Monday, June 25, 2007

Answer the Damn Questions

Of course he won't answer. He'll do anything, lie, cheat, steal to avoid answers. He has lied, cheated, stolen, run away, violated his Christian principles, and worse to avoid answering. That said, let us start a list of "Simple Questions." You know, one sentence, no compound construction interogatives. Mejustme gave us a great start on IAFF:

65. mejustme
June 24th, 2007 at 8:08 pm
Looks like Yoda or whatever his name is must’ve told you that you have to actually respond to comments now and then if you want to keep the blog interesting. Well, at least somebody got through to you. Of course you choose something totally irrelevant to respond to, but it’s a start.

When are you going to answer our questions? Heck, we’ve been waiting so long for answers we have forgotten the questions.

1. What interest rate is your corp charging you?
2. What is your payment plan?
3. Have you or anyone else started paying the corp back?
4. What interest rate is the corp paying to its creditors?
5. Aside from the initial loan of $4,500 or whatever, has the corp begun paying back any of its creditors?
6. Has your guarantor (ahem) made any payments on the corp’s behalf?
7. Why specifically did you have to leave your Aussie hosts?
8. Where are you staying now?
8.5 Who has been taking the photos of you in Australia?
9. Where are you getting the money to live in Australia?
10. Did you “check into” Cashcall’s threat of a lawsuit?
11. How are your taxes coming? Is anyone working on them?
12. Have you been making quarterly tax payments?
13. Now that you’ve admitted to buying GSPG, why are you still holding it? Why not cut your losses and liquidate?
14. Are you planning to return to your rented rooms? When?
15. Do you have money for the rent?
16. Do you have money for the ticket back?
17. Whose idea was it to register
18. Still working with Marty on the book? Have you signed any more people up for NRU? Sold any casinos?
19. What fund offers 5% per month?
20. Utah wrap?

Any more? I'll assemble them, number them and submit them to Casey. Should be good for a laugh. Oh, and the pics? Eye candy.


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king friday the 13th said...

Bob Dawg,

As you know too, one "gift" of being an engineer is seeing the "BIG" picture.

That and the Easter Eggs you plant make keep this site interesting.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Do the toilets flush backwards in Australia?

no seriously, how do you explain paying back every dirty penny if you only plan on settling for pennies on the dollar?

king friday the 13th said...

back to topic:

1) Have you and Glenn Snow at NRU found your million dollar home with sweet cashback yet?

2) How is "Savvy" Chris Record these days?

3) Do you prefer the upper bunk or the lower bunk?

Casey, be sure to forward your answer to these and other questions to the FBI, IRS, and various state agencies in CA. I'm sure they will be interested too.

Anonymurse said...

no seriously, how do you explain paying back every dirty penny if you only plan on settling for pennies on the dollar?

He plans on paying back only the dirty pennies, but not the filthy ones.

man with PE said...

Rob Dawg how about you answer one question.

What kind of engineer are you? Do you hold any current licenses?

lawnmower man said...

Oh, now we have a Casey post -- IAFF is now carrying a big honkin' skyscraper ad for Magic Yaro's "Blog Mastermind" hoohaa.

Yaro's "exploit affiliate programs" advice starts close to home. Casey is, of course, collecting commission on any signups he drums up for Yaro: the "?home=438" at the end of the URL is his affiliate code.

Yaro's moderation at is Caseyesque; at least 3 haterz have commented, but the only comment to have made it through moderation so far is from the gushing Ponn Sabra -- who is, not coincidentally, one of the testimonials on Blog Mastermind.

Casey's not terribly good at picking partners, is he? He's stumbled from one nest of vipers -- the whole seminar/investment club/NRU shebang -- into another: the seedy SEO/AdSense/affilate scheme underbelly of the web.

It's the sweet siren sound of passive income in both cases, though. But yet again, Casey's too naive to be anything but the mark.

Anonymous said...

bawaaahhhaaaaa. Casey monetizing his blog. you know that that is pissing off the EN pussies. Too funny. Come on Rob rally the troops. Maybe go to Aus and club Casey in the knee do whatever you can to bring the guy down.

Anonymous said...

Oh I checked out a couple hater sites. I couldnt beleive all you EN pussies can be found over there too. Damn do you guys do any work? Just go around blowing up each otehrs blogs. Waht a bunch of loosers. Worse than casey.

