Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Declan Interviews Casey & Marty

Story & link to MP3. Marty has every right to get any copyrighted material down but the damage is done. Casey has finally dropped the act. Talk amongst yourselves.


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flailing forward said...

Declan rox!

Anonymous said...

That's right Casey, people can't just flaunt rules! People have to know there are consequences for breaking the rules! YOU TELL EM CASEY! errr..... wait. What was that about owner occupancy?

Sweet Cashback said...

Somebody else from Ryde....

- US Windows
- Firefox
- 1280 x 1024 16bits

Domain Name australis.net.au ? (Australia)
IP Address 203.15.155.# (Multibase Pty. Ltd.)
ISP Multibase Pty. Ltd.
Continent : Oceania/Australasia
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State/Region : New South Wales
City : Ryde
Lat/Long : -33.8167, 151.1 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Firefox
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070508 Firefox/
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution : 1280 x 1024
Color Depth : 16 bits
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Anonymous said...

Oh, man! We had some good astute observations
down under the preior post!

Great job, Declan!

Jade said...

Marty has a lot of really big, really awesome clients.

But he can't tell you any of them.

Declan is the greatest!

flailing forward said...

Declan is a magnificent bastard.

Roger Hayes said...

Man, this Declan is great. He's not letting them get away with any bullshit.

Marty is sad for all you loosers that spend all day hating Casey.

flailing forward said...

Marty called us loosers!

Anonymous said...

great interview.

Anonymous said...

awww... Stewart called us loosers(TM).

Dang guys.

KC said...

Declan is my hero.

Jade said...

Declan - if you're in DC again sometime I'll buy you a drink!

Anonymous said...

The only way he will pay off every dirty penny is to set up another elaborate scum!

Ha-HA - Daddy knows Venture people! And he has NDAs! Watch out! What a moron! He can't even say how many employees he has...ZERO

Anonymous said...

Yeah, his high-level clients will not call anyone else in the "company" cause there ain't no one else to call!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love how Marty got pwned by Declan:

"I don't know...I don't know how they did it...maybe our server got hacked...I don't know"
"Well, it was cached on Alexa, so it had to be linked somewhere"

I'm only 2 minutes into this and it's hilarity!

Dumbfounded said...

I call BS. Marty has no big name clients. Snowflakaroo is his biggest hit ever.


Declan: How many people work at your country?

Marty: Um, ah, would you believe 10?

Declan: No

Marty: Um...ah...would you believe we have some freelancers that we used?

Anonymous said...

Go Declan! Go Declan! Yeay!!

Dumbfounded said...


Declan: How many people work at your company?

BelowTheCrowd said...

Who does Marty think he is? Maxwell Smart???

"Wouldja believe ten???"

And the classic answer:



Annie said...

I'm interested - this was a fast trip.... my understanding is that he didn't know until the day before that he was going to Australia.... and the night before spends at his parents....

What did he pack - clothing, tooth brush?

My point? When you are leaving for two months you pack a lot of shit... more than a night at "mommy and daddy's."

Jade said...

No effing way:


I love that Declan left this part of the interview in what aired!!!

Roger Hayes said...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Christ on a cracker, these two are delusional. It's like two crooked Kramers.

They even ripped off that hack Dan Brown for the cover art.

Jade said...

Rob!! That picture of the book totally deserves its own thread!

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'm glad I did'nt touch those audio files

Jade said...

it looks like one of those photoshop jobs the haterz used to do!

Anonymous said...

Snowflakaroo: "A lot of crap has been going on" - yup, including his wife ain't answering his calls, that's why he hasn't talked to her since Thursday.

"I'll investigate how it got leaked out and I'm gonna slap the shit out of the byiatch"

BelowTheCrowd said...

His "company" consists of a cellphone and a mailbox in a strip mall so new that it doesn't even exist yet in the Google Maps satellite pics.

And he has no references, no other clients he can talk about, no nothing.

Sounds like a guy I wouldn't want to do business with, but then again I don't have the mad e-bizness skillz of Casey Serin.


Honestly Wondering said...

You know, I can't wait until these guys try filing DMCA orders.

First thing Google, etc. will do is come back and say, "Cool - send us proof that you have a registered copyright, including a LoC registration number, and we'll get to work on it." I doubt either of them have registered copyrights on *anything* connected to IAFF.

Press a copyright issue over a photo on Caseypedia.com? Please. Give me a break.

BelowTheCrowd said...

His "company" consists of a cellphone and a mailbox in a strip mall so new that it doesn't even exist yet in the Google Maps satellite pics.

And he has no references, no other clients he can talk about, no nothing.

Sounds like a guy I wouldn't want to do business with, but then again I don't have the mad e-bizness skillz of Casey Serin.


schizoid said...

Casey: "I have FULL INTENTION to continue supporting her and making sure she's not stranded"

Rut ro.

kndmanz said...

I want to have Declan's baby. He is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna crack da code! Tan-Tan-Tan!

Morons! LMAO

Jade said...

kndmanz - GET IN LINE!

Rob Dawg said...

New buzzphrase; "negative spin."

Unfreakin' believable he's asserting how what's happening to him is illegal. He even brought up libel and slander as well.

Marty is still believing Casey's crap about emails stuffed full of people asking for help. When are people going to learn that he has nothing except the blog and the blog is only about his implosion. He probably doesn't even know about the Prblink contract that predates his.

Marty doesn't want to be in the limelight but I smell some waffles burning. Won't name clients, won't talk about the company. More than 10 "employees" but the whole company is freelancing and independent contractors.

