Sunday, June 17, 2007

Washed Up Dried Out No Meat

Thanks to Nigel. Confirming a failed plan after the fact is worth at least something. I like to think hater attention had something to do with thwarting the Hammar caper before the crime which serves a higher purpose. So, this picture was taken this afternoon in Chatham, Massachusetts. It seemed like a natural fit.

At this point how can it be other than every actor in this play is not refreshing the various sites near constantly? Does Casey think he can speak code to family and troll to haterz™ and not expect both to see through the deceptions?

Update: Akubi was too king so I added some more pics.


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Akubi said...


Jean Valjean said...

first furst & murst.

ok now someone add content.

Schnapps said...

Second first & murst

Jean Valjean said...

dang it.

that's what I get for trying to be cute.

Schnapps said...

Content? I thought the first 10 comments were for fighting over first and murst.

Ah well.

Of course they're continuously refreshing. How can they fight the hate otherwise? :>

And apparently, they have nothing better to do. No lives.

Oh wait. Hasn't that been used somewhere in some other context? Let me think...

Perhaps a nap will help :>

Akubi said...

I rarely get MURST here any longer so I DESERVE IT (add Boomer inflection).

flailing forward said...

Have any super-sleuthing haterz figured out what Marty's partner Chris's last name is yet?



Schnapps said...

Marty's partner Chris? Nah - I do not have the 1337 skillz for that type of sleuthing.

But I'd lay money on the word "Record"

Akubi said...

Also, the person noting a lack of lives, etc. must have missed the fact that in the 21st century there is no community offline. Try going to any Trader Joe's parking lot where people will happily run you over you for a space...

Schnapps said...

Oh, and I'm not much of a gambler :>

I also happen to be laid up with a bad back and a laptop. And a glass of wine.

Schnapps said...


We don't have trader joe's here. We do have Capers however and you're not in danger of being run down by an SUV there - just a bicycle.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Okay Gum Shoes,
Is my PC system (which my child uses) or person in harms way from these people?

Akubi said...

Maybe I should move there. I hate cars and SUV's in particular.

Akubi said...

What OS/version are you running on?

The Dude said...

Breaking News.......

This just in -- Corp credit flys away!

Schnapps said...


I don't know much about these things, but I can see you're concerned. I'm not sure how much you can block other people, but you could download some sort of netnanny software to stop your son from getting here in the first place?

Maybe someone else has another idea. To keep it up at the top, I can throw the question on my blog if you like.

Akubi said...

I've spent way to much time archiving Mocha. FMV?!!

Schnapps said...

Oh Dude. Too funny.

flailing forward said...

@ Schnapps
It's not Chris Record. I found a video of the guy, and he's definitely a different Chris.

I doubt you're in danger as long as you've got some kind of firewall. Keep in mind this is the same crew who keeps their top secret info on public servers.

Akubi said...

My email address is on my non-award winning blog. Perhaps it would be better to discuss troll-free.

LossMitPro said...

flailing forward @ 5:56 PM:
Have any super-sleuthing haterz figured out what Marty's partner Chris's last name is yet?”

Well, not for nothin, but maybe we should leave family out of this? I can just imagine “Chris” beating Marty over the head repeatedly with a dish rag, while whining and moaning about all the hate. Yackey, yack, slat, woosh!

Poor guy, domestic life just ain’t what it used to be for Marty and his “partner” since hookin it with Casey.

Just a thought.


Schnapps said...

Akubi, yes, there is a strong cycling community here and a good network of bike paths throughout the city.

At the same time, for every bike, there are probably about 10 SUVs.

Benoit™ said...

@ Schnapps -- But I'd lay money on the word "Record"

Chris at Pagedaddy has nothing to do with Chris Record. Flailing forward posted a link to a video (in the last thread) featuring PageDaddy Chris, and it's not Record.

PageDaddy Chris mispronounces the word "PageDaddy" on the video, which is kind of funny. :^]

Akubi said...

You're in Vancouver, right?
As I recall they have a pretty good HS rail system...(the sort Rob Dawg hates :)).

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

What OS/version are you running on?
@ Akubi,

I am not an IT woman in the least.
I am more of a document pusher and typer. Any time I need any thing on my PC it takes me forever or costs me $100.00
I do not know, what does OS stand for?
My modem went a little crazy. All of the lights stayed lit up for a long time but my System was lagging.
So, I turned the thing off, and it stopped when I re booted.
The kid doesn't go to the blogs, although he has flamed HP a little (pretty funny that). He thinks I am nutty for blogging.
I was pretty shocked at the tone of
this person towards me and my son, but I am not going to stay off of EN.

Schnapps said...

Vancouver proper, yes. Greater Vancouver Regional District...not so much. It only runs in certain areas and the bus connections to get the real places you need to go are ridiculous.

I used to take transit. I'd hop the skytrain, take it to another skytrain station, then take a bus (5-10 minutes) to get to the office.

It wasn't the time in travel that killed me. It was the 45minute to hour long wait in a line to get on a bus to take me to the office.

Have I mentioned they're building a new arm of the system right outside my office?

Of course, if you can afford to live in Vancouver proper, then its fine.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I doubt you're in danger as long as you've got some kind of firewall. Keep in mind this is the same crew who keeps their top secret info on public servers.
@ FF,
LOL okay, gtg get a fire wall.
My son disables it for some reason.
So, back up it goes. Thanks.

Schnapps said...

Young fliptard has not been updating his blog properly!

Murst spot on the text ads is available, but it still says "Sold out" at the bottom.

Casey, you should fix that. Or get someone to bird-dog the details for you.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Okay, thanks.
Dawg has my e-mail address.

Sprezzatura said...

@FMW -- "OS" = Operating System -- usually, Windows XP, or Apple's Mac OSX, or if you have a really new computer, possibly Windows Vista.

It's generally a good idea to have a virus checker, a firewall, and a spyware detecting program running if you use Windows; all sorts of nasty bugs look out there. If you use Apple, you're safer, but not invulnerable.

The techie Haterz will be more than happy to suggest a bunch of free stuff you can install if you're missing any protection.

Akubi said...

You know what I'm going to say in response to Vista...


The only reason the gaytard has not been arrested is the fact that little koi lead to bigger koi.You will see how far the long arm of the justice system will reach in the future,catch a baby koi and release him only to follow to the koi nest.This is a very common Law Enforcement practice.casey is scared and rightfully so his OUTING of the TOP DAWGS in crime will have repurcussions.

CHJTS said...

Amazing how many trolls their are.

You know not one of them would say that to stephJ's face or they would get the boot.

Akubi said...

I was only there once, but it sounds like the Bay Area where certain NIMBY's didn't want it, there's nothing but smog and hostile SUV drivers.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Akubi, FF and Sprzz,

Okay Windows XP with firewall enabled and Subscription to McAfee is what I have.

So, PC should be in good shape armaments wise to protect me and my young as I step out into the darkness that is Living on the EDGE with the EN Techie Haterz et al. and continue the watch, despite red herring evil trolls.


Wine and popcorn optional.
te he

Akubi said...

Even with hardware and software firewalls I've been infected with crap. It's actually rather amazing your system is still functioning without either, but I'd recommend separate logins for you and your son if he likes disabling the sw firewall.

Akubi said...

With Service Pack 2?

Anonymous said...

Could Casey have fled the country due to a fear of a plausible knee-capping?

Akubi said...

Maybe Casey went postal!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Akubi,
Yep, I have an amazing system.
No, really, the fire wall was on.
I just boot up and pray.
Every so often I take it in to "Geeks on Call" @ The Computer Store and get 'de bugged'.
It really is just a paper pusher for my "Sweet Deals"(tm)and a gaming system for the rug rat.
Although, it has replaced my TV lately.
Such a Fun thing, a PC.
Where is Steph J.?

