Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Snapdragon Auctionpalozza

Rumor has it that a bunch of old stuff may be laying around that may no longer be wanted or even have an owner. Some enterprising young soul could make herself a tidy piece of "gettin' by money" by setting up some eBay auctions. Personally here is my $50 opening bid on the blue ball. $100 if you Youtube post it being destroyed. Do I hear $55?


samk said...


Bohica said...

i do believe if the previous owner returns to claim, he will have a pair of "black and blue balls.

wine country dude said...
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walt526 said...

Is this for real? I'd swing by there for a piece of Turdflake property to deface just for the hell of it.

The Dude said...

I'm in HEAVY for the auction......

king friday the 13th said...

I will offer $10 for the clipboard. $20 with an autograph from Galina.

king friday the 13th said...

autograph in red sharpie -- "To king friday the XIII. -galina"

$20 + shipping.

segfault said...

I just searched eBay (title and description) for KC's name--no dice. Hey, she'll get above market value for it if she puts his brand on it, right?

Schnapps said...

I just want the murse.


Rob Dawg said...

Just to be clear. I'm making a suggestion not reporting a fact.

Oh, and let's keep it clean. I think this is a great idea and I hope she is reading.

An Eager Client said...
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Roger Hayes said...

New Casey Comment over at IAFF:

Ok, in his defense, Nigel didn’t break my trust that bad compared to some other people we all know. But since he is no longer supporting my behavior, I disabled his moderation account just in-case. Just trying to contain everything in light of all the information breaches out there.

A bunch of comments are in moderation and thanks to those who offered to help with moderation as well as those leaving encouraging comments (few). I have a lot of other things that are much more pressing going on then worry about moderation right now. I will try to get to it when/if I can.


Schnapps said...

Dawg, you may want to delete the previous comment re: "quick service"

TK said...

What an extraordinary Yard Sale!

I wish I lived in Sacramento for a minute:

-Ikea Furniture!


-PDA Cell Phone!

-CD Duplication Tower!

-Pre-Owned VW, no stereo, sweet seat covers, Best offer!

Various and Sundry:
Organic Hair Wax
Corporate Credit Cards
Pool cleaning tools

Mouse And Pencil said...

Yow. If Galina is selling his stuff, it's OVER.

IKEA shelves would make a dandy bonfire.


Buy all burnables and throw a Labor Day Bonfire at Ocean Beach up here, or on the Russian River in Sacramento. Invite Galina as a VIP guest of honor and everyone promises to be on their best, politest behavior. Wheatgrass not allowed, but plenty of veggie steaks, burgers, dogs, and BYOB your favorite beer.

Instead of Burning Man, we call it 'Burning Murse", and we'll burn an effigy of the man pouch.

Video on YouTube for those that can't attend.

Maybe later in the year, or in the spring, to allow people to save up for a trip to attend.

Rob Dawg said...

Dawg, you may want to delete the previous comment re: "quick service"

Beat you to it.

CHJTS said...

casey is a little prick.

I cant believe he would run off to australia and leave galina to clean up his mess.

His fecal finger apparently is also a urine finger since he shits and pisses all over everything.

Galina, If you are reading.

I know your hurting right now....I've been there.

In time the pain will go away..but you need to set that aside right now as much as you can because you are facing a very serious situation.

I would encourage you to be receptive to lossmitpro's and duanes advice and guidance and to seek it out.

Even though the marriage is done with..you must thing about your future..you will come out the other side of this and survive..but you must do what casey is unable too.

Take care of cleaning up this business that is on your side (the credit cards).

I am trying to think of ways to be able to help as much as I can.

Anonymous said...

So Nigel threatens to roll over on Casey on some stuff and suddenly Casey is changing his tune about him. Prepare for Nigel to reclaim his spot as an assface.

Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bemused guy said...

Anyone want go halvsies on the full file drawer?

flailing forward said...

I'll put in $20 towards a youtube video of Galina burning Casey's guru library.

