Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alright, Fitness and Freakies It Is

The mob has spoken. Eye candy and mind bleach graphics stay. Cute is out.

Actually, I wanted a separate post because there seems to be a lot of confusion as to the identity of LossMitPro. You see he's asked me to take down all tha bad things that have ever been said about him but I don't know who "him" is. Also my overexposure to Caseyworld may have warped my sense of "bad" as well. Can anyone help with that? Normally I don't talk about this stuff but I don't have any reference samples of the person being defamed or whatever it is that was supposedly done. Examples? Remember; these are illustrative and in a research context. If the original bad stuff is bad enough I may have to take it down and then only the reference material could remain. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Anonymous said...

First and Murst!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I coulda been a contendah...

If only I didn't go over to Stephanie's site...

Anonymous said...

Unless there is a sekrit backweb 2.0™, what I have seen posted is either referring back to his own words, or is just idle speculation without malicious intent or effect.



*(I am not acting as a lawyer)

Miranda Mayer said...

But you're the better for it, Bruiser. Who needs first when you have just witnessed resplendent hotness?

Anonymous said...

Huh Huh...
I Anal...
Huh huh

Anonymous said...

IMHO, it seems unwise to place yourself on a public blog with claims as to professional standing, take forceful, belligerent, untenable positions, dispense (LAUGHABLY WRONG) legal advice, and then whine to the Webmaster that you would really like for them to excise your folly.

[shakes head in disgust...]

Don't some professional associations have prohibitions against
associating with notorious personages?

If not, they ought to.

Rob Dawg said...

Huh? Why is everyone here when they could all be over at Stephs?

Anyway; "what I have seen posted is either referring back to his own words, or is just idle speculation without malicious intent or effect."

Yeah, that's the way I see it but there's all those big legal type words and... and... I'm scared. Then again I didn't even recieve the request until just before the arbitray deadline so even our efforts to collect and reference any damaging material may be too late. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Like your mentor Casey told you Mark - all "famous" people have dirt dug up on them. I would get out now with my reputation intact if I were you - and it won't be us over here at EN that will ruin it for you. Greed is an ugly thing - if you really want to help Casey, thenn just do it - why crow about it? Unless there is something you feel to gain from it - why would you otherwise have such benevolence towards an admitted criminal?

Get out now cause the kitchen is gonna get a lot hotter and the big dawgs don't want to play nice with you.

Anonymous said...

Can you actually defame a pseudonym?
PS: being moist is important to koi, a kind of fish.

Anonymous said...

Rob - come lay down beside me and let me hold you. I am scared too.

Anonymous said...

Wise man once say, LossMitPro should spend less time mitigating other people's losses, and more time mitigating own douchiness.

Sprezzatura said...

First off, I am not a lawyer and this is only an uninformed opinion.

However, it seems to me that the whole issue with defamation and/or libel is that there needs to be some sort of actual person identified and some sort of actual loss or damage involved. And to date, LMP has not definitively been identified. We have a lot of speculation here but nothing confirmed as fact from LMP himself.

So how can speculations about an anonymous Internet persona be actionable?

They cannot.

Anonymous said...

The discussion on Caseypedia™ over whether to divulge Mr. V's full name and birthday can be found here. Long story short, at first it was a "no", but changed to a "yes".

[Note to future Casey associates: use a different handle than the one already everywhere over the Internet...]

Anonymous said...

I was advised by counsel that if anyone says I have no hopes of ever getting laid that I may sue as well.
So I may just take my pick among you guys who to face off in court against.

Unless any of you strapping young men would like to work out a win-win wink-wink situation to avoid being pummeled in court by me and my legal team. Justice will prevail! Sweeeeet!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff at link.

Mark, seriously, one citizen to another, if you intend to attempt to stifle free expression through wrongful threats and intimidation, this will not end well.

I think it would do all much good to consider with what forces they chose to align themselves with: Justice, free speech, lawfulness...

or something else.

You have previously announced yourself as intending to 'protect' Casey from his critics (really, himself, since the critics merely respond to his self-confessions of words and deed!), and to do that, you resorted to puffery and empty threat. You then trolled around EN as a disaffected ex-Casey supporter.

And... now you are back to full bloom, having done some intelligence work, scurrying back to Casey on IAFF, as guest blogger, once again resorting to pitiful empty legal threats.

How do you feel about yourself? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Pull a "Casey" on him (make him do the work) by having him tell you which posts he finds defamatory.

Anonymous said...

"A public figure is someone who has actively sought, in a given matter of public interest, to influence the resolution of the matter. In addition to the obvious public figures — a government employee, a senator, a presidential candidate — someone may be a limited-purpose public figure. A limited-purpose public figure is one who (a) voluntarily participates in a discussion about a public controversy, and (b) has access to the media to get his or her own view across. One can also be an involuntary limited-purpose public figure — for example, an air traffic controller on duty at time of fatal crash was held to be an involuntary, limited-purpose public figure, due to his role in a major public occurrence. ?

Anonymous said...


Woohoo, I am sure every attorney in CA would be foaming at the mouth to try that juicy case.

flailing forward said...

So how can speculations about an anonymous Internet persona be actionable?

They cannot.

Good. In that case:

LossMitPro donkey punches donkeyz!!
LossMitPro's mama is so fat, she got her own zipcode!
Impartial LossMitPro's lips are permanently attached to Galina's "stunning" ass!

Anonymous said...

Did Mark Villaseñor ask you to remove any nasty things said about him?

