Sunday, June 10, 2007

We Know Everything Mate

Confession time. Casey for once wasn't lying when he said crazy things were happening. So much craziness that it has taken teams of haterz working together behind the scenes just to confirm events. Special care needs to be taken. Lots of people have been hurt and many of us are sensitive to the fallout causing unecessary hurt. This is the point where you scream and shout about being teased. First thanks for the Lupo stuff. We'll put him on the list because he desreves it but he ain't the publisher. We really do know everything and have almost all the permission and confirmation we need including making sure the innocent are protected. If you don't like being teased tune out for a day. By then you can read the cliffs notes.


R-Boy said...

First to the truth!

The Dude said...

Dammit.....and 1984 is my favorite.

flailing forward said...

Can you be less cryptic?

Rob Dawg said...

Yes you are R-boy. ;-)

This is gonna be a 400 reply post so advance plea to keep the snark/OT to a minimum. If you do I promise some nice eye candy for afterwards.

R-Boy said...


Rob Dawg said...


Cinnamon J. Scudworth said...

Dang. Lupo seemed so appropriately scuzzy.

The Dude said...

He knows what is in Room 101.....and who is an agent of Goldstein.

segfault said...

MacWorld keynote tomorrow. Final Sopranos tonight (currently downloading the torrent). Juicy KC info in the next day or so... Too much suspense!

Sweet Cashback said...

Do we have a monkey or gorilla problem here ?

lurker said...

I apologize to Lupo for saying he might be the publisher. I have a feeling bad/entertaining things are going to happen to the publisher and I do not want the innocent to get hurt.

I also want to apologize to Galina, I said a couple of nasty things about her in an attempt to get her to shut Casey down. I should have known the team was taking care of it.

segfault said...

Duane alluded that the publisher is a transcriptionist. Any relation to:
"Huge thanks to fast and accurate transcription by Chris Naaden of"

That's the person who transcribed KC's first fraudcast.

The Dude said...

"Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past"

Big Brother is watching....

segfault said...
"Welcome to the open escrow order site for Chris Naaden, Orange Coast Title!"

Anonymous said...

Chris Naaden and April Naaden are the owners and operators of Noble Transcription Services.

Prior to starting our business, Chris spent several years as a sales representative. He worked in the real estate and mortgage industry, expanding his working knowledge of finance and the world of business.

Lost Cause said...

Nothing good ever comes to the assortment of speechwriters that show up expounding on Casey's site. Nothing. It ain't right. Double plus ungood.

lurker said...

A transcriptionist should have good spelling. The publisher post did not. I suspect, but am not certain that they are different people

flailing forward said...

Um, ok, but if you aren't going to tell us anything, why are you expecting this to go to 400 comments? Can you at least say whether you're going to drop any bombs tonight so we can decide whether we want to go to bed or not? I for one would rather be part of the story unfolding than hear a summary later.

lurker said...

On the other hand, they would be used to listening to a bunch of blather and putting it down on paper.

Cinnamon J. Scudworth said...

Or he's just a lousy transcriptionist.

Anonymous said...

People will learn from Casey?

What type of business doesn't open mail, fails to FOLLOW through with anything it starts. Falling forward? What a joke.

Just what the world needs another Robert K. book full of fabrications.

And to anyone thinking the way Casey bought the houses was a stroke of genius... well best get in the game quickly as the loopholes this criminal took will be closed in due time. That is right you too can become a criminal and learn to lie on applications.

WTF? Is this publisher for real? Nice sales pitch for the idots.

And halarious about forward vs. foreward mistake.

I can only wonder when the book publishes with all the gory details (hook), how Galina will feel.

Loved the part about providing a roadmap for the creditors. I guess mom underwriting the Hammer corp. has more to give than a school teachers salary.

And a series on what not to do? Is this guy serious? I can think of many things not to do, the secret is what to do!

That post on IAFF was just plain funny.

Anonymous said...

Spill it flame bait loosers. What do you know and when did you know it? A lady in Delaware last Friday plead guilty to lying on a single loan application over a seemingly trivial point. KC is a serial fraud. Please tell me these interesting events involve subpoenas and that KC is going to rat out his entire criminal network. Please tell me they are all going to federal prison.

lurker said...

I think we can run up 400 comments just guessing who the killer is. I think it was Nigel in the Koi pond with an Axe

Lost Cause said...

You expect federal prosecution from an administration that thinks politics is more important than justice? Do you people not read newspapers? They are busy having prayer breakfasts. Do you have to even ask why there is nor federal prosecution? FMW established that they have jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

More on Chris Naaden

Anonymous said...

I think Nigel has agreed to be KC's prison bitch in the halfway house. "The smell of axe wafted heavy in the hallway." Hey, I should be a writer or something.