Schnapps said...


Not a whole lot of smog - because of the ocean, it tends to blow into the valley.

And the problem with mass transit here is that the infrastructure hasn't been planned properly. Like when you give free passes to all university students (at the two major universities and don't give it to the smaller colleges), and one of these universities is at the end of a major transit line, this results in a long wait at major hubs for buses (because the skytrain doesn't run out there).

Or when you need to justify ridership for an extension of the line, so you rework the buses to do this, and it results in doubling your travel time if you take transit.

Nice, eh?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

With Service Pack 2/
Sorry Akubi, don't know what that is.
My mad IQ Skillz are utilized in other areas.

The Dude said...

Breaking News.....
Book graphics and title have changed!


Yes i am sure he is scared and the last people,Nigel,Loss Mit,and others are not aware that their involvement opens them up to Law Enforcement scrutiny.You see LE looks for opening doors to see how far they can go.Think the Sopranos and they bust the smallest in the chain and work their way up.these things take time and can go many directions and Casey may get imunity.The worst thing someone can do is have any involvement with the Murse carrying fruitloop.The perp walk is not far off.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Casey sez:
Because of my unique situation, my best bet to pay off my debt is to make money by telling people how I got into debt.

I believe there's a term for this: "non-terminating iterative debt management by explanation" or "the law of supply and idiots." Get into debt, get out of it by telling people how you got into it. Now that you're clear, get into debt again. Repeat ad infinitum, or until incarcerated.


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Akubi,
You're sight is really funny.
I did not see an e-mail there, and I clicked on a lot of stuff.
te he

R-Boy said...

Ah Hammar. It was a team effort.


Benoit™ said...

Amateur cut and paste job of Casey and his "host" in Australia. ;-)

WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh, and great job on the cover, Dude.

The pic of God's Own Toilet™ is the funniest image to come out of this debacle.

Akubi said...

Yeah, I got a bit carried away adding tons of silly junk to the blog that probably takes forever to download via modem, but this is my address. However, Sprezz strikes me as being of more methodical technical assistance.

Akubi said...

I've had a desire to go to many places, but Australia has never been one of them. The most I know about it is via _Jennifer Government_ and that commercial from a million years ago...Oh, and the hole in the ozone layer.

mejustme said...

Dude, that photoshop would be cute except I knew as soon as I saw him mugging for the camera that he wanted to be photoshopped.

eebee said...

FMW, If you're only using Windows firewall, you're only half-protected. What Windows firewall does is only block incoming connections to your computer. It doesn't block outgoing connections that spyware or trojans might make to the Internet.

What you really need to do is get yourself a two-way firewall like ZoneAlarm:,7228-order,1-page,1-c,firewalls/description.html


Sunbelt's Kerio firewall:

Both are free. I've used both, but prefer ZoneAlarm, since the settings are much easier to change if you make an error.

Once you install either firewall, make sure to disable Windows Firewall-- it can conflict with the other firewall you have installed.

Sprezzatura said...

With apologies to the Bard -- I am but a geek north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.

For an average user, I know a fair amount, but there's plenty I don't know, too.

Akubi said...

Yes, people are often poor at planning and infrastructure, but like most software projects that often suck upon release if one continues to improve and believe in them itsallgood (well at least better;)). Also, while it’s a great idea, cycling to work isn’t all that feasible in warmer climates where the temperature is often well over 90 in the summer and the smoggy air is asthmatic.

High Speed Rail for the masses now!

BTW, exactly mejustme.

Gotta reboot now thanks to Vista's memory-eating issues.

Anonymous said...

Nigel said it best. Cssey is a natural mark. The latest disclosure of the SLC trip & corporate credit is sad.

Toss in his wife and the CS story is rapidly turning from funny to tragic.

R-Boy said...

XP Pro
Zone Alarm Pro
Firefox w/noscript and adblock

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Akubi, eebee and all,
Thanks for the tips and links. I am on it.
gtg, looser(tm) W2 tomorrow and EST.

Duane LeGate said...

Ok slueths.. have a question... does anyone know when Casey got together with Nouveau Riche??

There may be more here than meets the eye...

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

Alright, it's time for a serious question.

You've been drinking a lot of water...I mean A Friggin lot...more water than a salt-licked horse.

While walking down a road, you see Casey Serin and Dustin Diamond both on fire and in terrible agony. You realize their only chance to survive is through you. Which one would you help?

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

Duane -

>From: Nigel Swaby
>Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 8:16 AM
>Subject: RE: Nouveau Riche
>Have you heard of Nouveau Riche? What do you think about it?
>Yes, I have. I had a real estate agent try to get me involved. It's another scam and rip-off. Casey, you already know so much you don't need any more "education." NR charges $10k upfront to be involved. You don't have the money or the time to waste.


I don't know when he started this, but this was the first time he mentioned it to me.

Thomas Paine said...

Dustin Diamond?

WTF is Dustin Diamond? I'd piss on him just to find out.

Orson Buggy said...

XP Home w/SP2
Mozilla/Firefox 2 w/adblocker +
AVG (freeware)
Zone Alarm (freeware)
Spyware Blaster (freeware)
Spybot-Search and Destroy (freeware)
Ad-Aware (freeware)


I imagine his first exposure to NRU was when he began doing contract work for Chris Record. He went to NRU right around Exmas.

and remember...

Please, think of the kittens.

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

Sorry, I had just finished watching Celebrity FitClub and saw him on there. He played Screech on the American TV Sitcom "Saved By the Bell". Disregard. I blame the swamp odors...the done infected my brain with strange scenarios.

Rob Dawg said...

The easiest thing is $25 for a hardware firewall/router. Then you don't have to worry about it eing defeated turned off whatever. Besides it doesn't slow down your PC likemost oftware solutions.

LOL said...

@ Duane

Casey starting blogging about "working" for Chris Record sometime in Nov 06. Chris was supposedly putting him on a 3k a month retainer to do "IT work". He attended NRU in Dec. 06 and was attending "late night meetings" with Chris. At the time I figured the meetings were typical MLM sleep deprivation tactics.

galina'sHymen said...


Glad to see knowledge of the MLM tactics is out there. I feel this type of brainwashing over and over results in brain-dead zombies like Casey.

Rob Dawg said...

Yes. There was no talk of NRU or its codewords clik a mouse buy a house) in Sept/Oct. That $20k represents near half of Galinas CC debt. I know asking Casey to do a ROI is too much but what about just breaking even from this "investment?" %20k at 24% for a minimum of 3 months and he's doing worse than the lowest W-2.

Casey Serin said...

Hey Haterz:

I need your help.... my "hosts" are keeping me prisoner here in Australia.... they've taken my laptop and pda... they make me pose for these trolling photos and post on the site. I've lost complete control.

They are planning something criminal. I don't know what yet. But I think in involves robbing a bank.

I haven't showered for days... they make me eat canned food and this other unhealthy horrible stuff.

I wanna go home and make things right.

Please hel

Marty Stewart Balls Missing said...

Folks, sorry to interupt you, but please look around your area - we are looking for two missing balls.

Marty Steward has lots 2 balls, small smelly and ugly, but they are missing.

Anybody seen where his BALLS went? They sure are not showing up after LossMitPro came out.

Anonymous said...

Free Firewall sofware:

Works well too!

Anonymous said...

@ Marty Stewart Balls Missing:

There has been an unconfirmed sighting of Stewart's balls in Casey Serin's mouth.

Duane LeGate said...

Nigel, LOL, and Cat Lover...


something weird here...

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am writting an article regarding being scared and running like chicken shit.

Anybody have Marty Stewart contant info? I need to interview him.

Casey's Aussie Host said...

