Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Request For Suggestions 1: Extravagance

At least that's the way it appears to me. Little Fliptard wonders aloud:

"So everybody assumed I go out everyday and live a extravagant lifestyle that I can’t afford.
But that’s not the norm!"

Ignore for the moment that this is not Casey writing. Instead focus on the fact that he doesn't think his lifestyle is extravagant for his means. Clearly he needs examples of extravagances. Let's remind him shall we?

I'll start:
Camcorder, May '07
Return of Camcorder for $100 restocking fee, May '07

We're making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty or nice...


Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Victory, sweet victory!

flailing forward said...

Anything is an extravagance until he gets a freaking job.

Anonymous said...

Weekends in Tahoe?
"Business trips" to Arizona?

Anonymous said...

My wife just reduced her cellphone bill to zero by getting rid of it altogether. I offer this tip to Casey entirely gratis.

Anonymous said...

In his current situation, he should be eating from "a big bag of rice and beans" like T said, paying the rent, using the Vdub gas only for jobs and interviews. Anything else is extravagant.

- Lodging at Tahoe
- Hair coloring
- PDA phone and web access
- Sub-penny stock
- Money spent on blog hosting
- Trip to the "green pool of death" to poke it with a stick
- blah, blah, blah - we all know the list by now

Anonymous said...

@Gameover - MOIST! (Take that!)

flailing forward said...

Looks like he's on the new server now. Of course, he's lost his newest post and a lot of the comments.

Per standard Serin procedure he gets his ducks in a row just in time to miss the the boat.

Aspeth said...

Everything in his life that doesn't involve shelter and basic rice-and-beans level sustenance are an extravagance:

$200/mo cell
$25/mo or yr (?) flickr account
towing package on car insurance
i-net access from phone to "moderate comments"
money pissed away to buy aged corp
electronics bought for "CD burning" extravaganzzzaaa
$37.50 a pop Jamba Juices
organic hair wax
pseudo-vegan diet with emphasis on organic products (hope he finds a couple of bugs nesting in a piece of fruit; or better, doesn't find it and juices it)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the start page from the new server with the summary of "Not Baiting Haterz. Just Keepin' It Real" story first (7 comments). But none of the subpages are there. (The page comes up pretty quickly - I hope it's not because he saw my advice on the other thread and put up a static version of the front page...)

On the old server the first story is "Foreclosed, Hated and Down" with 99 comments, but on the new one it only has 85.

Aspeth said...

extravagances, cont'd...

*multiple meetings with "very expensive attorneys" on finances, frauds, corp credit

*consults with 'corporation brokers' for shady methods of acquiring shell corp

*the unexplained week that he and galina went out of town, immediately following the beg-a-thon

*"stylish" Charlies Angels-esque buttery bleach job with highlights

Aspeth said...

@Endgame Observer....I think we're both channeling "nacho" right now :)

Aspeth said...

(judging from the various state and local dot-gov's I'm seeing right now, I have to reiterate that there's just no fucking way this guy can skate...somebody's going to make him a scapegoat for their underlying agenda, and get a lot of support in the process)

Unknown said...


How do you get to the new server? All I can see is the old one with the "Hated and Down" post and 99 comments.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice he has scheduled another beg-a-thon on two days? (Look at very top of his site)....

Bets as to what it is for?

Anonymous said...

Bets as to what it is for?

Does it matter? He said last time that he couldn't remember what he spent the begathon money on, but admitted it wasn't CashCall and rent.

Anyone who gives him money this time round needs their head examined about as urgently as he does himself.

Unknown said...

I knew I forgot something Bemused!

Oh well, the irony of it is The Dude & I are both past our prime. Back in the day either of us could have schooled these loosers claiming first!

Just trying to re-live the glory day when Stanley & I were the only contenders.

Anonymous said...


Buying IKEA filing cabinets to file paperwork that... you will never look at, use or do anything with.

Anonymous said...

NoDebt, I can't get that new page, either. Can you post here? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Let the moron get his traffic, it means more people know about his crimes, more people will be clamoring for his head, and more agencies are forced to do something about it. He can only scream "I did it I did it!" so many times before people finally say "Ok, then you are going to jail"

As for extravagance, how abouthis using his corporate credit to pay off personal expenses like his sister in law for back and advanced rent. How about using corporate credit to buy ikea furniture rather than paying for the aforementioned rent.
Frankly, how about paying for anything OTHER than the money he owes others?

Anonymous said...

Wow...he finally used the corporate credit for personal expenses...that's called comingling and that means that now if the defrauded companies sue Casey and win they can take all the extravagances you all are listing including the poorly matched seatcovers for the V-Dubs

Anonymous said...


- Speeding ticket
- Credit report subscription(s)
- WiFi subscription
- Starbucks coffee
- Fancy PDA
- Phoenix "business" trip
- $80/mo server
- Gym membership (probably canceled due to nonpayment but possibly still racking up)
- Tithing (yeah, right)
- Utility bills on empty houses
- Roadside assistance
- Western Union or whatever he needed to pay CashCall at last minute

BTW, I looked at Flickr yesterday and it was $24.95/year. Not much, but still an extravagance.

