Thursday, June 21, 2007


Of course there are no winners. Trolls are already loosers so to their small horizons that looks like leveling the field. Watching the mutual masterbation society stroke their best and come up empty doesn't mean the spectacle wasn't disgusting in and of itself. I'm watching a wicked thunderstorm right now. Wunderground radar or BOX should show it. The parallels are equally fascinating. Most gratifying was that no one fell for the tricks. The repetition got nothing more than "boring." The personal attacks tiresome and ineffectual. The pretending to be reasonable transparent. On and on. The Dark Crystal will heal. The Skeksis will ascend.


Aspeth said...


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

FIRST to post on this 600 post thread to be!

Aspeth said...



FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Is that a TIE????
te he

Serin is as Serin does... said...


OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Just ignore the trolls.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Mwahahahaha! Beat you both!

Rob Dawg said...

I am sorely tempted to propose a tie breaking contest with me as referee but better judgement makes me chant "I'm a married dawg, I'm a married dawg..." until the suggestion passes.

soem dood said...

Only names!

I feel at home again!

[group hug]

Sharky said...

Let's see if Toby the Comment Coolie passes this:


"CashCall is just using scare tactics."

Ah-yup...that's what they're known for...just like we told you. Remember that? Check your own archives.

"They can’t do much from what I’m told."

Told by whom, hobbit? That aborigine playing the didjeridoo behind the grocery store?

If they can't intimidate you into paying them what YOU owe them, then they'll do what they CAN, and I don't think you'd like that one little bit.

"I just don’t like people trying to bully me and my family around. "

You'd better get used to it, youngster. That's what you signed up for when you signed their agreement, took their money, and didn't pay up when you were supposed to...and then "forgot" to send in their payment plan paperwork...and didn't pay up...and then bought penny stocks...and didn't pay up...and then took off to Australia...and haven't paid them.

You're a deadbeat, buster.
Harrasment from Cashcall is child's play.

You DO understand that people have been murdered for doing what you've done, right?

Popped in the head with a small-caliber weapon and then a rolled up Franklin stuffed up the stiff's nostril.
(Signals to the Fuzz that it was "business" not pleasure).

You better get your mind right, boy-o. Seriously.

One of these days you're going to cross the wrong people, and then when you learn that your fun and games don't cut it, it'll be a lesson that you'll never recover from, see?

But tell us about Love, kid...what does it mean? Where does it go?

And tell us about Betrayal.

asw: silver

(How appropriate...Judas' currency)

STFU FMW said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
soem dood said...

Troll FMW-clone:


You can't get your 0.12 cents by cut-n-pasting. Even Marty has rules, ya know!

(I giggle just thinking about that, given his er...ah... 'methods' of "driving traffic" [snort] )

Hey Sharky... said...


Whats with your obsession with our lil "hobbit?" I smell pedophile. You are a sick fuck.

Serin is as Serin does... said...


You know, you'd think our little hobbit would grok that concept a lot better than most, having come from the former Soviet Union, and Uzbekistan in particular. Loan sharks aren't quite as nice, subtle, or afraid of the fuzz over there. Maybe someone needs to send him a one-way ticket back home to Tashkent, so he can see how well his tricks play there? Or to St. Petersburg, so he can see how well Mother Russia's version of CashCall extracts payment from deadbeats?

Just a thought.

soem dood said...

C'mon, Troll FMW-clone:

It is kinda no fun having to troll for money when you lose interest and have to write your own material, 'cause you ran out of script, isn't it?

Marty needs to give you guys better pay, better tools, and better scripts. You ever watch Glenngary Glenn Ross? "Leads! We need Leads!"

How does Marty expect you guys to make do with the crap he gives you? Really?

Rob Dawg said...

N.B. If the underage exploitation post appears again I will not delete it. Consider carefully what that means. The last time that happened here Google responded.

soem dood said...

Troll FMW-clone:

You there?

Or, are ya gonna have to revert back to plain 'anon', 'cause it is more slippery?

