Monday, May 28, 2007

Let's Play "Where's Nigel?"

Sometimes when the heat gets to intense cowards will hide under different guises. Mortgage business goes bad? Diversify. At least for the moment these sites accept comments!

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Any reason why Nigel suddenly disappeared and deleted that posted on his casey blog?

Anonymous said...

I just Googled "Nigel Swaby" for clues, and...

...oh dearie me, it's not a flattering picture. Even without clicking on any links I can read the following:

"Boy Nigel, you sure are gullible"
"Yeah things didn't work out with Nigel Swaby"
"Here's a short little movie about Nigel Swaby. He's quite the piece of work. Keywords: nigel, swaby, real estate, mortgage, broker, gay, queen, queer"
"Award-winning blogger Nigel Swaby said 'We feel that the hair replacement market is entirely too focused on research and results'"

plus a deeply unflattering picture.

And that's the first page - his CaseyPedia entry's on the second.

Kerriella said...

I think the heat got to be too much for Nigel and he finally dropped out of the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's family held an intervention and have sent him to Promises for treatment of his internet addiction and all things Casey Serin.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's first page Google results are hilarious (including his "Queen of the Night" picture). For a guy so obsessed with his web presence, this must be complete agony - LOL.

ratlab said...

Strangely, none of these blogs come up except for the generic blogspot banner for me to sign in and a blank blog page.

Anonymous said...

Swaby is still writing the copy for Gold Medallion homes - clearly. A few hilarious and nasty comments there might make them change that.

He's still writing SLCRE as far as I can tell, but he definitely couldn't take the exposure, and I think Duane coming out of the woodwork and essentially telling the world that he told CASEY SERIN of all people to watch out for Nigel probably made him take refuge under the nearest rock.

I do believe he'll come back, probably thinks once Casey's story is over the Haterz will be gone and he'll be safe to blog again. But that's where he's wrong. He's pissed off way too many people and he's destroyed his name. Maybe he's getting a legal name change.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally the "New Homes Utah" link is the only one that works. Nigel's classic press release writing style is in effect and dumb questions as well. Here are a couple I've culled for your enjoyment.

What Does A New Home Do For You?

Are Utah Home Builders Desperate?

and the classic

Carnival of Real Estate Investing

And like this copy here isn't the fluffiest piece of garbage you've ever read:

People buy new homes for many different reasons.

Some people are search for a home that will make a statement - be striking in appearance with impressive architecture.

Others seek homes that are efficient with practical layouts and functional design.

Still others want their home to be cozy with a warm and comfortable feeling.

A new home can also be fun with exciting features. It could be different from others in the neighborhood or on the street.

Gold Medallion has been building homes like these for 14 years. With different floor plans, house styles and communities located across the Wasatch Front, Gold Medallion can build you a new home that will completely suit your motivation.

I could have "tossed that one off" in 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

I posted some sincere but things that Nigel would not like at his website, he never approved them.

What a con-artist and scum that Nigel is. Casey and Nigel need their ass kicked 7 days to Sunday.

Also, I noticed by reading Duane's emails, that there was a LOT of emails going to Chris - Casey's friend.

Casey has mentioned Chris serveral times. Chris has been very active til present with all of this Fraud, yet, nobody here ever talks about Chris.

Can some please update CaseyPedia to include Chris involvelment as a "silent" but active partner.

Anonymous said...

I think Chris is Chris Record the person that runs that scam school that Casey gave $30k too.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever ask him about the $12k he set aside??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


please do not refer to what Nigel does as "writing style". I doubt anyone speaks that way either, unless they suffer from dementia or severe retardation.

hey, could one of the EN gang photoshop a bronze medal around Nigel, err, Waldo's neck?
I'm just the ideas guy, not the photoshop details guy. :-p

Anonymous said...

Classic Nigel!

"It is encouraging to know the inventory levels of new homes is dropping as that should place residual inventory pressure on existing homes. Apparently market conditions and consumer sentiment are saying it's a good time to buy a new house over existing older inventory. Time will tell as we move deeper into the summer home buying season."