LossMitPro said...

Rob Dawg:
I just got off the phone with Galina (check your email?), and will be touching base with her again tomorrow. Great idea about an auction, I’ll run it by her and let you know. Sounds good?


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

After gaining some respect from the Haterz, Nigel really needs to kick his habit of trying to get involved to try to salvage something.

Bottom line, after all of Casey's actions the marriage is simply not worth saving.

After seeing someone close to me suffer through 3 years of mental abuse and cruelty when push came to shove I got in my car and helped pack her stuff up and got her out of the house at a moment very similar to this.

I think anyone who is encouraging some sort of repair of this marriage is frankly on the wrong side here.

The Dude said...

"THE" blue ball....the big 'en, is mine, so save your money for another item. If G calls the auction, I *will* own it. SWEET!

Broward Horne said...

"I'll put in $20 towards a youtube video of Galina burning Casey's guru library."

I'll meet your $20 and raise you $10!

Go, Casey-Down-Under!

A bonfire sounds awesome, maybe somebody can contact HBO and make it a pay-per-view benefit concert!?

Buzz Saw said...

That blue ball is worth way more than that.

bemusd guy said...

while it's really not our business...if it gets down to divorce proceedings I'd be willing to kick in a few bucks to help pay for G's solicitor. But only if someone responsible like you set up a second tip jar. Perhaps with a caveat that if she takes back blue balls any funds get donated to a women's shelter.

Joe Dirt said...

I will pay Galina $20 for an autographed picture that says "I am richer then you Joe Dirt".

And yes it has to be in a red sharpie

ha38349 said...

I think in this case the sum of the parts may be worth more than the whole. Take the Vdub for example, a worthless POS all together but pieces of it might be interesting. Also the books and RE courses along with some sort of certificate of authenticity would be an interesting auction item. The trick would be to not flood the market all at once but maybe trickle stuff out over a few months and keep some good stuff back for when things really get interesting. Thinking that “G” should invest in a good storage site somewhere 

The Dude said...

The clipboard.....

What's yer bid?

Joe Dirt said...

I am in for Galina's solicitor as well, but like bemusd guy I will tip the jar to someone like dawg only. Count me in for a Franklin as long as its used for divorce.

Mouse And Pencil said...

"information breech", lol, was an asshat he is. He's SO important, his golden nuggets of "uh...um...uh..." must be guarded!


So, I guess that's the final nail in IAFF being a fraud from day one, huh? If he can't sell his publicity, the whole 9 months was a waste? What happened to "pay back every dirty cent", and the blog was just to "let it all hang out organically on the Internet"?

Shame on you, Casey. Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

I knew that when I delved into his De.Lic.ious crap (or however you spell it) (and posted the results here) that he spent an inordinant amount of time researching blogs, how to monetize blogs, how to write, how to write entertainingly, long before he started IAFF.

"Getting saved" my Irish ass. Fucking liar!

That's why the first time I truly got angry is when he posted that while in town with PRLinkBiz, he *spoke at a church* there, describing his "mistakes". He got up in front of worshippers in a house of God and LIED. Lied through his fucking grey teeth.

Anyone who can do that, is NOT honest and has ZERO integrity. Nobody else picked up on it, back then, too many were giving him the benefit of the doubt. The church, no doubt, was a trial run of his future guru bullshit. (I don't remember, but he may have even been PAID to do it).

I'm honestly surprised Casey has'nt tried a religious based scam, like faith healing, or the con artists who pretend to be preachers.

Oh, wait. That requires work.

Murses said...

I totally want the Ikea filing cabinet (empty, I, like KC am afraid of what is in it!). If I have to, I will FIGHT Mocha to get it.

chris said...

What a kid, I would like one of his cancelled credit cards if it's not too smudged up...

bemused guy said...

I'm still not quite sure...how do you feel about the kangatard? C;mon, don't be shy, you can tell us. :)

The Dude said...

