Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Duane LeGate Part 2.3 Laying Down the FULL Story



I made it was as high on the side bar as I can put it... And its actually above-the-fold on standard resolutions of 1024x768 and up. I made the text bigger and bold to make it stand out and encourage clicks. It still looks very clean. I think it's a pretty good spot.

Any feedback?

Shane I'm assuming you have already setup some software to log click-throughs from my site so we can track performance?

I'm excited to see how this works. I'm going to write up something about HBN in the next couple of days and send over for your approval.

Casey Serin

OMITTED about 5 emails between Shane and Casey that talk about placement of links, color, etc… its all formatting stuff and not relative to this timeline..

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 11:49 AM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: RE: Revised terms for advertising


I cant find the email with your address... how you coming with the review or post of hbn...

Duane LeGate

(His address was inserted here.)

What I'm going to do is to try HBN out as a typical user and report on my experience... How is that?

Also what about putting the HBN logo higher in the side bar to generate more traffic?

When can I call you to discuss some stuff?

Casey Serin


Hey Duane,

I gave it some though and I realized it would be a little out of place if I do a REI.TV post without also introducing HBN. So I did a nice combined post. Its written in my normal voice so it doesn't sound fabricated but I belive covers both of your services in good light.

Check it out:

That's a hidden URL. Let me know and I'll post it to the blog

Casey Serin

Check it out, I added a couple of paragraphs for REI.TV with the heading "Get Rich Slow"

Check it out:

Casey Serin

Thanks for pitching in... Things good so far?
Casey Serin
Great.. I must say you have THICK skin.. hang in there..

Duane LeGate


Hey Duane, aside form the blog I'm also getting people that contact me by email asking for advice on real estate education and where to start. I want to start marketing REI.TV directly and I want to get a referral code or some way to track my sales. I already referred 3 people directly today.


Casey Serin


Hey Casey,

Are you looking to track the traffic (uniques, page views, etc) that comes in from your site, or only the persons who have signed up for service as a result of your referral?

Depending on what you are looking for, we can probably set something up that will get you what you need.


I'm looking for a way to track my DIRECT referrals. So lets say I tell somebody to go visit REI.TV. Is there a referral code I can use to tell them to put in. Or if I'm sending a URL is there a way I can attach a referral code to the URL so that I get credit for referring them?

Something like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX???

Duane mentioned you will have affiliate program soon.. That's what I'm referring to. An affiliate code of some sort.

If I have to wait for it that's OK, just wondering if its already up.

Casey Serin

OMITTED ABOUT 5 emails discussing tracking codes etc, not pertinent to the timeline..

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 10:07 AM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: IAFF down?

I am showing your website being down

Temporarily Down... My hosting account was disabled because it was bringing the server down with all the traffic. Will have to upgrade to a dedicated server shortly (much more $$/mo though).
Casey Serin
Casey pay it for now, I will reimburse.. then shop

Duane LeGate

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 10:12 AM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: RE: IAFF down?

When will it be back up and what time are you posting the contracts?

Duane LeGate

It should be back up in the next 15 minutes and I should have the contract up within 30-45 minutes.
Casey Serin

My current virtual hosting account at HostGator has been running slower and slower and today they shut me down for taking up too much CPU time on the server. The extra queries lately have been caused by a WordPress plug I installed where users can vote on comments (people loved it as soon as I released that feature).

Well now the HostGator people are basically telling me that my site is starting to take too many resources because of the traffice and DB queries.

So I need to upgrade to a dedicated server. They have a fully managed linux box for 180/mo. But I'm not sure if I want to stay with HostGator, though they're support has been very good. I want to shop around real quick. I don't have much time though, because it will happen again.

Who do YOU guys use for hosing/servers? Or is it in-house?
Casey Serin

From: Duane LeGate []
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:59 PM
To: 'Casey Serin'
Subject: post

Casey I have to leave in 30 minutes. whats your time frame for moderating and posting the contracts?
Duane LeGate

Almost there... I'm laying down the FULL story... Its gonna be GOOD.
Casey Serin
Its out! This might get messy!
Casey Serin


Anonymous said...


CHJTS said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Duane, aside form the blog I'm also getting people that contact me by email asking for advice on real estate education and where to start.

Is KC kidding us?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To save you the trouble, this is the post he made that day:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will bite.

What the heck is all of this? There is nothing of substance here, except for regular business as usual talk.

I don't see anything of value.

We need stuff like Casey being taken in handcuffs...

Anonymous said...

So, basically, it took him over 3 1/2 months to get a dedicated server? Even after Duane offered to reimburse him?

What an achievement!

And he was trying to double dip on payments from Duane (once for placing the ad, and a second time for making a referral)?

