Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's He Afraid Of?

As much as some have built up Casey as a criminal mastermind the reverse situation can also be true. Now that Casey has adopted a Christian, honest and open business model he should welcome any scrutiny to keep him on the righteous path. He has nothing to to fear from the mythical dawg beast pictured above. Just a figment. I truth we are loveable little fuzzballs:

What's not to love?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Damn, I 'm a looser

Anonymous said...

May 30th, 2007
Loss Mitigation Pro on Casey’s Mortgage Issues

Guest post By LossMitPro:

As some of you may recall during his resent Foreclosure Fridays show (5/25/07) when I appeared as a guest, Casey asked me to reconsider helping him with past mortgage mistakes. I agreed under the express condition that I be allowed to (at my sole discretion as to specifics) post periodic updates about my progress. This is the first such post intended to cover some basic elements, potential objectives, and expectations. One reason for that is so readers like you, have a clear understanding of my function… So let’s get started.

It’s important to make clear helping people like Casey is my job; it’s what I do for a living. Yet as I set out to assist Mr. Serin I do so without delusions and no expectation of monetary compensation. I am taking on this assignment for free, gratis, zilch, nada, zip, zero-money paid by Casey. There are a number of reasons for this, primarily because: 1) he couldn’t afford me (at present) were I to charge; 2) I’d much rather Casey devote as much spare income as possible to mortgage lender/creditor workouts; and, 3) professional ethics dictate that a no-fee arrangement be extended to one facing so much financial turmoil.

Although my function is primarily to negotiate final settlements with all applicable mortgage lenders, some unsecured creditors will be involved as well. These include mortgage notes that have been converted to unsecured, through foreclosure processes – second trust deeds.

While I intend to position Casey’s unsecured debt (Credit Card, personal loans, etc.) for final resolution, such will come much later after all subject mortgages have been dealt with. These will also require the aid of a specialist in the area of unsecured debt, such as traditional Credit Counseling or debt management personnel. Even though I could engage the unsecured debts myself, these are not among my strong points thus the need for more express experience. My thing is mortgage default resolutions, and I prefer to stay within that narrow scope for the benefit of increasing probable results.

At present, for this particular post, there aren’t many specific details I can share. That is because I am still compiling information and materials to commence my work; as such things are common and customary. I can say that I don’t view Casey’s situation as insurmountable, not to the extent some believe.

If you have mortgage related questions? Please note that it IS NOT my function to give neither legal advice, nor commentary outside the scope of my authority while assisting Mr. Serin. You are of course free as ask me anything you like, albeit bear in mind I may not answer specifically. This is because the particular lenders concerned will very likely not appreciate THEIR business being exposed in great detail, not because I’m trying to hide anything in particular. Discretion is a good term to bear in mind that I am bound to when asking questions. Otherwise, if I am able to answer expressly I shall.

Casey has requested I post every Wednesday, and I aim to do that. Some future topics I hope to cover range from general mortgage default issues, to the Serin story itself. Either way I hope you find my insights helpful and informative.

All The Best,

© Copyright, 2007, Q.A.S., all rights reserved; including, but not limited to, elements pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §107. Permission is required before fair use application, and may be sought my sending an email request to: (please specify when, where, duration and purpose of the intended publication).


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Rob Dawg said...

Caseys Sex Life said...
Damn, I 'm a looser

With a name like that what were you expecting? Looser! ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

© Copyright, 2007, Q.A.S., all rights reserved; including, but not limited to, elements pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §107. Permission is required before fair use application,...

Somehow I don't think somebody is up on fair use. Fair use does not require permission ever. Ever. Now, reposting the entire article is not generally accepted as fair use so if/when this becomes an issue here I will have to redact the post above. Then it would become this tedious bit of everyone posting a numbered paragraph with a comment in order to restore context. Personally that kind of disclaimer is just a incitement to cause more traffic. Oh, and another thing about copyright, incorrect application such as claiming permission prior to fair use can sometimes render the entire protection void. I'm not incited enough to care.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I'm lonely!!!!

What are you doing tonite, you cute little dawg?

Anonymous said...

That mythical dog beast has a really nice bracelet...

Anonymous said...

Not opnly that Dawg, but you cannot assign a copyright to an e-mail address, I dealt with this issue in the music industry.

However, it's a blatant honey trap from that fucking coward LossMitPro, who STILL won't reveal his true name.

