Monday, June 11, 2007

Any Other News?

Come on. There must be some things. It can't end like this. Can it? I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Being a net tease is hard work. I gotts make up Casey type excuses for non-perfomance. I need to pay back screwed clients. I need to nurture a whole new class of noobs and haretz or haterz. And all I have is a successful business, loving family and finacial security to show for it. It just ain't fair.

Oh. A question from the back? Yes? Speak up darling, that duck in your bosom is too loud. Oh. Yes. Of course. Who has Casey in their sights as their latest mark? Well, I can't say anyway near for sure but I did get several anonymous Re-emails that sent me here:

Why would somebody call a web page "Casey and Marty's Hidden..." anything? Maybe stupid, maybe careless, maybe an ill considered DCMA trap. Who cares? Good question. We all should. Just not in the way others think.


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Benoit™ said...


Anonymous said...


Benoit™ said...

M U R S T ™

Mouse And Pencil said...

Camp Chaos. God i loved that site. Gerbil in a blender, best flash game EVER.

Nigel's Publicist said...

bollocks, i say

Nigel's Publicist said...

Not Camp Chaos, google eating my first, again.

baa said...

i'm not terribly familiar with dcma stuff, but would fair use count? i mean, calling a website hidden does not make it so.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

Wow. How did you find this? This makes sniffing out Hammar look like a warm-up act . . . I am impressed but a little bit disturbed.

Note to self: do not be a public internet persona if any aspect of private life is valued.

Endgame said...

My newest Daddy is, who can do all this:

"What is Your Primary Internet Marketing Goal...
with your website(s), your business,
your online presence? What is it you want to do?"

- Sell more of your own product?

- Create more affiliate income?

- Create more Google Adsense income?

- Build your opt-in list?

- Generate leads for your offline business?

- Create more joint ventures?

- Find more affiliate partners?

- Drive more targeted traffic to your website?

- Or, ALL of the above?


PageDaddy helps frustrated and struggling website owners
drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to their web pages.
Thus, achieving “ALL of the above”

Contact Marty Stewart

Marty Stewart is so screwed said...

This stuff is pure GOLD!

CS sounds like a chimpmunk...

Anonymous said...


Is pagedaddy's server TOAST yet?

Endgame said...


I was 1 minute from proudly, portentiously and ponderously posting "Marty Stewart and Pagedaddy" in the other thread when Rob started this thread.

Scooped again!

Giant Sucking Sound said...

No, their server is not toast as their are only about 30 people viewing EN at any one time

flailing forward said...

Good thing nobody is downloading any of these. I would imaging that the download speed would be painfully slow right now if they were. (just a hypothesis)

lawnmower man said...

Dear God it's a gold mine.

Mart Stewart on LinkedIn.

Anonymous said...


segfault said... is a tax relief website--I suppose pagedaddy.COM is the marketing company?

flailing forward said...

Giant Sucking Sound is so jealous he just swabied his pants!

Endgame said...

Marty Stewart at

Sterling Valentine has launched himself onto the Internet Marketing scene with a little help from some partners, joint venture partners that is.

Prior to his new product launch of JV Formula, Sterling had a picture of a case of Ramen noodles, along with his cat next to it. The caption read, “Even my cat looks skinny.”

Ramen noodles - LOL. Maybe that's why KC was so sensitive to their mention. His PUBLISHER sensitized him.

Alan Smithee/gt said...

Yeah, PageDaddy (generally, not this detailed) was my find over lunch.

Guess its too late for me to worry about "outing" this, huh?

Giant Sucking Sound said...

So now because I bring up some negative thoughts about En & Dog and the regualrs here...I am Nigel Swabby?


Flailing Forward is sooooooooo predictable.

Yes, I am Nigel Swaby. If it make syou feel better that those who troll are all Nigel...then YES I will be your little Nigel Swabby, chump!

NotAnOptimist said...

Huh. KC is expanding his reaches. Global RE! Please oh please try HK next... I'd love to see him take on their Mafia when he can't pay up...

Andrew Imus said...

Away from personal computer right now - is someone dowloading these now so that when Casey reads this site or hears about it in the land down under and pulls them the hours of hilarity will still be available?

Lou Minatti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Smithee/gt said...

My East Coast Lunch= Furiously Searching Google & the pages related to our hint-hint.

Methinks there is more than meets the eye though.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Marty and Casey website and oyu will find the transcript for the book

Marty - BOO

Anonymous said...

I have copies of the MP3s saved to my hard drive.

NotAnOptimist said...

If G can take over IAFF (and I see no reason why she wouldn't be able to hack into it w/ the help of her friendly neighborhood haterz™) she should host her sale there.

The Original Kevin™ said...

G should hold off on selling anything bought by Casey - there is money laundering charges to think of.

H Simpson said...

Any chance these will be backed up by government authorities as evidence/historical artifacts???

R-Boy said...

I am astounded.

Anonymous said...


Endgame said...

I'm downloading a set of the mp3's also. Glad someone got them all - I doubt they'll be around much longer...

Scarlet Pimpernel said...

Giant Sucking Sound said...
"So now because I bring up some negative thoughts about En & Dog and the regualrs here...I am Nigel Swabby?


Flailing Forward is sooooooooo predictable.

Yes, I am Nigel Swaby. If it make syou feel better that those who troll are all Nigel...then YES I will be your little Nigel Swabby, chump!"

Why? We know who you are. You're already Casey's bitch. And we already know what that "Giant Sucking Sound" is.

R-Boy said...

Alexa is your friend

flailing forward said...