Anonymous said...

"Frankly, how about paying for anything OTHER than the money he owes others?"

Shithead posted that $30 is a drop in the bucket towards his debt, so why bother.

Nice attitude, huh?

It's also unspoken by my firm belief that he will not pay a dime of the debt from real estate unless it's with other people's money, not money he earns directly. Thus, the credit cards, loans, and mortgages go unpaid.

#1 expense should be making up the missing Utah payment, but what do i know, i have morals.

R-Boy said...

I still can't see his new post on IAFF

I dont see any sponsers now in his 100 buck text link box.

How the hell are you guys seeing the new post? URL? Please?

Anonymous said...

Actually, his car is an extravagance. He should be taking the bus. I don't know how he's gonna keep up on his insurance payment and put gas in it anyway.

It's not like he has a job to go to.

Anonymous said...

@ R-Boy

I see an expanded $100 link box. All of them listed 3x, one of them 4x.

Under "Recommended."

Kirk said...

r-boy: I can see the start of the post at, but RSS isn't working and the link to the full post is broken. If anyone has the post would you mind posting it?

The Dude said...

Gameover said: "SUCK IT DUDE!"

..Hmmm...I'll pass on the invitation and will leave that up to you and Nigel.

R-Boy said...


Sup, Exciting time no? Good times to be a hater.

Duane is teasing me all morning with housing woes. hah, I love talking to him

Id rather have the stable url than the text

Anonymous said...

as I said in the previous thread:
I'm certain the Begathon is not intended to produce cash, but hits -- from both the newbies just coming to see the fraudster, and from haterZ trying to warn them not to give. Either way, Casey hopes to see a traffic win/win

Anonymous said...

...they rent two rooms from Julia for $600/month. In the pictures it looks like one of those rooms is just an office.

Here's a thought, Fliptard RE Expert.... Apply business principles. Very little profit comes from the "office" ::snicker:: so cut it loose, including the $300 associated price tag. After all, that's not where you staged your DVD-burning-athon.

I'm sure Julia doesn't really expect rent & might be happy to get some storage space back.

flailing forward said...

I was getting the new post, but now I'm back to the old. My DNS cache must have expired. I can't see the begathon countdown!!! OH NOES! HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE LEFT???

repost of the missing? Casey post:

Not Baiting Haterz. Just Keepin’ It Real.

Taking a Shot of Wheatgrass

"Casey Serin has turned baiting readers of into something of an art form. He’s pictured here drinking wheat grass, one of his favorite things to do…. Not all these details have appeared on his blog yet, but Serin seems to enjoy spacing them out in a way that will vex his readers the most. “What happens is I feed off of it,” he said. “I know the buttons to press to get those guys going. After awhile, you learn what topics you can mention if you want to get extra comments on your post.”

That’s according to Declan McCullagh who interviewed me for the CNET article he wrote. (Also on front page of MSN tonight)…

My take is that Declan focused WAY too much on that part. Yes, I’ve done a little bit of baitin’ in the past. But most of it is NOT intentional. It’s not my fault the “haterz” (I’ll start adding a Z since they prefer it that way) don’t like how I do stuff. Like other entrepreneurs I do things very differently and tell you how it is. It comes with “being naked”. I’m not trying to irritate!

The problem is people (and many reporters) focus on the negative and love to dramatize things. Back when I posted the Wells Fargo statement, there just happened to be Jamba Juice and an over-draft charge. So everybody assumed I go out everyday and live a extravagant lifestyle that I can’t afford.

But that’s not the norm! My wife and I are living with her sister (renting two rooms for $550) to save on expenses. We rarely go out to Starbucks and Jamba Juice. (Yes, there was that Macaroni grill thing once, but that was a special occasion.) We have only over-drafted our account 2-3 times in the last few months. And even though I don’t currently have a full-time job I HAVE been making money there and here. (Though it hasn’t been super stable that’s why my wife Galina has had enough and I need to do something about it quick.)

So an occasional wheat-grass shot or freshly squeezed juice is all good. Especially, during these stressful times I need to stay healthy and put good things into my body. Besides, instead of going to Jamba Juice I normally use my own home juicer to save on money.

The only thing I can maybe take a fault on is spending too much on my cell phone. I need to find a way to cut down my $200-300/month bill (or whatever it is lately). Everything else is pretty much bare-bones. (Like the crappy GoDaddy dedicated server).

People just love to hate and criticize. There are so many haters sites about me out there that I’m loosing track (sorry couldn’t resist). There seem to be a new one popping up every month. The comments are filled with hate too. I used to follow the hater sites out of curiosity and read every single comment. But that takes way too much time and only depresses me. I have a turn-around to work on. Must focus.

I should just follow Robert Kiyosaki’s advice that he gave me when I talked to him last October. Here is a screen shot of a particularly choice moment in that video (or on YouTube).

Robert told me to “Screw the Critics [Haterz]”:

[link to Kiyosake video]

Later on comment #7


The dedicated box donated by is not gonna cut it.

It’s a little better than the semi-dedicated since they don’t shut me down for CPU usage. (and much better than GoDaddy’s crappy servers that don’t even work!!)

