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Okay, let DL go to bed. There's still plenty to discuss as we wind down. This is something that's been on my mind for a while. People claim to have gaydar (the ability to detect sexual orientation). I think there's a more important sense; Q-dar, the ability to sense the intelligence of people you encounter. I've met a lot of really smart people and it's true. They are noticably different. Duane says Casey would score high. I disagree. I'm disturbed that my Q-dar mat be miscalibrated.


Sprezzatura said...


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Sprezzatura said...

OK now that I got that out of the way -- No matter how "real" your online persona, there's something different about face to face, real-time interaction. Perhaps Snowflake does come off better in person or on the phone. I have never met him so I can't say.

Anonymous said...

This post and all comments deleted by blog administrator.

Gypsy Pete said...

I think Rob the difference is probably due to aural interactivity.... Duane has interacted verbally with Snowflake and probably has a more refined sense of his intelligence (or lack of). I don't believe you spoken to KC in person?

Remember of course that IQ <> EQ <> Wealth Prospects.

Anonymous said...

"Many well-respected news sources link to my site as being linkwhoratative," Swaby added.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I will remove my pool in disgust. If this continues, I will remove my BMW. Damn you, LeGate.

Anonymous said...

Mur-eight! (pronounced Murtht)

Rob Dawg said...

YOUR? BMW Nigel? A few more warrants served and that could change.

Anonymous said...

warrants served? when did that happen? how'd I miss that?

Anonymous said...

There once was a man from Salt Lake
Took all the abuse that he could take

He said with a frown
as he took his blog down

If you google my name I'm a fruitcake

Anonymous said...

To be honest Dawg, Duane's comment threw me for loop as well. What has Snowflake ever done that has demonstrated his intelligence?

I think he stumbled upon the troll=hate=traffic=??? idea by accident.

What does KC have to show for it? I'd rather be dumb than smart like that.

Anonymous said...

VG and Dawg, I'm with you. Casey is about the dumbest fuck I've ever encountered.

Anonymous said...

@dawg, You taking a page from Snowflake and starting to troll bait us? You can't leave us hangin on that one... Throw us a bone!

Anonymous said...

You sure Duane is on the East Coast ? He keeps mentioning 2 buck chuck and with their crazy restrictions on liquor outlets on the East Coast ( and f***king Colorado too ) , I'm surprised they've got Charles Shaw out there, let alone a Trader Joes store. If he's going to lie about something so trivial should we believe anything else he says ? :-)


Anonymous said...

Lemme help calibrate the system. I'm a dumbass! I gots tons of fancy skilz, but I didn't get them until I was white-haired, and now it's too late. Eventually, the shit will hit the fannnnnnnn and I'll sink with the rest of the non-wealthy.....

Anonymous said...

We in Proxyland are watching you,Duane LeGate.
You best be watching your back...

Akubi said...


Consider the whales please.

Anonymous said...

@ sk 8:57

Yeah SK - There is a Trader Joes in Atlanta

There is one in Cary NC too - and 2 coming to Charlotte.

Apologize to Duane

Akubi said...

What about Bi's?

Dimes said...

Even after listening to Casey's TV interviews, telephone interviews, and ridiculous podcast, I am NOT under the impression that this guy is of anything more than average intelligence, if that.

Anonymous said...

Re: Q-Dar: Snowflake's site down - again!
Re: GayDar: Niggle removed comments from DHC!

Curiouser & curiouser. A ripe pair of award winning bloggers.

Mail Guru

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg:

" Duane says Casey would score high. I disagree. I'm disturbed that my Q-dar mat be miscalibrated."

FWIW, I didn't see any sign of blazing intelligence on the Hobbit's part in his video clips or listening to his podcasts.

Not to direspect Duane in any way, but...consider that he DID put the Flipster Doofus on his payroll.

Maybe DL saw something there that he WANTED to see.

The Kid is deeply in denial, he's constantly lying to himself about what he's capable of, what he's achieved, and what options he has.

When you lie to yourself, you cannot help but become a scam artist to others.

But I don't believe that Snowfake is that fundamentally self-deluded and innocent.
Notice that Galina told him to ditch the blog, but he's still blogging and even playing "musical servers".

(But he's not trollin' haterz, he's just keepin' it real).

Not to toot my own horn,(hard to do underwater anyway), but I called his corporation as the "Casey Serin Getaway Vehicle" way back when he first floated that balloon.

I'll tell you how this ends:

Papa Serin coughs up the ticket for the night flight to Uzbekistan.

Hobbit will be flippin' Mongolian Yurts, no money down, with sweet "camelback" at closing.

Mark me words.

Akubi said...

Leggo my Eggo. Oh, I am so jealous I feel the need to start or think about starting a blog war. I WANT MY EGGO JUST right.

Aspeth said...

While I always appreciate Sprezzie's ability to give folks the benefit of the doubt, I lean toward Casey being of 80-90 IQ myself...100 tops.

His grasp of concepts has always seemed limited to buzzwords, as Dimes said, in interviews and podcasts.

I've always listened with a cynical ear, leaning toward the idea that his "uh's" and stunned pauses were a part of the con. But at the end of the day, he just never seemed to get it.

Again, Duane has interacted with him, so he's got more authority on that. But I found that concept strange myself.

Akubi said...

Are you taking my Eggo again?
I'm so hurt;).

Anonymous said...

CANTON TOWNSHIP -- A man who told banks he had annual income of more than $1 million when in fact he was earning less than $25,000 on Social Security was sentenced to 56 months in prison in federal court today.

Scott Edward Ashley, 40, of Canton Township, pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud in November.

He admitted to using bogus documents to fraudulently obtain about $3.8 million in loans, the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a news release.

Ashley was also ordered to pay about $1.7 million in restitution.

This guy doesn't even have a blog either.

Aspeth said...