This blue ball, should it go on the block, will be mine, all mine. Heck, I'm in for the 100 ft ethernet cable too.

Mouse And Pencil said...


I want to make him cry.

Dan said...

Rob Dawg,

You're rapidly running out of "today" to post the new juicy info on Tardaroo...at least on the Right Coast.

CHJTS said...

I am starting to get fucking pissed again....this little smug faced prick.

I cant believe he would do this.


I want to punch his godamn lights in.

Sebb said...

No joke, I will pay a few hundred bucks for Casey's blue shirt (if he left it). This is provided that Galina sets up an account that Casey will not have access to.

segfault said...

dan @ 7:01 PM:

He already said he's waiting for the OK from other people to release the info publicly. I'm sure we'll find out whatever it is in due course.

CHJTS said...

yah segfault...I just read an email sent to me of what the other info is...

and NO I cannot post it.

I will just say that I would be godamn more than willing and happy to admister a godamn curb stomping to casey right now.

I wish so much ill violence on that little bitch..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr.

bemused guy said...

@ Dawg.

Just noticed..I get to cal MOIST!

And secondly...since no one has said it recently, thanks for providing us with the entertainment.

Marty Stewart's fly is open said...

Day 1b-

1:27:15 Casey sued the Lomax guy and then didn't show up for the court date.

Ugh, finally its over. That was torture. No bombs in day 1a or day 1b. Marty sounds surprisingly intelligent for someone in such a sleazy business.

For being so adamant about keeping the family out of the blog, Casey sure has no problem mentioning everybody all over the book.

Loss Control said...

CHJTS- don't tease us.

Also- you made a comment about financial institutions lurking around his site and other gathering info, you were correct ;)

Mouse And Pencil said...

I gotta go for a while, but I have a question for LossMit.

Be honest LossMit, even if it's not what we want to hear.

How much exposure to this site has Galina had, and if she has read here or been told, how does she feel about us? I'd be the first to admit she does not need to see half of what's posted here, and as she's the one with the most to lose here, she may not want to see her life being dissected in public the way we do.

But, I think it's a good time to get some guidance on the other side of this story. We've never had a chance to get anything from her, and she more than deserves a chance to respond, if she even cares.

Also, it would mean a lot if she would be interested in a podium to talk about her side, or at least what she can talk about, again - if she's interested - and I understand she may not want anything to do with this clubhouse.

But, I would feel more comfortable donating to her if I knew she did'nt hate us or were afraid of us, or thinks we're all psychos.

I also understand if it's the wrong time for this topic. Just thought I'd ask.

Endgame said...


Do you think we'll see the info tonight?

Just want to know whether to open another beer here in the midwest.


William J Gates said...

I doubt Galina is reading this. She's too busy scrubbing toilets so she can pay back her husband's debts.

I would donate cash for some nudie pictures of Galina. The ownage factor to Casey would be great.

Zintradi said...

@ William j gates
She is hot, but c'mon

The Dude said...

Shark sounds like
The Jesus :o)

CHJTS said...

william keep your stupid fucking comments to yourself.

@robdawg can you go into the last topic and post the emails I put up from casey for a new topic.

People need to see how godamn far casey is gone and how he lies through his teeth.

HurtMe said...

From your reaction CHJTS I'm guessing it has something to do with another rip by Casey on some member of his family. Nothing he does will surprise any longer, Casey is the real thing, a genuine pig (with apologies to pigs everywhere)...


Rob Dawg said...

The dawg pound runs on left coast hourz. Plenty of daylight even left. The latest post requires significant editing. And honest, I have to take out the trash. Not some weenie West Sacramento to the curb type trash. My driveway is several hendred feet long and very steep. Anyway, trash, refill the Gin & Tonic and then edit the next big post. Then after that maybe some more news tomorrow as the haterz™ club gets ready to possibly add new memebers and tack up a few new names on the wall of shame as well.

segfault said...

william j. gates @ 7:11 PM:

Oh, and let's keep it clean.

