Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pride In Their Work

ON OCTOBER 6, 1884, SECRETARY OF THE NAVY William E. Chandler signed General Order 325, which began by simply stating: “A college is hereby established for an advanced course of professional study for naval officers, to be known as the Naval War College.” The Naval War College in Newport, RI is gorgeous and enjoys a reputation for excellence. Were that other arms of our Federal government could command our respect for their doing so much as the minimum to protect us from internal threats.


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Rob Dawg said...

With a newly renovated Officer's Club with "Newport Storm," Sam Adams and Bass on tap the reception was a blast. The guests were asked to provide a book of Haiku for the couple. EN is not a good influence even for the dawg. Then again my family upbringing is part of the problem. For instance my end of our table, cousin and husband; lawyer and clamdigger, sister and husband; Occupational Therapist and Child Psychatrist (Col in AF). I was concerned my 16yo would be scarred for life but her Haikus were just as snarky and cleverer.

TK said...

First, Murst, VegeMurst. BWAH!

TK said...

Nice to see another posrt Dawg.

OK - from reading Casey's latest post, I am absolutely convinced he is super close to a meltdown and ready to run back home. Sounds like he's wrapping things up - knowing that he has no book, and somebody coming after him for his site. Maybe in a down cycle too.. Refers to his FREE room as a prison cell, from his photo set has apparently never left the house, is being fed breakfasts that would make a normal person throw up let alone the picky-dainty little Casey. Frankly I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Now all he needs to do is find money to get home. Chances are Casey burns this bridge and the couple in question dig into the "wedding fund" to send the little asshole packing. Hilarious.

TK said...

Oh, and ah, one more thing. Snowflake is "considering calling their (the people threatening a lawsuit) bluff."

For one, I hope the people involved made the threat with the intent to carry it out since they should know Casey better than to think he'd be scared away by something like that. Secondly, I hope Casey does call their bluff. Cannon fodder for ENers.

LossMitPro said...

@ TK:
Just a quick FYI, Casey won’t call my bluff (he knows better, that I’m serious). Marty on the other hand may be THAT stupid, so can’t speak to that factor.

Anyway, thinking how Rob’s Haiku may have read (the man is a master at suggestive comments). ;)


TK said...


What is the flipside to NOT calling your bluff?

segfault said...


Just think--your 16 y.o. (and maybe the younger ones as well) will definitely remember your trip to the Harvard area when it's time to apply to college.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Pride in Their Work, too.

From the NY Times.

Web Help for Getting a Mortgage the Criminal Way

Published: June 16, 2007

Want to buy a home, but hampered by bad credit, an empty bank account or no job? No problem!

That may sound like an exaggeration of a late-night infomercial. But it is, in effect, the pitch that a number of Web sites are making to consumers, saying insolvent home shoppers can be made to look more attractive to lenders.

The sites, for example, offer better credit scores by hitching customers to a stranger’s credit card, or providing them pay stubs from a bogus company. One has even offered a well-stocked bank account to rent for a month or two.

Industry experts say these sites, which are relatively new, played a role in fueling the rampant mortgage fraud that has caused a huge spike in loan defaults in recent months because people bought homes they could not afford.

“There is a whole underground world — an online cottage industry — that has grown up that allows anyone to commit mortgage fraud,” said Constance Wilson, executive vice president at the financial fraud detection firm Interthinx.

Regulators and the mortgage industry are now vowing to crack down on aggressive lending practices that have led to a rising number of foreclosures. But that greater scrutiny, including lenders requiring more documentation than they have in the past, may actually increase demand for some of the services that these Web sites offer.

“We think these types of Web sites are increasing,” said Frank McKenna, chief fraud strategist at BasePoint Analytics, which helps banks and mortgage lenders identify fraudulent transactions.

Policing them is difficult, partly because it is unclear which laws, if any, the Web sites might be breaking (for their customers, though, the laws are clear — anybody who uses fake paycheck stubs or other false documents to misrepresent financial status to a bank or mortgage lender is committing fraud).