No worries EN -

Casey had a minor breakdown. He's find. We're showing him a great time here in the land down under. He's just trolling.

We are, however, tired of his mooching and constant complaining. We have no money to send him home, so we're working with him to raise some funds...

He'll be back home soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it finally came true. Casey is living close to a river, in the down under country, maybe in a van, so we can now say:

Casey is living in a Van Down by the River...

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

Anony @20:15/8:15...I think that might be a little before most everyone's time. :) I recall though...

I did some research tonight and it turns out Casey IS in the USA. I believe him to be at an Outback Steakhouse in great South Dakota. He is lost and confused.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have Marty Stewart contant info? I need to interview him.

The Vegas location of Chippendales might be a good place to look -- Stewart's a regular customer in the VIP room. He generally splurges for the full $500 which includes lap dance and "extras". He really enjoys those "extra" services. Just like on the Serin tapes, he likes telling the dancers, "This might be something to flesh out..."

Buffalo Bill said...

@ Casey's Aussie Host

I recommend Lubriderm or a similar lotion with lipids for proper flipper imprisonment care. This will keep the fliptard's skin moist and fresh, and will also partially cover up his unbathed scent. When you let him out of the pit in your basement for exercise, don't forget to give him his daily wheatgrass shot. This should counteract the bags under his eyes. Of course, avoid turning the water pressure on too highly when you give him the hose again, as it could damage his hide. With proper fliptard maintenance, you should be able to make several luxurious pairs of flipper slippers and other fliptard products in no time.

Anonymous said...

Stewart's actual land line telephone number, stated at the end of "Day 3" is --

(702) 240-3866

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

NRU is going to come to the forefront when the real reason our deal went sour comes out.

Dawg, I know Caseys ROI from NRU. It ain't pretty.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I'm glad others were around to offer concrete advice to FMW. My suggestions would've centered on defenestration, which may have been seen as unhelpful.

lurker said...

When running an ISP, I always hated the software firewalls (the windows one is ok). They would get corrupted and people would lose their internet connection. In general if you are using a router and have anti-virus you are fairly safe.

The other tool I highly recommend is Spybot.Its a free spyware cleanup program that you can run and it cleans up an enourmous number of problems. With a teenager I think it is a requirement that you run it at least once a month.

BelowTheCrowd said...


I'm not sure who's doing more to drag this thing out, you or Duane.

It seems like no matter how much the rest of us find out, there's always one more truth that you haven't told us yet.

So let me guess: Your deal went sour because Casey made involvement with NRU part of the terms. ie, it was going to be an NRU recruiting tool as much as anything else. Let me guess, he had a "contract" demanding this be the case. He informed you that his "job" was recruiting for NRU, and you wisely recognized this for what it was and walked away from the whole thing claiming (somewhat truthfully) that it was Casey's unwillingness to get a job that pushed you away, when in reality it was what Casey was doing in lieu of a job that you found so distasteful.

Or am I totally off base here?

One thing I can say is you guys do leave us guessing...


Akubi said...

Rob Dawg,
That photo has a certain Georgia O'Keeffe feel. Now where did I leave my attention span. Is it under a chair or in the shape of a bear...?

Endgame said...

I just have to wonder what KC is thinking when he sees Rob and the EN crew having friendly discussions with first Duane, then Mark and now Nigel.

IAFF has become a stagnant, content-free, ad-fest with few comments.

Marty is in hiding, and the book most likely dead.

Mom (?) has taken away the corp credit 'thingy'.

And to top it all off - he's stranded in a foreign country without enough money to buy shampoo!

Rob Dawg said...

Too kind. More of the same for your consideration.

I don't make haterz™ I just welcome them.

BelowTheCrowd said...


And cooking in a park. Don't forget that piece.

Living/cooking in a park could explain the hair issues.

HurtMe said...

It seems like no matter how much the rest of us find out, there's always one more truth that you haven't told us yet.

I've had a nagging feeling about this whole thing that way...the whole story is almost too strange to be true. In this context, the "truth is stranger than fiction" line doesn't fit. But, I'll hang around and see how it ends.


BelowTheCrowd said...


I sort of feel the same way. Definitely watching, because it's either the most bizarre reality I've ever seen, or one of the best put-together trolls.

The only thing that keeps me from stating outright that we're being trolled is that I can't see who it benefits at all, particularly given the huge amount of work that had to go into setting it all up and making it all verifiable. LonelyGirl15 worked because there was complete mystery about it. Here we have real houses, real purchases, real foreclosures, public records suggesting that this has all really happened, yet it still seems so bizarre that it's hard not to believe somebody is gaming something for some purpose I can't figure out.

If it weren't for real properties that many people have verified, I'd be claiming that it was just a bunch of guys sitting around, making it up as it goes along, inventing new characters and wondering how long they could keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Casey's jeans are filthy in the new pics. His personal hygiene is also looking pretty sadas well.

Anyone else think he is at least temporarily homeless? For real.

bemused guy said...

Howdy Duane!
Since you've put in another about calling Galina & see if she's holding up okay or waiting for the tard to hop back into her life. She'd probably like to know many Haterz (tm) offered to front Casey-proof money for a divorce.

What a boon if she would post here!


casey it rubs the lotion on the sausage now put in the basket.

Anonymous said...

Galina has been offered money and has declined it.

Ogg the Caveman said...

Anon @ 10:12:


Ogg the Caveman said...

Anon @ 10:12:


Anonymous said...

Nigel, the NR thing is classic Casey. He asked for your advice. You gave him good advice. Then he ignores the advice and borrows 20?k to blow on it.

Man, he's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Galina.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Rob BBB here.

Just wanted to let you know that, as an outsider, it seems like 80% of the people posting here are batshit insane at this point.

I don't know what happened to the sane people. But they all left and this place filled up with Crazy.

It's like walking through an asylum. We started outside.. then moved inside and now we are in the ward with the rubber rooms, locks on the doors, straight jackets, constant medication and people hallucinating all day.

I'm just by to visit and wander the halls once and a while but man.. the constant lunatic rants from some patients are hard on the ears. Might need to bring earplugs or something.

Carry on ladies and.. well.. whatever.

king friday the 13th said...

>> NRU is going to come to the forefront when the real reason our deal went sour comes out.

just wait until the indictments start flying. I bet Glenn Snow and Savvy Chris Record will become quite familiar with the term RICO before it's all over. Feds love RICO cases -- license to confiscate.

>>Dawg, I know Caseys ROI from NRU. It ain't pretty.

Well, let's see. Casey gave Savvy Chris $16K, got $3k back in salary (allegedly). so right there, casey is at -72% ROI. Oh, wait Nigel, you mean it gets better? do share...

Other said...

"Hey Guys,

Rob BBB here....
....batshit insane.....
..lunatic rants......
...Carry on ladies......

Casey Serin seems to atract these types, doesn't he?

Broward Horne said...

"because it's either the most bizarre reality I've ever seen"

Then you haven't seen very much.

I've seen several situations like Casey in the past ten years. Usually, it's all buried behind the scenes by various people but once you've seen it's fingerprint, you get a feel for the telltale signs.

I developed a information rule of thumb -

"If someeone's behavior makes no sense to you, then you either something that they don't or (more likely) they know something that you don't"

Legion said...

Casey's behavior happens all the time..most people are just too ashamed to make all their bonehead greedy moves public.
You really want to hear more Casey type stories...go to any gamblers anonymous meeting and listen to the tales of "If only I hadn't doubled down..if only..I just need some seed money to get back on track, I'm gonna win some real money soon, I've learned a secret technique that gurantees I gotta bet money to make mony..blah..blah...blah"

NotAnOptimist said...

@Rob Dawg

Any recommendations for hardware firewalls?

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 11:02 PM:
”...classic Casey. He asked for your advice. You gave him good advice. Then he ignores the advice...”