I guess we know who was behind the traffic weirdness that we were seeing on the IAFF stats.

You know it's a legit company when the main page doesn't have a single link on it.

chris said...

I wonder if Casey contacted his advertisers and google to have the checks mailed to him there, if not then Galina might just cash them...I would if I were her...

Casey Enablers said...


Galina Serin better come clean with the law if this is all true.

Murses said...

Flailing Forward is sooooooooo predictable.

If anything, I would love him more for hating you, GSG.

Anonymous said...

JV Proposal for Casey Serin

Casey, per our discussion on 3-21-07, we’ll call this potential joint venture: “Project Foreclosure”

“Project Monetize My Foreclosures”

Primary goal is to further spread the word about in order to create multiple info-products and a flood of buyers to monetize the I am Facing Foreclosure website, and all other real estate, mortgage, and foreclosure products. Plus, build up a large, highly targeted email list.

This will be accomplished in part by:

Step 1 - Create short and long term overall brainstorming strategy in order to create a time line of what should be done, in what order, and when. This will remain flexible, however, provide an overall guide in constantly moving forward.

Step 2 - Continue to create a massive "inner page" infrastructure utilizing other real estate related content, affiliate program content, and more blog post content, to create a massive Foreclosure Authority website.

Step 3- Drive a massive amount of natural organic search engine traffic continually over a sustained period of time.

Step 4 - Continually create new and fresh content each week, to be cutting edge, authorative, and current.

This will create a sought after media powerhouse, specifically to the Foreclosure and Real Estate world in general, thus further branding Casey Serin as a real estate and foreclosure expert.

I am Facing Foreclosure Overview:

The basic overview is that PageDaddy will be assisting Casey with overall short and long term strategy and creative consulting in further developing a massive content website infrastructure on, creating multiple info-products and ways to monetize the website(s), then driving a massive amount of ongoing traffic to that website infrastructure.

Casey will create and supply content including audio, video, in-print, etc. basically anything digital for PageDaddy to repurpose into webpages and traffic driving tools, as well as creating various info-products.

PageDaddy will also help Casey create content each week on a consistent basis. This will be done via phone, and various things will be recorded via phone audio, in order to be transcribed for in-print content. Blog moderating will also be handled, as to free Casey to work on revenue producing things, such as more content creation, and publicity / media interviews.

Monetization will include sales of various foreclosure info-products, membership area, teleseminars, and other ongoing products and services. Plus, very importantly, building up a massive targeted email list, to continually relationship build and market to them via email, further branding Casey Serin.


Casey's Team

- Supply all content in digital format to PageDaddy.

- Content includes: audio, video, transcripts, in-print content, articles, etc.

- More content = more web pages and more tools to drive traffic.

- Any other things that may be needed relating to sales and marketing, and product creation.

- Make himself available multiple hours per week via phone to create content.

PageDaddy's Team

- Marty will provide any and ongoing creative consulting to Casey for any portion of his business and projects ("fresh eyes" and experience are good to have!).

- Marty will leverage other major business contacts that can help this jv, such as another jv partner that has a highly targeted list of 25,000 real estate investors. This list is double-opt-in. Also, other big name gurus can be leveraged for distribution channels and other assistance at the appropriate times.

- The PageDaddy Team will take all content and "prep" it for the various repurposing for web pages and for traffic driving purposes.

- Any audio and video content to be transcribed from our weekly content creation calls, will be paid for by PageDaddy. We do have an audio transcription team we outsource things to.

- The Page Daddy Team will take the transcripts and in-print content and repurpose it into individual web pages.

- Video and audio content will be repurposed into clips and uploaded to all Video and Audio Upload sites.

- In-print content will be repurposed into articles and uploaded the the Article Directories and Social Networking Sites.

- Various other traffic driving strategies will be implemented.

- Will assist in creating weekly relationship building emails (Casey to approve messages before emailing) to market to the email list ongoing.

- Will help coordinate any phone Teleseminars.

- Set up a Account (if there isn't one, or comparable already) for use of capturing email opt-ins and to have tracking link codes.

- Set up an account for capturing people's questions.

- Set up an account for audio multimedia.

- Will be hiring at least one full time virtual assistant who will work 160 hours per month on this project.

- Any other things related to driving traffic (not including costs related to any paid PPC Campaigns or paid Press Releases such as

- We'll cover many of these costs upfront, but as soon as cash-flow warrants, the joint venture revenue will pay directly for these, and then PageDaddy will be reimbursed for any out of pocket costs from the start.

- Have access to another jv partner who has over $75,000 in audio visual equipment for filming, editing, and video production.

Traffic Driving and Infrastructure Plan:

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- Click Here to see more details.

Things to Point Out:

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- Sales items need to be defined.

- High-end backend sales and up-sells need to be created for more revenue.

- Sponsorships / Advertising can be sold at the appropriate time.

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- This is a long-term consistent effort to make this a success.

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- The Traffic Driving Plan will lay the infrastructure to continually throw in new fresh content to create a flood of traffic consistently.

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- Some stuff that PageDaddy does will not be 100% trackable, but nonetheless be a complete benefit to you.

- PageDaddy will be focused 100% on Internet Marketing. Any webmaster / website tasks should be handled by another company. We can refer to you a highly reliable one we're moving all of our day to day website work to, so we can stay focused on the revenue producing things.

Things to be Determined:

*Initial overall brainstorming session, to get ideas, put them on a time line in

priority sequence.

*What are all of the saleable products and services, including upsells?