The people who operate these sites can also be hard to track down. At the first whiff of trouble, they can easily shut down and then quickly start a new Web site with a different name.

No statistics exist on the number of these Web sites and how many people use them, or whether any of the operators of such sites have been prosecuted.

An examination of loans made last year, including prime and subprime, in which some sort of fraud occurred, showed that incidents of false tax or financial statements had risen to 27 percent from 17 percent in 2002; fraudulent verifications of deposit had climbed to 22 percent from 15 percent four years ago; and false credit reports rose to 9 percent from 5 percent in 2002, according to a report issued this spring by the Mortgage Asset Research Institute based in Virginia.

If any documents were required, it was unclear whether the bogus documents were created by do-it-yourselfers or whether they turned to the products and services sold over the Internet.

Still, Joan E. Ferenczy, director of institutional investigations at Freddie Mac, said there had been a growing discussion in recent months among industry investigators about Web sites offering false identifications and income statements.

“Either it has been underground all along, or there has been a spike of activity there,” she said.

One service that appears to have grown exponentially in recent months, investigators say, are sites that offer to improve an individual’s credit score by adding them onto the credit cards of individuals with good credit scores and histories.

The practice, known as piggybacking, started innocently enough with individuals adding their spouses or children to their credit card accounts as authorized users.

One site, RaiseCreditScoreNow .com, offers to add a person to four separate $20,000 credit lines with 10 years of “perfect payments” for $4,000 (although they do not have access to the actual credit line). Doing so could increase an individual’s credit score by as much as 200 points in 90 days, the site says, and make the difference between qualifying for a home loan or not.

People with strong credit scores and a reliable payment history of at least 24 months on various credit accounts can be paid up to $1,000 for each person they add to the account as an authorized user, the site offers.

Go TO Page 2

Jake said...
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StephanieS said...


You have said that you know other details that you won't revel about Casey. Have any of the speculations hit close to home

The Murse said...

Casey is too lazy and too broke to sue anyone. Marty may, but the fact that he has let his "valuable" intellectual property sit out there on a public website without for days without taking action probably best speaks to his intentions.

TK said...


Which revelations are you referring to? (I can't read 1,000 posts)

TK said...


With Casey out of the country, his book basically ruined, and his other business and good name publicly lambasted, I have a feeling that Marty is going to be just another "Burnt Wreck in the Serin Trail of Destruction".

So are Casey's new roommates. Oh and Galina too.

StephanieS said...

No revelations, more speculation

Galina's pregnancy (was there one)

What do his parents do?

Why did he buy the stock?

What other sources of cash does he have coming in (ie NM builder's incentive)

Law enforcement: Have they been in contact

Glenn Snow's involvment

Taxes...Has Casey paid any?

Things like that

flailing forward said...

Casey doesn't do the confrontation thing very well. To illustrate, insert Casey and LMP into the scene in Zoolander with Stiller and Duchovny in the graveyard -

LMP: Fliptards don't think for themselves.
Casey Zoolander: That's not true!
LMP: Yes it is, Casey.
Casey Zoolander: [meekly] Okay.

He will always be a mark because not only is he lazy and greedy, he's easily pushed around. Besides, writing DMCA complaints and having to look up websites and hosts and contact info and email addresses, good lord, the thought of all that work must be enough to make Casey break out in nap-withdrawal hives. So no, our favorite narcoleptic entrepreneur will never call LMP out.

Marty "Blinktard" Stewart doesn't appear to be any better prepared for a confrontation. From the looks of things, Pagedaddy consists of Marty, an IM-using "um, webmaster", a couple of servers, and umpteen jillion spam webpages stuffed with Adsense ads. It doesn't even look like he has a registered business entity. Now he's got a month to get Volume I of the Casey saga extracted from the Caseygate drivel files. From what I've heard of the tapes, they could be licensed as a cure for insomnia or as a psychological torture device. (Think how fast the Waco siege would have been over if the ATF had those babies.) Anyway, Marty doesn't have time to sic the "um, legal department" on the DMCA violators because they/he are going to be busy at Kinko's for the next several weeks trying turn 18 hours of verbal diarrhea into something readable. They/he have 60 million books in 44 languages to sell after all.

