Thursday, June 14, 2007

Domain Games

Endgame asked about
The, and the new and soon to be improved should all resolve to EN for now. The CS.I site seems a temp glitch. I'm surprised no one got that joke by the way, CS.I? The new domain, RealEstateFraudBusters may be a mouthful but it is memorable and it initalizes to the two favorite memes RE and FB. Yet another inside joke. When I bought CS.I many months ago it was precisely in anticipation of Casey attempting to monetize the Prblink owned story of his crime and lies beyond the IAFF blog. Not as an attempt to prevent it, that's not my job but rather to make sure the when he did a forum existed where the victims and public could get the facts and not the spin. I wonder if the publisher understands California law better than Casey and that's why the rush to get the book out before convictions.


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Jean Valjean said...


Here's hoping StephJ's g-ma in law is ok..

need to tell the others bout the new thread.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

OK, what is up with the tidal wave of trolls?

Seriously, the last couple of topics had the most juvenile and offensive postings I have ever seen on this site.

Did Camp Idiot get closed down, or did they all just move over here on their own? Is it Surf the Internet Day at the mental hospital? Did this website's address get scratched into the wall of a restroom stall at the penitentiary?

Seriously, the racism was disgusting--and, yes, invoking stereotypes of Gypsies is racist, and no, you can't get away with it because you're European. The misogyny (, look it up) is almost as bad. And, of course, the ritual mocking of EN regulars and Rob in particular, who look like saints and geniuses in comparison to their anonymous detractors. And, of course, the name spoofing, and etc., etc.

The Dude said...

Dammit aaron, you are pushing my FIRST dominance....back off.

The Dude said...

Ditto what ExTWW sez.....

flailing forward said...

It's due to IAFF regulars having nowhere to post. It's also due to EN's traffic equalling or surpassing Casey's.

Rob Dawg said...

I'm thinking the the crapfest was a 24 internet flu caused by their normal parasite riddled host being unavailable. They don't care about being pathetic or boorish. It isn't about some virtual power. Sure they can ruin this place or force registration, everyone knows that. No, they are sick enough that they -need- to actual force the site to change before they get that little pleasure jolt in their miswired tiny crania.

I'll find a few minutes and delete the racist posts but I didn't know gypsy qualified. I thought the behavior and actions made it acceptable as it had passed into popular culture. Live and learn.

R-Boy said...


Now I get CSI. Nice.
RE and FB? Ask the local gentry, you can't have one without the ... other.

I don't know if that's the trolls attempt to disrupt folks and make folks want to stop coming, or get haterz synonomous with razist. Either way, it really doesn't work since they're anons.

We're getting trolled in large part due to IAFF being dead. Come on, you know that most of the supporterz are trolls looking to get their jollies and aren't really supporterz. That venue being down, they must get their fix somewhere, so they come here.

My$.02 said...

I think some children are hoping to characterize this blog as bigoted and sexist. Unfortunately for them it is an obvious ruse as the ugliness only appeared recently.

Murses said...

I think some are recent inducties into the KC experience ~ they seem to not have clue one about what is going on.

Miguel said...

Seriously, the racism was disgusting

Not so much disgusting as completely pointless - there's no genealogical evidence that Casey is a gypsy and some pretty overwhelming physical evidence that he isn't.

Galina doesn't look gypsy either - her hair's dark, but her skin's much too pale and her facial features don't fit the profile either.

I'll find a few minutes and delete the racist posts but I didn't know gypsy qualified.

Gypsies are regarded as a separate racial group, exactly like Jews. The crucial difference is that because of the nomadic clan nature of gypsy society, they tend not to have anyone to speak up for them in large numbers - which is why we have yet to see a gypsy Gandhi or Mandela, even though they've traditionally been just as victimized as anyone (weren't they the second biggest single group of Holocaust victims after Jews?).

And it's also why people who would otherwise be horrified at being thought racist think it's quite acceptable to refer to them as scum - I have at least a couple of Eastern European friends who genuinely do think like that.

Anonymous said...

You thought stereotyping Gypsies as petty thieves and conmen was acceptable because it's a part of popular culture? Then I guess it's OK to stereotype Jews as money hungry and materialistic as well? Or Hispanics as lazy? Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to think that Gypsy bashing is acceptable?

The Dude said...

We have worm sign!

It appears as though "the apprentice" is learning how to moderate comments. A whole five or six at once, in true Casey form, take an hour to do what any 2nd grader can do in five minutes. By the time they get comments cleared, a generation will have passed.

Nigeria said...

As for 'gypsy' - in the U.S., the term is not especially noteworthy, but then in Europe, 'nigger' doesn't quite have the same meaning - Europe never had the KKK.

In Europe, gypsies are still often considered essentially subhuman, especially in Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, or to an extent in places like Germany or Italy.

If you are talking about Roma/Sinti when using the term gypsy, you are probably a racist European. When as an American you have no clue where they live, you probably aren't.

Nothing like a bit of cultural relativism to spice up a forum.

Murses said...

Favorite comment so far:

His family is in his heart, and Casey will ALWAYS do the right thing.

Yes, his family is in his HEART but not in his LIFE. He needed to get away from it all.

Anonymous said...

Miguel, your bigotry is showing.

H Simpson said...

Morning Y'all

Got a question about California law.

Several months ago, Snowflake pushed the bounds of the Jetta performance envelope and got a present from the CHP showing this achievement.

1. Did he ever pay the fine?

2. How long after you don't pay a speeding ticket before they issue a bench warrant in Ca?

3. When our (h/z)ero arrives at LAX immigration, will his name be popping up for such a bench warrant?

Maybe G can take a peek in that pile-o-mail to see if there has been any further corraspondence from the local courthouse? [I envision this giant mail pile sort of like the bluff model Richard Dryfuss built in the "close encounters of the 3rd kind"]


Miguel said...

Coincidentally, I recently watched Tony Gatlif's film 'Latcho Drom', a mesmerising survey of a thousand years of gypsy culture - it traces their journey from India to France and Spain via Egypt, Turkey and Eastern Europe, but only through their songs, dances and costumes: there's no narration or dialogue at all.

It's a wonderful film - I really can't recommend it highly enough. (Gatlif is himself part-gypsy, and his films are a powerful corrective to the prevailing myths).

Anonymous said...

"invoking stereotypes of Gypsies is racist"

Are gypsies a race of people? I never noticed a check box for them on a mortgage application. While I agree the comments were closed hasty generalizations about groups of people, but I am not sure if I would call it racism unless a specific race is involved. IMHO, it is similar to making a generalization about Realtors or other non-race based groups.

