Friday, May 25, 2007

Duane LeGate Part 2.5 The Worm Turns

The phrase "the worm turns" is oft misunderstood. The mechanical screw mechanism has come to represent more subtle events. Thus we rejion Duane and Casey at the point where Duane is near his limits of tolerance.


January 29th, 2007

From Casey
To Nigel, Chris, Duane

Hey, could you gentlemen join me on a conference call sometime today to discuss my blog strategy going forward. The 3 of you have been the most helpful to me so far with your advice and I would love for all of as to talk.

Please respond back to me with some times that will work for you today or tomorrow morning. I will setup a conference call and give everybody a code.

Thanks guys... Here are the topics:

1) Should I continue to blog?

Chris has a good point about the HATERS starting to post highly offensive stuff on other boards about all of us including our families! If I continue it might only get worse

2) If I should continue, what should be my strategy?

Nigel has a good idea about turning this thing into a general foreclosure help forum and allow others to post their story and receive help from the community. I would still continue my story but I would start shifting the focus on helping others

3) How to deal with the HATERS?

Perhaps I can start filtering out any comments that is negative or has nothing constructive. That will change the feel of the blog very quickly.
But how will that affect traffic? Should I worry about it?

4) How to handle the time commitment in running the blog?

Moderation takes me A LOT OF time. Posting quality posts takes a lot of time too. To have a high traffic blog I should post no less than once in
1-2 days. Perhaps I can outsource the moderation to a few trusted people.
Chris has some ideas about decreasing the time of making good posts.

5) How to monetize the blog?

If am going to continue devoting much time to the blog I need to get paid for it somehow. Duane has offered to become an exclusive sponsor. We're still experimenting but so far things are looking good. I want to discuss future possibilities.

6) Come back story?

I'm looking to have a come back story through this blog by doing the right thing, settling my debts and learning to become a successful real estate investor even though all the haters think I can't. I want feedback on how to formulate this strategy.

7) Joy / Erin threat? Possibility of being investigated by the Feds?

What should I do if anything about any of these potential threats?

From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 4:37 PM
To: 'Duane LeGate'
Subject: Check out my activity log

Gimme some toughts... Thank you for that "kick in the butt" I really did need to place a higher priority on taking care of my debt. Now that I'm all caught up on everything and have a good grasp over my finances I can start talking with the lenders more specifically... However the question is what exactly do I tell them? See the post for more of what I'm asking.

You've been through this, let me know what I should do STEP-BY-STEP and I will follow exactly. I would love to work with you Duane but on some of these things I will need a little bit more direction. If you lead I promise to follow closely.


Casey Serin


What in the hell are you doing? Explain this...

From my email to you.. the VERY FIRST THING I SAY IS...

"As long as you don’t mention pay rate... I keep ALL of that confidential because some of my co-workers get paid differently from others... and.. that I am in no way offering long term employment.. for now it is week to week depending on how you do.."

Sooo... what do you do??? From your BLOG....

"Say if I had a job paying me 4500/mo, I can subtract my living expenses of"

You don’t think my employees know that I am considering hiring you?? Do you think they don’t read your website???


Duane LeGate

From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 1:44 PM
To: Duane LeGate
Subject: Re: Check out my activity log

Duane, I didn't mention anything about getting a JOB from YOU though.... that was just a number from the top of my head. I was using it to illustrate my point that with the current burn rate even with A GREAT job I will not be able to float payment. However if I find a way to negotiate with the lender, then I may be able to find a way still.

I'm traveling with Chris right now but I will call you later today.
Sorry for any inconvenicnes. What time is a good time to call?.

Aside form the 4500 issue, what do you think of my activity?

The comments are starting to get very positive, did you notice.
Several people are attributing my new "directions" to me working with you and you are starting to be seen as a positive figure on the blog.


I don’t think you understand, I don’t deal in shades of gray...

Your comment:

" Duane, I didn't mention anything about getting a JOB from YOU though...."

This is a crock. Recently OJ Simpson came out with a book entitled "If I Did It."

As you are probably aware, the premise of the book was to describe the murders if he had done it. Everyone knew it was a confession, but he didn’t outright admit it.