Mark Villaseñor leaches off criminals
Mark Villaseñor gives bad legal advice

What do you think the google search for Mark Villaseñor will look like 6 months from now?

Akubi said...

As previously mentioned, LossMitPro is Nigel 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Sweet comment luv from IAFF.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't go there, but it is a once per day or so guilty pleasure. I gave up cat juggling, so that's Some Success™ right there!

[Reclaimed my own words from Casey's site. Go ahead and tell me I can't have 'em back, LMP!]
#20. Soem Dood
May 30th, 2007 at 6:57 pm


How does it feel to instantly blow ALL of your credibility with that Fair Use horse manure, right off the bat?

Man, the first pitch didn’t even come across the plate yet, and here you are already heading for the showers.

I am on a semi-boycott of IAFF, but this was worth coming by to post on — I’ll also throw it up on EN, too, because it is unlikely this will pass your amusing moderation standards (i.e., Haterz)

ASW: Total Poseur

Anonymous said...

Flailing @8:16--Yeah, I couldn't have said it better, myself! I'm in the camp that a.) Believes that while Galina wasn't necessarily the instigator behind Casey's illegal misdeeds, she proveably (and knowingly,) benefitted from them. Not to mention, if Casey's community college speech piece regarding Galina's initial suggestion that they go into RE investing after seeing Carleton Sheets commercials is to be believed, she wasn't THAT passive about signing on the dotted line.

That said, I'm also in the camp that believes b.) That LossMitPro is quite obviously angling to get a piece of a probably-soon-to-be divorced Baptist babushka once Snowflake is out of the picture. I'd bet money on it, in fact.

Anonymous said...

okay. When I first saw the name, I thought lossMITpro was a dig at Rob.
(not to brag -- I was accepted there as a ugrad, and actually turned them down).

anyhoo -- Marky Villasenor is about the be sucked into the vortex that is Casey.

As someone who collaborates with web search companies for my research, I look at all of this in pure awe. A community sprung up, and has generated high quality content, about a single individual. The hater site actually generates HIGHER quality traffic than his site.

It's amazing that this site pretty much polices itself while all other sites about Casey must be locked down.

Anonymous said...

To LossMitPro:

If I would like to hear from an asshole, I’d fart!

Save your breath. You'll need it to blow up your date!

100,000 sperm and You were the fastest??

It's men like you that make women gay!

It's time to pull over and change the air in your head!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with LossMittPro?

Well, his writing for one:

a. use of double negatives and excessive use of the passive voice. Yeah I know its "teh internets", but if you are actually blogging, pick up Strunk & White. And apply it. Use the 1959 or 1972 edition.

b. "Resent" instead of "recent"

c. Saying stuff like "It is not proper for me to give that information to you in that it is privileged and confidential, but trust me, you are wrong". A couple of things wrong with this statement: a. Its puffery and could have easier been said "I can't tell you that." and b. It is an improper debating tactic. We can all play that game "Hey LossMittPro, Casey is wrong and going to jail, but I can't tell you why, cause I would then have to kill you..."

c. "I never lost a case I prosecuted..." Could be true. For a while I was batting 1.000 in defending lawsuits in Florida.... until I tried cases that should have been tried, instead of trying cases that should have been settled. A bad settlement is always better than a good trial.

d. What everyone else has mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

With thanks to Caseypedia:

LossMitPro... reported his impressions of Galina, formed during a dinner meeting...

Galina Serin can best be described as a “lady” in the truest sense of that word.




... typifying a subservient yet supportive and loving Christian wife.

...quiet and soft spoken.

...speaks deliberately

... apparently of a very rational mind. eye contact is predominant

...mannerisms convey a strong sense of sincerity.

... understands the complexities of what Casey does with his blog

... (based on body language) does not approve

...less compulsive than Casey -- as is obvious by her physical reactions to certain stimuli

... personality type is to generally go-with-the-flow

...resisting only when she fully understands the gravity and consequences

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, LossMitPro is gonna take Galina's virginity before I do!!!!!!

Hmmm...wonder what it's worth to him?? Could be win-win!

Anonymous said...

What does Mark expect when he jumps in to be Casey's right hand man? This guy just screwed up his name like Nigel. The best thing for Mark would be to quit and hide.

BelowTheCrowd said...

First and foremost:

The truth offers pretty much unlimited protection. It's not defamation, if it's true. Doesn't matter how much damage it causes.

You may not like the fact that people found your real name or associated it with your DUI. But no matter what the consequences, it's not actionable if it's true.

Beyond that you get into lots of gray areas. Opinions that are clearly stated as such and which aren't factual statements with "I think" attached to them are generally protected.

Note that calling somebody "a crook" could be considered defamation. In this context, stating that somebody "gives wrong advice" would be questionable.

Note that a specific name need not be included, so long as the person was reasonably easily identifiable. In this case, a very good case for who he actually is has been made and he might pass the test of being identifiable, especially if the speculation is true. (If the speculation is not true, then the guy with that name definitely has a case.)

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Well Mark Villaseñor right hand will improve Casey's Sex Life.

Anonymous said...

Is it slander to say that the guy creeps me out?

A complete tool.

Very accomplished at saying nothing.

Anonymous said...

>> Nigel 2.0

You mean someone will make a make a movie about him on YouTube?

hmm, hey mark, could you give us a picture? we want to play.

-children of haterz nation.

Anonymous said...

@ "The hater site actually generates HIGHER quality traffic than his site."


