Friday, June 15, 2007


Vacationing in Boston is fun. Unfortunately they put dawgs down in the cargo hold on airplanes. Wedding this afternoon, family tomorrow, expensive colleges later. Sporadic posts? Enough to maintain interest and report breaking news. Carry on.


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Anonymous said...

Veggie - MURST!!!!!

The Dude said...

I'll take a second on this one

The Real Wagga™ said...

First I post the last comment on the old thread, then the new topic is up!

Anonymous said...

New IAFF post is up

The Real Wagga™ said...

I'm reposting from the last...

Remember guru Robert Allen's bet that he could go to a strange city & buy a house nothing down inside 48 hours?

(He succeeded, using the good old liar loan method)

My supposition is that kc wants to be able to say the same thing - even in a strange land, in order to juice up the "book".

Do you think they have Google in Oz?.

PS I remember reading that some guru was denied entrance to Australia to run scaminars - a year ago?

PMSPMS™©® said...

More flickr photos as well. It looks like KC is definitely in NSW - certainly east coast (no Kookaburra's in West Australia).

MursesToMurgatroid said...

Today's IAFF post could have been written by anyone. No Caseyisms, no taunts, so many Aussy references (and the kind of references that are nothing more than stereotypes) -- it could be written by anyone. Although, anyone with a brain would have added some sweet optimism and haterz bait.

HurtMe said...

x-post from last thread

Those new photos are old. Looking through the EXIF data and I see...

Early riser: June 11
BBQ links: June 9
Green Ford: June 9
Jail cell: June 8
Cuckabarrows: June 8
Room view: June 8
Breakfast: June 8
Bush: June 8
Hey Bird: June 8


The Dude said...


That's "Cuckabarrows"

You amature looser W2 slave :o)

Zoey said...

from previous thread:

Has anyone been able to ID the make and model of KC's laptop?

That info coupled with the historical Sitemeter data for Australian visitors to IAFF could certainly help to ID his location.

Jean Valjean said...

cough cough...

I present now.. "In an Aussie Minute"

Casey got up
Dressed all in black
Went down to the station
And he never came back
They found his Vdubs
Scattered somewhere down the track
And he won't be down at Starbucks
in the morning

He had a home
The love of a girl
But men get lost sometimes
As years unfold
One day he crossed some line
And he was too much in this world
But I guess it doesn't matter anymore

In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute
Things can get pretty strange
In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute

Lying here in the darkness
I hear the sirens wail
Somebody going to emergency
Somebody's going to jail
If you find somebody to love in this world
You better hand on tooth and nail
The wolf is always at the door

In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute
Things can get a little strange
In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute

And in these days
When darkness falls early
And people rush home
To the ones they love
You better take a fool's advice
And tak care of your own
One day they're here;
Next day they're gone

I pulled my coat around my shoulders
And took a walk down through the park
The leaves were falling around me
The groaning city in the gathering dark
On some solitary rock
A desperate lover left his mark,
"Baby, I've changed. Please come back."

What the head makes cloudy
The heart makes very clear
The days were so much brighter
In the time when she was here
But I know there's somebody somewhere
Make these dark clouds disappear
Until that day, I have to believe
I believe, I believe

In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute
You can get out of the rain
In an Aussie Minute
Everything can change
In an Aussie Minute


PMSPMS™©® said...

Zoey - Vaio floppy top?

Stephanie J. said...

@Rob: You realize you have a moral obligation to dine at least ONCE at Mary Chung's for DimSum.

You also have to beware falling ceiling tiles. I haven't been back yet to see the final product of le bigue Digue. When I left, it was still a clusterfuck with a funky bridges.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

methinks Sir LossMitalot has fallen in love with King Authorz wife, Galinevere.

Stephanie J. said...

Oh, and just for larfs, try to urinate publicly in the people's republic of Cambridge... just for moi.

LossMitPro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dude said...

Apologies for linkwhoring, but after I posted this on the blog, I thought of Sputnik the Cat. Sputnik's poopin' in shoes is small potatoes compared to this......
Sputnik's big brother?

SpaceyCasey said...

Casey has a new post up! With pictures!

Sharky said...

Glad to see that the Snowflake's Comment Coolie seems to have unblocked itself.

Y'all give the Hobbit's flunkie some chops, wilya?

It's a sure bet that Outback Jack-off will be too busy to stroke his pet.

SpaceyCasey said...

Heeheee - im really spacey today folks! And a litle slow!

Murses said...

Does anyone else think that maybe KC is one of those people who smells? Like maybe a little too organic?

I wonder if he has figured out his daily showering success rate.

Rob Dawg said...

CA/T aka The Big Dig. So what if it cost billions? Picked up the rental with one light to the Ted Williams Tunnel ($3) and smooth 65mph sailing to the CNG tank south of Boston. You have no idea what that means if you weren't here before. There are dedicated HOV and reversible lanes even.

Nick for Canada said...

Someone should notify Australia's immigration department that creditard is working in Australia. He'll be deported faster that a Sacremento foreclosure

Ogg the Caveman said...

I don't care how nice the end result is, it still scares me that the firm behind the Big Dig is involved in Seattle's proposed waterfront tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Post 242, Comment 49, translation of "あなたの呼吸は陰茎の今朝臭いがするか": "Your morning breath smells of penis".

Anonymous said...

wow. day 3 part (a) -- after rambling for 20 minutes, casey stops and asks marty if he has any questions.

marty was paying such rapt attention, it took ONE MINUTE to respond. LOL.

Anonymous said...


LOL said...

so what does kangaflake say? I refuse to give IAFF any hits.

Anonymous said...

9:52 anon, thanks, that's funny.

LOL said...

"marty was paying such rapt attention, it took ONE MINUTE to respond. LOL."