And from the department of redundancy, department, department...

The quote above rings true, methinks, and makes no wonder why people become frustrated, disappointed, and down-right Hatish with you widdauw Casey. But also why the vast majority of your many feeble plans either don’t come to successful fruition, or fizzle out like a dud sparkler.

I mean, get a bloody clue already little Fliptardian!

Spontaneous and vigorous execution is no substitute for due diligence, detailed planning and concentration of effort to achieve maximum results. Such are common and customary business principles from which not even a superior intellect, sit-n-spin-buckaroo, sure-thing-artiest, such as yourself are exempt.

It’s like gravity little Hobbitian. Try to defy it lacking the gear and skills and you’ll fall on your face every time, guaranteed! Try that too often and you’ll find yourself hurt and disabled beyond repair, if not restrained by men in white coats or guard uniforms.

But you know better, so I’ll shut-up.


LossMitPro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duane LeGate said...


I am not dragging anything out. I post what I know, when I know it, IF- and only IF, I have the permission to do so. I am sitting on a few things right now that I dont have permission to go forward with - yet. When i do, I will post, if not I wont.

The delays in the original TLP 3.0 were a combination of a few things. 1) my schedule, 2) when I did have time to send it, it needed to be editted. #) by the time it was editted, Snowflake shut everything down, and Rob didnt feel like "throwing dirt on the grave".

I will try as hard as I can in the future to post things in a time frame that is more conducive to your schedule.

Duane LeGate said...


I have kept close contact with Galina. I cant disclose anything aboubt the discussions except this...

Shes hurt, confused, angry and every other emotion you can imagine.

If I post an update about Galina in the future, we need to be mindful of the things she has gone through and the things whe will be going through. Basically, she is not to be used as fodder for the community. While I know some people do not support her and view her in the same light as Casey. Please try and remember that the whole story isnt out yet. I can tell you that the people that are close to the situation are support her 100%, especially and including me.

There are plenty of characters to throw under the bus if you or anyone else desires... the list is long.. use your talents there PLEASE.

And for ALL of you that have emailed me regarding Galina, I HAVE received your emails... and we WILL be formulating a plan that helps her in the ways you wish and protects all parties at the same time.

Thanks to all...

sid_finster said...

@ Duane:

considering the recent ex-FC/CI troll outbreak, keeping G away from some of the folks associated with EN is probably a good idea. Most of the EN regulars not included, but some of the anontrolls are salivating at the chance of terrorizing her.

One question, if you can answer it: how much of the Casey story does G even know? How much did Casey tell her, how much did she fid out on her own?

It would be very interesting to compare the G-side of the story with the information that Casey has given us, and the information that we have been able to dig up.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Tavington's talkshoe cast. What a dufus is about all I can say. It is like he is arguing for the sake of arguing.

And I would be curious how in the hell Casey is going to get back home. His income sources are pretty much drying up. Then again how can he spend time in the Marriot. This boy certainly can spend money. But investing money is not anything he can do without throwing it away.

And if Mom was his garantor for the corporation. Must be a bit rough to be half away around the world with your only credit source yanked out from you.

However the end is seeming to be near. A few more months and reality will catch up and no longer will his delusions of sweet deals will be able to keep him from facing the reality of his situation.

I am sure all his creditors are awaiting his book. lol

The fact is this guy fails at everything he touches. Dreams are one thing, but practial experience in working gives many people the foundation to succeed in business. Yhis kid cannot even open mail in a timely fashon and is overwhelmed with a few 100 posts to moderate a day.

Just as lazy as Casey, and refusing to make an account.

Lazy as Casey

Cordwainer Bird said...

Non-Snowflake, computer stuff:

Regarding a hardware firewall/router, all the consumer stuff basically functions about the same. You'll pay different amounts depending on certain features, like the type of wireless you get, etc. If you want wireless, get a router on the older "802.11n" or "G" standard. The new standard is "802.11n", "pre-N", "N" or whatever you see on the box's labels. You'll pay more and probably run into technical problems.

In terms of brands, I personally loathe Belkin, and think of D-Link as kind of crappy but serviceable. I like the routers that are compatible with 3rd party updates, in case the manufacturer winds up sucking. A list of such routers can be found here:

WRT supported devices

I've been using the Linksys WRT54GL on recent projects. My understanding is that the Buffalo routers are pretty good.

For general protection of Windows machines, after you get a minimal set of software -- antivirus (like AVG; McAfee and Norton are evil resource hogs) and antispyware, along with a safer browser like Firefox (with, say, the AdBlock Plus add on) -- and make sure the automatic updates function is turned on, the main thing is to Not Be a Casey. By that, I mean, don't click on stuff willy-nilly, don't go to questionable sites, don't install that software your friend recommended that makes your mouse pointer do funny tricks, etc.

I've spent hours dealing with client computers who got blasted by indiscriminate porn surfing. I've spent additional hours dealing with little old ladies' computers that have similarly had every rootkit known to man installed because of that attachment forwarded to them from someone they know. On the flip side, I disregard my own advice and I don't run an antivirus program on my PC; my Windows boxes have survived perfectly well over the years, and the only re-installations I've had to do were related to hardware failures. Smart computer use is your number one defense against the malware out there. That, and making regular backups. Remember, Don't Be A Casey!

Rob Dawg said...

@Rob Dawg

Any recommendations for hardware firewalls?

Linksys, Adtran, Netgear. They go on sale at Outpost, Geeks and Overstock daily.

RE: Galina. For reasons of plausible deniability and to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest I do not know the entirety of her story. Everything I've heard has indicated total noninvolvement or her being deceived.

Thomas Paine said...


Tell only one thing please. Is Galina, or is she not, going to the FBI / other law enforcement about Casey?

Northern Renter said...

Dear Thomas Paine,
I'm going to step in here and answer for Duane (who I don't know and who may not agree with me).

You're talking about whether a woman with severe problems at the moment is going to act as a witness against her husband. The guy is a complete jerk, but the consensus here from those who seem to know is that she is a victim, not a perp. Just put yourself in her place... it is an overwhelming situation and the issue of acting to put your spouse into jail just adds stress to the situation. Let's leave her alone with her problems and not treat them as entertainment here; if a fund is put together for her, I'll certainly contribute and I hope you will too.

Done ranting for the day,


The Dude said...

Let's leave her alone with her problems and not treat them as entertainment here


My$.02 said...

Duane, I'm so glad that you're respecting Galina's privacy and not abusing her trust by blabbing all. She has withstood so much betrayal already....

cheerios are yummy said...

I think everyone appreciates that you're very busy, and appreciates what we have heard/read here (from you especially) even more.

I think what many have a problem with (myself included) is the multiple instances in recent history where Rob Dawg has promised "DAISY CUTTER BOMB POST" and then never delivered.

You have to admit, after several iterations of that, it gets a bit old, and the readers will legitimately begin to feel trolled.

So, I propose a modest solution:

When "big news" is promised and won't be delivered in the timeframe suggested, the least Rob can do is make a post (not in the comments, a post that everyone can quickly see) explaining the nature of the difficulty in as much detail as reasonably possible.

For example, it seems that last week something big was going to be posted, Rob jumped the gun by telling us about it, and then the source revoked permission at the last minute. Well, that's all Rob had to say- he jumped the gun, and his source backed out. Everybody understands. :)

But FOR PETE'S SAKE- quit posting that there's a big revelation coming if you can't or won't post the information! And if you're going to pull those kinds of stunts, please don't act annoyed when people call you on it. The community here was promised those e-mails would be made available A MONTH AGO. If you want people to quit nagging about it, then just post them for crying out loud.

R-Boy said...

Umm, cheerios.

Alot of the big bombshells did occur, so I think you're asking for and wanting too much.

