Monday, June 25, 2007

Guess the "Wishing Price" 2

Welcome back anxious home shoppers. Today we have an outstanding offer for you. Remember, this is a game. No fair cheating at least until we get a few guesses.

Oh, who am I kidding? Here is the listing and here is the Zillow reference.


The Dude said...


The Dude said...

Sorry.....a moment of weakness

Dan said...

I mentioned right at the end of the comments on the last post that MOCHA is probably the new comment moderator at IAFF...discuss.

The Dude said...

Can't be Mocha....Casey said the Mod was a she

Dan said...

It may not be a woman, but it did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

TK said...

Casey, in his Naive Christian way believes Mocha IS a she. I think it is Mocha.

LossMit- Where do you stand with Marty? Or your other litigation? Can you comment? How is G doing?

This story will become more entertaining when Casey runs out of things to do down there (I'm surprised he's lasted this long) and comes home.

Duane can you comment on how things are on the homefront in W Sac?

Anonymous said...

so far 0$ on IAFB

auction ends in 2.5 hours

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Okay, the house is staged, Ms. Gay has never heard of Zillow and the sellers are either on crack or do not know that the bubble has burst.

AND @ Dan and The Dude,
Mocha's gansta grammar would not account for the ability for her to properly moderate any thing, IMO. It may account for her in-ability to moderate IAFF. No way is she a medical student, imo, but I ain't nobody.

Anonymous said...

So now he is proud to leave Galina with all the bills!! He doesn't have to listen to the calls? Well, Yulia does!!

He's definitely not welcome back matter how much money he bring back!!

I hope an Aussie gang smacks his azz around and feeds him to the crocs.....with pictures to show of course!!

Lazy rat bastard deserves the worst!!

The Dude said...

For some reason, when I go to I end up at

CHJTS said...

At 10:05 AM, LossMitPro said...
KC @ 9:57 AM:
”… we have Mark aka lossmitpro aka law school dropout who has made at least 50 lawsuit threats in the past month.”

Never went to law school. Only 50 threats, gee thought there’d be at least a count of 100 or more? Oh well anyone who knows me realizes I’m all bluff, can’t walk the talk, and just enjoy the threat thang. ;)

~Mark the makeup haterzcast yesterday...I said that most people that get email through says You've got mail.

I said in your case when you get email it says "You've got a lawsuit".

Anonymous said...

Is it now mandatory that Paypal report all money going to accounts also be reported to the IRS?

I think this is the only way that will stop Casey at this point!!

lulubear said...

I'll have to remember that classical music and cheesy ppt shows will allow me to greatly over-inflate the price of my house.

Anonymous said...

That house will not sell soon. No one is being too many places out in the hills that can't be sold anyways.

What's in Ione? A prison, a lumbermill, a downtown like Mayberry? It's another goldmining town that people pass through to get to nicer goldmining towns.

Bay Area people aren't going to pay that much when they can get a place in Stockton for much less anyways.

Lost Cause said...

Hey -- I just got back from a trip across California, and I could not help noticing something in the 13 hour drive. Sure, they are not making any more land here. But if there is a land shortage in the 3rd largest state, that must be the reason why real estate is so expensive here. Yet, there is a whole lot of nothing all over this state. I hate to burst your bubble.

Roastbeef said...

Rob Dawg,
Has anyone tried to contact Yulia or Galina about responding to questions from ENers? I'm thinking of a format similar to the way Slashdot used to do it: A thread where posters post questions to be asked and everyone debates which questions are best, then you (or whoever) asks Yulia and Galina, and then their responses are posted into a new thread.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow existing home sales for May comes out. Even given the inaccuracy of NAR's #s, I hear it ain't gonna be good.

The Dude said...

Does anyone have a "master list" of Hater Sites?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Going back to the delightful house Rob found...

WTF -- is the sales history on Zillow for real?

02/28/2006: $499,000
07/26/2002: $220,000
05/14/2001: $27,000
10/21/1993: $12,500

Sure wish I'd been the one to sell in 2002 or 2006...