That’s exactly what you did. No you didn’t specifically say.. Duane has offered me a job for X. You DID imply it in every way shape form and fashion. This does not sit well with me Casey. Not well at all.

You keep asking me how I did it.. I did it by OWNING up to everyone that I owed money too (I didn’t screw anyone). I was 100% HONEST. And before you rebut that with "I have been too".. YOU HAVENT

Honesty is more than telling 80% of the story. You tell some, but not all of the picture, while you technically are not lying, you are not being FULLY honest either. You and I had a very simple framework for working together. After full evaluation, I think I need to make the 15th of Feb the last day of sponsorship of your site. That will be exactly one month. I will pay you the final 750 as promised. But as it stands now, that is where the relationship begins and ends.

I wish you the best in the coming days, weeks and months, I feel you will need all the prayers you can muster to handle it.

Duane LeGate

From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 2:08 PM
To: 'Duane LeGate'
Subject: RE: Check out my activity log

Ok Duane. Thanks for giving me a shot. I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Casey Serin

What do you want to do about hosting?

Duane LeGate

From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 2:15 PM
To: 'Duane LeGate'
Subject: RE: hosting

Hosting - probably open my own account on Mosso and transfer it so that there is now DNS change... Let me check into it and get back to you by tomorrow morning.

Casey Serin

No hurry.. How about the 15th as a drop dead date?

Duane LeGate

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 7:27 AM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: Finalizing...


I am assuming you plan on leaving the sponsorship posts on your site, since one of the main reasons for sponsoring was to help with SEO. I don't need the side bar sponsorship.. but I am assuming you will leave any and all references to the sponsorship post and links to my site indefinitely?? Am I assuming correct?

Duane LeGate

Yes I'm going to leave the posts indefinitely to help you out with SEO.

I'm still working out my hosting situation...

Casey Serin

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 8:51 AM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: RE: Finalizing...

A lot of people are asking why I ended the relationship... I have had many emails and you have seen the posts wondering on your blog and others...

What are your thoughts there?

Duane LeGate

I don't know Duane... I am wondering myself as to the EXACT reasons.

Based on your email, I'm guessing:

1) I wasn't performing fast enough on negotiating with the lenders (I DO have short sales going on all the secured lenders and I started calling the unsecured but I was running into road blocks... Yes, perhaps I could have acted faster)

2) miscommunication about the "4500/mo job" mention (I wasn't even talking about OUR job but happen to use that figure to illustrate a point... If you check the comments NOBODY thought I was talking about YOU giving me a job...
But I understand why you were upset because it looks like I was going back my word about keeping the job compensation private)

3) anything else?

Don't get me wrong, I don't have any hard feelings over this. Perhaps we can work again in the future. I hate to burn bridges.
Casey Serin
From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 6:33 PM
To: 'Duane LeGate'
Subject: Advertising performance, other stuff

Duane, I'm curious, has the advertising on my blog brought you any sales?

I'm trying to decide right now if I should pull the blog down. The "haters"
are going too far. They are spying on me and my wife and taking pictures of where we live, our cards, parent's houses, etc.

Also, I got a call from Joy's attorney. They want me to fly out to Phoenix and have a face-to-face with them and see if we can resolve the issue peacefully without courts. I told them I got no money right now to fly out there and if they want to meet they will have to fly me out or come to me.
I haven't heard back from them on that.

How are things?
Casey Serin



Anonymous said...

First !

Anonymous said...

A double ! Thats worth MURST !

BelowTheCrowd said...

So, he took the same care with his promises to Duane as he did with every other commitment he's ever made.

Why is this not a surprise?


Anonymous said...

so close yet so far away... fourth...

Anonymous said...

"Aside form the 4500 issue, what do you think of my activity?"


Casey needs to be on late night TV!

Anonymous said...

Hold up a second--I went back and reread the previous post, Part 2.4, and it ended with Casey emailing Duane asking him if he could post the details of their arrangement on IAFF. This post starts with no clear reference to how that was decided.

So did Duane specifically tell Snowflake not to post the $4500 figure, or did he not?