I hear Rosie is payin' 0.14 cents to troll her ex-buds on "The View", that has to be a better rate and prospect than Marty, right?

soem dood said...

As previously noted, Casey's:

"They can’t do much from what I’m told. Which doesn’t mean I will not pay them back. I just don’t like people trying to bully me and my family around."

is whistling past the graveyard.

Casey, you gotta pay to play.

And you can pay now, or you can pay later, but sooner or later...

Serin is as Serin does... said...

*sigh* And I thought we could go half an hour w/o a troll. Guess it's time to bond w/my scroll wheel over another thread.

LOL said...

Interesting that someone from Melbourne AU was visiting during the trolling................we can see you Casey

The Dude said...


You missed should have said "The great conjunction comes...and what was severed and undone..."

Rob Dawg said...

*sigh* And I thought we could go half an hour w/o a troll. Guess it's time to bond w/my scroll wheel over another thread.

The trolls are exausted. They never had nothing. Now even they know it. I can't wait for tomorrow's Alexa sub-report on repeat sources.

The Dude said...

Now that things have settle down a little....for your viewing pleasure:

When G realized she married a looser

Rob Dawg said...

the dude said...

You missed should have said "The great conjunction comes...and what was severed and undone..."

I got a rep. This would be one boring place if I did al the subtle allegory. You are correct sir and well done. I'll take the small credit for putting up the sign. you deserve the rest for pointing out the theme of this thread.

Anonymous said...


I've enjoyed your posts for a long time. The one you copied at the top of this thread is very, very good.

Anonymous said...


Two things.

1) Set so only registered users can post. Most of us regulars are already registered, so it won't be a pain for us. For the others, registration takes about 30 seconds. It sucks, but it will weed out the trolls who will quickly tire of having to re-register each time they want to spam.

2) Please quite scraping jpegs from other servers. Blogger allows you to post photos. Nab the photo you want, save it on your hard drive, then add it to your post when you are writing it.


BTW Casey, how long before the money you "borrowed" from your corporate account for your around the world vacation runs out?

Sharky said...

Serin is as Serin does:

" Loan sharks aren't quite as nice, subtle, or afraid of the fuzz over there."

Hell, man...they ARE the Fuzz!

"Awww, gee...that's too, TOO, bad! But hey, at least I got a Franklin for finding the meat.
I'll tell the Dicks that it was a "homo-cide".
Once the outfit knows that I play ball, they might dump a few more "Baltimore Fortune Cookies" on my beat."

Hey...what can I say? I've known people...

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Melbourne AU visitor you see is me - I'm definitely not casey, but I've been following the story and lurking on EN for months..

Melbourne is a little lower down the east coast than where I expect Casey is now (he was talking Sydney, Brisbane, etc) so I doubt we'll see him here - thank god.

Best place for him to go is back home to his wife/family. We definitely don't need him here.

LOL said...


I am no Casey Fan but I remember exactly this type of behavior from Casey haterz over the past 9 months or more. That is why he is moderating and his progress is slowed.

Rob Dawg, You made EN "Haterz Grand Central" and then you protest?

Haterz have said worst about Casey, Galina, Casey's Family, infact EVERYONE associated with Casey. See how it feels? If you don't care then I guess Casey does not care either.


So I guess some of you deserve to feel some heat because of YOUR associations. Just think if they knew who you were in the real world. That would be a hoot. Now THAT story would be on all media:


Watch your back all of you. Looks like there is some muscle on your ass. Start cleaning out your closets and covering your trails. "The storms a coming." LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Immigration have a responsibility to ensure best possible that people ain't going to come here and work without permit or just stay etc.
Coming in without a return ticket will immediately have you within target groups and you may well be quizzed as to your intentions and funding.
If you have the intent of arriving at point A and just wanting to take your time getting as far about the country as possible and then book an out ticket, and can support that intent with even the most basic scribbled agenda of areas/countries you want to visit and can show bank account statements or other evidence of funds you could be OK.