Rob Dawg said...

Remember the code. Protect the innocent, stop the damage and deny Casey any ill gotten gain. The book will be worthless when we are allowed to report the details before he can even lie about them.

Anonymous said...

Here's my favorite part of the drivel that Casey's "publisher" spewed forth on IAFF...

"This only makes good business sense not to discuss every financial detail of your life, especially in a pubic forum.

flailing forward said...

@ lurker
Ha, it was ass-kicking forensic accountant in the office with the strong weaponry skills that are highly utilized by the government.

Check out Chris Naaden's 100 Ways to Motivate Others. He's apparently not too good with math.

flailing forward said...

Don't you mean "dribble"

Roger Hayes said...

This is awesome. Every time I check this site or Casey's, the story has just gotten weirder. How could it top Steve Serin calling in and telling his brother that he's a terrible husband? How about LossMitPro's legal disclaimer? The Final Fraudcast? "I'm sorry."? Now Casey is trying to set himself up as the latest guru? I don't know how to handle the next 24 hours. Hopefully the payoff will be better than the Sopranos.

Duane "dribble" said...

Duane...spit it out man!!! You fucking troll. What are you in this for. Fame? Then you are no better than Casey. Why the big suspence??? "I have more to say later..." Bullshit. Just like the Homey post...D A W G S H I T!!! You either have something to say or you fucking don't. I don't trust you anyway. You are full of shit!!! Dawg Shit!!!

Annie said...

Damn -

I was second in the last thread... now I'm like nothing in this thread.

Casey's site with the "publisher" posting has this ad from a company called Lulu ( which appears to be a self publishing company.

The books are published "on demand" and there are no refunds. In addition, the site has the following disclaimer:

"Please also note because Lulu provides a creator-controlled publishing tool, the company cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the content (including misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc.), its formatting, design or overall appearance. The author approves the visual presentation and content of each item. Our staff does not monitor or check individual content prior to publication through our web site."


Lost Cause said...

Everybody knows how the story ends. Casey commits to the worst possible deal, and eventually renegs. Mr Publisher man lasts about four days before the haterz, and then slinks off back to his day job, on the outskirts of legitimacy.

We are into the re-runs already. The shark has been jumped, and this is all that is left -- syndication.

SayWhat? said...

Casey's Guide to Addition. Copyright Casey Serin 2004-2007.

Chapter 1. 1+1=?

What is the answer to this great mystery? I had much experience with addtion and after taking $30,000 of seminars taught by mathematics gurus seen in late night infomercials, I came to two startling conclusions:

1+1 does NOT equal 0.
1+1 does NOT equal 1.

If these don't make sense to you, you may want to take a power nap before reading them again. The second revelation surprised me because someone told me it did.

Chapter 2. 1+2=?

While I had failed to discover the answer to 1+1, I didn't let this failure dim my optimism. I figured if I discovered the answer to 1+2, perhaps the success of this discovery would propel me into a world where the answer to 1+1 would be revealed.

While didn't discover the answer, I did learn three absolute truths about 1+2:

1+2 does NOT equal 0.
1+2 does NOT equal 1.
1+2 does NOT equal 2.

The first two conclusions weren't surprising since they were also true of 1+1, but the third one threw me for a loop. How could this not be true?

People full of hate and jealosy would say that this was also a failure, but they overlook that I had learned even more about 1+2 than 1+1. My knowledge of addition was expanding at an exponential rate. It was only a matter of time before I held the entire relm of addition in my hand.

Chapter 3. 1+3

While my third quest to understand addition was a failure, no one could doubt that afterwards I had acquired still more knowledge of the world of addition and I was making progress to my ultimate goal to be able to successfully add any digits...

DogU4ic said...

(Formerly LMP)

Roger Hayes @ 8:44 PM:
”How about LossMitPro's legal disclaimer?

Geeeeeeeze, alright aleady!! ;)

How about reading Worldwide Church of God vs. Philadelphia Church, 9th Circuit, 99-55850, September 18, 2000, or any of the other cases regarding fair use? Man-o-man, I can certainly take a little ribbing but grinding a subject into the ground? It’s boring!! (Some folk simply need to let go of tactical concepts, they clearly don’t understand.)

lurker said...

Sorry formerly LMP

Your Legal Disclaimer has already entered EN mythology

DogU4ic said...

LMAO @ Lurker! :)

Mister B said...

"Casey is finally hired by someone. He starts work. Then, several of the true “haterz” of Casey, people that genuinely hate Casey with a passion, will find out where Casey works, and call his workplace obsessively to harass Casey and his Employer. Casey would then be fired, because it would drain time and energy from the Employers workplace."

