Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stephanie J. "Outed"

Look at the eyes. Tell me I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Foist Moist Murst Furst

Take That!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Murstness, and she is a Beauty with a Brain but what are her credentials?
te he

Anonymous said...

I think I should just get FOURTH from now on...

Miranda Mayer said...

I own a some pencil skirts and round-toed heels like those.

Killer style... Loved that period. 40s, 50s -- women looked good, even with torpedo bras.

Alas no more. Now it's hip-huggers, bare midriff, and skankness.

What a pity.

Miranda Mayer said...


My credentials?

Isn't Despising Casey credential enough these days? Do I need to present my résumé too?

Miranda Mayer said...

I suppose I should add *something* besides my peepers.

I'll take a picture of my foot and post it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

@Stephanie J.

Yep, résumé too, and portfolio, 8x10s..

Humm... on the other hand, maybe not. It would completely kill concentration around here.. and drop the quality of conversation to 'puberty' level..

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read something about quivering mounds in another thread?

Miranda Mayer said...

I'll post one of my p-shop art images up in a few minutes.

And then that's it.

Miranda Mayer said...

The girls stay unphotographed (publicly that is)... My S/O would probably pop a hatch if he saw my cleavage on the blog.

Rob Dawg said...

and drop the quality of conversation to 'puberty' level..

...DROP the quality?!

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie J.

All depends upon what 'hatch' he is popping...

Ok Ok.. thats it, mind out of the gutter ::grimace::

Anonymous said...

Rob you are correct in the huge margin of error

"On housing this was the biggest one-month jump in sales since April '93, but the margin of error in these numbers is massive, plus or minus 13% according to those that compute such things. The median number of months that a new completed home has been on the market jumped to six months, the highest since July 1993, builders will need to maintain aggressive pricing strategies AND lower production levels to shed these inventories."

Miranda Mayer said...

Maybe I'll take a picture of my foot in one of my more 40's style shoes. Hmm.....

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Sac RE Agent said...

Let's first start with an identification of LossMitPro. Real name, company he works for, years experience, etc.. If Casey is looking to be an information source, people have a right to know who is dispersing the info.
Sac RE Agent wanted LossMitPro outed but Rob outed you.
Above is from a prior thread.
Just foolin around Stephanie, as the Boys were a little feisty earlier.

Miranda Mayer said...

The boys are always feisty.


Miranda Mayer said...

I'm off for my drive home. Talk at you all later.

I was interested in checking out that pirate reality show tonight; if it's any worse than Survivor, I might have something to laugh at this summer besides my favourite; HELL'S KITCHEN!!

OMG... Gordon is HOT HOT HOT!! Nothing more delicious than a hopping mad, screaming Brit.


Miranda Mayer said...

Except maybe my man... in a kilt.

Rob Dawg said...

Ummmm. I can't wear just a kilt due to archaic public decency and traffic control reasons. Does that count? Brrr, cold.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the NAR spin on existing home sales tomorrow. Builders seem to have gone into fire sale mode. Maybe another 10% off the price next month ?

Rob Dawg said...

The homebuilders have gone into about five different emergency modes. Sales are waaay down. They aren't even up very much month to month from Mar to Apr if you use same time comparisons. They only look up because of revision to previous month's numbers. The price drop is not just unprecedented, it is off the charts. 11% off is not a trackable number. It is more like the guy who falls from the 80th story balcony and telling us on the 60th "So far, so good!"

Anonymous said...

I just puked in my mouth. Somebody told Nigel he has talent. Yuck.

Kirk said...

Stephanie J: Hmm, I'm a Brit, and frequently I'm hopping mad. I'm in Vegas right now, wanna gamble?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the old revision to previous data trick. Funny how you’ll never see a press release that states: “Oops, last months numbers were not as good as we told you. In fact the revised numbers show it really sucked last month.”
That and the trick of doing year/year comparisons or month to month whichever looks better.

Anonymous said...

Steph & Duck

(Towards the bottom of the page)

BelowTheCrowd said...

From Minyanville:

New Homes have now entered the yay dang zone. What is the yay dang zone? We're glad you asked.