*What rev-share % PageDaddy will receive for helping create and market

infoproducts and seminars around Casey Serin and the I am Facing website now and in the future?

*A formal agreement to be drawn up to formalize things after we discuss.

More Pages = More Profits

Endgame said...

Files just got deleted!

NotAnOptimist said...

Hm, that only took an hour... Whoa KC is an early riser!

Endgame said...

Hey Casey,

Is the bright glare of out-of-control publicity reaching you down in Oz?


Aren't you glad you never told us who you are? How embarassing it could be!

Casey - aren't you glad you partnered (oh, Marty prefers "JV", doesn't he?) with someone you can trust to keep all your info confidential? Just imagine if raw recordings of your talks with him were released to the world.

Keeping score for today re who has turned on you, spoken out about you, or betrayed you through incompetence:
- Nigel - yep, some pretty harsh words
- Galina - yep, "heartbroken"
- Marty - yep, mp3's released in the wild

What a day, mate!

Anonymous said...

Whoever found the files should've kept quite until they were copied, before telling everyone, including Marty, that they found them & giving him an opportunity to delete.

Benoit™ said...

The site's officially dead, I managed to nab the first two ("Day 1 Parts 1 and 2) MP3s before it died.

Someone *please* upload these somewhere. :-)

Mouse And Pencil said...


Direct hit.

Continue to fire at will.

Khatie said...

endgame said:

"Files just got deleted!"

Yeah, and isn't it interesting that the trolls are silent right now?

Perhaps they're busy.

KC said...

I'm confused. Has Marty been involved in posting to any of the blogs?

your mom said...

I just got them all before they were deleted.

Marty Stewart said...


Anonymous said...

Endgame said...

" Files just got deleted! "

Too late.The damage is done.Sorry Marty. :(

Endgame said...

@anon 2:37,

What part of the following is unclear to you?

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous said...
I have copies of the MP3s saved to my hard drive.

Anonymous said...


Khatie said...

Dies iræ! dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla
Teste David cum Sibylla!

Quantus tremor est futurus,
quando judex est venturus,
cuncta stricte discussurus!

Day of wrath and terror looming!
Heaven and earth to ash consuming,
David's word and Sibyl's truth foredooming!

What horror must invade the mind,
when the approaching judge shall find,
and sift the deeds of all mankind.

dripped said...

Have all of the files, trying to set up torrent.

Endgame said...

I got only the first 2.

I'm sure that we'll all get 'em soon.

Anonymous said...

[i]Four to six months from now, will probably yield greater results vs. month one to three. Unrealistic expectations should not be expected overnight.[/i]


HauspocalypseNow said...

the NEXT bubble is divorce bubble!!!

I GET IT NOW, thanx casey.

how to invest in divorce?hmmm online dating site stocks?

Marty Stewart said...

I swear I don't know what happeneded Casey!! One minute the files was there, and the next they was all stoled! I think Prlinkbiz done took em!

king friday the 13th said...


I have a feeling Casey is gunning to become the next Robert Kiyosaki.

However, I feel Casey has a better chance as the next Jerome Mayne.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

Careful with those files, you're into dangerous waters with respect to copyrights. Rob, that goes double for you, if those files come from you you have to be ready for a lawsuit. I'm not one of the supporterz(tm), I just don't want to see anyone get sued.

I'll admit I was thinking about downloading them, until I thought, "potentially copyrighted materials on government security organization's computer = bad", and decided not to :) .

whoever said...

Whoever nuked Marty and Casey's "special place" nuked the front page also. Take a look at it!

segfault said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

I repeat I repeat:


I am not going to enable copyright violations by telling you how to go about distributing them, I am only saying: be careful.

Endgame said...

' 1 of content creation for the new book and theme series "The Foreclosure Code"...'

Anonymous said...

I think it will be hard to get LEO interested in some alleged pissant copyright violations.

Marty Stewart said...

Hey, has anybody seen my files? I had a whole bunch of them on a secret computer interweb net site. It had a secret code you had to type in to get to it. I think I done broke it.

Anonymous said...

Your point, endgame?

What an idiot said...

Why would someone posts those on a webpage? My name says it all

Agag said...

Wow. Even though I have followed this from his first IAFF post, I was not prepared for the ick factor. This 'opportunity' seems especially low rent.

CHJTS said...


I dont know what to make of all of this shit coming out.

I went to the page but it was already yanked. I simply wont have the time to track down copies of those...even if someone puts them somewhere and listen to them before the haterzcast in 3 hours...

but rob...I hope you call in and be the guest for the first hour to give us a synopsis of it.

I doubt casey will call in...he is problably seething mad at all the shit coming out today.

PS...I wonder if the pages were given as links from galina to you guys...a jaded woman is a dangerous thing.

Duane LeGate said...

OK gang... last post for a whole.. late to a *cough* meeting.

Lets review the publishers post shall we?

"First, who am I?"


"People will be absolutely blown away by all that has been going on behind the scenes!"

Yes they will... Check

"And for the most part, Casey has been very tight-lipped in keeping certain behind the scene things under wraps."

Yes he has... Check

"and drilled it home that he can not discuss anything pertaining to our publishing deal unless we agree to it."

Unless you post it in a public forum... Check

"to what Casey has been doing the last 72 hours, will completely make your head spin. AND And yes, all these juicy details will be in the book. It will definitely make it even more compelling and informative."

Double Check

"Casey is a true Entrepreneur at heart. Business is in his blood. You can’t shut that drive off. Entrepreneurs typically don’t like working “for” others, except they do like working “with” others doing joint ventures and structuring deals."