He's arguing that people want those new homes over the old, shabby ones. Of course, the median prices of new homes dropped 11%, and all inventories are rising, but he attributes the newer home sales to "market conditions" and "consumer sentiment" rather than the "TOLL BROTHERS FIRE SALE" it really is. Total for-sale inventory rose 10.4%. So where the FUCK does he get this "silver lining" about "at least the new houses are selling!"


Anonymous said...

From the caseypedia mirror of Casey's old blog.

April 20, 2006:

I need to implement
some kind of a
follow up system.

Those 15 sylabells sum it all up.

Bemused Guy said...

I missed First, Murst & Foist but...Since you're talking about Nigel...

Rob Dawg said...

Moisture is a critical component of algae. Algae causes the sun which in turn drives the SLCRE market up. Up which is a direction that is not down and is a good thing.

Lost Cause said...

Casey thought that he had a job with Chris, but as far as I can tell, he was only paid $300. He was supposed to get $3000 per month. He also seems to have had Casey sign for a $16k loan for NRU. I think that he got 50% commission on that. There was also another $4K loan, with a $2k loan fee, and 6 mos interest only payments (15%) from him, it seems. Is an employer allowed to do this in California?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Nigel didn't get swallowed up by algae that's caused by the sun?

Metroplexual said...

LOoks like nigel met up with the gimp.

Schnapps said...

Perhaps the koi (which is a type of fish) got really big and strong from eating all the algae (which is caused by the sun and moisture) and took over Nigel's house and hot tub.

Anonymous said...

Sent to all of caseys advertisers after I clicked through them, i let casey know too:

Wanted to congratulate you on paying for a fraudulent google click through from I clicked and came to your site, and will continue to do so everyday from three different computers until google ads are removed from his site. I suggest you contact google and let them know, unless you enjoy paying for my clicks!

Rob Dawg said...

The last time Nigel acknowledged my comments was interesting. He was bloviating on about how all the haterz were ferreting out any scrap of info and pasting everywhere. He was trying to find some scrap of salvation for his criminal acts as mere tit-for-tat. I pointed out that his wife's name has been kept out every exchange and left enough hints to prove I knew it. His response? "Are you threatening me?" Can you believe it? I told him I don't threaten and the only reason she came up was because HE kept talking about HIS house and it didn't show up in the records. The house shows up as in her name only. So it turns out a lot of his "success" wasn't even his. The blog comment carnival of erasure started almost immediately afterwards. Poor turd, all twisted by Casey exposure and participation in a sick dysfunctional industry rife with so much corruption evil acts were considered situation normal.

Bemused Guy said...


How ironic, considering he was the first one to dig up biographies on EN posters and post them (with pictures) on his blog to "out them."

Would you care to comment on inferences from another thread that someone had run your credit report?

Anonymous said...

K, Rob, suffIce it to Say ThAt i know who his wife is, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh fucK, i scRewed up In my laST post. A thousand apologies, dawg.

Anonymous said...

So why don't you guys post some of that info?

Anonymous said...

KC--read the poorly-written secret code of mine @4:29. This is why I'd make a shitty mystery writer.

Rob Dawg said...

They share an inital but not same name right? See, there is honor among haterz.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on any past hints or current actions.

Anonymous said...

*tips hat*

Understood, Dawg.

Anonymous said...

Article at MSNBC re Two Buck Chuck:

Well, back to the grill. Can't decide on English, Mexican or German beer tonight, so alternating them...

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you all a of a guy named Nigel swaby who lived with his wife in their house.

Anonymous said...

Transverse Mounting?

Is this a new (uh) position?

Rob Dawg said...


Been meaning to tell you. Saturday morning you were the one millionth pageview at EN.