Copyright violation of his image? Declan called it. The Caseypedia entry is fair use. He still thinks copyright notices are some magic sword that merely waving it makes all bow before its might.

Dumbfounded said...

Holy Shit! You mean that book link isn't a photoshop gag?

OMG. I thought it was hillarious!

Jade said...

that's the real book!!

Cinnamon J. Scudworth said...

"If you want a sneak peek...I just uploaded--" I mean, "MY WEBMASTER just sent me an IM, he uploaded"


Dan said...

Somebody contact Dan Brown, his publishers, any PR firms, editors...basically anybody that has a part of Dan Brown and inform them of the obvious ripoff of their cover art. Casey and Marty clearly need some "tips" on how to file copyright lawsuits, and according to them, the best way to learn something is to be the victim of it.

Dumbfounded said...

Move over Da Vinci!


Jade said...

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 04-Apr-07
Expires on: 04-Apr-08
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration FORECLOSURECODE.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Technical Contact:
Private, Registration FORECLOSURECODE.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599

Mister B said...

Declan is channeling Tim on the spreadsheet.

Anonymous said...

What state is Martys biz incorporated in?

Honestly Wondering said...

Oh. My. F'ing. God.


(I love the "Volume One". For some reason, that's my favorite part.)

1000 a weak said...

Holy fuck.

Now we know the whole story.

Wow. That book cover looks like something M.SINGH put together.

And it's only "Volume One"!!!

What's Volume Two?

"My Scruples Burst! How I Married and Lost the Girl of My Dreams" By CASEY SERIN a 24 Year Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Jade said...

that fax number is also registered to:

N Hayden Rd., Suite 160
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

KC said...


That was classic about his company. I can't mention any of my clients nor I can't mention how many employees I have.

Martin Stewart is a joke.

Jade said...

anon @ 2243

it's registered in Arizona

Dumbfounded said...

This is funny as shit. Money can't buy such great entertainment.

And I guarantee you my money won't be buying volume 1 let alone any other of that bullshit.

Annie said...

Oh my god..... what a cheesy book cover....

First, it looks like Casey's "face" has been airbrushed.

Next - the houses on the cover are these lovely mcmansions.... not crap he bought....

"My Bubble Burst" - is this like a premature ejaculation????

And..... the biggest laugh... "By Casey Serin a 24 year old real estate investor"

Someone owes me a new laptop....

I love the "temporary" remark pigbreath refers to regarding his stay in the land down under.... isn't that also how he refers to his and G's stay at SIL home???? And, as we know, his "temporary" stay at Y's place = 1/3 of the time he and G's been married.

Jade said...

do a google search of those phone numbers - VERY interesting stuff

Dan said...

The DaVinci Code was published by Doubleday and distributed by Random House. Marty "Deep Pockets" Stewart may have finally met his match.

beezer said...


Still listening but I wanted to note that Marty HAS ASSISTANTS. MANY assistants. He's VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

So fantastically important he has assistants. Have you heard? He sortof mentions they're virtual but they're assistants. He's a very important man!! I'm SO impressed.

mike said...

@Jade 10:44:
That fax number is for GoDaddy, a domain registrar, as opposed to PageDaddy, an internet pox. It is used for the DBP registrations--All of them. This shouldn't be used for locating Marty.

Honestly Wondering said...

Volume Three: "How I Got Stranded In Oz, Lost Everything, And Ended Up An Illegal Immigrant Turning Tricks For A Place To Sleep!"

Jade said...

Mike - my bad. I'll leave the sleuthing to the pros and go back to throwing things.

BelowTheCrowd said...

A Mistake

There's nothing, absolutely nothing that I can say that the title and subtitle of the book don't already say.

Excuse me, I just wet my pants.


Rob Dawg said...

there's a song in there someplace.

And to think I just bought:


REFB has a nice ring don't you think? The "RE" part and the secret code "FB" part together to pursue justice.

Dan said...

Where The DaVinci Code cover has "A Novel", the Foreclosure Code has "A Mistake". Since when has anybody been able to singularize Casey's mistakes.

Jade said...

possible las vegas?


Transit said...

"Fair use? What am that?"

Marty is a fucking idiot. Doctor Zoidbergh has more entrepreneurial ability than he seems to possess. He was obviously fucking baffled by questions posed by Declan on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie J. said...

Christ on a crutch!

What'd I miss?

CHJTS is back to the man we know and love... violent and unstable. Woo hoo!

Someone please update me!

LossMitPro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

@ Steph

Some anon posted this little nugget in the last thread...


It's pure gold...especially the culmination of www.ForeclosureCode.com.

Dumbfounded said...

I just got an email that Volume II is going to be titled: The Wizard of OZ using Vague Guru's artwork for the cover:


BelowTheCrowd said...

Somebody posted Marty's mailing address yesterday and I Google Mapped it. It's a mail drop in a far western suburb of Vegas. Taken from one of the other joint venture agreements he has floating around on the web somewhere.

I'll see if I can find it.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Cashback,
This Ryde entry is me. And I'm not Casey. Ignore the response claiming credit on the previous thread as that was my response but it wasn't a proper match. This one is one is. Correct firefox version, screen res and domain name. (note to self: always check on latest thread before posting)

Annie said...

I'm still listening to the interview....

Who taught horsesass the word consequece????


OH - I LOVE THIS - "Somestuff is just plain wrong" with regards to Galina's need/want for privacy and the posts and things that have been written these past two days... while at the same time he says "I've not talked to her..."


Andrew Imus said...

Okay, that's pretty hilarious. I have to listen to the Declan interview tomorrow, true, but my vote for the funniest new development is actually at DHC. Nigel's new masthead is


...okay, maybe you should


Honestly Wondering said...

