Monday, May 21, 2007

Definition of Insanity

"I need more help with comment moderation. My previous attempt to recruit moderators didn’t go over well. So I’m trying again."
Isn't this how he ended up with 8 failing real estate deals?

Next: Plagarism, how to award winning blog yourself into DMCA hell.

Blog note, running late, too many comments previous post, Duanr email chronology soon. Sorry.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sadly no.

Schnapps said...

MY murst.


Akubi says a week, tops, that Snowflake can pull in the $1K.

Any other takers? You get a new murse if you win. Second prize is a blue ball. :>

Anonymous said...

Liverwurst ;-p

May get back to more CaseyPedia™ editing after tonight's season finale of "24". :)

Rob Dawg said...

Mermaiden, put up a provocative avatar and I'm sure you'll get first or murst or... hint hint. Watch that Wagga though. Sounds kinda Sacramento/Fresno/Bakersfield Central Valley shifty if you know what I mean.

Schnapps said...

Dawg: so long as he's not SLC shifty.

Anonymous said...

If he is 'helping' other people blog for 2-3 hours per DAY @ $75 an hour (obviously people with more money than brains) - I think he can pull it off for about 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, he may be pulling on Nigel's wanker for that money. In which case, it ould go on indefinitely. Its going to be one of life's mysteries.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Foreclosure Face:

""I need more help with comment moderation. My previous attempt to recruit moderators didn’t go over well. So I’m trying again.""

Sockpuppet volunteers, muster at IAFF!

Dolph said...

I have to take Akubi's bet and assume Snowy will get his $1000.

Question remains whether he can do it week after week. He seems to move quick when there is a sense of urgency but when the next shiny object or fire drill distracts him, he'll fail to hit his goal.

Anonymous said...

If he's counting on "working" for or "helping" somebody for 2-3 hours/day @ $75 an hour (that's $150-225 per day at say, 5 days a week = $750 - 1125) I think that will last only until whoever he's paying realizes that they're getting ripped off. Say, 3 days...

I give him, generously, a month.

But, consider this: This is the same guy that managed to steal $2.2 mil and, thus far, get away with it. There's no telling what he's capable of.

Anonymous said...

Casey is also counting "deposits" towards his $1000 goal. What fool would give this guy any money prior to receiving the work from him.

Anonymous said...

I think that will last only until whoever he's paying realizes that they're getting ripped off. Say, 3 days...

I give him, generously, a month.

He cannot even moderate his own comments or weed through his own email effectively. I can hear the excuses he is more than likely going to be giving these people, "But I was busy with some sweet dealz!"

Isn't he expecting pre-payment on these hours?

Anonymous said...

I've been busy but saw this question posed by Rob two threads down:

Casey can you name any two month period ... where you were better off at the end than you were 8 weeks prior?

First thing that came to my mind was Casey saying, "Sure! August 1982 to October 1982. I started off non-existant and ended up alive to fulfill my Earth Mission™!!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Casey is also counting "deposits" towards his $1000 goal.

Well, I hereby volunteer to deposit my fist in Serin's lower jaw. ;-)

Schnapps said...

Dolph - that was what I said at the end of the previous thread :>

Akubi, Dolph and Sprezz say one week.

Quite honestly, I don't expect any takers for longer. We all know about his slackassedness :>

Dimes said...

So not only do you have to pay Casey $100 for a month's link, but you also have to bribe him with $25 so he'll be arsed to stick your link into his code? And of course there's the double-edged sword of having CASEY SERIN'S endorsement.

BTW did anyone notice that Casey deleted comment #131 on the $1000 or else post? That was the one where he hoped to try and wriggle out of the contract with G.

I'm not going to interpret it as magnanimity on his part.

Anonymous said...


I think he can pull it off for about 2-3 weeks.

Sprezzatura said...

Right now Casey is fired up and pulling all the stops out. He's getting the "low hanging fruit", in sales parlance.

Once he runs through all the quick wins, he'll have to work a lot harder to keep up the same level of revenue production. And he won't keep his traffic up if it's all advertising all the time; he needs real content to keep the eyeballs coming.

At any rate, if he can pull it out for a week or two, he'll be able to bamboozle Galina into thinking that the blog is their only source of revenue, and she'll let him off the hook.

Remember, the "$1000/week or I go poof" is most likely a troll anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have another question for the Serins:

Assuming that Dummy achieves the $1000 goal- What do you intend to do with the money??????

Sprezzatura said...

It occurred to me that if Casey is indeed bipolar, he's presumably on a manic cycle right now.

How long do his cycles usually last?

Anonymous said...

This might be a litle off topic, but...

