Monday, May 21, 2007

Unemployed Mortgage Brokers Used To Solve Energy Crisis


The Dude said...


Anonymous said...

First, foist, foremost and murst..

but no moist™

The Dude said...

Yep, back in the saddle again.

Anonymous said...


the dude slipped in..!

The Dude said...


Ahem....(clears throat)

Rob Dawg said...

Dude got his game back. Watch yourself. That many firsts and ou become a target.

Anonymous said...

At least I got foist, foremost and murst...

I'll leave moist™ to whomever wants to claim it.. ☺

BelowTheCrowd said...

Soylent Green is mortgage brokers!

The Dude said...


I simply cannot figure out the pic....are MB's used as an alternate energy supply....burn 'em in a generating furnace???

Anonymous said...


The realtor ad-copy flatulence engine!

It's renewable and read a real estate sales mag, see what they're asking for a crapshack, and the methane-producing effluvia fairly "firehoses" outta you.

Better'n Jamba Juice wheatgrass anyday.

Anonymous said...

"I've checked this giant pipe, sir. No sign of Nigel in there. Should we check the indoor pool again? Award Winning Bloggers do not just disappear."

Anonymous said...

Here's a little something for Snowflake


Maybe he can pin it to his forehead.

Anonymous said...


Check this out- I wasn't even looking for this...I was doing a search on the "true credit" monitoring service, and look what popped up!

It's our friends from "prlinkbiz"!!!

tee-hee :)

Sorry, nothing particularly earth shattering, it just cracked me up. ;)

Anonymous said...


Salt Lake City Real Estate link is no longer on IAFF.

That rotten little shit!
After all the guff that Swaby took for whatever it was he was doing for...or to...the Snowfake.

And THIS is how he gets repaid?

The Hobbit used him like a trucker uses a rest-stop urinal, relieved himself on him, flicked a cigarette butt in after it, and walked away without even flushing.

That's cold, man...cold!

Anonymous said...


More than likely, as Nigel gets more and more implicated in RCS and DHC and anonymous posting, even Casey said "I may be a con-man scum bag, but even I don't endanger kids dammit!"

Besides, I think Nigel has become more hated than Casey, if that's even possible.

The Dude said...


I checked that out on the Credit Board and it's WAY too funny. I believe I'll check in and see what is posted by our friend.

Errrr...isn't she supposed to be the financial success guru...or something?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:18 PM, Anonymous -

I guess "No Limit" does not apply to her credit.

Anonymous said...


"Besides, I think Nigel has become more hated than Casey, if that's even possible."

That's what ya call ironic. I never hated Nigel Swaby, even though he hung the "Hater" monikker on me.

I don't even despise him for being an oily "user" of people...I figure it comes with the business.

Ah well, Nigel, old chap, getting shown all the loyalty and consideration that a used condom receives, and from the fellow who used it/you, no less...that's part
of the business too, ain't it?

So...Swaby, me mate...d'ye still think that folks who attack Casey for his crimes are akin to Nazis?

Watch out how you answer, because one never knows if some of the more "adventuresome" sorts from B'nai B'rith ADL are reading.

They don't take kindly to such comparisons, y'know.
(And more n' a few of them are lawyers).

Rob Dawg said...

Prblinky is checking her FICO all th time in summer '06? So she was trying to max leverage some properties. Casey timing.

Hint if you need to bird dog your score like that you aren't doing something honest.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Rob Dawg,

Agree with you. Folks who are constantly watching their credit are usually people with problems.

I've been watching mine a bit lately because I did actually apply for a new line and wanted to know where I stood before I went in. Since the package I got gives me free updates for six months, I'm watching it as a matter of casual interest. So far, impact is minimal, since my actual use has been very limited, I tend to pay things off right away, and my history goes back 20 years or so...

I DO get notifications for any inquiries or changes. That, I believe is just prudent these days.


Lou Minatti said...

Dawg, here's the animated version.

Anonymous said...

Oh deere lowered: that woman who uses a sig pic her child and her FICO score. I mean a 708 is great, but to post it as a sig along with her child?