The Chapter 1 opening of Volume 3, "How I Got Stranded In Oz":

"It began, as many such things in life, with deception. Three years. Three long years of odd twists and turns, doom and hope, the pursuit of dreams and the realization of nightmares. In the end, my youthful optimism was exploited by those I trusted.

"After three seasons of Lost, I thought Australia was my best bet to escape from the realities of modern life. My plane would crash and then the adventure would begin. But THEY LIED!"

Rob Dawg said...

I don't see the point. He's got to know that any success at all with this book is going to depend on naming the people who helped write the liar loans and the people who participated in cashback. They are gonna make the haterz look like mayflies. And the creditors are gonna make an example of him if this makes any money. The Sacto DA is not going into another election without having an answer to this problem of hers.

Marty may be upset that people saw my screenshot and grabbed unprotected files but imagine how the Frds are going to grab files looking for Casey evidence now that he's publicaly stated he has "hidden" and "secure" stacks of evidence. Hopefully he has offsite backups of his other clients because the servers are about to get served IMO.

Transit said...

Just finished listening to the whole thing. Christ on a pony, were Casey Serin any more deluded, he would be living in a bunker under Berlin, directing imaginary armies against the russians.

mike said...

Go Daddy != PageDaddy

Go Daddy = Domain registrar, sometimes does some scummy things to their customers (nmap's fyodor is no fan..) and definitely does some scummy advertising.

PageDaddy = "Company" that entered into a business relationship with Snowflake. Clearly, not the sharpest of business acumen.

Alexa Link said...

Another "Joint Venture" agreement

like btc said, it's vegas babeeee

Benoit™ said...

Caseypedia's entry on this cockamamie book.

Regarding Martin James Stewart, he's been fully outed and has his own entry.

Anonymous said...

Watch how Casey returns home and Galina and ENTIRE FAMILY WELCOMES HIM WITH OPEN ARMS.

Rob Dawg said...


I checked, nothing (not in the trash either). Sorry. Send again and I'll mail back the secret secure email address so we can communicate better.

Rob Dawg

LossMitPro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Any word on the East Coast Mentor?

Dumbfounded said...

@ Benoit™ - Maybe you should clarify the "massive traffic generator Marty Stewart". Afterall his company is so massive it doesn't even employ 10 people. Instead he uses virtual assistants.

Anonymous said...

KC was planning to be invited on Oprah after his "book" becomes part of Oprah's book club - that's how he'd come home - oh, so rich and glorious!

Somehow him in handcuffs is a more dandy covershot.

Btw, if giving out the foreclosure code link (oh, my!) was a setup - so we can post a copy here - nice try!

Benoit™ said...

Someone really needs to transcribe this thing... hell, pay Chris Naaden from the tip jar.

Declan, if you're reading this, you are God. Keep "Hammar"-ing both Serin and Marty McFly.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Yeah, that's the link I saw yesterday.

I looked up the address. On Google Maps it's still an empty lot that I presume has since become a shopping center. The suite numbering is typical of mailboxes-type places.

His whole operation is probably no more than a rented box and a cellphone. Nothing wrong with that, unless you try to pretend otherwise.

Why is everybody Casey comes into contact with trying to play grown-up businessman?


Jade said...

Benoit - one comment on the Caseypedia entry. They weren't leaked audio recordings; it was a public interview with Declan

Rob Dawg said...

The most that would be even slightly fair use would be a screenshot of the webpage in a small size and even that is dicey. Pictures of things are not the same as copies of content but since that is mostly pictures that doesn't work either. Now, a parody...

Anonymous said...

No corporation in Nevada has an officer named Marty Stewart.

More evidence this guy is nothing but a wanna-be.

Mister B said...

I love that SweetJob Marty's SweetTeam did on the SweetCover where they airbrushed the bags from underneath SweetCasey's eyes.

Anonymous said...




KC said...

The east coast mentor is allegedly this guy


Benoit™ said...

@ Mark -- Check your e-mail.

@ Jade -- the original "Foreclosure Code" soundbite did come from the leaked MP3's, not this Declan interview.

schizoid said...

Did Casey start crying when Declan asked him if he'd lost control of his story?

Anonymous said...



Dumbfounded said...

This is fun and all, but it is getting ridiculously late here on the east coast. As much as I'd like to hang around, my body says differently...G'nite everybody.

KC said...

Would not be surprised if Galina let him back. Hopefully she realizes that if the ship goes down, she's going to jail with him.

Anonymous said...


WATCH AND SEE!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie J. said...

You know that big ol' cross I talked about sometime back?

I think it's time for Casey to hoist it onto his back, don a crown of thorns and to martyr his way around the world.

"I can run away and hide from it." He says...


Stephanie J. said...

Please, Marty... you love the marketing buzz or you wouldn't be outlining the whole project idea to everyone. :::augh::

Anonymous said...




lawnmower man said...

Um, Anonymous @ 10:52PM: GoDaddy != PageDaddy.

Benoit, I took the liberty of juicing up the CaseyPedia entry just a little more...

Ouch said...

@ ANON 11:28


Benoit™ said...

In the 24-hour period comprising June 12th Pacific Time, EN has received over 1100 comments.

Casey Serin's blog has received 3.

Mister B said...

In the original Declan/Casey interview someone left a comment say he/she/it would pay him a thousand bucks to keep the blog open.


It's dated June 2nd, so I'm assuming it's real. The user name is midou25. Googling it turns up a bunch of French(Canadian?) pages.

Unreal. Someone actually paid Casey. I thought it was a scam and he used corporate credit or something.

BelowTheCrowd said...