I challenge anyone to go to the site that claims it is a serious for-money, ad-supported, grimly serious resource for avoiding foreclosure, and THEN go to the site that bills itself as a semi-satirical wiki about foreclosure blogs, and then tell me which you consider the more authoritative.

Sampler of some fun:




Cash Back





Pool growth

etc & etc & etc

Anonymous said...


Two points. Some have gone on about how Casey 'can't' file for BK for reasons such as the following from today:

27. mycroft
May 30th, 2007 at 8:21 pm

@ 12. The Big Kahuna
Why aren’t you giving him the correct advise and telling him to BK?

Casey can’t BK. As soon as a bankrupcty judge hears about serial mortgage fraud, he’ll refer it to the US Attorney, and Snowflake gets to face criminal charges.

ASW: “silver” Like in shiny object maybe? Snowflake’s getting subtle (for him).

I say, the above statement does NOT mean Casey can't BK. It simply means he can't do it without facing criminal charges for the acts he DID commit. But if he wishes to make amends, what is the problem here? I wonder how long he considered Jerome Mayne's advice to turn himself in.

And, LossMitPro wrote on this blog after last week's Talkshoe something like, 'why bother responding here, you will all think what you want to think'. LottMitPro- that is WRONG! People were writing specifically IN RESPONSE to what YOU JUST SAID on Casey's show.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!

GSPG closed at .0010 today! Just a little more "falling forward" to reach my goals!

flailing forward said...

@ anon 8:32
Ugh, after reading that, that creep of nature would be the last person I would want hanging around with my wife.

LossMitPro, hose yourself off already.

"If an erection persists for more than 12 hours, please consult your doctor."

Anonymous said...

He blows donkeys. I saw him do it in public for money.

Akubi said...

king friday the 13th,
I thought it was an MIT dig as well. MIT was always after me in high school due to the XX factor, but I didn't want to hang out with a bunch of geeks (and get a special invite due to being female), plus it cost too much. In addition, special offers related to gender aren't OK. In the end, I ended up geeking out nonetheless.

Schnapps said...

Hey, Dawg, I appreciate eye candy as much as the next straight woman.

But seriously, that thing? Not my type. How about some eye candy for the rest of us?


Anonymous said...

@ flailing forward:

"If an erection..."

I really, really did Lawl!

Anonymous said...

If you are reading this, please talk into the phone on Friday night and stop mumbling. I could barely hear you.

Anonymous said...


Schnapps obviously did not see the pic of me in my thong if the little minx is aching for some eye candy.

BTW, I regularly have 12 hour erections.

Anonymous said...

I think LossMitPro stands for:

Loss Mitigation Pros.

Could it be one of these sites:

Schnapps said...

Caseys Sex Life - I must be blocking that. I generally only do that for a good reason.

flailing forward said...

@ Rob Dawg
Thumbs up on the thread photo for me. Here are some other eye candy ideas:

Hot chix stomping on murses
Hot chix stomping on murses that are attached to fliptards
Hot chix bashing PDAs with baseball bats
Hot chix bashing PDAs with fliptards
Hot chix typifying subservient yet supportive and loving Christian wives while LossMitPro "mitigates his losses" in the bushes in the background

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:22

What's so suspicious about this:

Casey Serin
1420 E Roseville Pkwy
Suite 140-331
Roseville, California 95661
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 05-Sep-06
Expires on: 06-Sep-07
Expires on: 06-Sep-07
Last Updated on:

What's so funny is that Casey runs his business out of a UPS Store mailbox in Roseville.

Anonymous said...

Although my function is primarily to negotiate final settlements with all applicable mortgage lenders, some unsecured creditors will be involved as well. These include mortgage notes that have been converted to unsecured, through foreclosure processes – second trust deeds. While I intend to position Casey’s unsecured debt (Credit Card, personal loans, etc.) for final resolution, such will come much later after all subject mortgages have been dealt with.

Is this guy imposing himself between Casey and the lenders in order to extract even more cash for the lenders? That is my reading of this. In the first place, aren't the proprties all back to the bank? Why does he even mention the forclosures? They are out of the picture.

What is a Loss Mitigation Professional? Don't they work for the lenders? Could Casey be this stupid, to let the wolf in the door?

Anonymous said...

Casey is still vulnerable on the second mortgages and for fraud on the 1st mortgages. If LMP can get closure on the mortgages, the fraud will not show up in bankruptcy so Casey can BK and
get rid of all of his debts

Anonymous said...

Tee hee - Casey's sitemeter is still broken. Good luck marketing your blog to advertisers, Snowflake...

lawnmower man said...

What's so funny is that Casey runs his business out of a UPS Store mailbox in Roseville.

Yes, we've known that for nine months.

IAFF just went totally blank. The hammer falling, or just more mad IT skillz?

Anonymous said...

Hey, IAFF and all of its content are currently returning a blank white page! SWEET DEAL!!!

Anonymous said...

hey lawn man, thanks for the tip. I clicked about 75 google ads to help casey with some sweet revenue and wondered if he decided to block access just for me. Sweet! Itsallgood.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Uh, my business uses a UPS store mailbox. Lots of home-based businesses do.

In my case to avoid the endless junk-solicitations send to me as a "member of the business community." I've figured out that they filter out known mail drops, while they do include residential addresses in their spam.


Anonymous said...