But being on the front page of MSN brought the server down to a crawl and caused intermittent downtime all night long. I’ve stayed up trying to keep it going but there is nothing I can do.

So, I just opened up an account with based on a friend’s recommendation.

They have “Grid hosting” for only $20/mo which I’m told is pretty “Digg proof” (MSN proof in my case). It’s actually a cluster of servers that allows any one site to burst without causing the “bad neighbor” effect of traditional shared hosting. It’s also more robust and scalable than a dedicated server (and MUCH cheaper).

I’m closing down the comments (to prevent confusion) and switching DNS for the 3rd time in 48 hours!!

As soon as you see the comments open back up you will know you’re on the new “grid” and things should be very smooth at that point.

The Dude said...

What's the "Next foreclosure and Beg-a-thon" countdown clock on IAFF about?????

Also, I consolidated some info and links to Part 2 of Sam Leccima story so people don't have to track it all down...CLICK HERE

Anonymous said...

Casey seems stuck on the hater thing.

First off you idiot, we HATE being called Haterz, Haters, whatever. We are critics and all scammers/loosers like yourself have them. Please do tell...what the fuck is a haterz? Something your butt buddy came up with?

Fuck you Casey. I am quite secure in my feeling that you are nothing but a little scam artist. Are you calling the CNET writer a liar? Did you NOT say that about baiting people.

Your post alone proves everything he said about you in that article. You hate us more than we hate you.

Fuck you looser. I hope you go down harder than anybody. I could give a flying shit about you and won't send you one fucking dime.

Fuck you and your little dog Nigel too.

Anonymous said...


If more hater sites are popping up than he can count what the heck does that say about our little retard? I can proudly say this "hater" movement is bigger than Nigel will admit.

Now I cannot WAIT until Duane dishes the dirt on those two. He can't deny any of that, can he?

I love how he disses the press as negative yet he loves doing the interviews. What a clown.

Anonymous said...

Is Zweg/Zewg also Pud / Phillip K of FC fame?

Unknown said...

Ouch, Dude...That hurts!

Like I said later on to Bemused, just having a little fun reliving our past glory days!

You've got to admit we're both slipping a bit...

Aspeth said...

You know, this rewriting history shit really pisses me off....

From my weak little hater mind, I happen to remember several instances of the Jamba Juice overdraft on the one statement, making the $37.50 drink faaaar from a one-off.

Not to mention everything else that was bouncing at the time.

Of course, that was the Wells Fargo account that KC closed after "Wells Fargo Stole $1,000 From ME!" and to block CashCall auto-drafts.

What a little piss ant.

Aspeth said...

@The Dude, that's funny. I was going to post a Sam Leccima story today! heehee....

Sprezzatura said...

I like how he tried to spin his comment in the article ... "yes, I have trolled the haterz a little, but I don't really do it all that much".

yah right.

'Boy who cried wolf', much?

Anonymous said...


"Loosing" the office would only save him $50, not $300. IIRC, he got the extra room for $50 plus taking out the garbage on Wednesday nights.

Zewg said...

Perhaps I need to defend the dedicated box I got for Casey.

Here are the specs:
# Intel Celeron™ 2.4 GHz
# 1 GB RAM
# 80 GB IDE Hard Drive
# 700 GB Monthly Traffic

Sure its not exactly a screaming fit or an enterprise box, but there is no reason a blog cant be configured to run under heavy traffic with a simple linux box.

Now this is the shared box his site was running on:
# 2.0Ghz E5335 Quad-Core Xeon Clovertown with 4MB Cache
# 4 GB RAM
# 4x500 GB SATA Hard Drives
# 700 GB Monthly Traffic

His site was running screaming fast until the inefficient comment pages snowballed and started hogging the whole box.

Now if Casey could come up with $500 a month he could get an enterprise quad core server all to himself.

Aspeth said...

Now if Casey could come up with $500 a month

I'm sure if he hopes hard enough, magic fairies will make it happen.

Add yourself to the list of people saying "If Casey could...." while he dances around his living room singing "if I only had a brain."

Miguel said...

I'm sure if he hopes hard enough, magic fairies will make it happen.

Isn't he about to make $15 million off the back of a casino deal?

$500 is small change to this man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob- Is there any chance there's enough money in the fishy treats fund to buy a spot in the 100$ link box to advertise EN?

Sprezzatura said...

I do not think Zewg = Pud, but I am quite sure that Z-man was heavily involved in the old FC scene.

He could be haukeke, for example, or possibly plucky, maybe even spanky.

Anonymous said...

Zewg, you got him a Celeron™ box!? How could you be so insensitive! Celerons are chipz for Looserz™ and have crippled Comment Processing Cores.

(I once had a young programmer work for me whom Casey reminds me a little of. Using just PHP and a complete lack of understanding of SQL he managed to f*ck up a dual processor, 4GB Xeon box so badly it killed the SSH daemon - a slight problem when the box is in a colo and out of immediate reach).

Zewg said...

I am certainly not spanky, but plucky is one of my pals.

And there is nothing wrong with smelerons, they are a dime a dozen, perfect for throwaway applications.