The deal with you is going well.. Check

"we had to use some “leverage” points with Casey to bring him back to reality as it pertained to our agreement, regardless of personal issues he was having."

And this is where you went to far butthead... TRIPLE Check

"We have been privy to many details in Casey’s life he’s revealed only to a close few in his “inner circle” and some details he’s never shared with anyone."

This is another way of saying we will screw anyone to make a buck.. youre outed... Check

"Agreements are Like Toilet Paper"

you and I agree on this one thing... Check

"Does Casey Care if Anyone Sues Him?" Casey only cares about himself.. you just found out the hard way.. Check

"Is Casey Really “Judgment Proof”?"

Guess what asswipe.. you pissed off someone else thats set to prove you wrong here... and its gonna be funnnnn.... Future Check

Someone help me finish.. Im getting evil stares and i must go.. its been a wild day...

Marty - Casey - Have fun cleaning this mess up... Check

1000 a weak said...

- Some stuff that PageDaddy does will not be 100% trackable, but nonetheless be a complete benefit to you.

You know it's a professional outfit when their proposal says "some stuff that we do..."

Marty Stewart said...

Ma!! Someone done tooked my dern internet files!! Dadgum it!

Anonymous said...


Endgame said...

@ 2nd anon 2:49

My point is that you should pick a posting name.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

So Marty does these websites for everybody!

I am wondering how many partnerships Marty is working on right now.

Fucking classic!

flailing forward said...

@ Duane
Ha ha, that summed it up nicely!

Endgame said...

Marty - let's use plain language here, huh?

You blackmailed Casey to keep the blog going, then fucked up by letting the world get your material.

Did I get that right?

How's the book coming? Anything new gonna be in it? LOL

LOL said...

It's been said today but I have to say it.


segfault said...

"Inner page infrastructure" = lame-ass way of generating more pagehits by posting the meat of the article "after the jump." Since their slogan is "More Pages = More Profits," they appear to be a one-trick pony.

your mom said...

I'm using torpark so if someone can give me a server to upload it to I will.

Anonymous said...

a better picture of Marty

Murses said...

Forgive me if I use a little KC-speak, but things are getting CRAZY around here!

Wish I could say more, but, darn that NDA with my publisher!

Oh...ooops. Oh well, itsallgood!!

Murses said...

@ 3:02 PM, Anonymous said...
a better picture of Marty

Yep, he looks weasely!

Benoit™ said...

From the 2nd Alexa link, Marty's full address and contact information is at the top. He prefers to be called on his cell phone:

702-234-6796 :)

torrent here said...

for the audio. Should work

Marty Stewart said...

Ma, I fixeded it. I turned off the internets so they cain't take mah files no more. Buncha got damned varmints, Ma.

Stephanie J. said...

Driving Massive Traffic With the Least Amount of Human Effort"

This tagline is probably what Casey Googled when he found this guy to begin with.

What an idiot said...

Why would he put the files back up?

Endgame said...

Why would he put the files back up?


Walter Sobchak said...

Marty, this is what happens when you FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS!!!

(smashes an mp3 with a crowbar)

You're entering a world of pain, Marty. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS!!!

(smashes another mp3)

Anonymous said...


"Inner page infrastructure" = lame-ass way of generating more pagehits by posting the meat of the article "after the jump." Since their slogan is "More Pages = More Profits," they appear to be a one-trick pony.

So true. Rob Dawg pointed it out almost immediately when the 'read more' setup appeared at IAFF-- extra clicks equaling more money. What a con game the whole thing is.

What an idiot said...

I thought I got back on the site for site for a second, but now I can't. Maybe my mistake because I can't now.

segfault said...

anon @ 3:13 PM:

Yep. It's a lot like those hardware/software review sites that split every single review over 15 different pages and don't provide a printable link.

what an idiot @ 3:14:

Your browser might have pulled a copy of the page out of your cache.

mr. crash said...

DAMN things have gotten interesting. Just when I thought Casey had decided to be a man and put his family first, he runs off to Australia? What an ass.

Galina: FILE FOR DIVORCE. You're married to a child with a real honesty problem. He ruined your credit and dragged you through a year of public humiliation you never wanted or asked for. And now he's abandoned you with no money while he runs off to the other side of the planet?? You're attractive and from all accounts quite a devoted wife. You've always been right about what Casey should do. LEAVE HIM! You'll have a great guy in no time who will take good care of you.

What an idiot said...

No I am listening to day 6 on Marty's site now. I thought he took them all down?

flailing forward said...

By the way, how great of a name is "Casey and Marty's Hidden Content Area"?

Murses said...

@ flailing forward
By the way, how great of a name is "Casey and Marty's Hidden Content Area"?

It is awesome! Like a little clubhouse just for them.

I wonder if their is a secret password you have to whisper...

Murses said...

their obviously = there

I'm such a looser!

BelowTheCrowd said...

It seems that Marty has gone to the same school of contracts at the NLL and the same school of spelling as Casey.

In fact, it might be interesting to let Prslutbiz know about this. Maybe she could sue Marty over the rights!

That said, there's a big, big issue here that they seem not to notice.

When Galina gets this in front of a judge, he's going to give her total ownership of everything, including the IAFF domain. And whatever "secret details" of Casey's life Marty was able to hold over his head are not likely to sway her. She'll sell to the highest bidder.

Which is why real VCs and investors ALWAYS talk to the spouse. Always.


T said...

Jesus H.

Like a moth to a flame, Casey is continuously drawn to slimey internet hucksters. It never ends with this kid. Anything to make a buck without doing any real work.

mr. crash said...