Riiiiiight. Wouldn't happen in the first place. Casey getting a job or being harassed. The employer certainly wouldn't fire him over the calls anyway, it would be an easy lawsuit for Casey.

What a joke of a post. It's written in typical scam language.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Ugh. I broke my boycott and went over there, and slogged through the whole thing.

I feel dirty now. This is not an ethical 'publisher". I'll leave the speculation to others, but it's probably another get rich quick type. Casey found what he wanted, that he got a taste of, at those seminars - fame, and he'll do anything to get more.

That's it, that's the last time I go there. It's alla script now to mold Casey into a self help guru. It's disgusting.

I hope you have the goods, guys. I really do. I know you all have worked hard, but please don't blue ball me like the Sopranos did. (I kinda get why it ended liked that, but it's not what i wanted. I have to think on it a while...which is what i think Chase wanted...)

Tomorrow is the World Wide Developer Conference, not the MacWorld show, there's a huge difference, this is about developers, not consumers. I don't expect new gadgets, but I do expect that they will announce resoultion independant graphics as part of the OS (think 150+ dpi monitors), and there's talk that Sun's ZFS file system will be replacing HFS+ (HUGE if they do it). Of course there will be a lot of jaguar goodness and lots of iPhone pimping.


Maybe flash-drive based subnotebooks. Maybe the long awaited tablet Mac with iPhone goodies built in. (pleasepleaseplease) Seriously doubt anything iPod related, or iMac related, but i've been wrong before.

And pleasepleaseplease a revamp or replacement of the font system, Tiger's just plain old sucks ass.

Should be fun, I'll be paying attention at work!

The Dude said...

The employer certainly wouldn't fire him over the calls anyway, it would be an easy lawsuit for Casey.

Wanna bet? I fired dozens of employees for just that. Cover it in the company employee manual, enforce the policy fairly, and kick their ass out the door.

mycroft said...

With the 42nd (more or less) comment, I claim....


Anonymous said...

Special care needs to be taken. Lots of people have been hurt and many of us are sensitive to the fallout causing unecessary hurt.

What are you talking about?

This is the point where you scream and shout about being teased...

Again, WTF?

We really do know everything and have almost all the permission and confirmation we need including making sure the innocent are protected...

There are no innocent in this story and you don't need anyone's permission. Now spill it!

Mister B said...

"Wanna bet? I fired dozens of employees for just that. Cover it in the company employee manual, enforce the policy fairly, and kick their ass out the door."

I'm referring to people harassing Casey with phone calls. I'm guessing you're referring to flakes like Casey making phone calls.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Special care needs to be taken. Lots of people have been hurt and many of us are sensitive to the fallout causing unecessary hurt.

What are you talking about?

Casey did something bad, which hurt people. Rob and co. don't want the people to get hurt more when they spill the beans.

This is the point where you scream and shout about being teased...

Again, WTF?


We really do know everything and have almost all the permission and confirmation we need including making sure the innocent are protected...

There are no innocent in this story and you don't need anyone's permission. Now spill it!

Patience, young Jedi. All will be revealed when Rob and Co. are ready. They're being vaugue on purpose, to warn us something big is coming...stay tuned to the Bat Channel, this Bat Station...

OMG said...

OMG...the man has no shame!!! LossMitPro has picked up a new handle on the haterz site run by Rob Dawg.


Yes, as in Dogeuphoric, Dog euphoria, Euphoric over dogs, Euphoric about dogs, EUPHORIC ABOUT DAWGZ!!! Anyway you want to look at it (lol).

OMG, This guy has got to be the weakest asshole I have ever seen. He is over there licking dawg ass so he won't get beat with a stick. Stand up and take it like a man you pussy. Casey has been putting up with this shit for over 9 months. Is this how you "protect" your clients? It is comical how he portrays himself, even when he was with Casey. Look at that drivle he wrote. He ia a tool. What Mark, you gonna stump your feet and make Casey omit our comments too. Ya big baby!!!

Melatonin Eater said...

Hi Rob & co,

Since you are all so intelligent on this blog see if you can figure out my post on KC's blog:

124. Melatonin Eater
June 9th, 2007 at 3:38 am
First of all you should have taken a break for longer than 2 weeks. Use that time to re-group and think about the message of this blog. Craziness indeed. Knowledge would be better.

Generally I’ve supported you. After you went through your manic phases of ‘good things coming around the corner’ I still supported. Lack of a plan didn’t even bother me. Interestingly enough, many supporters turned to haters during this time. Nevertheless I’m giving you one more chance. Amazingly you keep me coming back for more punishment!

I know you can do it!


Melatonin Eater said...