Akubi.....sorry. Very long day.

Anonymous said...

Something I just don't get: WTF is Buttflys mission here? All of the MB's I work with go out of there way to hustle. When I call, they jump and vice versa. Why in Gods name would he keep fucking off with this shit and not be out getting business. I just don't get it. But then again, I've been on vacation a bunch lately and maybe I'm just out of the loop. Anyone care to bring me up to speed on why Nigel would continue this shit? How is this putting food on his table? And I can't see how his boss puts up with this shit. For fucks sake, everyone on my team EARNS or your ass isn't on the team anymore..

OT: So who is gonna be next in the crew to get whacked? Paulie has surely got his coming. Bobby has also been on the short list for a while especially with that shit in Canada. I'd really like to see Phil Leotardo get hit. And WTF is up with this Homeland security/terrorism shit. Maybe the Arabs take out both New York and the NJ crews?

Akubi said...

I am so hurt I need to take a very long shower since the Olympic-sized pool is too cold at this hour.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to all of the sweet media™ featuring Casey -- his college class talk, his Kiyosaki appearance, and so forth -- you can tell he's something of a smooth talker. It's especially notable for someone who presumably didn't speak English until age 12. He's calm and collected, although as many others have said, his emotions seem blunted.

Smooth talker doesn't necessarily equate with high intelligence, however. In fact, I'd bet Casey would perform below-average on any type of college-level logical thinking test. It'd be interesting to learn how Casey did in high school.

Anonymous said...

Soprano: And I can't see how his boss puts up with this shit.

Byron "Don't Call Me Goatse" Goates and Nigel are/were clearly in on some further scamming with Casey. I'm guessing one of them learned about the dopey foreclosure kid and thought they might be able to extract more money from Casey and into their own pocket through shady deals in Utah.

For the record, all of the DHC blog's comments are now gone. Whether that has to due with LeGate, the mention of Goates, or warrants served (?!), I have no idea...

Akubi said...

Seriously, Aspeth is hot as well as our hotness goddess Stephanie J..

Aspeth said...

Benoit....that's a good point; it's been mentioned before that there's actually no proof that he even graduated high school.

So, lower the bar and say, not even a college logic test, but a GED, high school exit exam, or SAT.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to do shady deals with kc, why make blogs and put your name out there? Shouldn't baldy have been quiet?

Anonymous said...

Warrants served? Is this about the Dawg thing???

Anonymous said...

Duane Legate wrote, "Casey still feels he has a winning formula and that for whatever reason the deck has been stacked against him thus far. He has a very high opinion of himself and he only wants to surround himself with people that agree with him."

Narcissistic personality disorder is a serious emotional disturbance characterized by a grandiose, or extremely exaggerated, sense of self-importance. Individuals with this disorder lack empathy for other people but need constant admiration from them.

Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders, all of which reflect an inability in the affected person to accept the demands and limitations of the world. These disorders may regularly interfere with a person's behavior and interactions with family, friends or co-workers. Among the other personality disorders are paranoid personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Although people with narcissistic personality disorder have an exaggerated image of their own importance, they have vulnerable self-esteems and often don't like themselves. Therefore, they seek attention that confirms their grandiosity. When feedback doesn't validate their exaggerated image, they tend to lash out or withdraw.

Narcissistic personality disorder, which is less common than other personality disorders, is estimated to affect less than 1 percent of the general population. Some studies indicate that it's more common among men. The primary treatment is psychotherapy.

Pathological narcissism
The other end of the continuum — narcissistic personality disorder — is a persistent inability to establish a realistic, stable self-image, therefore creating an overdependence on others to regulate their self-esteem. This unrealistic self-image affects how people with this disorder behave and interact with others.

Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder may include:

Grandiose sense of one's own abilities or achievements
Fantasies about having exceptional power, attractiveness or success
Sense of belonging to an exclusive group of people who truly understand each other
Need for constant praise
Expectations of special treatment
Exploitation of other people
Lack of empathy for other people
Envy of other people or a belief that you are the subject of other people's envy
Haughty or arrogant behaviors
Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder may come across as conceited or snobbish. They often monopolize conversation. They may belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior. When they don't receive the special treatment to which they feel entitled, they may become very impatient or angry.

People with narcissistic personality disorder tend to seek out individuals whom they perceive as equal to their own self-image or to whom they attribute the same special talents and qualities they see in themselves. They may insist on having "the best" of everything — car, athletic club or social circles.

Their personal relationships and interactions are driven by the need for admiration and praise. Consequently, people with narcissistic personality disorder value others primarily according to how well those individuals affirm their unrealistic self-image. This limited value of others usually means that people with the disorder aren't interested in or aren't capable of perceiving the feelings or needs of others. They may take advantage of other people to make themselves look as good as they imagine.

On the other hand, seeking admiration also makes people with narcissistic personality disorder vulnerable to criticism. If someone criticizes an individual's contribution to a project at work, for example, he or she will perceive this comment as an assault on an image that needs to be protected at all costs and may respond with feelings of shame, humiliation or sadness or may express rage, disdain or defensive behaviors.

The exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is unknown. Researchers have identified childhood developmental factors and parenting behaviors that may contribute to the disorder:

An oversensitive temperament at birth
Overindulgence and overvaluation by parents
Valued by parents as a means to regulate their own self-esteem
Excessive admiration that is never balanced with realistic feedback
Unpredictable or unreliable caregiving from parents
Severe emotional abuse in childhood
Being praised for perceived exceptional looks or talents by adults
Learning manipulative behaviors from parents


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a day!

I have to say i agree with Sharky, as soon as the shit looks like it will really, really hit the fan snowflake will hop the country. According to wikipedia (for what it's worth) there is no US/Uzbek extradition treaty. I'm sure that the mighty US could get someone out of there if they really wanted (and how funny would a Casey post from inside a secret CIA black-op torture centre be), but let's face it - they won't be arsesd to spend the diplomatic capital. The interesting question is whether he will take Galina or Buttfly (lol) with him to keep him warm on all those cold Uzbek nights.