I think Lost Mittens is a lawyer. I think his job is to screw down Snowflake in such a way that the banks that he works for will get a piece of Casey no matter what happens. If Casey ever gets rich one day, Lost Mittens will make sure that the banks get first dollar. Who would you work for: Casey gratis, or the banks? I see him already adding value, by upping the talley. What do you think? Is the wolf in the door?

BelowTheCrowd said...

Casey has said earlier that he was dealing with major issues.

It's possible that Galina and family finally told him "pull the plug or move into your car" and then reminded him that Galina owns half the car...

Or it could just be his mad IT skillz again.

Personally, I've suspected for a while that it would just go blank one day. Whether tonight is it or not, I still believe that.


Anonymous said...

There was an issue with incoming feeds, so the sitemeter wasn't working. I am sure this is technical, and not dramatic.

Anonymous said...

@ Lawnmower Man: IAFF just went totally blank. The hammer falling

You misspelled "Hammar" ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just seen his page blank, so much for the sponsers.

flailing forward said...

Hey, I like the new IAFF look. Easy on the eye. Very minimalist. One might even say it's a daring statement. What Casey Serin the artiste is saying is that in this day and age, everything has been blogged before. Everything that can happen to a human being has been blogged about somewhere on the internet. But a blog without words? This is true genius. What he's saying is that he has opened his psyche to us, bared his online soul, and there is nothing there. The blog is about nothing, it is a great void into which good advice and commentary falls never to be seen again. Empty, featureless, devoid of all meaning, and yet powerful and beautiful in its utter simplicity. It is both an utter failure and his greatest achievement. Casey Serin: progenitor of blog nihilism.

...........or maybe he just fucked up the code again. Either way, itsallmostlygood!

Rob Dawg said...

I'm not sure about the whole concept. There isn't enough money for the lender and borrower but there is enough money for the lender, borrower AND an additional interloper? If you were the lender and you were chasing a deadbeat, one suspected of fraud what would your reaction be to somebody smarter than the fliptard you've been chasing, probably smarter than the guys you've got on the case getting in the way? "Who the frak are you and why are you trying to get us to accept less money and/or not press charges? Ner as we can tell you are getting piad with our stolen money." Now I'm sure for normal stupid people the idea of paying ten grand to an intermediator in exchange for saving tens of thousands more can look like a good deal because if they weren't stupid they wouldn't be in this trouble but there is no value created here. The profession is essentially that of an anti-broker.

Miranda Mayer said...

Rob, did you add the hot man-candy only after being pestered by women?

I'd appreciate a *little* forethought from now on...

We ladies would appreciate that. At least this time, this photo doesn't make me think of P-town.



Miranda Mayer said...

Well, not to 'rub' it in; Casey's Sex Life, but I'm off to have some wild jungle monkey sex. G'night.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to get my hopes up too much here, but this looks a bit different from his usual skillz malfunction. His web server is up (Apache 2.0.54, and working fine, but his robots.txt file is gone.. dunno if he had a robots.txt to start with, though. I'm getting 404's from his index.php and from other Wordpress files that should be there.. all I'm seeing is an empty host space.

He might have switched hosts again, or for some damned reason he was goofing with the Apache config and managed to dropkick the directory. I suppose he might've royally screwed up a Wordpress upgrade, but that would have to be a BIG screwup to blank it completely.

Or he might have finally taken IAFF down. Chalk it up to either an angry Galina or a litigious LossMitPro ("Hey - you told me they'd LOVE me, and the only one here sucking me off is MOCHA!").

Dare to dream..

Anonymous said...

>> The profession is essentially that of an anti-broker.

good point. now, if the loss mitigator was a lawyer + CPA + tough ass negotiator, then I could see the value add. think nigel's delta force accountant friend.

but, a forest ranger?

Anonymous said...

So LossMitPro turns out to be a pompous lecherous asshole just like I suspected. I pretty much caught that with the way he was salivating about how 'stunning' Galina was. 49 years old and he can hear the viagra calling. Gratis my ass, babushka butt is gonna have to pay him someway. Hey dickhead, are you still LOL in the office like you claimed when you first read my comments about you and the way you drooled on and on about Galina?
By the way, you ARE a bore to converse with. Your monotone affect reminds me of the teacher in Ferris Bueller, or the one in Charlie Brown. Now get lost you spineless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Good news, I've just outed Dustin, "Local Rich Dad's" son from the past. Complete name, year of birth, and picture.

With his mother Laura's MySpace page... how do you like that, Serin? :-)

BelowTheCrowd said...

I recall that the deal with Galina was that if he doesn't keep up his end, he replaces IAFF with a blank page, indefinitely.

His Flickr account is still there, but the contracts with Galina are both gone, as are all other photos that are even the slightest big incriminating.

I'm guessing that she hit him with "you said you'd get all this nasty stuff about me off the internet" and finally with "the only way you can make people stop talking about me it to disappear," followed by "make it all go away or live in the car."

Just my guess.


Anonymous said...


I agree w/your take on IAFF's new "minimalist" look; Casey fucked up the contract w/Galina, and so she made him take it down. However, I give him two weeks before he does something else monumentally stupid to piss her off, at which point IAFF will be back up, and he'll either be blogging from the VDubs or at Nigel's.

Probable next blog headline: "Galina's Divorcing Me, And It's All The Haterz' Fault!" This of course will be followed by "How can I shove as much of this debt and criminal liability onto her shoulders as possible?"

Of course, LossMitPro will be representing Galina via an indecent proposal... er, I mean "gratis" by then, I'm sure.