A friend of mine works at Sony Pictures. You know, the major studio that among other things also put out the film version of "The Da Vinci Code."

She works in the IP area, dealing with trademarks and copyrights. In a previous life of hers, we did some projects together, which is how I know a fair amount about the subject.

I have a feeling she might object to the name, and might share her objections with book publisher Doubleday (a division of Bertelsmann Worldwide).

Sony and Bertelsmann vs Casey and Marty. Why does the image of a roach and a steamroller come to mind?

Remember guys, copyright and trademark violations cut both ways. "The Foreclosure Code: A Mistake" shows at least two violations that I can see, and I'm not an IP lawyer.

Of course, none of this matters, because Sony/Bertelsmann will simply bankrupt the two of them if it comes to that.


Anonymous said...

EN has received over 1100 comments.

Casey Serin's blog has received 3 (all from Casey)

Anonymous said...

Mama Serin or Galina Serin

Which one will run the fastest to welcom Casey back into the family when he returns?

My bet is with Mama Serin. She looks like she can kick Galina 7 days to Sunday to hug her boy first.

Stephanie J. said...

Marty is trying to plug the fucking book. What a freak.

I'm going to bed to snuggle up with my sleepy-headed man.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what the interview files reveal? Where is the sample book cover? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

G'night - me too.

I will be dreaming of Galina and Mama Serin doing a marathon in preparation to greet Casey back.

My bet is still with Mama Serin.

BelowTheCrowd said...

The Foreclosure Code: A Mistake

Benoit™ said...

ZDNet has put out a related article about Serin and Stewart's misadventures.

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 11:21 PM:

Casey, ya-dudeness, quit shouting... And stop being so bitter, not everyone is as foolhardy as you nor as double-minded.


WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh oh -- Marty is a "Internet Marketing, Traffic Driving Expert, Traffic Strategist, Consultant, Visionary, Creative Marketing, Idea Guy."

Between him and KC, there don't seem to be any details guys stirred into this here toxic stew.

Too bad you can't spend vision.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap this guy was a douche bag. He doesnt know how content, with no directory protection was found in a search engine? He claims to have an internet company? Anybody knows that Google finds crap on it's own.

P.S. Where can this 'copyrighted' information be found....?

Legion said...

The FORECLOSURE Code?!?!?!?

Are they freakin' kidding me? What's his answer for digging himself out of this mess, "Write a book and sell it, then pay back your debt?"

Sorry conman, but it's already been done. Remember all those classifieds asking for 1 dollar to learn how to make 500 dollars a week doing nothing? You send in a dollar (or at least Mocha would) and you get a piece of paper saying "Write an ad in the classifieds about learning to make 500 dollars a week doing nothing. Please enclose 1 dollar for a detailed plan"

And boy. Marty thinks it's been the files have been "plastered all over the internet?!?!?!" You would think that EN had gotten an advanced pdf form of Harry Potter's last book!
I got news for you Casey and Martin, you both aren't that important, no one really gives a shit about your book or files, you are not going to make money this way, and EN is almost getting twice as many hits as IAFF for the last two days.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:02
guess he never heard of intenet spiders.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Caseypedia's gonna get slammed again.


Agent #777 said...

I think my favorite part (so far anyway) is when they were discussing the diminishing amount of Caseyisms:

"And lately, things haven't been completely all good...and things haven't been supersweet either"

Anonymous said...

Declan linked to the confidential business plan in his article, scant sentences before the bit about how Marty and Casey are going to sue anyone who posts their confidential information.


MursesToMurgatroid said...

I can't believe you haterz™ haven't come up with this... GoDaddy has a VERY aggressive trademark protection division. Any site using 'Daddy' in its name for internet/domain services gets blasted. Confusion in the marketplace is the key. And I'm confused, is PageDaddy a division of GoDaddy?

Mouse And Pencil said...

So FUCKING typical.

They're boohooing on the interview about alleged copyright violations, and the asswipe gives the link to a BLATANT rip off of a major book cover.

Oh, Marty, Marty, Marty. You just stepped into my domain. I'm a published artist, you see, and I know all about copyright.

You're fucked.

BelowTheCrowd, cease and desist before lunchtime tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

hello to you sirs,
good day from island of japan!

casey's publisher marty is a GENUS

he let information be leaked on purpose? to generate buzzz, get interviewz.

now pretending to be upset (an act?) to get publicitiez?



hard to tell what is real now ? 'the man' whants it that way thats why he lets the internets exist!

the 'leaker' of caseys 'flight' might be in on the game too? FUN! go go go caseymachine!

Anonymous said...

All your base are belong to us

MochaNatte said...

FYI im gonna buy 100,000 copies of the book just to piss of tha hataz!
fro realz. i can do it too. just watch, i might even PRE ORDER them with cash money to help the poor slobs out.

YouSoSpecial said...

Ha! The splash on MSN's front page is "Why your kids expect to be rich"

Tomorrow morning, right after my son makes amends to GoDaddy for infringing on copyright as he greeted his male parent, I am going to give him a lesson in realism.

Note that the gender gap in wages is evident even in imaginary earnings.

ratlab said...

@Anon 12:24AM

To the land of Japan. Yep, you're right, free advertising, except for the fact that anyone that cares already know the details of the story. For example, you're posting and reading here. By reading here, you already know details of the story that will not be revealed in the book or will be heavily influenced by CaseySpin (TM). Sure, there may be golden nuggets of information here and there, but it's not worth paying for.

Miguel said...

Between him and KC, there don't seem to be any details guys stirred into this here toxic stew.

Or any tech guys...

Anonymous said...