Anyway, Two Buck Chuck. Thanks for the link. What we need now is Three Dollar Dawg Piss; Amber, Ale and Bock for those special occassions. Dawgs of Summer Ale, Yellow Snow Winter Lager, you get it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Wine biz. Two Buck Chuck is a BAD thing for the business on many levels.

Rob Dawg said...

I can uderstand why you could think that but every business eventually get upended by business or technology innovations. Why should this one be any different?

Anonymous said...

To: Endgame
Re: Beer Origin Selection

Dear Endgame, Having heard about your panoply of Beer choices, and their regions of origin, I feel I may be of some assistance and therefore am transmitting this missive to you. When the weights of the day lie upon my shoulders and pull on my lonely heart, the considerations for some malty sojourn all hail from the same proud state, and may I therefore recommend to you a brew from the Great Western Jewel of Oregon.

Should Sir like a:
Pale- Deschutes Mirror Pond
Amber- Full Sail Amber
IPA- Bridgeport IPA
Face Punch- Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Brown- Oregon Trail Brown

As always,

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to LeGate?

Rob Dawg said...

Duane is busy this weekend. That's all.

Anonymous said...


I have family friends in the wine biz, and yeah, it hurts. Basically, 2-buck chuck is fine if you are a frat-boy looking to get hammered.

It's not innovation -- it's that people don't care about quality anymore. That's part of that great chasm. Case in point: A big thing in Upstate NY is that the ultra-wealthy are starting to make private label wines (go in, buy a working winery, and make the product for you and your friends ONLY). Kinda like the LBOs on Wall Street.

The high quality for us, and 2 buck chunk for the rest of you pleabs.

oh, and I disagree bob dawg -- some industries are so vital to national security (technology, defense, food, and energy production) that they should be protected at all costs if the US wants to stay soverign.

Rob Dawg said...

I just cannot believe sales of better wines get hurt. I can see similar quality wines suffering pricing pressures but I don't see why it is a bad thing to squeeze efficiencies from the system. What do you think FedEx rates would be without UPS and USPS? How much do you think autos used to cost before Ford? Try 5 years' salary. Do you think Dusenberg went out of business because of the Model 'T'?

Anonymous said...


Man uses pigs to trash his own house as it goes into foreclosure.

More inventive than the algae slime mold pool.

Anonymous said...


At the risk of getting long winded and boring, I'll put it to you this way. The wine business is built on tradition. Technological innovations have imporived one's ability to crank out at higher volume a product which barely passes muster. However, the media and marketing machines teach the public that "this is what wine tastes like and it shouldn't cost more than $10 a bottle". I defy you to find me a world class bottle for $10. You can't. And you can't for almost too many reasons to mention. To produce cheap wine you need high yields, which by their very nature from a viticultural standpoint lack concentration. If you go dropping fruit and say harvest a 2 tons per acre (a very low yield by industry standards) - that bottle is gonna cost a lot more. Then factor in quality minded producers who only use estate fruit, and hire only the most talented people to manage their vineyards and winery. Estates can sometimes have only an acre or two under the vine. As a result production is low. Like 200 cases per vintage, unlike 2 buck chuck which is being churned out at a rate of 250 times that PER DAY. These are laboratory wines. They all taste the same, they have no character and they do nothing to improve the American palate.

R-Boy said...

What youre finding out is that 2 buck chuck is a substitutable economic good for good wine.

I highly doubt that folks are losing taste...My taste buds are just fine, and we host a wine n cheese tasting event every year. Chuck ain't horrific, it can be tasty.

If good wine is really good wine, it'll find consumers. The market is king.

And as for the "infant industry" or "national strategery" argument for tariffing native industry, there has yet to be one economic study (despite hundreds of attempts) that show that the nation was better off enacting a tariff to protect itself.

The McDonald's Theory of Global Peace is still going strong!

Anonymous said...

It's homogenization of a classic product. I'm not saying you can't enjoy a $10 bottle of wine. I'd rather drink lots of other cheap wines before I'd touch 2 buck. Something say, from the south of France for $7 is infinitely more interesting.