I'm just reading some of the older posts here... is it really true that Serin thinks he's going to get paid millions of dollars to broker the Circus Circus sale? If so, please someone post THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Trust me. I am in a position of having pretty inside knowledge regarding MGM MIRAGE (i.e. I can't trade without notifying the SEC-- I'm pretty inside). ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.

HurtMe said...

I thought that club got shut down...

The Club


1000 a weak said...

@flailing forward:

By the way, how great of a name is "Casey and Marty's Hidden Content Area"?

Nigel is jealous. Casey has a hidden content area with some other guy!

Murses said...

@ mr. crash

We can post THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN all we want to. He will NOT listen to anything spoken here in the real world. Probably because he only understands Guru-speak. And the gurus will all tell him is could happen and it might as well happen to him.

Besides, Duane actually already told him to his face.

segfault said...

mr. crash @ 3:24 PM:

Duane already told him it would never happen at their last meeting, which made KC visibly upset. Read the Duane e-mails that were posted today.

flailing forward said...

Hehe, Nigel aren't you a tad jealous that Casey and Marty had a Hidden Content Area and you never got invited over to play? Maybe they would have let you check out their sensitive materials.

HurtMe said...

Could someone please post a link to the non-fraudcast...


KC said...


Seriously thinks he can broker a deal for a multi-million dollar casino with no education/no experience.

Justme / Just in said...

segfault said...

Now that Galina is out of the realm of influence of KC, perhaps her family will encourage her to seek divorce. I'm not a very religious person, but I think that even if you believe divorce is a sin, any compassionate creator would forgive someone for divorcing KC. There is a limit to the amount of shit a human should have to put up with (and it was exceeded a long time ago).

Anonymous said...

@ KC 3:28

The casino will be posted on Craigslist and be sold.

You underestimate the ability of Craiglist.

Craig will rip your head off and shit down your neck, looser.

HurtMe said...

Justme / Just in: Thanks!


I'm English said...

Stewart right now is pulling down other sites that he has -- like MYTRAFFICGUY.COM -- that describe taking (I'd say stealing, he says using) data organization and content to create huge numbers of pages that just serve as ad platforms and links to the central page that is selling yet more crap. All slick, slimy and a valueless waste of pixels and bandwidth.

Craig from Craig's List said...

It's true. There are two things that I'm into:
1. lists
2. crapping in people's neckholes.

Sharky said...

Rob Dawg:

Y'know, you mentioned "news"...

Aside from Declan, has anyone contacted the other "sweet media" outlets that originally covered Shitflake?

Perhaps they'd be interested ina "follow up" piece.

Crank up the heat not only on Kangaroo Serin, but also on Law Enforcement.

At this point, the Hobbit is NOT a fugitive from anything but his debts, he's just a guy with a peculiar sense of timing, (and method), of taking a vacation.

Again...this is Galina's Golden Hour...she MUST move on cutting away the suppurating tumor that she married.

Endgame said...

Nigel - you can relax a bit, I'd guess. You're probably not at the top of KC's "bad guy" list right at the moment.

flailing forward said...

Casey: Et tu, Nigel?
Nigel: That's what you get for not inviting me to your hidden content area, bitch.
Casey: Don't be mad...

Caseys Sex Life said...

Hey Everyone!

Calling from you down under - I wish!!!

Still lonely - looking for a bush man/woman to make my nights more enjoyable. Any takers? All I ask is for plane fare to somewhere else on my exciting journey thru this crazy thing they call life!

Murses said...

Excellent. Now that everything is coming out in the open, its back to the funny!

segfault said...

I called one of my friends this morning (who follows KC's story, but not nearly as much as I do), to tell her that KC had left Galina and fled to Australia, and her reaction was pretty much the same: "You mean they let him leave the country?!?!" I had to (re)explain to her the many failures of our criminal justice system...

Sharky said...

And who was the guy who commented that Serin would be found in a barrel with his ankles around his neck?

I like the way you think, Ace.

Last I heard, that method came in useful in keeping Sadaam's friskier underlings to remember which side of the border was OURS.

Knowing ShitStar, he is either going to wear out his welcome VERRRRY quickly,


He'll be naked, beaten and hog-tied and being kept as a disposable sex-toy in somebody's cellar.

The kid never could see what the OTHER guy was getting fom the deal, could he?

Caseys Sex Life said...

Hi Murses!

Love to love you baby! Vinyl makes me sweat! Come join me in the bush - wink, wink!

Casey Enablers said...

I believe that Casey, by law, is supposed to inform his DEBTORS of change of address.

You know, otherwise they may think that he is trying to run away from his FINANCIAL obligations.

It would be sad if the people he owes money to were to learn that Casey has left the country. I mean, they may be pressed to call on the law.

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord...why didn't I come to the dark side sooner?! The haterz are uniformly observant and some are downright hilarious...serves me right for being such a blind, bleeding heart.

SpaceyCasey said...

Egads - NOT THE LAW!

T said...

Craig from Craig's List said...
It's true. There are two things that I'm into:
1. lists
2. crapping in people's neckholes.

flailing forward said...
Casey: Et tu, Nigel?
Nigel: That's what you get for not inviting me to your hidden content area, bitch.
Casey: Don't be mad...

LMFAO! It's posts like these ^ that make me wonder why I ever left this place.

segfault said...

Spaceycasey @ 3:44 PM:

"I fought the law, and the law won..."

flailing forward said...

Hey Casey, check it out, EN has more traffic than you! Oh noes!