Roastbeef said...

Re: Ione house
So it's a 3300 sq ft house but the only photos the realtor shows are:
-Two views of a so-so kitchen (but it's got granite! Ooooo, shiny!)
-One view looking up into the sky (need to avoid looking into the back-neighbor's windows!)
-A cramped looking master bedroom
-A nice picture of the current owner's (or stager's) mini-living room et.

Color me not impressed at any price... much less $460k. I can get that view by looking up anywhere.

Northern Renter said...

What really pisses me off about RE agents (and this connects directly to the posting listed in the thread) is the bullshit about interest rates. When the rates go up, the price actually comes down to compensate. I would much rather pay a low price at high rates than a high price at low rates, because rates tend to fluctuate. 5 years later, when the loan gets renewed at a different rate, I'd rather get lower rates for a low price than have to deal with higher rates for a high price place. But the realtors I've encountered at open houses seem to think that if they smile and look smart while spewing BS, they can convince enough sheep. And you can fool all of the people some of the time. But ask Shitflake if that condition lasts permanently.

Just imagine, if rates spike, what that will do to the housing bubble. It will become the hosing bubble (for those of you who speak Canadian).


The Dude said...


02/28/2006: $499,000 current listing
07/26/2002: $220,000 previous sale
05/14/2001: $27,000 land sale
10/21/1993: $12,500 land sale

The Dude said...

@2. Lou Minatti… this IS the trainwreck. Oh wait… let me guess. You’re not happy the train is getting back on track - a success story in the making!! Man, what a hater!

Casey's lame attempt at bitchslapping Lou.
Note to Casey: Not good to poke bear with stick

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thanks Dude.
Ah-hem--silly me, it does say the house was built in 2002. Still, quite a hike from 2002-2006, and a modest $40k haircut on the current asking price. But hey, there's no housing bubble.

Lou Minatti said...

It's probably the angle the picture was taken, but that house doesn't look like a 3300 sq ft house with 5 bedrooms.

Does California have rental places for stagers? If so, what are the rates?

Lou Minatti said...

Ah, I see. It has a basement that can be seen from the rear.

TK said...

Oh my GOD, Casey used the term "Intelligent Design". Ugh.

WeWantTheFunk said...

That does not look like a 3 car garage.

The kitchen countertops are Formica.

And the furniture in those shots is hideous.

ha38349 said...

It features excellent separation between the main level and basement. (The way it's laid out, it's practically two homes in one).
Sounds like it is really just a 1700 sq ft house with a 1600 sq ft finished basement. On a 7000 sq ft lot it really can't be that big in the back.

Lou Minatti said...

Along these same lines, let me present to you the Compton Showcase of Homes!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Am I the only one who finds these flipper kitchens unappealing? The dark colors make the place seem dim, the cabinets don't blend with the rest of the house, and the overall effect is just too sterile for my tastes.

Places like that are meant to be admired by and sold to the other flipperati, not lived in.

TK said...

Lou! Awesome post on Compton homes. Beautiful stuff.

LossMitPro said...

CHJTS @ 11:37 AM:
”I said in your case when you get email it says ‘You've got a lawsuit’.”

Yeah I heard that (listened to the make-up Haterz podcast late last night). And you also said something to the effect of, ‘that boy ain’t happy unless he’s suing someone!’ Well if that’s the case, got anyone in mind? I have been so miserable lately, perhaps a little procedural wrangling will ease my pain?

Speaking of “hurt” spots? Hope yours are subsiding (notwithstanding the drugs you’re taking) as I’m sorry to hear of your apparent inability, to out maneuver 70+ year old drivers. And here I thought sharks were nibble creatures...

I know! Give me an assignment and I’ll sue `um! ;)


Dimes said...

@ Ogg
I agree. But even stark black countertops and black appliances are a slight improvement over the stainless-steel crap you see a lot of places.
I like a cheerier kitchen, with God forbid, a window!