Can you read?

Endgame said...



Aren't the emails you're refering to the ones you read last night, and basically the same as yesterday's IAFF post?

Anonymous said...

From Nigel's last post:

Nigel, I wish I could say you were smart enough to realize he will agree with you to your face when confronted with anything. I wish I could say you realized that he will say whatever he can to keep people from trying to take away his only real asset of value (G). I wish I could say that but we both know the truth. Bend over, and lube up, he's going to screw you and her again. You can say we don't know all the facts, but I think we know enough. He left her. He effin left her. If he's so screwed up he believes his own lies about why he left her, so be it. But he abandoned her and no marriage deserves that. I told my wife last night, if I had done any one thing that Casey has done to his wife I would have ended it because she deserves better. Much less everything he's done.

The lying
The constant half-true's
The lack of responsibility
The contracts
The lawsuits
The foreclosures
The wreckless spending
The leaving with 1 hours notice without discussion

Tell me how anyone could justify that.

You might have good intentions, but if you had good common sense, you'd be doing what's best for G and not what's best for snowfairy.

CHJTS said...

Yah and the east coast mentor is just as slimy as casey is...another hanger onner..just like marty MCFUCKUP with his super secret server

(am I going to implode like tim mba did)...

Jesus Dawg..I need a drink.

flailing forward said...

@ M&P
We'll eventually get to hear from Galina. If Casey is threatening her or trying to make things difficult (like they aren't already) she's going to need some backup. And there are apparently only two things that Casey is afraid of: CashCall and haterz. (Well, and work. So three things.) I imagine Casey will shit himself if he finds out he's up against Galina's inside info, Duane and LMP's legal support, and am army of pissed off psychotic haterz scouring the internet and preparing a delicious shit sandwich for his return. Essentially it would mean that he can never return to the US.

CHJTS said...

hurt me.

casey is beyond a pig.

He is a ****#*#*#*#*#**#*# EDITED.

that little cocksucker is such a lowlife I would like to punch his teeth through the back of his head.

The shit he has put galina through is worse than if he would have actually beat her.

Hey casey, you fucking nimrod half-man. Does it make you feel good to screw so many people for years and years and fuck them up for a lifetime.

Fucking piece of shit...God I hope you do the perp walk and feel half the pain you have brought on others.

Dan said...

I'm going to be shaking uncontrollably tomorrow because I'm travelling for work (i.e. I won't have internet access for several hours).

At least I'm going to a place where Atlantic City is close enough to drive to for dinner. That'll be fun.

Dumbfounded said...

@ Dawg. Is it coming tonight for sure? If so, I'll make a pot of caffine an get a snack ready. Otherwise, it's late here on the east coast and I've got a full day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Hey Mark,

How about trying to get Galina to try and come out with a book of her own. It would be awesome if she got her book out before Snowflake. Hey...It might help to clear her name too. And once she gets the divorce finalized. Then all proceeds goes to her. Sounds like a win-win to me. I'll definitely buy a copy of that book.

Jade said...

yeah...what dumbfounded said. Some of us have to sleep, Dawg.

The Dude said...

Damn, Shark, get a grip.....

Mouse And Pencil said...


Seriously, my freind, go take a walk, or have a stiff drink (or smoke if you indulge.), or lift some weights, or spend some time with the heavy bag. I know you're angry, but don't do anything stupid. I'm mad as hell too - I put it on the shelf but it's been simmering along for a a while now.

He's not worth it. He will get his. You can take comfort from that, even if you can't reach out right now and administer it.

Rob Dawg said...

If AUS cancels his tourist stamp and the US is waiting for him expect the most collosaly stupid thing yet. Thinking about tomorrow and not next month expect Caseypus to pick a third country, possibly even the motherland.

Waterlegate said...

The Casey story has so much potential... He should talk to the South Park guys and create IAFF: The Musical!