I noticed that too, Marty must have fallen asleep. LOL

nono said...

how dare he mention steve irwin!

im sure if steve were still around hed wreslte snowflake to the ground so he could shove his thumb up is ass.

yeah just like south park!

Anonymous said...


Hey Mocha, how does my penis taste?

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous said...

NRU HULK said...


James Piccolo said...

Click a mouse, buy a stolen 1981 Mercedes Benz!

Anonymous said...

Why must these trollz persist in harshing my mellow?

Dan said...

Please no urinating on Cambridge public property. Thank You.

also, the Dun Dun noodles at Mary Chungs have been exceptionally spicy lately, mmm full mouth burn.

I live about 3 blocks from Mary's.

Stephanie J. said...

Dan, will you fedex me some Suan Lo Chow Show?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of that "jail cell" photo... How long before "It puts the lotion in the murse"?

Two weeks?

Akubi said...

Hey Haterz,
It’s Friday and time for another 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ game! Win-win!

lawnmower man said...

so what does kangaflake say? I refuse to give IAFF any hits.

Nothing interesting. CaseyPedia summary.

"It puts the lotion in the murse"


Anonymous said...

Marty Stewart (Publisher) sure is quiet all of a suddend. He was so vocal just a few days ago.

Marty, Marty, where are you?

cheerios are yummy said...

Check out this blog (only two entries, but still interesting):

Apparently you can pay the big bucks to have access to a website where you can "click a mouse to buy a property." Casey has referenced this before.

On its face, this is a great idea. The problem is not when you use a program like this. The problem is when people start trading properties, getting money laundered/concealed cash back at close, etc. and the lender(s) involved don't know about it.

The other issue, no matter how easy they try to make it sound, is that it's a bitch to buy a property from afar. Seriously- you still have to find a lender, have the house appraised, inspected (if necessary), and close escrow.

Now, just who do you think is making the recommendations for lenders, appraisers, title agents, notaries, closing attorneys, etc.???

Here's a hint: NO reputable real estate agent will involve him/herself in such shady shit. Casey says that licensed real estate brokers just aren't very creative.

Bullshit. The truth is that we're regulated to the hilt (even with all of the horror stories you hear), and nobody wants to get dragged in front of the real estate commission (or worse) for doing stuff not disclosed openly and properly on the HUD-1 closing document.

I've done plenty of creative, "juicy" deals. And they were all done completely legally. Casey's a moron. There's not much creativity involved in lying (at least where mortgage fraud is involved).

In my experience, it takes a lot more creativity to do things legally where difficult situations are involved.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that Snowflake was in Brisbane as some have suggested, and that he didn't change the time in his camera, the times on the camera's EXIF data from flickr would suggest correct times for early morning.

1:00 PM PDT is 6:00AM BNE time. Having traveled there for work, one wakes up fairly early due to the jet lag (I was waking at 5:00AM local time).

Giving credence to the idea that he's back in Sacramento is the delay in the photo dates and todays post. That would match up with the travel times and ensuing argument when he shows back up home.

Also, a post at 8:24AM PDT is 1:00AM BNE, which he would have trouble doing with the jet lag, suggesting that he's closer to local time now.

Maybe he is back?...

flailing forward said...

For the NRU fraud ring researchers, here is the sales data from Zillow.

Calla Way:
01/04/2006: $365,000 (Casey sold)
10/07/2005: $360,000 (Casey bought)
03/09/2000: $132,000

03/22/2007: $249,427 (Casey foreclosed)
01/04/2006: $295,000 (Casey bought)
06/26/2002: $145,000
11/30/2001: $91,000
01/31/2001: $86,151
12/11/1998: $78,000

no data

no data

05/10/2007: $287,825 (Casey foreclosed)
03/07/2006: $323,000 (Casey bought)
05/02/2000: $113,000

no data

05/11/2007: $200,000
03/06/2007: $216,000 (Casey foreclosed)
03/23/2006: $330,000 (Casey bought)
04/04/2003: $170,000

11/15/2006: $211,222 (Casey foreclosed)
(no older data)

The two NM homes were brand new, thus no numbers.

The Dude said...

You bunch of amature looser W2 slaves are missing what's happened here.

Due to Casey's Massive Focused Action(tm), he completed his, soon to be best selling, book is record time and is enjoying his well deserved vacation. He was heard to comment, "It's tiring being me". Now that the book is working it's way through the massive PageDaddy publishing organization, Casey has time to mentor real estate investors and fellow entrepreneurs in the land down under.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

Australia sounds like a great place. I have some vacation accrued I would totally love to go there. But I dont have that much extra money. I have been making extra payments to my mortgage. I know you think i am stupid for making mortgage payments only suckers do that. Hey i am thinking a good way to drum up some hater comments is to maybe solicit recommendations for where you will take your next vacation. Maybe you can post email offers from your fans of places you can stay for free. Then maybe have a beg-a-thon to raise money for last minute airfare.

This whole saga is getting very boring. please do something to punch it up. Even EN is boring. I am mad at you for forcing me to go over there. It's funny getting those dopes all riled up. its too easy. do you want to partner up on trolling EN. I think a partnership with you is bound to be very successful.


my antispam word is FEN

as in F--k EN

The Original Kevin™ said...

After reading flailing's data, I think the people that should be writing 'how to make a profits in real estate' books are the people who actually sold their houses to Casey, entitled, "How to spot an idiot, & make money in Real Estate!"

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

On The Tapes™ Snowflake explains how he ran an auction to sell the Sonora property, and how it was great because he didn't have to involve a real estate agent and pay any fees. Is this legal?

Dan said...

Steph J, Sure, sprouts might be a little soggy though.

NotAnOptimist said...

Where's Casey? One possible theory suggests Brisbane.

flailing forward said...

