Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Peace In Our Time

"We simply don't have enough homes on the market to meet demand." - Lereah May 2005

Neville Chamerlin was the more prescient.


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and for Nigel -


Mr. Dawg, are you ignoring my junk emails?

R-Boy said...

Love the historical reference

Anonymous said...

I was amused by Lereah until I recently learned that he had also published a book about how to get rich investing in tech stocks... just before they imploded. I wonder if he's related to Snowflake.


The Dude said...


Anonymous said...

From comments section on Cnet article:

More details on Casey and our News.com article
Reader post by: declan00
Posted on: May 14, 2007, 11:28 PM PDT
Story: Casey Serin: The world's most hated blogger?

I wanted to respond to some questions about Casey and my article:

* The links to his site, iamfacingforeclosure.com, didn't work because he was transitioning servers to one hosted by godaddy.com and was having some problems with the move. Unfortunately he chose to do this on a Monday morning instead of over the weekend, when having the site up wasn't as vital.

* The article was edited a bit for space and some of the last section was abbreviated. To elaborate: Galina told me that she initially had agreed with Casey that he should go to Tahoe but then rescinded her permission after considering the cost. She was suspicious when Casey packed his toothbrush and laptop for what was supposed to be a brief drive to go bike riding, and her suspicions turned out to be accurate.

* She forced Casey to return the $600 video camera even with a 15 percent restocking fee.

* Casey said his business credit has a relative as a guarantor, I believe his mother.

* As for "Nouveau Riche University," Casey told me that he has paid them $16,000 but has not made any commissions by signing up the first two people. The first two generated no commissions. Future signups will generate commissions.

* More photos are here:

* Our podcast talking about Casey is here (http://news.com.com/2324-11424_3-6183605.html). We asked him to join us but he said he didn't get the message in time. We may have him on our podcast on Wednesday if our schedules coincide.

* Yes, he showed me the murse. Very fashion-forward.


R-Boy said...




So, to go back, from the CNet article, we now know that Casey's mom is the guarantor of Hammar Investments. I would assume that makes her complicit (under the law) with Casey's borrowing from the corp (assuming balance transfers paid for rent).

Where o where is the information on who Casey's mom is. Yet another new avenue for me to dig up stuff on.

I heart Rabbit holes

Anonymous said...

I'm still amused by their reference to Casey's wife as "petite" ... her ass is bigger than Wisconsin!!



Rob Dawg said...

Thanks to Declan at CNET for the backstory. This is the stuff he won't talk about and now we know why.

Maybe mom and G can share a minimum security cell. Jeez he's screwing his own mom. Come on he knows full well that his burn rate is INCREASING.

Videocam. $100 restocking fee. Once again chosingh the worst of all possible options.

Lots of fresh meat here.

flailing forward said...

From the photo page:

Casey Serin has turned baiting readers of iamfacingforeclosure.com into something of an art form. He's pictured here drinking wheat grass, one of his favorite things to do.

Her name is Anna and if I recall correctly she works at one of the schools? She may not be complicit in any of Casey's illegal corporate scams, but she's definitely going to be on the hook when the veil is pierced.

R-Boy said...

Thanks FF.

In other news, I was at a wedding this weekend. One of the groomsman had just bought a house for he and his fiance

We were talking about home stuff. We are midway through a home renovation. Both the primary lien and the home equity loan are fixed rate products (30yr,15yr) and both well within our budget (We kinda make decent change).

He bought a home on an option ARM.

I could not bring myself to tell him to run away from it. The deal was sealed. I simply advised him to fix the product after the first year.

He bought with the option arm because

1) we'd only be paying 3 bucks on the principle to start

2) they dont plan on being there for more than 5 years.

Contrast that with my comments said previously

1) We're getting a renter and having that person help prepay insane amount of money every month

2) This is house until we retire, at least.

sigh...I feel bad for my friend.

Anonymous said...

On the original topic, I had a long conversation recently with someone who works at a very senior level in the NAR. She said David Lereah was not popular even within the organization. His overt goal was a Governorship at the Federal Reserve; when it became clear he wouldn't be getting it (U.S. government dodged a bullet there), he took it out on the people around him. She was aware that he was not popular in the blogosphere; I asked her if his resignation had been in the works for months while he was talking the market up (a speculation I've heard on other blogs), she didn't know for certain.

Rob Dawg said...

It's hard to tell about office politics in large organizations. Her comments may have been venting from a long losing faction now that they've finally dislodged the other side. Then again he could be the arrogant toad he appears to be.

Fed Governor eh? About the best that could be said is that his rubber spine is a prerequsite.

The blog world vs the real world is worthy a weekend post. Not popular? He is villified even hated. People take it personally when someone abuses a position of trust to hurt innocent people with lies.

Anonymous said...

She forced Casey to return the $600 video camera even with a 15 percent restocking fee.
Cashcall will be pissed. That was 3 months payments nearly or maybe one month if they seized it.

I'm thinking the situation is getting to G. What with things like the $22k loan note due next week too. However, my guess on the counselling is that it will be over how they behave to each other, not over whether to split up or how to get back together. Also, counselling requires both of them to do something, so it could just be another troll/fancy.

Anonymous said...

This Casey stuff should really be its own topic. I suggest a photo of a jigsaw.

Because the jig is up!

Aspeth said...

Hehe...Declan's got a nice sense of humor!

What's the deal with the repeated pet grass shots and JJ trips with people? Is this Casey Serin's interview fee? Does he not remember that he pulled the same crap with supposedly asking for an application when he was in SLC with Nigel Smarmy?

What a one-trick pony. Even his trolls are predictable.

Anonymous said...

Talking of Neville Chamberlain:

I have in my hand...

Anonymous said...

"* Casey said his business credit has a relative as a guarantor, I believe his mother."

Holy F'ing Shit. Now that's a bombshell, IMHO. That idiot is going to wind up BKing his parents because he's too lazy to get a real f'ing job.

Is myparentsarefacingforeclosure.com still available?