Casey Serin: Jude Law
Galina Serin: Lindsay Lohan (once she's out from rehab)
Nigel Swaby: to be determined
Duane Legate: to be determined
Matt and Trey: Haterz(TM)

segfault said...


I agree--emotional/mental abuse can be as bad as, or worse, than physical abuse. There are concrete signs and symptoms with a physical abuse victim that are more easily visible to outsiders. (There are signs visible to others with a victim of mental/emotional abuse, but it's harder to detect or pin down...)

Dumbfounded said...

I'd buy a Galina book. I won't pay a cent to anything that might get back to fliptardaroo though.

Rob Dawg said...

Okay, I'm editing.

txchic57 said...

Thinking about tomorrow and not next month expect Caseypus to pick a third country, possibly even the motherland.

That's what I expect too. Either that or he's found in a ditch one night shot in the back of the head.

segfault said...

dumbfounded @ 7:27:

I can just hear KC now: "But, if it weren't for me, she wouldn't have had a story. I should get at least half the revenue!"

po'dvalley girl said...

CHJTS is this is it?
At 6:23 PM, CHJTS said...
Okay I am back on board with EN and the Haterz....back to the casey bashing.

I figure nigel can pull casey back...I am a proud Casey Haterz again and a Galina Supporterz.

that being said...here is some shit....Benoit or Lawnmower..please cut and copy this to caseypedia.com..I got allot of stuff going on and wont have time.

"Casey Serin" casey@serin.us

RE: talkcast is in 4 hours

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 16:45:15 -0700

As much as I want to call in and all that I'm really against providing
content to the haterz. I don't mind the hating but when they rip off
copyrighted posts, podcasts and revealing private sensitive info,
going way too far.

They are trying to sabotage every last bit of opportunity I have to
make an
honest buck and pay off all this debt. People don't realize that I
pay back my mountain of debt with just a job. Duane himself started a
business in order to pay off his $700,000 of debt. That's right the
Duane who is telling me to shut everything down and get a job did the
opposite when he was in the same situation. Duane is the biggest
and back-stabber. Mark Villasenor is too (LossMitPro). But my wife
personal stuff with Duane is probably the biggest blow. I don't even
what to think or who to trust anymore.

Casey Serin

MY COMMENT (Duane is such a backstabing prick--jesus Duane..did you atleast give him a complimentary reach-around when you stabbed him in the back?)

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 17:41:26 -0700

I don't know if I'm gonna call yet.. I'm busy trying to deal with my
publisher on the information breach. This freakin' sux. Just trying
make a buck or two on my publicity. Otherwise it's a waste of the last

Everybody is slanting the story to make it seem worse than it is. I
leave Galina. I'm here to take care of some business in a
enviorniment (work on the book, catchup on emails and contacts, focus
regroup, etc). Not planning to stay very long. My trip was paid for
by a
blog fan who offerd $1,000 for me to keep bloggingg and my stay here
offered by a supporter as well (free stay, food, internet, etc). It
happen last minute. The opportunity was there so I took it. I'm NOT
spending any extra money by being here. And NO I'm not trying to fun
from my debt. I'm here to get stuff done and focus to PAY OFF my debt!

The voice files that are comprimsed have people's names that have
nothing to
do with anything. It's just not fair to do this to me and all the
people that are simply associated with me.

Duane's "tough love" is not accomplishing anything. Him back-stabbing
like this is only creating big marriage problems for me and killing my
honest money making efforts. I used to have respect for the guy. The
I'm making on the blog has been as much as any full-time job or more
gives me time to spend working on my relationships and producing even
income to pay off all these debts. It's just unbelievable.

I'm going to focus on writing a post on IAFF to tell my side. I'm not
I've gonna call in. I have too much crap going on. I'm talking with a
people right now to figure out my strategy. That's why I can't commit.

Casey Serin

Sorry casey, but any love I have had for you is now gone the more I think about you going to OZ and leaving your wife to clean up the fucking mess you created..you smug little prick.

Pete Townsend said...