I expect you'll now get all kinds of fun DCMA fun, and hollow threats of lawsuits.

My copyright lawyer would laugh his ass off at this pathetic block of text.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "tool"???

(Please say it and think about me though)

Anonymous said...

Casey had better be careful who LossMitPro (aka Marky Mark) sends him to. Those "credit counselers" (if they charge a fee) may be kicking back part of that to Marky Mark.

Casey, it's like when Savvy Chris gave you a job at NRU, but you had to pay him $16000 first.

Not trying to start anything, but I smell at rat. Wait a sec ... didn't Nigel have a brother named Mark?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

LossMitPro teft EN for IAFF?
WTF mates.
I know your feeling are hurt.
te he

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Good thing I can spell WTF, EN and IAFF,
cuz I can not spell left.

Anonymous said...

"Jules, if you give this nimrod fifteen hundred bucks, I'm gonna shoot 'em on general principles."

"I ain't givin' it to him. I'm buyin' somethin' for my money. Wanna know what I'm buyin' Ringo?..."

Anonymous said...

yeah casey should totally welcome an scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

LossMitPro has jumped the shark!! What a bozo - does he really think that any of us are interested in his pompous ass? Why in the world is he offering to help dickhead with what will amount to a full time job with no consideration?

Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

BTW, don't worry FMW - the spaceman can't spell either. Ideas - not details, remember??

Anonymous said...

this might be him

Anonymous said...

Well, to keep in character, do we think that LossMittPro is becoming Winston "The Wolf" in Casey's ongoing little drama, or is he destined to become Marvin "The soon to be hapless victim of fate"?

Be careful when you crawl into the back of Casey's ratty little virtual Nova, LossMittPro! Lot's of bumps on this road, and he has already hurt people much closer to him than you with nary a second thought about it.

Anonymous said...

Mark Villaseñor

Damn, you are good, anonymous!!

Rob Dawg said...

The arrangement is perfectly understandable. LMP gets eyeballs he can make lots of money from and Casey gets content beyond the usual 4th grade histronics. Not how very very carefully worded his disclaimer of financial interest reads. Have fun decoding what is in between those lines.

Dolph said... is this worth his advertiser's money? Casey is forgetting what makes his blog work! It is all about the hater comments as well as the running commentary on his misguided adventures and mistakes.

If this is where IAFF is going, it will be done soon as a destination site for many, many repeat visitors.

Anonymous said...

LMP is worthwile to the advertisers. The market Casey is aiming for is people with ethics like himself. Casey's debt is worth 5-10 cents on the dollar so LMP will negotiate it down to that. Casey will then use advertisers money to pay it off. LMP will front the money for the late night infomercial and they are off and running.

Anonymous said...

Casey is an dim-witted tool.

© Copyright, 2007, Q.A.S., all rights reserved; including, but not limited to, elements pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §107. All disputes resolved by reference to North Korean Copyright Law. Repeated Groveling, Begging, and Supplication is required before fair use application, and may be sought my sending a YakMail request to: UzebekiSvolochDurak, General Delivery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (please specify when, where, duration and purpose of the intended publication), along with the number of sheep and/or women you are willing to give me in exchange for fair use. Kazakhs need not apply.

Anonymous said...

What a jerk.

Yeah, LMP, go ahead and try to litigate this one, you moron:

"Permission is required before fair use application, and may be sought my sending an email request to:"

You and Casey appear to share one defining characteristic -- you seem to think the world conforms to your wishes, rather than it's own particular set of rules. Watch that first step out, it's a real doozy!

Oh Noooooooooo Mr Bill, I iz goin' to da Big House, 'cuz I dun uzed Mark's quote without an email hookily dookily....

while he defends a swindler of multimillions of dollars...)


The hits just keep coming in this little tragedy!

Rob Dawg said...

Damn the vowels are flailing off my keyboard.

The arrangement is perfectly understandable. LMP gets eyeballs he can make lots of money from and Casey gets content beyond the usual 4th grade histrionics. Note how very very carefully worded his disclaimer of financial interest reads. Have fun decoding what is in between those lines.

IMO the advertisers are getting value for now. Mark certainly is. LMP is the kind of person Duane was talking about for whom the purchase of the IAFF blog could easily be worth 5 digits.

Dolph said...

So is Mark part of the "team" Casey likes to brag about?