Oh yeah, regarding his IQ, i'm not saying he's a genius or anything but he did hold down a programming job. As a coder myself i have to give him some credit in that regard (as i think i am god's fucking gift to intellect lol!)

Anonymous said...

There are many types of intelligence. I am very good with numbers and would score high on IQ tests. I have a nephew that would score poorly but picks up routes, locations, pictures and other stuff much faster than I do. The places where Casey is incredibly weak are ethical intelligence and looking at alternative endings. It would not suprise me if he is good at math and pattern matching. He is certainly better at finding credit than I am.

Anonymous said...

Soprano: Warrants served? Is this about the Dawg thing???

Check Rob's comment in this thread made at 8:32 PM. I can't really tell if it's a joke or not, although the mention of "a few more" warrants would make me wet myself if I were Swabbo™ ...

Anonymous said...

I saw that...Maybe Dawgs trolling us, lol...

Anonymous said...

@ Aspeth, I wouldn't go as low as 80 to 90 for his IQ. 70 is the cut-off for mental retardation by psychiatric standards. Sarcastic comments aside, Casey is nowhere near mentally retarded.

I dare say he probably has a barely higher than average IQ, let's say 105. Again, he appears to have learned full idiomatic English fairly rapidly, and he operates a decently-written blog. Just by the way he talks, you can tell he's not overtly stupid. Even though some (all?) of the content may be fiction, some of this would be beyond the capacity of someone with an actual 80 IQ.

I wonder though if Casey's rationale for not having gone to college (roughly, "It just wasn't for me") is a ruse for some other reason, namely that no college would take him... I doubt that he didn't graduate H.S., but you never know with this guy...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about these warrants being served...

In regards to how Buttflake manages to keep his job at Integrity First, i'm not sure he has. We know he's been working for Gold Medallion Homes since February or March, so the question is whether he's working two jobs to pay for his pool/bmw/pleather jacket collection or whether Integrity First fired his balding ass and now he's just with Gold Medallion. My bet is Gold Medallion would dump him too if they knew they were paying him to work on his blogs instead of their own.

Anonymous said...

EN is now the place for people formerly associated with Casey to redeem themselves.

Past guests:

- Dontdoshit guy
- Heekee

Current feature:

- Duane LeGate

Coming soon:

- Yulia
- Galina

Anonymous said...

LMAO ---

I woke up, accidentally klicked DHC and saw the following:
1) Hater Duane's thread is gone
2) Nigel says the CNET article provided "sweet link love" to his website! Ha - I missed that when I red it!!

Schnapps said...

Heh. Young Snowflake's account has been suspended due to server overload. Go Heekee.

At any rate, I don't know if this has been mentioned (I worked a 15 hour day today and am tired) however there seems to be a lot of disagreement over Duane's comment that "Casey is intelligent."

Personally, I'd say he is reasonably intelligent.

This does not mean he is SMART.

Where intelligence denotes being able to acquire knowledge and smart denotes being able to apply that knowledge to day to day situations.

And I think that's what Duane meant about casey being intelligent.

Dolph said...


I know people with high IQs and zero common sense. Problem with Casey is I can't reconcile his lack of spelling, word usage, math, preparation, follow through, etc and say he's a smart.

The geniuses that I know are well rounded people. Sort of insular and cocksure but certainly brilliant. I don't see any of that in Casey.

Duane, would you say Casey is so lazy that he can't live up to his potential? He can't even scam others correctly. I've found that those who fall for shiny things live up the stereotypes...they aren't all that bright.

I just don't know. I am conflicted on this.

Dolph said...


Does he RETAIN the information, though? I know folks who read tons and they can quote directly from the material they have read. Casey sounds like he read select parts and reinterpreted them for his own reasons. He doesn't seem to retain ANYTHING. He parrots everything in a way that says he doesn't think the material through.

Sure, he could be BRIGHT (bright enough to want to read, etc). Bright people show potential but never ever live up.


Dolph said...

I should add that the people who quote material can dissect and explain it. They obviously have comprehension. Casey is a parrot from what I see. People who parrot are either intellectually lazy or really have no comprehension skills.

Anonymous said...

Different types of intelligence.

As has been suggested, there are different types of intelligence. In my humble opinion, people who excel in all types are very rare and likely to be very successful in life. But then, they may not measure success in terms of $$$ in their bank account.

Casey doesn't show signs of a high classical intelligence -- his failure to understand that a dedicated server can't be made to run faster, for example. His inability to get the dedicated server working. Both these examples show a lack of classical intelligence.

On the other hand, people have reported that he is a smooth talker. He also seems to have an instinctive knowledge of how to push people's buttons to get a response to his blog. This implies a social awareness, perhaps a social intelligence -- perhaps it is this that Duane recognizes.

He has a good command of the English language, but again IMHO, second language skills are not very highly correlated with high IQ. I've met many very bright people who don't speak very good English, despite living in the USA.

I am not saying the CS is stupid. Frankly, I think to most people with a college degree and professional job, those people with average IQs (IQ=100) appear pretty stupid. I think Casey would rank >100, but exactly how much? Clearly less than 125 (required for MENSA membership).

Furthermore, I don't think success in real estate is highly correlated with high IQ -- rather, it is more associated with social intelligence and this may be what Duane is recognizing.

Schnapps said...

Dolph, that's my point exactly: he knows where and how to acquire information.

Retention would imply he remembers enough to apply it.

Potato/potahto really. Different words, same meaning.

And I don't think Casey is intellectually lazy. Rather, he's intellectually arrogant in that he thinks he's more intelligent than the average bear (or dawg). And therefore, he doesn't have to work as hard - his intelligence will get him through. What he's missing is the link to application (smart).