Keep in mind that NONE of us involved are experts at PR, or that this is our day job, and that all we're doing is trying to help folks and prevent further criminal acts, and that sometimes things just dont work out they way you want them too.

The fact that we've been able to share some information is remarkable.

Rob Dawg said...

Rob Dawg has promised "DAISY CUTTER BOMB POST" and then never delivered.

Examples? Steve? Australia?

cheerios are yummy said...

The most specific example that comes to mind is early last week, after the Australia reveal, it was posted that new information would be posted that would (again, paraphrasing here) be the "real reveal" (implication that the Australia thing wasn't the big news).

We then went through a few days of watching and waiting. Apparently the source revoked permission to reveal the info (hey, that's just the way it goes!).

Was LossMittPro's "serve" to Casey the big reveal? I dunno. :)

R-boy, I understand the nature of sensitive information. My point, is that if you can't post about certain things, then quit teasing. When you guys who are close to this issue start hinting around at things, and then don't post them, you're acting just like Casey.

If I went through the comments, I could probably find a few dozen instances of this kind of stuff over the past week. If you guys can't reveal certain information, again, that's your prerogative. But R-boy, I recall that you specifically have been called out on this kind of behavior recently (please don't make me go through all of the posts to find specific instances).

My point, is that you DON'T get to post "teaser" comments, and then claim that people are "expecting too much" or are unfairly nagging for the information when you're called out on it.

Pick one or the other.

Anyhoo, again I really appreciate what everyone is doing here. I've said my peace on this, and won't bring it up again. :)

R-Boy said...

I understand your complaint Cheerios, but in this medium, you cannot expect for non-reporters, attorneys, just regular laymen, to operate perfectly and in accordance with your wishes 100% of the time.

Yes, Rob does bait sometimes with things that don't occur (Duane 3.0). But when this occurs its primarily because real life interferes.

FWIW, I was called out because I telling folks to quit it with the Galina stuff and branding her as an accomplice to Casey's acts.

What I had hoped would occur when I said this was that the mainstay blogging community would pick up the fact that I'm saying this and I've been around here enough and done enough that folks would say "Okay, you've earned that much" Instead, folks WANTED to know more and demanded it, and I couldn't provide it (details were subsequently provided later on by Duane and Mark).

While criticism is welcome, let's also be mindful and appreciative of the good things we have done

Endgame said...

Rob et al,

Progress is being made. Info is being revealed.

Carry on ...

Duane LeGate said...


Im sorry, I just dont get your beef. There is no intentional trolling, teasing or baiting going on. Rob does sometimes foreshadow posts or news in his new threads. Those arent teasers as many people dont pick up on it. Rob has a unique foresight in that regard.

The only thing you might could complain about is 3.0. We've decided to move on from that. Rob said so, I agreed,its that simple. This is a free forum, you are free to post your rants, raves etc. But, because you do dont expect everyone to change their ways to suit you.

When the news about Australia and Casey screwing his wife over it, everyone on this blog was demanding to know if it was the truth... they wanted verifiable proof, they demanded answers. In the end, they got it. We checked, double checked and in some cases triple checked before we went public. Sometimes information has come to us that looks legit and we are ready to run with it, only to have something come up at the last minute for us to question it.

If something looks as if it is occuring, and doesnt, its because we only want to post what is verifiable and true. Period.

Duane LeGate said...

@ Northern Renter...


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...


Perhaps you could post some pics of you pointing at things looking playfully coy.

Benoit™ said...

And Nigel's Guest Blogger,

Perhaps you could post some pics of you pointing at some playful koi. ;-)

mejustme said...

Everything I've heard has indicated total noninvolvement or her being deceived.

I can understand she wasn't involved (well, she was somewhat involved -- she went to seminars and that clipboard does exist -- but she didn't mastermind anything).

I can understand she was deceived.

I can understand she didn't turn her husband in when she knew he was doing "shady" stuff.

I can't understand why she hasn't worked in all these years.

(Cleaning houses for pin money doesn't count.)

michael said...

"I can't understand why she hasn't worked in all these years."

ummm...becasue she's lazy?

if she was unattractive she would not be getting any of the sympathy she is getting IMHO.

R-Boy said...


Michael and mejustme

G isn't lazy. You understand that at one point in time being a housewife was typical in America, and that being a housewife is still typical amongst immigrants.

If you wish to show your cultural ignorance, continue on.

As for her attractiveness being the factor that gets her sympathy, I politely call BS. At least from my end, my sympathy has NOTHING to do with Galina's looks, but everything to do with her SITUATION.

Move along troll.

michael said...


her willingness to study accounting shows that your "cultural awareness" theory is incorrect.

stay at home wives to not become CPAs.

mejustme said...

Being a f/t housewife taking care of two rented rooms? You're going to have to try harder than that.

In fact, somebody posted here about the Russian immigrants in Sac area and how the women have been working as teachers and other stable jobs. Their husbands, not so much.

And you seem to be the one with the cultural ignorance. In modern Russia, women work.

Looks have A LOT to do with it -- as soon as it seems Galina might be available again, all the former hater guys changed their tune, hoping to save her. (I don't care if they're married, either. They still fantasize about saving Galina.) It's so obvious. If you can't see it, you're probably one of them.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...


I understand your need to protect the innocent and not reveal too much. I'd like to ask a question that would answer a lot for the public interest but also not reveal too much as far as privacy concerns.

How tech savy is G? Does she use e-mail frequently and/or was she able to read his site frequently?

michael said...


i will admit that her attractiveness impacts me.

i find it difficult to support my own theory about her for just that reason.

but my mind conquers my insincts.

My$.02 said...

Plenty of young women sympathize with Galina's plight and I assure you it has nothing to do with her looks. Sheesh, haven't any of you ever been taken in by someone's lies?

SnappyDresser said...

Sorry My$.02, I was looking at your breasts...what did you say?

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

@8:15 mejustme:

I agree with you 100%. Many immigrants wife's work as hard if not harder than their husbands. Galina Serin should be working 2 or 3 jobs to pay down her Hawain trips, debt, credit cards, etc.

I also agree with others here that we need to respect Galina Serin privacy.

Having said that, she is not all that innocent from looking at just the plain public facts.

This is just my opinion, but I think it's time for Galina to come forward and come clean. Nothing fancy and she does not have to reveal anything, other than the fact that she is coming clean with the FBI. I think it would speak highly of her.

As my mother always said, if you have nothing to hide, have no fear. Galina Serin can always approach the FBI with the facts and let them sort it all out. At THE VERY LEAST, she will sleep well at night knowing she did the right thing ( *IF* she has nothing to hide ).

By the way, I know that approaching the FBI is not easy task, but given the publicity of her name and associations with fraud, it would be in her interest.

One last thing and I say this will all due respect: Galina dear, we all make mistakes (I make more than the average peson), but it's time honey that you take on 2 or 3 jobs to pay for those mistakes. When you see how hard it is to pay back the money you OR your husband stole from the banks, you will have less hesitation approaching the FBI with the truth and nothing but the truth.

mejustme said...

What does being taken in by lies have to do with not getting up on Monday morning and going to work week after week, year after year?

All the more reason she should be looking out for herself.

If her goal was to be a housewife, why study accounting at all?

EazyE said...

A very good point.

Accounting 101/201 tells us
With that being said, if you have a $200,000 house with 0 equity it is balanced by a 200,000 liability in their case.