Last Sat. my new roomie & I drove to Sac. (which is why i asked for kcs address)

She (roomie) has a web store selling specialized items worldwide to a carefully-cultivated audience.

She locates her stock at outlet-type stores. She often pays under a dollar for an item she can sell for $20.

She knows what her customers want, has an encyclopedic memory of items/prices and honors her promises - sales are shipped out the very day the order comes in.

So, we drove to Sactown, hitting other towns on the way. Started at 6am, got home about 2am (Sunday)
We hit 15 stores, collecting enough shinies to generate more than a kc PIWU (Promised Income Weekly Unit).
In a day.

We did this in YOUR town kc - YOUR town!

PS Didn't go by the house, Delta and Dawn were much more deserving of our attention.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've been thinking about this bipolar thing. I've changed my thinking on that. He is using some Blogging for Dummies book that reads 'your blog will be more popular the more drama you add'. His posts cycle up, down, divorce, no divorce but sweet dealz, then silence for awhile after another down in the dumps post. No unemployed napper has that much crap going on in his life that isn't intentionally created.

Anonymous said...

How long do his cycles usually last?

Well, like most females, I'd assume Casey's cycles last roughly one month ::rimshot:: ;-)

But seriously folks... his bipolar cycles will continue to shorten in length until his thought process resembles the following:

"Itsallgood. Itsallbad. Itsallgood. Itsallbad." Half a second apart from each other :-)

Lost Cause said...

Do you think he is going to be able to get $1000 for more than one week?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what about next week, and the week after that?

If he does shut the blog down, does he refund the balance to the people who paid for a month of text-ad?

Sprezzatura said...

@merm -- you could be right. With Casey there's no way to be sure.

kndmanz said...

If Casey were MY husband...
[hang on, I just threw up in my mouth a little]
...I would wait until he took one of his frequent naps and then confiscate all of his crap. Laptop, PDA, murse, etc. He could have it back when he started bringing home a paycheck from a 9-5 looser W-2 job.

Then again, I'm not a "shrinking violet" type of wife. Just ask my husband. ;)

I highly doubt he is going to be able to consistently bring in $1000 a week. However, I also think he will find some way to weasel out of the contract and keep up with his usual antics. He hasn't honored a contract yet, has he?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I personally would hire Casey as a blog consultant at $75/hour.

(As long as it didn't take longer than a minute or two.)

Anonymous said...

He's overwhelmed his in-box again with e-mail gold.

I went to the "Advertise" page and assuming someone is gullible enough to buy after slogging through all the options, his call to action is a link to his page, which has his e-mail along with a whole bunch of other junk.

He obviously doesn't know the first thing about web marketing -- putting up clear calls to action: ORDER NOW (which should go to a secure order form so important details aren't left out). He could go through Paypal and require payment upfront.

Even if he had to go by e-mail only, he could have a form that posts to his e-mail with a special subject line. It's not hard for a PHP programmer with mad skillz!

If he had just half a brain he'd set up a separate e-mail account just for buying "sweet links." At the very least, he'd tell people to put "LINK BUY" or something in the subject line. But no, they're all going in the 700 others he hasn't gotten to.

Anonymous said...

I was having a nap earlier on and I dreamt the CaseyPedia Foundation™ hired Casey to advise us on how to make CaseyPedia™ look a bit like a blog for certain niche search engines, so that by various complex technical means it automatically appears on the front-page of a major foreclosure-related blog and thereby gains sweet™ free™ Web 2.0 publicity.

Then I woke up and realised my email inbox was full of gold. And viagra. And strange offers from Japan involving ladies much older than me.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet his inbox is filled with fools gold.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for KC to respond to my inquiry about advertising on SWEET LINKS. I just sent him an email asking about advertising for my other company. I am selling this company, so it may be impressive to the buyer to see a huge number of hits. Well worth the $125.

He is up to $652 already, so I probably won't hear from him.

Sprezzatura said...

Taddy -- you will hear from him next week.

After all, he needs to make $1000 every week, not just this week!

Rob Dawg said...

Lefy this at IAFF:

132. Casey Serin
May 18th, 2007 at 9:47 pm

133. Casey Serin
May 18th, 2007 at 9:47 pm


Are we going to see a picture? With Flickr photos removed you've made a good preemptive strike. The picture you need to really show everyone you are on your way back is not obscene or revealing. Just a femine hand giving a thumbs up over a fan of ten, count 'em t-e-n Benjamins.

Anonymous said...

Mejustme @ 5:17 PM:
”He obviously doesn't know the first thing about web marketing -- putting up clear calls to action: ORDER NOW (which should go to a secure order form so important details aren't left out). He could go through Paypal and require payment upfront.”

