triggers the due on sale clause the lenders have.

In your experience how many of these are you aware of that have been triggered, and what is the likelihood of the lender excercising their option of calling all monies owed due and payable?

FOr instance..casey's utah wrap around mortgage triggers the lenders due on sale clause...

any thought and insight into this is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Soem Dood @ 8:14 PM:
” literally incredulous that you could be a legitimate businessman AND simultaneously approve of ongoing business relations with an unrepentant and self-disclosed eight time mortgage fraud...’”

Well, to date I haven’t done any “business" with Casey and I wouldn’t engage anything formal on that line either. Albeit in the interest of full disclosure I have agreed (of my own accord) to pay him a reasonable referral fee, for any of his blog visitors he refers and who become my client. That is only fair and appropriate, and perhaps why a certain SLC someone has seen fit to come unglued?

Moreover, simply because Casey committed some wrongs does not mean a legitimate business person should shy from his aid. I deal with people in trouble everyday, many of who are no different than Casey with respect to mortgage fraud (aside from the number conserned). The latter is far more common than you may think, and very frequently promoted by lender staff or agents (loan brokers, underwriters, etc.).

Now as far as me exposing sensitive details as has Duane? Not likely going to happen on purpose, I’m not about turning on someone I’m charged with assisting. In short, that would breach my responsibility and do wonders (being sarcastic, can’t ya tell) for my reputation in the business.

Mine is largely a business of trust, and maintaining one’s confidences.


Anonymous said...

I followed one of the links exposing Nouveau Riche that a haterz posted here somewhere and it said $16,000 covered 20 days of instruction, which I assume would be four weeks, Monday - Friday. And we only know about that one week, am I right?

Maybe Casey went to Phoenix that week after Cashcall/begathon to take another week that he had on account. Since he apparently was asked not to blog about NRU, that would explain why he hasn't told us where he went.

Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

@ LossMitPro

It is obvious to all that you are a Casey virgin. Don't worry, soon enough you'll be fucked up the ass like all rest that have associated with snowflake.

Anonymous said...

@ Dumbfounded:

That's funny! Thanks for the chuckle, and yeah, those thoughts have crossed my mind. :)

PS - CHJTS, I'll answer your questions shortly. Please bear with me?

Anonymous said...

BadjerJim said...

You're overlooking all of the other benefits of NRU:

The exclusive database of Sweet Deals, where you can "click the mouse and buy a house." You can make your $20K back on your first deal, easy.

tongue firmly in cheek


Who in their right friggin mind buys a house by clicking a mouse....sight unseen.

You have to be a complete retard to do something like that. (no offense to the retarded community out there..let me replace retard with casey)

ANY REI with any remote amount of credibility and success KNOWS that you do not buy sight is like playing Uzbekian roullete (russian roullette--thats a fish).

It just boggles my mind that people would jetset around the country to buy a bunch of houses that are the same houses within a mile of themselves.

If you go and dig into my past postings.....The majority of my RE portfolio I can look out my damn window and see....I see everything including when they get home and when they leave because they are all right next door.

The only exception to this is my most recent acquisition, thats about 5 miles away and as of next week, I will rent (at a slight discount) one of the units to a lifelong friend..I am not talking someone I have known for 3 or 4 years..I am talking to someone I have known since I was 4 years old, trust, and will be my eyes and ears to all the happenings
there. This is outside of the management I have hired for there...tihs will by behind the scenes eyes and ears that will let me know if anything is wrong.

The funny thing actual friends are few (about 15 of them)...I should say My personal friends that is.......and about half of them we stop by each others there will be times I will go there with noone having a clue I am the owner and hang out with him.

I think my acquisitions are done for this year.......I will leave it up to duane and Dawg to buy the rest of the properties.

PS someone mentioned there was no StephJ love site up....well she is not actually a person...if you notice she is just floating eyes....the typing and such you see is done by a hal 2000 computer.

Lost Cause said...

Casey paid 20k to go to classes

No, Casey borrowed $22K for real estate clases. I doubt that he has paid anything, but a baloon payment is due Tuesday.

Akubi said...

I'm in love with M. SINGH.

Anonymous said...

@9:01 PM LossMitPro...

I see what you mean that if he gives referrals, that certainly should give the payout, if that's your understanding.

And you are right that many people can and do deal with the unsavory, and be none the worse -- jailed prisoners need uniforms, sex-fiends need to be driven in a taxi to their 1/2 way house upon release, deposed dictators need to buy gas, etc.