Anonymous said...

1. Casey blogging a salary well in excess of his deserved salary would force any employer to break it off. I had not associated it with Duane, but I can easily see his employees associating it.

2. Casey dodged a bullet by being to broke to fly to Phoenix. With his contract skills, they would have had him sign a new contract that would have stood up in court. It is also interesting that they were still trying to milk him even then.

Anonymous said...

"I got a call from Joy's attorney. They want me to fly out to Phoenix and have a face-to-face with them and see if we can resolve the issue peacefully without courts. I told them I got no money right now to fly out there and if they want to meet they will have to fly me out or come to me.
I haven't heard back from them on that."

"I've seen THE EXORCIST one hundred and sixty-seven times! And it keeps getting funnier EACH TIME!!!"

Anonymous said...

You know...just wondering...has Casey ever once said "I'm sorry"?

It's all "I understand why" and "I might have" and lots of weasel words and phrases, but never once, in the Duane saga, or anywhere else, do the words "I'm sorry" appear.

Additionally, is there anyone he's involved with, that he has'nt thrown under the bus? Does he have zero respect for anyone's privacy, but he snivels about his being violated?

This is number one why Casey will never get anywhere - you can't trust him to keep his fucking mouth shut. As soon as anything good comes his way, he's over there on the blog bragging about it, and torpedoes it before it can happen.

Duane and Mark got off CHEAP. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I can see where Casey is confused. There is no mention of anything he's done wrong except mentioning the $4,500. Duane wanted him to keep that secret, fine. But then in the next breath Duane chews him out for only telling 80% and not being being FULLY honest.

So, it's like, be completely honest about everything except the things I tell you to hide?

I don't believe for one minute that $4,500 was just the first number that came out of Casey's head, but still, the only people who thought it might be his salary with Duane were Duane's employees. I can see why they'd be royally pissed to see Snowflake getting paid $4,500 + get $10,000 in legal help. But if that is a number that's unfair to Duane's other employees, that's NOT Casey's fault.

Eventually it would have to come out that he was working for Duane, and we would not rest until we found out how much he was being paid. This is just too much money to keep secret for a guy who's blogging about his finances.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Casey must think he is really important asking Nigel, Chris and Duane to conference call so they can decide collectively the future of Casey Inc. What an egomaniac! I don't know about the other two, but duane is obviously too busy running a successful business to take the time to get Casey out of debt. By the way, when Casey was aasking if Duane got any sales from his site, I'm sure he was checking to see if he can get any referral commisions. Man, what a lowlife.
Duane, I can't believe you lasted that long. The guy is the most manipulative asshole I have ever read about. It's always "Me me me me" when it comes to Casey isn't it? Everytime you interacted with him it must have felt like his hand was out the entire time. I'm sure mentioning to Duane about PRlinkbiz and Phoenix was a hint for Duane to cough up the dough for the trip.

I hope Casey burns.

Anonymous said...


I think duane merely realized that his entire life and business may soon be getting blogged about if he wasn't careful. I mean seriously, his employees read about Casey, and then suddenly Casey is working there? C'mon. He came up with 4500..riight...doing what? I still can't believe someone would pay him that much.
Duane did the right thing, and that is to cut off a potential liability.

Anonymous said...

Holy gauacamole...,2933,275524,00.html

Anonymous said...

You are right. The salary would have come out so Casey's mouth may have helped Duane dodge a bullet.

Other issues Duane should be concerned about.

1. Including Nigel. If Casey is going to concentrate on the upright, clean-up-your-debts plan of Duane; he needs to dump Nigel and only follow that path. By the way that path would not have the train wreck appeal of Casey, but overall would have been much more interesting.

2. Not cleaning up NLL. It is clear the vampires were still interested in him and would screw him over when they had the chance.

3. Not contacting the lenders. The very 1st item on Duane's list is contact the venders

Anonymous said...

@Original Kevin 12:13

So they actually got one of the No Limit Ladies?

Anonymous said...

These are just the emails.. there were ALOT of conversations taking place... so if you see a,c,d,h..
dont assume the alphabet isnt there... it just isnt there in email format.