By the way, I did the FIRST acrostic on KC's blog. This is even better.


Rob Dawg said...

Waiting on two elements. Doesn't look like until daylight on the west coast, sorry. West Coast of North America BTW not some other continent. Second apologies to our readers elsewhere.

Sweet Pleather Murse said...

Don't sweat it, RD. At least you have a modicum of integrity and don't troll just for the sake of trolling like Fliptard (or should we start calling him Booktard?)

As dull as IAFF has become, it could be made VASTLY more interesting if he'd just turn off the moderation and let everyone post freely. That's most of the fun of blogging, seeing immediate results from your comments. Moderation was tolerable when there was some substance over there, but now the haterz comments are all that's left and I suspect we're missing out on half of those.

lurker said...


Right now we are trying to protect the innocent and the people who know more than me think G is innocent, so I don't think that I will figure out your post.

WINEX said...

@Melatonin Eater

I'm assuming that you want us to discover that if you take the first letter of the first word in each sentence of your post, it spells "FUCK GALINA".

Kind of clever in a juvenile sort of way.

Lost Cause said...


The man is a lawyer. Or he reads decisions in his spare time, which is even sicker.

Sic dog 4 u.

Roger Hayes said...


Settle yourself down and thank you stars that I only jabbed you with your ignorance and left you alone about your creepy drooling over another man's "submissive" wife more than 30 years younger your junior.

Anonymous said...

@DogU4ic (or the artist formerly known as LossMit Pro).

I read the appeal court opinion on the case you mentioned. If you think it supports your fair use clause, then you completely misunderstand it.

The case discusses the limits of what may be considered fair use. It say nothing about granting authors the right to control fair use. Requiring permission to use your writing in ways that is not fair use is perfectly normal. That is what you should have put in your final paragraph.

Anonymous said...


Oh I get it - your California personalized license plate!

Almost as clever as the acrostic guy.

WTF LMP??? said...


Why the fuck are you still here????????

Shoo...shoo...go away, ya mutt. You thumb your noses at us, now you want into the dawg house. Exactly what do you want. The least you can do is be anon and STFU. We may be haterz but we are also "honorable" to a degree. You are not the usual supporterz turned haterz...We told you so and I am not that forgiving. Besides what the fuck do you want here??? You have made your point, now kindly blend with the architecture or STFU. Even if you "spill the beans" on Casey, you are still laughable. Be a man and stand up for your self. This tail between your legs routine is pitiful.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I can't believe I'm saying it, but seriously, with what i think might be coming, you're throwing spitwads at LMP?

Sheesh. I mean, I think he's an asshole, but, whatever, he has as much right to be one as we all do.

Duane, if you glance at this tomorrow, after reading your meltdown on the other thread, if you're hinting at what i think you are ... "destruction for money"...another thing Casey thinks would be "neat" to blog about, as he talked about on his fraudcast?

Okay, enough. I'll wait. But after reading that thread...yikes! No way he's sunk that far. No way.

PS...interesting we have some new trolls, with really bad grammar and spelling and sophmoric logic and really horrible troll skills.

I'd put $20 that it's Casey, himself. Just a hunch. They're TOO on Casey's side.

mycroft said...

Dawg, a couple posts back you were musing about buying one of Snowflake's debts for pennies on the dollar and then throw him in bankrupcty. I think this little nugget from Snowflake's "publisher" is the one that explains why an involuntary BK would be good:

Having "insider information" into Casey’s life, allowed us to touch on some hot buttons that Casey’s creditors have no clue about...I won’t go into detail here, as it would provide a roadmap for his creditors to follow."

Me, personally, I think it ought to be the US Bankrupty Trustee following that roadmap. I'm guessing that would involve Snowflake spending a lot of time in court answering quesions under penalty. Hey, and if there are a lot of hidden assets as Pubbie seems to be claiming, buying the note cheap might wind up making a few shiny pennies.

Come to think of it, if "Casey" is now a brand like Pubbie thinks it is, then it is a valuable asset that a BK Trustee can auction off along with the IAFF website and domain name. Kind of cut this slimy little "publisher" off at the knees, wouldn't it.

lurker said...

I think Casey has more humor than the current Trolls. This/These Trolls may be associated with the publisher or from CampIdiot. Its also difficult to get Casey to post much on his own blog. This Troll has been posting heavily today.

I second that motion... said...

I second that! LMP, you're gonna tattle tale to fit in. Spit it out man or vamos!!! Isn't there someone that needs "professional mittigating of their losses", or help removing the knife you just stuck in their back.