I'm English said... is currently #4 in a Google search "foreclosure" This is all massive organic traffic . . . sweeet!

Anonymous said...

This is surreal...

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this whole thing could only be conceived as a prank on all of us where Nigel, Casey, Rob Dawg and Duane are all in on it.

Murses said...

@ Caseys Sex Life

I'm PLEATHER, remember? Nigel does.

Sharky said...


"The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this whole thing could only be conceived as a prank on all of us where Nigel, Casey, Rob Dawg and Duane are all in on it."

Entirely possible...and so what if it is?

Enjoy it and marvel at the monumental effort of the gag.

Legion said...


That was me, I remember that from reading some book by Anne Rule about some serial killer that would invite women to come live with him...they found a bunch of these women in those toxic yellow barrels like a decade later. The thing is, these guys in Australia can do the same to Casey, and then continue to keep on blogging as if everything is fine.
Everybody would have moved on, including Galina, and Casey can haunt Australia for all eternity for all I care.

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Hey, Dawg, Duane, and R-boy--Can I ask you to check out my last 2 posts on the previous thread re: Galina and LE? Thanks!

Jus Sayin said...

How many times can Marty say "massive"?

Murses said...

Come on. There are more than just Nigel, Casey, Rob and Duane on this. Everyone has conspired against you, 3:48 PM, Anonymous.

Think about it.

Legion said...

@Jus Sayin

What do you expect from someone who read THE SECRET and every morning spends 20 minutes looking at his member and repeating ad nauseum "Massive, massive, massive, massive....grow you little POS! If I believe it it HAS to come true!"

Anonymous said...

Galina will do just fine.

A good licking and she won't even remeber the name Casey.

Dan said...

I think all of the PageDaddy sites are down...I can't even get to

Bemused Guy said...

1) Has anyone informed the Sac Bee?

2) In the early days a lot of people sent queries to the Sac DA's office. If I were Galina I would make an appointment to see if they'd be interested in this latest turn of events. If they were compiling for a case this might help her. Even if not, an attempt at good faith to report criminal wrongs might help strengthen her divorce case.

Dan said...

Is anyone surprised that the "Publisher" Casey got in bed with seems like a fly-by-night operation? This reminds me of the people on ebay who sell 999 ebooks for $9.99 with unlimited resale rights... It's all crap and no one would buy anyway.

702 number is out of Nevada... maybe this guy parks cars at a casino when he's not bedding the idiot poster boy.

flailing forward said...

I understand that there was a lot of massive focused action going on back in Casey and Marty's Secret Content Area. There may have even been some good things coming.

H Simpson said...

Wow what day!!

Casey was going to birddog a few weeks to get the lay of the land down under.

The haterz are screwing up every sweet deal in the queue.

Now he has to act quickly, as he burned his bridges at departure and if the wife flips on him, he is toast.

What is a snowflake to do?
-Get home for damage control?
-Hide in the outback?
-Get to Ubeckistan before extridtion gets started and Australia refuses to let him leave?

He does not know how to react quickly.

Casey I would suggest you quickly come to a decision and then do exactly the opposite. Odds are better that way.

Any chance of hitting Steve up to find out what happened at the Serin compound prior to Snowflake's departure?

This looks to be a banner week.

Murses said...

I understand that there was a lot of massive focused action going on back in Casey and Marty's Secret Content Area. There may have even been some good things coming.

Really? I heard things were getting CRAZY but they really couldn't talk about it much because, you know. They did say itsallgood though and goodthingsarecoming.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

I think all of the PageDaddy sites are down...I can't even get to

Yeah, all I'm getting is a cryptic "The system cannot find the horse specified. Please check your stable doors".

Legion said...

Casey and Marty's Secret Content Area

Now there's a title for a porno. Just add "and special guest appearance by Nigel" and you've got the cover.

flailing forward said...

@ Dan
He probably parks cars at Circus Circus and was going to be Casey's inside man on the casino flip.

R-Boy said...

Copying and distribution those files could be copyright issues and could lead to the threat of or actual suing.

hence, I didn't touch em when I saw that disclaimer.

please dont distribute them unless you dont mind the threat of lawsuit. I have no problem using publicly available info to prove our allegations, but draw the line at shady stuff

Legion said...

but draw the line at shady stuff

That's right R-Boy, we don't want "no fishy business!"


flailing forward said...

@ Legion
Nigel's porn name: The Olympic Pinprick

Dan said...

The talkcast description says that it starts at 5 PST, but it's scheduled for 6 PST...which is it?

Legion said...

man this talkcast is gonna rock. Guess I'll be eating in tonight.

Anonymous said...

Marty Stewart

5130 S. Fort Apache Rd.


Las Vegas, NV 89148


702-234-6796 cell

(cell is best contact #)


702-939-9943 fax

samk said...

Wow. I picked the wrong day to give up looking at EN from work. Casey is some piece of work. His parents must be very proud of their creation.

Well, the good news is I downloaded Safari for Windows and it really is very much faster than IE. I was skeptical.

Sharky said...


You read that in Ann Rule?

I wonder where she did her research, if she didn't come up with the idea herself.

People who are known by people I know, if you follow me, would fold up Iraqi spies like a jackknife and then pop 'em into empty 55 gallon drums, (I don't know if it was "heads up" or "heads down", but once you're in, you can't get out.

They'd then drive 'em out to an empty spot in the desert along the border, set up the barrel, and then drive away.

After about 2 days,(depending on the daytime temperature), no more whimpering from the barrel...