However, I am going to admit a personal shortcoming here, that will likely keep me from interacting too directly with you on details of your own activities: I know that an argument can be made that 'shorter's in the stock market are a necessary, and even vital presence to provide market revaluation when it gets ahead of itself and the coming economic environment. But knowing that won't ever allow me to be one myself. I either buy or do not buy stock. Period. The idea of shorting a stock leaves me feeling like a filthy manipulator. I know people could talk all night about how buying excessively can just as likely move the market 'wrongly', but I don't buy on margin, so it is my skin in the game, and I figure that is what I am comfortable with, even if it limits max return.

So, to someone with my admittedly naive view of how business could be transacted, the very idea of a person who is intended to step in and keep a lender from taking the loss that is otherwise 'due' for poor underwriting or other lack of good business acumen, seems on it's face to be working against the principles of sound economics. But I *know* in the abstract that market 'smoothers', 'recoverers', 'packagers', 'arbitragers', 'speculators', 'hedgers', and a vast array of other folks will fill whatever gaps naturally appear where a dollar can be turned.

I am sure someone can make the case that these NRU dudes with their Ponzi-like set up are somehow providing a valuable service. Perhaps separating an idiot from his money if they are willing to buy it just saves time later, I don know.

Maybe keeping foreclosures from having to go back to the bank, such that the bank THEN has to finally start taking a more active interest in accurate appraisals is somehow bad. I don't see it, but maybe so. In my mind, I am a tough love guy. I had a single fixed rate rate mortgage, and bought the house I could afford with that, on a thirty year note, paid off in fifteen, with an initial 20% down. I never took out a second to 'take equity out' of my HOME. I refi'ed only when rates came down significantly, and I then I made sure I paid no points, excessive fees, etc. I only ever owned one house (HOME!) at a time. So, I'm a dinosaur, I know, I know.

But my point is, I am not sure the world really needs Loss Mitigation Professionals, because if everyone had to take their lumps, maybe there would be fewer Casey-like lifeforms clogging up the freeways with broken Jettas on the way to Jamba Juice, or to Tahoe... but I digress...

Anonymous said...

loss mit..

I will have to read your reply to my questions in the morning.

I cant keep my eyes open anymore...they are getting very heavy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, activity over at SLC eh? I'm thinking that he is doing it remotely from some wireless he has at some motel, to keep the 5-0's thinking he is still at his mansion while he is making his getaway to Mexico.

I still say that Casey has approached Duane after the talkcast. He knows duane has money, and he needs money right now. Casey's simpering childlike contracts tells me that when push comes to shove, he WILL do or say anything to get what he wants(with his fingers crossed behind his back I'm sure, so it doesn't really count).
Backed into a corner, he is now going to tell Duane "Listen, I FINALLY realized that you are trying to help me, please give me a job and some money and I will do ANYTHING you say. Thank you for the tough love, it's exactly what I needed. Now that I've hit rock bott..."

No Casey, Rock bottom is still further down. Think divorced, sued, all assets taken by force, homeless, and then jail time. That would be rock bottom. No Casey, breaking up with Nigel wasn't rock bottom either.

Lost Cause said...

What kind of crazy shit is Casey going to get sucked into this week? His $22K loan to his old boss become due on Tuesday. Will they break his legs? No, but I bet they try to further encumber his ass, in the guise of gainful employemnt -- therby killing the Galina bird with the same stone. Casey is in such dire straits that the smell of the BS from Rich Dad will seem absolutely glorious. Another 36% personal loan, interest only, baloon due in 6 months?

Yeah, right, a personal loan from an investor, like a microloan to a needy Bengali. More like a tiger circling a putrid carcass.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the talk show thing, i thought you came across pretty well Duane, decent bloke and all and i do believe that you had his best interests in mind, but i do also feel that you should have told Casey what he had done when he asked because that gave him some ammo against you in what should have been a totally one sided debate. You are also spot on with the PRLinkBiz scum in this post - horrible, horrible people.

Anyway, I thought where you really nailed Casey was on his treatment of his wife, which is despicable - and that was demonstrated again and again over the course of the show whenever she was mentioned. Just a total lack of respect for her, maybe she is involved implicitly in his scams (i don't think so however) but regardless, i hope that in a couple of years Casey is washing windows at traffic stop and sees Galina pull up with a real man, all smiles and happy with someone that doesn't treat her like shit. Maybe then it will sink in what a colossal prick he is, though i doubt it. I cannot believe she hasn't divorced him already, so either she is deeply involved in his scams or she has the patience of a saint. Comments about her being more bold being out of character during the show though and the whole wording of his latest contract would seem to indicate a very submissive person IMO. If this whole mysogeny thing is an act then Casey not only deserves best actor oscar but also best writer.