No that the 200,000 house is gone and foreclosed upon, there is no asset to balance out that hole left after foreclosure. I'm sure if she's taken the classes, she should have realized how fucked they were a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

OK here is my $.02 she is completely involved. She spent the money. "Trip to Hawaii, Neither of us work? Why not, seems like we deserve it.We don't have jobs like everyone else."
Until she comes clean she's as guilty as the rest of the crime gang. Being Silent doesn't make you not guilty. The clipboard picture, she was at the crime scene. She spent the money and went to the scaminars, you don't think she heard about cash back at closing? You don't think they discussed how to finance the jet-setting lifestyle with sweet cash back. Why do people with no jobs get a fist full of credit cards? These people are scumbags plan and simple. Like that woman the beat her kid in the walmart parking lot a few years ago. She went on the lamb changed her hair and then said she new nothing about being sought by the authorities. If she is so innocent she better start singing or the wheels are starting to fall of this troll.
Oh and I'm waiting on the edge of my seat waiting for the "next" Big announcement.

mejustme said...

How tech savy is G? Does she use e-mail frequently and/or was she able to read his site frequently?

She e-mailed Duane. Apparently she's e-mailing with Casey.

Look, she may be naive, but she's not a child.

Anyone her age was brought up using computers, e-mail, cell phones. I've subbed at high schools and they pretty much use the Internet for 99% of their research, that was five years ago. Pretty much anyone in college these days must have an e-mail account and use the Internet. I believe she had a laptop. I'm sure even if Casey hogged it, her sister would have one.

She's not a child. She's a grown woman and she is able to get a job and send e-mail and read web pages all by herself. She may be going through a hard time now but she doesn't need anyone to save her or take care of her. If she needs emotional support, she has her family.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Yes, it is obvious Galina Serin knows to to email, go on Hawaiin trips, apply for credit cards in multitle.

I am not "trashing" Galina. I don't swing that way, but I do like to stick to the facts and truth. I also understand that she is hurting and needs help.

Again: She has nothing to fear from the FBI *IF* she has nothing to hide.

It's time for Galina Serin to take on 2 or 3 jobs to pay for all of the credit cards she took out. Otherwise, we end up having to pay for her credit cards through higher interest rates.

Nikolai Soltys said...

My $0.02 sense: I think that I know why Galya does not work. It is a common ruse seen in many immigrant communities and advocated within immigrant language newspapers to get a family member on disability and then collect the checks. The family member on diability can go to school for education but cannot work a reportable wage earning job without losing said disability. I think that Galya is collecting disability and that is why she cannot "work". I am sincere in this belief. Anyone else care to speculate? P.S. on the look-ism question - yes if Galya was plain or unattractive or weighed 170+ she'd seem a lot less sympathetic - it is a simple fact.

Nikolai Soltys

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Food for though:

Casey has a photo of his murse with what appears to be about a dozen or so credit cards.

His balance sheet he posted in Jan of this year shows him only having a few (5 or so) credit cards.

Our boy is either using G's credit cards for his own benefit (which we pretty much suspected), or hasn't been clean about his credit cards (which we pretty much suspected).

Just the evidence to back it up I guess.

My$.02 said...

Her privacy was violated repeatedly by an unprincipled creep. Most of what is known about her is from said creep and he only shut up after putting out info that left her open to this sort of speculation. Until I hear otherwise, I will consider her yet one more victim of his.

Duane LeGate said...

Dear trolls,

Because you dont know something you assume, then get mad over your assumptions. You do not know her work status, you do not know her intentions toward Casey and/or marriage, you dont know of her involvement with anything. What you have seen is a few pics Casey has uploaded, a known fact that they have taken a vacation together, and she has attended seminars.

With that knowledge, you assume that I am fawning over Galina. You assume she hasnt and isnt taking responsibilty, you assume everything, yet you know nothing.

Galina is young enough to be my daughter. She reached out to me. I will help her as long as she continues to help herself.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...


I call BS.

Yes, all that we know has come from Casey. Plain fact.

The real problem Galina Serin has is this: If (BIG IF) Galina Serin is innocent and with the knowledge that her name is all over the Internet associated with her husband, she can sit back quietly or approace the FBI.

It's like this: Say someone accuses you of a crime, it is published all over the world, and you are innocent.

If you have nothing to hide, you would approach the FBI with your facts. At the very least, you can say that you have nothing to hide AND that you have been in contact with the FBI.

Also, and what troubles me and many others, is that Galina Serin needs to get 2 or 3 jobs to pay down her credit cards becuase if she does not, you and I will have to pay for her and I don't like that.

*IF* Galina Serin did not max out her credit cards, say her husband did it, then more reasons to contact the FBI since someone defrauded her.

Anonymous said...

It is mentioned in the Marty tapes that Casey used cards in Galina's name - cards that she signed up for for free incentives and then didn't use and kept in a drawer. Whether she did or didn't know about some or all of them, I'm not sure.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...


First of all, my sincere thank you for turning in Casey and pointing out the truth and facts.

As far as Facts goes, I already pointed out the mass credit cards debts Galina Serin has taken out - that can only be payed through hard work, like working 2 or 3 jobs.

Until the day I see Galina Serin coming clean with the FBI, I will remain suspicious of her simply due to her association and involvment with Casey Serin.

michael said...


- is she working 80 hours a week as of today?

if not my assumption is correct.

if she is then my hat goes off to her and i will be a galina supporter.

kndmanz said...


I'd like to know the same thing (not necessarily 80 hours a week, though). If you told me she is working a regular W-2 job right now, my estimation of her would go up 1000%.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

80 Hours? Heck, that is only enough to paying for living expenses.

Try Full time job PLUS 1 or 2 part-time jobs to beb able to pay down the debts she has on her credit cards.

Kirk said...

Mouse, you have one less company to boycott. Pac Bell was bought by SBC, which was bought by AT&T. They're now one and the same.

I have a Verizon EVDO Rev A card that I use with my MacBook Pro. I consider it essential for anyone who does business away from the office. Before I got the card I would visit a client and spend at lesat 30 minutes getting network access approved and configured. Now I just plug in the card and 9 times out of 10 I'm up and running in seconds. There are occasional times when the connection is flakey or doesn't work at all, but they're rare enough that it's still worth it.

I wouldn't recommend this route for a primary connection though. It is a bit too flakey for that, and Verizon does impose some restrictions in their "unlimited" plan. One killer is that you're limited to something like 3-5GB downloading a month.

If you're looking for a replacement for Comcast I suggest Speakeasy. I've used both their DSL and T1 service at various sites for years, and with the exception of some mistakes on billing they've been wonderful. If you get a business account you're assigned a single rep you can call in case of problems, no need to go through phone trees and you don't have to keep explaining your situation. Service is great!

One caveat, they have been purchased by BestBuy recently. I haven't seen any decline in service, and they claim they're going to keep the same structure, but who knows if that'll be true a few years down the road.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Sorry, I read the 80 as 40 hours above.

I still believe she should be working not one, but multiple jobs.

Duanne, by your own admission, you said that Casey is a likeable guy, that it is hard not to like him as a peron.

Could the same be said of Galina Serin? Maybe you are being influence by her and more by her sympathy.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping the underdog, but I just don't see Galina Serin at this point in time as being one. Is she suffering, oh yes, I have no doubt.

michael said...

and duane,

if she gets 2 jobs now and works them for a couple months and then quits one to go back and study accounting, i can 100% guarantee her an internship with a big four accounting firm.

lots of 80 hours to be worked there.

of course, she would have to move to the east coast -(don't worry galinam, i a happily marreid man).

mejustme said...

First, I am not a troll.

Believing that an able-bodied grown woman, who has neither young children nor a large house to look after, should work is not unreasonable in this day and age.

You assume she hasnt and isnt taking responsibilty, you assume everything, yet you know nothing.

This sounds just like Casey's "Who says we don't work?" post.

Are you saying she has had a job all these years and Casey never mentioned it?

If you have info and you're holding out on us, why get mad at us? You should be sorry you contributed to us all believing Galina won't work.