CPA: Galina? (Humor me, I know she isn't but since he obviously has a CPA on retainer only, me thinks he is using a local tax guy) BTW - He tried that "Are you a CPA" shite with me and I should have asked him if he has a CPA why hasn't he filed his taxes yet? After all, a QUALITY CPA would kick his butt for procrastinating on an important issue like the IRS & FTB.

Debt Negotiator: Mark?

Lawyer: Local Rich Dad?

Advisor/Mentor: Nigel? Chris? Sharky? That Supporterz person who posts here and at IAFF putting us all down?

Wow...none of these people are getting paid yet he has this great "Team." Yep, I will not drink his kool-aid as I don't believe one word of it.

Dolph said...

Makes sense, Dawg. I get what he is trying to do, albeit grudgingly (Just being snarky).

Question remains long term (Not something Casey has any clue about) with regards to consistent content. Nobody will use his site for foreclosure help. If LMP is out to eventually buy CS's blog, he's going to find out that the majority of those who visit are there for the entertainment and train wreck.

Short term, sure, everybody "wins." Long term, it's going to be entertaining only to those who kept uttering "I knew it!"

Rob Dawg said...

Casey is gaming the pageviews and site visits again. Told you there was something fishy about his hits.

Anonymous said...

The story line is simple:

That guy will seek "Mortgage conseling" for Casey, approach all the banks Casey ownes money to, offer pennies on the dollar as payback, then have Casey declare bankrupt ONCE all the banks agree to a repayment terms.

Anonymous said...

At 5:10 PM, Uzbecki Durak said...

"Casey is an dim-witted tool."

As is his Loss Mitigation Professional, apparently!

© Copyright, 2007, E.M.S, all rights reserved; including, but not limited to, elements pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §107. All disputes resolved by reference to The Big Book of Fairy Tales, Bro.s Grimm Inc. All wishing to use short quotes under Fair Use Law must bow before my Bigness and acknowledge my Lordly Hugeness and mutter "Bless thee, for it is so very, very Huge, oh Large One..." and other such stuff until I am well-pleased. I accept no form of communication other than a note attached to the leg of an otherwise unladen European Swallow(Birdius Maximus). Your mileage my vary. Loosers need not apply. Batteries not included. Some Looseness™ may occur during shipment.

Rob Dawg said...

If Casey really is trying to game hits and eyeballs his site will get blacklisted and be worthless. Could be he is trying to undo the silliness I deceted previous or he could just be screwing up. no way to tell except 6 visits last hour and 5 the hour before? Wierdness in the extreem especially since his pageviews ratio keeps going up but the majority of visits are 0:00 mins long. He could even end up losing the triple dipping adsense/yahoo/adbrite money he's already counting on.

Anonymous said...

Go to

to see the weirdness.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is somewhat off topic but I just got caught up on today’s posts. (yes I’m a W2 lozer, and I don’t blog at work)
It seems to me that KC has continually redefined success by lowering the bar each month to the point that “success” is just keeping the blog alive day to day. It seems he is now stuck in a maze of twisty little passages all alike. No real future and he will just flail away for some number of years making no real progress and perhaps never get out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think casey is doing anything illegal in regards to the hits. Probably a flaw in the sitemeter because if you visit his website, there is an error on the side. He's been consistently getting 5-7k hits during the weekdays during the past month.

Anonymous said...


May we presume this is the legal entity (Q.A.S.) to which the party of the first part doth refer?

Queuetrac Asset Systems
Finance & Legal » Arbitration And Conciliation Service

Riverside, CA, 92501
Tel: (951) 776-2900
Date Add: 2005-09-30 12:49:51

Anonymous said...

This a quote from a lossmitpro on a different blog (

"And I, frankly speaking, look with more distain upon those whom cast stones at Mr. Serin for doing what they’ve either done themselves or wish they had the guts to."

Cry havoc and let lose the Nazi Lesbian Midget Trolls of WAR !!!!

Anonymous said...

Same company?

Branch office?


Queuetrac Asset Systems (209) 588-8010
1257 Sanguinetti Road #244
Sonora, CA 95370
Fax: (209) 588-8011

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Soem Dood LOL, you are an attorney clown?

@SpaceyCaesy tanks, err ah rather thanks.(:
te he

Sprezzatura said...

I wonder if that's the same Mark who's a lay leader in a CA baptist church?