Rob Dawg said...

yadda yadda... EN pussies...yadda yadda.


lawnmower man said...

Oh, and questions -- I has them. A few to kick off:

1. Do your family approve of your current actions?
1a. Do you intend to return to your wife?
1b. Do you think she will accept you?
1c. Why did your guarantor remove support?
1d. Are you scared of facing your family in person?

2. What is your agreement with Marty?
2a. Are you paying Marty a retainer?
2b. What is your share of infoproduct revenues?
2c. Do you get any share of advertising revenues?
2d. Did you do any due diligence on Marty? Did you verify anything he told you?
2e. Do you trust Marty?

Xish said...

Whatever happened to competent trolls? When I was a kid people knew how to illicit more than yawns. IMO The youth today are falling down on the job.

Rob Dawg said...

At 1:22 PM, man with PE said...
Rob Dawg how about you answer one question.

What kind of engineer are you? Do you hold any current licenses?

Doesn't matter does it? No, seriously. Does it matter? That you need to keep asking is kind of creepy though. Most people with PEs don't use them this way in anon challenges especially for matters like this. Face it. You are just fishing for ways to personally destroy someone. That it is me doesn't matter either. I wouldn't divulge anyone's data in this situation.

Xer said...

That's because Mommy praises them & gives them a cookie even when they fail.

bobcrane said...

KC lovers, your troll attempts are lacking. Please report to a local clinic for your annual trollonoscopy. They're free and, best of all, confidential.

This message brought to you by the honorable mr. crane.

lawnmower man said...

Casey monetizing his blog. you know that that is pissing off the EN pussies.

I actually don't have a problem with Casey monetizing his blog.

I don't even have a problem with his blog becoming a dull wankfest in which Casey and his supporters stroke each other lovingly about what a great blogger he is.

I do have a problem with the bottom-feeders he's consorting with. I mean, c'mon: the pay-to-play Screenplay Competition sweet link? That's a classic "poetry competition" scam, right there.

But what I really have a problem with is his running away from the consequences of his actions -- his debts, his devastated family, the looming specter of prosecution -- and swanning off on an extended free-loaded holiday. He shows no remorse, no responsibility, for what he's done.

But of course, you're not interested in actual discussion with "EN pussies", are you? Your aim is cheap disruption. Ain't going to work.

Xish said...

Oof, elicit=illicit

Anonymous said...

Well, Casey won't be talking to Bob Parsons anytime soon!!

Dear Mike:

Bob is out of town and your recent email has been forwarded to me. We are currently in the process of changing the lineup for this Wednesday's Life Online podcast. Rest assured that Casey Serin will NOT be a guest. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Very truly yours,

Nima Kelly
Vice President
Office of the Chairman
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
14455 N. Hayden Road/Suite 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
T: (480) 505-8826
C: (480) 220-1888
F: (480) 624.2540

Good Work ENers!

SolarKoi said...

I've added these to Caseypedia:

Ideally, people will use these as reference to ask again during future interviews (such as the one on Wednesday).

Just a Lurker said...

I find it very interesting that was registered waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in early April.

Wasn't that about the time Casey & G entered into their "agreement"?

Beaners and Franks said...

@ Just A Lurker

It was registered by Marty McFucknuts too.

Ain't *that* a coinkydink?

R-Boy said...

Casey's Blog

SCAM Links
Maverick Investing Mistakes
Screenplay Competition
Real Estate Market Timing
Foreclosure Rescue Scam
Trustworthy Debt Nego.
Free Credit Report
Retire Young n Wealthy
Blog Mastermind

Could Be Scam Links
AFS Foreclosure
Mortgage Watchdog
Free REI Articles
IQ Test

Not Scam Links
Housing Bubble Letter
Website Promotion
Bruce Collins

Yeah, real credible there...

R-Boy said...

Good job haterz. We saved GoDaddy Radio

Jean Valjean said...

I wonder who "Mike" is in the email.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Mocha!

king friday the 13th said...

GoDaddy Radio ...

um, isn't GoDaddy a division of PageDaddy?

I like M. Singh said...

To the kind anon at 1:53,

Thank you for sharing your email, the content of which is reinforced by Mr. Parson's radio show schedule which has indeed been changed to remove Casey.