They're doing the same thing that Gallo did with big bottle of Paisano and Hearty Burgundy years ago - it's just packaged differently, and of marginally superior quality.

I met a gentleman who works for Bronco at an event last year. He tasted me on Forest Glen's RESERVE bottling which was also made at the facility. He told me they just put it in a heavier bottle with a classier label. And charge $5 more a bottle.

Anonymous said...

Cordwainer Bird,

Great story, although i still prefer the "craigslist trashing" like that woman had against her in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Some quality wines don't taste much better than the wines made here in the Central Valley. Most Napa vineyards are pissed at the valley wineries because they can produce a quality grape and place it in a bottle for cheap and satisfy the customer. The Napa name is what sells - even though the grapes are the same or sometimes lesser quality of the Valley.

Most people can't tell the difference between bag in the box and out of the bottle once it hits there glass.

I know, I was a lab tech at Franzia for three years.

Anonymous said...


I agree in Napa price point is King. I wish I had a nickel for every shitty $50 bottle of Napa Cab that's crossed my lips, courtesy some egomaniac who made a fortune in the tech biz in the late 90's and can't understand why people won't pay. I had one producer paying top dollar for Beckstoffer To-Kalon, only to have his wines receive a tepid response in the marketplace.

Proves that just paying a lot of money for Napa fruit isn't going to make your wine a hit. At least he and his lush wife loved it.

Anonymous said...

and where is Nigel anyway?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for passing along the stat - congrats to you for the traffic!


MILLIONTH - loosers!!!

Anonymous said...

Hm. I have been lucky enough to have been treated to megabuck wines. I didn't like them. I thought they tasted bad. I much prefer the large $5 bottles of "Red Rose" from Livingston Cellars. Actually, I like MD 20/20 better than "Red Rose", but it makes me throw up and gives me a headache.

Booze is just an alcohol delivery system, which, if consumeed properly, does not linger in the mouth long enough to justify smoothness. The goal is to pay the lowest price for the brand that makes one least ill. My personal fave is 24-packs of ice beer for $8.99. I don't know what ice beer is, but it has twice the alcohol of regular beer. Sweet deal!

Anonymous said...

The McDonald's Theory of Global Peace is still going strong!


wait until China decides to invade Taiwan. If you read a history book, Taiwan being indepenent would be like Calif. declaring their independence. The US is getting invovled in a civil war, but that is another issue.

There are examples where Chinese subs have surfaced within firing range of US aircraft carriers. The Chinese have also demonstrated the capacity to shoot down satellites.
A conventional war with China is actually no longer a "slam-dunk".
But, more people know the latest about Bradgelina than that sobering fact.

And considering China has ICBMs that can deliever nukes to anywhere in the cont. US (plus limited but credible 2nd strike capacity) reaching for our nukes may involve significant casualties (goodbye NY, DC, LA).

Crack open a history book. Nations that cannot feed themselves, cloth themselves, or defend themseleves get conquered pretty damn fast.

Anonymous said...

I Like M. Singh,

Thanks for the recommendations. I love pale ales. Light and bitter does it for me.

Anonymous said...

@Cordwainer Bird,

Loved "The Glass Teat" - you are one edgy dude with attitude!

Anonymous said...

Re $2 Chuck - have never tried it. But I drank Boone's Farm in college (and also made my own from Welch's grape juice), so I will obviously drink anything. But prefer my wine with a bit of an honest bite - like Shiraz.

Anonymous said...

nigel it my hero. quit mess'in wit him. yall just a bunch of hate'in mo-foes wit nuttin to do. yall nee a life n shitz. wat chall fun-na do wit nigel go butt wild on you? huh?

Anonymous said...

@king friday the 13th,

And there is reason to believe that China is itching for a war as a way to keep busy (and reduce) the significant number of young men who have no prospect for a wife & family due to China's self-induced gender imbalance.

The 1-child policy is still largely in force, and still results in abortions of female babies. Back alley ultrasounds are a high tech answer to continuing this trend.