Now lets take this to Anon's comment above where he/she talks about Casey being socially intelligent. That may be the case because he manages to charm the pants off (Oh Benoit! where are you?!!!)various people. Sure, call it social intelligence.

I call it manipulation, which implies some sort of intelligence (here, intuitive knowledge) of how people work and what they want to hear.

Unfortunately because he lacks "smart" it backfires.

So intelligent - knowing where/how to acquire knowledge (not necessarily retaining it); smart - retention and application to real situations.

Rob Dawg said...

Part of Casey's social success comes from a complete willingness to lie and manipulate for short term advantage. We saw him hold together a carefully crafted persona for many months and then blow it in exchange for one more dose of publicity. Too many people were suspicous because they couldn't believe anyone could be this totally divorced from normal behavior.

lawnmower man said...

CaseyWatch: he's deleting comments -- at least two of my recent IAFF comments are gone.

Snowflake really doesn't like having his trolling admission thrown back at him.

Sprezzatura said...

Good points above about 'social' intelligence versus other types.

Sprezzatura said...

@lawnmower -- yep, he deleted my comment calling him on the troll admission as well.

Anonymous said...

Casey is not that smart. Clever and a swindler, yes, but smart no. It doesn't take intelligence to get into Real was being handed to everyone in the business due to easy credit. 21 y.o. kids were making 25-30K/month in commissions as "Account Executives". Still they couldn't stop the bubble from bursting...they weren't smart enough to keep making the money.

Casey is just that..a swindler and a liar with the need for greed and a hope for fame. He's one lazy son of a biotch who would burn any family member (he's already done it). He's one selfish biotch and a Satan worshipper.

Now his excuse for a beg-a-thon is that "well, it's funny and you want me to do it!". As long as money sits in his pocket he can care less where it came from in the first place.

Anyways, he has a history of scams which started at 14 years of age!

Anonymous said...

This may be old news, but I just checked the DHC site, and all of the comments are gone. 'Suppose Los Swabbos found a way to streamline the time-consuming process of deleting all those comments.

Lost Cause said...

I am not visiting the mothership blog anymore. I hope that I can keep up with what is going on from here. After reading that he went to Phoenix after the last beg-a-thon, and to see RK giving us the finger now -- plus he is planning another beg-a-thon -- I am tired of watching the monkey dance.

When it starts to becoming real hate, then it is time for me to back off.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed all the fun again. Anyway:
Casey - interesting points about intelligence. I tend to agree with some points Dolph said. You can get people with high IQ and zero common sense. I can think of people I've met who have degrees and would probably qualify for MENSA but I wouldn't trust them to make coffee or check the oil in their car. I do think Casey has some mental problems and he need to get checked out to make sure he hasn't got serious problems that need addressing either by counselling or medication.
IAFF is missing some comments from yesterday. (20 down to 11?) More interestingly, the Beg-A-Thon counter has disappeared. Either he's bottled out of doing it or, more likely, his web skillz are at it again and he's tweaking or moving the server (again?)

Nigel - The Duane post has gone and all comments have been removed and stopped. Most amusingly I'm sure there used to be a sub-heading which said something like a place to discuss IAFF without censorship...blah, blah, blah... and that has been removed. So now it's a blog by Nigel on IAFF goings on. Yawn.
Can I also back up a couple of other comments on Nigel about him going to other RE forums and blogs and doing the "RE only goes up" "It's all fine in SLC RE" act only to be ripped by others on the same sites and having his arguments pulled to bits. One comment that I did notice though, he said he was a part time mortgage broker. So can someone answer me the following:
What does he do for money? He can't make much of a living doing Mortgage Broking part time.
Does he own the house he lives in or is it a large family house he shares with other members of his family?
Just curious.

ratlab said...

IAFF is down for me... mad IT skillz again. I don't think HeeKee took it down due to bandwidth since fucktard moved to MediaTemple server or whatnot, right?

Server error!

The server encountered an internal
error and was unable to complete your request.

Error message:
Premature end of script headers: index.php

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 500
Thu May 17 2007
Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_auth_pgsql/2.0.2b1 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7e

Anonymous said...

Guys have you noticed that Nigel has disabled the comments on DHC?

Me thinks he has had enough of allowing us to post and will use the site for commentary only. Fucking looser.

Anonymous said...

You can get people with high IQ and zero common sense. I can think of people I've met who have degrees and would probably qualify for MENSA but I wouldn't trust them to make coffee or check the oil in their car.

This is absolutely correct. My dad's IQ is off the scale, and there's no doubting his intellectual brilliance - he's been lucky enough to build a highly successful (and lucrative) career on the back of it.

But on a practical level, he's utterly hopeless - and I mean REALLY hopeless: boiling an egg is well beyond the limits of his capabilities. Fortunately, my mother is infinitely more practically-minded, so it all worked out beautifully.

(She also encouraged her kids to mock him for his lack of practical skills at every opportunity when growing up, just to ensure that we ended up slightly more rounded...)

Anonymous said...

Google's timeline search is clearly not yet ready for prime time, but here is the result for Casey. I had noodled with the idea of taking all the Wikipedia dates and stuff and making/posting a Casey timeline, but then I realized, "Why bother?"

Link to Google Timeline for Casey

Anonymous said...

Sorry for nearly back to back posts, but here is a Timeline view that focuses on Serin circa 2007.

Again, not quite ready yet, but the possiblities!

Casey 2007

Anonymous said...


We can also play: "Where in the world has Casey been?"

Casey's muddy footprints

Anonymous said...

Casey is a decent con artist but his ADD gets in the way (juicing and naps anyone?).

He may be good at yanking people's chains but anyone who can't setup Go Daddy hosting ............

Anonymous said...