I am a customer of GoDaddy and wrote a lengthy email to them with my discouragement explained in detail. I applaud their choice and am even more confident to be doing business with them.

As always,

Anonymous said...

Question for Casey:

Is it true that Marty is the long lost gay younger brother of Henry Rollins?

Overopinionated said...

Why would Bob Parsons want to interview him in the first place? I can't imagine any legitimate interviewer still falling for his crap after everything that has been exposed about him. Not to mention, he has nothing new to say anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg ...That you need to keep asking is kind of creepy though. Most people with PEs don't use them this way in anon challenges especially for matters like this. You are just fishing for ways to personally destroy someone. That it is me doesn't matter either. I wouldn't divulge anyone's data in this situation. This is the second time i have asked. Please get a grip. Nothing creepy about that. You sound dilusional. The reason I ask is to get a better understand of your supposed 'engineers mind' to better determine just how much background you have. I thinkit is odd. That you rail against the anons claiming the want to remain anonymous. Personally me i just couldnt be bother to pick a name. I wont be here much past the end of caseys (and yours) 15 minutes. Plus the fact the anons bother you so much makes me think its probably best not to register. What the hell are you talking about? How does you divulging what kind of engineer open you up to potentially being damaged? Please "Most people with PEs don't use them this way in anon challenges" You consider my asking you what type of engineer you are a challenge? and you failed. What ever dude you are an effing jackass.


Anonymous said...

I call Casey on Anon 2:42. The misspellings are telling: "dilusional". "Engineers mind".

I think Mocha spells better than that!

Rob Dawg said...

You consider my asking you what type of engineer you are a challenge? and you failed.

I prefer to think of it as failng forward. You aren't being honest with us or yourself. You aren't even any good at this. I've seen it all. You don't care about anything, you are testing for soft spots. You think this is one because I'm not playing your game on my blog. Test away but try not to die of boredom on my carpet.

Anonymous said...

Seriously anon @2:42... why would Rob give a rip about helping you to determine how much training he (Rob) has in critical thought ("engineer's mind"). I mean... you are the one coming here and asking for bonafides that Rob is under no obligation to give, and when denied you call him a jackass?

Anonymous said...

at 2:42

No it was not Casey. It was me. I am just calling out Rob Dawg. He tries to get smoe cred claiming he's an engineer. clearly he is not. Right because he doesnt want to get destroyed. Whatever.
"Engineers mind" is not mispelled it lacks punctuation. Anyway Casey wouldnt use language like "effing jackass".

bobcrane said...

Just because Casey lives a (deluded) transparent life doesn't oblige everyone else to.

Anonymous said...

I originally wrote this letter to Bob Parsons concerning Casey's interview:

Dear Bob,

I really hope you do your homework on this schmuck, Casey Serin.

He's committed at multiple felonies in obtaining liar loans and then went to foreclosure on all 8 properties. He also took out over $180K in unsecured loans and hasn't paid back one cent - and he doesn't intend to do so any time soon. Infact, it's pretty amazing that this guy has escaped any prosecution here in the United States! People are losing hope in the American justice system!! (Maybe that should be the story about Casey!)

He's a constant liar, has bilked people for money with his beg-a-thons, then used the money to go to NRU real estate scaminars rather than buy food for his family like he told people he would. In fact, he took off to Australia without his wife and without the $40K Cashcall bill (He left his wife to face the music on that one!) He's in "lender ignore mode" at this time. Would you be pissed if he didn't pay a bill for your service?

Casey loves the spotlight he gets with interviews; mainly because the intervies only scrape the surface of the story - HIS SIDE! The side he makes up and wants you to believe.

Please for the love of the hard working taxpayers: portray Casey as he really is - a lying, manipulating, swindler out to make money off other people's hard work!

His site can be a reference as well as:,, and All which has a log of his actions. So do your homework now!!

Bob, I would appreciate a response from you personally to show me that you actually have read my email and you plan to have a "accurate" interview with "true" facts!
Other interviews have been lacking, hope yours isn't.

Thank You

Then the response as posted above.

Anonymous said...

seems like the only pussy here is mr. rob dawg.

so let me get this straight. you are an engineer. or a secret engineer and the only thing you claim is this blog. must not have made it all that far in the real world. you are a jackass.