StephanieS said...

@failing forward

I'm curious who they think is going to buy this book. Why buy the book when I can read the website and also anyone who would be interested is already at the website.

Mocha excluded of course

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

and access to caseypedia.

Rob Dawg said...

I am absolutely convinced he is super close to a meltdown and ready to run back home.

As you surmise depending on the cycle of his illness a meltdown is possible. Being in AUS doesn't matter. He's effectively internalized all his attentions. That's because he's burned all his external contact with the real world.

I had also predicted 2 weeks max when I first learned of Pooh's Big Adventure. He can't focus any longer than that. I doubt he ever could.

flailing forward said...

@ Steph S
They could sell a few copies to supporterz, and some of the haterz would buy a copy to see if they're in it. No way in hell they're going to turn it into a set of "info products". If there's one thing Casey isn't good at, it's info. And if Marty has any brains whatsoever, he will cut his losses now.

On a side note, it's hilarious that Casey said Nigel doesn't bring much to the table. Casey is the king of bringing absolutely nothing except baggage to the table. To Casey, bringing something to the table just means promising him a big payoff for nothing. What a looooooooser.

Lou Minatti said...

KC's song:

I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
I'm going back to Cali.. hmm, I don't think so
I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
I'm going back to Cali.. I don't think so

flailing forward said...

for their customers, though, the laws are clear — anybody who uses fake paycheck stubs or other false documents to misrepresent financial status to a bank or mortgage lender is committing fraud

From the Casey Serin story, though, the reality is clear - anybody can game the mortgage industry using any means they choose, as long as their fraud total is low enough to be uninteresting to federal prosecutors and spread out enough to be uninteresting to local prosecutors.

StephanieS said...

It's these dumb ideas and business plans that make me scream everytime someone tells us that Casey could really make it. He can't a spot a bad deal/idea/business plan even if it hit him in the head

Lou Minatti said...

"OK - from reading Casey's latest post, I am absolutely convinced he is super close to a meltdown and ready to run back home."

KC flew back home on Wednesday. I challenged him days ago to ask his pals to take a photo of him holding the Friday edition of the SMH or some other local newspaper. Instead he posted some pictures of spaghetti on toast and cuckabarrows taken the first 2 days he was there.

TK said...

Do you suspect that this is because he lasted there all of four days? "It's different here but basically the same."

Right Casey. In other words you can't focus your efforts ANYWHERE in the world. Go to the freaking Sahara Desert and it's "Different but essentially the same." Idiot. You're still trapped inside that sick head.

BTW anyone else notice GSPG is primed for another pump 'n dump? Up 27% going into the weekend with only 1.4 million shares traded? That can only mean one thing...Casey is averaging down.

Rob Dawg said...

it's hilarious that Casey said Nigel doesn't bring much to the table.

The whole seamy drama has this same sureal quality. Everyone who involves themselves either sees the reality in short order or spins even deeper into the fantasy of their own importance.

It's probably only 6-8 weeks left at most before there ceases to be a story of interest. There will still be lots of housing bubble related stories. Indeed my news bots are really starting to ramp up on hits to the myth of the exurbs taking a disproportionate hit. The MSM is also trying to pick up the story and put a happy face on it. That is interesting as it represents the new world where information is no longer there's to introduce. They actually have to do some work to come up with something that hasn't been blogged. The LATimes blog picked up the Casey story and it won't be long before they actual spend ink on it. The thing is their primary source is going to be the internet stories at first.

Casey Fannnnn said...