BelowTheCrowd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BelowTheCrowd said...

Benoit, you are a genius, though I fear the information may have come too late.

Still, next time I'm in your neighborhood, beers are on me.

Should be around the end of June.


Anonymous said...

Thanks BTC... I'll do you and the other Haterz one better:


Check the Dustin Talk page for the full outing procedure I used.

Bite me Serin... another piece of "confidential" information is exposed. :)

Anonymous said...

OT... looking for some advice:

Okay... do we stay in our two bedroom apartment (1100sqft) in Arden Arcade for $905/month or upgrade to a 1535sqft Elk Grove house (4/2 house, built in 2003) for $1250/month. We could afford it, just means saving $1200-1500 a month rather than $1500-1800 toward our future downpayment (plus moving expenses and the cost of a fridge and w/d for the new place, which we'd probably buy used).

Just my wife, four cats, and me. My commute would be 30+ minutes and her's about 10 minutes, rather than the other way around. The Elk Grove house would be a much better neighborhood.


Here's info on the mini-McMansion in question:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... AbleBuyer is still up and running, but IAFF is still returning a blank page. Yeah, looks like his passive lil' partner in crime held his feet to the fire on the contract thing.

*Nelson Muntz laugh* Ha-HAW!

BelowTheCrowd said...

I think we need a new Caseypedia entry for "bite me Serin."

I've resigned as editor because I really need to focus elsewhere, and I'm not sure if I still have my l337 powerz, but somebody should add it.


Anonymous said...

wow, his advertisers must be thrilled. especially the 2 that doled out $500 for Premium Spots. (pro-rated loss of $375)

More losses for Mark to mitigate...

lawnmower man said...

I think BelowTheCrowd is right: this is the end.

For now, at least. He's utterly addicted to the attention. Hard to see how he'll last two weeks without it, let alone two years.

Anonymous said...

Based on the info provided by Benoit, I believe this is a pic and info on the Rich Dad.

Anonymous said...

350 is cheap for a nicer neighborhood and 1.5 X more space. Also, do the wife a favor and cut down her commute..she'll owe you big time on the cosmic balance, and she'll be safer. The big question much shit do you have to move? That's a biggie. Also with the extra space, are you going to be buying more furniture to fill it up? Utilities? Add up all the little things and see if it's worth it. I hate moving...period.

BelowTheCrowd said...

His used-car salesman brother convinced Galina that $2500 for a month's worth of ads actually averages out to about $625 a week, BEFORE taxes. She called him on it. He said "I met the terms of the contract" and she for once wouldn't take the crap.


Anonymous said...


queen sarah and I are soon to be wrestling with a similar dilemma. Ironically, similar prices too (but in PHX).

Cutting down on wife's commute and more space is a win-win. One note: do due-dilligence on the future landlord. Make sure that they are not a flipper who flopped. Lots of those in PHX. scary the sh-t people try to pull. be safe.

lawnmower man said...

Dustin's LinkedIn page.

Rob Dawg said...

Looks good just be careful you don't end up with too many possesions. At some point it becomes important live for the present. I also suspect that the house rent will hold but the cheap rent will rise.

Anonymous said...

@ Legion

Thank for the feedback.

We have a lot of crap to move... books, clothes that don't fit (but will again someday!), stuff like that. Pretty light that we could move ourselves in 3-4 trips with a Uhaul van. We've got some decent furniture, but nothing too heavy. Still, we'd hire professional movers like we did the last time to move the bigger stuff (TV, book cases, etc) because it would be in the middle of the summer.

Utilities... right now water is included with our apartment, so probably $20-30 a month right there and probably about 30% increase in our electricity bill during the summer for A/C (so probably $30-50 extra bucks). Car insurance would go down a bit. So it's mostly the $350 a month in extra rent.

Figure $1000 in moving expenses plus $1000 to buy the fridge and washer/dryer used. Plus we'd have to pony up a $2800 security deposit ($1200 plus 4x$400 for the cats)--although I believe that CA law limits the security deposit to 2x monthly rent for an unfurnished rental, so max should be $2500. But whatever. Assuming a one year rental, the added cost figures to be around $7,000 or so in addition cost over what we would pay to stay where we are.

I'm thinking that it would be great to have the extra space, plus we would get to experience maintaining a yard (and a larger living space) without the commitment of actual home ownership. I see a lot of positives... but I can also see wanting that extra $7,000 to have for a downpayment when we do ultimately buy...

Just don't know. But that place isn't going to last long, I don't think.

Anonymous said...

from the website about local rich dad :

He offers a “cash out” service to investors and other owners that would like to sell properties quickly and easily with out preparing them for the regular retail market.

oh boy. "dandy dan" haywood, come on down...

Gordon Sanders said...

and casey

Anonymous said...

"I also suspect that the house rent will hold but the cheap rent will rise."

I agree, which is partly what prompted this discussion. We're nearing the two-year anniversary of our rental here and started looking around in anticipation of a rent increase. It was $890 when we moved in 07/05 and increased to $905 around this time last year. I'm expecting it will be raised to at least $930 in the very near future. We're month-to-month, by the way.

However, demand for apartments is probably going to rise over the next year, so it's possible that the modest increases may accelera from annually to semiannually, or more. So the difference in rent could be a bit less than the $4,200 that I'm estimating. But even worse case, I don't think that the rent would increase more than $1,200 over the course of the next year, so it would still be quite a bit cheaper to stay where we are (plus not have moving costs, additional utility expenses, or having to buy appliances).