Ogg the Caveman said...

It's quiet and topical today by recent standards. Is Rob Dawg swinging his troll stick, or did they go away on their own?

Akubi said...

Is "flipperati" a new pharase for Caseypedia? As I've watched these "thinking blogger AWARDs" circulate I've wondered what sort of absurd alternate version might be generated. Perhaps a Flipperati Blogger Award?

Other said...

For anyone interested in the current state of RE in the Sacramento area:

....and we are just in the beginning stages of the correction....

Other said...

In addition,
When this one finally sells it will be a comp sale that directly affects me.Same floor plan,same lot size,1/8th of a mile from my place. :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rob Dawg,

Any updates on River Park, Kensington and Aviara Lane? Your website hasn't updated that topic in few months.

Aviara Lane looks like the development to be able to command the highest prices...if they can actually start selling!

Rob Dawg said...

Anon 2:21,
Saw the same request you left two weeks ago on the stats blog whose name escapes me (please correct this heinous insult) just today catching up. Yes, a few updates are scheduled. Kennsington "looks" popular but the County Recorder doesn't seem to agree. I don't know what's happening but it isn't honest. Riverpark continues to stagnate. I'll ask my insiders if they are begging from the city yet. I will be doing an intro Aviara Lane post soon as well.

110 LTV said...

Hey, I guessed $500K. Pretty dang close for a newbie (tho' I have been reading books lately.) The giveaways were "California" and "3300 ft^2."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob.

It was the the Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking blog.

Also, there is a blogger out there who had Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura on a report.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

Could be.

I keep waiting for one of those house flipping shows to come out with a "biggest fuckup of the year" awards show that would recap all of the biggest money-loosing flips from the show and the mistakes that sank them. I'd watch.

Rob Dawg said...

Ogg chiseled,
I keep waiting for one of those house flipping shows to come out with a "biggest fuckup of the year" awards show that would recap all of the biggest money-loosing flips from the show and the mistakes that sank them. I'd watch.

But... Ogg... You are watching. ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

Good catches everyone. Talk about an ugly stepchild. 3300 sf? Puleeze. And the lame staging? And the flipper kitchen? No baths? No bedroom pictures except the one? Just love the overhead wire don't you? And all this in 2002 era quality. Oh, and that isn't a kitchen, that's a kicthen area. The copy should read; "Large condo w/basement. Twice the price and twice as far away as anything comparable."

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Yea, well I think the 2002 price was too high, but it is Cali.

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Even santa will not deliver to this POS house in Cali.

No Chritmas for whatever fliptard owns this place.

Santa F. Clause

0 Comment Swaby said...

Do these stager people even watch TV? The first thing they do is take all of them out of a house.

I don't want to buy any of these staged flipper houses but you would think you could get a good deal on a television from these folks.

BJ said...

@The Dude
The price of $499,000 is not the listing. Zillow does not track listings. It works by tracking courthouse tax records. The $499,000 is for last completed sale. I suspect it either went NOD->NOT->Foreclose. This may be a bank sale or a foreclosure flipper sale.

Definitely staged. And what.. that classical music is supposed to impress me and say that this cookie cutter tract home is worth nearly half a mil?

BJ said...

@Lou Minatti

Was wondering about that.. so that is how they get the 3300 sqft. A granny flat. I wonder if it is permitted?

The Compton list had me cracking up.. The last house on the list though looks nice (5 bed, 3.5 bath, 4200 sqft @295K).. the rest are trash.

segfault said...

1.5 car garage... If it doesn't have two doors with a space in between, it's not a 2-car garage in my book. I'm not sure how you get 3300 square feet, even if it has an upstairs attic bonus room and a finished basement. Cheap-ass cabinet refacing (note they didn't reface the backside of the sink island). Ugly-ass security lights on the front of the house, right above regular outdoor porch lights. I don't mind security lights and other minor deviations from good taste on the back of a house, but they have no place in the front (unless the neighborhood is really that bad).