Bah, Japaneze Haterz!

In China, we crick Casey website 50,000 time each day to help Kangatald jump higher!

Casey A#1 with a burret!
(make sure you dodge burret, Caseysan!)

Anonymous said...

When did Casey last go to Tahoe?

It appears that Marty lives in the Reno area.

Anonymous said...


Excellent point! PageDaddy is so clearly a ripoff of GoDaddy. Let's send Godaddy's IP department a link.

Anonymous said...

In honor of the Mighty Serin, I do beleive I will now go take a (brain)Dump.

Holden Campbellfield said...

Man, IAFF is a snoozefest right now. He must be scared.

Agent #777 said...

I take it back...

My favorite part is at the end where Marty says "I am not using this as a shameless plug..."

Priceless - but likely inaccurate! I think it is quite possible he has no shame!

Rob Dawg said...

Duane LeGate part 4.5 is now posted.

YouSoSpecial said...

Mr. SoSpecial has proclaimed that he has sole and exclusive rights to use Daddy™ around here. Both Go and Page are welcome to contact me, the IP department, to discuss infringement and compensation.

Anonymous said...

A search of the Washoe County, Nevada court dockets for Martin James Stewart proved extremely interesting....

IF this is "Marty", it would make a lot of sense.

Miguel said...

Duane LeGate part 4.5 is now posted.

Where? And where's 4.4?

Benoit™ said...

@ Fake Rob Dawg 12:41 --

uhh... you missed 4.4 there, troll. Nice try. Rob has a blogger account as well which links to his profile. Sheesh...

eebee said...

Holy hades! I never would have thought there were bigger idiots out there than Casey, but Marty just proved me wrong...

BelowTheCrowd said...


If you are who I think, then you probably have more contacts in the publishing world than me. But yeah, as soon as anybody at Bertelsmann hears about it, they'll hit them with a C&D, then follow it with a DMCA request to pull the whole website and have the domain name reassigned to them.

Some people really are dumb.


Anonymous said...

A.kookoo says:
John says:
can't help laughing
he is trying to get the sweet deal, but he seems unable to learn from his experience and go same kind of shit again and again
it's just funny
if he is going to stay there for three months, who is going to pay back to cashcall???
it's just funny
John says:
well i listened to that interview carefully. and the man doing the book deal is not stupid. in fact, he's kinda smart. http://www.foreclosurecode.com/
John says:
you see, casey has cute eyes, i guess. and honestly, i'm still convinced there is something ASTONISHING i don't know yet. Isn't that unusual?
you mean the pagedaddy is smarty pants?
John says:
well he *somewhat* successfully defended his venture to the internet's top investigative reporter.
but do you think if anything new will be in the book? he has been disclosing too much about his life already
John says:
the book is a matrix of media. casey will be some sort of fumbling star.
that's right.

declan is a haterz said...


he make not so special write up!
here in island of japan this much disrepect, never happen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Exurban Nation readers:

please contact the AFP immediately !!!

Australian Federal Police


Mouse And Pencil said...

Was this recorded before or after Duane's conversation with him?

If you parse casey's comments, it's astounding how huge his ego is, and his utter contempt for everyone he's involved with. He lies without even thinking about it, and resorts to a creepy giggle when he's confronted with uncomfortable truths.

The boy just ain't wired right.

I just kept being struck that I was listening to a coupel of man-childs, who love to throw around big words and big ideas and talk, talk, talk, but i got no real feel that they have any real skill between them.

I'm sorry, but a publisher who refuses to name his products is a snake oil salesman.

I was offered an opportunity out of college to do illustrations for a guy who reminds me of this jizzbucket. His MASSIVE idea was to grab onto the coattails of Jurrasic Park and publish a blatant rip off of it - and of course had wild, grandiose plans for merchandising, toys, sequals, audiobooks, you name it. He talked a good game.

Then I saw the manuscript. I stayed in long enough because i wanted to see what he had, I had already decided he was a bottom feeder, the money he was offering me was an insult (about 6 months of work done in 3 weeks no less).

Wow. Just, wow. That bad. I saw it as a lawsuit from Speilberg's people waiting to happen.

The funny thing is, the Davinci Code thing is way over - to try and ride those coattails is idiotic. If anything, it's even more funny because so much has come out showing how much of a hack Dan Brown is, how much of the book is rubbish and possibly stolen from someone else (and ripped off some of teh more popular books in the genre, mostly Holy Blood, Holy Grail), and "The Davinci Code" the movie pretty much flopped.

(I'm a devotee of conspiracy, especially Rosicrucian stuff - don't beleive it, but it's fun. I HATE Davinci Code. Plus, it's just a badly written book, the characters are flat and wooden, and the guy sets the scenes in some fo teh most incredible architecture in the history of humanity, using some of the greatest pieces of art...and doesnt fucking even try to describe them!) (Dan Brown is a hack)

It's not really the best thing to try and steal an association from. The Davinci Code is kind of a joke now.

We won't even get into how stupid and moronic and utterly senseless "Foreclosure Code" is. What, the key to getting out of foreclosure is in the Ark of the Covenant? The key to getting out of foreclosure is to avoid albino, masochistic monks in a superdooper secret society? The mysteries of avoiding foreclosure are hidden in code in ancient manuscripts?

Casey's book can be written in one sentence: Don't commit mortgage fraud. Done. Gimme a check, Marty.

Book Two: Don't lie about committing mortgage fraud.

Book Three: Get a job.

Book Four: Pay your debts on time and in full.

Three more checks, Marty. Paypal is acceptable too.

Foreclosure Code. Give me a fucking break - it looks like a high school English assignment that got a C.