Anonymous said...

2800 + 2000+ 960(water and a/c) +4200 extra rent = about 10000.
That is for your first year.

Pros, you are in a better apartment and it makes waiting for the money to buy a new home bearable..won't be in such a rush. Should bottom out in 1 or two years anyways.

Cons, it will take you longer to save up for the house, and that's an extra 4200 lost each year.

Have you thought about living in your car;-)

Anonymous said...

A lot of speculators are going to be going into damage control mode to minimize their losses per month via their anchor like mortgages, have you looked at renting a house?

BelowTheCrowd said...


Three degrees of separation from me to Casey!

Admittedly, the key connection is some guy who managed to attach himself to me under false pretenses, who I haven't bothered to get rid of, but now will have to.


Sprezzatura said...

@btc-- three degrees here too. Can't dump the connection, though, it's a classmate.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't including the $2800 in my calculation, because it represents a temporary reduction in our savings rather than an increase in our cash flow. Also, FWIW I've had very good history with getting most of my deposits back (I have $1000 on the existing one). It's always been just the nominal cleaning fee. I have a good relationship with current property managers and they don't tend to screw people on the deposit from what I understand.

That said, $2800 is a lot of money for a deposit. HomePointe is a pretty big name in this area for SFH rentals, so I'd be surprised if they'd risk their brand's reputation on screwing around with security deposits. But I'll ask around and see what their reputation is.

Anonymous said...

"I wasn't including the $2800 in my calculation, because it represents a temporary reduction in our savings rather than an increase in our cash OUTflow."

Funny how one syllable changes the entire meaning of a sentence...

Anonymous said...

Re IAFF - any chance the hosting bill has not been met on Casey's card ?

Dolph said...

If Galina made Casey take the site down for violating those rules, he does realize it will be tough to come back weeks later? I wonder if his agreement with the advertisers allows him to keep the money even if the site goes down?

He could also be trolling to build drama?

Dolph said...


From my experience whenever a site is taken down for nonpayment, it has a notice on the page. This looks as if somebody wiped the page clean.

Anonymous said...

@Arthur and Dolph: AbleBuyer is still up; looks like IAFF was wiped clean deliberately.

Mouse And Pencil said...

It is my Constitutionally protected opinion LossMitPro is a fucking coward.

There, sue me, "Mark". I triple dog fucking dare you.

After I'm done with you over that, I'll make sure to have you disbarred (if you are in fact a lawyer, which I doubt, after seeing that laughable copyright block) and have you kicked from every professional organization that you belong to for attempting to violate someone's civil rights.

How about them apples?

CHJTS said...


Mouse And Pencil said...

If this is Casey trolling for drama, he just fucked up big time, because he screwed his "advertisers".

If he did pull the plug, then a HUGE "bwahahahahaha" to LossMitPro, you just lost your sweet Wednesday spot to babble and boast. I hope you did'nt PAY for that spot, bub. Lets see if you carry through with your promises to help Casey now that all the attention and free advertising is *gone*.

We warned you, asshole, what happens to people who do business with Casey.

I'll bet Casey will surface, there's no way he can help himself, he's good an addicted, if the site is down, there'll be a new one up without his name attached, or something like that, soon. You know he'll find a way around the terms that were laid out in that agreement, like he'll blog from work.

That's right, work. The terms were, he loses the blog, his computer, his PDA, and he has to geta job for two years.

If it's true, and the site was yanked...oh, it's a FUN night in Yulia's house. Anyone in the Sacramento area should go see if there's a lonely black stormcloud hovering over Snapdragon Lane.

LOL. Casey may have lost ALL his toys. Imagine tomorrow morning...the sun rises, birds chirp, it's another bright sunny day in Northern California...and a tousled haired, grey skinned creature emerges into the sunlight blinking and grimacing, facing the prospects of having to look for work in a beat up Vdub, no quantifiable skills, no work record for 3 years and a Google history that could only be worse if it were fiction...knowing that the minute a W-2 is filed, a long line of debtors are waiting to attach garnishments to Internet, no PDA thingy, no sweet deals...only a future of a cubicle (if he's lucky), no sex for a LONG time (if she lowered the boom she might as well of bought a chastity belt), and no credit or vacations or naps...for two years...

Fade out to a Vdub rocketing up the freeway towards Tahoe, and cut to a young woman standing on the steps of her sister's house, saying "Casey, are you out here?"

Fin, swell music over credits. brings a tear to my eye. Life is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the latest post is a list of his successes, or his positive character traits.

Gypsy Pete said...

Bugger - caseypedia seems to be down - anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Wiped clean!

Rumor has it that snowflake checked into the Betty Ford Blogdiction™

Anonymous said...


'tis back up. I think it was having a moment of solidarity with the IAFF server.

Anonymous said...

How many times have we called the end of IAFF, Casey's arrest, divorce, eviction, shacking up with Nige? How many times have we seen "the end" when all that happened is that Snowflake fucked up the code or pissed off his hosting?

Let's wait and see, my trolls, before we jump to conclusions, wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Sid, IAFF resolves to a page that works, is not broken, and is specifically blank white. We shall see.

You'd have to fuck up HARD to do that by mistake.

Possible scenarios:

He's trolling, he'll be back tomorrow or Friday with "Wow, what a crazy, emotional couple of days, it's all worked out, on with the show!"

Galina and family laid down the law. No more laptop, pda, internet access, sweet dealz, and a w-2 job. If this is the case, put a suicide watch on Casey, and take away all ID, car keys, and money.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "Utah Wrap"?