If you turn up looking scruffy and down and out and nervous and without some show of funds, you could be in for a grilling and be well done before being sent on your way back.

>>> So how did Casey get in?

Anonymous said...


Schnapps said...

Methinks the supporterz and trolls doth protest too much.

Buy that vowel, supporterz and trolls; there are two "e"'s in foreclosure.

The Dude said...


I missed the quote...blame it on 25 years of faded memory. It's "sundered and undone". My bad...

However, the complete quote is:
What was sundered and undone shall be whole - the two made one.

A broken heart is healed?

Schnapps said...


Are the three suns aligned?

HurtMe said...

The Dude...

Completely off-topic, thanks for the TrunkMonkey reminder. Those were/are hilarious. I didn't know that they'd made more beyond the first three.

If Casey had a vehicle equipped with a TrunkMonkey, the monkey would probably beat the stuffing out him the first time he took it for a drive.


Sharky said...

Anyone here been to Bombay?

I hate the place, frankly, but chops are due for how they keep the hoi-polloi from loitering around the public restrooms in their parks.

Between the mens and ladies loos, they had a tree...big sumbitch, too.

And chained to the tree was a monkey.

A monkey's favorite missile is his own fecal matter, and he was chained such that the entrances were j-u-s-t within his range, although not necessarily his accuracy.

As a result, folks would rush in, do their thing, and then scoot the fuck out.

I'm wondering if that monkey retired, and if he did, would they consider Fucktard for the gig.

His irritatingly kooky little demeanor would accomplish much the same aims

perhaps too well, and the proles would start craping in the bushes...

The Dude said...

A local agency in Portland came up with that campaign and it's grown to cult-like status. It was, and still is, hilarious.

They did a total of 8. My favorite is "Thrown off a bridge"....who wouldn't enjoy watching a car thief get whacked and thrown into the river. A close second is "Chaperone".

At first I thought Casey could apply for a job as a Trunk Monkey, but that's too close to being a looser W-2 job.

What I think we should do is take the theme and come up with a "Loan Fraud Monkey" campaign.....think of the possibilites!

Anonymous said...

congrats casey!

you are #1 on google for "foreclosure douche"!!!!


Rob Dawg said...

Rob Dawg, You made EN "Haterz Grand Central" and then you protest?

Well, I'd prefer it not be this way but I know that like tertiary syphillis this will burn itself out. I'm not going to waste breath on protesting. That's what the tinymindz™ want. They have an infinite resource of banality and lies and bile. Better that I just keep the crap off the walls and stay on topics. That's where they are beat and they know it. They can't pretend to be civil or intelligent and quickly tire of those issues.

Sharky said...

The Dude:

Here ya go....The CashCall Monkey:

YOU write the checks, or WE press the buttons!

Anonymous said...

Casey is only #8 on google for "Foreclosure Jackass" :(

Post more Galina email! How about a KC Photoshop contest?

Sharky said...

By the way:

I found it very interesting that on the last thread, amidst the sturm un drang of the Attack of the Zombie-bots, we managed to have a fairly rational discussion
about exurbia and economic trends,

And only ONE "Anonymous" saw fit to make any troll on the subject, and that post could conceivably have been an honest counterpoint.

But mention Snowfake...


Kinda gave your game away there, orcs.

Ahh well, I s'pose that your MasterMarty has to toss his money away on SOMETHING, huh?

Anyway, it's on the record now...

Other said...

Naïveté :a French loanword indicating the state of lacking experience, understanding or sophistication.

The regulars @ EN have shown and continue to show their naïveté when it comes to dealing with trolls.

That is precisely why the Trolls enjoy EN so much.

Lou Minatti said...

I think Casey is gone for good. We'll probably hear about him in a few years in a small news article about some expats getting busted in Thailand for something. Why would he return? There's no benefit to returning to SacTown. It's only misery (mursery) there.

Then again, my track record on Casey speculation sucks. I was convinced he was back in SacTown.

Anonymous said...