Now that the book is working it's way through the massive PageDaddy publishing organization

In other words, Marty is too busy at the copy machine to pursue any DMCA complaints right now.

beezer said...

"The" copy machine? He uses the same one every time he goes to Kinko's? Er... I mean every time "we, the publishers, visit our offsite printing facility."

cheerios are yummy said...

to the person who asked if it's legal to auction your home and not involve a real estate broker, YES. You can do pretty much whatever you want with your own home.

Thanks for the info. I don't see anything really unusual there EXCEPT that Casey said that the Callo home was getting ready to be foreclosed on (or something to that effect) and that ultimately the person who purchased Callo from him traded Burdette, which was also a bear property (ie, purchased for waaaay more than it was worth).

Look at the numbers. The owners had them for a long time (from the looks of those numbers). Why on earth would someone with that much equity allow themselves to be foreclosed on???

Anyhoo, the numbers are intriguing, but I need full access to the register of deeds for the municipalities where Casey purchased those properties. I need to do full property/title searches on everything. Sales data won't be enough (except to note more peculiarities).

Although, with what we do know, and the bizarre sales pricing, there's something plenty interesting going on....

Anonymous said...

Oops anon was pretty harsh on EN. sorry.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

McFly might be busy with a few GoDaddy questions. He might have received an email stating his domain was "confusingly similar" to an existing mark.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Also, it appears McFly is on the receiving end of some Haterz™ Google foo: even after just a couple of days, 3rd and 5th results on a search for "pagedaddy" are Haterz™ sites...

MursesToMurgatroid said...

@10:44 AM, flailing forward

Those numbers don't cry out mortgage fraud ring. Perhaps this is why Casey got a pass from the fuzz. They ran the numbers and nothing looks bad. There's no craigslist database of all past listings is there? The fact that they were looking on CL for a $1 mill place with sweet cashback™ in Utah makes me think its not a very organized ring if it is one at all.

Gosh, the harder we look, the stupider Casey gets. There's just nothing behind numbers to suggest anything other than he's just a dolt who got too much easy credit with no common sense.

This is really disappointing. Is he really just stupid?

flailing forward said...

@ Cheerios
I was just curious as to whether the homes had been bought by NRU and then flipped to Casey, which doesn't appear to be the case. It just looks like Casey was one hell of a sucker. Is there another way that the NRU or other shady connections could have been involved?

CitizenKane said...

haha i hope so.
copywright infringement is serious according to martay.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Wanted: list of sites McFly is associated with (apart from and I have a theory I want to test. Can anyone post a list?

MursesToMurgatroid said...

The fact that there's 5 years between purchases on Calla Way, 4 years on Burdett, 6 years on Muncy -- says no way to a flipper fraud ring. Unless they are some how first passing a 'right' to purchase the house around in circles like some pyramid scheme. But even that is stretching it.

Anonymous said...

The real dolts are the people that loanded money to Casey. :)

MursesToMurgatroid said...


If anyone can give you a list it will be

MursesToMurgatroid said...

This still leaves us with the mystery $5000 our wholesaler didn't get for finding a buyer -- and didn't pursue.

And please, somebody give me the details on the Circus Circus thing. It isn't related to NRU is it?

flailing forward said...

Hmm, I suspect a ring of birddogging mailmen may be behind this. Is there any way to check if these properties were owned by postal workers?

cheerios are yummy said...

I think you guys are kinda missing my point. :) That's why I mentioned that I needed access to the register of deeds. Without access to that information, all I can do is point out irregularities.

That said...

With the Calla and Burdett homes- if those owners bought several years prior to selling to Casey, and for hundreds of thousands less than what Casey purchased them for, why on earth were they so overpaid for.

Maybe b get foreclosed on when it's worth ~$300K?!?!?!

Likewise, Casey says he "traded" (keyword- real estate tax deferred "exchanges" are all the rage with investors) Calla for Burdett, because the Burdett buyer wanted Calla but couldn't get rid of Burdett.

Again, wtf not?!?!?! From the zillow data, before Casey got ahold of them, they epitomized buy low, sell high.

Anyhoo, that's why I need access to the register of deeds for these areas. Were there second mortgages encumbering those homes, and nothing unusual beyond Casey's stupidity?

You aren't likely to find evidence of anything other than "peculiarities" through zillow pricing data. These guys like to deal in "paper." They trade deeds to the homes (so there's no pricing data to enter).

For the purposes of real estate, you have to record the deed to have conclusive rights to ownership (statute of frauds, etc.) to the point that I can give the deed to my house to a dozen people, and the first one to record the deed properly "wins."

Those kinds of shenanigans won't show up on zillow. But they will have recorded the deeds.

NotAnOptimist said...

Casey has a Facebook page. He has 6 friends. And I know nothing more, because I'm not about to try and friend him. Someone else can have that honor.

Tony Soprano said...

I just dropped a note to someone who knows something at Godaddy. If I hear more about it, I'll let you guys know..

MursesToMurgatroid said...

OK cheerios,

If people are trading houses, are there any secret code words they use on craigslist to advertise they are willing to wheel and deal?

cheerios are yummy said...

GOOD GOD I can't type (agh!)

Okay, since that didn't make any sense whatsoever, lemme try again.

The irregularity with the Calla/Burdett homes is precisely that the last purchase transactions were so long ago and for so little compared to what Casey purchased them for.

No one with a couple hundred thousand in equity lets their home get to the point of being foreclosed on (Casey says he saved the Calla owner from foreclosure).

Then Casey says he got Burdett by trading for Calla. He says it's a poor trade, because the burdett owner can't get what he owes on it, so Casey overpays.

Care to speculate on how someone buys a home that has appreciated upwards of $100K can't get what he owes on it?

Anonymous said...

That's easy - HELOC = ATM.

flailing forward said...