I agree with your Web Marketing observation and not said to be disagreeable, Casey is familiar with Web Marketing techniques but he may be in to much a rush to apply them correctly. I showed him long copy for one of my sites in development, and he recognized the elements I was applying (stated as much). Can’t say with certainty he understood the importance, however.

So I believe he knows better but is in to much of a hurry to do things right. Still more ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ goin on methinks. But I wish him success.

...Whatever that means to Casey. ;)


Anonymous said...

Here we go again with the inbox filled wih gold (at least he has stopped referring to them as nuggets). My prediction is that snowflake ignores any potential advertisers past the first 10 in an attempt to string out his sweet passive 1k a week into infinity and totally blows it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that CAsey has some "Casey and Nigel" go wild in Utah photos and video that he threatens to go public with should Nigel stop sending him money. Casey can easily pull on this source of income weekly to meet his financial goals. Nigel has already lost his hair, credibility, pin selling job and good taste, he can't afford to lose the image of a happily married successful schmuck as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the taxman will be quite interested in all this.

Anonymous said...

It is concievable that Casey can keep it up for a month. If he resells the same links over and over again, giving a "Casey Refund" (e.g. nothing) to the suckers who buy links and then are deleted it looks like he can make money. After all the world has a fair number of fools.

The interesting part is he is now documenting his income for the IRS and he does owe self employment taxes (in addition to income taxes)

Anonymous said...

Since Casey has turned off instant commenting, I assume he is going to refund the money he collected from people for the right to instant comment...

Anonymous said...

I think he already told those two people about their coming refunds..but seriously, whoever paid this shithead, they kinda deserve it don't ya think?:-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone dumb enough to give snowflake $$$$$........

Rob Dawg said...

I'll bet his inbox is filled with fools gold.

Of course. He's busy replying to three different contacts.

1. Honest web marketers that contact everyone with a major inbound link from recent national media exposure. Economist and MSN are sticky critters. They'll quickly discover he's toxic and move on.

2. Haterz baiterz. The new Olympic Pin trading sport. Collect Caey email replies to insane proposals and publish the results for fun.

3. Nigerian oil minister widows. Actually this last would make great flailing material.

Dearest of Sirs,
My name Galina Yulia Allina Alexia Valisosovic. My sadly depart husband of many year recently went swimming in Great Salt Lake with his "uncle" and several associates. He never return. Uncle Boris assure me no worries but insist this remain quiet. Thusly my of contact you esteemed sir. Great man my husband leaves me eight of $2.2 million USD (amerikan dollars) properties 4 States of Amerika. You sir my only hope...

Rob Dawg said...

Blog note: The Dawg is dawg sickly. Just a little stomache ache and yuck. Lying down for the afternoon. Finish Duane 2.2 when I feel better. Thanks for your patience. No BS web guru seminar drama moment just don't feel well.

Anonymous said...

If Casey is collecting money for services not yet rendered, isn't that just another loan?

Anonymous said...

KC responds to my email from 30+ hours ago. Says he will give instructions on what to do, however he does not. I can only assume I go to Paypal and pay $100. Of course if I do that I have no terms of what the contract is, nor does my payment even prove it is for a "Sweet Link". I will email him back and ask for clarification.

Thanks for the contact. Your website looks good. Here are the terms:

I can send you a testimonial for one of the advertisers if you want.

Casey Serin

Anonymous said...

To: mermaiden@4:22pm

I fear that you have mis-understood the use of the word "wanker". This word (of British origin), generally refers to a person, one who engages in the practice of.... It is not an anatomical word.

Anonymous said...

His one testimonial is from the site that hasn't paid him yet. "Give me a testimonial and I'll waive your first month".

Rob Dawg said...

Something very weird is going on at IAFF. Monster traffic. 45k visits/day. Stupid blog or not those links might might be a good deal. Those visits aren't sticky however. Only one additional click per visit. At first I suspected click fraud but it just looks like MSN traffic syndication. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to make one of those "click on the monkey" ad links?

Could we do one of those using Swaby's "head shot"? RD could stick it on here and link it to Flailing or NGB.

Anonymous said...

I still think we are seeing the end of something with Casey. A couple more weeks will tell the story.

And what the hell is he going to do with all his debt? I can only wonder what his creditors are going to do when they start to realize he has an income stream and they get nothing. Is bankrupcy comming soon? Problem with bankrupcy all this crap is going to be put on the table in front of a judge.

And the 22K promissory note due tomorrow, he had no real plan to deal with it but to simply ignore it.

As for G... well if I was cleaning houses for friends, I think I might be a bit put off when I came back home and saw him napping.