(Hey, song parody idea there -- Casey's 'Utah Rap')

Anyhoo -- here is what his Rich Dad page tells people about what Casey did. Gee Casey, listen much?


Oh, and nice use of white space on the new IAFF -- looks very crisp and uncluttered. I don't see anything left on there to distract the reader from the real Casey Serin message he has to offer!!!!

Four Things You Should Never Do
If you fall behind on your mortgage
Number One

Absolutely Do Not ever deed your property to a third party without absolute confirmation your loan has been paid off.

Note: if you believe this option is best for you, please consult with an attorney – not the buyer’s attorney – before completing the transaction.

Anonymous said...

@ Soem Dood

What rich dad page are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Hey, White Space Boy:

Gonna pay back every Dirti™ Penny™ of the $2,500 Ad Revenue to the IAFF ad holders?

How is that gonna dent this week's plans to shove ten crisp $100 dollar bills under Galina's clipboard and LMP sniffin' nose?

Man, the hits just k-e-e-p on rollin'; you are an eternal fount of laffs, I'll give ya that!

Anonymous said...


check out the whole matrix 'o tips here from Casey' Rich Dad associates:

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:56:

I thought we had seen similar IAFF pages before? Regardless, I suppose IAFF will end at some point, and we'll find out soon enough. Someone can email Hosadus or give Boi Wonder a call.

flailing forward said...

Interesting side note, apparently Dustin's mom, "lovepopples", has been trying to get on Big Brother for a while.

Anonymous said...

Good morning ENers! Been working me arse off at ye olde W-2 (my wife is the Anti-Galina and would like to see more of me). I just got caught up. I like the new IAFF. Flailing's description of it as an artistic statement is brilliant.

So here's my take on what the possible reasons for IAFF being a clean slate are:

-This is the new IAFF where Casey "helps people facing foreclosure using his experience"

-He has decided to detail all of the advice that he has followed in the preceding 9 months

-He decided that actually figuring out a way to monetize the blog represented too much success too soon, and he needed a little more failing forward before he could find his way to passive riches

-His blog didn't represent a big income stream, so he decided to shut it down and focus on more realistic goals, like brokering the sale of vegas casinos or buying high-rise apartment buildings

Anonymous said...

to 7.53pm Rob Dawg @DUI walrus

Yeah, that's the way I see it but there's all those big legal type words and... and... I'm scared.) Then again I didn't even recieve the request until just before the arbitray deadline so even our efforts to collect and reference any damaging material may be too late. We shall see.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL too funny!!!
hey rob, why dont you go ahead and post Lossmitpro's e-mail to you? Or are you to SCARED??? after all the EN know it alls here were all SO in the know about how e-mail isnt private once it is sent and is the property of the recipient bla bla are you afraid of?

Schnapps said...

I posted this over at Aspeth's too...

Didn't young snowflake say he was going through the archives to edit out any references to Galina and the rest of his family?

And knowing his mad skillz, he probably can't keep the page up while making a few changes.

And screwing his advertisers. Heh.

::yawn:: This is getting rather dull, I must say.

Schnapps said...

Oh and is still up.

flailing forward said...

Here's the Popples Big Brother 8 parade video. You can also check out other son Nick's videos (a.k.a. gusterboi) to find her deep throating a boat. (improperly)

The IAFF story just gets weirder and weirderererz.

Anonymous said...

Man you folks are good. Real Good!
You can find anyone.

You ought to offer your services to Cashcall in order to expand fliptard's "cirle of ex-friends" for contacts.

Or better yet, spend half a day and then tell "W" where Osama is hiding. I am sure he will take it from there.

Keep up the good work. You tipify the meaning of
"Don't get angry, get one better!"

flailing forward said...

@ DUI Cote 4:53
What's up! Long time, no smell. We've been missing you around here. We're still waiting for those fake emails that you promised from when you were trolling as a woman. I like what you've done with the blog, what with the deleting everything and all. Not as minimalist as Casey, but it's a start!

Anonymous said...

I have a mirror of the (possibly) whole website from 20th May.

I think the whitespace is deliberate. I think much of the website still exists, if you type in the right URL.

Exhibit 1 ... Casey's mug ...

Exhibit 2 ... You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page (it shows that the PHP scripts are still running) ...

This means he didn't make some catastrophic error. Wordpress is still working, but configured to not respond to you.

Exhibit 3 ... more of the same ...

Exhibit 4 ... another white page ...

None of the blog posts are available; they all return an empty page (including invalid URLs). So it's likely that Snowflake has replaced the PHP script which resolves the pages with one which does nothing (i.e. those URLs are not checked).

Exhibit 5 ... this PHP script is still functioning ...
But I don't know what arguments xmlrpc.php requires, so I can't test this further.

Exhibit 6 ... SWEET!! ...

Exhibit 7 ... LOOSER (that's Casey) ...

Exhibit 8 ... Sweet Sounds of Silence ...

and another ...

Exhibit 9 ... Casey still plugging REI-TV ...

And in case you feel nostalgic ...

Exhibit 10 ... sweet Java Scripts ...

Exhibit 11 ... sweet Cascading Style Sheets ...

Exhibit 12 ... and to finish it all off ... LOL ...

flailing forward said...

Oops, that was to DUI Cote @ 5:40

Anonymous said...

Doh!!!! I almost forgot.