The other comment i thought was spot on was that Casey works in shades of grey. He kept asking for you to define your terms and all i could think of was Enron and how they worked around the terms of the CA energy laws for their own advantage. This is what Casey is all about, he has no morals whatsoever so basically once you "define your terms" he can get to work exploiting any loophole left open for him - and that's fair game to him, because you defined your terms, so anything not set in stone, even if it is immoral or goes against the spirit of whatever agreement he made can be done without a problem. Watch over the next few days how he will squirm within the tightly worded confines of his latest contract (whoever drafted that is obviously on to him), there is no way in hell Casey will shut down that blog and he will not make his money either - When you read this Csey, you might want to ask yourself why since you have made no money in the last nine months you are all of a sudden going to succeed in the next week. Duane asked you a simple question about one time where you have actually succeeded and you came up with exactly dick all.

And as for Jacky Treehorn, loool, that was the smoothest troll i have ever witnessed. The bitter side to that sweetness was Casey's obvious empathy with what he was saying, particularly in regard to divorcing his wife. Very, very sad.

Akubi said...

Glad to know that there are some folks somewhere who write at this hour.

Akubi said...

However, I do think it is insane to get married as young as Casey and G did and agree with Jackie on that front.

Akubi said...

As previously mentioned in other award-winning blogs I’ve been working the celebutard tong angle. No traffic luck there so far – seems most search engine traffic finds my Award Winning Site via terms like “hippie aliens, awesome kombucha, Kool-Aid VW.” I’ve spent enough time being raised by crazed hippy aliens on Kool-Aid to find that a desirable flow of SWEET traffic. Maybe it can be monetized somehow…And the fact that the Summer of Love turned 90 or something could help. Boomers always love themselves so catering to them is marketing agenda numero uno.

Anonymous said...

She should have jumped ship when he admitted on their wedding day that he was "broke as a joke". The lies have been flowing freely from his lips since..
wonder how she feels now that he has admitted that everytime he used to magically pull money out of his ass, he was just borrowing it.
I can't believe they were able to procure so much damn credit (his and her cards). I mean really, don't these cards have checks and balances? Or did he just get a whole bunch of them the same time before they got reported.

Anonymous said...

like he did with his houses?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the NLL 'contract' - it ain't enforceable, but Snowflake can't get rid of it. The NLL sure won't give it up themselves. If he tries to have it declared invalid in court, he'll have to tell the judge just why his life story is so valuable. After hearing testimony about serial mortgage fraud - under oath, mind you - the judge will have no choice but to refer the case to the proper authorities for investigation. So, he'll probably win his case, but lose his freedom. Not a good tradeoff for Snowflake.

Anonymous said...

I left uni some 6 years ago now and obviously didn't want to get a job for a while so i got a credit card (my first and last) to fund my slacker lifestyle. I replied to an Amex mailshot to my house, didn't lie or anything, stated 0 income and got a card for £3000 within a week. They automatically upgraded that to £5200 within a couple of months without me even asking. From all i hear getting credit has only got easier since then (if that was even possible). I fear that the world has gone mad and the time for payback is fast approaching - time to invest in that glock methinks :)

Anonymous said...

CHJTS @ 8:58 PM:
”...but your going to have to develop a thicker skin for a time being.”

(Sorry this took a little longer, I had to run an errand.)

Actually, I have a rather tough hide as it is irrespective resent comments. Now on to your questions which I’ll try to address as best I can.


”...a lender forecloses and they have a non-performing loan on their books...they are actually punished with the federal reserve requirement by the amount of the paper amount foreclosure reducing their amount to loan...

How much pressure is put on the loss mitigation peeps to resolve pre-foreclosure homes and avoid REO status?

First part: not all lenders operate under a reserve system as you describe. Many are supplied (funded) by stock offerings, cash reserves (Savings & Loans, etc.), and leveraged funding lines. Lending groups that don’t fall into the former category resolve delinquencies and defaults a little different than the latter. And since the bulk of my experience behind the desk, working for lenders, is comprised of the latter category. It’s from that perspective I’ll comment.

Second part: being a loss mitigator from the lending side can be a stressful job. Mighty fine pay, but stressful. Some lenders are tougher to work for than others, meaning quotas and such are placed upon their staff to perform per month. All-in-all, however, as long as a loss mitigator attempts to resolve the subject defaults (assigned to them, in queues), the “pressure” is manageable.