Validated info:

a certain company will be delievering papers to G and others soon. All I can say, is the company is based out of Fountain Valley.

Casey, is Marty going to pay your legal bills?

Marty, how'd that teleseminar go? Do they have anything about defending yourself in infringement lawsuits?

Roastbeef said...

Well this finally prompted me to get an ID and give up my life of anonymous posting....

I happen to disagree with Lou, the only way Casey will be gone for good is when he's pushing up daisies. His addiction to attention won't allow him to slink off into obscurity.

The Dude said...


Dunno....maybe Lou's on to something. If Snowflake had any sense, that's where he'd head. It's cheap, safe, a stable economy, and fairly modern in comparison to it's neighbors. Talk about getting lost...he'd be invisible. He could pop into an internet cafe, bait Haterz, and then drop back out of sight.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Uh...I might have missed something but has anyone else noticed the YahooAds are missing?

I guess slick-Marty's paid bots got busted with click-fraud.

Casey just can't stay away from fraud.

The Dude said...

Speaking of links and clicks....

I wonder if Snowflake would sell me a premium slot. I'd make it link to CaseyPedia. If itsallgood, then he shouldn't mind.

Anonymous said...

@Sharky -
Anyone here been to Bombay? I hate the place, frankly, but chops are due for how they keep the hoi-polloi from loitering around the public restrooms in their parks.

I don't know about that monkey chained to a tree anecdote. Sounds apocryphal to me. I have been to Mumbai (in '04) and 1) there aren't that many public restrooms (unless you count the open drainage ditches that run by the sides of the roads, or just about any open field) & 2) there are not enough monkeys nor enough trees to chain them to to keep 10 million people away from their half-dozen public loos. General practice India-wide is to basically go wherever you have to go and everyone tends to look the other way ignoring the signs that read "Commit no public nuisance." I think Fliptard would have a fun time in India. You can live much more cheaply than in Australia.

The Wench said...

Hey Donkey -

You are so right about the Yahoo ads - they are gone! Not only that, but it looks like douchebag added 5 new sweet links but lost 6!!

So much for this crap that he was spewing:

"Yes, as you can see, I decided to expand the Sweet Link section to 25 spots. There was so much demand that even with at higher price of $150/mo I still had too many people wanting a spot."

Bemused Guy said...

::wipes sleep from eyes::

Morning folks. Thought I'd check in before taking a few days off. Looks like y'all had a busy night.

Regarding the lat thread, wasn't it on EN months ago that someone posted a story about a Ca couple who tried to go off he grid AND have their super solar collecter give credits BACK to the power company? The gist was it took a court order for the power company to comply with the laws that allow this. Unbelievable! Makes me think there's no hope for ever going off a grid easily.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Fliptard would do anything for a buck so I'm sure he'd gladly take your money.

They have to be pretty desperate.

I listened to the rest of the audio today. I wish I had those 8 hours back. I wish I could keep track of all the opportunities Casey screwed up.

Sadly, I think Marty is doing a good enough job screwing up this opportuntity for him.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Regarding Thailand, it is a possibility but in the last few months they've been cracking down on the kind of immigrant who just turns up and starts living there. It used to be the case you could get by on back-to-back tourist visas, but no more. Enterprising persons can still find ways round this, but it requires a certain degree of planning and organisation.

Nevertheless for an enterprising young man there are lots of opportunities for making sweet passive income, as the guy in this Youtube video explains.

Bemused Guy said...

Thanks again to the techies who tried to help me get my google to appear in English. No joy. Will play with this next week.

I don't want to start it up so I will not mention He Who Must Not Be Named since that seems to alert his sleeping t-r-o-l-l-s. Funny how they tried to derail the threads by trying to make the regularz seem like anti-gay bigots & racists. Very bemusing to see them schooled by the very minorities they were "protecting!" Ha! I love the cleverness of the real EN.