@ no debt
Here are a few:

Beyond that, ask Broward at realmeme. There was a page out there where Marty listed about 12-15 sites that he used to funnel traffic to his clients, but it's gone now. (Or at least I can't re-find it.)

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL giggling over:

"It puts the lotion in the murse"

Endgame said...

OK, I just couldn't resist a peek at IAFF after several days.

So, thought I'd share a funny post with ya'll:

41. whiplash
June 14th, 2007 at 6:58 pm
Hey casey, have you noticed that as your life circles down the drain in Australia, it does so in the opposite direction than it did in Sacramento?

That’s the sweet Coriolis effect.

cheerios are yummy said...

Look for keywords like 1031 like kind/tax deferred exchange on cl or the mls. That's a flag that you're dealing with an investor.

You can't do a good investigation of this stuff via zillow. You'd need full access to appraisal software, MLS listings, and the register of deeds.

Generally, these guys will work through their local investment clubs. If I were investigating this, I'd start by pulling the names of everyone in the Sacramento real estate clubs (and especially the people that Casey is known to have done business with).

Then, make a list of everything all of those people own. Then, go back and look at the full chain of titles. Then you can see who is buying from whom, etc.

When is the next haterz cast? Maybe I'll try to call in and explain verbally how this works. That may work better.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

I want to believe Cheerio.

How can you do a 1031 Tax Exchange if you've lied on the mortgage saying you're an owner-occupier.

That might be worth the tuition of NRU right there. Save you a fortune!

Stephanie J. said...

LOL! Whiplash.

lawnmower man said...

If people are trading houses, are there any secret code words they use on craigslist to advertise they are willing to wheel and deal?

"Cash back", according to Nigel's latest post at DHC: he describes Snowflake and Cashflake poring over SLC craigslist postings looking for sweet million-dollar deals.

KC said...

Is there a haterz chat tonite?

Endgame said...

Oh no!

Just realized that I stole copyrighted material from Casey - the Coriolis post at IAFF.

If Marty gets upset, I may have to invoke "the dreaded triple-dog dare" from the movie The Christmas Story. Hey Marty, go stick your tongue on that post!

lawnmower man said...

@cheerios: When is the next haterz cast? Maybe I'll try to call in and explain verbally how this works.

That would be _awesome_.

CHJTS isn't big on schedules; Steph's blog suggests "possibly Sunday", but no doubt it'll be announced here when he decides on a good date and time.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

'cash back' comes at the close, with the lender footing the fraudulent bill. But if your playing the trading game like Casey, there's got to be some other code word for trading properties sans titles. Unless you can just assume that 'cash back' means they'll trade as well.

I still want to know if you can claim a 1031 on your taxes, while telling the bank its your primary residence.

Benoit™ said...

Googling "Marty Stewart" (with quotation marks) has Caseypedia at #4. Without quotes, #7.

This after, what, 3 or 4 days on the site? Sweet deal.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

This is from an NRU CL spam:

...Our program provides properties WITH tenants, 1031 exchange options, and other exciting features that virtually eliminate risk! It is a new investor’s dream, come true!

So Cheerios is on to something. said...

It is highly unlikely that Casey can jump into the OZ property market. If he's absolutely retarded, it is possible someone could con him but Casey would be the one prosecuted for skirting the draconian Aussie laws on foreign investment in property. And the Aussies love to enforce these particular laws.

I am still looking at Casey jumping somewhere else.

The Dude said...

Breaking news, so good, we report BEFORE it happenz:
Book Graphics Update

MursesToMurgatroid said...

And then this from a website...

Glenn Snow from NRU gave an hour and a half presentation on a very interesting real estate investment strategy...

...They have a Concierge program that identifies and prepares investment opportunities for the NRU community that is very unique.

Anonymous said...

Casey just pulled all the comments from his last post.

flailing forward said...

@ cheerios
I see your point, but if it's going to take someone going to the Sacramento courthouse and digging through a ton of files, nobody is going to do it. All of the Haterz Inveztigation Servicez so far have used public databases only. Nobody has pulled paper on anything to my knowledge.

lurker said...

From the Walmart theft article

Flickinger and other analysts say the increase in theft may be tied to Wal-Mart's highly publicized decision last year to no longer prosecute minor cases of shoplifting in order to focus on organized shoplifting rings

Everywhere I turn I am reminded of Casey

MursesToMurgatroid said...

Is our poor Casey the ass-end of the NRU pyramid? I may have to become a supporterz™ if he wants to turn states evidence. Maybe Galinevere will turn.

flailing forward said...

If he's absolutely retarded


mike said...

@11:40 Endgame:

You forgot the triple dare! We will not overlook this breech of protocol.

lurker said...

I would be willing to stop at the Sacto County recorders office and lookup info. You need to assume I am your basic idiot when you give instructions on what I should look up

NotAnOptimist said...

AFAIK, you can invoke a 1031 exchange to trade one investment property for another investment property (that you will actually reside in) so long as you do NOT reside in the latter property during the first year.

Doing the reverse, however, would look... fishy... during an audit. However, I am unclear as to how immediately obvious it would be that loans intended for an owner-occupied residence were actually put toward a property that was later traded for another property using 1031 exchange.

Hm, given the time lapse, it would probably work...

cheerios are yummy said...

The easy answer to your question, re: owner-occupied according to the bank whilst claiming something as a 1031 is simple (and fits right in with Snowflake's mantra): you can do anything you want until you get caught. :)

The ever-so-slightly longer answer is that there is a loophole in the tax code that allows you to convert a 1031 investment property into a primary/owner occupied residence.

I'll plan to come on the next haterz-cast and explain this more thoroughly. I think verbal and in real time (like, while I'm not chasing around my two toddlers) would be helpful. :)

I'll explain how zillow, et al get their data (and why lots of stuff won't show up), and how the hardcore investors do their sweet deals. I'll also try to explain some of the more "exotic" mortgage fraud schemes (that aren't limited to just lying about income and owner occupancy).