Here in Flyover Country, I predict it'd sell in the low $100s, but would have at least a half acre yard. Mid $100s if the square footage is accurate, but the footprint of the house is way too small for it to be right.

greetingsfromsandiego aka mejustme said...

Wow living in an overpriced city sure skews one's perspective. I've seen a lot worse. If this house was up for sale here, it wouldn't last long.

I just did a search in my area for a 5BR 3BA house and the lowest price that came up was $499K for a shack in a crappy area. It makes this house look like a palace.

mejustme said...

Re staging furniture: There are some specialized companies but for the most part they get the furniture from rental companies like Cort, which traditionally furnish model homes, corporate apartments, hotels, etc.

The Dude said...

Sweet nuggets from the Entremanure:

But I did have to jump through a few layers before getting Yaro to respond directly. That’s pretty smart of him to setup layers. I should do that. Isn't that what he's done w/G and those pesky creditors?

I haven’t really been capturing email addresses like I should. Note to self: Massive Focus Action Point

See, I need to give something away for free (like an ebook) Anyone want to bet where he'll find one?

I really need to sit down and think about what products and services I can be reviewing and recommending
Note to self: Massive Focus Action Point

I must learn to outsource successfully.
He must learn to ______ successfully. (fill in the blank because he's unsuccessful at everything)

I’m not that good of a writer
He's not that good of a _______ (see above)

So I need to do a pulse check with them (creditors/lenders) pretty soon.
Yeah, show pity and give 'em a break.

Yes, I’m gonna do some mentoring!
His first apprentice

Anonymous said...


I thought this was a Casey haterz site?

Where is the new "ihatecasey" Grand Central?

I need a Casey fix!

3==8 Casey's Penis (Actual Size) said...

Hey i've heard about a good "fixer" down in Oz who can sort snowflake out once and for all. We just need to find a guy called Peter Falconio and ask him for more details - apparently he's the only person who knows his secret identity.

ha38349 said...

Kind of a slow night.
I'm wondering (and forgive me if this has been brought up before) if KC's biggest asset is his willingness to humiliate himself? I'm thinking of the line in the movie "As Good As It Gets" when Simon tells Melvin "... the best thing you have going for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself" so as others have pointed out KC must continue to do stupid stuff and write about it in his blog.

0 Comment Swaby said...

Hey Marty:

Wanna bet that Casey's new Guru/Garo didn't like your book idea?

I know, I know- contract, right? I know you supposedly twisted his arm a bit to get the blog back up, but, the fact is that Casey just needed an excuse to start blogging again. Casey doesn't really care about your agreement. The only difference between your contract with him and the rest of the garbage that he has signed was the direction of the swirl as it circled the toilet.

About now Serin has decided that this blogging thing is his real gig. World travelers need to be paid in Pay Pal dollars you know. He has discovered that he isn't a good writer and would like to trade the book you guys have been working on for some sweet email addresses.

On the bright side; the No Limits Ladies might be looking for a "Daddy" of some sort, and they probably have a telephone, home address and mail box! Nigel might also be interested in some sort of spam-bot that pastes SLC all over the internet. You might even be able to scam that video out of Google's top 10 for him. Win-Win!

As for Casey; please do come here first to let us know how he finally blows you off.

Anonymous said...

From one of those links above I got to this:

Can somebody tell me why there are no trees, gardens or animals? Or sheds...
I can't even see the beginnings of one around any of the houses.

Otherwise why buy so much land?

soem dood said...

The Casey Serin saga needs an investigative report to invest the same level of dedication that this one did. Long, but good.

John L. said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

Rob Dawg said...

Jerry Springer gets the Dawg, and some Haterz™ to come on and try an intervention with his family. Surprise in the second half Casey himself shows up and all hell breaks loose.

Dan said...