It is not mean or unreasonable or trollish to say that Galina can and should work, both in the past and now, even (and especially) when all this crap is happening. I advocate her being strong, independent, and productive. I've been unemployed and the worst thing about it is you get depressed. You wallow, you dwell.

Having a job forces you to get your mind off your problems, or at least get out of the house. Earning your own money, getting promoted, making an impact on other people's lives -- there are a lot of positives about working, and as I mentioned before, she's not the first woman to find herself suddenly without support because of divorce or death.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...


We think alike.

It's funny to me how people want certain things to be public but not others - yypical Casey Serin.

I am not a troll either. Facts remain that Galina Serin is and has been associated with Casey Serin. Casey Serin has admitted to Fraud. Casey Serin has talked about Galina Serin in great detail in the past.

Have you heard of guilt by association?

Repitition Reptile said...

It's time for Galina Serin to take on 2 or 3 jobs to pay for all of the credit cards she took out.

You bet. If she used those cards to consume, get job or 2 or 3.

Otherwise, we end up having to pay for her credit cards through higher interest rates.

Huh? Keep good credit and you won't be touched by this. Credit cards rates are not set by defaults. They are set by pure, complete greed.

Repitition Reptile said...

Have you heard of guilt by association?

Yes, and it is a legat term not applied in our system.

Anonymous said...

Who took all the baiting post photos? I'm guessing Galina when to the misquito farm with fliptard for the photo-ops. Galina is in Oz with him. She is taking the photos. Once a crook always a crook.

Repitition Reptile said...

Galina Bashers --

There is a lot we do not know about her. All you say is speculation. Maybe she's in, maybe she's a dupe. It's all speculation.

Her actions going forward will dictate the opinion of most of the people here.

If CS returns and G welcomes him with open arms......Throw her to the lions.

If she fails to use this opportunity to rid herself of Casey, she is either blind, stupid or corrked. In any case, no sympathy offered from this corner

Repitition Reptile said...

Who took all the baiting post photos?

Any ones in particular?

I'm guessing Galina when to the misquito farm with fliptard for the photo-ops.

Mosquito farm? I must have missed that memo.

Galina is in Oz with him. She is taking the photos. Once a crook always a crook.

C'mon, pure speculation, and completely contrary to CS recent behavior.

CS in the US? Maybe. G on Oz? No Way.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

I really take exception to being called a Galina "trasher".

I am neighter trashing her, not supporting her. I, like others, am simply pointing out the facts.

Not only does Galina Serin need to get rid of Casey, but she needs to clear her name with the law.

Why the law? Because her husband has admited in public to commiting fraud which may or may not involve Galina Serin.

She also needs to get multiple jobs to pay for her credit cards. If not her charning the cc, but Casey doing that, then the more reasons to run, yes RUN to the FBI.

R-Boy said...

Okay baiters.

Firstly, guilt by association kinda doesn't work out legally speaking. I'm sure we all have been associated with folks who've messed up, doesn't mean we are. For instance, I have two friends who have CC debt issues. Doesn't mean that I'm guilty of the same thing.

So really, most of this Galina stuff I view as "Let's pick on the one person that can't say anything about it and that we all don't know diddly about." Mark and Duane are reasonably intelligent successful fellows, so you'd think they're a reasonable judge of character. Let's lump Nigel in with that group.

So there's 3 folks, all who have had some degree of communication with Galina, and they're all saying the same thing. Now I know that lots of folks want to find some flaw in that and that all 3 are being fooled by gypsies, but to fool 3 reasonably intelligent people for a consistently long con is exceptionally tough to do, and it is further evidence that Casey Serin, master manipulator, was unable to pull that con.

Now, I can't tell you what Galina is doing now. She's probably too busy working and trying to figure out how she got into this mess and how she can get out.

She ain't in Australia, that's for sure.

Love makes us do REALLY STUPID THINGS. I can look back on my life and see where it made me do things or put up with certain behaviors that outside observors, friends, and family would not put up with or would not deal with, but you're in love so you do because you're blind to the hurt until one day, you wake up, and you wonder, WTF?

We know Galina was working already by cleaning homes, which is thankless work.

As for folks contacting law enforcement about a loved one, don't you see where there would be incentive to not too, or want too?

kndmanz said...


I'm not gonna argue any more. I have been here for quite some time now (albeit quietly) and I have an enormous amount of respect for you. As such, I am going to keep my opinions to myself for now. :)

Anonymous said...


Yes, 3 intelligent guys saying the same thing about Galina, but notice that they are guys. I would like to see a woman saying the same thing.

Also, by Duanne's own admission, Casey is a very likebale guy, imagine Galina. Were these GUYS influanced by her?

I will repeat: Casey Serin has admitted to commiting fraud in public. Galina Serin may or may not have been involved.

If Galina Serin has nothing to hide, she has nothing to fear by approaching the FBI and letting them sort the facts out.

At very least, Galina Serin can say she has contact the FBI and she can remain private. That would show many, including myself, that she is innocent.

ratlab said...

This post is not to say Galina is innocent or guilty of being involved with fliptard's activities, but is a observation of women I've dated.

If I take someone on vacation, they're not going to ask me how I got the money for the vacation. They would assume the job/business that I'm running is providing me the cash.

I've dated people that would stand by my side no matter what I did as long as I didn't kill someone (and even that was negotiable if there was just cause).

The point here is that a lot of women don't question how things are the way they are as long as they have some framework to base their life on. So if my gf thinks that I work a W-2 work or have a business, that's really all they want to know and all they care about. Rarely do they want the details.

Anonymous said...

Who took all the baiting post photos?

Any ones in particular?

I'm guessing Galina when to the misquito farm with fliptard for the photo-ops.

Mosquito farm? I must have missed that memo.

The one with casey holding his head with his flop-top. The pics of him at the last of his houses with the pool full of Algea(casued by the sun). Shall I go on? Does he have a groupies that take the pics for him? We have railed on Casey for the contrived pics. Galina is the camerawoman.

michael said...


if it turns out that galina is absolutely and totally innoncent and she has been working her ass off to fix things and she divorces casey then that makes me an asshole.

if she welcomes casey back with open arms and continues enabling his reckless behavior then that makes you an idiot.

i'll take asshole over idiot anyday.

mejustme said...

I ain't baiting. I ain't hating. I just want to know why Galina hasn't worked. For years.

mejustme said...

Anonymous, couldn't the couple he's staying with have taken the photos? It's not such a mystery.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Funny about the asshold over idiot thing - I like that.

Ratlab: Yes, you are correct. Lookup the John Gotti and see how his daughter defended her father criminal ways.

I mean, here was John Gotti in court, several victims who's husbands were murdered by Gotti, evidence on the table, yet his Daughter kept calling him innocent.


king friday the 13th said...

I agree with the "if Galina is innocent, why is she so afraid of the FBI / Sac DA" crowd.

ratlab said...

Re: Disability checks

You can still collect disability (SSI) checks and hold a W-2 job. It's a sliding scale of wages and amount of disability received. Your disability amount is unaffected until a certain wage point and then it's decreased. How this affects Galina's ability or need to work is unknown. Under-the-table payments would definitely not affect the disability amounts.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Regardless of guilt, she could easily swing a deal for immunity. She could even leverage the deal and his forthcoming jailtime though divorce court to have all of her debts placed on his shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to tell me Galina didn't take this photo? All the other Photos of him in and around Sacto?

I seriously think she is playing everyone for a fool. Remember somewhere it said that her parents stop paying for school when she married casey. She knows the value of money and how not to work to get it. The whole bunch of them are a bunch of crooks. Also why did Mommy Serin back out of the Corp. Credit now? No really new facts have come out since she signed as co-signer?

Duane LeGate said...