What's next, Casey Potter and the Goblet of SWEET DEALZ™?

Marty, you're a hack. Not only am I a published artist, but I'm a creative lead in a marketing department of a fairly large company, and work with some pretty damned talented people.

You suck. You are a HACK. In my Constitutionally protected opinion, of course. Your ideas are shit, you are overbearing and gaudy in your approach, and you don't respect your market.

Bottom feeder all the way. Your paycheck depends on people being ignorant, gullible, and dumb.

Anonymous said...

Re: ForeClosure Code / Da Vinci Code

I'm not sure if Random House can sue for the "parody" (which it can be claimed it is.) I recall seeing several book covers in bookstores which seem to mimic the Da Vinci code graphic style following the success of the book and movie. Just about any old book dealing with Masons, Templars, and whatnot seems to have been reprinted and given an "updated" cover to capitalize on the success of the Da Vinci Code. Even books "debunking" the thesis have appeared using similar typography and style. There are even books using similar titles like "The Da Vinci Deception" and so forth, which is really walking a thin line. The issue would be whether it could be argued that the Serin book could reasonably be mistaken for the Brown book and thus harm sales, which is highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Addendum -- in addition, the Serin book would never even be shelved in the same location as the Brown book since it's not fiction (well, ostensibly) but would be categorized under biography or business, so there's even less likelihood one could argue that consumers might buy the Serin book by mistake instead of the Brown book. Of course this is IF the book even gets serious distribution in real bookstores which is highly unlikely.

king friday the 13th said...

wow, casey spilled the beans on LMP in the Declan interview.

From the interview, Casey states he was supposed to feed people to Mark Villasenor @ $300 per head.

Judge him yourselves.

JohnDiddler said...

put some pics of his wife in, maybe. honestly, i anticipated seeing quite a bit more at his web site. i've been debating all evening whether the info leak helps him or hurts him, and also whether he comprehends either argument. in any case, he has some strangely modern and strangely notorious media ingredients. and he is correct that a web site can sell a book.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I mean. Cover shots from Amazon:

The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

The Templar Revelation

(That's not even the Mona Lisa on the cover above -- but obviously intended to create a similar effect.)

BelowTheCrowd said...


I'll bet if you look carefully, most of those "imitator" books are published by divisions of Bertelsmann as well. Nothing wrong with them making use of their own copyrights.

And many of the others will fall into the "fair use" category, like the "Da Vinci Deception" which was written to critiqe some of the ideas around which the novel was built, if I recall correctly.

But regardless, you overlook the most important fact: All of these were put out by actual publishers, with actual IP lawyers who could advise them as to exactly what was legal and what was not. Quite possibly, they just cross licensed something with Bertelsmann to make sure it was all 100% OK. Happens all the time. Two huge companies full of lawyers have a tendency to work things out in advance rather than going for all-out war later.

The problem is that Marty doesn't have a building full of IP lawyers. If he gets a cease and desist, he'll have two choices: shut it down, or bankrupt himself trying to fight it. (If he's the same Marty J Stewart in the court records cited above -- and we do not know whether he is, because he has no public, verifiable presence anywhere -- then there's evidence he can't afford ANY lawyer.)

Bit of advice to independent publishers everywhere: Do not even think of going into a gray area when dealing with a major media company's copyrights. They'll bury you. It sucks for indies, but it's what they do.


Anonymous said...

Forget this silly stuff about book covers, etc. Let's get down to the real dirt.

Where does Martin James Stewart live?

Is it Reno/Sparks/Truckee? There is a Martin James Stewart, age 33 there.

Is that him on the Washoe County Court dockets? Man, I hope not...

JohnDiddler said...

"thus further branding Casey Serin as a real estate and foreclosure expert."

"One to three year phenomenal growth potential of branding you and your business - in the $ Millions!"

"Four to six months from now, will probably yield greater results vs. month one to three. Unrealistic expectations should not be expected overnight."

"- All of your existing publicity and notoriety will create a synergistic effect combined with the Internet Marketing."

and remember: More Pages = More Profits

CHJTS said...

Mouse and pencil..


whomever wrote that deserves an oscar.

I was laughing so hard I fell out of my chair.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Sweet international exposure:

Blogger kjeppjagd fra USA.

Casey, you're kjeppjagd!

anetode said...

Why are CNet and ZDNet doing this? Don't they know Casey isn't notable?

Anonymous said...

How many Martin J Stewarts born in January 1974 could live in Truckee?

For Martys sake I hope more than 1.

king friday the 13th said...

wait -- you mean internet king marty stewart lives in NEVADA?

you know, I do get it now... the urgency to make the $500k. It's to make the unsecured debtors go away.

Because, the first thing I think when I see his troll site is "how is this guy not in jail?"

BelowTheCrowd said...

"The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code" would be considered a work of criticism. "Fair Use" is pretty expansive when it comes to works of criticism.

The other one doesn't seem all that similar to me, and I'm guessing to a copyright lawyer.

That said, as I noted before, it doesn't matter at all if you're a major publisher who can stand up to them. The lawyers will meet for a very expensive shareholder-funded lunch and decide to cross-license something else of yours that they want. In truth such "cross licensing" deals covering hundreds of titles are pretty routine. Everybody scratches everybody else's back. Tomorrow I might be working for your company, or you might be working for mine. No sense making a big deal over it.

Doesn't work that way if you're not a member of the "club."


Teucer said...

Nodebtwhatsoever pointed us to this story: Blogger kjeppjagd fra USA.

I like the comments. Apparently, some phrases are international.