I just got done looking at Casey's new Australia pictures on Flickr. An overwhelming thought came over me while I was browsing them. If you were Galina, how FURIOUS would you be to see pictures of your husband in Australia going to the zoo, eating nice meals, visiting the Sydney Opera House/Harbor, having fun in the jungle, and basically just being a tourist. Not only that, but he took a picture of a god damned relationship book that he supposedly read on the flight over. I wonder if there was a chapter on NOT leaving your wife along at home to deal with a mountain of debt that you have racked up while you go on vacation to a different continent. I'm not even married to that idiot and I'm effing pissed at him for doing this to her.

Dan said...

Apparently I was too pissed to proofread that last comment. There's supposed to be a "?" after "tourist", and "along" should have been "alone".

Lou Minatti said...


Assuming the clock on his camera is set, he was boarding the plane from SacTown to SFO at around 1:30 on June 6.

Casey posted "Never Say Never: I am Facing Foreclosure is Back!" at 3:28 PM that day, presumably at SFO.

The clock in this photo at SFO on June 6 reads 7:32.

It must have been a frantic time for him. Pack in a hurry, call G and tell her see ya, catch the flight and then fire off one last "up yours" before escaping.

Other said...

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous said...
"From one of those links above I got to this:
Can somebody tell me why there are no trees, gardens or animals? Or sheds...
I can't even see the beginnings of one around any of the houses.

Otherwise why buy so much land?"

This is a "master planned" community that is being marketed as "Equestrian Estates".Most of the homes are only 18 months since being built, and quite commonly have not been occupied for more than 12 months.One of the biggest barriers to selling here is the fact that the HOA limits the number of horses to two per lot.
The early sales in the community here had been dominated by SF Bay Area "specuvestors" who have been burned by the Bubble Bust that has really hit the central valley HARD.Many of the houses have never been occupied and are on their way to REO status.

Anonymous said...

OT but newsworthy for those you you near Sac and Reno: 500 acre fire in South Lake Tahoe - 52 houses burned. Thus far.

Anonymous said...

HomeGain the original instant free homevaluation estimation tool (on the HomeGain site from 1999-2001) shows the house at $274-$322K.

You can try HomeGain's new homevaluation tool at

Anonymous said...

mocha speaketh:

"...Even the people that hate on you can’t get enough of you. You know exactly how to push the right buttons to get people going…ESPECIALLY the haterz…hehehehehehehehehehe…I love it!!!!!!!!!

They scramble around like rabid rats at the county dump when a new garbage truck pulls in. Never fails whenever there is just the tiniest bit of news about you. They even make up s*** sometimes!!! It is funny as hell. (ROFLMBAO)..."

110% LTV said...

@11:45 Lost Cause
Sure, they are not making any more land here. But if there is a land shortage in the 3rd largest state, that must be the reason why real estate is so expensive here. Yet, there is a whole lot of nothing all over this state.

Of course: desert, Federal land, mountains. Vast areas with no water or arable land. Death Valley, the Mojave, etc. Not to mention all the environmentally sensitive areas protected by government fiat. Open space is good, though. Every once in a while I need to get out of L.A. and just drive through the desert. It has (so far) staved off total insanity.

Sharky said...

Archived here:

Heya Kid:

Yummy-yummy, aww cute! Sell the blog for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Woo-HOO!

Whatever....I ddn't really wanna talk at you anyway, hobbit.

"But I did have to jump through a few layers before getting Yaro to respond directly. That’s pretty smart of him to setup layers. I should do that."

Toby the Comment Coolie:

Hey...I think I smell a BIG Promotion coming your way, loyal little blog-slave!

Can you say:

"Mister Serin will see you now"?

Hey, man, I think it's a real loving, sharing and selfless thing that you're doing for the Mursebearer here.

I mean there he is, diddy-bopping around Australia, playing Biznessman, eating "Power Breakfasts", pretending he's a koala-boi, and hob-nobbing with kangaroos, while you're stuck in your miserable hovel, wading through hundreds and hundreds of MurseMaster's blog-comments.