I think once I can explain it real time, and reference some things that Casey has said that send up red flags indicating he might (heavy emphasis on the might) have been involved in these sorts of things will help everybody understand a little bit better.

Anonymous said...

I think the tapes are showing Casey was looking at cash back as his "income", that's a given. He stated on IAFF he "can't resist" 100% financing, and he had no clear plan of how to handle his "business" other than buy house, extract cash back, sell for profit or same (break even).

Obviously from what Nigel is saying, Casey and G Money Man were looking to continue this in Utah. Question is...did some deals go down? Did they buy anything? Might be interesting to see if Glenn bought any property during that time frame.

Casey made mention of working for some company doing international dealz. Glenn's company? Anyone check to see what corps Glenn may own?

I'm tending towards the Australia trip being similar to the Utah trip, Casey is "bird dogging" cashback deals for someone.

Casey needs a "win" to "end" the books. So you know he's trying everything he can think of to create one.

The only part that doesnt add up, is the houses going to foreclosure. One would think that if it was intentional, Casey would be covered somehow. Even as a fall guy, he's fucked.

Perhaps he was in a cashback ring, and got shut out because of the attention he was getting online - he's too toxic to those guys now. God knows there's plenty of fraud going on, especially in Sacramento, with equity strippers and such, a poster named Paladin on Ben Jone's Bubble blog was documenting them.

One would think casey would have "sold" the houses in a scam, rather than let them go to foreclosure.

Plus, if he were still operating with a ring of thieves and scammers, this book deal would hae scared them off. The key to pulling off the kind of organized crime like that is to NOT draw attention to yourself and blog about it.

It's an interesting idea, and worth investigating. Maybe he was trying to set up a ring. I think Glenn's association with NR is enough to make him suspect, and that Casey was trying something with him also suspect - I get the feeling after reading Nigel's comment, it's like two thieves were casing houses to break in.

Benoit™ said...

Here's Erin Morgan (PrLinkBiz) and Kim Kiyosnarky at Trump Towers in a YouTube video.

Erin sounds somewhat like a Valley Girl...

flailing forward said...

@ The Dude
Is there any way you can photoshop the bags under his eyes back in?

NotAnOptimist said...


I'm aware of the loophole that allows an investment property to become a primary residence, but how is this applicable to our (h/z)ero?

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...


Googling "Marty Stewart" (with quotation marks) has Caseypedia at #4. Without quotes, #7.

Surely you mean

Googling "Marty Stewart" (with quotation marks) has Caseypedia at #4. Without quotes, #7.


Benoit™ said...

Yes, NoDebt, I forgot to link whore ;-)

T said...

The Dude said...
Breaking news, so good, we report BEFORE it happenz:
Book Graphics Update


The Original Kevin™ said...

Benoit™ you scare me sometimes.

Benoit™ said...

Even better, just updated the CaseyPedia Kiyosnarky article with a new picture of "genius" Kiyosaki misspelling the most important word in his business plan...

Why anyone buys into this guy's hype is beyond me.

flailing forward said...

I'm not completely following what you guys are talking about, but anyway Cheerios' point applies to Muncy as well. That was bought in 2000 for $113k and according to Casey the guy was facing foreclosure when Casey bought it for $323k in 2006, which doesn't make any sense. I always just assumed Zillow's records sucked.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

McFly is old newz™ now. We short-attention-span haterz should move onto NRU and the possible fraud ring/ponzi scheme involving Casey as the ass-end. Let's get some documents pulled at the courthouses for Cheerios.

Casey is broke, but I bet those NRU pharaohs at the top of the pyramid are laughing at all this.

Repitition Reptile said...

Erin sounds somewhat like a Valley Girl...

She writes contracts like one, too!

This paper is, like, an agreement between, like, Casey and me where, you know, I get to totally control anything he does in exchange for a hamburger. This is really bitchin'!

Sprezzatura said...

It just looks like Casey was one hell of a sucker.

This has been my thought all along. He may have the raw intelligence to pull off something more complicated, but his absolute lack of any ability to plan or delay gratification gets in the way.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Casey is broke, but I bet those NRU pharaohs at the top of the pyramid are laughing at all this.

Not only is he the greatest fool in the house flipping game, but he's at the very bottom level in the NRU pyramid scheme. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Did Erin do Casey?

Erin looks big and the type who could take Casey down in 5 seconds.

Frankly, she scares me and she has no hips (kind of tubular).

Endgame said...

Not that I'd ever do this ...

If I ever wanted to download the Casey and Marty Hidden Clubhouse tracks from Mark's site

Not that I'd ever do this ...

I'd want to put them on my iPod for listening on the airplane

Not that I'd ever do this ...

But they'd need to have MP3 tags added so they'd play properly. I'd have to add Artist, Album, Track Name and Number.

I wouldn't have to add fields like Genre. Genre is usually something like Pop, or Rock, or Jazz. But for Artist = Casey Serin, and Album = Foreclosure Code, I think ...

Not that I'd ever do this ...

... Genre would = "Real Estate Fraud".

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>Did Erin do Casey?<<

Nah. That would end up like when Mr. Slave "did" Paris Hilton on SOUTH PARK. Casey would still be up in there. See also: Li'l Dick Cheney's adventure with Barbara Bush in LI'L BUSH episode #1.

kndmanz said...

Oooh, cheerios are yummy, take lurker up on his offer! Let's see what kind of dirt he can dig up.

The Dude said...

More Breaking News from the Koi, that's a kind of fish, News Network.

Casey in Korea

The Dear Leader is quoted as saying "Comrade Casey has merged our Juche Idea with Jamba Juice and is a strong advocate of Kimilsungism". Casey commented he would support anything if it meant sweet dealz.

cheerios are yummy said...