CHJTS said...

It is just becoming a damn ad fest over there.

I am done going to his site..I will rely on others to keep me posted over here.

Just looking at the talkcast...we are going to here from his sponsors...he is selling time to blog about his advertisers.

If your going to advertise then do it...just dont sit there and blog about them...its bad taste.

he could give two shits about them anyway..he just loves the color of their money.

I was excited about calling the podcast again until I read that.

I think I am going to have to skip this one.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said this dialog was useless: My friend, when you pan for gold, you are not looking for mint marks and eagle heads.

This, my friend, is what Serin gold looks like in it's raw, unprocessed beauty:


"The extra queries lately have been caused by a WordPress plug I installed where users can vote on comments (people loved it as soon as I released that feature). site is starting to take too many resources...

So I need to upgrade to a dedicated server. "


Gold, Jerry. Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

You can still visit IAFF without feeding the site stats and advertisements - use Adblock Plus in Firefox

The Scripter said...

If anyone would like the comments cut down to a list of only names on KC's site, so you can easily scan for your favorite posters, try this out: CommentCollapse. (Disclaimer: I wrote it, it's free, there's a small block of Google ads on that blogger page) The problem is you need to be using Firefox with JavaScript enabled so you'll also get all the annoying Kontera highlight-random-keywords Ads.

Anonymous said...

KC is trolling his newfound audience:

That private $20k+ private loan ... Need to call and negotiate something one of these days.

The Utah property is still wrapped as far as I know. Though I haven’t checked mail in a while… hopefully there are no suprises.

I still need to get my 2006 taxes done since I got an extension.

What else am I missing?

In other words, he's saying I'm stupid and lazy in these areas... please remind me of the other areas

Anonymous said...

I really wish/hope someone sums up The LeGate files neatly. It's just a lot of screwball back-and-forth. I need my Serin on-the-go.

ratlab said...

I like reading the dichotomy between fliptard via email and fliptard on IAFF. He plays much more stupid on IAFF, as we all suspected.

Anonymous said...

Duane & Rob,

I like the way the story is unfolding just fine! Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone notified the various LE agencies, creditors, cash call, etc. that Snowflake now has a steady stream of attachable income.

The judgments and lien need to start flowing. I assume with all of the eyeballs and hits on IAFF, they must be aware of this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are just the dialoge going back and forth on things..

Very soon, you will see a laid out plan for him to take care of everything. I am putting this out there ( the emails) to back up what I say. You will also see him self destruct and becopme very allergic to anything that is not free.

From here... you will either get mad or laugh at him

BTW, the delay has been 99% my fault. I have gotten alot of stuff thrown my way this week that I need to concentrate on.

As far as Casey today, it doesnt surprise me one bit that he has "achieved" his new goal. However as I stated in my CC with him on talkshoe.. he will want an award...

He also can not continue to repeat this. He will turn his advertisers at a better than 50% rate guaranteed...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Duane. Your insight and experiences really help put the past months of the Casey Saga into perspective.

The Dude said...


In the Talkathon last Friday, Casey asked you if you thought he was facing legal problems...the authorities. I found that strange of him to ask since I'm sure you and he discussed that at length when you were obtaining his info.

Why do you think he threw that out there?

Anonymous said...


Not much is going on in the Caseysphere lately except for the continued growth of Caseypedia™. Good stuff there. I've had many a chuckle. I'd be pretty creeped out about it if I was Snowflake though.

Anonymous said...

KC got MAD IT Skillz.

I am no IT Guru, but I setup a web server in my home, granted I don't get the MAD Hits KC gets, but it is very simple to setup. As far as a dedicated server, that to is simple. I am doing that now for a client. The server cost about $3k, and another $600 to have it configured and installed. The monthly fee is $200 a month. I won't be using huge bandwidth, but if I did the cost would go up in $100 increments. It took me all of a few hours to figure this out.

KC should have done that 6 months ago.

BTW, I went to a couple of co-locations centers trying to figure out were to host the server; so much data passing throught the internet.

And quite calling him a fliptard, you are insulting mentally retarded people when you do that. I worked 5 years at a non-profit that served individuals with mental retardation, and I find it offensive.

wine country dude said...

Agree w/ Ogg 7:50.

Note to Caseypedia authors: "sweet links" sounds like a freaking sausage product.

Casey: (with a big white chef's hat on, cooking pustulent "sweet links" on an outdoor grill): "G! Yulia! its [sic] all good!".

Miranda Mayer said...

Hey all,

Did anyone else get an email from "Steve Serin" asking for help to find Duane's contact information because Casey's in fantasy land and they need his help? ::smirk::

Miranda Mayer said...