Call Me Fred said...

So, I've been listening to the secret mp3's of Marty and Casey and their book-planning sessions.

Some comments, at random:

-some of it is rather sad, because Marty keeps trying to think of ways to make the book(s) more interesting to the reader, but there's really not much there there to work with. For instance, he dwells at some length on the moment that G and Casey receive their cash back at closing check. He wants to make it an exciting moment in the book. Well, for one, it's intrinsically not a very exciting moment in the abstract; second, the way that Casey describes it, it wasn't very exciting for him and G either. Marty keeps asking, "So, how did it feel? Was G excited about holding the check?" and Casey says, "Well, not really, she's kind of a conservative person." Etc. etc. I'd hate to be Marty trying to make something out of all this stuff. It's really not very exciting.

-Beyond that, there is very much a kind of schizophrenic mentality running through the entire thing in the sense that Marty keeps asking Casey about how this works in real estate and what they plan on giving their readers, what kinds of knowledge they can impart, etc., and all the time the listener is thinking: why are we asking for Casey's advice?! He did it all wrong! Maybe we should do the exact opposite of what he says.

For example, at one point they discuss the fact that Casey lived in his apartment as a renter while buying all these houses. Marty thinks that this will be a way to show the readers that even if they think they can't afford their own house, that doesn't prevent them from being investors in real estate. Um, no. Perhaps that shows that any fool can get in over their head if they want.

In other place, Marty wants to talk about how it is possible to condition one's credit in preparation for investing--how to get your scores in shape so that when you approach the bank you'll qualify for loans. Well, gee, the problem with this is that he's again using Casey as an example (he wants to show Casey's FICO scores over time). Um, the reason that Casey was able to get those loans is because the lenders gave him enough rope to hang himself with in the form of subprime loans. Careful credit grooming had nothing to do with it. Again there is this dissonance between wanting to be a valid self-help book in real estate and using Casey, the ultimate real estate investing loser, as the prime example.

There's lots more I could go into.

soem dood said...

"...His family is in his heart, and Casey will ALWAYS do the right thing..."

Grandma Dood allus said Ol' Soem wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but can someone tell me how Mursebagger jetting off to nap in the Sun Down Under was in any way related to helping his family, left behind with bounced checks and angry people?

Miguel said...

Miguel, your bigotry is showing.

You're right - I do think that anonymous trolls tend to be subhuman scum, and I'm conscious that I may be tarring the few sensitive and thoughtful anonymous trolls with the same brush.

But I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wish Casey would go to jail and I could visit him just once using the cool visitation room. I'd use up all his visits...

R-Boy said...

I don't who got it worse under Stalin, the gypsies or the Ukrainians, or the jews. All three kinda got shrifted.

It's a little known fact that a good many Ukrainians were aligned with the Nazi's, simply because the Nazi's did not care about killing them, only Jews, and that Stalin's folks just love starving and killing anyone down there pretty indiscriminantly.

But in any event, criticize the boy, not the group he's from.

Yeah, I've been wondering about that speeding ticket.

Get a History Book said...


You are showing your ignorance:

"The Romani people (as a noun, singular Rom, plural Roma; sometimes Rrom, Rroma) or Romanies are an ethnic group living in many communities all over the world. The Roma are among the best known ethnic groups that appear in literature and folklore, and are often referred to as Gypsies or Gipsies..."

"...During World War II, the Nazis murdered 200,000 to 800,000 Roma in an attempted genocide known as the Porajmos. Like the Jews, they were marked for extermination and sentenced to forced labour and imprisonment in concentration camps. They were often killed on sight, especially by the Einsatzgruppen (essentially mobile killing units) on the Eastern Front."

Murses said...

@ soem dood

Well, obviously, KC needed time away from all that hectic life.

He posted this in 6/11 about why he went to Oz:

This would also give me some time to think about my marriage...

Anonymous said...

Galina doesn't look gypsy either - her hair's dark, but her skin's much too pale and her facial features don't fit the profile either.

Sorry but that just sounds... I can't think of the word...

Stevie Nicks said...

Wait, I thought being a gypsy was a good thing?

Rob Dawg said...

You thought stereotyping Gypsies as petty thieves and conmen was acceptable because it's a part of popular culture?

No, read more carefully. I thought using the word gypsy to describe grifters and the like had passed into popular culture. I agree that if someone identifies themselves as a Gypsy it isn't acceptable to presume them thieves and conmen.

You anons have to conform to the EN culture where the conversation takes place at a higher level and with more circumspection. If that level of discourse is unacceptable you are eligible for a full refund. EN wouldn't want you to feel gyped.

Anonymous said...

All apologies, I quit coffee cold turkey and its effecting my reading comprehension. I'll slink off in embarressment now...

The Dude said...

Dawg said gyped....... :o)

Anonymous said...

Get a history book

Just because Romanians were sometimes refered to as gypsies, that does mean that bashing gypsies is the same as bashing Romanian people. The term gypsies has evolved over time and now many non-Romanians are considered gypsies there by taking the race aspect out of the term.

Euclase said...

I bet the ultimate bag holders of Casey's mbs tranches feel gyped.

Is that racist? Besides, I am a person of color and only whites are racist.

Euclase said...

Jewelers are racist. They have a method of setting stones so they are not easily stolen by grifters, it's called gypsey set.

Google it if you don't believe me.

I am a person of color so don't any of you whiteys call me racist.

Murses said...

I love gypsies. They always have such great parts in movies!

Cher (no last name) said...

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of doctor good

Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsys, tramps, and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

Picked up a boy just south of mobile
Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal
I was sixteen, he was twenty-one
Rode with us to Memphis
And papa woulda shot him if he knew what he'd done


I never had schoolin' but he taught me well
With his smooth southern style
Three months later I'm a gal in trouble
And I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh
I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh

She was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
Her mama had to dance for the money they'd throw
Grandpa'd do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of doctor good

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Well, while we are off topic and I am caught up with all fo my EN homwwork assignments, I am English Irish Cherokee, but my acient historical decendents were druid Gypsys on my Mom's side from Ireland.
So, can I check half Cherokee Half Druid Gypsie on my applications and get special treatment like other races?
Irish Druid Gypsies are known for their Beauty and Intellect.

@ Rboy, T

he Cherokees really got the shaft, called the Trail of Tears.