Why would Casey allow homes to be foreclosed? The easiest answer I can come up with: those homes weren't the only ones those loans covered.

A very common kind of mortgage fraud involves purchasing 2 properties (property a, and property b). Buyer and seller agree on purchase price for the two properties. Buyer applies for loan for property a, in the amount of the purchase price for both properties.

Through appraisal fraud, etc. loan is approved. Lender thinks they're only making a loan on property a, when buyer is actually purchasing both a and b. Ergo, when lender forecloses, only property a is lost. The sleazy buyer makes off with property b without ever having lost a dime.

I'm not saying that's what Casey did. But it does happen quite a bit in real estate investor circles.

Anyhoo, since Casey wholesaled that property in Durham, and I just happen to live here, I can go vet the scoop on that property. Since a ring of slum lords around here just got busted for that kind of crap, it will be interesting to see who Casey was involved with.

king friday the 13th said...

why do I have the feeling that the words "RICO", "NRU", "indictment", and "Glenn Snow", will be appearing in the same sentence (no particular order) before this is all over?

oh, and where is "Savvy" Chris Record these days?

flailing forward said...

@ Benoit
That video was also featured at Rich Dad Underground (feel free to comment). You can also leave your book ideas for Robert Kiyosaki himself.

Dolph said...

C'mon everybody! All Casey wants to do is keep himself afloat and feed his family!


Now that I am done being sarcastic, wtf is that all about? Feed WHAT family? He's LYING to his advertisers again! HE LEFT HIS WIFE HOLDING THE FINANCIAL BAG FOR A FUN TIME IN AUSTRALIA!

Benoit™ said...

@ The Dude ... heh -- for your next act, slap on a small mustache and the appropriate hairdo, and have Casey giving the "Mein Kampf" speech in an effort to rally Nazi Germany ;-)

May as well take this to its logical end... hehe

Repitition Reptile said...

You bet, Sprezzy.

He's not dumb AND he has convinced that he is smarter and more driven than the rest.

But issues of focus and planning doom him before he starts. That's why he can't keep a full time job. That's why he can't create and carry out a plan. If he can't get it done in a few hours, he can not do it.

Casey is the epitome of the saying 'Enough knowledge to be dangerous'

cheerios are yummy said...

Why don't I work on a list over the weekend and get it to you the first of next week? Then you can just swing by whenever it's convenient for you. Likewise, I'll hunt online to see if they have all of their real estate records online already (that makes this a bit easier- I can just do things from here).

Also, I'd just like to say again that I don't have any proof that Casey did anything beyond what he's already admitted to. But like I said, reading what he's said, looking at the property data we do have, and listening to those tapes, there are plenty of red flags that there's a great deal more to this than he's letting on.

lurker said...

Sounds Good

is not working right now, but I have it bookmarked as a place to lookup property

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

C'mon everybody! All Casey wants to do is keep himself afloat and feed his family!

That's why he's in Australia picking up some sweet meals and other recipies for success.

The Dude said...

Let's not forget what Kawasaki said about Haterz. Full video on youtube

1 finger salute

kndmanz said...

cheerios; here is a link to the Sac county recorder:

County Recorder

I don't know if it'll help or not.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

A forum post about NRU / MLM

Anonymous said...

Interesting find for a Glenn Snow in the 916 area code...

Look under clubs and the Donner Trail Kennel Club. You won't see Glenn Snow but somebody with the same last name. The part that is interesting, look at the email.

If you leave info in public, don't be surprised if people find it.

Casey Enablers said...

On that 1 finger salute.

That is one classic picture! Notice Casey's face - as if God was speaking and defending Casey.


Anonymous said...

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous said...
Interesting find for a Glenn Snow in the 916 area code...

Look under clubs and the Donner Trail Kennel Club. You won't see Glenn Snow but somebody with the same last name. The part that is interesting, look at the email.

If you leave info in public, don't be surprised if people find it.

Also interesting when you google the phone number associated with that listing.

Tavington said...

Don't forget -- the Casey Supporterz FIGHT BACK! Talkcast begins in 1 hour!!!

Click here to find out how to join the talkcast

MursesToMurgatroid said...

Donner Trail is right. Nothing like eating your won.

Benoit™ said...

Interesting find for a Glenn Snow in the 916 area code...

Glenn Snow's wife's name is "Chelly". I don't know who Toni Snow is; it may very well be a different Glenn Snow...

Sprezzatura said...

@tavington -- nice timing, scheduling a talkcast when all of us with, you know, actual WORK to do can't participate.

Since your target audience is unemployed scammers, though, it makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

***Glenn Snow update***

Is Glenn allowed to give advice if he doesn't have a mortgage broker's license? I didn't know loan officers can give any advice outside of the loan process.

Doesn't a loan officer have to obtain a license in California much like an agent must? If so, why is Glenn not found on the California DRE web site?

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the 'Darwin' tagline on the 'new book' :)
He totally deserves to be nominated!

Anonymous said...


Could it not be Glenn's mom or sister or something? 916 is Roseville right?

Weird coincidence if you ask me.

Akubi said...

I simply couldn't finis watching video. For some reason, PrLinkBiz really freaks me out.

Akubi said...

She must have freaked me out since I seemed to lose the abilitiy to type.

Tavington said...

Sprezzatura: I get off at work early in the afternoon.

If any of you guys want to leave a voice mail to be played on the show, you can call 206-666-4511

MursesToMurgatroid said...

@The Dude

I thought Darwin Awards were only given posthumously.

Murses said...

Tavington...are you in Washington state?

Benoit™ said...

It's almost assuredly a different Glenn Snow. There are no less than 20 people with that name in California.

A google search of the phone number really only turns up Dog Breeding stuff, nothing real estate related. The real Snow's own domain name is registered under a different e-mail address, ZIP code, and phone number.

