Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dear Mr. President

[inspired by Stephanie Js quiverng mounds of anger at this mornings' press conference.]

Dear Mr. President,

It is with mixed feelings of dismay and relief that that I learned you earlier today had annouced your intent to step down from the Office of President of The United States of America. I wish you good health and good fortune in your lfuture endeavors.

Perhaps you are confused. Here, let me explain. The Office you hold comes with certain promises you make. One being to uphold the Constitution. When you said this morning on the subject of illegal immigration that "You can't. You can't just ship them all back" you were announcing that you could not (or would not) faithfully uphold the laws of this land. You are required under the banns of your Office to tender your resignation over this matter. I must say it takes a principled man to put his personal views ahead of duty to country or respect for thew law. If President Cheney or President Polosi or so on join you in private retirement over this issue so be it. Eventually we will get to President Paul or President Gallegley and they, no doubt will do what you will not; uphold the rule of law in the face of the mob and the rule of men.

Rob Dawg


Anonymous said...

Phoenix First

Anonymous said...

Personally, i am hoping for President Bababooey

Anonymous said...

This should be sent, and copied to the newspaper.

Sprezzatura said...

Don't get me started on how much I hate it that that... person ... is running our country.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well said Steph.

Anonymous said...

gawd this is stupid

The Dude said...

"Don't get me started on how much I hate it that that... person ... is running our country."

Who would you prefer?

Anonymous said...

Murst! Moist!

Anonymous said...


Miranda Mayer said...

I didn't write that blurb, Flying Minkey... I wrote this one, which is infinitely less articulate.

Rob Dawg said...

I have long been a "hold my nose and pull lever" voter. I confess I voted for him both times that way. Interestingly my vote does not matter as I live in California. That made it easier. He's made some colossal blunders but I honestly don't know whether trading those in for a different bag of colassal blunders would be any better. Gore on '00 would have saved the budget and probably retained a Rep congress but would be be facing business/jobs crisis and the worst of bad borders and protectionism?

No, my letter is about what is not what could have been. What we are having rammed down our throats is far far more onnerous than merely amnesty, this is a license to steal. Amnesty ALWAYS involves a promise to stop doing the particular crime. Always. I'm fine with amnesty. Stand up, admit, and walk away from the scene no questions asked.

I was yelling at my radio thtis morning, just like Steph. Well not just like Steph, rather than mounds of anger it was more moustache aquiver. I see the pain inflicted and the costs incurred every day. Illegal immigration is an abomination and must be halted. I hate to see the exploitation. Indeed for those of you who know where I live my computer station overlooks a wide valley of farmland with all its workers but only after looking over the golf course with all its hard working limited language skills laborers. The idea of manual farm labor is hideous. Anyone want to fly in a hand built jet? You only do that a few times a year. You eat every day.

I don't "hate" Bush. He's just ill suited for the jobs that were dumped in his lap. That said, I was amused by the NPR commentary after the "press avail." They talked about the waning months of his Presidency. News flash; 20 months of a 48 month term ain't waning.

Miranda Mayer said...

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Anonymous said...

lol, so anytime a President supports changing a law that is ineffective he must resign? I wonder why FDR never got the memo when he ran on a platform of repealing Prohibition?

Anonymous said...

Sort of fits in, my favorite columnist (and a real Bush hater) War Nerd

Rob Dawg said...

Anonymous said...
lol, so anytime a President supports changing a law that is ineffective he must resign? I wonder why FDR never got the memo when he ran on a platform of repealing Prohibition?

Oh my. A Constitutional lawyer has pissed in our punchbowl. Try reading for content and intent rather than reading in what you imagine is in my comments. Particularly the "uphold" part. FDR didn't stop enforcment of prohibition until it was repealed. Bush was not just expressing support for changing existing law. He was stating in no uncertain terms that he was unable to enforce existing law. "If you can no longer perform these duties..."

Anonymous said...

Er... I am back in cyberspace but you lost me after "Steph's quivering mounds." Was there more to the post?

Lost Cause said...

Hating Bush is also destructive, but I can't help it.

Peripheral Visionary said...

I wonder if all the people for enforcement of the law as written have ever heard the phrase "use tax" . . . although I'm certain all of them have at some point heard the phrase "copyright."

Oh, wait, not paying use tax or copying movies and music is different--just like speeding or mortgage fraud, everybody does it!