Anonymous said...

Whose Loss is he Mitagating? Who pays Mr LossMittPro? The guy is a professional double-crossing leper, to be avoided by miles.

But I am sure that if you ask him, he is working for your protection, and the protection of your family and small children.

The scum is never too low to suck for some people. Good luck drumming up business among the idiots who are not haterz at IAFF.

Anonymous said...

Would not be surprised if Mark pulls a Nigel and goes into hiding after everyone posts all his information. Shame on Lossmitpro to becoming a casey stooge and trying to make a buck off this like nigel.

Anonymous said...

Whoa - LossMitPro sure posts with a puffed-chest, pedantic, full of himself attitude. And he really didn't say anything.

There's one ONE TINY flaw in his approach:

- He plans to negotiate settlement plans
- That means KC will have to agree to pay x% to each lender
- BUT, KC won't WORK, and has no intention of PAYING DEBTS

Other than that, Mark will help KC tremendously!

It's all (mostly) good!!!

Anonymous said...


If one prefers to obtain the written "advance fair use copyright permission" (snarfle) of Q.A.S. in person, at their legal recorded place of business, rather than via anonymous email, to where shall we direct our wittle feet?

Thanks in advance.

Dolph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If you go to Marc Anthony's web site, it tries to read your clipboard. Security alert.

Dolph said...

He doesn't get fair use. If I wanted to, I can reprint portions of his post for commentary/editorial sake and do not need to ask his permission. THAT is the beauty of the First Amendment.

As long as I quoted his post, made attributions and didn't commit libel, I have a right to rebut anything in print.

Anonymous said...

"If you go to Marc Anthony's web site, it tries to read your clipboard"

Wow. How sleazy is *that*?

Rob Dawg said...

I think some of the comments about Mark are incorrect. Are Public Defenders scum? Is he doing anything wrong? Well, besides the copyright fiasco and occassional bad advice and unjustified trust in Casey and well.. you know. The business he is in is booming and for some people it can be a choice of least evil. I don't begrudge any of that. Feel uncomfortable with the whole subject but dirty jobs don't always taint the workers.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I have no issues with what he DOES for people. It's the point he is acting all high handed about his work with Casey.

I also do not believe he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that 5% of the hits at IAFF are from KC. I noticed a sample was 5% Sacramento CA. LOL. That means he checks his blog over a hundred times a day.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Please do not take the high road because guys like you don't work for free.

snarkey remark by FMW:

The work is surely on Spec. KC has not 'leveraged' his debt properly.

But, where is the quid pro quo. Some great 'deal' promised to LMP by KC. If LMP is going to negotiate with the banks for KC, then, KC is going to give him the blog every Wednesday for "free' advertising and his own thread? What is that worth? And for how long until KC waffles?

If they have worked out a barter, then LMP is working for "FREE", especially since KC will not relinquish control of his mistress, IAFF, to any human, I reckon.

LMP may have a 'rude' Duane type of awakening in his future, imo.

LMP, may not realize it yet, but yep, he is working for FREE.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Mort,
LOL, Hi there Mr. Man,

Anonymous said...

Once again I feel compelled to note that the increasingly biological tone of the image selection process for this bog is freaking me the fuck out. I don't know how much longer I can take the parade of mutated mammilian oddities and freakishly warped fleshy manifestations that seems to march across the top page here with growing and disturbing frequency.

Mouse And Pencil said...

i think LossMitPro is positioning himself for a crack at Galina, after the way he gushed over her.

You know, "Hey, it's okay, divorce isn't the end of the world, I'm here for saturday night, at my place..."

I don't have issue with what he does, either, I just think he's a coward who wants to claim to be an expert, but won't reveal who he is to verify said credentials, and I think his visit here was pre-spin before their "relationship" was revealed.

I also think he's one of the trolls here.

Lost Cause - if his site tried to read your clipboard, you can have that site shut down in a New York minute.

Of course, that also begs for people to copy choice phrases into their clipboard and go there...

Anonymous said...

Just another clown in the endless parade that is IAFF. Just one with better shoes and a smoother talk.

Anonymous said...

it tries to read your clipboard. Security alert.
What is that?

Anonymous said...

"For you folks whom wish to unlawfully enjoin others their Constitutional Rights associated with Fair Use by veiled and suggestive disparagement, outlandish and speculative fodder, unlawful investigations serving no purpose? Be forewarned!"