* The Commerce Department this morning reported that new home sales increased a whopping 16.2% last month, the biggest increase in 14 years. Yay!
* Of course, this stunning figure was only achieved due to a 11.1% decrease in the median price of a home last month, the largest decrease since 1970. Dang!
* The inventory of unsold homes fell by 1.5%. Yay!
* Year-over-year, however, sales are down 10.6% and through the first four months of the year are down 20%. Dang!
* Sales showed a 28% increase in the South, 8.5% in the West, 3.8% in the Northeast. Yay!
* But sales fell 4% in the Midwest. Dang!
* The new home sales figure of 981,000 exceeded expectations of 860,000. Yay!
* But the report's standard error is 13%, meaning the government in reality can't be sure whether home sales rose or fell. Dang!

Welcome to the yay dang zone.

Lost Cause said...

Why are they reporting this month-over-month increase? That is useless in a seasonal market like home sales. Absolutely amazingly dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stef and Dawg

Given you are so keen to do this "enforcement" you are talking about. Why not in the morning go out to your local "Quikie Mart" and tell the latinos waiting there for day work to "get out of our country".

Given that you want to enforce these laws we have. I think a little "think global" "act local" liberal style activism is just what we need!

Let me know what kind of reception you get...

Just remember though... you would only have to deal with say 10-20 illegals... multiply that by about a 500,000 and you will get an idea what reality Bush is staring at.

Anonymous said...


"Given that you want to enforce these laws we have. I think a little "think global" "act local" liberal style activism is just what we need!"

Liberal activism? Thanks, no...
How about some good old free-market individualism along with some frontier heritage?

$100 bucks a head bounty, citizen's arrest, and a Concealed Weapon Permit.
I can do two of the above right now.

10-or 20 illegals,(and not just Latinos...and be careful spouting like that, some of those "Julios" have been in America since before it WAS "America", I know, I married one...old Spanish "Land-Grant" family), $1k-$2k a load?

I'm down with that...and it's very do-able.

Miranda Mayer said...

Ahh... just got home at last. I stopped for a pedicure as a nice treat. I just LOVE pedicures... I could just fall back and float away when they do that foot massage. I'm a firm believer that everyone should take good care of their stompers.

I took a couple of fun pictures I'll post up tomorrow. One of a doc marten & Jeep--one of the 'home-base' with more images of my fine feet... and a picture of the flowering columbines for Akubi. I tried to take a picture of my feet on Simon, but he bolted after a cat before the shutter closed, so all you see is my foot.

Yes, it's a veritable gallery of my gorgeous feet. I'll post it up sometime tomorrow. Don't all flock there at once... ::snicker:: My blog might go down and it might piss off my "SPONSORS".

Anonymous said...

Stpeh - you f'n donkey! "That's why it's nonstiiIIICK!"

Love Hell's. You hear that the chick form last yr was found dead? Not the winner, but the older one she liked?

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that STeph J's BMI is above 27....a real good reason NOT to post a picture...however good your Pshop skilz are

Miranda Mayer said...

No, I didn't hear that, Kevin. ?? That's horrible! Which one was it? They're on the website.

I'm a size 12/14 petite--and I'm quite comfortable in my skin. I like my curves, I'm proud of my incredible NATURAL boobage (and so is my S/O.

I've absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Even if I weighed 300lbs, was a mouth-breather, subsisted on twinkies and buckets of chicken, and had a face like a canned ham, I'd still have nothing to be ashamed of. And I would feel no need to use P-shop to modify it to please some random, unimportant stranger.

I value my privacy. That's more than ample a reason to NOT post a picture. Deal with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel was the that died:

Anonymous said...

12/14? ok seeing im a guy im no expert in dress sizes....but would you say that Galina was around the same size or smaller, judging by the photos available?
this is what i got from wiki

Catalog Women's Petite (Half Sizes): 5'1/2"-5'4" tall, lower bust, shorter back
12 1/2 14 1/2
Est. height 5' 1/2" 5 ft 1 in
Est. weight (lbs.) 125 140
Bust 36 38
Waist 28 30
Hip 38 40

Anonymous said...

i am anonymous @7:46am....(incidentally rob you would do well to follow your own advice and get on with providing numbered comments....maybe you should switch templates to pressrow?)
only reason i posted the BMI comment was because i was SURE that no way steph J could fit the dress in the picture. am i right?
and i bet your BMI is closer to 25 than the 18-20 of the model's in the picture

Miranda Mayer said...

I'm in this picture.

Definitely tinier than Galina. LOL

Kidding. Galina's smaller than me, without a doubt. I don't know what size she is tho. She's got some hippiness that's really cute. Like Kelly Clarkson.

No, the model is pretty narrow. I'm curvier and and wider on the hips and breasts. Also much shorter. I'm like America Ferrera with bigger boobs.