The problem I have with todays crop of (lender) loss mit folk, is that the vast majority of the time they’ve forgotten about their core function and just go through the motions. Not all fall into this category, mind you, but if a loss mitigator doesn’t move on to another gig or progress into management within a few years? The burn out rate is very high, just the nature of the beast.

As far as management putting pressure on loss mit staffing to resolve foreclosures? Many times a borrower just can’t perform and when that happens in abundance, the loss mit staff is usually to blame (whether or not fault is factual). So at the end of the day it really depends on delinquency ratios brought down by collections, as to how much “pressure” is being applied upon the loss mit staff in any given month.

”...when I was dabbling in the pre-foreclosures and talking to the loss mit people...some of them played some hardball, what position are they coming it all bluff and they actually will agree to more unconvential demands to make a deal work, I am not talking shortsales...”

Contrary to popular belief (as taught by too many of the late night TV, Real Estate Gurus. Not to suggest you’re a follow of those.), loss mit staff do not have the final say as to many resolution avenues -- management does. Plus sometimes a deal can’t be made based on legal constraints, the details of which a Loss Mitigator may be aware of (but does not express).

Loss mitigation departments (broadly speaking) work on parameters (guidelines) given to line staff, and anything outside that scope must be approved by upper management. For instance, with some conventional type loans (depending on the origination structure) a modification (putting payments to the back of a loan) is possible. That’s not generally done much now-a-days because such is often viewed by regulators as manipulation of delinquency ratios -- cooking the books so to speak -- without rewriting the entire loan.

More times than not when a loss mitigator plays hardball, that’s because their hands are tied to some extends. Albeit I have known a few who are simply on a power-trip, and relish the control expended over borrowers. But that aspect isn’t as common, yet it is a consideration if working with a hardnosed loss mitigator.

Plus it is a ton of extra work for a loss mitigator to package a proposal for upper management review, and most loss mit staff have enough on their plate so the “hardball” thing is often a time management constraint too. While they are fussing with one proposal, other troubled borrowers in their queue go neglected.

”WIth the due on sale clause with wrap around mortgages, subject 2 existing financing IE(trusts, assignment of beneficial interest), Lease options obviously triggers the due on sale clause the lenders have.

In your experience how many of these are you aware of that have been triggered, and what is the likelihood of the lender excercising their option of calling all monies owed due and payable?”

Good question and the answer depends largely on national economic trends and loan pool structures. When I was consulting for RMC-GMAC sometime back, for example, I accelerated a loan that was wrapped. And economic times were good, very strong, at the time so RMC didn’t need the loan paid-off to recap (put back) into the lending pool.

Now I didn’t have to foreclosure (no one pressured me to do it), but the borrower kept breaking sets (promises to pay) and acting arrogantly (and this went on for months)... Eventually working with this particular situation became a case of diminished return, so I went to guns on the original borrower (who ended up refinancing RMC out of the problem).

To answer your question more directly, I don’t know of many colleagues still in the business who’ve actually foreclosed (or started the process) based upon a Due On Sale (DOS) clause alone. It’s very likely threatened more times than actually engaged, but I’m out of the loop on exact current Industry trends specific to DOS so I could be in error.

Applying the DOS option usually necessitates some other factor that triggers execution of the device, such as excessive loan delinquency or financial instability of the subject lender. But that doesn’t mean lenders can’t (or haven’t) executed based on DOS, simply because they may want to.

Given the current housing markets, where loans are defaulting left & right. Lenders are scrambling to keep their portfolios as tight as possible, because high default rates influence their ability to book (originate) new loans (no matter how structured) and correspondingly generate profit.

In today’s terms, as long as a loan is semi-performing (paying late but within a 10 to 29 day status) a lender will be hard pressed to start aggressive recovery, simply based on DOS alone. That’s not a sound business move, although a smaller lender (which may be strapped for loan pool cash) might engage the DOS device.

Other considerations are, but not limited to: i) available subject property equity, room from which to recover principal and costs (based on valuation); ii) statutory foreclosure limitations (how the process is governed); iii) availability of deficiency pursuits (can a deficiency balance be recovered against other borrower assets); iv) desire of the lender to cull (sell off) a group of loans (within which a wrap could make for sticky recourse action); does the transfer of asset actually constitute a sale (in technical terms); and, vi) solvency of the borrower.