Casey may be regarded as a get rich quick scam artist but you, you are a pompus toad that thought you had caught a tasty fly until you find out that it was a bee that ended up stinging you. Now you run over here, thinking we're gonna make your puffy face go down. Go stick a benadryl suppository up your ass for all I care. Now dish or begone. That is all you are good for here. A snitch.

Copyright Lawyer said...


I think you need a little more understanding of the law.

WCG v. PCG says very little about your situation.

It does affirm the notion that monetary profit is not the only measure of "fair use." Just because a person, organization or website exists to make no profit, and even if you, yourself didn't seek to make any profit directly off a copyrighted work, doesn't mean that you can't sue for violation and win.

However, it dealt with a situation where a work was copied verbatim, in it's entirety and with no criticism. It says nothing about a work that is only summarized (ie, Cliff's notes), or which is copied in snippets, or which is copied as part of a critical effort.

So you are correct that it would probably be illegal for me to copy one of your posts in its entirety to a different website, as some here have done.

It is perfectly legal, however, for me to copy portions of it for the purpose of a critical article.

Just as a book critic can copy small passages from a book for the purpose of illustrating a point about the book, it would be quite legal for somebody to copy a piece of one of your copyrighted items for the purpose of saying something about it, both good and bad. You have no legal grounds for stopping this kind of limited "fair use," and your dislaimer is therefore irrelevant. Per the law, any use that exceeds the bounds of "fair use" as defined by law and the courts requires your permission, any use that falls within those bounds is permitted, whether you like it or not.

There is nothing wrong with reminding people that there are limits to fair use and that complete verbatim copying clearly exceeds those limts. However, your notice appears to assert rights far beyond those that are afforded by law.


BelowTheCrowd said...

Uh, as most of you have noted from my sig, the above post originated from me.



lawnmower man said...

How about reading Worldwide Church of God vs. Philadelphia Church, 9th Circuit, 99-55850, September 18, 2000, or any of the other cases regarding fair use?

How about it? That case set a boundary on the definition of fair use. It in no sense enables you to restrict fair use rights yourself, as you attempted to do. That little try-on just made you look ridiculous and undermined your credibility.

Some folk simply need to let go of tactical concepts

By "tactical concept" you mean "vague quasi-legal threats", no? Like the "I know where the bodies are buried" implication you used as leverage over Casey?

lawnmower man said...

Ah, Btc just said it much better than I.

Anonymous said...


It appears something big has happened or will happen. I need someone to provide some bullet points or numbered list to explain the happenings of the day because I can't figure it out.

Will all this be discussed on the 6 p.m. conference call CHJTS is doing tomorrow night? Will Duane call in? Will LosMitPro? Will "publisher"????

Benoit™ said...

Regarding Duane's referring to a "transcriptionist", I've done the complete outing of Naaden (full name + birthday) on Caseypedia:

Chris Naaden

It's only a stub... would encourage the other editors to add to it, even if he has nothing to do with any of this current stuff, he was still involved with the talkcast transcription, so deserves a mention.

El Gabo Gringo said...

For a while I had thought Casey's blog was being ghost-written (at least at times, like the "What's in the murse?" post.)

After reading the recent post by the publisher on IAFF, I have to guess that whoever is writing on behalf of the publisher is/was the ghostwriter.

BelowTheCrowd said...

El Gabo Gringo,

I agree.

It almost seems like the whole thing is a setup for somebody else these days. Not sure what, but I am almost beginning to wonder if somebody out there has engineered -- if not the whole thing, that would be tough -- than certainly the last few months.

And no, I'm not actually a copyright lawyer, but my current work has me dealing with more of them than I ever want to experience again in my life, dealing mostly with fair-use concepts and issues.


Pay Lay Ale said...

When casey's book comes out, one of us should buy or borrow the book and then scan it into a PDF and then make a torrent out of it so that casey doesn't make any money from his crimes.

Pay Lay Ale said...

I just made a new blog and my first post is about the common sense casey lacked and will likely be much of the content of the book.

Anonymous said...

My comment on IAFF:

Basically we want to hear stuff we’re not going to hear about. We want the dirty family gossip, the irresponsible spending, the emotional breakdowns.

But Serin’s made it clear (and so have you) that this is going to be a dull, sanitized blog for the purpose of selling books.

Here’s letting you in on a secret: nobody cares about his financial details except to see the Schadenfreude fester. Nobody wants to take advice from a failure and a scammer. We want to laugh and point and stare, when he’s dragged into a courtroom yelling “It’s not fair! Moooooooom!”

Stupidtoo said...

I have been out of town for the past week or so. Can someone tell me the best posts to read? So far I have gathered that Casey shut down his site for a few days.

In which post did Duane go off? When did LMP cross over to the dark side? What happened last Friday in the fraudcast?

Anonymous said...