Also as a decent of Capitan Rumbley of the Fighting Irish, who was my Great Great Grandfather, who fought in the War of Southern Aggression, The Confederate Solder POW's also got the shaft. 99% put to death. My GG Dad was in th 1%.
nuff said OT, back to your regularly scheduled program.

te he

Miguel said...

Sorry but that just sounds... I can't think of the word...

Well, maybe when you've thought of the word I can write a considered reply. Try a dictionary or a thesaurus if you're having difficulty.

Miguel said...

Just because Romanians were sometimes refered to as gypsies, that does mean that bashing gypsies is the same as bashing Romanian people. The term gypsies has evolved over time and now many non-Romanians are considered gypsies there by taking the race aspect out of the term.

Romanians are people who come from Romania. Roma are people colloquially known as gypsies, who don't have a fixed state (although, confusingly, large numbers of them have settled in Romania).

For starters, they speak different languages! (Romanian and Roma, unsurprisingly).

Fear The Murse said...


jiggy said...

"EN wouldn't want you to feel gyped." First of all, gyped is NOT a word. It's gypped, so much for the "EN culture where the conversation takes place at a higher level." I apologize in advance if I am not up to your higher level of intelligence, but I at least know how to spell. I am not a troll, I have come here for quite some time, and have occassionally alternated between posting as Jiggy and sometimes as Anonymous. I think EN walks a fine line between being an informative meeting of the minds and a witch hunt willing to pull anyone and anything that has any ties to the Serins'/Supruns' into the fray. It's like a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality based solely on the crime of being related to and/or having come into contact with Casey. Part of the time I feel that people watch way too much tv and movies, reading big conspiracy theories into the whole situation. Casey is an idiot, he's a thieving little boy who obviously has some deep-seated issues regarding morality and ethics. Yes, his family has certainly been enablers, but enabling is not a crime. As for co-conspirators.....has anyone in all of their "sleuthing" shown one iota of evidence that his family has been involved?

@7:10 AM, Rob Dawg said...

"I'll find a few minutes and delete the racist posts but I didn't know gypsy qualified. I thought the behavior and actions made it acceptable as it had passed into popular culture. Live and learn."

You didn't realize Gypsy qualified? That statement in and of itself is quite telling. Here's a hint, ANY word/name that lumps a group of people together in a derogatory way is OFFENSIVE. I'm not getting up on any high horse here, I'm just continually shocked at what is becoming more and more acceptable in society. The other day my husband was making a comment to my mother (MY MOTHER!! who btw is of jewish descent) and he said something to the effect of he "jewed them down" (referring to bargaining for a better price for something). I was horrified and went ballistic on him. Later on that evening, I tried to rationally discuss the incident with him, and he was honestly confused. He did not realize that it was an offensive statement to make. I felt as if I didn't know him, how could that even be remotely acceptable in his mind? Perhaps nobody ever pointed out to him the inappropriateness of statements like that.

If people do not speak up about the inappropriateness of stereotypes and bigotry, then as more and more time passes it WILL become ingrained in our society as acceptable behavior. I for one would hate to see that happen. I am proud that I teach my children to judge not by someone's race nor ethnicity but by their personal actions. I want my children to understand that the world is comprised of all different types of people, regardless of where they can trace their roots from.

(Ex) Train Wreck Watcher said...

Rob: "I'll find a few minutes and delete the racist posts but I didn't know gypsy qualified. I thought the behavior and actions made it acceptable as it had passed into popular culture. Live and learn."

Fair enough, and "gypsy" and "gyp'ed" are still in common use in the U.S. and are not considered offensive, so don't feel like you're being beaten up by the Thought Police. But our resident trolls have tipped off that they're not quite as stupid as they're pretending to be (though they're trying hard), with little hints like use of the specific term "traveller", showing that they're Europeans who know that this line of thought is offensive and would be considered blatantly racist in Europe, if not the U.S.

Anyway, I apologize for the diversion . . . just trying to highlight the fact that the Troll Count is unusually high right now.

Endgame said...

Assorted comments:

Rob - yep, CSI back up for me. You're so clever!

Most of us W-2 loosers hit the web during the day. Fact of business life. People have always have ways to take a break (and, yes, screw off) at work. But, WRT R-boy, I consider his participation here as job related.

The number and quality of anon posts doesn't bother me at all because: (1) it reminds me that IAFF is dead, dead, dead (like rats swarming the upper deck of a sinking ship), (2) the scroll wheel on my mouse works really well!

KC has clearly lost control of his blog, his story, his life. I'm tempted to add ", his wife" - but I think that's only 50/50 at this point. Hopefully Duane and Mark can help her make informed decisions that stay decided if/when KC returns.

I love Declan's articles. His work is much better than the fluff pieces of the traditional media. As someone else suggested a few days ago, the real story (and book?) in all of this may be the formation and self-selection of an internet community that shined a bright light and wouldn't let a con man go unpunished.

Punishment may never include jail, but the real story of KC will jump out at lenders, employers & partners doing Google searches for a LONG time.

flailing forward said...

I hate gypsy moths.

Anonymous said...

I'm Irish, Armenian, Jewish and over-sensitive. No one is perfect.

Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Get a History Book said...

Anon (from before)--

Again, you show ignorance.

I stand by my handle.

Roma does NOT equal Romanian.


Euclase said...


Care to explain how that ethnic group of moths got the name "gypsy" moth?

Why do you hate them? Are you a racist too?

I bet it was some white guy that named that species of moth.

CHER said...

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

I was born in the website of a foreclosure show,

Galina used to dance for the money they'd throw...

Papa would do what ever he could,

Preach a little gospel, sell a couple of houses itsallgood....

Gypsies, tramps and thieves:

We'd hear it from the haterz of the town,

They'd call us Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves...

But every week all the haterz would come around,

And lay their money down....

Mouse And Pencil said...

I laugh at the conspiracy theories popping up here. Oh, well, I guess it's natural in this lull in teh story.

If you want to know why Casye does anything, it's simple. It's because it's what he wants to do.

He's not part of a bigger criminal conspiracy - if he were, his superiors would have kicked his ass for all of the outing here. You don't blog (brag? Blag: bragging on a blog) about a criminal conspiracy, you don't see mob types blogging about what trucks they're gonna hijack next week, and take public suggestions on how to move the swag. "Yeah, next callah. Heya, Ratso. So, what do youse tink we should do with dese here dvd playahs"

He's not a gypsy. If he were, you'd never know his true name, where he lives, or anything else, they DO NOT interact with outsiders.