Rob Dawg said... lost me after "Steph's quivering mounds." Was there more to the post?

Ummmm, errrr... no. I don't think so.
What? Were we talking about something? Couldn't uv been important.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hating bush, I have a comment about the Swab.

I am impressed that after slinking away he has managed to stay silent. I really am. Hopefully unpleasant posting on that other site has ceased.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice 2 of Casey's "SWEET" Links are from Funeducation? DId somebody drop out?

Rob Dawg said...

I run into "use tax" all the time. It is a "lossy" business in California. Lossy because they know at least half of what they dun would never be upheld if challenged so instead they cast a wide net with big mesh and are satisfied when they catch anything. Remember, we are talking about a State who along with Texas both each collected full estate taxes from a person who lived in neither; Howard Hughes.

Bemused Guy said...

Just a quick I now blue?

Anonymous said...

>> Who would you prefer?

Ron Paul.

Rob Dawg said...

Bemused Guy said...
Just a quick I now blue?

Uhhhhh yeah but this just means all my sweeeet blog value just went down another notch.

BTW, html hint, for me you are "pink." Not everyone uses the same color scheme in the setup.

Anonymous said...

the second that amnesty bill passes, the tsunami of humanity that will arrive on this shore will be awe-inspiring.

Frightening if you're a taxpayer. Or a resident of CA, AZ, and TX.

Remember who voted for this bill when you are in the ballot box...

Bemused Guy said...

slightly offended that you've stereotyped me into pink. But that's okay. It's all good, looser!

Anonymous said...

Try reading for content and intent rather than reading in what you imagine is in my comments.

I'm not sure what this phrase means exactly. I'm not a Constitutional Lawyer or a 26 year old corporate attorney just someone a bit amused by your hyperbole.

I know you're not stupid enough to actually think Presidents enforce every rule in our thousands of pages of US Code. If you are upset with the President or Congress just say so and why. Resorting to hysterics stifles meaningful debate. You're starting to sound like some of the morons at HousingPanic.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I wrote this one........@ Steph,
LOL I think you captured the real man.
te he

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

morons at HousingPanic.


Hey you read HP?? Me too!
Get a handle and I will see you over there.


Rob Dawg said...

Blog note.

I am assembling the reciepts from Habitat and making my donation. Update tomorrow and last call for all we procrastinators.

Anonymous said...

My previous comment got borked, lemme try again...

I felt Bush was the lesser of two I did'nt vote at all for President, both times. (Gore? Don't get me started, I work in the music industry, all I'm gonna say is PMRC. DEEP hatred still over that farce) (Kerry? Hated him on first sight)

I cut him some slack for his efforts post 9/11, but lost a lot of it with his "Shop for Democracy" campaign. I cut him some slack because I knew Saddam had to go. But they bungled and misrepresented the war, and now have no plan.

I'm done with slack.

If this travesty passes, i will support and call for his impeachment.

But - only after they impeach every author of the bill, and everyone who passed it in both houses.

Be mad at Bush, he deserves it a thousand times over and he needs to hear the anger.

But he's not the only one to be mad at. Kennedy helped write the bill. Be mad at him too. Be mad at all of them, this is a bipartisan bill, and if passed, will be passed by both parties.

The only problem is, we'd have to fire ALL of them to make a difference, truly make a difference. My rep isn't even picking up her phone right now, and yes, i called.

We started this country for taxation without representation. How much more do we need to have it rubbed in our faces before tea bales start hitting Boston Harbor?

Anonymous said...

re: morons at HousingPanic

My bad not everyone there are morons just the people who go into hysterics when discussing immigration reform.

re: taxation without representation

You do realize that this is going to increase the tax base right? Instead of current illegals only draining social services they can be paid above the table and taxed on their income.

Sprezzatura said...

I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

Rob Dawg said...

You do realize that this is going to increase the tax base right?

Of course. All we need is for everyone to enroll. Everyone to pay their taxes. Everyone to pay their fines. Everyone to be employable at minimum or above wages,. For everyone to not repatriate relatives. For their employers to provide healthcare. For the drug resistant diseases they've brough here to be erradicated. For the borders to be controlled as promised and last but not least for every other thinking person in this country to line up behind you for the lobotomy you've already gotten.

Anonymous said...

re: Of course. All we need is for everyone to enroll

If they don't enroll then they will still be illegal and we'll be in the same position as we are today.

re: my alleged lobotomy

What's wrong did I hurt your feelings?