Pay Lay Ale:

Aren't you under commandment to avoid all lightmindedness and loud laughter? Certainly, you should cease speaking ill of the annointed Casey.

Stop having fun brother....

Mouse And Pencil said...

Hate to tell you, Stupidtoo, you have a lot of reading to do! Go back at least a month and just read.


Duane got emotional in the Casey Animal thread of yesterday. It's towards the end.

LMP crossed on the second (?) fraudcast of Casey's.

There was no fraudcast last week.

lawnmower man said...

On a lighter note: I like this from Nigel's Flickr photostream.

Sharky said...

Casey did something bad?

Something that hurt people?

No shit...that's what the blog was about in the first place.

But i think you mean he's done something since.

Holy shit...the little bastard took my advice and got on the night flight to Uzbekistan!

He went and bought himself an apartment building, too, didn't he?

(True, maybe one that was built out of cardboard in the lean Soviet mid-50's,but IS an apartment building!)

I can wait, RDawg...I wanna see if the Hobbit made it into the volcano.

ratlab said...

So I stay away for a few days... mostly from being busy at work and designing the backyard, and now I feel disoriented with what's been going on or about to happen. Time to sit back and watch what happens. If there need for a photo op, I just need a couple hours notice. ;)

Sharky said...


"Go stick a benadryl suppository up your ass for all I care."

Don't take offense if I take a pass on that...I have allergies...

CHJTS said...

Well the next Haterzcast is scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm PST.

Talkcast ID 34513.

And I would like to announce that their MAY be a special guest (HOPEFULLY--I AM IN CONFIRM STATUS RIGHT NOW---SO LETS ALL KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED) ...that Casey himself will be calling in.

I also offered an hour to Duane Legate, but he declined as he has other things going on at that time.

Additionaly I offered some time to Robdawg--but he doesnt know how to check his emails.

So if all else fails you will here me drone on for an hour bitching about this and that....Hopefully Benoit, Msingh, and R-boy can call in again.

And StephJ had godamn better be calling in since the whole point of starting the haterzcast at 6pm is to give her time to drive her pretty little self home and be at phone.

CHJTS said...

and no I did not send an invite via email to lossmitpro because I do not have his email address and I have been extremely busy today to dig around on the internet to look for it. (not to mention I had to watch the dissapointing ending to the soprano's)

But Lossmitpro..if you would like some time tomorrow on the talkcast..then email me at

And duane if your plans have changed because you blew a gasket earlier tonight, then you are welcome to call in also.


I do not know for sure if Casey is going to call in...I am in CONFIRM STATUS with him via email..but he has expressed that he would like to participate.

I do not know what his desire of a participation level will be, if he just wants to comment in broad terms about the recent happenings of IAFF or go into details.

I do not know if he will be agreeable to talking to people and/or taking questions or to his desire to how long he will want to participate.

By default, I really dont like to go over the 2 hour mark with a with casey calling, I think we could give him the full 2 hours and then extend the actual haterzcast part to a halfhour after that...seriously depending on my energy level at that is very attention intensive to host those things...believe me I have done it.

But the entire point of the haterzcast is to discuss all the adventures of snowflake amongst ourselves with allot of speculation mixed in.

Anonymous said...


What kind of work does StephJ do? She seems to have a lot of time on her hands to blog and comment and create great photos during the day....

I'd like a job like that.... but I provide professional services and bill clients by the hour. (and no, I'm not an attorney)

Anonymous said...

but I provide professional services and bill clients by the hour.

A male/female escort? ;-)

Anonymous said...

If Casey does call in, can someone PLEASE ask if he paid capital gains tax on the sale of his condo back in 2003....

I've asked and asked and asked.

no answer
no answer
no answer

king friday the 13th said...

I think I figured it out -- the "publisher" is one of the figures casey owes a promissary note to.

"publisher" threatened to force casey into bankrupcy, and up goes the blog.

Either that, or Galina's clipboard has the map to the sweet cashback buried under the trampoline...

Anonymous said...

I wish....

don't make anywhere near that much.

Lowly architect

Sharky said...


So the Snowfake didn't gakk himself, since he spoke with CHJTS.
(That was my other guess).

Let me guess...Casey isn't really a "Commie"-bot, but he IS a "-bot"...he's been workin' undercover for the Eff Bee Aye exposing widespread fraudulent practices in the Mortgage Industry, and he's got the goods for the scoop that's gonna blow the lid off this town!

(Gee...if I really cared, this could be a heap o' fun).

Sharky said...

Which might mean...

That a nationallly recognized SLC Real Estate bloggers, AND his koi(which are fish), may be the ones in a yurt in Uzbekistan...