You once believed that crazy accidents
were happening to you
You were chasing a capricious wind
Whenever bad luck and trouble
happened to pursue you
The dice would surely save your skin
But when you look back you must realize
That nothing in your life's divine
Everything that's ever befallen you
Happened simply 'cause it crossed your mind
You're crashing by design

Endgame said...

Casey in the motherland would be like throwing a de-clawed housecat into the jungle. Over/under? 10 days... naw - 7.

Joe Dirt said...

East Coast Hatesz RULE!(tm) except when it comes to staying up late!!!

I wish I knew to quit you Casey (tm)

Khatie said...

I didn't want to say this, but I will. I am fearing for Galina's life. I think that Casey is an emotionally abusive pig and emotional abuse isn't far from physical abuse.

In fact, moment by moment he's beginning to remind me more of Jeffrey McDonald than I like. This whole thing is reading like an Anne Rule book.

Someone needs to protect that girl.

CHJTS said...

I will be back..I am stepping away from the computer for an hour or so.

apologies to everyone for flipping a gasket.........I need to go regain my self control because I am pretty fucking pissed right now.

Loss mit.

before I go back into a seething rage....next time you talk to galina...ask her if she is agreeable to people assisting her with her living expenses/divorce expenses/ and expenses to pay her debt down until she can stand on her own two feet without the assistance of a fraud piece of shit husband.

I am in for 250 cold hard cash..your somewhat close to her.......we can all send you the cash and you can take it to her and give it to her in hand.

Dumbfounded said...

@ CHJTS - I think you are rather reserved considering the circumstances.

soem dood said...

Amazing crap from this guy, even now:

"since he [Nigel] is no longer supporting my behavior, I disabled his moderation account just in-case. Just trying to contain everything"

He doesn't say Nigel is wrong. Or misguided. Or that Casey is the one on the right side. He uses the same language haterz™ would use, because it is the TRUTH: Anyone (incl Galina) who does not actively or at least passively support Casey's BEHAVIOUR gets the sh*ts from him.

So, I say, Galina, put ALL the stuff on Ebay! I am a single man with lots of spendable money, and a deep hankering to own some choice Casey-a-billia.

The contract with you about the blog, countersigned by family, is a wonderful artifact, and I'll open the bidding for that lot# at $50.00.

I'm saying my offspring will someday likely go to the Antiques Roadshow and hear that they have a treasured prize, just like a note from Benedict Arnold, or other colossal failures through history.


Mouse And Pencil said...

New comment up on IAFF.

This will really piss you off...

Or make you laugh hysterically.

Broward Horne said...

The anger here seems odd, it's like nobody realized that Casey is a true sociopath until he went down under.

I mean, damn.

I had a brother like Casey. At one point, he walked into his ex-girlfriend's house and in front of her and her three small daughters, stuck a .357 in his stomach and blew out half his intestines and lungs.

Cost the State of CA $150K to bring him back to life, literally. What a waste of money that could have been spent on somebody worthwhile.

Casey's got all the signs. Chaos follows him because he purposely trashes communication lines between himself and everyone else as camoflage.

Whoever said...


Casey has an advert from Countrywide on his site! How much did he shaft them for?

flailing forward said...

How long before the Aussie hosts become haterz? They probably made the offer of a place to stay impulsively and not thinking he would actually take them up on it. Now they're stuck with him. Poor poor supporterz noobz.

(Unless they're really serial killers or something.)

Cinnamon J. Scudworth said...

@ M&P 7:39 PM

Yes, and I think it is interesting that these are comments, and not posts. Is it coincidence, or does he not even have the ability to write his own posts anymore?

BelowTheCrowd said...


The RIGHT thing would have been to stay home and take care of your wife. Soon to be ex-wife, I'm guessing.

The $1000 "gift" that you pissed away on airfare would have taken the two of you out a month or so.

But noooooo. You had to "get away."

Sorry, but you're old enough to know what the "right" thing is. If you're not, then there's something seriously wrong inside that mostly-empty skull of yours.