No, it's just Casey.

He went to OZ, because he wanted to. He said in Declan's interview he and Galina had talked about foreign trips for the blog (I'm sure it was Casey talking about going, Galina being hesitant.) (I'm sure it wasn't "I'm going alone" with her, either.) In Casey's shriveled little black heart, he's passively aggresively punishing Galina for taking his baby away from him. She'll learn, you just wait and see.

He bought 8 houses and let them go to foreclosure because he wanted to. He's lazy. His long con failed, so he tried to make money off the failure. "Or the last 9 months are a waste of time". Says IT ALL. The blog was to make the money he was supposed to get from the houses. That's it. He wants the money he was supposed to get, and he will do anything to get it, except, of course, work.

He won't get a job because HE DOES NOT WANT TO. He will go to extraordinary lengths to not work. See: trip to OZ, jizzbucket publishers.

Casey hooks up with shady, quasi-legal types because he wants to - they're his "people", they all speak the same language he does, they have a nifty positive feedback loop they all live off - "Massive" "Sweet" Massive" "Sweet" "Massive" "Sweet".

If they hook up with legit people, the legit people's eyes glaze over after 5 minutes and they start getting a clammy feeling they're in a bad place. Legit people won't work with Casey. They want responsibility, accountibility, following ALL the rules, not the ones that are convenient. Casey's fellow bottom feeders are more into more murky, shady deals to avoid taxes, overlook shenanigans like mortage fraud and stiffing lenders.

I mean, c'mon. Marty Mart (and teh Def Jamz Publishing Group) is PERFECT for Casey, Marty is trying to sell Casey's mortgage fraud as information real estate investors would kill for!

Casey abandoned Galina because he wanted to. She's just a drama llama who wants to spend HIS SWEET MONEYZ on things like BILLS. Pffffft. The very idea. Doesnt she know that's seed money for more SWEET DEALZ?

It's all about Casey. Just remember that, and it all makes sense. He almost had it all - the perfect sob story, a self imposed martyr role that gave him all the attention his little black attention whore heart desired, the patient, adoring wife who supportz™ him...

One does not need a gang or conspiracy to rip people off, abuse them mentally and emotionally, and be a complete fuck up, like Casey is.

Marty was drawn to Casey like the eerie blue bug light Casey is. Marty and Casey "get" each other. I'm sure they spend a lot of time talking about how "people just don'tget us, maaaan.", and how fucked up people are, because they don't support their crappy, hack bullshit they slop all over the place. They want to be worshipped as geniuses, who are so much better than us little people.

Foreclosure Code. (muffled snort of hilarity)

Yeah. You're gonna rock the world, Marty. Sure you are. I bet you and Casey have each other all pumped up with those juicy key words and catch phrases.

*Now Playing..."Ship of Fools..."

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves said...

Best to watch this video to go along with the lyrics...

all things good staff said...

@Mouse and Pencil:

You are right, but it is possible to peel the onion one more layer back to determine the reasons why "Casey wants to."

The answer is, as many of us have already guessed: Casey needs attention.

It is pathological with him. He needs attention even more than money. Some people don't recognize this fine line and think that money is what is all-important to him. If that were true he would never go into debt, let along 2.2 million worth of it. The attention is what he craves/needs, and all his actions can be traced back to this ultimate motivation.

Now, why it is in him that he needs such attention, I don't know.

straw buyer said...

But, WRT R-boy, I consider his participation here as job related.

Excuses are like assholes. Yeah, sure, work related, he reads this blog and participates and does nothing all day long on the gubbermint dime. Whatever, hey R-Boy, what is your function? Welfare case for the PTB?

Bakersfield Bubble said...

Crisp update:

Tax Liens and lawsuits

"things fall through the cracks"

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

IAFF is far from 'organic' now. My guess on the moderation criteria: Release all positive comments and a negative comment from time to time to make the blog seem organic.

Rob Dawg said...

Straw buyer,
R-boy can't answer right now he is in between multiple meetings and just finished a work product for delivery. you know the job you keep guessing about. I'm not guessing and once you start the ferret process, "what do you do?" etc. it is plain to everyone where you are headed. Forget it, move along.

flailing forward said...

Hey Dude,
Did your wp-admin get cut off? Mine did. I assume they don't want us to see that the three comments that made it through were the only positive ones.

Anonymous said...

Careful there R-Boy your racist lack of color is showing.

Joe said...

you're right. There certainly is a feel of a witch hunt here.
I hope Casey won't need to hire a bodyguard.

Anonymous said...

CASEYFANNNNN....this is your chance to step up and do something creative to Cher's song "Gypsies Tramps & Thieves"....

how fitting for the Serin Crime Family.

The Dude said...

Flailing, the url? and I'll check and see.

flailing forward said...

"things fall through the cracks"

Poor Crispy. He's getting cremed.

Anonymous said...

Day-3 Casey Files-

Pretty Good Stuff.

Galina was a student at UCDavis, met Casey (who had money from the condo sale), dated and decided to marry Meathead who wined and dined her.

Moved to Lake Tahoe to make it look like "sweet" deal, went from $35k down to -$15K (yep, 50K spent in 8 months) at the end of 2004.

Moves back to Sac..get the hairbrain idea to spend more money at Russ Whitney seminars...$3K for one show..then another $8K for the next at this point they are in $25K in credit card debt.

All the time Galina was still charging on the cards to live the glamourous life. Casey still scamming people to "sponsor" (pay for his shit) his need to get into realestate hustling rather than work.

These people are f@cking stupid? She left an education for snapperhead...sounds like a money grubbing biotch to me!!

Anonymous said...

I effing hate the gypies.

Bemused Guy said...

Enough with the Dawgpile.
Basic mistakes are being made ...using "race" when one means "ethnic group." Okay? Again, no on needs to be chastisted so heartily for that very common mistake.

Now, as for the rest of the "you're a bigot" nonsense. Take a breath & remember there are lots of ways to spin & lots of room to misinterpret. For instance, I am not leaping to the conclusion that you are a bunch of homophobes for not remembering that homosexuals were also persecuted with the Roma (aka gypsy) under the Nazis & an estimated 20,000 were placed in concentration camps for labor. Thousands of others were placed in scientific breeding programs to see if testosterone-injected gays could have children with Aryan prostitutes or if lesbians could reproduce with Nazi Officers.

When the rest of you get higher level degrees in Sociology or Theology you may preach, until then, opine. But more importantly, chill.