CHJTS said...

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous said...

What kind of work does StephJ do? She seems to have a lot of time on her hands to blog and comment and create great photos during the day....

I'd like a job like that.... but I provide professional services and bill clients by the hour. (and no, I'm not an attorney)

I do not know what stephanieJ does for work. It problably wouldnt be that hard to figure out who she is based on her ramblings in posts since she is in the same state/city that I am in. But she is a cyber crush and I dont want to ruin my fantasies of her with doses of realities.

It's bad enough she is with that temporary husband as it is.

But then again--starter marriages are common in this country.

Plus I think she has a foreign accent.....I cant wait to hear her voice tomorrow reading me the poem she wrote for me.

It's gonna be sooooo hot.

(touches self)

CHJTS said...

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous said...
If Casey does call in, can someone PLEASE ask if he paid capital gains tax on the sale of his condo back in 2003....

I've asked and asked and asked.

no answer
no answer
no answer

If he calls in I will try and remember to ask him....

But it was in 2003.....I am assuming he did pay them and filed them and claimed them.

The capital gain would have been filed to the IRS from the escrow company/lender company and if he glossed over it in his tax filing they would have ammended/corrected his tax return for him.

I missed something on a 2003 tax return and knew about it in 2004 when they sent me an ammended/changed tax statement because it didnt match what was submitted to the IRS.

So even if he didnt pay the capital gains..they know about it and ammended his tax return accordingly. SO he either payed it or still owes it.

But they do know about it.

Scott said...

Since the last house was foreclosed, IAFF has gotten pretty boring. IAmFacingMaritalStrife, IAmFacingASevereLackOfUnderstandingContracts, etc. Geez. One of the only reasons I've been continuing to track things a little (well, besides the anticipated perp walk) is this book thing. I keep thinking about the "Super Karate Monkey Death Car" episode of NewsRadio ( SKMDC - hope that's clickable).

You just know Casey is going the ultra-cheap route. Probably outsourcing transcription to an assembly line of folks who barely speak any common language. The fecal finger always comes through. This is going to be the Ramen of literature:

I Will Live in Super Cashback Monkey Debt Car?

If my husband ability fails, then Super Cashback Monkey Debt Car becomes home, accurately. That would be my main road of preservation, selling completely my substance to acquire Riverside Hippie Van (Hehe!). Craigslist offers van campers for 5 immense ones, and would replace Super Cashback Monkey Debt Car to be able to make its cigaretter lighter to cause me to sleep and establish my office there. My phone of cell, on my knee the computer, with canned food to park at friends for avoiding the questing police. In one phrase it would be most greatly mobile freedom! But that there will be all dreams.

Well, ok, Ramen with rat turds. Babelfish certainly can turn a phrase. Looking forward to the upcoming revelations...

Anonymous said...


If Casey does call in, can someone PLEASE ask if he paid capital gains tax on the sale of his condo back in 2003....

Here is the pre transcript:

Caller: Hi Casey, did you pay capital gains taxes on you house sale in 2003?

CS: Good question. I was trying to remember if the capitab gains rates went up betwnne 2003 and 2007. If they did, then the taxes would have been different.

Caller: But did you try your best to pay the amount you thought you owed in 2003?

CS: Well a lot has happened since 2003. Last week alone was pretty crazy. I'll look into that.

Caller: Do you THINK you paid?

CS: You seem to be obsessed wiht this question. Are you some kind of hater?

He does not answer questions. He merely extends the amount of timne available to ask them.

flailing forward said...

@ anon 2:30
You nailed it.

FMW said...

"Huge thanks to fast and accurate transcription by Chris Naaden of"

That's the person who transcribed KC's first fraudcast.
KC's transcription company owner was featured on Another F@cked Borower's Blog as a BK survivor.
Just saying if it is him he has a blog trail. GTG read the rest of the thread.

R-Boy said...

Not him.

It's morning on the EC. I expect to hear from some folks today. Main goals today is to finish gathering all important information including the latest publisher's rant.

If someone can please take a screenshot(s) of the page and send em to caseyserininfo AT yahoo, I would appreciate that help.

I will be in meetings most of this morning. By lunchtime, I anticipate fireworks

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

@r-boy, I've just sent you a copy of the page in PDF format. It's far too long for a screenshot (at least with my current skillz™). Hope that is of use.

Rob Dawg said...

G'day mates. Good to see you all survived the night of holding our breath. As winter is fast approaching you'll need a new way of keeping warm. Huddle close but not too close as we are gonna have us a book burning and the fires of hate can burn hot.

R-Boy said...

Thanks NDWSE

flailing forward said...