Im telling you that you guys dont know what you dont know.

Speculate - assume - get mad.

Then say if I am wrong I am an ass.

You will be proven one.

In fact, time will prove you all wrong.

mejustme said...

She may have taken those, but he could have just as easily set his camera to go off automatically (what's that setting called?).

Taking a couple of photos for a blog doesn't prove anything, really, though.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Yes, from a logical and tactical point of view. Galina Serin has all the reasons to contact the FBI and ZERO for not.

For those who will say she is too shy to approach the FBI: Sorry dear, the second your husband went public, the Genie was let out.

Galina, if you are innocent but afraid to approach the FBI, you have been backed into a corner by your husband. You need to pick which one you fear the least. Casey or the FBI?

mejustme said...

Duane, whatever, but why can't you just finish this sentence:

Galina hasn't been able to work full time for the last three years because ________________________ .

Anonymous said...

Duanne, don't get mad.

We are simply stating the facts. No more, no less.

If time proves me wrong, that is, she IS currently in contact with the FBI, kudos for her and I will change my OPINION once that fact is OUT, but not before then.

If she has NOT approached the FBI yet, my opinion remains.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...


I'm kind of counting on being proven an ass. Hence my nickname on here. I've already taken the bait during the SupporterZ-cast, taken the bait from the IAFF-blog. One of these days I'll learn everything I read and hear on the InterTubeWeb isn't true. One day...but not today. :)

Anonymous said...

G could have turned him in, but didn't. It's harder to turn someone else in than you think.

Where do you start?

Arm-chair quarterbacks...

I think divorce is easier than turning someone in to the feds..much less both.

Most immigrants from Eurorussia have a distrust for law enforcement. I can only imagine that turning him in, was never on the table for her.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

I'd like to know that too, the:

"Galina hasn't been able to work full time for the last three years because ________________________"

Good question, but please add "2 or more jobs".

YouSoSpecial said...

She hasn't worked because KC said she didn't need to - he had it taken care of.

If otherwise cabable women never did incredibly stupid things for love, then none of you guys would ever get laid.

Casey Fannnnn said...

Gah, this Galina stuff is boring. As one who regards Casey and his plight and his family as nothing more than mutant circus observed through a telescope, I gots to say poo on this.

Allow me to distract you with a more interesting question, one which has plagued me for forty years:

Who will have sex first?
(a)Judy and Don?
(b)Dr. Smith and Don?
(c)Dr. Smith and Will?
(d)Maureen and the robot?
(e)Dr. Smith and Lorelei?
(f)John and the Astrogator?

New topic, now. Okay.

Anonymous said...

"Galina hasn't been able to work full time for the last three years because ________________________"

Well she was going to school for awhile(part-time I'm guessing). She was also "cleaning houses" (part-time) I guess. What I don't get is what is wrong with cleaning houses, millions of women do it everyday? Is that to good for the credit queen? Hmmm lets see, Blow $500,000 of other peoples money and now she has to clean a few houses part time Boohoo! Where can I sign-up for such a deal?

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

Well, I worked full time AND went to school full time AND took on a partime job to help with school payments/books.

How sweet to run up credit card debt and rely on hubbi (who is a con-man) to pay up.

kndmanz said...

@ anon 10:54

LOL, good point! I've worked a lot of really crappy jobs myself to make sure the bills got paid & there was food on the table. At one point, I had three jobs and my husband had two!

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...


You appear to be more frustrated / mad than us.

We are not "mad" Duanne. We are going by the facts. Nothing more, nothing less.

If time proves us wrong, then it wont be time Duanne, it will be the new facts which I would welcome and hence, change my opinion.

As of this point in time, there is plenty and I do mean PLENTY of evidence to suspect Galina Serin. If she is currently working with the FBI, Great! I appluad her. If not, I remain.

Also Duanne, could it be that you have been charmed by Galina Serin?

Maybe my attitute comes from my upbringing, but I call tell you nobody in our family ever got away or let any other family member get away with the things Casey's has done.

Duane LeGate said...

You guys would argue with a tree.

There are certain issues that I know about. There are certain issues that I dont.

What I am telling you is that you are wrong. Youre wrong. How can I be more clear. Youre wrong. Youre not correct. Your assumptions arent valid.

God freaking lord. I am telling you that you are beating the wrong horse. My freaking kids would get the message by now. Any idiot would get the message by now. Hell even a dumbass like Casey would get the message by now.

Not you guys... you will come back with oh. yeah fill in this blank.._________

again, you assume you know, or you think you know... but you dont YOURE WRONG.

Galina Serin Inoccent? said...


Calm down a bit. I really like you and what you did, so I repect you and take it easy there buddy.

Ok, I am wrong. What I have seen with my own eyes is wrong; the public records are all wrong; the public pictures I see are all wrong; that fact that no Serin family has approached the FBI (to date) is wrong.

All is wrong. Hope this helps.

Duanne, is Gailna as charming as Casey?

Anonymous said...

I will say, when the 'contract' was published requiring Casey to bring in $1000 a week (pre-tax equivalent to $50K/yr job), I wondered why they both couldn't just get $35K/yr jobs.

EazyE said...

New-old post by Nigel at

kndmanz said...


I was going to keep quiet, but that last comment just pissed me off. Your kids might take "because I said so" for a reason, but you can't expect intelligent adults to do the same. Sorry.

Jean Valjean said...


Please, don't argue with the trolls. they're not worth your time.

I agree with you that it is very hard to turn in someone you love. Let's move on to the next thread.


Galina Serin Inoccent? said...

I take issue with the troll. I am not one of them.

Yes, it's hard to turn in a love one, but what Mr. Casey Serin has done is not a small thing and many, MANY people have been hurt.

There comes a point in time when you have to weigh the suffering of others compared to yours.

mejustme said...

Anon 11:21, I wrote once before that if they didn't have the debt, their low expenses would allow them to live comfortably if both just worked part time.

Using the old rule of thumb, all they have to do is make one month's rent in a week. That's $550 a week between two people. (But they might not be able to get health insurance unless at least one had a f/t job).

I've also suggested they get jobs as resident managers in an apt building. They'd get free rent and free time to go to school or work part time.

Nikolai Soltys said...

RE: 10:32 AM, ratlab said...
Re: Disability checks

Prijvet Ratlab,
Gavarijtye po-russkij?
I was merely speculating.
What do you think - am I incorrect?
Galya being on disability would explain why she "cannot" get a reportable wage earning job.
A wage job would curtail if not end her disability payments.
Also, depending on the nature of her "disability" it could expose her to an investigation of the previously paid benefits.
I repeat this is all speculation on my part.
But it is a solution that seems to fit the facts:
Why else would a to all appearances healthy 24 year old who is not a full time student not work for a living?
(Unless of course they were a trust fund kid - which does not seem to be the case - otherwise her father would deal with casey).
How does she support herself?
Sevo haroshava!


Duane LeGate said...

last post.. I want to clarify on thing..

I was going to keep quiet, but that last comment just pissed me off. Your kids might take "because I said so" for a reason, but you can't expect intelligent adults to do the same. Sorry."

I have been very straight up with this crowd. I have not pulled any punches, nor hid any facts. I tell what I can when I can. Nothing I have ever said on the En board has ever proven untrue. I have made a lot of claims, some of them to the point of being unbelievable, only to have the very things I have said to ring true. With that being said, I would hope that for some of you I have built up credibility. That IS the difference between children and adults. Adults understand credibility and lend credence to it even when it flys in the face of reason.

This crap about being charmed by Galina is over the top... this crap about her involvement is not valid. I am saying these things because I know... and yes because I said so.

If you want to sit there and whine like a 3 year old that doesnt get their lollipop on demand so be it.

If you want to know the truth, I am telling it.

I owe you nothing.

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