G said...

All anon scum are grifter gypies.

they can't argue intelligently like us EN'ers.

Pick a screen name. Gypsy scum.

Straw Buyer's Momma said...

That's pretty funny Rob Dawg, considering that all the criminals are in the DOJ. They couldn't catch a cold, they couldn't find their own ass if they searched for it with both hands. Hey DOJ, if you want to fight crime look in the mirror.

cheerios are yummy said...

You know, as dumb as it sounds, how do you know that this whole IAFF thing ISN'T some sort of "traveller" scam?

One of the first things my husband and I thought when we started looking into the whole "Serin saga," is how you know this guy is actually who he says he is.

A previous commenter mentioned that if Casey was a "gypsy" you wouldn't even know his real name. Well, how do you KNOW that he is who he says he is?

Sure, he's got a drivers license, and can apparently validate himself to a loan officer, but people do that fraudulently every day. Have you seen birth certificates/birth records, or anything that would some how substantiate that he is who he says he is?

An anonymous poster said a few days ago that Casey "revealed" something on the mp3s that Marty was able to leverage to manipulate Casey. Well...maybe it's all bs, but if you go back through Casey's old "earth mission" blog, there are about 2 months of deleted posts in mid-2006, right when that poster said Casey realized he had a problem.

Likewise, Casey was obviously planning to start the IAFF website since at least late Feb of 2006 (again based on his earth mission posts), and notes repeatedly that Galina didn't even like his personal journal blog then.

Anyhoo, that may mean something, it may not. But my point is, it would be extremely difficult for anyone here to validate that Casey Serin is, in fact, Casey Serin.

FYI- a google search yields that there have been a surprising number of "gypped" individuals in the point that the newspaper covered it with some regularity.

flailing forward said...

@ The Dude
login page

granularly oriented aka Soem Dood said...


there is truth in what you say. Good stuff. However, I have a minor bone to pick. Your flagrant and unexpectedly cavalier use of the pejorative: "ingrained" is a stain on all farmers everywhere. We who presently or formerly worked the land with our bare hands, to eek out the grain to form into bread to bake in the ovens to slice into parts to form into sandwiches to place onto plates to place on the table to be picked up and placed into mouths and bitten into and then swallowed and then... well, let me just say that the term causes me great distress and I'd thank you to never use that term again.

Boney, aka Soem Dood said...

Dear "Granualar"

We of the International Bone-Pickers Union are sick, Sick, SICK of the way you people...

KC said...

Has Galina even finished a semester of college? I don't think she's the brightest bulb.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...


Casey very well could be a part of a bigger conspiracy... he played the most important part... he was the mark.

First conspirators were the "gurus" that got Casey to pay 10's of thousands of dollars in a rapidly changing market...

This introduced him to the second set of conspirators... the "Investor" community. These folks seem to just create clubs and troll amongst themselves doing sweet deals with each other... hopefully they aren't the last person holding the bag...

Casey's personal development as the perfect mark continues to this day... just make sure you're not part of mainstream business (because that's how stupid people make money and do deals) and get into a closed circle of fools who think slapping paint on a house merits huge markups. And still Casey develops, offer him a fair deal with reasonable conditions and watch him be repelled... instead sign up with someone who, when outed, starts deleting his trail online... though i'm sure Marty has nothing to hide, it's easy to suddenly get 1000% more clicks without somehow doing something wrong...

I too think Casey isn't all that smart, he is smart enough to know what's right and wrong, legal and illegal (shady) and always choose the wrong path. He deserves to face negative consequences for his actions.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Gypsies are more like Hungarians. I know a Hungarian who is cheap and chintzy and would bicker over a few cents on a restaurant bill and hides money secretly while crying poor all the time. Certainly fits Casey's type.

I HATE Hungarians and their type. I have one for an in(out)law.

Fat Walrus said...

Here's a challenge for all you web sleuths. Try to find out what Fat Walrus' BAC was when he got his DUI.

Was it his first?

Oh and before you assume I am Casey or one of Caseys supporters, I am not. I am a regular Drunk Dawg follower.. like all the other EN'ers.

I have hated every single person Dawg has told me to hate. And I beleive as true all of the EN speculation.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Galina knows how to stay in school. I think discipline is a hard concept for them to grasp.

These people obviously don't have the skills to lead or make proper decisions...hence the f@cked up decision they are in.

I can get better advice from a crack head in downtown Sac than these two idiots!!

The Dude said...


I be blocked too

jiggy said...

rofl @granularly oriented aka Soem Dood

Thanks! You made me chuckle! I wholeheartedly apologize to all grain farmers out there. It was my ignorance that allowed me use the term "ingrained" and now that it has been pointed out to me as offensive, I will cease using the term immediately.


Joe said...

"Granularly Oriented", "Boney AKA"...

Heh heh. That's just funny! Good stuff.

Bemused Guy said...

What the Hell?

Are these anonylooserz the "extra admin assistant" that publisher had to hire + his 10 freelancers or what?
Or has Mocha come down from his high?

Anonymous said...

I'm anon. And I'm a meth head. I need more meth...NOW

Rob Dawg said...

0.001043% Took three tries before they got the number they wanted. The other two disappeared from the report.

lurker said...

They are Casey's revenge. There are only a couple of them, but their goals are:

1. to post so often they look like a large group
2. to be stupid and offensive enough to force Rob into moderating
3. to drive off the regulars who like to hold intelligent conversations.

Fortunately for us, as Casey Trolls, they lack the follow through to maintain it for very long. Give it a week and their massively focused action will have followed the rest of Casey's massively focused action plans into naptime.

Kerriella said...

Wow EN is emotionally charged this morning. Thank God for Soem Dood for trying to keep things lightened up.

I was wondering, for people like me that only check into EN once a day (if I am lucky) is there somewhere that I could check out to see major updates on whats going on without wasing through 100's of posts to get to the newest in the casey sage?

Also does anyone else ever have the problem of their "post a comment" page getting all garbled so that you can't even see what your typing?

Kerriella said...

er, that was supposed to be saga not sage. sorry

Kerriella said...

Also wasding not wasing (whatever that might be.

Anonymous said...


WHy are all the regular ENers biotchin'.

I have yet to see Casey in cuffs and getting boned by Bubba (Sector 5, Hall 3, Cell 15A)

Until then, your just talking the same crap that any anon is doing at the time.

Your EN theories are as useless as the next guys, Casey is running free and Galina is getting the sympathy she is achin for!!