Mouse And Pencil said...

"You do realize that this is going to increase the tax base right? Instead of current illegals only draining social services they can be paid above the table and taxed on their income."

I wish it were that easy, I truly do.

If we go by the numbers of the last amnesty, something like an estimated 39% took it.

So, don't be so sure they're all jumping at the chance to became tax slaves as well.

Besides, it's irrelevant to the point i was making. I could care how MUCH taxes the Fed takes in. Even if it tripled overnight, I would still be outraged and angry - beyond angry - at the lack of representation, arrogance, and corruption of that pack of hyenas in Washington. Don't blow smoke up my skirts saying it will all be wonderful because of a bigger tax base - it's going to be a painful and staggeringly aweful collision on all levels to make this work - for BOTH sides.

I'm going through a very strange and very powerful sea change in my head over this, I feel like I'm truly letting go of my old attitudes, which is letting me see how this could work for the better...but the plan as it stands, the little we know of it (which is ANOTHER issue, the secrecy), stinks to high heaven and it's a fucking joke, and will solve nothing.

I'm really in wierd place now. I don't know what to stand for anymore, because the America I was defending is long dead and buried. the new one is one I don't recognize...yet. I don't hate Mexicans. I hate the crime that a lot of them bring, in the neighborhoods where I live, but there's a lot who don't.

So the Southwestern part of the US is predominantly Hispanic. I really don't have a problem with that. It would be like, oh, I don't know...Austrians having an issue with the Italian speakers in their country? Does that make sense?

Someone said we need to be more European minded about it all. I'm really pondering that. I'm angry at Washington for ramming this travesty down our throats, but I'm also angry because it got this bad because of THEM in the first place!

Rob Dawg said...

What's wrong did I hurt your feelings?

No, you insulted my intelligence and that only because you lack critical reasoning skills.

You stated flat out "You do realize that this is going to increase the tax base right?"

That is by no means the simplistic result you present it to be. Even if it were true the answer that needs to be looked at is net benefit. By that measure anything less than rolling back current trends is a looser. Some people are claiming this theoretical SS pyramid scheme that keeps working several months or even years longer. No. It would be an entire blog to explain just this but there are very little "unclaimable" reserves in the SS IOU bucket.

Anonymous said...

Mouse and Pencil thank you for your thoughtful and reasoned response.

Rob Dawg, of course it isn't as simple as a one line sentence. I was simply referring to the previous reference to taxation without representation. No doubt this is an incredibly complex issue that none of us fully comprehend.

I don't have enough information to truly know the net effects one way or the other and neither do you.

My original post which got your panties in a bunch was only taking issue with the hysterical tone of your "letter".

Schnapps said...

Hm. It seems I missed something of great importance while working today and then meeting parents.

Hm. Any link to a news article so I have a clue what's going on?

Anonymous said...

you americans deserve who you voted for. Tinges of regrets (or lack therof), failure to admit stupidity and gullibility in electing Bush, coupled with no small amount of hubris in going along with the Iraq war is the reason why your sons are dying in there now. and just to prove again the american hallmark of selfishness, you guys are willing to cut and run from a fight you started in the 1st place...who cares about the country you messed up invading for its oil to feed your tanks you guys drive around your fat bellies in.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile in the rest of the world, non violent non US haterz are saying...look reasonable and do the right started the fight against all good cant do a casey serin and just cut and run. raise your taxes..start the whatever it takes to fix the mess you said Iraq would be delivered from...whether you are a Bush supporter or not

R-Boy said...

No worries guys. As soon as we can tax the new folks, I'll be upgrading my office with some SWEET juicers on your tax bill.

As a bureaucrat, I do my best to spend money in the most efficient fashion possible. Somehow I've managed to help our section retain money.

However, that money I saved will just be spent by someone somewhere else. There is no incentive to save money in the government, because just like Casey, there are few, if any, consequences in the immediate future.

So we keep on doing what we do, until one day we wake up, just like Casey will, and find ourselves in a financial jail.

Now I'm working to help prevent that, and there are some veyr good folks at high levels doing the same thing. But part of me worries this illness isn't going to go into remission.

R-Boy said...


about half the country didnt vote for this direction.

I uhh, voted libertarian, as I did in 96,98,00,02,04,06