When you see the "fill in the blanks" notes.. it will make sense..

I have another post ready to go and was going to try and get close to a final.. but I was just told we are going to lose almost all of our bandwith because we are uplaoding close to 1 terrabyte of data to our video server people..

SO I wll send my Nigel notes to Rob.. then will get back to the casey saga.

Anonymous said...

I must have left this email out of the post I sent to ROB...

As long as you don’t mention pay rate... I keep ALL of that confidential because some of my co-workers get paid differently from others... and.. that I am in no way offering long term employment.. for now it is week to week depending on how you do..

AND you make mention that in no way shape form or fashion am I trying to buy, lease, own, or anything else your rights to any story,, movie.. etc.. although I do not believe any of that will happen... I don’t want people to think I am trying to use you.

Heck, I am trying to help.. I am asking little in return..


Duane LeGate
Real Estate Investors.TV
House Buyer Network, Inc.
911 Gresham Avenue
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: 888-888-3034 ext. 1401
Fax: 888-326-1219

-----Original Message-----
From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 12:15 PM
To: 'Duane LeGate'
Subject: Can I put our deal on the blog?

Duane, can I put our deal on the blog? The "haters" will definitely keep me accountable and this will add to the story of me making a turn-around.

Anonymous said...

gotta shut down my computer before people shoot me.

Back later

R-Boy said...



Anonymous said...

wow. I wonder how many toliets galina cleans for $4500?

LMAO. Hope Galina gets to read this.

Anonymous said...

I had to re-read a few things but what struck me on a re-read was So, here goes. I want a written report by 5pm EST this Friday, February 2nd. The report needs to include an update on all lenders, where you stand with them , and what plan you and the lenders have worked out. Which I reckon never got done. Casey's Google spreadsheet is from earlier.

The other thing that stuck me has already been quoted. "Aside form the 4500 issue, what do you think of my activity?"
Other than "Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?" that has to be the dumbest question ever asked.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the follwoing butt kissing to try and curry his favor
"The comments are starting to get very positive, did you notice.
Several people are attributing my new "directions" to me working with you and you are starting to be seen as a positive figure on the blog."

What a manipulator. "Sorry bout the fuck up Duane, but did I mention how everybody thinks you are a good influence on me? the fact that I owe my turning my life around to you, and the fact that if you leave me now I will resort to being the low life that everybody knows that I am? No pressure, but just think, if you leave and I crash and ARE kinda responsible"

Anonymous said...

I love how snowflake has "do nothing" as a option on his latest poll. I'm sure that the option he intends to follow anyway.

Anonymous said...

R-Boy.. news IT IS LEGIT... you guys may wanna tune in tonight... cant say anything else.. had to do a uturn and comeback to the office to type this...

Now Im gone... might be hearing from me later though

ratlab said...

Fliptard needs some common-fucking-sense. Whether or not Duane told fliptard to post the $4500/mo or not, common sense would have dictated not posting that on the blog. It's obvious Duane's employees would check out the site and put 2 and 2 together.

It's funny that on the email setting the agenda for the Nigel/Chris/Duane/fliptard conference call, fliptard is clearly more worried about the haterz and the effects of the haterz than on the NLL or law enforcement. What, something like 3 talking points on the haterz and 1 talking point for the NLL and law enforcement combined. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It may be coming out in later posts but what did Nigel "bring to the table" at that time? Was he hoping to help sort out the Utah property in return for some linking? What else?

Anonymous said...


So essentialy Snowflake did the opposite of everything you asked him to do in order to fulfill his end of the agreement, but he still wanted to be paid, right?

The Fliptard is more concerned about his name in lights than actually accomplishing something honestly.

You offered him a minimum of $6000 a month, $10,000 in legal fees, free hosting, free newtorking with your team, and most importantly a possible lifeline out of his financial and legal problems, to which, in turn, he gave you the finger?

Duane, at the risk of pissing you off, we told ya so. A leapord doesn't change his spots. Snowflake's brain is wired for one thing only- ALL CON, ALL THE TIME. I'm glad he only took you for a few grand.