As always, I remain bemused by "deep pocket guys." But there is something a little disturbing about men who have to posture and develop all that recent crap. What a sad "businessman." Loses control of his links & property online, resorts to infantile spamming when any halfwit who has read old posts know that this group of posters only dig in deeper when threatened. He'd probably do better as a bouncer at Mustang Ranch.

OK - time to load up the car, put the top down & head to Tuscany. It's going to be a bright beautful weekend. Enjoy yours!

Akubi said...

And I had a special Absolutely True Story about fucking a pizza delivery guy and a 300lb girl for the trolls. Oh well, I'll save the details for another trollfest.

NotAnOptimist said...

@bemused guy
Tuscany, eh? I'm jealous. I have this sudden urge to go jetsetting... dammit Casey, why can't I be more like you? ... oh, it's because I'm responsible. I'm such a looser.

Sharky said...


I was there in '94. In and out.

The park with the shitter-monkey was around the corner and down the block from a rather high end hotel.
Lotsa touristy kitsch stores around the greensward.

(I bought a chess set)

Way overdone Gucci and Prado trap...I'm sure you know the type of joint.(the hotel).

The place only served Indian domestic beers and whiskeys which were the (bar none) worst plonk and rotgut I've ever tasted...and I've gotten blotto on Suntory Japanese kerosene/scotch and Anker Indonesian formaldehyde-laced "headache of the Gods" beer.

The hotel barber shop gave good haircut and shave, though.

They complimented me on my beard,(which wasn't a big accomplishment, just stopped shaving, but seemed a rather clever way to try and establish rapport).

We'd been warned about their whack Customs practices, so everything was purchased on plastic, (yeah, the Hobbit would love THAT, huh?).

Main thing that stuck in my mind was that Bubonic Plague outbreak occurred in the Northwest shortly after we left...

And, the fact that these folks had nuclear weapons, but hadn't yet got a handle on indoor plumbing and municipal wastewater systems.

Like I said...not my cuppa tea, but everywhere's got SOME strong points, huh?

Bemused Guy said...

One thing the tard hasn't learned. One can travel quite nicely courtesy of a W2. I could never imagine having to beg for money or ask someone to buy me things.

Good Lord! I know some people aren't that fortunate & do need help but it kills me when someone like the tard embraces that lifestyle. They are annoying but we should acknowledge that even the trolls-for-pay are actually working at something.

Sharky said...

Gold Star for Alabama Donkey!

Well now...that 'splains the Attack of the Zombie-bots, doesn't it?

All those Stewart Schmucks losing their cushy "click-a-link" gigs.

Hope you palookas didn't troll EN for free, kids.

Don't ya know that Master Marty has "deep pockets"?

Make him at least pay youse a premium for actually having to type coherent sentences.

Y'all got Skillz...and should be paid more than just for clicky-flicky.

And if he stiffs ya, y'all call ole Sharky...I know some Union people, and we'll get y'all some rep-ree-zent-ay-shun!

NotAnOptimist said...

@Bemused Guy
Couldn't agree more-- I have pride, and a lot of it. Am currently saving up for a down payment (yes Casey, I know that's a foreign concept to you) so I'm putting off traveling for the moment. I also don't have a clear idea of where to go... I figure I'll just end up wandering about aimlessly.

The Wench said...

Woo Hoo! Took 9 months but I am finally a living breathing registered cyberbeing! Any chance of a Sharkcast or Fraudcast tomorrow nite?

serinitis said...

@Sharky 8:22 PM

There is a serious problem with your plan. Chaining Casey to the tree would encourage people to throw their own fecal matter at him

serinitis said...

@Sharky 8:22 PM

There is a serious problem with your plan. Chaining Casey to the tree would encourage people to throw their own fecal matter at him

The Wench said...

Why is there a trashcan under my post dammit! i can't get no respect any freakin where I go!!!

The Wench said...

freakin respect dammit!!!!!!!!

NotAnOptimist said...

I think my fecal matter would hurl at the thought of being anywhere remotely near Casey Serin's person.

Stephanie J. said...

HaterzCast is on for Tomorrow @ 5:30 (pacific) and 8:30 (atlantic) PM of course.

