Friday, June 29, 2007

With Apologies to Scott Adams

The real strip is here .
If UFS or Adams asks me to pull this I'll use it as an opportunity to apologize and make Scott aware of Casey. ;-)


Sweet Cashback said...

Hey Dude...nice to be FIRST !

Serin is as Serin does... said...


ratlab said...


Serin is as Serin does... said...

And liverwurst, too!

Sputnik_the_Cat said...




ratlab said...


The Dilbert strip is spot on.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...




Serin is as Serin does... said...

I'm wondering if we can sic Catbert on Snowflake...

Digger said...


Sysiwig said...

When the Casey Serin curiosity factor dies down and he's squeezed every last dime from his blog (his site hits do not justify the ad prices. Drudge Report was making $25,000 a year in 1999 when it was getting 5 million hits a month), he'll have to try to find a real job.

There are two extremes for those who buy or invest in real estate: those who think the market will always go up (Casey), and those who think it's going to collapse and it will be a fire sale (renters and doomers).

The market has bottomed out--the time to buy is now.

Aaron said...

This was forwarded to me this morning. Looks like Casey will be homeless for the remainder of his Aussie adventure:

Hi Casey,

Are you still looking for a place to stay in Sydney? I moved down
here to Woodcroft a few months ago, and I've got an extra room in my
apartment if you want to use it for a few days while you sort out your
situation with the interviews.

You might not remember me at this point, but a while back I was
visiting my parents in the US and offered to record one of your
foreclosure auctions.

Anyway, if you're interested let me know. I swear I'm not creepy :-)



Wow, thanks for the offer. What part of town are you in? Do you have
internet access?

My Australian cell phone number is: 0424 415 051

Please give me your phone number too 'cuz I have limited access to
email right now and would rather give you a quick call.



Hey Casey,

I'm in a small town called Woodcroft about 30 minutes outside of
Sydney. I'm about to head out to work, but here's my home phone
(leave a message): REMOVED.

If you can't get a hold of me, my address is REMOVED in
Woodcroft. You should be able to get directions using Google maps.
Feel free to stop by after 7, I should be home by then. You're more
than welcome to spend the night.


Ok, i will come around 7pm. Thanks a lot!

I should be flying out back to the States Mon or Tue. Will I be able
to stay till then? If not let me know soon. Or if you want to let me
stay for one night and make sure everything goes well before allowing
me more night, that would be fine too.

Again thank you very much



Out of curiosity, I did a google search on your name this afternoon
and came across some sites (, that went into greater detail on why you are here in
Australia. After learning what you've done to your wife, I have no
desire to have you anywhere near my house. What you've been doing to
your family is truly disgusting.

I'm taking back my offer.



don't believe everything you read...

but thanks for the offer anyway

Digger said...

Has anyone else been to Joy odays website. She has some forums on there that have posts by a guy named "Hammermoneyguy"

Interesting to say the least.

She's still passing out the Koolaid pretty thick. I think there is a special place in Hell for folks like her!

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

Property prices here in London rose at an annualised rate of 13.2% in June.


UK: Rise in house prices forecast
Financial Adviser, 21 Jun 2007, p.13:- predicts that annual average house price growth in the UK will reach 4.97% in 2007. The strongest rate of growth of 11.25% will be recorded by Scotland, while house price growth in Northern Ireland will reach 8.12%. Property prices in the south-east of England and London are forecast to rise by 6.16% and 7.96% respectively. House price growth is expected to remain strong despite concerns about the impact of recent interest rate hikes.

Maybe Casey should come to London and Flip a Flat!



Anonymous said...

Casey is taking showers in strange lady's hotel rooms. Wonder what Galina thinks?

Anonymous said...

A concern - Casey's "success" with his blog is based mostly around the fact that he's so irritating to everyone (world's most hated blogger, etc). He needs the "haterz" talking about him to continue to squeeze any money (however small) out of his blog

Casey realized this - most of his posts these days are just deliberate and transparent attempts to upset his critics. Is constantly writing about him (exactly what he wants), a good way to deal with this? I've noticed this blog has shifted from almost exclusively Casey-centric posts to broader topics about real estate - I think this is great and should be encouraged further. You help Casey, albeit indirectly, by writing about him and increasing his exposure, however negative it might be.