He's babbling about making 10k a month in "passive income",(a goal he set for himself when he was asleep in high school), and it's all thanks to YOU, staying "active" as all get out...and for free!

I mean think about it, comrade, what would IAFF be if there wasn't timely comment-moderation?

It'd be just like an airport when the baggage-handlers' union went on strike, wouldn't it?

So, hey, I just wanted to let you know that at least one of us "Haterz", (and I'm the "Real Deal"...ask around), thinks it's mighty fine of you to keep yerself chained to the oars while the Fliptard is up above decks playing "Captain of Real Estate Finance" on the good ship IAFF.

And I really think that with your voice, you'd make a fine tenor addition to any chain-gang choir.

I'll keep this post short, since I know you've a lot of others to get through before eating your microwaved gruel and collapsing exhausted onto your lumpy and stained (twin) mattress.

asw: sweet"

Sharky said...

What a lazy little fuck...he wants "layers" now.

Sweet weepin' jeebus! I don't even make those "meat-puppets" I keep chained up in my cellar go through "layers" to see me.

If I wants one...I'm man enough to go down there and gets one!

Anonymous said...

Layers? You get layers when you get big, then you get agents, publicists, lawyers, managers, and so forth. Trouble is, they expect to get paid. 10% of nothing' is nothin'. Fliptard could probably afford an answering service though.

Anonymous said...

742 Evergreen Terrace in foreclosure?

TK said...

Well I guess the inability to sell iamfacingbankruptcy is not a deal breaker. When you fail, flail forward!

Or just relist it and pretend nothing happened (I think he learned that trick from the RE business...)

R-Boy said...

NoVa Sideliner said...

Hey R-Boy, guve us a hint as to what it is before we go there!

Anyway, I love one of the quotes in there:

He cited the collapse of the downtown New Orleans medical district and the loss of several company headquarters to other cities as dampening the New Orleans market.

Difficulty and the cost of getting homeowners insurance and delays in getting Road Home money are cited by others for the deflated market.

No mention of the soaring crime rate and especially the murder rate that is way above pre-Katrina levels.

But I agree with one thing: One more mandatory evacuation, and it goes into free fall -- as if a 14 to 19 month "supply" isn't yet free fall.

Mozatta said...

Call me crazy, but Snowflake becoming a full-time, professional blogger? How is this any different from what he's been doing the past 6 months? So now that he's actually made an official announcement, his life is getting back on track? I seriously would like to have an "encounter" with this kid.

Anonymous said...

We sold our house in minnetonka,mn 3 years ago for $265,000 and in june this year it was sold again for $344,000 with virtually no improvements (we saw the pictures and they had refinished the wood floor in the LR/DR and that was about the only change made)

the zillow estimate right now is $290K. so even though the market seems collapsed, there are still houses selling over their value.

curious for sure

xpertwitness said...

no way thats 3300SF from the look.

5BRs 3 BA if you count the bedroom and full bath in the basement.

Unless that crapshack is seriously dormered and or 60' length the SF above grade would be about 2000 tops.

Still the list price is not surprising, and would have probably fetched that price or higher in North New Jersey market last year or 18mos ago. You could probably move it at that price now if you've got the right loan seller and appraiser. Could probably get some sweet cash out of it too , but not necessarilly going to the buyer.

LOL said...

I would say that house is 1750-2000 sq ft tops, they are including the basement in the listing. WFT is up the the kitchen? The island is white drywall and the cabinets are "cherry" (looks like dark stained pine to me).

Rob Dawg said...

You have to understand this listing is from John Lockwood of Elite Properties. John is one of the least ethical people I have ever run across in all my time on the internet. Oh sure people do far worse but none of them continue to pretend they actually have ethics.

Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi, Eden Prairie: we left Minnetonka and bought a farm about an hour south, really love it. Was surprised to see the house sell for that much more in this market though.

Anonymous said...

EN pussies 15 minutes of complaining about somebody elses fame is almost up.

Mocha said...

Just shut up.