Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh Man The CPU Cycle Charges

Crap, I peeked. IAFF looks like a porn portal with everything a charge link advert. Ummm... errr.... at least that's how I imagine porn portals operated. Anyway. What were we talking about? Oh, yes. IAFF. I looked at the settlement letter. It isn't from WaMu, they've sent it to "collections." Probably for 25¢ on the dollar. 70% is a goldmine for them. 40¢ and they'd crap their pants to get a certified check in 2 days. Yes. I know. I am helping Casey. So what. Business. Besides, if Casey does settle for 40¢ it is better than nothing which will happen if he doesn't take the advice. Okay, I also know he won't make the 40 cent deal either. That's the point. He knows what is right. He knows what is possible. He isn't going to do the right thing or the possible thing.


Anonymous said...

I only went to that porn site to find out how to get away from that porn site.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

First/ Murst? Lozers!!!!!!!1

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Oh well, should not have signed in.
te he

Anonymous said...

No murst for me again. *pout*

Anonymous said...

I can see where the chat thing is going to go awry very quickly.

Anonymous said...

I sweatr i had no idea how all those porn sites got into my history, are in my bookmarks and are saved in a secret folder on my external hard drive alphabetized by size and format!

Rob Dawg said...

Who'd of thought that googling healthcare products for young people with thin tresses would go "there?" I mean what is the harm of searching "hairless teen enhancement?"

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well, all he needs is multiple passive income streams, and all things will be possible.

Anonymous said...

He could do a webcam thing for creepy old ladies who don't get any at home... I'm just saying, there is probably some good money in it.

Anonymous said...

On topic, I've been suspicious that the only reason the little shit hasn't done squat to pay anything back is because he wants to settle for ten cents on the dollar, and pat hisself on the back for his business savvy.

He's at the core of it, fooked either way, but if he can get them down to .1, he can say he paid off his debts, shaddup haterz.

Anonymous said...


He hardly has a pot to piss in. Let alone .1 Pfft, I wouldn't even give him my .2. Mostly because thats all I have.

Bemused Guy said...

I have to tell you, the last few weeks have been very educational. I never knew how clicking and selling cyber ads worked.

Lost Cause said...

It hurts to be monetized. I think it will leave a scar.

Anonymous said...

I was just researching the bonding properties of latex paint when I googled for "latex bondage" :0

Anonymous said...


Well, we know he has a grand now. At .1 he can settle with anyone he owes up to 10k to.

Value of telling the haterz(tm)that he's taken care of one creditor? Priceless.

He's prolly pissing himself with excitement over being able to rub noses in his powerful and virile business acumen.

Anonymous said...


Yes, he does have over a grand now. That is for the kitchen table. Tomorrow. Cash. On the table by Friday.

That is probably for some pesky bills - like cell phone and maybe even food.

We all know there is a Jamba Juice Wheatgrass shot with KC's name on for this weekend. Ooh, or maybe a shiny 3 day vacation. He does deserve a vacation after 5 whole days of 'work', doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

(Booger-boy's been censoring some of my rap, reposted here for the record):

This is why hogwash will never sell.

You shampoo the pig, and as soon as he's all clean and sweet-smelling, he goes right to the nearest mudpuddle, flops over, and wallows in it.


"I can probably settle my debt via my corporation… should I?"

No, kid, you won't be "settling" your'll be re-arranging it. It's not gone you can't "unspend" the money that you already pissed away.

"The credit partner helps me get started by personally guaranteeing my first couple of loans. After 6 months of successful payments I can take the credit partner off and the credit lines become non-recourse. (Sweet!)"

Uh-huh...just as I speculated back when you first started babbling about your're going to "shaft" your credit partner for the dough,(That's what "recourse" MEANS!).

Go lay your ideas out for your credit partner, fully, and see what they have to say.

Look, hobbit, I don't think you really appreciate the fact that you might very well find yourself wearing handcuffs one of these days. It might take a few weeks or months, maybe even years, but there is a very REAL chance that that indeed might happen. And no, when they arrest you, they don't wait until you put your affairs in order, you go with them NOW!.

So how are you going to repay the debt while you're sitting in a jail cell?

You're not...and THAT'S how you're going to break it off in your credit partner's nigel.

Heck, kid, you might even get busted for driving without insurance. (You haven't budgeted the second month's insurance payment out of all this sweet link money, have you? Don't drive, kid, and if you do, drive VERY CAREFULLY!).

"Don’t want any perceived shadiness!"

Perceived, huh?

Advertizerz...did y'all catch that qualifier?

Hey, troll-boi, what did that agreement with Mrs. Nobody state?

No more loans.
No more loans.
No more loans.

Witnessed, according to you, by your families and signed by you.

Yeah-yeah-yeah...but she's Nobody, so who cares what she thinks!

Hobbit...everything ABOUT you is shady.

"I mean, a lot of you unfortunately think that just ‘cuz I’ve made some mistakes on loans before, I must be some kind of a criminal or fraudster - always up to no good! Some people are quick to judge, what can I say. "

Quick to judge doesn't mean we're WRONG, kid.
many of us have seen your bag of tricks before, y'know, and frankly, (your internet IQ score notwithstanding), you AIN'T that gifted.

See ya in the funny papers, buckaroo.


Anonymous said...

Porn, eh? Snowflake could probably make a little money at that. It wouldn't last, but a tagline like "LIVE NUDE G™, ONLY $29.99/MONTH" would probably bring in some money. Just so long as he stays behind the camera, and Nigel stays out of it entirely.

anon @ 4:00:

At least you can have hidden folders. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hide porn from the Mrs. when the only available medium is cave paintings?

BelowTheCrowd said...

Here's the perfect job for Casey! Can't believe nobody found this one yet:

And just the kind of boss who will suit his sensibilities:

Mark is driven by the belief that success comes by creating a conscious and strategic approach that integrates seamlessly with a company’s whole marketing plan...

While Mark assumes the role of Positive / Creative Force driving It’s All Good™ Companies, he is quick to point out that it is the quality of the team he has assembled that makes the whole greater than what any one person brings to the table.

Haven't heard so much BS pseudo-business claptrap since early 2000. And the company's web design skillz clearly would be a great match for Casey's capabilities.

Mark W. Peebler – Founder/President


Anonymous said...

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lawnmower man said...

@btc: can't believe nobody found this one yet:

*ahem*: found during the Tahoe google-a-thon.

There's a corresponding EN comment which I don't have time to find.

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