In the case of Serin I can tell you, on Utah, it is not likely that anyone is going to start a DOS based foreclosure unless payments become a problem. Not in this market. However, I can’t speak directly for parties concerned there but the probabilities are high DOS acceleration (strong recovery efforts) won’t be initiated on Utah until and unless the payment string goes bad. And even then, a DOS foreclosure may not be the remedy, as opposed to traditional default related foreclosure processes.

But hey, I’m not perfect and could be wrong about the Utah wrap.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am pretty sure that Casey and Galina have been answering those offers in the mail for the last 6 months, what they are probably finding though is that when they call in to accept them, they are told..ummmm wait a minute..never mind, we can't offer you a card. I've seen it time and time again with people in that much debt. they say..well let me just get this credit card and use it for emergencies, and then blow thru it in a month. I'm sure those Christmas present Casey bought Galina are still being paid for.
The corporate credit card was just a way to circumvent the personal credit lines. Pretty much, he hid his Fico.

Anonymous said...

so snowflake is no longer taking donations ....
his pay-pal button still has donate on it.
typical lack of attn to detail.

thanks for the entertainment, y'all.

Anonymous said...


Oh yeah i totally agree, he's not getting any new credit through a mainstream method now days. If Casey's story has any value though it's demonstrating how to wring the maximum amount of money from every avenue of the lending system, but all things come to an end and even the idiot lenders have to draw the line somewhere. Joke is, if he was an intelligent criminal rather than an utter retard he would have socked away those hundreds of thousands and gone to live it up on a beach somewhere, living off the sweet passive income from his cayman islands account. Sadly he was too dim to even commit fraud properly though! I predict that he'll be leaving on the midnight train to Uzbeckistan within months, or as soon as Galina leaves him - there is literally nothing left for him here than a lifetime of debt repayment with a short stretch of porridge thrown in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

IAFF Report: He's got four sponsors.... counter shows he's got $375 towards the $1000 goal for Friday.

He might just make the goal... however, one week from today he'll be in the same position, but not "sweet links" to sell...

I'm tired of the saga.

I'm off to see if Jericho can be renewed by CBS.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the NLL 'contract' - it ain't enforceable, but Snowflake can't get rid of it.

I am still having a tough time understanding why getting rid of this contract is so difficult. Yes, it will take a lawyer to inform the NLL that the contract is void. Yes, it will probably take a lawyer to get the "contract" in front of a judge. Once a judge sees it, there will be no contract.

OH! Now I see! It will take an actual effort, and Snowflake is too busy ignoring opportunities.

All snide remarks aside, $2,500 and the contract is voided. If 'flake's deals are so sweet, $2.5k should be chump change.

Anonymous said...

That's not a donation, that's called becoming a sponsor. Here's what you get for different levels of sponsorship

$1 Your name mentioned in his blog

$5 One of Casey's many signed checks that have bounced.

$10 16 oz of glow in the dark nuclear waste obtained from his pool.

$20 16 oz of Nigel's man juice (yeah, don't ask how) Most people don't choose this level, but Nigel keeps bringing the stuff in...daily.

$100 Dvd of "Casey and Nigel go wild in Utah"

$200 Dvd of "Casey and Nigel go wild in Utah" with faces blacked out.

$400 Dvd of "Casey and Nigel go wild in Utah" with free 1st visit to local psychiatrist to treat suicidal ideation and depression; a normal reaction to watching video.

$1000 1 hour of jumping on trampoline with Galina

$2000 10 hours being chauffered by Nigel in his used BMW

$5000 10 hours being chauffered by Nigel in his used BMW, with Nigel required to use axe spray every 15 minutes to cover up the roast pork smell.

$10000 Casey in detail gives a thorough accounting of which stocks he is interested in as well as his other investment ideas. To maximize the the opposite.

Anonymous said...

"Who the fuck would pay 20k for a 1 week education."
I've posted this already but notice how defensive Casey gets when this is questioned.
Whatever Casey pays for something is its value.
It has to be part of the NPD (I'm concluding this myself without any pro qualifications). It works like this:
I'm a special person, different etc.
So I need special education.
Special education is expensive.
I have to go on expensive courses.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that Galina isn't that involved in the deals. She culturally has to be the "little wifey" following the husbands leadership. She has tried to help out and join in but not been able to help much. It will be hard for her to accept that Casey has got it so wrong and / or has a mental problem. You can't do that and be a supportive wife in the sort of culture I think they live in. It will need family and community to break their mindset for the situation Casey is in.

Dawg stop using them big words like Praedial. I had to look that one up which isn't like me.