I have a feeling you won't be "getting away" again for a while. Maybe a long while.

The Dude said...

Is everybody against me? Regardless of all the mistakes, at this point I just want to do the right thing. Whatever that is.

I may not have all the answers to the questions....but I've NEVER had to figure out "the right thing" ...Jeez.

Anyone with a moral compass, for lack of a better descriptor, inherently knows what is right and what is wrong.

JohnDiddler said...

i'm getting the feeling that THE SECRET revealed in the LEGALLY DUBIOUS but COMPLETELY UNSECURED MP3's, or perhaps in EMAILS FROM CASEY A FEW PEOPLE HAVE AND WON'T POST, is that Casey knew what he was doing, and had the "oops" all planned out, so he could monetize failure? That's not good enough... THIS ISN'T THE SECRET. COME ON PEOPLE. I see people FREAKIN about THE SECRET, but I can't quite figure out WHAT THE SECRET IS.

I also hear a notching down of public opinion. Alright, I join this. He left his wife. The guy left his wife with an hour's notice, and withheld ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS from her and from his landlord. how much lower does this all go?

Now Casey says he wants to do the right thing. As of yesterday, the allure of the wrong thing still holds strong.

AND ANOTHER THING: NIGEL SWAY-BEE is a pitchman. He might be a skilled salesman, all making-nice, all goody-intentions. SALESMEN ARE NOT GOOD SOURCES FOR INVESTMENT INFORMATION AND JUDGEMENT. Salesmen sell the particular turd in their particular yard. His defense of industry numbers seemed to carry with it an attack on government numbers. Either way he's fucking retarded: The real skill is: GRAB ALL THE NUMBERS, AND MAKE A FUCKING EDUCATED AND INFORMED DECISION. Nigel pitches bogus causalities and relationships all the fucking time. Do you want him to be your child's godfather? Fucking go ahead. He might be a dapper and considerate man. HE IS A SHITTY SOURCE FOR INVESTMENT INFORMATION AND JUDGEMENT. He can sure shine a turd, though.

Sharky said...

Ummm, Haterz:

In all the rush to auction off Casey's val-yoo-ab-bull shit,(and which cute n' cuddly marine creature advised Kangatard of that a month ago?), let's not forget what will be of MOST SUPREME and PARAMOUNT value...

His FILES, you half-wits!

Get his fucking files!

Get them away from Sacramento, intact, and with no peeking.

If Casey's files end up at an undisclosed Hater compound, that might go a very long way towards enforcing his good behavior towards his wife.

Did any of you mouth-breathers recall how Brother LossMitPro got Shitflake to yank any and every mention of his screen-name?

"Say da secret woid:"


Listen to ole Sharky...he knows which way the tides are runnin'

flailing forward said...

That's definitely laugh hysterically material.

Anonymous said...

At one point, I wanted Casey to see the light and get things straightened out. But he spends 10% of his time making perfectly bad decisions and 90% of his time blogging and "regrouping."

No more.

He deserves harsh, lengthy and ironic punishment.

king friday the 13th said...

I've been thinking about casting the IAFF movie

Owen Wilson as Casey (think Me, Myself, and Irene).

Either Will Farell or Steve Catrell as Nigel. Nigel's character had to be "over-the-top" ( koi-obsessed -- koi tattoo, koi boxers / pleather + axe / bragging repeatedly about 2759 viewers and bronze medal).

Farell or Catrell could pull it off.

oh and Dude, the clipboard is MINE.

Anonymous said...

Broward Horne:

I'm surprised see a family member off as a sociopath. From what I've seen, often times their family stays with them no matter what, and/or, the sociopath turns their act down (but not completely off) as little as possible to avoid permanently losing their family.

Anyway, I'm not surprised that KC's latest comment says he "just wants to do the right thing." He's all about the appearance of the moral high ground.

Endgame said...