Anonymous said...

"I am testing for soft spots?" What does that mean? I asked you a simple question. You claimed to be an engineer. I asked what kind wondering if we had something in common (engineers do think a lot alike). You got so defensive. Then you sort of blew it into something bigger claiming I was out to 'destroy' you? Relax man it was a simple question. I didnt even think you were trying to avoid the question i figured i just missed the reply. But now you got me wondering. Man why you so defensive. Big deal if you are not an engineer.

Anonymous said...

I was an automotive engineer. The auto industry sucked so I left Ohio and went to Florida.

Rob Dawg said...

So, you want me to post what? So that you can what? If you don't like the quality of my thought processes as presented kindly post your full name and address so a complete refund can be expedited forthwith. Some guy in a dark alley wants to start a fight and thens asks to borrow a few bullets? Coward.

My cousin is a PE said...

My cousin is a PE... I know a couple other civil engineers...

I've found they are a bit defensive about the term 'engineer' being used in IT. I've also found I and my IT peers seem to make at least as much money as my associate PEs with more formal education and certification. HMMMMM... spot of jealousy, maybe. Or one might say it is a 'soft spot' on behalf of the PEs!! 'Engineer' is exceptionally common in IT fields in the US.

Rob Dawg said...

What I've learned is that people here, maybe even not you but others are interested in destructive action rather than constructive. Being called a jackass and defensive and all the rest is not "no big deal." The point is clearly to make this about something other than the subjects at hand. There's even a blog if it still exists for what you are asking; RCS.

Anti-troll said...

The best Troll Repellant is the truth: you post all of your personal info, and maybe we'll play your game.

There was a time I was considering sharing some of my background, and resume, because I take great pride in what i do and have done, but I'm with Rob, this is a blatant and pathetic attempt to take over the comments with personal attacks.

Nothing said or done here requires professional training or higher learning - knowing that how Casey acts just requires common sense and a basic morality. Nobody here is required nor asked for 'credentials", it's never even been a topic until a bunch of anti-social rejects showed up demanding it.

So blow your questions out your ass, and take your pathetic need for self-esteem via attacking others somewhere else, little man.

PS - I am going to post anonymously just to piss you off. You know it does. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

isn't the subject "Answer the Damn Questions" ?

well rob. fucking answer already.

Anonymous said...

Oh soft spot you must have meant exposed nerve. man you so defensive. Rob are you a civil engineering reject? Funny how the other EN pussies come to protect you. Dude you are the one that said you were an engineer. Now for the sake of privacy you don't want to say what kind? There is like 40,000 'registered' engineers in california alone. What is RCS? Look I will just let it go since you are so intent on dodging the issue.

Anonymous said...

This just goes further to show what pussy hypocrites the folks at EN are. Really no surprise. Seems the anymousity you have towards Casey stems from his blog being more poplar. Who cares man? Live your own life. Kind of like how casey is living his own.

Shout out to all the EN pussies.

mejustme said...

I started out studying engineering (changed majors, though) and on the first day of one of my classes, my professor said I thought like an engineer. Here's what happened:

He was going over the types of calculators we needed or didn't need. A lot of people had expensive graphing calculators and I had my little $20 10-year-old scientific calculator.

He had us do 69! (69-factorial), which after a long wait gives a very large number in scientific notation, with an exponent of 99. Hmm I thought it was 99, but it looks like it's actually 98.

Anyway, then he had us do 70!, to illustrate that only those people with the fancy calculators would get the result because our simple calculators couldn't handle exponents more than 99.

I thought about it for a second, then raised my hand. I told him I had a crappy calculator but I still came up with the answer to 70! and told him how.

He got excited and said I was thinking like an engineer and he liked it so much he was going to use it from now on, without crediting me, of course (he thought he was a comedian).

How did I get the answer?

(It's really quite simple. But if you needed 1.5 hours and a calculator to take Casey's IQ test, you may not come up with it.)

Megan Mabalsitch said...

To the cunting anon half a man, little punkass faggot bitch:

Post your name, ssn, and phone number.

After you do so, I will consider calling you with all of the information that you want to know about.

Until, STFU, you crybaby.