Anonymous said...


"She has tried to help out and join in"

Arthur, if you still believe what Casey writes, it's painfully clear that the only person who works in that relationship is Galina. She's the one who packed, who did a lot of the leg work on the rehabs (and when she quit shithead let is all slide), she's the one who did the cd duping, she's the one who found them a place to live (you KNOW Casey did not approach Yulina), and according to shithead, is cleaning freinds and familys houses to bring money in.

All the while, Casey sits on his ass, does nothing, surfs on the web, spends more other people's money, and blogs about how "cool" it would be to live in his car and shower at the gym, and voilates his agreements with her whenever he can - he is already showing, a day after signing his "promise", that he begrudgingly signed it, does not stand behind what he wrote, and continues to act flippantly towards his commitments.

Honestly, Galina needs to divorce his slacker, lazy ass. He will *not* change any time soon, and his destiny is to be 40-something, working a part time job like delivering pizza, all the while boring the shit out of his coworkers with constant 'I don't really work here, I have BIG things coming!", living on people's couches until they kick his lazy ass out. I've run into this type many, many times, he's on the road. I always wondered how guys like that ended up where they did, now I see one way it can happen.

I mean, he pisses on what most people would kill for: a 50K job, condo, pretty wife, living on California, young, in good health, but no, Casey just shits on anything good in his life, and will drive the ONE good thing he has going for him, his wife.

My sympathy and good will towards men is empty, bone dry, when it comes to Casey. He snivels and whines and complains, but never *does* anything. His misery is of his own making, and all he's worthy of is contempt and loathing. It's fun to smack him around here, but I honestly do have some sympathy for Galina and his family.

That promissary note, if real, is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen, it's the kind of thing people dealing with junkies and the mentally deranged end up having to use as a last chance to make things work before they distance themselves from that person.

Anonymous said...


If all you are doing with shithead is getting referrals, then fine, at least people are being steered away from his madness to someone who can really help them - that's good, and might serve to be the *only* good thing to come of shithead's blogging.

Oh, and if you pissed off the old queen Nigel, I'll buy you a micro-brew of your choice.

What will be interesting is, is when shithead will show *you* his true colors. Just be warned, like pointed out many times, he has burned everyone he has come into contact with, through willful laziness, indifference, greed, and stupidity. If I read your comments right, Casey has become a client of yours? If so...good luck sir, and be forwarned, Casey lies constantly, never tells the whole truth, and is lazy to a degree rarely seen (or admitted to in public), and you will earn your fee as you will have to hold his hand every step of the way and hound and harrass and nag him to do anything. Going into business (even in a service contract) with Casey means *you* now shoulder his burdens, as his entire MO is to do as little as possible at all times.

I won't nitpick your spelling or credentials, it's up to you to navigate the choppy waters of the haterz™ (evil grin), but I do have to point out I notice a distinct difference in tone in your posts at IAFF and here - at IAFF you are using a more belligerent tone in your posts, and that alone will only serve to make people here be on their guard - after all the Tough Internet Guy™ talk from Nigey Pooh and RCS and others, it's only natural.

Also, keep in mind...we are NOT on his side here, do not wish to be, nor do we wish to be swayed into having a shred of compassion or sympathy for him. Tread lightly. You may not know how deep the loathing and anger over him is, here there be tygers. (Spot the classic literature reference)

BelowTheCrowd said...

Off Topic.

Do any Caseypedia editors ever sleep?

It's 2am where I am. 5am where Benoit is. No idea about the others, but there's four or five of us out there working right now.

And no, I know it isn't really "work," at least by the Caseypedia definition...

I'm going to bed. Guess I'm a looser.


Anonymous said...

Arthur, if you still believe what Casey writes, it's painfully clear that the only person who works in that relationship is Galina. She's the one who packed, who did a lot of the leg work on the rehabs (and when she quit shithead let is all slide), she's the one who did the cd duping, she's the one who found them a place to live (you KNOW Casey did not approach Yulina), and according
to shithead, is cleaning freinds and familys houses to bring money in.