GeneralSnus | 13.06.2007 | 10:04

"framstår han med fin bil, glatt sleik og hudfarge som bærer preg av mange timers latskap på stranda" ..... WTF...??

BelowTheCrowd said...


I love it when you say "jizzbucket."

So unladylike.

If you are a lady, that is.


CHJTS said...


tell the benevolent bastard to fix my account please.

Anonymous said...

A search of multiple databases returns only 1 Martin J. Stewart in the United States that was born in 1974.

January 1974. The same month "Marty" was born.

Several addresses in the Reno area. Linked to one of the other parties listed in the Washoe County court dockets.

Could it be the same guy?

Does Casey check the backgrounds of people he gets involved with?

Anonymous said...

Here's what doesn't add up:

Casey is supposed to have been forced to bring IAFF back up, but

he's STILL got the site up for auction:


Miguel said...

One of my favourite copyright spats was between Universal Pictures and London Transport - at the time Jurassic Park came out, LT ran an ad campaign designed to stop people parking in bus lanes. The campaign had a logo, which was a blatant lift from the Jurassic Park logo, only it read "Jurassic Parker" instead.

Unsurprisingly, Universal threatened to sue - and LT said "Bring it on". And the reason for their confidence was that their lawyers were pretty convinced that the underlying logo design - a roundel with a bar across it - was created and copyrighted by London Transport several decades before Jurassic Park was ever thought of. They also pointed out that their ad campaign, running on the side of hundreds of buses, was giving tons of extra free publicity to the movie, and the slightest threat of an actual lawsuit would remove anything even vaguely Jurassic Park-related from all LT property (which includes Underground stations, one of the primary poster outlets in London).

I don't know what discussions went on behind the scenes at Universal, largely because they never said anything more about it.

Anonymous said...

Martys biz is so big that he runs it out of a UPS Store in Vegas?

I bet that really impresses those "big clients"....

UPS Store
(702) 312-3666
5130 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 215
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Anonymous said...

That's a fake auction on myebid.

WeWantTheFunk said...

@anon 1:45 --
Casey is supposed to have been forced to bring IAFF back up, but

he's STILL got the site up for auction:

That auction's fake.

WeWantTheFunk said...



Holden Campbellfield said...

Marty's around the Reno / Tahoe, area, huh? Could this explain DaCasey's bizness trip to Lake Tahoe a while back?

ratlab said...


Fliptard did say his snowboarding trip was paid for by a friend and he was all jazzed about a book idea around the time of his last Tahoe trip. Either of those could be related to Marty.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if Marty is the above referenced Martin J. Stewart but if it is, I can clearly see why he wanted to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when Casey went to Tahoe during the 1st week of May he was working with Marty on the book. He never stated any face to face meetings however. Those phone conference recordings were made over the phone that week.

Anonymous said...

Different anonymous here...
Interesting link in court records.


Anonymous said...

That is 1 of the court dockets. There are several others, just as juicy™.

I have no idea if that's the same Martin J. Stewart as "Marty" but that is the only Martin J. Stewart born in January 1974 that appears on database searches all over the US.

No other matches were found in all 50 states.

Just a coincidence?

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 2:33 AM (6-13-07):
Hmmmmmm even MORE interesting are the three joined cases:

"IF" this is even the same gent, and I don't know for certain it is.


Anonymous said...

keywords kiddies: protection order, substance abuse report, public defender, probation revoked, 2007

Anonymous said...


Long night or are you an "early riser"?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pin those cases on Marty yet or get too carried away with the info We need to find out where this guy is from. I don't think he actually lives in the Vegas area.

Those hits in Washoe County were the closet match I could find based on his name and birthdate which we already know.

If it's not him, I'm sure he'll speak up soon.

Anonymous said...

Here's what we can confirm on Marty;

Marty Stewart
5130 S. Fort Apache Rd.
#215-344 <---UPS Store maildrop
Las Vegas, NV 89148

702-234-6796 cell <---T-Mobile, Vegas Area

(cell is best contact #)

702-939-9944 <--- XO Communications Vegas

702-939-9943 fax <---XO Communications

Marty James Stewart
Birthdate - 01/16/1974

subsonic22 said...

Marty is being very evasive in regards to his clients (can't disclose because of NDA's), employees. Didn't answer Declan's question about any successes. He claims he has an internet marketing company. My guess, his clients are in the porn industry.

Anonymous said...

Myipneighbours.com says:

foreclosurecode.com has the IP address:

12 found with the IP
(This means all of the below websites are on the same server)
1) bachelormedia.com (view site)
2) bambidolls.com (view site)
3) big.seminarsecrets.com (view site)
4) huntingforbambi.com (view site)
5) lapdance.com (view site)
6) lapdancetv.com (view site)
7) lapdancevip.com (view site)
8) live-paintball.com (view site)
9) luxury-holdings.com (view site)
10) seminarsecrets.com (view site)
11) vegasfilmworks.com (view site)
12) woodyreview.com (view site)

M mentions in the mp3's he has 4 dedicated servers @goDaddy.

PageDaddy.com comes back as being on its own ip.

Interesting to see that the luxury-holdings.com has a contact Marty Stewart email address on the bottom. (google cached if it disappears).So, it is fair to assume that this is a server controlled by Marty. Interesting selection of websites I must say.

Are these the high profile clients he wouldn't name in his c-net sweet media?

Miguel said...

12) woodyreview.com (view site)

As I suspected, the "woody" does not come with the surnames Allen or Harrelson attached.

I shall say no more, except to confirm that it's not work-safe.

ratlab said...

One of the cases has these details. It could mean nothing... angry spouse seeking revenge against him, etc.