It's not important either way, I already snagged his birthday from his Myspace page (check Caseypedia). :-)

michael said...

it would take a true hater to get casey to do the following.

1. trick him to fly to the other side of world on a one way ticket.

2. trick him to abandon the only good thing in his life: Galina.

3. trick him to stay in a tiny room while he is there.

4. trick him to eat things like spaghetti on toast.

5. trick him to document it for all the haterz to see.

that my friends would be a true hater.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Mr. Soprano (if you're still alive that is):

Please make sure to advise us as to the status of your GoDaddy inquiries.

I have made similar ones, and have also brought the matter to the attention of Random House.

C&Ds are not fun to receive.


BelowTheCrowd said...

Incidentally Tony, have you noticed that martyboi was dumb enough to register his domain name through GoDaddy?

They don't even need to send a certified letter to shut him down. Just walk the request down the hall and... poof!

(Yeah, he could sue them. Right.)


NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

"Salt Lake Timeline Part 3" is up at DHC

Sharky said...


haven' read through the whole thread yet, but wanted to get this down while it was fresh:

"The irregularity with the Calla/Burdett homes is precisely that the last purchase transactions were so long ago and for so little compared to what Casey purchased them for."

Look who surrounds the Hobbit like cads around a floozie...
"Foreclosure Help" sleazoids, right?

So let's run this through the bullshit-meter:

Joe Blow falls behind on his mortgage, or his property tax bill appreciates out of his means and he gets in trouble.

"Foreclosure Help-I Buy Houses!" Dude gets a call, consults with Mister Blow, collects a fee, and lo and behold, here's some schmuck who buys' Casa Blow.

Mr, Blow breathes a sigh of relief and rides away to look at double-wides,(look at what kind of houses Serin favored).

At closing, Mr. Schmuck,(that's our Snowflake), gets a sweet cash back check, and when he cashes it, gives a cut to Mr. "I Buy Houses" dude.

As far as Fliptard is concerned, itsallgood because real estate, no matter how shitty a crapshack he buys, or what he pays for it, is ALWAYS gonna appreciate, right?

I'd cast the "Eye of Sauron" around the Sacro area "Foreclosure Help" scum bucket...see what stirs.

'Cu the Hobbit started locally...

DUane LeGate said...

Dear EN gang,

I hope that none of you are seriously considering gicing Tavington the time of day. Who in their right mind would support multiple counts of fraud, continuous lying, baiting, flipping their internet finger at you, all the while abusing their wife...

You guys surely arent gonna dignify Tavington and therefore Casey whit a phone call.

And if some of you do.. I hope the extent of it is F*U* and hang up.

Lets get this Tavington troll outta here...

lurker said...

I doubt many of are going to listen in during W2 hours, but hopefully someone will so we can make fun of him at 5 pst

KC said...

I'll listen in just for the entertainment. Casey is allegedly going to call in.

The Dude said...


...Casey falls under the category of the living dead. Looked at his eyes lately? :o)

mike said...

From DHC's latest post:

They finished up early that day and if I remember correctly sussed out a million dollar house with a cash back option that afternoon.

So, if I get this right, somehow, wonderboy managed to get in on a fraudulent loan, and DIDN'T get stuck holding the bag? Surely, if there were a million dollar deal that went sour with wonderboy involved, we would know about it.

This is shocking to me. Casey seems to be the archetypal bottom-of-the-pyramid-dwelling greater fool. That he could be involved, without culpability, in such a deal is amazing.

Sharky said...


Okay, read up now.

I'd sniff very closely at Money Man "G".

Especially after Swby's description of how lunch was paid for.
And how upset Snowfake was that Swaby outed his "Daddy".

Think about that for a minute...Snowfake's wife is turning to Haterz for help, and we,(well I certainly, along with a few others),are gleefully pointing out that THIS is Galina's "Let's Make a Deal" time with the Fuzz...and what pisses Casey off?

That Swaby outed Glenn Snow.

And I'll bet ya something else, you'll be hard pressed to find anything on paper between Snow and Shitflake.

If Snow really WAS his Daddy, that 'splains why Fliptard was stiffing people with the means and motive to help him do it right.

Glennster wasn't ready to pimp out his prie stooge to another "playa" unless he got paid a nice fat cut of the action.

Miguel said...

I hope that none of you are seriously considering gicing Tavington the time of day. Who in their right mind would support multiple counts of fraud, continuous lying, baiting, flipping their internet finger at you, all the while abusing their wife...

Nope, not me. I called Tavington out at least three times on the subject of Casey's treatment of Galina, and he finally said that Casey was entitled to a holiday.

He had plenty of time to think of an answer, so I think we can safely assume that wasn't a slip of the tongue.

But it's fitting that Casey's current cheerleaders are either demented (Mocha) or amoral (Tavington). With friends like these, who needs Haterz™?

Sharky said...

And where and when would Money Man have rented out casey's stink-hole?

Who got the commission when KangaTard enrolled and paid for NRU?


Sharky said...


Who dat "Canadian"?

cheerios are yummy said...


Well get this...

I cruised on by the Sacramento property records website. Literally EVERYTHING I need to see is confidential under the law, and is only available to law enforcement, etc.

Things like change of property ownership, etc....EXACTLY what I need to get my hands on....none of it is open to public inspection.

That pisses me off. (giggle)

Yes, the kind of convoluted transaction you outlined is a good example of the kind of shenanigans I'm talking about.

Benoit™ said...

Tavington -- it's pronounced "DEH-klun", not "DEEE-klan". :-p

Endgame said...

Tavington sounds like a REAL pretentious stuffed-shirt.

I think he's reading a prepared script.


"Mr. Serin"

9 logged in (includes ony 2 callers; Mocha of course is one).