Food for thought dept:

On Tuesday, the writting did not seem to be from snowflake. On Wednesday, the blog is down.

I was wondering after reading the transcript from Steve on Friday night if there was an intervention/blanket party at the family Memorial Day cookout (i'd pay for the Utube video on that one).

You figure everyone on both sides of the family are getting a taste of fame whether or not they want it.
Friends are coming up and asking what is going on in stores or at the golf course. It has to be embaressing for the rest of the clan.

Maybe they put their foot down. Maybe Murseboy agreed but then had someone write a ghost article on Tuesday. Then they made him take down the site yesterday before driving over his pda with the jetta.

Rob Dawg. Maybe an email to brother Steve could shed some light on the topic.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Casey, your 15 minutes is definitely over. You're done, done, stick a fork in you, you're done.

Anonymous said...

EN Know it all:

It's all gotten to be a little too much having to stay out of the spotlight and all, what with that "light of truth" on you. I think we once heard from some brilliant mind that light causes algae, and I believe you have some on the brain.

I love it when people post anonymous challenges. Those have real teeth in them. So here's one of my own, come on back out in the open DUI Cote, so we can nail your ass once and for all! Scurry roach, scurry!

Anonymous said...

Oh shit. I can't get hold of Casey. He's probably too busy apologizing to all of his other advertisers. Shit. That little dickhead screwed me! Shit!

Anonymous said...

I am not nigel or DUI cote, but even if i was (check my IP), the issue is, WHY DOESNT ROB POST LOSSMITPRO's e-mail which he is scared of?

flailing forward said...

@ Milton's Ghost
Excellent work, you've definitely proven your case about it being intentional. Now the question is, is it legit, or is it a publicity stunt?

Ok, scratch that, the question is, do we really even care anymore? I, for one, will be more than a little glad when it's officially over. It's become like a TV show that you're completely sick of, but you keep watching anyway because you've been watching for so long and want to see how it ends.

Here's the real LOL though.


Anonymous said...

Look all you haterz!

KC has made an artistic statement, a homage to his favourite Beatles album. Get with the program!


Anonymous said...

Hey Homer Simpson - I like the idea about Rob sending a friendly email expressing our concern for Casey. And where has Duane been lately?

Flailing, you computer guru - how do you pull up the sitemeter when there is a blank page there??? Anyhoo, Casey has had a whopping 19 visits today.

Is that $1500 top banner still available or is it being sold to the highest bidder? Do I hear 25 cents??

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's give a thought to a possible scenario... maybe the Fed came a calling and took murse boy and his laptop into custody :>)


Anonymous said...


Elk Grove is seeing some dramatic drops in price right now. It is also seeing an increase in crime. Without looking at the house, I would not be able to tell if it is agood price or not, but I know some of the banks are dumping houses.

I would also recommend looking up mommystop on the sacramento craigslist. She is very in tune with what is happening in the market and which neighborhoods are being hit

Anonymous said...

I understand that Snowflake is an idiot, but if he's going to shut down the blog why not sell the site first? Get the $10k or whatever in cash and stash it in a savings account or something.

Anonymous said...

I meant safety deposit box. Obviously a savings account isn't a safe place for someone with as many angry creditors as Snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg -

I have been a faithful follower of the debaof youse guys thought about how long this has been going on - almost a year!)

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the so many hours of fun you have provided. Though you will probably need rehab for withdrawals when this is over (don't worry, me and Lindsay Lohan will be right there with you) just wanted to say it has been and continues to be, a blast.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee - am I still drunk?? Meant to say have been a follower of this debacle from the start. Still luv ya Dawg.

Anonymous said...

This does indeed look like the end. If it's a troll, it's a very damaging one. If this really is it, Casey will find a way to "get the word out" since he's way too attached to the attention (see NPD). I have admired Nigel's duck and cover though. I guess he realized the longer he stuck around the more muddied his name would get if googled. Either that or Goates told him to cool it or find another gig.

Anonymous said...

Where are the hits coming from; cached pages?

Haterz get the last laugh, of course. Those ad-buying supporterz have paid for a month's advertising and got only a week and a few days - and on a diminishing blog, at that. Good luck getting any money back, folks.

Anonymous said...

Right now Casey and Galina could be in the Jetta, on the run, not stopping for anything but gas until they reach Canada.

flailing forward said...

From a trainwreck standpoint, now would be a masterful time to pull the plug. He just collected $2500 in ad revenue, thus screwing over every advertiser (with the exception of maybe the first batch of $100/week ones). He gave LMP just enough rope to put around his neck, and now he yanked the chair out. LMP has revealed that he's a Nigel wannabe, and now we all know who he is. Now that he's lost his smug self-righteousness pulpit, his only accomplishment is establishing himself as douchebag1st runner up. With the possible exception of Nigel, no one has gone so out of their way to insert themselves into the Casey saga. Now he'll have to come crawling back here for the attention he obviously craves. Nigel and DUI Cote are already hiding under rocks, and the three fake supporterz lose their only forum for cheerleading. The only haterz who looses is Legion, because he looses his foolproof "short whatever Casey is recommending" investment technique.

@ Spacey
I just had the sitemeter link in my browser history. It's offsite and always stays up whether IAFF is online or not. (unless Casey cancels it.)

Anonymous said... is over. It will never return.

Advertisers: Feel free to cancel your PayPal subscription. I will be issuing pro-rated refunds this week.

Everybody: I'm very sorry to end like this.

You may contact me here.

-- Casey Serin