02-MAR-2007 Application for Setting

22-MAR-2007 **Minutes


24-APR-2007 **Minutes

30-APR-2007 Transcript ... Entry: 04/24/07 - MOTION FOR REVOCATION OF PROBATION/SENTENCING

Broward Horne said...

"It could mean nothing... angry spouse seeking revenge against him, etc"

Yup. I had a TPO against me during my divorce because my wife wanted more money. I was 1000 miles away for the past year when she filed the complaint but my lawyer recommended that I file perjury charges against her.

Anonymous said...

okay, spent some time going through the shared server stuff...specifically looking at page sources etc.
Other that the luxury holdings one, I can't say they link to Marty.
The porn ones are fairly old ones... and havent been updated for a while.

The only other interesting thing is that the bachelormedia & seminar secrets sites share the same analytics account (i.e. same webmaster). Can't pin Marty down to an analytics account - and the account on IAFF is not the same....
So I have to retract the web sites above...unless someone else see's a connecion...Marty might just have a reseller account on shared server.
He doesn't strike me as the type of guy who would be holding lapdance.com instead of domain parking it properly for $$.

Mike said...

Marty appears as a contact for real estate on www.luxury-holdings.com. Now someone from NV in the real estate biz can answer this better but if you advertise real estate that isn't your own don't you have to be licensed by the state as a real estate broker/sales agent?

Anonymous said...

dang, i spoke too soon.

lapdance.com goes to ns1. bachelormedia.com as a name server.

bachelormedia search leads to :
which links back to M Stewart.

"When looking to launch his own publicity campaign for another business venture, M. Stewart, from"

Khatie said...

After looking at that ridiculous cover, all I can say is that Marty was probably out to con Casey for all the $$ he could get out of it.

He just didn't realize that he had hooked up with the world's stupidest blogger.

Anonymous said...

Phone number (310 area code) on that PR goes to voicemail offered by http://www.maxemail.com/

Tavington said...

That was a GREAT scoop by CNET, an interview with Casey himself, I can only hope that he will join my talkcast this friday.

The only problem with the CNET interview is that I got the impression that it was slanted towardz the haterz point of view.

Casey Supporterz Fight Back! Talkcast: Friday, June 15 5PM EST

Broward Horne said...

"That was a GREAT scoop by CNET"

Yes, it was!
Thanks for the reference, Declan, I'm already picked up hits off it!

I'm gliding on your clickstream, Casey, but itsallgood!

Extra sweeet! Ha!

Miguel said...

The only problem with the CNET interview is that I got the impression that it was slanted towardz the haterz point of view.

Any truly fair, balanced and objective account of Casey's behavior over the last two months in particular is bound to be "slanted towardz the haterz point of view". How can it not be?

Or do you approve of the way he slipped off to Lake Taho without bothering to discuss it with his wife first? And then, even though she was clearly pissed at him, doing it again - but this time to Australia (Australia!)?

Slice it however you like, that's pretty scummy behavior - and merely a tiny fraction of what could be laid at his door.

soem dood said...

Haven't even read thread yet, so sure this is well-covered already, but I am personally AMAZED a the cheek of this thief.

In the Declan interview. The 2.2M debt-ridden, destitute, penniless, homeless drifter now admits in plain language to fleeing to Australia in an attempt to establish a BUSINESS, not as a tourist.

This obvious truth violates his visa terms at the most fundamental level, since as a supposed 'tourist' he *actually* did not have financial means to support any 'tourism' whatsoever, and his stated and true interest in the Land Down Under was not to learn of it's lands, peoples and culture, and spend some US money on chotskies and tee-shirts, but simply it's geographic apartness from the scene of his most recent crimes... When Declan further probes this, asking how long Casey can stay on the tourist visa, the mop-topped, depressed sounding young scofflaw tips his hand to his intent to further defraud yet another continent full of fresh marks: "Well, a number of months, then you have to like.. talk to them... I'm not sure"

Anonymous said...

Also found another site that is Marty.

-still digging, gonna go back and look for connection on the porn sites.

Miguel said...

The 2.2M debt-ridden, destitute, penniless, homeless drifter now admits in plain language to fleeing to Australia in an attempt to establish a BUSINESS, not as a tourist.

And the fact that he won't admit where he is - even approximately - is a pretty clear sign that he's well aware that he's in legally dodgy territory and he doesn't want the authorities to find him.

Anonymous said...

"This obvious truth violates his visa terms at the most fundamental level"

Wow. Who do we contact to report this violation?

Miguel said...

http://www.immi.gov.au is the website of the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship - and even a cursory glance makes it clear that if Casey so much as attempts to work, he's acting illegally and can be deported.

And since we have recorded evidence that that's his intention...

Anonymous said...


Casey Serin PLANNED Australia well in advance.

You CAN'T go there on a moments notice. You Can't. You need:

1. A tourist's visa. Easy to get but you still have to get one. You have to go to a consulate or mail in for one. Even if he went to the consulate he could not have done it in the time frame he said he made the decision in.

2. You have to have a return ticket. Either fixed or open date. Unless you are emigrating to Australia you have to show proof that you are going to leave. This is a non starter. There is generally no such thing as a one-way ticket to Australia. I know you could buy one online, but any travel agent would not sell you one.

3. You have to prove you have adequate monetary resources to stay in the country. His Visa could be run by the consulate or on arrival to show he has reasonable funds to take care of himself. They don't really buy that "I am staying with friends" shit.

One thing about Australia, they have no problem not admitting you or throwing you out. I've been a couple of times and I have seen people turned around and put right back on planes. And don't try the asylum route: they make the KKK look like the NAACP.

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