Johnny B. Good said...

Casey is only #8 on google for "Foreclosure Jackass" :(

Yes, but 'Twelve Years Of Being Annoyed By Chloe Sevigny' is number one for that..... even better.

Casey is #1 for:

Foreclosure moron
Foreclosure monkey
Foreclosure stupid
Foreclosure fool
Foreclosure dimwit
Foreclosure Poster Boy
Foreclosure lunkhead
Foreclosure mental defective

He does not even rank in the top 10 for Foreclosure divorce. We will need to look into that.

eebee said...

8:26 Anonymous: And he's #2 also for "foreclosure douche." Organic!

lurker said...


A suggestion:

Have a sticky post up top that summarizes what's going on (latest happenings) as well as a short summary for newbies. Be sure to mention what we think of the upcoming book (that out to rile Marty before his book release), especially if it comes up #1 for "foreclosure code"

@Lawnmower Man
Arent' the direct links on Caseypedia to IAFF giving it SEO weight? If so, can't we get around that somehow?

2boysmama said...

finally listend to jon ronson's interview. That was hilarious. Especially about how "he could sympathize with KC b/c it was so easy to get into his position. Well not really easy, b/c he had to lie and go into $2.2 million in debt. But metaphorically speaking its easy" HA!

Do ya think KC knows a 2 dollar word like metaphorically?

NotAnOptimist said...

He'd probably spell it "metaforkley".

Anonymous said...

Error on Caseypedia

The error is actually one that Casey makes, but is repeated without comment on Caseypedia.

The house in Durham,NC that KC "wholesaled". He paid the seller $100 to get the house under contract. He then sold the contract for $500. That is a $400 profit in my books (it is only a $500 profit if you are using KCMath®)

NotAnOptimist said...

@Anon 10:49
Thanks for pointing that out; I hope that this meets with your approval.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Miguel -- Thank you sooo much for the transcript of the Beeb interview. It certainly made me chuckle.

The best part for me was when Jon Ronson said "The other thing that slightly annoyed people was one way of dealing with the $170,000 debt was to go to Lake Tahoe and do some blue-sky thinking, which seemed to be kind of... an excessively expensive way to... I mean, why couldn't you just think about it in your room? Why did you have to go to Lake Tahoe to think about it?"


As for the Wunderkind's latest trolling, would "I just don’t like people trying to bully me and my family around"
be Serin-speak for "I just don't like people trying to stop me bullying my family around"?

lawnmower man said...

@lurker: Arent' the direct links on Caseypedia to IAFF giving it SEO weight?

Nope. A quick View Source confirms that all links from CaseyPedia are rel="nofollow" -- for the nontechnical, that means "no Google juice".

Obi Wan Trollobi said...

You fools don't know what real trolling is.

Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

The word is "losers" dammit. Does nobody on the Net know how to spell this word? "LOSERS"!!

/spelling nazi

WeWantTheFunk said...


The Dude said...


Only amature loosers spell loser w/o two o's. Here's a hint....go back and read a few thousand pages of the KC saga and you'll realize what a looser you truly are.

Anonymous said...

"Only amature loosers spell loser w/o two o's. Here's a hint....go back and read a few thousand pages of the KC saga and you'll realize what a looser you truly are."

This was a test of the emergency trollcasting system. If this had been a real troll, The Dude probably still would have fallen for it.

And then blamed it on Marty.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled trollcasting.

Anonymous said...

It's amateur you looser :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Obi Wan Trollobi:

Who is the bigger troll: the troll, or the troll that follows him?

king friday the 13th said...

>> rel="nofollow"

and that is precisely why Google has not removed his site from it's indices yet. My friends at Google tell me as long as rel="nofollow", Goggle tends to look the other way w.r.t. paid links. But, they *are* watching IAFF, and if this changes, IAFF will be removed from Google indices in short order.

Hopefully, we can mention that to Casey's advertisers.

oh, I see my friends at Yahoo took care of business too.