"Title of Mr Serin's book announced EXCLUSIVELY on the internet"

This guy is such a tool!

Sharky said...


"Yes, the kind of convoluted transaction you outlined is a good example of the kind of shenanigans I'm talking about."

The thing is, it ain't all THAT convoluted, is it?

All that's needed is a ready supply of folks in housing trouble, easy money, and the essential component...a chump who will sign his name to anything for spare change.

Where can you find such goobers?

The ones with glazed eyes at real estate GRQ scaminars.

"Heeeeeere's DADDY!"

"We don't need anything in writing, I just want a skim from your cash-back, kid...because I'm your mentor."

Confidential records, huh?

Sounds like they knew their county.

Anonymous said...

The talkcast is soooo pathetic :-)

Nobody really there but Mocha and Travass.

Let make sure to download the mp3 later and post it somewhere else ! I'm getting off......


That Tavington is a pure Troll.
Amusing in a juvenile sort of way.

Benoit™ said...

Tavington also does not sound 41 years old, as he claims on the Talkshoe info-box.

Also, for a supporter show, he's using a lot of material dug up by the Haterz. And with that, I'm closing the show @ 5:15 PM. :-p

Jade said...

Can someone please backbrief me on the whole casino thing? I don't remember ever seeing that on IAFF or here, but I can't always read 300+ postings.


Endgame said...

I CANNOT stand to listen to this idiot!

"Casey is on vacation"

He pauses between words, between syllables - very wierd cadence.

lurker said...

The records are available at the County Recorder Office (I believe). It just requires a physical body to walk in to get them. I know the people who buy at the courthouse steps stop at the records office before making bids

Sweet Cashback said...'s really bad !

Anonymous said...

Tavington is an unemployed college student that has been pulling our legs.

Endgame said...

Playing a lot of strange music and audio clips. Hard to hear.

Endgame said...

I'm logged in as stefanp there, BTW.

Endgame said...

He thinks everyone who is logged in is a caller.

lurker said...

So just to be clear:

We have 7 spies listening to Tav and Mocha?

Anonymous said...

Tavington is a wannabe basking in the sweet glow of Casey's Sweet Success.
(and he's trolling HEAVY)

Endgame said...

Supporter says Duane says G outed the MP3's. Idiot.

"Casey has too much energy and charisma going"

Anonymous said...

some d00d is complaing that they Duane was supposed to be helping Casey but screwed him over and they are the reason Casey fails

Anonymous said...

Tavington is short on content for his talkcast troll.He will soon give himself away when he forgets that he isn't just talking to one person.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I thought at first it had to be a spoof by haterz on how kooky supporters would sound. Oh good lord, how lame!

Galina'sHymen said...

"Casey is an inspiration man, he's an immigrant who is a self-made man"

Other people who are inspirational, Jim Baker, Tammy Baker, Kenneth Lay, Richard Scrushi, Richard Nixon, others?

MursesToMurgatroid said...

Is Glenn Snow the official daddy of KC in the NRU MLM/pyramid/ponzi ring? Is he is downstream income for Glenn? Did he owe Glenn money from any of his own cashbacks (referrals, wholesale fees, etc).

Did the pyramid run out schmucks and he never got his $5000 because the pyramid died after he played his part?

Did they size Swabby up and find him not pyramid-worthy?

You know these chumps who prey on kids like Casey keep them from calling the police after they lose because Casey'd be implicated in the deals as well.

All of this is conjecture.

Nigel said...

It's pronounced

Endgame said...

"numb1casey" is done talking.

switching to Mocha. It's her - ugh!

I think she's a bit upset at KC re G, but can't quite say it.

kndmanz said...

LOL Mocha's on!

Stephanie J. said...

I'm glad I'm not listening. It sounds tedious.

I wonder how long it will take for Mocha to start talking shit about we haterz (especially two female ones whom will remain unnamed).

Anonymous said...

Mocha doesn't realize that Tavington is a Troll.

Endgame said...

"Duane weasled his way into KC's life"

Sweet Cashback said...

Oh she is bad.....even Travass is bored !

Endgame said...

@Steph J

She hasn't mentioned you 2 yet.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

@jade: the casino was mentioned in the first (?) cnet article. As always CaseyPedia will help you further, e.g. here ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tavington = unemployed college student trolling EN

Endgame said...


He needs to work on impulsiveness

he needs to remember wedding vows.

Mocha is already done!

Tav is emulating W2K on Linux, so having some issues.

More music - again, weird clips.

Dead air....

Sharky said...


"I wonder how long it will take for Mocha to start talking shit about we haterz (especially two female ones whom will remain unnamed). "

I'd say about another half-hour.

That'll be quittin' time/ shift change in Detroit, and MOCHA doesn't want some other shemale cock-sucker to steal her "Ghetto Fabulous" street corner.

Discreetly placed dumpsters behind which you can conduct yer "business" are hard to come by...

Anonymous said...

Tavington = high school student?

Stephanie J. said...

LOL - 8:00 on the streets fo Detroit.. be there. LOL

Sweet Cashback said...

OMG HEJUST GAVE IT AWAY....he is trolling openly !

Anonymous said...

"Casey is age and wise"

Lame troll......

Endgame said...

Gazanga on the line. He's on the fence - too much info, can't judge.

"He's very submissive when taking criticism, backs down..."

Tav - "Oh no, he's very sage". "Mocha sounds a bit like a hater"


lurker said...

I think the issues are no one else wanted to talk. However Casey had 3 supporters. That is 50% more than we expected.

Is he gaining in popularity?

Stephanie J. said...

Okay now *that* sounds funny.

Benoit™ said...

You know, for a "third-year medical student", Mocha has a helluva lot of time calling in to talkcasts and posting to Casey blogs on a regular basis.

As for Tavington, he's clearly a troll. "Casey can do no wrong." Yeah. OK.

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