A Casey Hater!

Kerriella said...

ARGH! I give up. Seriously what is up with the garbled crap on the comments page?

Bemused Guy said...

ker? what garbles?

Kerriella said...

When I go to post a comment there is garbled lettering all over the page and it is especially bad in the leave your comment area. Hence the terrible job of spell checking on my part.

Bemused Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bemused Guy said...

try shutting down and rebooting. this sounds unique to you.

of course, even your garbles make more sense than the earlier anonydrivel.

Rob Dawg said...

Garbled? Maybe the anonypussies really do have secret powerz™. Pretty lame stuff IMO.

The real test is when the Habitat for Humanity totals post goes up later today. I can't imagine even the lowest troll trying to bust that one up.


The other day, I was sitting around ladling gravy down my gullet, when I decided to check up on my old friend Casey Serin. Turns out he's got a book deal that's expected to sell 60 million books in 44 languages worldwide?? Why was I not notified of this? Has that emaciated little pansy forgotten that I own his ass for his remaining days on earth?


lurker said...

On Habitat for Humanity

I have an additional $100 if Casey its a bug. I will make it $200 if Casey eats one of the big Australian ones.

Anonymous said...

Well, even the self proclaimed ENers are declaring hatred on people who don't want to sign up for accounts.

Why have the anonymous feature if you hate people using it Rob Dawg? People are just as faceless regardless if they have an "ID" or remain "Anonymous".

lurker said...

It is not the anon thats the problem. It is the mindless drivel that is coming from the few Casey Trolls

Anonymous said...

Habitat for Humanity sucks. Rob go get another drink you cocksucking cockroach cockteaing cock.

Anonymous said...

What's next Rob Dawg? Enforcing the practice of moderating comments after you loathe and hate the way Casey and Nigel practice it?

Leave the anonymous people alone...

Freakin aye!!

flailing forward said...

How about $200 for a youtube video of Casey eating either the prlinkbeast contract or the Galina crayon nontract.

flailing forward said...

Nontract was a typo, but infinitely more appropriate.

H Simpson said...


When it happens to me, I expand the window to full size and with only 1 exception, it has taken care of the issue every time.

8:21 You could have a point except we all know where his whole Serin family lives and they have been there for many years. Hey, maybe they were on the flight behind him, but I sort of doubt that.

Re Trolls/Master Baiters: I would suggest you crawl over to the comments section of CNN/SI. Those folks will argue with you & everyone else instead of ignoring the bait like the EN'ers do.

Ready to come home yet Snowflake? Sure looks like you are getting bored/angry/scared. Question is, where will home be?


Anonymous said...

check out the housing market in nyc

3 bedrooms (plywood pods) in BUSHWICK for $1650 a month!

Casey Fannnnn said...

Back in the days of POPEYE - the real POPEYE, by E. C. Segar - Wimpy was one of the most colorful characters in Thimble Theater, with a rich assortment of catchphrases and behaviors far more extensive than "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". Among Wimpy's most hilarious routines was to insert himself between two parties in a dispute, and say "Let's you and him fight". This was to provoke the parties to violent escalation, thus providing Wimpy amusement. The recent troll activity here smacks of this. It's actually somewhat charming, as are most darling, seriously defective children. At least their parents see it that way.

flailing forward said...

The IAFF comment moderation is hilarious. I know there were in excess of 450 comments in queue last time I checked, so probably 500 by now. Thanks to the new "no-hatin" policy at IAFF, only 18 comments have made it through. 5 are supporterz, 3 are Casey. I also see that he took off his moderation time estimate.

Rob Dawg said...

Click the "other" button. Still anon but also unique. If people start identjacking then you have the option of getting a blogger name that is still private. Jeez, how hard is this?

Stephanie J. said...

Thanks for the concern JVJ, she's still in critical condition. She fell @ home and was there for two days before a neighbor went to check on her. She was hypothermic and dehydrated. Her body temp has been slowly rising, but it's not ideal yet, obviously.


The gypsy thing brings me back to my childhood in Belgium. There were these groups that would come through periodically; and the thing I remember most about these people when we walked past their settlement to the public bus were their dirty-faced children glaring at us with these golden-brown eyes rimmed in the darkest lashes I have ever seen. They lived in mobile homes and came and went frequently, but seemed to all view this one spot as a common spot for temporary settlement. The second thing I remember is finding a sealed jar crammed with dead kittens near their settlement after they'd left. I will never forget that. My dad said they originated from India; and some from Romania. And yes, they are perceived as the scum of the earth--although when I was leaving Belgium back in 1990, the Maroccan immigrants were quickly gaining ground in the most reviled people in Belgium.

Actually, Gypsies are more like Hungarians. I know a Hungarian who is cheap and chintzy and would bicker over a few cents on a restaurant bill and hides money secretly while crying poor all the time. Certainly fits Casey's type.

I HATE Hungarians and their type. I have one for an in(out)law.

I take exception to that ignorant statement--that is a whopping generalization based on your *one* experience. Having a Hungarian father who is a good, hardworking soul who lived through WWII, Communism, a revolution and the trial of becoming and American citizen (which he did LEGALLY), your ridiculous statement is offensive to me. Anyone can have weird penny pinching, whining, ignorant inlaws. Mine are from South Carolina. So should I just assume all South Carolinians are penny pinching, whining, ignoramuses? What a dolt.

The Dude said...


Casey has to earn his way to the lofty $200 level. I ain't payin' $200 for Snowflake's goat act.

First, he's got to eat a bug. 30 bucks for a roach and a spider gets him 40. Once we have youtube verification, we can talk about what he's got to crunch to get $100. For $200, it's got to be pretty special..... :o) A few things come to mind....

Anonymous said...

I hate gypsy moths

Damn, now we have to change the name of this species in order to be PC.

KC said...

Gypsies are all over Europe. They tend to travel around, set up tent homes in empty fields, and then move on to the next field leaving it with filth. They walk around, beg for money. They are con artists.

aaron said...

casey's brother steve has agreed to front the money to go after copyright violations. that is if it is indeed steve.

Robbie Fields said...

I tend to think that Casey exemplifies the maxim : a little knowledge is a terrible thing ...

The original gypsy comment is just plain ignorant. Casey may act like the proverbial gypsy but unlike U.S., U.K. and Irish Roma, east European Roma are quite dark and usually distinct from the local populace. The best example is to be found in ... Finland ... almost Dravidian looking, quite a contrast to the generally blonde Finns.