See Casey, lots of smart people work very hard to build good search engines. We have dedicated large portions of our life to our educations and careers. We are annoyed that we have to waste our time fighting scumbags like Marty and their ilk. But, that's life.

oh, and Marty, I would change your name if you want a future in "Internet Marketing", or whatever the hell you do. Because, Google and Yahoo are now onto you. Wish I could be more specific.

sid_finster said...


cinse i have been trolled a few time i might as well register.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

and that is precisely why Google has not removed his site from it's indices yet. My friends at Google tell me as long as rel="nofollow", Goggle tends to look the other way w.r.t. paid links.

IAFF doesn't have rel=nofollow for the paid links. You should tell your friend at google about this.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Just signed up too. Wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of the trollz.

The Dude said...

It's amateur you looser :-)

Another amature looser who obviously hasn't seen Casey's sweet Web Design Services Ad. And I quote from it...."Don't choose amatures".

king friday the 13th said...


I have egg on my face. I talked to a friend at Google about IAFF and he said what Casey was doing was "okay", and then gave me a spiel about rel="nofollow". So, I assumed A implied B.

I looked at the source, and you are right. So, I'll bug them this weekend about whether selling links for SEO is okay.

I honestly remember why I turned down a job offer from them...

Broward Horne said...

"All I can say, is the company is based out of Fountain Valley."

Ahh, interesting. I wondered who in Fountain Valley was hitting my website so much. I guess I know now.

It's sad that Marty is such an unethical piece of shit. I wonder if he even knew took any classes on computers, software or IT. I doubt it.

Broward Horne said...

"I honestly remember why I turned down a job offer from them... "

Interesting. I never had an explicit job offer, just people who urged me to apply and wanted to sponsor me...

Did you ever have that happen, Marty? Do you know anyone at Google that respects you enough to recommend you for a job, and then had the thrill of turning it down?

Didn't think so.

Miguel said...

Miguel -- Thank you sooo much for the transcript of the Beeb interview. It certainly made me chuckle.

And me - that was the most enjoyable Casey transcription job I've done by a country mile.

It's an absolute model of the form: Ronson had clearly done his homework and knew exactly which buttons to press, and the comic timing was just exquisite. I think my single favourite bit was the seamless transition from the narrated:

"The courses Casey attended said flipping is a foolproof way to get rich quick - as long as you don't do anything stupid, like lie to get the bank loans."

to the direct question:

"You lied to get the loans to buy the properties, is that right?"

Miguel said...

...and if nothing else, the use of the Talking Heads song was truly inspired: not just the choice of it in the first place, but the brilliantly-timed excerpts.

"And you may ask yourself/My God - what have I done!"

Anonymous said...

Q&A with the world's most hated blogger:

It only has 14 views, so I'm guessing it hasn't been posted here yet.

WeWantTheFunk said...

The YouTube clip.

All linkified n' shit.

Anonymous said...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Rob Dawg,
Did I have a nasty Sock Puppet?
Bad trolling doesn't work with my flying monkey warrior handle, the handle is a jokesters name, nastiness just doesn't FIT.
FMW is is a Joke, and the joke is on the Red Herring Trolls.
Now, my monkey's alter ego, the Witch with a B, well let's just say, she has Trolls for lunch.
MMMM, tasty. I think FF likes to play with his food first.

Endgame said...

Casey would realize the monkey was flinging recycled wheatgrass and yell


Endgame said...

And Casey wouldn't really care what the monkey was throwing at him, as long as the monkey was paying attention to him.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ The Dude,
RE: Loan Fraud Monkey
Monkey's are honest people, don't insult the monkeys.
te he

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

How about a KC Photoshop contest
Oh, yes too funny. If it gets posted on IAFF we can threaten copyright infringement on intellectual property.

@ Dude,
Where did you get my sisters wedding pic?
te he

Red said...

Just got through that last trollfest. So glad to see things are calmer now.

Oh, and I wanted to out myself, on IAFF I am Jin :>)