Ok.. stuff like this irritates me..


"At 8:57 PM, sk said...
You sure Duane is on the East Coast ? He keeps mentioning 2 buck chuck and with their crazy restrictions on liquor outlets on the East Coast ( and f***king Colorado too ) , I'm surprised they've got Charles Shaw out there, let alone a Trader Joes store. If he's going to lie about something so trivial should we believe anything else he says ? :-)


Well believe it or not, if you drive down a few dirt roads, take a left at aunt nellies, drive over the hills and turn right by Old Potters Cow... you will run into a road that is actually paved. It is also called Johnsons Ferry road, and it does happen to have Trader Joes. It s the first store TO EVER open on the back 40 and boy am I glad.

Anonymous said...

@ Dawg and Vague Guru..

"Vague Guru said...
To be honest Dawg, Duane's comment threw me for loop as well. What has Snowflake ever done that has demonstrated his intelligence?

I am not saying the kid has EVER demonstrated intelligence. Rememebr the movie Rainman where everyone thought Dustin Hoofmans character was an idiot, then he counted all the toothpicks that fell on the floor and later correctly picked the one missing playing card from the deck.. He had high analytical skills, but was not functional.

I am not saying Casey has autism by any means. What I am saying is that I can undersatnd why you guys would quesiton what I am saying, because KC hasnt demonstrated an ability to tie his own shoes,

HOWEVER... the kid is BRIGHT... he is just wired WRONG...

I think with proper diagnosis and meds... you might see him in a differeent light...

Anonymous said...


"Sharky said...
Rob Dawg:

" Duane says Casey would score high. I disagree. I'm disturbed that my Q-dar mat be miscalibrated."

FWIW, I didn't see any sign of blazing intelligence on the Hobbit's part in his video clips or listening to his podcasts."

I can understand why you said that, and I an not going to dig my heels in and defend his intelligence... Intelligence and actionable common sense are two different things. The kid is bright, that doesnt show.. AT ALL. Some of the biggest flaked out whack jobs out there are border line geniouses.. Casey is similar to that...

Anonymous said...


THank you for saying in one sentence what I have been trying to do i my last 198 posts... :-)

"And I think that's what Duane meant about casey being intelligent. "

Anonymous said...


Comprehension - LOW

Spatial Recognition - HIGH

flailing forward said...

@ Soem Dood or whoever else is interested

A while back I started going through all of Casey's old posts chronologically and extracting information from his statements. My notes are here although I only got up to somewhere in December so far. But I do have an extensive timeline up to that point. The document is a mess and it's big because I was attaching the source for every statement.

I planned on finishing the note-taking stage, consolidating everything, converting to HTML, and putting it up somewhere as a resource for everybody. I don't know if I'll ever finish it. Notes are organized as timeline, financial details, memorable quotes, property info, individuals, websites, misc.

I figured it would be useful for R-Boy against the wikinazis, as a way for lazy reporters to vet Casey's story, as an aid for Casey to finally do his taxes, convenient fact checking for the IRS, lenders, law enforcement, etc.

Anonymous said...

"As we kept reading his story, we realized he thinks he's very intelligent and pretty shrewd about reaching his goal of deleting all conflicting opinions," everyone added about Nigel Swaby.

flailing forward said...

Rob and Duane,
My 2 cents on presentation of the story is that it would be better to present it in article-ish format in the post itself rather than hashing it out in the comments. Things get pretty messy in comments and we'll all just inundate Duane with questions.

Anonymous said...

Just reading those timelines. He had $93k in his account in April 2006 and he moves into Y house! By July 2006 he has run up $120k of debt! Is that mainly due to the losses on the sales that occurred around that time?

Anonymous said...

@Vague Guru
"I think he stumbled upon the troll=hate=traffic=??? idea by accident."

Possibly. I was the stupid idiot who read through shithead's De.lish.ous (or whatever the hell it is) threads, and saw he spent an inordinate amount of time reading up and bookmarking on how to monetize blogs, which is when I started to seriously doubt that the persona he was showing online was real - and is in fact a made up one, a "Poor pity me, I did what everyone else did, I mean to pay it all back, really"*blink blink big puppy dog eyes* persona.

The laughable part is, I think his business plan was exactly like South Park Underwear Gnomes:
1. Collect Haterz
2. ????
3. Profit!

He's been stumbling around trying to find the angle, and failing on all fronts, and shot himself in the foot with PrBizlink's contract, joke or not, because as long as that is out there, his ability to monetize is severely limited, and as Duane has exposed, cut him off from legitimate publishers.

See, I was saying early that Casey learned how to use his impish waifish good looks to slide in life. I KNOW he slid through school using it, I know lots of people who did. He's now trying the same tactics in real life, and seeing that it gets him nowhere. That tousled hair and "Aw shucks" posture and impish grin did'nt stop the foreclosures, stop Cashcall, and won't stop the DA or the Feds if they nail him. I know he's frustrated, thinking "I used to be able to get out of anything back in high school! I even fooled Gamina into marrying me! What am I doing wrong?"

You'll notice, in the past, when things got heated, he'd say to call him. Why? Because he has good schmoozing skills. He's a bullshitter. He's been playing on everyone's sense of guilt and charity, which despite our problems, our society has in spades. Look at the people who sent him money last time. Unfortunatley, shithead learned the same thing the guys at the foot of the freeway offramp learned - people are gullible. (Most of those guys arent homeless, and fight each other viciously for the territory.)

Trouble is, he's been trying to bullshit a big old pack of bullshitters.

So...besides Duane's side of things, what's to do, moving forward? We know he's a fraud, we know he won't pay dime one back, and we know it's a waiting game before one of his foreclosures presses charges or a long wait for the IRS to come a knockin' for unpaid taxes from the 1099s he might get.