Hey Stephanie J,

I was reading your website. Do you have any information on Dwayne? I need to get a hold of him about caseys situation. Please help. Casey is so is in fantasy land right now, we need to bring him back to reality.

Steve Serin

Anonymous said...

@ 7:58 PM EST, wine dude said: Note to Caseypedia authors: "sweet links" sounds like a freaking sausage product.

Less than 30 minutes later, I reply -- you asked for it, you got it! Truly a sweet deal!!

Anonymous said...

@ Steph J


Longtime luker, first time poster. Although I did get one first and a murst as "anonymous".


Anonymous said...

@ Steffypoo™, no... not at my CaseyPedia sign-up email nor at the e-mail I used a few months back to warn Galina and Yulia about their deadbeat relative. :-(

Akubi said...

Nope, I sure didn't receive that, but your award-winning chick hatching boobs may have generated a huge fan club:).
Anyway, I've been working on the HOMEY EN links at CaseyPedia and once Tim MBA enters the picture, HOMEY becomes even more difficult to find. Tim sure has a knack for quickly generating many, many words. Could someone please take over the task of Tim MBA links over there ( so I can focus on finding HOMEY's...?

Anonymous said...

I'd offer Akubi but Tim's meanderings kept putting me in a coma. I swear I never met a guy who so loved the sound of his own voice...sheesh.

BelowTheCrowd said...

I would not trust anything coming from Serin.US:

Domain Name: SERIN.US
Domain ID: D2680543-US
Sponsoring Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registrant ID: GODA-022642373
Registrant Name: Casey Serin
Registrant Organization: Unknown
Registrant Address1: 1420 E Roseville Pkwy
Registrant Address2: Suite 140-331
Registrant City: Roseville
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 95661
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Phone Number: +1.9165959632
Registrant Email:
Registrant Application Purpose: P3
Registrant Nexus Category: C12
Administrative Contact ID: GODA-222642373
Administrative Contact Name: Casey Serin
Administrative Contact Organization: Unknown
Administrative Contact Address1: 1420 E Roseville Pkwy
Administrative Contact Address2: Suite 140-331
Administrative Contact City: Roseville
Administrative Contact State/Province: CA
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 95661
Administrative Contact Country: United States
Administrative Contact Country Code: US
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +1.9165959632
Administrative Contact Email:
Administrative Application Purpose: P3
Administrative Nexus Category: C12
Billing Contact ID: GODA-322642373
Billing Contact Name: Casey Serin
Billing Contact Organization: Unknown
Billing Contact Address1: 1420 E Roseville Pkwy
Billing Contact Address2: Suite 140-331
Billing Contact City: Roseville
Billing Contact State/Province: CA
Billing Contact Postal Code: 95661
Billing Contact Country: United States
Billing Contact Country Code: US
Billing Contact Phone Number: +1.9165959632
Billing Contact Email:
Billing Application Purpose: P3
Billing Nexus Category: C12
Technical Contact ID: GODA-122642373
Technical Contact Name: Casey Serin
Technical Contact Organization: Unknown
Technical Contact Address1: 1420 E Roseville Pkwy
Technical Contact Address2: Suite 140-331
Technical Contact City: Roseville
Technical Contact State/Province: CA
Technical Contact Postal Code: 95661
Technical Contact Country: United States
Technical Contact Country Code: US
Technical Contact Phone Number: +1.9165959632
Technical Contact Email:
Technical Application Purpose: P3
Technical Nexus Category: C12
Created by Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Last Updated by Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Last Transferred Date: Wed Aug 23 16:06:05 GMT 2006
Domain Registration Date: Tue Jul 23 16:48:12 GMT 2002
Domain Expiration Date: Tue Jul 22 23:59:59 GMT 2008
Domain Last Updated Date: Wed Aug 23 16:06:56 GMT 2006

It is possible that he set it up for his family, and that his brother is stupid enough to use a domain that Casey controls to ask for outside help, but I doubt it. Casey's a born manipulator, and I'd bet this is more of his BS, to what end I don't know.


ratlab said...

Random posting by prlinkbiz on a Criminal Profiling Forum back in 5/2005... whoa and wow.

Anonymous said...

lol. nice find.

Anonymous said...

"The psychopath next door?" Umm... that would be Casey, Erin. You know the one you FLEW IN, and decided to write a CONTRACT WITH, and decided to do busness with. That one."

wine country dude said...

@ Benoit 8:19

Well done. And you included a sweet link in your post. Caseypedia is a scream.

Its all good.

Anonymous said...

Duane & Rob,

I like the way the story is unfolding just fine! Thank you both.


Lost Cause said...

"I do people" as a "layperson" hehe.

What an interesting hobby: Criminal psychology.

Married a psychopath? I am sure it was a perfect match.