Anonymous said...

Casey's "About" from his 'Earth Mission' blog:

Casey is a Servant, Husband, Friend, Blogger and Real Estate Investor from Sacramento area, California.

On Earth since 1982. Originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In the USA since 1994. Graduated from Bella Vista High School in 2000. Married to Galina since 2004.

A mostly outgoing, tough-minded, deep-thinking, achievement-driven Innovator Rationalist (ENTP) and a thrill-seeking, risk-taking, easy-going, competitive, Promoter Artisan (ESTP) personality.

R-Boy said...


I should be there for the talkcast tonight, but I wont be able to be on the line the whole time. Ill try to answer questions you guys have.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Regarding the previous post, I just checked the CaseyPedia log files and there were a few requests from the same IP address, fetching mainly publisher-related articles. In case that's of any interest.

R-Boy said...

lets not do the posting of numbers and names again okay?

Anonymous said...

To those suggesting that Casey might wind up fleeing to his native land:

The government of Uzbekistan is a horrible, horrible human rights offender. For example, they have -- and I am not making this up -- boiled people to death.

I don't think that a rough place like Uzbekistan would be a safe haven for a delicate flower such as our fine young Casey, especially given the fact that it has been a long time since he was there; he left as a child (I mean a chronological one), and has become thoroughly Americanized.

I sincerely doubt that Uzbeki creditors will take to Casey's antics anywhere near as non-violently as his American ones have.

Broward Horne said...

Wow. Casey is so kewl yet so pathetic. I have Casey to thank for my new-found interest in detecting advertising click-fraud, and I'm happy that Marty Stewart has appeared.

Excerpt about click fraud

Entire Defcon 15 Proposal, inspired by!

Legion said...


Yeah Anne Rule, think the name of the book was "anyone you wanted to be"

They found all these women in those barrels..well..more like fluid since it had been so long, but some stuff was still identifiable. She pretty much writes about true crime, sadly, she is not making it really happened.
Maybe they will bury him up to his neck in dirty pennies and leave him out in the open.

I'm English said...

The site that Marty wants to use for massive traffic action says, quote, "Modern research into 2,437 year-old marketing technology reveals the secret to increase your sales, uncover quick-profit niches and helps you discover what your prospects and customers what to buy most!"

I think the date on this technology is wrong. I place it as being 2,759 years old . . .

T said...

Anonymous said...
Galina will do just fine.

A good licking and she won't even remeber the name Casey.

Well aren't you a classy motherfucker?

flailing forward said...

"Casey is a Servant, Husband, Friend, Blogger and Real Estate Investor from Sacramento area, California."

"Casey is a Blogger from Sacramento area, California."

Sharky said...

Anon Boiler:

"The government of Uzbekistan is a horrible, horrible human rights offender. For example, they have -- and I am not making this up -- boiled people to death."


Which is why, if I cared, I'd look very closely at what kind of job the Serin Paterfamilias did, back in the old country and under the old regime.

I've known more than one "refugee" who had VERY GOOD reasons to flee his native land.

When the dictator gets overthrown, his jailers and tortue specialists had better make a quick and well-financed exit.

Legion said...

T said...
Anonymous said...
Galina will do just fine.

A good licking and she won't even remeber the name Casey.

Well aren't you a classy motherfucker?


NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

"Casey is a Blogger from Sacramento area, California."

Surely: "Casey is a Blogger formerly of the Sacramento area, California."??

T said...


Anonymous said...

Sharky, that doesn't really stand up very well to scrutiny.

The Serins didn't leave Uzbekistan until 1994; the current government took over in 1991, from the collapse of the Soviet Union. They have been in (unchecked and total) power ever since.

Mouse And Pencil said...

It should be of no surprise Casey tied his wagon to yet another bottom feeder type, a legit publisher won't have anything to do with him. Remember, he HAD legit publishing interest, and was dropped like a hot coal.

No, he's needs a greasy nudgenugewinkwink type, who won't hold his crimes against him (but WILL use it as leverage to get their pound of flesh.

The question for Marty is he all but said he knows where the coffee cans are (hot buttons, or some such babble). Are you ready for subpeonas and questioning, Marty? Are you ready to be a co-conspirator? Your disclaimers don't cover the fact that you may or may not be in knowledge of felonies, and THAT is actionable. You are not covered by client/attorny priviledge, you're a two-bit net bottom feeder. You rank down there with Viagra spammers and porn search engines.

I'll bet there are some LARGE phone bills being billed between Vegas and Australia. I just hope shithead did'nt call Galina and harrass her.

Endgame said...

Or, "Casey is a Blogger formerly from Sacramento area, California."

R-Boy said...

RealMeMe or Howard or whatever.

HOLY FREAKING MAN! Awesome Powerpoint presentation, PROOF of click fraud!

Casey Fannnnn said...

Sometime during the first season, I stopped watching DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. I liked the show's sensiblities at first, but eventually I was overcome with the mundane, hacky soak opera and I drifted away. Friends who continued watching told me that the show was getting ever more crazier, but I could never work up the enthusiasm to verify their claims. It bore great simlarities to the Casey saga. The Casey dance remix energy is hard to recapture, and the influx of revelations, no matter how crazy, is too voluminous to comb through. However....

This cracked me the fuck up:

>>>Anonymous said...
Galina will do just fine.

A good licking and she won't even remember the name Casey.

T said:
>>>Well aren't you a classy motherfucker?<<<

Hardy the pee har.

Kirk said...

T: Well aren't you a classy motherfucker?

I'm glad T's back.