Just checking in, I find the Casey train has jumped the rails and I got to the station late. Maybe I'll catch up eventually. How much can happen on one blog in a day? Cheezus.

An important question is, why do so few posters use these commonly available symbols of expression?:
There are more, but these are essential.


It makes me ☺ when Casey suffers at his own hand.

Casey should be ♠.

Is Casey a ♀ or a ♂?

I saw Casey's wife cleaning a ☻'s house for two dollars.

Casey bought ten million shares of stock in a ♦ mine for .0000001 each.

If Casey was my ☼ I would retroactively abort him with a ♣.

Casey is a waste of a™osphere.

Casey's spider-¢ is tingling.

Casey's "cure" would include a good £-ing.

Casey Җ his momma in a basket.

Anonymous said...

Pls someone superimpose Casey's face on one of these (but leave the hair).

The Dude said...

Massive brain dump moment.....

Back in my dayz with McD's we faced any number of PR challenges. At the top of the list, by those who handle PR campaigns for a living, was retain control of the story.

Loose it and you loose.....

Unless Crazy Casey (CC) and Massive Marty (MM) can regain control of the "story", the whole project goes up in smoke. I would imagine MM is doing a massive meeting of the minds (that's a MMM) to develop a take back strategy (TBS).

Based on CC's track record, it's always somebody else's fault (SEF).
Look at his comments and descriptors for clues.....being stalked, persecuted, hounded, stealing copyright info, etc.

For me, I'm looking into those Jamba Juche franchise opportunities in North Korea.....SWEET!

The Real Wagga™ said...

kc delusional?

Blast_Off_Buckie said...

'...exurbs taking a disproportionate hit....'

To the extent that real estate is local, this means a national discussion isn't possible. And of course, condos are a subject best left for themselves - seeing how 'minimal' mortgage fraud (lots of 'investors' lied just a little bit, saying they planned to live in their own bubble) is likely to create more damage than a hurricane in Florida will be interesting, but still essentially local.

On the other hand, in Northern Virginia, which is part of the DC region (and boy, is that area getting hard to classify - from edge cities literally a walk across the Potomac from DC, and 'exurbs' that stretch into way past Maryland on Rt. 15), the exurbs (Leesburg being exurban enough by most definitions, I believe) are getting hammered in a way that housing built within reasonable distance of transit isn't.

Admittedly, Northern Virginia is a pretty unique region, but the story there hasn't even gotten rolling yet - considering how many of the readers here, for example, feel that the federal government should be reduced. Which is one of the things that broke the back of the DC market in the late 1980s/early 1990s - that peace dividend didn't just crash the California aerospace industry, it hurt a lot of people that distributed the money to those all-American bastions of free enterprise sucking cash ever so happily from Uncle Sam, while complaining about how Uncle Sugar was worthless.

But maybe you should look at some pictures of downtown Gary, Indiana - courtesy of a link from Kunstler. Everyone reading here should ponder just what those pictures tell - to my eye, a surprisingly well preserved corpse, and waste on a scale only matched by the former Soviet Union.

Truly, only a society that values nothing but its own short term, narcissistic self (why we love Casey - finally, someone worse than ourselves to point fingers at while feeling blameless) could create such scenes.

Which may still not be real - there is something incredibly eerie about an area so devoid of any living human presence.

And yes, let's just lightly skip over certain truths about who lives there - it just leads to New Orleans style discussions - ah, New Orleans, another city ruined in broad daylight, and not rebuilt in any functional sense. Lose a city here, or a city there - at some point, exurban nation will finally be an accurate observation for the U.S.

Northern Renter said...

Were I to sum up the young fliptard's career, I'd say

"He can always make a sow's ear out of a silk murse."


KC said...

We have confirmation that Casey is back home?

Milton's Ghost said...