Maybe it's time for us to take the reins from shithead's hands, and we'll move this story forward now?

flailing forward said...

And just since I never get tired of posting this exchange (Nigel at SDCIA):

nswaby 10/27/06 at 10:28 PM

For anyone who is interested, I have posted part two of my Casey Serin story. Part 3 should be posted Sunday. I'll let you know when it's up.

TonyMontana 10/28/06 at 02:41 AM

I think you have posted part 2 of your attempt to get traffic to your blog.

One word "Classifieds".

Good luck on your new career.

SDCIA gets a lot of flack for being overly kool-aid, and there are some kool-aid krew members there for sure, but most of the actives I find to be pretty well grounded. (Gecko, taddyangle, sub-cranium, ogden, haggis, etc.) Even Jeffy, who should have his own kool-aid flavor, called Nigeypoo out on his overly rosy predictions.

Maybe that's just because the Kool-Aid Krew charter members are silent as of late. (or throwing up in their showers)

R-Boy said...


Dude, that is not only useful for wiki purposes, but I know an agent who would love to have all this information condensed.

After we finish depositions here, I am centralizing my notes and giving that lug another call. Should be good times

Oh, and Miguel, when you said.

This is absolutely correct. My dad's IQ is off the scale, and there's no doubting his intellectual brilliance.But on a practical level, he's utterly hopeless - and I mean REALLY hopeless.

You just described me and my fiancee (except that she's also brilliant on the intelligence scale but knows how to boil an egg. Me? I burn water.

Whose IQ is 2759

Anonymous said...

According to my mad time-telling skillz....the begathon is scheduled for 5pm Friday evening.

Unfortunately for me (and probably many, many other w-2 loosers) the scheduled time is extremely inconvenient. Common sense would have told Casey to schedule his scam-a-thon for evening, when more people would be available. Of course, the beg-a-thon will probably be a complete washout anyway, since his server probably won't be able to handle even a small percentage of the traffic that his dancing monkey show will attract.

flailing forward said...

1. Collect Haterz
2. ????
3. Profit!

Ha ha, I definitely buy that!

@ Arthur
It looks to me like the major sources of the debt were guru classes, remodelling costs for some of the homes, travel expenses, carrying costs, and the Hawaii trip. His cycle is very revealing. He got a chunk of change from his first condo, then he basically did nothing until it was all gone. Then he gets married and they run up ~$30k on credit cards in about a year on their wedding and guru classes. He pays that off with the cashback from Calla and in less than a year he has run up another $120k. He should be fitted with a plastic detector that sets off an alarm whenever he comes within five feet of a credit card.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Mr. Man Bag is of above average intelligence. He is certainly capable of learning. I think where you run into difficulty is his attitude toward others. I am sure that he feels that the rest of us are just barely above the drool quotient. Why wouldn't he? He has borrowed $2.2 million. He gets umpteen hits per day just from being a flamebait. I think this attitude has screwed up your Q-dar. He is just playing to his audience. Personally I hope he does hard time. We'll see how that $hit flies in the big house.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Barney may be a drunk, but he is a helo pilot, and we ain't stoopid!™

Anonymous said...

Nigel broke down weeping last night and deleted some of his blogging. You people really hurt his feelings. He just wanted to be admired.

Anonymous said...

Casey likes to think that he is smart playing with money he can't pay back. But he also think this is a big game too!

Will he think it's a big game when a big black 10" schlong drives up his azzhole three times a day for a few years?

I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Rob - an interesting article on mortgage fraud and FBI from Inman News today:

Anonymous said...

F@ck Casey and his beg-a-thon. He's already told people that he does it as a troll, then takes the money to buy penny stocks rather than food.

If you are going to donate anything to this SOB then give him food and can goods. We'll see how much he really appreciates that!

flailing forward said...

@ R-Boy
I'll set some time aside and finish going through Snowflake's blatherings.

Anonymous said...

Whatever will the world do without Nigel's bloggings?


Unknown said...

Eth Real,

The bottom of the article has a phone number to send in tips.

Send tips or a Letter to the Editor to, or call (510) 658-9252, ext. 150

I wonder if they would like to do a piece on how much casey committed fraud? In the words of Casey... 'Let's do it'

Anonymous said...

@ 6:19 AM Anon;
I don't think anyone is saying they are going to give him money. We just like to watch the monkey dance.

His page will probably be down anyway. It hasn't worked for me for days...

Anonymous said...

Practically speaking, IQ is a raw measure of a person's ability to solve problems (and recognize patterns). That's all it is. Seriously.

100 is average. 130 is one statistical deviation above average. 145 is two deviations above average, etc. 99.999% of people have an IQ below 145.

Anyhoo, Casey obviously does not have a high IQ. He clearly has fundamental issues with problem solving and pattern recognitions.

OTOH, he's obviously bipolar. I'd be interested to see a measure of his intelligence in manic states versus depressive states.

Anonymous said...

Argh.. late to the party again.. karmic payback for my first the other day..

Just a couple of quick observations.

As we found out not long ago, a significant number of us are working writers, engineers and the like. Folks like us tend to put a higher "Q" premium on how someone communicates with the written word, than with how they shuck-n-jive in person. While Casey is far from illiterate, I've never gotten the "Wile E. Coyote Super Genius" vibe from his hamfisted scribing. Slightly above-average IQ at best (and as Carlin says, look at how dumb the average American is, and realize that half of them are stupider than that).

The other thing is NPD. I think I was the first to call NPD, back in September. I've known people with NPD and saw the signs.

Someone with NPD is *all* about the reactions they get from people - they have no sense of self (or reality), other than how they perceive others perceiving them. So they learn what to say, what buttons to push to put on the show they need. Casey's been doing that since day one.

If you're not onto their game, someone with NPD can appear EXTREMELY intelligent in person without actually being so (extreme example: Ted Bundy). It's only when you start doing the math do you realize that it's a sham. And EN has been all about doing the math.