Sharky said...

Anon Boiler:

"The Serins didn't leave Uzbekistan until 1994; the current government took over in 1991, from the collapse of the Soviet Union. They have been in (unchecked and total) power ever since."

A good point. This IS idle speculation, after all.

I'd observe that the Serins didn't immigrate to the US until 1994, we cannot be sure when they emigrated from Uzbekistan, though, can we?

A lot of emigres cooled their heels at "'tweeners"...the best-known example being the Jews allowed to emigrate by the Soviets who stayed awhile in Israel before moving on to the US.

T said...


lawnmower man said...

HOLY FREAKING MAN! Awesome Powerpoint presentation, PROOF of click fraud!

Not, however, proof that Serin himself was conducting click fraud. There was quite a campaign against his ads -- entirely possible that any botnet attack was conducted by an unconnected third party.

flailing forward said...

@ Broward
The powerpoint thing is interesting. I remember you posting over at IAFF but I never knew enough about what you were talking about to follow you. You should really send that to Google. Do you think CPM and pay per click are eventually going to be unworkable?

By the way, what the hell is up with the last part of the sex vs. terrorism graph?

Max said...

In the spirit of Rock Blogging(TM) on CR's blog:

Talking 'bout a tard called Casey
He lost it all in the housing frenzy.
He met some strange people that were not Haterz
So he ditched his wife and left the country
And she said

Did you run to the land down under?
And leave your family in the lurch to wonder?
Couldn't deal with another blunder?
The money's gone, it will never be recovered.

Begging dough from a certain publisher
But when the blog shut down, it couldn't recover
Casey said "I've still got some sweet leads!"
Galina sobs and gave him a knuckle sandwich.
And she said,

You ran to the land down under.
While your wife cried and marriage crumbled.
Can't believe how bad you fumbled.

Doing interviews with USA Today
A lot of talk, but not much to say
Casey said "Rob Dawg are you trying to ruin me?
Because I borrowed too much money?"
And Dawg said

You ran to the land down under.
All your Dealz have completely foundered.
Now everyone knows how bad you've stumbled.
It's easier to run, than to admit failure.

The Dude said...

A good licking and she won't even remeber the name Casey.

Here is the licker

Mouse And Pencil said...

I say we send Galina to Steph's Super Secret Batcave and have her taught the ways of the gun - with T there to help her learn how to deal with men that disrespect her.

0 Comment Swaby said...

"Your Privacy is Guaranteed. We do not share, sell, or rent our email list. You will be contacted only by us regarding and can EASILY unsubscribe at any time."

-We do, however, give our mailing lists to Casey Serin. This trusted partner would never use your email address for unscrupulous reasons.

Boiling Point said...

A different perspective on all this:

- Casey ran to the land downunder (tm) NOT because of his wife...

He ran to Aussie land because Rob Dawg & Duane told him he was about to be outed.

At that point Casey's big plan to make millions with Marty (tm) went up in smoke. Poof.

Rather than try and find a new deal he ran. Yeah, his wife was an issue but the REAL DEAL is his plan to make millions was about to go up in smoke and at that point he paniced.

Ouch. Troof hurts (tm).

Bemused Guy said...

@The Dude. OMG. That ALMOST replaces the duck dong!

Anonymous said...

Jamba Inc., the parent of Jamba Juice Co., reported a profit of $11.9 million for the first quarter ended May 1.

The Emeryville company (NASDAQ: JMBA) -- previously named Services Acquisitions Corp. International -- bought Jamba Juice Co. in November. It changed the period of its reporting and this quarter consists of 16 weeks.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Can someone point me to some pics of our new friend Marty ? i'd like to create some art during the fraudcast tonight...

Boiling Point said...

Oh, and by no means am I blaming Rob or Duane...just pointing out where Casey's real motives & allegiances lie...with MONEY not his wife.

Rob & Duane have done little but shine a spotlight on a cockroach..

Mouse And Pencil said...

Good ideas, but I think the timeline works against your theory - Casey left last week, and the Publisher post on IAFF, which triggered this, was posted Sunday.

We need a timeline! What happened when.

Anonymous said...

Whoever took the time to write out that stupid 'land down under' song lyrics SERIOUSLY needs to get a life.

Dude, you are making theme songs to a blogger using 80's music and posting it on another blog. Wow. Get a freakin' life, Trevor. What is next, winning the bronze medal in the special olympics!

Bemused Guy said...

@433 Mouse.
No disrespect towards Galina but the thought of Steph, T & Mocha hoping transform her made me think of this Robot Chicken clip

0 Comment Swaby said...

@ Mouse and Pencil:

For the record, I'll take Steph's Super Secret Batcave over Casey and Marty's Hidden Content Area any day.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Would'nt we all, 0 Comment, wouldnt we all.

Haterezz said...

Can someone post a link to the talkcast? Tnx

flailing forward said...

I liked the Men At Work thing. I even busted out the record for proper mood.

There are some small photos toward the beginning of his thread I think.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Okay folks, time to head home - gonna go hook up for the talkcast. This one, i gotta hear!

Endgame said...

@anon 4:40 [why can't you anons make up names?]

I thought the song was kinda cute - but I don't like cute. So, I glanced at it, politely kept my opinion to myself and kept right on scrolling.

Why don't you do the same thing next time? Or, Anon 4:40, since you are an asshole, please do us the favor of STFU and MOVE ON.

CHJTS said...

rob please check your email..since your in charge of the topic contents...I need you to cut and paste that for the topic when you start a new thread for the haterzcast..thanks...


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