I understand the need to coordinate information about Casey, particularly if an individual is gathering information to feed to law enforcement. But if so, a public forum is hardly the place to do it - tipping off Casey that somethign is afoot would defeat the purpose.

Rant over!

Off Topic said...

"We calculated how much prices would have to fall for housing costs (including mortgage payments, property taxes and down payments) to return to each market’s typical ratio of housing costs / income..."

Property Flopper said...

Sysiwig -

Go sell it on the San Diego investors site, they may fall for it. Check your MLS numbers, inventory is growing... rapidly. Prices will continue to fall so long as there is such a surplus. Add to that the growing numbers of panic sellers and reo's, it's not going to be pretty.

Either that or get a new line. Simple quotes of "the time to buy is now!" are meaningless. This group prefers to think a little, not buy slogans. Give us some insight on WHY the bottom has been reached? What numbers / facts support this (and no, mass media being behind is not sufficient - they may be slow in catching on, but the trend is going longer than their lag).

Would love to have a well thougth out debate on the topic... but please bring more to the table than slogans and wishes. I know that's hard to do... all indicators are pointing to a decline in prices, so backing up the cheerful attitude will be tough. Give it a try though...

Beastie said...

Casey royally fugged up on real estate during a downmarket. Any RE investor/agent worth his or her salt can still make money, even during a "down market" period. It's pretty easy, actually.

First, save money on your building materials. A good place to find discounted construction materials, paint, and appliances is at ReStore, the retail outlet of Habitat for Humanity. You can purchase quality used or surplus building materials, doors, lighting fixtures, and hardware for your project at a fraction of the normal price.

If you don't have a ReStore nearby, shop around for an appliance store that offers returned, refurbished, or scratch-and-dent appliances at a discount. If you let it be known that you're in the market for those kinds of items, you may find a store owner who'd rather sell those types of appliances to you rather than writing them off altogether. Ask. You have nothing to lose, and profits to gain--especially during a market downturn.

Another way to sell your house is to research your target buyers and then make sure your project meets what they're looking for. When the market's hot, you can get away with painting the walls white and installing neutral carpet, but when times are tighter, you have to be more creative. If you know your potential buyers, you can tailor your flipping efforts toward attracting them.

Along that same line, don't underestimate the value of staging a house to attract your target buyers and to prompt them to offer top dollar. You don't have to totally furnish it. Just add a few strategic decorations to prompt potential buyers to begin visualizing what their own furnishings would look like in the home.

Finally, it's important to close sales quickly during a down market. If you find someone who really likes the home, don't spend too much time negotiating. The term "buyer's market" means that buyers have the advantage, so when you find someone willing to buy your house, don't try to squeeze out every dollar of profit you can. Take your profit and move on, since you can never be sure when the next offer will come in--and in real estate especially, time truly is money.

It doesn't matter if the market is up or down. You can still make money flipping houses if you plan carefully--and then stick to your plan.

Property Flopper said...

Arron -

We can all hope it's true. Really depends on the source, but it's nice to think it's real.

Beastie said...

@ Property Flopper:

I'm also a little bit skeptical regarding Sysiwig's rosy outlook, I guess only time will tell.

I think a downward adjustment on the interest rate by the Fed will be needed to help the economy and the housing industry, however.

Aaron said...

Has someone tried his number?

0424 415 051

What's the Australia country code?

Serin is as Serin does... said...

AUS country code is 61.

You're welcome! ;)

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

As related to the strip, I've always wondered what I would do if I were to somehow end up with absolutely nothing. Now, at this point I have a graduate degree and a work history with very respectable companies, so I would never end up with *nothing*, but it's still an interesting thought. How to work one's way up from the very bottom, with nothing to your name?

The Real Wagga™ said...

@8:55 AM, Anonymous said.