I've only got what I read as backup to my opinions. The things you describe, apart from one which I'll come to in a moment, are all "wifely duties" i.e. helping out husband, organising things for the two of them. The only exception is "did a lot of the leg work on the rehabs". Now, I don't think either of them did much "work" organising the rehabs but put yourself in the contractor's situation. Who are you going to get a decision out of? I work in "construction" and it's often a problem to get a client to make a timely decision. I suspect you can get a decision out of Galina (or worse, bully one out of her - don't forget she's the subservient little wife type) but at least you'll get a decision. Think about a contractor trying to get a decision out of Casey. Chances are the guy will be taking a nap, on a scaminar course, blogging or doing 101 other things that stop him from being contacted or mean that he's "too busy" to make a decision when you want it.

below the crowd it's 10:10 where I am :)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:48 AM:
”...I notice a distinct difference in tone in your posts at IAFF and here - at IAFF you are using a more belligerent tone in your posts, and that alone will only serve to make people here be on their guard - after all the Tough Internet Guy talk from Nigey Pooh and RCS and others, it's only natural.”

Well thanks for that, I hadn’t realized my tone was any different here than on IAFF (other than being more sarcastic there, in ONE particular post, in jest – that I recall off hand). But I’ll watch that in the future, as I suppose some folks could get the wrong idea.

Anyway, thanks for being friendly. As you gather I’m walking my own tightrope within this situation, debating how much longer I’m going to be contending with certain issues. (My tolerance for which is growing thin.)

As is obvious I’m not naive, nor ignorant about some of the Serin related issues you mention. Suffice it to say, I’m quite accustomed to determining points of diminished return on effort (one can lead a horse to water, thing?).

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

@ BTC -- I have a lot of caffeine™ in my system. It's all good... props to Lawnmower Man, you, and Miguel for the skewering of various Casey topics. :-)

Anonymous said...

That Caseypedia has me in stitches! I did commence spitting of my coffee at the Vdubs on the trailer. What a piece of crap that car is. So Casey has made $363 thus far - monetizing the blog with non-mortgage related products, thus proving once again Duane's theory that Casey has no sense of how to properly monetize the blog. Hey if he can keep trotting out these $100 ads at a rate of 520 a year good for him, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Do any Caseypedia editors ever sleep?

I'm guessing that the timezones span the Pacific seaboard to Western Europe - so it's being more or less continuously updated.

The last 12 hours have been particularly good, with Benoit™ fully living up to his reputation and also lots of sterling work from Lawnmower Man and BadjerJim.

I've been a bit bogged down with the Duane-Casey talkcast transcript, but I'm now well past the halfway mark - it's a lot longer than the Nacho-Casey one I did earlier, and I'm busy having a real life, so apologies for the delay.

Anonymous said...


Duane made some vague references to how IAFF could be valuable, and the key is he said that it would involve firing shithead and stripping it down (essentially to a bare URL).

I have an idea of how shithead could sell/monetize the blog, but I agree with Duane - don't lay it out here so he can get the ideas for free.

All I'll say is Casey will never monetize the blog properly until it's not all about him and his "brain dumps" and trolling and faux-drama. Clearly, that's all he's in it for (and how pathetic that he'd put it ahead of his wife), so I doubt he'll ever do much better than $100 and $100 there.

I don't think he even cares about money, as he's shown all he cares about is attention and the limited power he has to "moderate", ie. control the conversation. Casey just wants attention, adoration, and fame - he's the Paris Hilton of the blogshere. Money to shithead is a means to an end - doing nothing. He only wants to achieve passive income so he nothing. He doesnt even talk like he *enjoys* real estate, just that it could make him fast easy money. The only thing that seems to get him off is babbling about passive income and throwing his wife under the bus (in is ever-so passive aggresive way).

The *only* reason i'd love for shithead to get a little more famous is so South park could go after him, and Trey and Matt would absolutely make him the nation's laughingstock. (Shithead might get that award all on his own, they way he's going)

ratlab said...

Fliptard could have a whore-off against Slave, much like the Paris Hilton episode of South Park. Nigel would fit in perfectly (pun intended) for that episode.

Anonymous said...

I just went to Caseypedia and....Nigel Swaby pulled Rob's credit report? If true, please file charges.

Anonymous said...

Is it likely that the Fartful Dodger already has, or will soon, engage in the criminal act of file segregation to further increase his available credit? He's already facing dire legal consequences. What's one more offense? It's all good.

When Casey nexts hosts a call-in fraudcast, perhaps someone should ask him about file segregation. If he gets weird about it, that probably means he's doing it, or has considered doing it. If he doesn't know about it, he may be inspired by the knowledge of file segregation, and attempt to engage in it, thus increasing haterz™ potential entertainment.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

The *only* reason i'd love for shithead to get a little more famous is so South park could go after him, and Trey and Matt would absolutely make him the nation's laughingstock. (Shithead might get that award all on his own, they way he's going)
Well, one could alway e mail the Sows produces the Caseypedia, the various photshop pics, which are hilarious, a line to EN, the wiki linkey, the fliptard definition at Urban Dictionary, and other various hilarity. South Park would be my first choice, but there is always Jerry Springer or Rosie O'Donnell.
te he

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit concerned about the level of niceness occurring here. I'm not talking about niceness toward Snowflake or Buttfly, who haven't earned any, but toward and between Duane, Mark, The Dogster, Steph, The Original Kevin, CHJTS, et al.