The funny thing about someone with NPD is, the dance is their only move. They literally have no other way of relating to themselves or others. So even when they get caught in lies, they stick by them, usually by elaborating them further. It's a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:43

Not to be nit-picky, but 115 is one S.D. above the mean. It always goes up or down by 15 on the old bell curve.

ADD? Nah, bipolar and narcissistic is my guess. He's smarter than everybody, which is why sweet deals fall into his lap and not into ours. That is why none of us is fantasizing about a casino deal -- we jis ain't clever enough to 'a thunk up sumpm' like that. I keep hoping that someone in his family reads this and hauls him in to a shrink. They probably would just send him back to the Olde Country.

BTW, I usually don't LOL, but this thread has made me LOL three times. Well done for a bunch of W-2ers who clearly lack the entrepreneurial spirit.

Rob Dawg said...

99.867% have IQs below 145.

Anonymous said...

He's been stumbling around trying to find the angle, and failing on all fronts, and shot himself in the foot with PrBizlink's contract, joke or not, because as long as that is out there, his ability to monetize is severely limited, and as Duane has exposed, cut him off from legitimate publishers.

I was wondering about that - I've just signed a contract with a publisher (a proper one), and I couldn't believe the amount of ass-covering clauses ensuring that I owned or legitimately represented all the material and undertook to indemnify them against any possible legal action.

I'm assuming this is standard, and that Casey wouldn't be able to sign anything similar - or at least not without lying and opening himself up to a lawsuit from PRLinkBiz and his publisher!

Anonymous said...

In my professional capacity I deal with a lot of business people. Some of them are honest, ethical and just need my help to understand what they're doing and why it's not working. A select few, however, are con artists who expect me to help them push their latest scheme on the world. Snowflake reminds me of these potential customers. They desperately want to make money and they think they're smarter than everyone around them and so they can pull off these elaborate ways around roadblocks.

The business partner and I have a term for it: "weasel smart." It's not that they're smart, it's that they're crafty. If they were smart they'd take the easier way. But they are crafty. And over the short term they (sadly) make money. Over the medium term they lose money. Longer term, they often end up prosecuted by various large corporations (microsoft) or the states (new york) or the feds (FTC).

Snowflake is like that. He thinks he's found the loophole and thus can take a shortcut around roadblocks. It worked in the short term and he did get money. We're now seeing the medium term fallout. Long term consequences are yet to come.

Anonymous said...

NPD is probably a good call, bi-polar as well.

I know a musician who suffers from the same thing, and it's almost the same deal: surrounds himself with "yes men" who never disagree with said musician's ideas/decisions, has, nuked every bridge he crosses, it's all about them, they feel they were placed on this earth for one reason, has manic mood swings, and cannot let go of anything in the face out outright rejection and criticism and verifiable failure.

This musician has NPD'ed himself into a corner, and is unable to move forward, much like shithead is - their career is essentially shot because of his NPD and bi-polarism (unmedicated but diagnosed).

In the music biz, there's a term, "lead singer syndrome". Casey fits all the symptoms, just for real estate. He's a small, small guppy in a sea of sharks, but he thinks he's special because he got the loans, unwilling or unaware that it was'nt from merit, but *anyone* could ave gotten them, if stupid enough to try. Casey thinks he was put here on earth as some sort of muse or genius that deserves to get paid for just sitting on his ass and "brain dumping". Casey babbles about his "team" (thus making him seem more "important" than the reality of a 24 year old slacker with no assets), yet never takes direction from them, instead acting on impulse or on his faulty if fbarely working instincts.

Someone said his illness was not enough to warrant meds or being placed in a psych ward...I disagree. At the minimum, I would, as Galina, seek to have him found incompetent, remove his power of attorney, and place him in therapy if not in a hospital, put on meds, and not allowed to even look at the utility bill, let alone sign new deals.

In other words, much like an a alcoholic, casey requires an intervention and rehab for his addiction and destructive ways. His pattern is almost one of daring someone to stop him. Clearly, he is incapable or unwilling to stop.

I'm wondering, if the "Galina thinks I'm sick" thread was real, if Galina has'nt already spoken with mental health professionals on how to deal with it...perhaps not, as taking the credit card away is the same as taking away a drunk's booze, which a therapist would not recommend (they'd say, if it's at that point, it's time for rehab).

Duane, if you read this, I think your stories will be entertaining, and also provide some clues to the underlying issues with shithead, and maybe, and it's a long shot, give Galina and her family the tools to deal with him, because he's chosen a course that will sink her, his mother, and everyone around him. He's not drugging or drinking, but the self-destructive behavior is there, the inability to take care of himself let alone others is there, and he's seemingly powerless to stop his borrow/spend addiction.

He *could* be turned around, and made into a productive, happy human being. I've seen the worst drug addicts get clean and do amazing things, but it's an enormous amount of will and hard, hard, hard work, something shithead avoids with a vengeance.

I'll be the first to say, as much as I loathe Casey and his illness (and I come from the school of tough love, I understand he's sick but i cut no slack if it's untreated), if he were to honestly and verifiably tunr his life around, get help, get meds, and honestly start to tackle his debt and problems, and give up his pie-in-the-sky daydreams of easy money, I'll buy him a wheatgrass shot and toast his success.

There's a long road to that point, I'm not holding my breath.

R-Boy said...

Where does an IQ of 182 place me? Maybe I could contribute 20 points to Snowflake to bring him up to average.


<--Aside, its funny that raw (IQ) intelligence has an interesting relationship with income/wealth/etc. Studies have found that, after a certain point of IQ, wealth/income falls slightly. I assume this is because the intelligencia is gettting routed into academia where they get intellectual satisfication (and that thusly matters more than and extra 20G's every year.