However, metropolitan Russians out of Moscow and St Petersburg would very much look down upon these people ex Tashkent as country bumpkins and I think it is in this light Casey et al. should be regarded.

I agree Casey is a mark. He found himself in the unguarded candy store and gorged himself. His relatives thought he was being resourceful until the obvious dawned upon them.

Given his patent amorality, maybe this is a truly brilliant move, his becoming a fugitive before he needed to. But money is the big question. Without a criminal organisation behind him, how is he going to access his stash?

Perhaps, Australia is a pre-planned stepping stone elsewhere.

It has been pointed out here that Oz is a little too bureaucratic for a guy like Casey to disappear.

South Africa used to be a good option for US fugitives but less so these days owing to tight cooperation between US and Pretoria. I think a low profile fraudster might get away with it in RSA but not Casey ... his profile is far too high. People are going to recognise him the world over. And contrary to what was stated elsewhere there is not a mass exodus occuring in South Africa, at least not yet. That honour belongs to New Zealand.

Did Casey ever develop a taste for dark skinned women in Sacto? If so, Sydney could just be a stop on the way to Bangkok, specifically Pattaya with its large concentration of ethnic Russians. There he could find plenty of Russian home cooking (mastered by nubile Thai women!) to replace the only thing Russians really miss.

But I repeat, Casey is a mark. And he would be a lamb to the slaughter in Pattaya, or for that matter in South Africa where (white) con men are a dime a dozen.

And it could be that Casey has already signed his death warrant by transferring his assets to an overseas network thinking that they will pay him his pension money once he gets there!

Casey Fannnnn said...

Why has my RSS reader bumped MURSEY SAKES ALIVE to the most recent post? It's from Tueday, with no recent comments. What the ding dang heck?

R-Boy said...

I sincerely doubt that's Steve since it doesn't jibe with his talkcast.

cheerios are yummy said...

8:21 You could have a point except we all know where his whole Serin family lives and they have been there for many years. Hey, maybe they were on the flight behind him, but I sort of doubt that.

Yeah, but how much do we *really* know about his family? Casey says he can't remember what his parents did for a job (eye roll). Someone dug up a "k12" address for Casey's mother. That's about it.

Does she have teaching credentials? What do we know about why they immigrated here? Is there still family in the area.

My point is, beyond the information Casey himself has put out there, what have we actually been able to verify. We've spent a lot of time trying to dig up dirt. Okay, but how much time has been spent actually verifying the stories he's told?

Case in point: we can validate that he does/did own the properties listed on IAFF. Well, has anyone done a full title search on those properties? Casey has talked about/admitted to getting "suckered" on some of his deals. Well, I dunno about you, but I'd sure like to "out" some of the jerks in his local real estate club who put together those slimy deals.

I live in Durham, NC (so I'm also amused that Casey's been shitting in my backyard). About 50% of the market here is rental property, and a few slum lords own the vast majority of it. They *frequently* do deals that are not only NOT arms length, but involve "trades" of huge swaths of property.

Was money the only thing Casey gave as compensation to the sellers of those homes, or did he get something else to boot (ie, properties we don't already know about)?

I'm not saying that's the case, I'm just saying that I think doing full title searches of all of the properties Casey has been connected with at all would be very, very wise.

king friday the 13th said...

The surge in trolls is a fall-out of the Declan article. It makes me wonder how valuable "traffic" is as a metric.

It really show that we in the search engine community need to do a better job developing metrics to gauge the QUALITY of traffic, and not just the QUANTITY.

fyi -- mention of Casey over at another site... more sweet media for the fliptard.

I8urbaby said...

Trolls try to guide and control the direction a thread takes. They don't want any negative discussion of their hero so they throw out bait. Why make their jobs easy?

Anonymous said...

From the writing styles, I'd say there are 4 or 5 trolls using different monikers. I think that it's partially IAFF riff raff who need to comment.

I also think that any time you get national attention you attract trolls. This story (and this blog) certainly garnered some press lately.

caseyNOTcasey said...

At 8:02 AM, Mouse And Pencil said...

"Casey hooks up with shady, quasi-legal types because he wants to - they're his "people", they all speak the same language he does, they have a nifty positive feedback loop they all live off -"

It continues to amaze me when observers of Casey judge him by his supposed naive participation in multiple "Scaminars".

My take has always been that Casey saw the "Scaminars" as an education in how to become a "Scaminar Guru".

I believe that this was proven when the pagedaddy tapes were leaked to the public.

Casey wasn't buying into the bullshit,he wanted to learn to be a better bullshitter!

cheerios are yummy said...

Yeesh, when I said, "Is there still family in the area," I meant wherever Casey is from, not Sacramento.

Sorry guys.

Also, I hope you don't think *I'm* a troll. I've been following for quite sometime, but posted anonymously (for the most part). I *have* actually been sued for running a "gripe site" (much like this one, uncovering the truth about a shady business/person), so I am pretty careful about posting any useful identifying info.

flailing forward said...

Latest from Mocha:

June 11th, 2007 at 11:10 pm


Casey, I should have listened to you in the first place. There is NOOOOOOOOO getting through to them. Its almost like if I went to a (KKK) rally in real life. The hate is oozing out of their pores.

Oh, someone called to let me know that “t” was on the talkcast AFTER I had hung up. “Tranny???” Is that what she called me??? How original. (YAWN) Told you dumbass haterz, I will not dignify your ignorant attack of what my sexuality might be with an answer…the only reason being…because you wanna know sooooooooooo bad. Get on your hands and knees and dig through my trash for used tampons if you are so inclined :-P

Anyways…bring it…ya lonely a** cat lady…”t”. You have an invitation to Detroit too. Mack avenue…8pm on any night…don’t forget to bring your girl scout leader Stephanie J with you…so I can bop your two heads together.

I remember you very well. You were the idiot that paid $250.00/h just to hear Casey’s “voice.” Then asked for your money back when you realized how pitiful you looked nagging the poor guy for an hour. You another “cooger”??? Hehehehehehehehehe… .

I told you Casey is a superstar…he’s even got groupies to prove it. At least I am not hanging on his every word like a love sick teenager. Prissy miss stephanie j even has “seizures” when he doesn’t blog. Casey, my man…if anyone ever doubted it…you definitely got it going on to inspire all this idol worship/hate.

“Idiot Haterz” is right…definitely not “harsh” enough. I’ve got some harsh words for ya…but not yet…I want to have the opportunity to really stick it to em…when the book comes out.