To turn this thought to Casey -- I spent a year in China a few years back and love the country and its people, but in general they still treat women like shit. Casey would fit right in there.

Anonymous said...

Another China thought -

I will now (unfortunately) think of Casey as 'pencil-dick', like some Chinese men. Mostly because the Chinese women were afraid of us 'big' American men. (You do the math...)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the IAFF blog is now in the monetizing phase, so they probably require the services of professional PR, and not Nigel. Since Nigel is no longer paid, we no longer hear from him.

Anonymous said...

In the course of my life i've been rather fortunate in being taken to quite a few really, really good restaurants, the kind of places that make a mere mortal like myself cry at even the slighest look at the bill! So i've had some of these supposedly fine wines before and honestly i think a lot of it is just very pretentious elitism - if you are going to way overprice people for food you can't exactly give them reasonably priced wine - ergo $100+ a bottle. In my own opinion it is very hard to tell the difference between a $10 dollar bottle and $100 bottle. Once you get to $500-$1000 yeah, maybe, but then you have to ask yourself if it was really worth the money (absolutely not for someone like me).

Having said that i cannot believe there is a properly corked bottle for $2 - you can't even get meths for that cheap in England! I am making it my current life goal to track some of this stuff down and drink it. Lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Today being Memorial day.

It amazes me that we have good people dying daily in Iraq to keep people like Casey safe and well here in the US.

Not only safe, but to let Casey continue with his Fraud and as he puts it "To bring value to the marketplace".

What frucking value other than all of the pople who will now have to pay in higher interest rates for his fraud.

Worse is how Casey mocks the FBI with him stating that he may go "under the radar" if they come after him.

To think that we have people in Iraq DYING to protect the Casey's of the world.

What a shame that entire Serin Family is.

Miranda Mayer said...

I picture Nigel as one of those little naked chihuahua dogs, cowering in a corner with his tail tucked between his legs; shivering.

Anonymous said...

(goodbye NY, DC, LA).

That's a good start. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What Value?

What VALUE, you ask???

I implore you, sir, just look at the fine job Sercasy did one a propery I'll pick at random... say, Burdett.

Here is the Caseypedia page:

Anonymous said...

can I ask a question....

is that picture of galina holding the clipboard altered? If not, my god, she has a centerfold's waist to hip ratio.

Anonymous said...

@ I Like M. Singh:

Good picks all around. I'm particularly fond of Dead Guy, which I can't get locally. However, for the moment anyone who's in the Northwest and wants a pale ale owes it to themselves to try Widmer W'07. Very nice in my opinion, and only available for the next month or so. The fact that it's on perpetual sale at the local beer & cigarrete store is just gravy.

I'd also add Deschutes Black Butte Porter to the list.

Sprezzatura said...

There is a very simple reason why China will not start a major war with the USA. Take a look at where China's exports go. The USA is #1 on the list by a huge factor. So why on earth would they try to incapacitate the country that is by far the biggest reason they are an economic powerhouse?

Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.....

Rob Dawg said...

Talk about thread drift.

The Chicomms will start a big war with the US because they have been methodically working towards strategic isolation as presage to the reunification or Taiwan. They will have fully entered into business partnerships, cross ownerships, economic entanglements, etc. They will have demonstated credible military strike capability and an ability to deny world trade. They will have run hundreds of scenarios proving to the controlling generals that the US will ultimately choose the only alternative of accepting the New China as co-leaders of a new world.

And they will be wrong a half-billion times over.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'm not a big drinker myself, but when I do I generally like red wines, and NOT merlot - it's not snootiness, I just think most merlot I've had recently were sour.

I don't know much about wine, but am lucky to have a gourmet chef brother in law who pointed me in the right direction, and said find what you enjoy, the average Joe won't know the difference between an award winning bottle and two buck chuck - they have no frame of reference.