EN has always been about housing/economics. Focus on kc is just the boil on the ass getting lots of attention, or a trainwreck, for that matter.

Sweet Cashback said...

If that is his real phone you think Cashcall might want to know about it?

Wasn't Snowflake going to call them to find out what they want? Maybe it would be easier if Cashcall called him directly....

Anonymous said...

I just called the number and I spoke to Casey.

I just basically said that I got his cell # from exurbannation and he asked how that got on there, and I simply said "from some email correspondence".

Anyway, it wasn't a prank call, just a sort-of neutral "heads-up", that will probably freak him out right now.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

To dial Casey's number direct from North America, you need to drop the first zero:


Also, it looks like a legit Australian mobile number to me. Correct format, and right number of digits.

Somebody call him!



Serin is as Serin does... said...

Awww, you just called to tip him off? Not even a question on the Utah wrap? No fun!

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

Or you coulda said you were Galina's lawyer, and time how fast he hangs up!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a "hater" but I didn't want to put the fear of God into him by playing some kooky character. I'm far too nervous to pull something like that off.

Knowing his history, he's probably very worried which email correspondence made it out to this site.

It sounded like he was talking from a pub or restaurant, judging from the background noise.

Aaron said...

It's 2:15 in the morning in Sydney. What's our young grasshopper doing up so late?

It must be because he has nowhere to go.

Rob Dawg said...

Go sell it on the San Diego investors site, they may fall for it.

Don't look now but SDCIA is a bunch od Dead Flippers Flopping, Investor Indigestion, Grief Consuling, etc. The place is grim. Or you could get the Broker outlook from Jim the Realtor.

Anonymous said...

The first time he picked up and hang up, seemed like he was in the middle of a conversation....then it just it goes to voicemail......

Anonymous said...

I'm rather surprised that I'm the only one who called him. I did use a calling card so that he couldn't trace the call back to me.

Anyway, I assume it's one of those disposable cell phones that stop working once his minutes are all used up. It's probably a pain in the ass for him to get another.

Anonymous said...

Must be on a hot date with Kim.

Anonymous said...

I think Sysiwig is a troll who is a sissy who wears a wig.

Anonymous said...

so, he has a cellphone and yet couldn't call Cashcall until someone bought him a skype headset? Couldn't call his wife ill someone gave him a skype headset? Does anyone know if that's a pre-paid phone? I would think with a FICO score lower than his IQ they would want a deposit and stuff to set up a normal phone account.

mejustme said...


That's just the kind of great advice Casey was getting on a regular basis for fixing, selling, or renting his houses. He never listened to a word of it!

Everyone else,

Casey can't call his creditors cause he's got no phone, huh??? That little liar.

mejustme said...

Oh, c'mon, everybody. If we all call at once he's just gonna toss it in the garbage. Easy come, easy go, ya know? Let's show a little restraint.

Anonymous said...

I am sure he is going to cry-baby again because the Haterz keep hindering him in his sweet-deals. He might need this phone to work on his male escort service!

Cranky Aussie said...


It IS Casey's number!

I gotta say, I was skeptical that it would be true,so I just rang it. It went to his voicemail service. Definitely him.

Methinks it'll he won't be answering his phone for the forseeable future.

Damn us Haterz. He's probably expecting some calls about Sweet Deals too.

Beastie said...

@ mejustme:

The problem with Casey is that he was grossly incompetent. A sh*t monkey could have done a better job than him.

A housing-price drop doesn't have to be bad for everyone. In fact, many canny real-estate investors have been hoping for just such a hit.

You can make a fortune in a falling market, you do it by buying low. Investors can build up rental property portfolios more easily in down markets -- if their initial pay out is smaller, they can more likely turn a profit on rents.

You always want an investment property to make money from the get-go -- always, always, always.

That means that rents must exceed expenses every month. It's even more important when prices are falling than when they're going up.

If you don't buy a rental right, by the time you pay the maintenance, insurance, taxes, and everything else, you won't have any money.

Anonymous said...