I gotta ask you, ever thought of dropping a dime on him?

Seriosuly, Snowflake needs an intvervention. From his parents, his brother, or Galina's family. I hope that is what R-Boy is working on. My Lord, he has his mother involved in this corporate scam.

IF any of his family is reading this, I would be torn between beating the shit out of Fliptard and turning him in. Well, maybe beating the shit out him first, then, turning him in. .....His OWN MOTHER for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

What is all this news I keep hearing about? I thought we were all...well, anonymous acquaintances on the internet, I guess.

lawnmower man said...

Question for Duane: your impressions of Chris? Did you ever speak with him? (Did the Casey/Chris/Duane/Nigel conf call ever occur?)

R-Boy said...

This is gonna be (hopefully)


Anonymous said...

Duane i dont know if you mentioned this of yet, but what are your impressions on Nigel (if any)? Didnt you meet him?

For everywhere:

Is there a casey webcast tonight?

Anonymous said...

Casey's bullet items are particularly funny, but so is his failure to be discreet. He wants to show us HATERZ so bad, and maybe somewhere in that there is a healthy motive here. but he failed to think through THE DEAL and err on the side of caution, even as his back's against the wall. The HATERZ distract him so much.

I have found that the skill of turning "off" the whole internet is more valuable than the skill of turning it on. We all have HATERZ, be they bitter rivals from back in the day, or our ideological opposites, or just dicks who think we suck. The first rule of earning money is shutting off such voices. Not "responding" to them. Not "showing" them. Literally shutting them off, and proceeding with a genuine self-perception. Alas, if your self-perception is still utterly lost, you look on all voices as possibly helpful and true, or false, must. be. proven. false. So you stay lost.

I'm a pretty ambitious person, but I'm also just lazy. I think I know where Casey's coming from. It seems paradoxical... and of course it is a paradox. Ambition implies endurance, direction, and drive. Lazy is just pure awesome. How can I get both these things?

Again, I fucking love this conference call agenda. Casey's a young guy with lessons yet to learn. But he puts his wick out there so people can step on it. You gotta hand it to his trampled wick.

Rob Dawg said...

Now, now. Just calm down. EN isn't about empty promises, it is about timely performance. We will pillory no miscreant before their time. Likewise when the story is ready it will be available after clicking and registering and paying a subscription fee. Ooops did I say that out loud? Sorry. All involved have real lives and reputations. "Not fast enough" is not a legitimate complaint in this context. Express your objections by not clicking the sponsors links. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawg,

Can I inquire about (ahem) hypothetical subpeonas, warrants, summons, Cease and desist orders,and the Sultan of Pleather? Is there anything to report? Can you discuss anything regarding his alleged discretions and RCS?

I have visions of Snowflake and Nigey with adjoining jailcells.

Rob Dawg said...

Can I inquire about (ahem) hypothetical subpeonas, warrants, summons, Cease and desist orders,and...

You can ask all you want. Unfortunately this is one of those cases where even -if- I knew I could only say I don't know. Some wheels turn slowly and while I don't know anything if I were involved I might be deliberately prevented from saying. Savvy?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone direct me to a way to listen to the Fraudcast without Fliptard getting paid???

Anonymous said...

I miss Phil Hendrie

Anonymous said...

The Dawg Said:

> Some wheels turn slowly

Oh... certain wheels are said to turn slowly. If that's what is coming, then OUCH... Sooner than I expected. These are also the wheels that hurt the most.

Or would that be "hurt the murst"?

Anonymous said...

EN is not about empty promises, it is about timely performance.


Habitat for Humanity money?


Anonymous said...

Casey fly to AZ to meet w/ NLL and their attorney?

Sounds like the NLL's figured out that the cheapest way to get Casey served in AZ is to send him a $199 Southwest plane ticket and pretend they want to talk nicely.

Or maybe they'll make him pay for the ticket, too.

Either way, service of process on Casey w/in AZ is one of the sticky points in suing Snowflake - it's just shy of 100% necessary to establish personal jurisdiction over Snowflake in the AZ state courts - and if I were the 'flake, AZ is the last place I'd go.