I know I like Barbera, and South American and Australian red wines - works for me. I like dry port, and generally don't like whites, but tried a few German vintages I liked, but not enough to buy. I don't drink enough to dabble too much with it, so i have a few brands I know I can't go wrong with.

As for beer, I favor Guiness. I've tried some microbrews that are very, very good, but i cannot drink Bud or Corona or any of the other popular brands, they just give me a headache. I'm just not a beer guy, it's rare I actually want one anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ Casey Fannnnn:

You mean MD 20/20 is considered wine?

Wow. The things one learns on EN.

Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goodie ... Casey Serin from 2007-01-23 ...

That’s why my ideal job would be to devote 100% of my attention to establishing connections, identify opportunities, and putting together deals on high level - brainstorming and making a rough draft.

Once there is a draft, it goes to the professionals and bean-counters to spot holes in my ideas so we can improve upon it until we have a sweet plan. Then we delegate the execution of the plan to people who are highly trained in each particular area.

OMG, omg that's so funny. Dream On, young Snowflake. It's a good thing you're not in a position which requires skill and responsibility. What raw intelligence you may have is obviously wasted. Anyone can fail, but it takes an NPD to make the same mistakes over and over again, to fail spectacularly, and still believe that one is on track to success and that It'sAllGood.

Milton's Ghost is now actively avoiding IAFF since the posts are being copied onto here. No point giving any extra page hits to Casey or advertisers; it will just encourage them.

Anonymous said...

PBR - Nectar of the Gods

Akubi said...

Still catching up on EN activity, but, Cordwainer Bird, that pig article is hilarious.

Akubi said...

Still scanning feeds and not sure how wine became a topic of conversation, but I find wine snobs somewhat tiresome (no offence TK, because you strike me as a good guy).

Akubi said...

I Like M. Singh,

Regarding ale regions of origin, I must disagree. I prefer Mendocino, CA brews.

Anonymous said...

That picture of BUBBA with Casey sure is funny.

The funnier part is that is coming true!


Anonymous said...

>>You mean MD 20/20 is considered wine?<<

A fortified malt liquor wine-product substitute, in many delicious colors which you can pretend are flavors.

JOHNNY QUEST is on! They're fightin' pteranadons.

Anonymous said...

rob dawg,

>> And they will be wrong a half-billion times over.

dead on. China views Taiwan as a renegade state, and has been quietly be preparing to spank the USN's Pacific fleet.

Right now, China would actually have a conventional advantage (i.e., until we break out the nukes). Instead of spending the R+D to develop countermeasures to the Sunburn missile, we instead parade around in a sandbox in Iraq. The Sunburn missile is one of the few weapons for which the US has no countermeasure (even the Aegis destroyer cannot stop it). China has been buying these hand over fist from the Russians.

The ballistic missile shield is about China, and if you analyze the specs, is meant to shield CONUS from a strike by a state with 100 - 200 ICBMs (when fully operational). Too small for the Soviets, too large for North Korea / Iran, just right for China.

I could go on, but I digress. Coddling China will be the largest strategic blunder of this century, and may spell the end of the US we know and love. yeah, we win the war. but at what cost?


Anonymous said...

but, China does somethings right.

Fraud is a capital offense in China. As it should be. Hmmm... maybe the Chinese invading and taking over wouldn't be so bad after all.... ?

Anonymous said...


I deal with a lot of wine snobbery in the biz. It's what puts a lot of people off frankly. I wish people could appreciate it without having to dumb it down into a stupid critter on a bottle or the opposite, a wine so freakin' special that people won't drink it, they just show it to people to prove what an excellent collector they are.

I hold the people in the LIQUOR trade squarely responsible for flooding the market with crap that has cutesy labels while farmers who have a tradition of artisinal winemaking in their families for centuries get squeezed out but giant conglomerates. It's not any different from anything else though - We as a country tend to crave the corporatization of everything as long as we can get something on the cheap.

R-Boy said...

king friday,

I hold two advanced degrees. I've cracked open a few history books. Remind me someday to tell you guys why Prohibition really happened.