I dunno. Im just a bureacraut

Anonymous said...

I find the whole KC thing entertaining. When I first heard of him I thought it was a hoax, something created by the bubbleheads.

In the beginning I felt some sympathy for the guy, but as he outlined his actions it appeared as if each step was a mistake (one bigger than the next). Who actually knows somebody this screwed up?

I will continue to read this because this stuff is entertaining.

As far as the award winning blogger. The guy is a talented writer, but his statements and re beliefs are mind boggling. If you had that much skill why not use it for something productive.

Keep up the good work on this blog.

Sprezzatura said...

My IQ was tested 12 years ago and came out at 110. So, above average, but not exactly MENSA quality.

The Spouse likes to remind me his IQ is 130, and the part about high IQ = better pattern recognition is very true. He routinely kicks my butt every time we play Scrabble.

That said, I have a Master's degree and he never finished college. Which really doesn't tell you anything other than the fact that there are many possible roads you can follow, no matter what your IQ.

Anonymous said...

"As far as the award winning blogger. The guy is a talented writer, but his statements and re beliefs are mind boggling. If you had that much skill why not use it for something productive."

I somewhat disagree with the talent - if you think so, fine, but I don't see it.

What he chooses to do with his life is his problem, there are millions of reasons and rationalizations and excuse why someone can't succeed or do more, but it all comes down to that person, and their ability or inability to deal with opportunities when they present themselves.

It's hard to delve into the mind of a loser like Nigel, but I suspect it has a lot todo with a low self-esteem, loser attitude, possibly a drug/alcohol problem or was raised by one (look up Adult Child of an Alcoholic - they don't drink, but they act like drunks), and a severe disconnect from morality, ethics, and common sense.

There's lots of losers like Nigel out there. The pack of wanna-be's is enormous compared to the few who actually make something of themselves, and Nigel's bitterness and self-anger shows every time he attacks Rob on his DUI or weight (which Nigel had to make up and edit Rob's photos to include....pathetic). Nigel shows he's a coward every time he edits a post, or takes down all comments, or attacks here. Add to the description of Nigel this: "Balding, pleather wearing, off the rack chinos from Target wearing loser who smells faintly of pee." Nigel has no legs to stand on in any debate so he quickly resorts to name calling and insults and back stabbing - all the signs of a died-in-the-wool loser.

Nigel is a very unhappy, unfulfilled man-child, and he's nothing unique - hang out with retail managers and assistant managers, and you'll meet a whole bunch of them. Big talking braggarts who talk shit about the big dawgs they wait on, until the big dawg enters the store, then they kiss their asses. Betas all the way, and they snivel constantly about how unfair it is. Boo hoo hoo. Life dealt me bad cards, and I refuse to play because of it.

Why isn't Nigel successful? Because of Nigel. Pretty simple. If he were such a soooper geenius he'd have created content that draws it's own attention, instead of attaching himself oh-so-remora-like to Casey's spindly ass. Oh, wait, he tried that, and he's so ham-handed and dull he got jeered at for his trouble.

Clue For Nigel™: If the audience throws tomatoes, your play sucks, regardless of how many fake press releases you buy.

Put that in your pink frilly pipe and smoke it, ya old queen. I know you're reading this. I have you pegged, and your anger that you feel rising right now proves it.

Wallow in it, loser. You don't have what it takes to rise above, and you know it. Success is a shiny brass ring you'll never touch, let alone get - and you have no clue why. Go on and brag about your Olymic Pin Adventures™ - I find that someone that has to brag about the past, has nothing to offer in the *present*. I've done big things in the past, but that don't mean shit *today*.

I won't mention name-droppers, as that was already covered here.

PS - fuck you, Nigel. Sincerely.

Unknown said...

I think "FirstMurst!" hit the nail right on the head. 'weasel smarts' is a very effective way of describing Casey.

Personally, I have to respectfully disagree with Duane with regards to Casey's perceived intelligence. From what I can garner, he actually fits FirstMurst's deduction of 'weasel intelligence'. i.e. since he lacks the ACTUAL intelligence to succeed in life, he resorts to con artist tactics and smooth talk as a compensation for his lack of raw intellect.

A few years ago, I worked with an individual at my company who fit that persona to the tee. Unbelievably crafty, underhanded and deceitful. An individual that would not hesitate to backstab someone else to get ahead in the corporation. But from a fundamental standpoint, he was quite dimwitted. The most elementary concepts escaped him and his actual work was horrid.

I see the exact some persona in Casey.

Anonymous said...

Nigel has no legs to stand on in any debate so he quickly resorts to name calling and insults and back stabbing - all the signs of a died-in-the-wool loser.

I laughed out loud when he concluded a (pretty one-sided) debate by calling me an asshole. Not just because of the whole sticks-and-stones aspect, but because he so comprehensively broke his own rules!

But you're right about the way that people with relatively little to boast about tend to exaggerate things out of all proportion. I worked with a filmmaker once who was one of the most compulsive name-droppers I've ever met - and, needless to say, an "award winner" to boot. (To be fair, it was a proper film festival award with a certificate and everything, but we're not exactly talking Cannes or an Oscar). Needless to say, the talent didn't match the talk, and I ended the relationship as quickly as I could get away with without actually breaching any contracts.

Conversely, whenever I meet a genuine high achiever - and I do meet quite a few in my line of work - what often strikes me is their modesty. They don't need to big themselves up: their track record speaks for itself.

ratlab said...

Rob, maybe you should send an email to Erin Morgan and have her join the party over here at EN. I have her valid email if needed. ;)

I know that NLL gals owed his ass with the not so well written contract, but the contract WAS written with the understanding that the NLL gals would bring in a team to Sacramento to help fliptard with is foreclosures. But in usual fliptard fashion, another shiny object (East Coast Mentor) caused his to rethink the assistance the NLL gals were offering.