If it is ringing off of the hook maybe that will limit his "sweet" deals.

Lord Have Murses said...

Has anyone brought the Kim hotel shower situation to Galina's attention yet?

The only reason he would be taking a shower in her room is if he had to wash Kim's juices off his cock.

Or maybe wash Kim's piss off his body... he seems to be the kind of guy who likes to get owned by women.

LossMitPro said...

Just a little tidbit from some industry news sources, somewhat relative to the topic at hand. Nonetheless, here it is FYI:

”Bankruptcy filings rose 66 percent in the first quarter, suggesting the beginning of a return to filing totals that were set before Congress changed bankruptcy laws nearly two years ago.

“There were 193,641 bankruptcy filings in the first quarter, up from 116,771 filings in the same period a year ago, and the highest number of any quarter in the 12-month period ending March 31, the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts announced yesterday.”


Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Might I add, post of the day will have to be that conversation with Casey.

I can say the was not his idea and he was pretty upset at first and is still upset that it was registered so soon. I also heard from someone that he's further upset that Marty isn't transfering that or the other domains he bought "to protect him" over to Casey.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Just out of sheer curiousity and boredom, can a spouse declare bankruptcy, alone? Like, for instance, if a husband ran off to Reno with a local bar girl and set up house, could the wife declare BK on marital assets? Especially if she had an income she wanted to protect?

Just theoretical, of course, call it idle speculation on a lazy Friday morning.

Anonymous said...


Like everything else from our Gov't. Punch Serin in the search on the home page and it 404s. How much of my tax dollars are going to this?


Property Flopper said...

Aw... missed great opportunity. Casey won't answer the phone now... should have used this better.

Imagine that first call came from Rob. Or CashCall. Or Galina...

I know it's fun to call him, but the next time a juicy thing like that falls into various laps, use is wisely. :)

LossMitPro said...

@ Mouse and Pencil:

To answer your question, yes, a spouse can (and sometimes should) file BK exclusive from the other. Having said that many bankruptcy lawyers will recommend filing jointly when possible, but a spouse COULD file separately for either tactical or practical reasons.

From experience I can tell you that a single spouse BK filing drives creditors bonkers, because collections is thwarted and/or delayed most of the time (until the dust settles). Yet collections against the spouse that DID NOT declare BK can still continue.

@ Property Flopper:

I hear ya. I’ve had the number now since shortly after Casey arrived in OZ and was saving it for later today (have to give Casey effective notices about next week). But hey, there’s always voicemail! ;)


Sharky said...

Litte Miss "Supporter" must REALLY like the Kangatard.

Or she's a "pro".

Good rule of thumb after a one night stand, fellas:

Wash your dick in the sink...if you take a shower, you remove your pants.
And that's where your WALLET usually is, dummies!

Ain't love GRAND?

(Listen to ole Sharky...he won't steer ya long as you don't piss him off).

Sharky Fan said...

You Go Girl!!!

Anonymous said...


I agree! You are a scary mother fucker(LOL) I don't think you would just leave those people chained and starving in your cold damp basement.

You sound like you would have them all neatly carved, packaged and stored in the freezer next to the little critters that I belive you DO torture and kill for your supper.(LOL)

The Casey saga attracts a strange group of people(a FEW intellectuals; PLENTY of psychos, losers, nerds, geeks, jerks, housewives, closet gays, neglected wives, lonely female single parents;a ghetto biyaatch;etc.) An analysis of the audience alone would be a great movie(LOL)

Nick from Canada said...

Has anybody thought of giving casscall, credtard's phone number in OZ.

Just a thought

hehehehehehehe ;-)

Anonymous said...

Voicemail counts towards pre-paid cell minutes....

Sharky said...

@Sharky Fan:

Yo, To-beee!

@ Anon:

"You sound like you would have them all neatly carved, packaged and stored in the freezer next to the little critters that I belive you DO torture and kill for your supper."

How ya like that there jerky, pilgrim?

Sharky said...


No matter...the Freakz seem to like it.

(Ain't like they got much choice)