There is NO WAY in hell it takes the entire day answering email and doing what little moderation he does on the blog. Of course he does write something every once in a while. Ooops he has to reread stuff to please his wife, he can't even moderate his own board, I can see that as being a little time consuming. I still can't figure out what he does.

Pay this guy for his time by the hour? Are you serious?

Does anybody else find the publicty will eventualy come to haunt this guy? I mean take the loan fraud and publicly say everyone does it? One day an official is going to say enough is enough, and put this guy away.

He has all this gold in his in box but has really only added one $300 job, the rest he is trying to subcontract out. Want to bet he wants a finder's fee? I can hear cCasey sayng, "You want the money for that job you did? Ooops I have no idea what happened with the check. It might be in the mail."

Going to take a lot more than $1K a week to get out of this mess.

And if he had to shut down the blog with all the promises of sweet links, seems like a problem in he making. Of course he never intends to stop (his signature is worthless). G is just being made a fool of again.

To lazy to make an account.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like he's going to hit 1K by this Friday at this rate.

Any guesses on how he will spend the money?

Anonymous said...

"Any guesses on how he will spend the money?"

I know he won't be spending any of it on his debts.

Anonymous said...

Casey couldn't care less about the $1000.

Just doesn't matter on whatever planet he lives on. Mansack has no intention of paying back anything at this point. If he were to get any kind of stable income coming in eventually a judge would take it away (steal it)from him.

There is absolutely no way he will pull this off for more than a week. Unless it's "the big payoff" he's really not interested.

Anonymous said...


"Any guesses on how he will spend the money?"

I guess...and it's a stretch, I know...that he WON'T be making any loan payments.

I'm waaaay out on a limb here.

Naaah, the kid'll sell links like they've never been sold before.

He'll run up accounts like he has a blue monkey smacking him in the ass with a pool cue,

and then....phfffft!

The air will go right out of the balloon, since he will have forgotten to pay his ISP account bill or something stupid like that.

And his Casey-tisers?

They'll end up standing at the end of a very long line of people for a turn at holding, and looking into, an empty bag.

Mark me words.

Anonymous said...

If he doesn't how the picture of the groceries by Wednesday, Nacho will ask for a refund of her $250. Will Snowflake count this against his $1,000? Yeah, right. I can't wait to see this slimeball go down.

And I love how the little mansack thinks a grand a week will get him out of his mess.

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear about this DCMA business

BelowTheCrowd said...


From a GAAP perspective, it's not income and would not be shown on the income statement. Money he's received in exchange for future services does, indeed, create a liability on his books. Or it would, if he kept any books.

From a tax perspective, unless he's elected to do his accounting on an accrual basis, it is definitely income, but it is still balanced out by a liability.

So yes, every dirty penny he takes in exchange for future services does make him liable for the cost of those services. Theoretically he could be sued for not delivering.


Anonymous said...

One last thought, what story has he to tell now? How long will this continue? If it was not for the haters the interest in this story would simply fade away. He needs to keep feeding the haters, and I think he knows it.

Of course two items could "juice" it up, like a divorce, and/or facing jail! I can see it now

Bankrupcy isn't juicy, too many people are there or have been there.

30% interest rate on 175+ K of debt. He could pay the debt service now! Wait a minute, I forget he has taxes, rent, phone, food, gas, .... He is screwed!

Funny how he can never mention his debt and a plan for it. The stuff about G takes the focus off the real issue.

I do not think he has any idea on how to take care of the debt. I can see G taking the first $1000 on the table to a divorce lawyer.

Funny how all the previous sweet deals are now no longer as the way to get out of the mess.

At least the idiot is starting to monitize the blog, a bit late, and he will need more drama to keep it going. I just do not see much more to keep my attention there. I certainly will not be posting or hiting any links.

TOo lazy to make an account.

Anonymous said...

Does any of this GAAP stuff apply if KC is acting as an individual (and not a business?)

lawnmower man said...

BTW did anyone notice that Casey deleted comment #131 on the $1000 or else post?

Noticed, retrieved from Bloglines, posted at Caseypedia.

ratlab said...

@The Real Wagga

The Humpbacks were only a couple of miles away from fliptard.

Port of Sacramento = West Sacramento = fliptard

Anonymous said...

Casey is continuing to profit from his crimes?

Anonymous said...

So Casey is breaking his promise not to borrow to get the $1000. If he sells an ad link for a month he should count 1/4 of the proceeds at most toward this week's income.

Anonymous said...

I fear that you have mis-understood the use of the word "wanker". This word (of British origin), generally refers to a person, one who engages in the practice of.... It is not an anatomical word.

I know wanker, the British version. An American will read it differently.

Anonymous said...

And WankSPITTLE, as in Arthur Wankspittle, would refer to jerking off, or ejaculation.