Anonymous said...


such hostility. uh...why would anyone in their right mind want you to consider calling them? so why don't you STFU, you stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...


Uh, who are you addressing?

Is this Rob Dawgs attempt at humor?

Anonymous said...

@Anon @ 3:11 pm

Rob repairs Macintosh computers for a living. Though it is honest work, he seems to be quite embarrassed about his job.

Megan Mabalsitch said...

@ Anonopussy

STFU you stupid little faggot bitch. Why would anyone in their right mind want to disclose any information to a little cunting faggot that can't even assume a name.

Did you old cunt whore of a mother teach you how to suck cock or did you learn on the tip of your faggot daddy's cock?

ESAD, idiot.

mejustme said...

Rob Dawg! Clean-up on aisle 7!

Motherfucker Mabalbitch said...

how do you like the new name? you think they will want to disclose information now?

oh and about the learning to suck cock, first of all my mother doesn't have a dick. not sure what kind of a freak your mom is. it sounds to me you grew up with two dads. also you like the word faggot, is that the kind of home you grew up in. wow two faggots for parents i am sure that is what was produced as well.

so you like to suck dick. well good for you. why don't you go do that right now, maybe that will shut you the fuck up.

lawnmower man said...

How did I get the answer?

70! = 69! x 70.

mejustme said...

Yes, LM, but you can't just multiply. The answer still would overflow.

mejustme said...

Another answer we've waited patiently for:

How much exactly did you "fudge" your income on your applications?

You Got Owned Faggot said...

@ Motherfucker

Awww, did eww get ewws wittow feewings hurtedededed?

Does your faggot daddy cum on your face or on your back after he finishes assraping you?

lawnmower man said...

@mejustme: 69! x 7 doesn't overflow. And the remaining x 10 is gravy.

mejustme said...

LM, you are correct. I multiplied by 7 and added 1 to the exponent. As I said, simple, but my professor had never thought of it.

Anonymous said...

At 4:03 PM, lawnmower man said...
How did I get the answer?
70! = 69! x 70.

It really doesn't say much about your intelligence. I suppose it does show you can think outside the box, easy enough. Really you teacher is a dumbass. Seriously. Like maybe he can't count to 12 because he only has 10 fingers.

java99 said...

I vote that he/it takes it in the face. Right after getting the "feelings" hurt.

I don't care if Rob is a PE or not. Rob engineers a good blog.

Anonymous said...

Ooops sorry LMM

I wasnt meaning to bag on you it was more saying your professor is dumb.

Anonymous said...

Hey shouldn't the En'ers make some lame joke about summer school letting out?

lawnmower man said...

Casey probably thinks 70! is 70, but in a louder voice.

More seriously: Casey seems to have very little basic financial literacy, outside what he learnt at seminars and what he picked up -- the cashback tricks -- at investment clubs.

The Marty Files are boggling: when he buys Burdett, he still has a pretty good credit score and he's still employed. Yet when he needs $10K for repairs, he runs out and gets a CashCall loan -- the most expensive way to borrow, short of loan sharks and payday loans.

The same problem shows in his chasing of investment returns that are patently absurd: the sweet equity fund that returns 5% a month? Anyone with even a modicum of financial sense knows this is way, way too good to be true: either a scam, or an absurdly risky proposition. Not Casey; fed by Kiyosaki, he has no baseline for what's reasonable.

Anonymous said...

The “blog mastermind” is apparently not a graphic mastermind, or even qualified to use a crayon.

- From the sign up page (after entering an email address).

Rob Dawg said...

Okay, the anonydummy is off the clock and blog trolling on her own. All the bad words are coming out to play. No one cares except that the recent outburst is west coast in nature. Yawn.

I admin, spec and config mixed small networks and specialty computer systems. Nothing shameful in that. What would be shameful is if I let some of these trolls loose on my clients and friends.

It is kind of interesting to see the trolls send in the wave of trolltards to test the mass attack then the undercover sneak attackers and then the confuse the colors disruptors and now the special war machines. Somehow they think because there's nothing here we must be hiding something. Their mistake and our mess to clean up.

Jerry said...

I'm so glad to see that someone actually cares about ethics in the business world. I'm a current GoDaddy customer with a dozen domains and a dedicated server account. Feel much better that my money is going towards a socially responsible corporation!