No offense, but the way you guys are hyping this up, if something spectacular doesn't happen you're going to look like Geraldo on the The Secrets of Al Capone's Vault.

flailing forward said...

And speaking of gangsters, and since I know that there are a lot of depressed Soprano's fans here, there may be a real mob war brewing. Roberto Decicco survived a hit on Tuesday, and Thursday Rudy "Cueball" Izzi got whacked. Any guesses on who gets whacked this week?

flailing forward said...

And one hundred MURST. (Yes, this is cheating.)

Kirk said...

G'day Rob.

I'm a hater, but...

I'm also a little concerned aboutthe vitriol towards KC and the mysterious publisher. Sure, KC can't be trusted and has done more harm than he realizes; if nothing else he's the poster child for what's wrong with the credit and mortgage idustries. However, that shouldn't mean he's not allowed to make a living. I will not be buying the book, but if others do that's their problem.

The recent comments by Dwane and insinuations from Rob indicate that their planning on revealing a lot of dirt on our little ray of sunshine. Guys, if there's some meat there; something terrible, here-to-fore unknown, crime he's committed then I say go for it. On the other hand, if it's just tidbits of details and anger because he screwed over Dwane, then I'd think again. Do you really want to mess up his life just for the sake of doing it? He seems to be able to mess it up all by himself.

The Dude said...

like Geraldo on the The Secrets of Al Capone's Vault.

In the overall scheme of is. That being said, I too, felt the "promise of sweet info" sounded way to 'Casey'.

Anonymous said...

At 11:56 PM, CHJTS

I too live in the same city.... No husband here. Would love you with all my heart until the end of time if you'd have me.


From the girl who is not StephJ

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you guys, Casey's publisher is Bob Young at Lulu (

A huge scam.

Duane LeGate said...


Casey hasnt screwed me over. But he has, in my mind, done much worse.. you will find out soon.

Jean Valjean said...


i think I was able to capture the whole publisher post as a pdf. I'll send it shortly. ( I believe the publisher post was what you were looking for? or was it the front page with all the subject teasers?)


The Dude said...

From one of the top sellers on lulu:
Mary Marshall, a nationally renowned animal communicator, takes readers on a fun-filled trip through the strange and fascinating world of animals. With clarity, humor and candor, she coaches readers in the art of interspecies communication, providing plenty of practical advice and how-to’s for living a more fulfilling life with pets. She shares wisdom learned from ten years of healing animals and people, both physically and emotionally. The author introduces readers to Natalie, the Medicine Horse, an unusual creature who propelled Mary into the realm of spirit and intuition. Natalie’s gifts as a healer and intuitive counselor to humans on subjects such as health, nutrition, spiritual and personal matters, are all revealed. Detailed healing exercises and medicinal uses for crystals, as prescribed by the four-legged shaman, are included for the reader’s reference.

Jeez...if people will buy this crap, they'll buy Snowflake's.

Kirk said...

Duane said: Casey hasnt screwed me over. But he has, in my mind, done much worse.. you will find out soon.

First sorry for misspelling your name, along with the other "typos". What can I say, it's early.

By screwing you over I was referring to wasting your time and not selling the blog to you. I thought there may be some sour grapes there. I stand corrected.

I guess I don't like the idea of kicking a guy when he's down and may just be starting to get up, even if that guy is KC. Then again, I don't know what you know so I'll withhold judgement. Based on your posts you don't appear to be a vindictive person, I hope that holds true when you reveal more information.

flailing forward said...

Not to encourage any more trolling than we already have, but I just want to give credit where it's due to some critics who were actually funny. Namely,

1. The anonymous poster who after Murses complained about there being too many anons, changed his/her name to Annoyamurse. That was funny.
2. The troll at Aspeth's who after I told him to fuck off or something told me to go fuck my avatar, which was Nigel with a BK crown at the time. That was a good comeback. I tip my pomopolous hat to you.
3. In the unintentionally hilarious department, the troll who complained about the lack of substantive discussion here and threatened to take his sweet traffic back to FARK. As we all know, FARK is the spring from which all intelligent discussion on the internet flows forth.

Anyway, these are just three examples of the lofty heights you can achieve as an anti-haterz if you can actually argue your point, say something witty, or be remotely interesting. Also, if you can stop dribbling on yourself and obsessing about Rob Dawg's balls for five seconds that might help.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Rob, Duane, if you have something to say, then say it. At this point you two are no better than Casey and his "Things have been pretty crazy lately".

flailing forward said...

Natalie the Medicine Horse? Yikes.

If there's any doubt remaining whether Lulu is legit, they're actively soliciting anime convention attendees. If that doesn't scream "legitimacy", I don't know what does.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Nevermind, I just saw the front page update, and wow, just wow...