Casey, on the real tip…I am confused about exactly what is going on right now…but I still have faith in you and hope that you have a plan a place. Especially one that will accomodate and benefit those near and dear and “true” to you.

(I really hope your moderator allows this comment to be posted. Haterz say so much unwarranted s*** about you…I have been in their den…please give me the opportunity to share my observations too)

Still MOCHA…in my ghetto fabulous mode tonight ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

I took down the pics because they were too large and some work site blocked the url content. That reset the RSS as an update.

Endgame said...

At 8:09 AM, straw buyer responded to:

But, WRT R-boy, I consider his participation here as job related.

By brain farting:

Excuses are like assholes. Yeah, sure, work related, he reads this blog and participates and does nothing all day long on the gubbermint dime.

Two quick reponses based on logic, a concept perhaps new to you.

1. I offered a personal opinion, not an excuse. Use a dictionary if they sound the same to you.

2. The fact that he posts several times per day means that he spends maybe 2 or 3 minutes, 4 or 5 times per day. That adds up to a number less than 8 hours. Counsult a calculator if you need help understanding that.

Thanks for attending remedial elementary school for anon Casey lovers!

Murses said...

Oh gahd, its Mocha! She loves KC but she is a little confused right now.


I hate Mocha (said in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice. Think "Newman")!

Stephanie J. said...

LOL.. Mocha... LOL!!!

Cooger? ROFL LOL...

If/when book comes out, that'll be 'sticking it to me' alright... ROFL LOL ROFL...

At least I am not hanging on his every word like a love sick teenager. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HA HA HA HAAA

::wipes a tear::

That 'ghetto fabulous' woman/man/it just kills me.

That is so funny. ::sigh::

Akubi said...

Yes, I Mocha's latest gold nuggets definitely deserved a Caseypedia entry.

Sharky said...


" Its almost like if I went to a (KKK) rally in real life."

And just what the fuck could you POSSIBLY know about the KKK?

By your accent, I'd say you're an immigrant from the West Indies, with an outside chance of being West African.

Neither region was exactly a hotbed of Klavern activity.

The only other option, again, from youre accent, is that you're a Virgin Islander.

Again...not many "night riders" on the Islands.

So you show up here on our shores and start slinging mud?

Listen up, you extra-skanky ignorant and offensive flat-backer.

If this nation ain't to your liking, then you're quite free, and entirely welcome, to shag your pus-leaking ass over the Ambassador Bridge and trying flirting your funkhole to the Canadians.

And what REALLY pisses me off is that we could have had a decent LEGAL Mexican immigrant, instead we get these shit-lipped thieves and their human butt-plugs.

Anonymous said...

For a fascinating study of the Roma people and their culture pick up "Bury Me Standing" by Isabel Fonseca. Can't recommend it enough.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>I took down the pics because they were too large and some work site blocked the url content. That reset the RSS as an update.<<

Ah! I thought I was having a major malfunction that was preventing me from keeping up with the saga. Have you considered using the free and simple IMAGE SHACK as an image host? Feed it an image location on your hard drive or on the web, and the pic is stored on its servers with no poopy doodoo URL that's likely to trigger content filters.

You guys must be way more efficient than me. I'm going nuts here trying to check in between work spasms and catch the clown soap opera as it happens, but there are so many posts. I gots to scroll and skim! Probably I missed lots of rich juicy deals. It's like trying to count the molecules of a race car as it zooms past.

Akubi said...

9:11 AM, Stephanie J,
Juggling work, blogs and Caseypedia I missed your earlier comment. WTF were dead kittens doing in a sealed jar?
BTW I had a similar experience as a little kid in L.A. and they'd always stick their tongues out at me in the supermarket. In response, I gave them the finger (learned it from my dad, but didn't quite know what it meant at 5).

Stephanie J. said...

The families always had cat. I remember them milling around the caravans and such when they were there. I was told that they would kill the kittens sometimes when they didn't want more cats. That was the way they did it, I guess.

I remember being horrified about it.

CrockadileDundee said...
hey 'the travellers' are REAL I thought it was fiction.

so you guys are saying gypsies dont run palm reading schemes and that the 'stealing is ok' is a false stereotype? i read they have a 'different culture' where ownership rights of property are interpreted different , is that wrong?

SmellyPogoStick said...

@ 7:23 Fred

"..(Marty) dwells at some length on the moment that G and Casey receive their cash back at closing check. He wants to make it an exciting moment.."

I think you are misinterpreting Marty's intent during that part of the interview. His real intent is to establish Galina's culpability in the cash-back fraud that was committed.

Beggar said...

If this nation ain't to your liking, then you're quite free, and entirely welcome, to shag your pus-leaking ass over the Ambassador Bridge and trying flirting your funkhole to the Canadians.

And what REALLY pisses me off is that we could have had a decent LEGAL Mexican immigrant, instead we get these shit-lipped thieves and their human butt-plugs.

Ah the good old "America, love it or leave it". This blog is like a magnet for all the closest xenophobic racists. Hey, Sharky, do you actually talk like this in real life or just when you're behind the anonymity of the Internet?

Sharky said...


"Hey, Sharky, do you actually talk like this in real life or just when you're behind the anonymity of the Internet?"

I could ask you the same question, ace:

"This blog is like a magnet for all the closest xenophobic racists."

The answer to YOUR query is: "Yes, I sound like this in meatspace also."

It chaps my ass when some immigrant shows up here and then starts bitching and whining about the way we do much better it was in the old country...whine-cry-moan.

"Ah the good old "America, love it or leave it".

Yeah...that's about it. Except in some cases, like this one, it's why the fuck did you bother to come here in the first place you parasite?

Or has the enormity of the bullshit spewed by MOCHA, who is apparently not native or mainland-born noodling about the KKK just totally flown over your head?

(S)He wan't even HERE, double-dummy! The KKK had no impact in the West Indies or West Africa.

This Detroit truck-stop cocksucker is just another undesirable piece of human flotsam who has learned nothing else about being American than to complain and bitch.

There's hundreds of millions of DECENT people who would cough up a kidney to legally immigrate here,(even to Detroit), and would be great assets to our nation.

But tell ya what, sonny, you think MOCHA is so great, then why don't you suck on her ass until your cheeks bursts with her shit.

It'll be a better use for your mouth and your fingers than making extrapolations of "xenophobic racism" from a very specific beef I have with TWO immigrants.

Start suckin' buster.