Anonymous said...

"Do you want to allow this webpage to access your Clipboard?

If you allow this, the webpage can access the Clipboard and read information that you've cut or copied recently."

How to Prevent Web Sites From Obtaining Access to the Contents of Your Windows Clipboard

Anonymous said...

BTW, Firefox is the Moistie-est!

"Copy to Clipboard - In Firefox?"

(LMP, puhlease don't sue me for cutting and pasting that Title, in order to give context to the link. Puhlease, puhlease, oh all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing legal genius with an apparently clipboard grabby website!)

Anonymous said...

you call it,
'veiled and suggestive disparagement, outlandish and speculative fodder, unlawful investigations serving no purpose" and "Be forewarned!"

We call it an objective anthropological study in human behavior and documented events.


Anonymous said...

At 5:58 PM, Mouse And Pencil said...

" i think LossMitPro is *positioning* himself for a *crack* at Galina, after the way he *gushed* over her."


Anonymous said...

LOL, Hi there Mr. Man,


Anonymous said...

"We call it an objective anthropological study in human behavior and documented events."

Here, here.

Anonymous said...

Why isnt the little sitemeter doo-hickey thingamajig showing up on IAFF anymore?

lawnmower man said...

Because Snowflake broke his blog again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob Dawg -- Mark Villaseñor is just defending deadbeats.

But, Mark Villaseñor's name is now out in public. I hope Mark Villaseñor doesn't mind that we know who Mark Villaseñor is.

I love how *coy* Mark Villaseñor was in the podcast about whether or not to make his name public. Well, Mark Villaseñor your name is out there now.

How long until Mark Villaseñor has a Caseyapedia entry, which will be quite flattering I'm sure :-)

Anonymous said...

FOSS is not perfect, just forgiving... he he he

Firefox did have an issue several years ago, but was quickly fixed:

Anonymous said...

I think it is Mark Anthony of Queuetrac Asset Systems
not Mark Villasenor. Mark V does have a Yahoo id of Lossmitpro but QAS seems to be the correct type of company

Anonymous said...

Mark V posted this:

Absolutely wonderful work! You're definitely going to get more work from us in the future, as well as favorable recommendations ...

Mark Villaseñor,
QueueTRAC Asset Systems,


SO - name and company do match

Anonymous said...

Queuetrac Asset Systems
1257 Sanguinetti Road, #244
Sonora, California 95370

Registrar: DOTSTER
Created on: 26-MAY-02
Expires on: 27-MAY-08
Last Updated on: 28-MAY-07

Administrative Contact:
Villaseñor, Mark
QueueTRAC Asset Systems
1257 Sanguinetti Road, #244
Sonora, California 95370

Technical Contact:
Lewis, Brian
The Next Millenium
2355 Medlar Road
Tustin, California 92780

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is who, but I know LossMitt Pro claimed to be some guy who won every case he entered... blah blah... once more is known about me... blah blah...

Pacer might have info, I don't know. I sure hope he isn't a guy who would sue a non-profit, whose goal seems to be preserving open spaces and wildlife...

Plaintiff: Mark Villasenor
Defendant: Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers, Inc.

Case Number: 1:2007cv00590
Filed: April 16, 2007
Court: California Eastern District
Office: Fresno Office
County: Tuolumne

Anonymous said...

Since I know KC won't approve this comment, I'm crossposting it here.

© Copyright, 2007, Q.A.S., all rights reserved; including, but not limited to, elements pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §107. Permission is required before fair use application...

Do you even understand fair use? This site is nothing but a breeding ground for con artists and white collar criminals. I wish everyone involved the best of luck in federal pound me in the ass prison.

Casey, instead of having 'guest speakers' who are trying to do nothing else but ride on your coattails, why don't you answer some questions.

What's going on with the Utah wrap?

Have you talked to your father and brothers about your situation this weekend like you said on your talkcast?

Why aren't you attempting to make another $1000 this week? Making more than your quota the week before isn't an excuse. Don't weasel around your wife's contract.

How much, if any, of your earned income has gone towards taxes?

How much, if any, of your earned income has gone towards paying down credit?

How much, if any, of your earned income has gone towards establishing an emergency fund?

Are lenders still harassing your family?

Have you changed your cellphone plan to reduce your monthly burn rate?