I reserve the right to tell people that their mother throws like a gurl or that they are booger heads when I feel it appropriate.

Oh, and people, a personal note and request. There are only 2 common speling errors that truly bother me. Please... "your" is NOT the same as "you're" and "separate" has 2 a's in the middle. It's not easy being the son of a legal secretary.

I mean, what kind of online community can you have without flames? And Rob, if you have a problem with this... your wife wears panty hose! So THERE!

Anonymous said...

At 11:20 AM, Orson Buggy said...
I'm a bit concerned about the level of niceness occurring here. I'm not talking about niceness toward Snowflake or Buttfly, who haven't earned any, but toward and between Duane, Mark, The Dogster, Steph, The Original Kevin, CHJTS, et al.

Well I am nice to duane because he is the real deal....mark lossmitpro....I have decided to give the benefit of the doubt and not jump on like everyone does with anyone associated with casey..

See we did this with duane and when the truth came out we all backtrack and realize that we smacked him around without reason when he was just trying to help snowflake.

Dogster??..I am assuming robdawg....well he runs the show over here...he provides us with the home to get together and bitch about casey, land use issues, Nar's issues, etc.

Well the original kevin..I dont know who that is.

StephanieJ...well it is no secret that I am in complete and utter love with her. I have been cyber stalking her for months now...see its a love and hate relationship...I love her and she hates me.

ETALL???...benoit, well he contributes quite a bit...caseeyfan..I love his pictures....ratlab...she has actually provided pictures from the ground for us.

YOU...kiss my ass with your trolling post.

YOU sir, along with the coat hanger imprint on your forehead, are just another statistic of children that survived the backyard fetal abortion. (and the funny thing is--you still run like a girl whenever you hear a vacumn cleaner)

Anonymous said...


I didn't know you had a donkey? Well, if it's of legal age, perhaps I'd give it a smooch if it didn't reek of the stench of elderberries like your father.

Anonymous said...


Late to the party, but I wanted to enjoy my weekend in other ways than listening to the internet equivalent of shooting dairy cows with a high-powered rifle.(ie: The Foreclosureface Gabfest).

You seemed pretty knotted up about Snowfake's NLL contract, and I'm wondering why?

Could the NLL women muck KC's life up any worse than he has already done himself?

Maybe having two harpies tag-teaming in poking the kid with a pool cue is EXACTLY what he needs to make a success of himself.

(In Fliptard's case, I'm setting the definition of "success" very much lower than is my wont).

Anonymous said...


Hi. I've come to the opinion that Snowflake will not reach his 'bottom' until he's sitting in a holding cell after his arraignment hearing and his attorney from the public defenders office (or whatever they call it when it's a Federal court) tells him that none of his relatives have enough to post him out on bail or to pay a bail bondsman because they've already pissed it away on supporting him with his REI delusions. Though they might phrase it differently. What do you think?

To any legal eagles... I think it's just a matter of time before Snowflake gets indicted. How big will the splash be? Do you think they'll charge Galina as an accessory? Do you think they might charge G as a bargaining chip, offering Snowflake that they'll drop charges against G if he pleads guilty? Do you think the splash might extend to his mother, who seems to be bankrolling his corporation?

Gee, I sound like a Spanish Inquisitor, don't I? Who'da expected that?

Anonymous said...

CHJTS @ 1:40 PM:
“…mark lossmitpro....I have decided to give the benefit of the doubt and not jump on like everyone does with anyone associated with casey..”

Hey thanks, I appreciate that. However as of this morning I no longer have any business relationship with Casey. I cut him loose for reasons I’m sure you folks here on EN are well aware of, so no sense rehashing the details. I do wish him the very best of success, nonetheless.

...Yes folks you heard it here first, on EN. ;)

(Whistling: “Another One Bites The Dust”)

Anonymous said...

@ LossMitPro

I see it didn't take you long to loose your virginity.

Anonymous said...


A wise decision sir.

Your professional reputation is far more valuable than the few referrals Casey can generate.

HMS Casey is taking on water and starting to go down at the stern...