Sides, China needs an independent Taiwan. We all know what happens when you vanquish your long-time foe. You get bored of peace, and then get to try and find a new one, which you find half the world away and get mired in an unproductive war.

Anyways, by the time any bombs start falling, I'll be somewhere in the caribbean sipping a mango rum drinky drink.

R-Boy said...


Confirm or Deny? I thought there was some vodka that the bottler relabeled for a more pricey brand but the vodkas the same as the el cheap college version?

Is this smirnoff? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

R-Boy re: prohibition - educate us.

Anonymous said...

R-boy: Yes, please edumacate us poor simpletons with only one Phd.

Anonymous said...

There are those who talk about booze, and those who drink booze.

Bla bla bla. Go have a drink.

Anonymous said...

Casey should be looking for some sweet(tm) deals in L.A. at this point.:

Asking prices in greater LA have finally slipped in the past week -- according to Housing Tracker's analysis of MLS listings. Housing Tracker shows median asking price down from $545,000 last week to $540,000 this week...Inventory jumped again, with another 841 homes listed, and now 39,941 on the market. The $540,000 median asking price represents a drop of 6.7% over the past year, and 0.9% over the past month. Inventory of 39,941 represents a gain of 7% in the past month and 24.6% over the past year.

Anonymous said...

Hey, even better ... from the same url:

Snippet: "These 7 beautiful Wilson Estates Luxury Homes in north Alta Loma, the crown jewel of the Inland Empire, were listed for over $1,200,000 in early 2007.

"By April the price had been reduced to the mid $900,000's with a banner which read MUST SELL BY MAY 5!

"The price reduction didn't bring a single buyer! On May 20th the banner was replaced with a sign which reads, 'AUCTION. 7 New Luxury Homes. MINIMUM BID $695,000.'"

Rob Dawg said...

Choksondik said...
Hey, even better ... 'AUCTION. 7 New Luxury Homes. MINIMUM BID $695,000.'"

The IE is not going to get sad, it is going to get scary. It isn't going to take some unexpected disaster; quake, $5 gas, $0.25 electricity, Prop 13 failure. There are too many physical structures we call houses than there are people who can afford them and even after prices crash people will still not be able to afford them as places to live.

Look for my High Desert and Mountain Enclaves post soon.

Miranda Mayer said...

"The price reduction didn't bring a single buyer! On May 20th the banner was replaced with a sign which reads, 'AUCTION. 7 New Luxury Homes. MINIMUM BID $695,000.'"

Wow. Those barristas at Starbucks can start dreamin' of home ownership again.

Miranda Mayer said...

God Nigel is a windbag. He says in 5000 words what could be said in four:

"Save me from mediocrity!"

He really likes to hear himself 'talk'.

Miranda Mayer said...

Where's Nigel?

My answer: Who cares?

Anonymous said...

L.A. is a nutty market anyway. People are buying homes in places like San Bernadino, etc. then commuting 2+ hours to work in central L.A. It's idiotic and no way to live, imo.

OTOH, I heard that some houses in Detroit recently sold in the $500 range so maybe that's a better idea for any budding caseys out there. You could be a thousandaire in no time. :)

Anonymous said...


Don't blame the liquor industry about wine. It is about a bunch of stary eyed idiot dreamers just like Casey who thought it would be cool to become a wine producer, so they paid big bucks for chunks of land in the valley and used that to justify their overpriced grape juice.

Maybe Casey will buy a grape farm,..errr I mean winery and blog about that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long before the folks at Gold Medallion Homes google themselves and start to see all the bad PR Nigel has laid at their doormat.

Anonymous said...

Gold medallion homes should have been blogged negatively sooner and harder than Nigel. Gold medallion built me a crappy home with walls that are not even straight and engineering problems. Come to the ward in SunCrest and get an earful of the crap they pull on all my neighbors. How do builders stay in business when they are not honest and ethical whatsoever?