Have you paid your speeding ticket you received after your snowboarding trip?

And I won't even mention Hammar, since we all know you won't answer questions on that one.

Best of luck to you Casey. I won't be following your story here anymore, since at this point it's turned from trying to right your wrongs to trying to monetize your 15 minutes of fame. There are better sites out there that give a more accurate picture of the fraud that you are.

Like your brother said, your 15 minutes are almost up. Reading about your errors and misfortunes makes me appreciate just how good my life is for not making the same mistakes you have made. You are a cheap, disposable therapy session. Years after the housing bubble are over and people have moved on to a new financial mania, you will be nothing more than a footnote.

Bemused Guy said...

@5:58 Mousey.
You are absolutely correct.

I'd have a lot more respect if - during the pre-spin - he provided real details about himself in response to other's coming forward. All we got out of that was he's probably a bottom-feeding arbiter.
Oh - and working with Casey to help "legitimize" his blog before going forward with the makeover.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well, now that I was first and Mort and I tied for Murstness, new thread
above with cute pic.

Bemused Guy said...

On another note... this is Gay Pride Weekend in Utah. Congratulations folks, be proud of who you are.

Speaking of gay pride in SLC, the Sheena Easton concert is Friday - keep an eye out for shiny heads & pleather in the crowd. See the full schedule here

Anonymous said...

Look guys, I am totally unbiased on this. Galina is entirely too hot to be guilty. There, now I've said it, and you can all go home.

I, LossMitPro, have spoken, and copyrighted this statement, so anyone who dare speaketh against me shalt crumble against the might of my mighty DMCA complaint. I am god, Galina is sexy, Casey is innocent, and you're all a bunch of assholes. I mean assholez.

Galina, I know you read here, look how I'm sticking up for u!! Everything I do is for u.

*** All statements contained in this comment copyright 2007 by LonelyLossMitPro, the guy who hangs out at the Applebee's bar all night and tries to start up meaningful relationships with the waitresses.

P.S. Rob Dawg, I'm suing you for allowing me to post this copyrighted commentz.

Anonymous said...

Mark V. claims to be a National Forest Ranger on

Anonymous said...

I should have mentioned: Twain Harte is a few miles up HW 108 from Sonora.

Anonymous said...

6:55 Anon

Everyone needs to move slowly -- it is entirely possible there are two (or more) folks with a relatively unusual name.

Of course, Casey's Mark could clear this up by telling what he is all about, since he has now hinted, blustered, threatened, guest blogged, bluffed, phoned in, and caused numerous involuntary guffaws in the audience for his performance, all while trying to become an essential hanger-on to feed off of the fraudster's dregs, while still not admitting to who he is.

So, name or no, I think the world already knows just who he is.

BelowTheCrowd said...

As of 2002 there was a Ventura County firefighter with that name.

And one who is an alum of Univ of Pittsburgh and apparently still in that area.

And one who works for Staples in Massachussetts.

Some of these people may be the same person. It is irresponsible to presume that everybody with that name is the same person. Villasenor is not all that unusual a name in California.


Anonymous said...

First time poster, been reading here and IAFF since April.

I'm going to search the blog, but does anyone know how to contact Duane LeGate?

I lost my job today and I thought I'd see if he had help available for people who will actually work.


Anonymous said...

How long until Mark Villaseñor has a Caseypedia entry

He was actually outed on CaseyPedia on May 25th, but it was originally decided that he was not enough of a Swaby-type personality to be outed.

This changed after last Friday's talkcast and Mark's subsequent "guest blogging" stint on IAFF...

Anonymous said...

First time poster been reading here and IAFF since April.

I will check the blog, but does anyone know how to contact Duane LeGate?

I lost my job today and thought I'd see if he had any help for people who actually will work.

I just started a blog myself what a way to start it off. Maybe I would have called it

flailing forward said...

I don't know his email offhand, but you can maybe find it somewhere on his blog:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you used a pic of SAM, the reigning champion "World Ugliest Dog".

That is insult to Sam to be associated with KC in any way!

Shame on you, Rob Dawg!

Anonymous said...

> Cry havoc and let lose the Nazi
> Lesbian Midget Trolls of WAR !!!!

Oh Lurker... I'll never see Shakespeare the same again. Damn, there goes this years Ashland trip. It just won't be the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Are Mark Anthony and Mark Villaseñor two separate people or the same person?