Casey - great to hear from you. I'll help you out with you post:

Is everybody against me? - Yes, pretty much uniformly. But, Mocha stills loves you!

Regardless of all the mistakes, at this point I just want to do the right thing. - No you don't. I don't believe you for a nanosecond

Whatever that is. - Clues for sale in Aisle 7

BelowTheCrowd said...

Anybody have a contact with Oprah? I have a feeling that a Galina appearance, magazine cover and even book deal would be possible if somebody could get her to the right people.

It would be a wonderfully ironic end.

Mark Stewart and others of his ilk need not apply.


po'dvalleygirl said...

Broward Horne

You have a point. I lived with a manic depressive person for about 5 years in my early 20's. I sincerely believe Casey has NPD and may have MDD. People like this can be highly unpredictable. When I finally left this guy he stalked me. I ended up taking a cross country transfer to a state I hated just to be sure I was in a safe place. He ended up in and out of prison a few times for crimes related to his untreated (major denial) illness.

Rob Dawg said...

Why is everybody still here with the new post up?

Anonymous said...

In my note to Broward Horne, I meant to say, "I'm surprised to see a family member written off as a sociopath."

Mouse And Pencil said...

I say we help Declan get a Pulitzer for this story.

He's the one who put the first serious cracks in Casey's armor.

Declan, I want to buy you a beer some day. Cheers!

Sharky said...


Sharky tastes the blood in the water.

Let me guess...the little Shitteroo has nude pics of his wife, (he is a "camera-happy" little fuck, ain't he?), and he's threatening to post his wife's booty pics on Flickr?

That's about Casey's level of sleaze, I'd reckon.

How close did I hit?

H Simpson said...

eg Snowflake heading for the motherland.

I bet there is not an Ubekistan (sp?) consulate in Australia.

USA, sure because of the UN. But Oz???
Unlikely, as most of their sphere of influence is in Asia proper.

That would mean he would need to send his passport home and get it back before his tourist visa expires. No direct flights makes this more difficult.

And every day he is probably closer to being arraigned which means his name is put on no fly lists so he has trouble leaving Oz even if the paperwork arrives in time. Hopefully the feds are seeing what a flight risk he is becoming.

Snowflake has got to be gnawing on the paw in the trap right about now.
He can hear the dogs getting nearer. Growling at how this all happened. Oh those haterz!!!

Broward Horne said...

"Now Casey says he wants to do the right thing"

No, he doesn't.

He wants to create that illusion, for now, to buy you back in.

Ten years after my brother blew his guts out, he visited my parents. He went into each bathroom and undid the locks on thte windows, so that he could return later and rob them.

You can't help Casey.
Nobody here can.

Just stop thinking about it.
Surely this is clear by now?

samk said...

@ sharky

@~1845 bemused guy mentioned purchasing the 'full file drawer'.

Anonymous said...


Broward Horne said...

"I'm surprised see a family member off as a sociopath."

You didn't live with my brother.

He robbed my grandparents, he lies about everything. Shooting himself was the last straw for me. My dad disowned him after he stole his car and travelled to Indiana to try and make up with is ex-girlfriend.

Heck, he tried to rob my parents just a few years ago, even still.

My family avoids him now.

king friday the 13th said...

>>Let me guess...the little Shitteroo has nude pics of his wife, (he is a "camera-happy" little fuck, ain't he?), and he's threatening to post his wife's booty pics on Flickr?

Galina, provoke away.

Anonymous said...

Exurban Nation readers:

please contact the AFP immediately !!!

Australian Federal Police


TV Rots Your Brain said...

I would pay good money to see Galina and Yulia and the rest of the Serin and Suprun families take out some serious frustration on the celebutard wannabe's floppytop, his cell phone and most importantly his oracle, his TV set. They can stomp on them, run them over with a car, take a sledgehammer to them, whatever. Just do the world a favor and utterly destroy them for us and end Kangatard's access to and influence by sweet media already please.

I think it's time Caseyroo was forcibly made into a Luddite.