The Promise

* Focus on getting the foreclosure book done
* Get a lot of other stuff done in a distraction-free environment (doing massive action in business)
* Get the blog producing income
* Work on other business projects
* Think about my marriage
* Spend time praying
* Seek God's direction in everything

The Reality

* Visited rainforest
* Had BBQ lunch
* Photographed at car dealership
* Was amazed at Australian birds
* Taught hosts to play Texas Hold Em poker
* Posted about haterz investigating his associates and copying his phone transcripts
* Sent email to advertisers
* Trained a coolie to moderate comments
* Took a few daggy photographs
* Decided to relax for the rest of the trip.

Looks like he only did 2 useful things the whole trip - the email to advertisers and training the coolie. I'm sure he could have done both those things from his room in Sacramento.

So the Australian trip was ... a waste of $2000. Meanwhile, if he's not already back in the USA, this is a chance for Galina and Yulia to change the locks, send all his paperwork to the FBI, and throw his blue ball and the spare murse out onto the street.

While Casey spends $2000, relaxes and looks at Kookaburras, wife Galina cleans houses on her hands and knees for grocery money.

Anonymous said...

Time for a drive by at Snapdragon

Anonymous said...

So, what is the next step. Prove he was misled by his gurus and get him to turn states evidence against Record and Snow? Don't hear much from the NNLs? I think alot of people are distancing themselves from Turdflake. If think the NRU folks are changing their underwear as the haterz keep putting the pieces together.

The Dude said...

Milton.....that's Cuckabarrows

When speaking of Casey, one must dummie down

Anonymous said...

How many of Casey's sweet deals can be traced back to NRU and his Gurus?

Rob Dawg said...

To the extent that real estate is local, this means a national discussion isn't possible.

There are some region transcending generalities. The newest ares of development for instance will suffer most. That doesn't exclude the exurbs but neither does it single them out. Places with the highest costs of living going forward will suffer more. The usual mistake is to point out the cost of gas will kill the suburban commute. Bull, with the costs of maintaining a pleasant urban environment rising faster it is the cenurbs that will catch this hit. Kunstler has this reversed. He thinks $5 gas will send people scurrying back to their ghettos. No, it will acellerate the exodous of jobs from the core. Bloomberg is proposing $18 admission fees to preserve the viability of Manhattan. Sound like a lower cost sustainable environment to you?

The other generality is housing mobility and recency of transaction. I'll put up a longer post but the more recently you bought/refied the worse this will affect you.

Casey Serin said...

Sneak peek at one of the Serin/Stewart "info products"

The Casey Serin Wealth Building System

Are you tired of your life as a W-2 cubicle-dwelling looser? Do you feel like you can never get ahead? Can you see yourself at the same job, still working even when you're at the ancient age of 35?

What if I told you that you could have a passive income stream that required no work at all? What if I said that you could make up to $100,000 per year by defrauding lenders and get away scot-free? Instead of wasting away in some office making copies, you could be sitting in a Jamba Juice drinking wheatgrass shots with the rest of the non-trepreneurs.

Sit back as I tell you about my patented wealth theft system. By merely sacrificing your credit, you can turn a life of punching the clock into a life of sweet napping.

It's not theft if you intend to pay it back

The first step is to get as many credit cards as you can. It doesn't matter what the limit or the APR are, just get them all. However, don't use them all yet. Use only one of them as bait for the other CC companies. Use that card often and make your payments on time. In no time at all, your limits will be getting bumped up and CC companies will be sending you offers by the boatload. If you have a spouse, get him or her to do the same. It just adds to your cashflow and they will make a convenient scapegoat for later.

Next, you'll want to line up a source of corporate credit. Purchase an aged corporation from one of the online corporate credit companies like using a cash advance from your credit cards. Once the corporation is in your name, you can apply for corporate credit cards. You may have to get a guarantor, such as your mom, your sister, your priest, your mom, a homeless dude, or your mom. Who cares, if they're dumb enough to sign your credit application, they deserve whatever they get for not doing their due diligence.

The next step is to line up properties across the United States. Property details are unimportant, but what is key is that the seller must be offering sweet cashback at close. The more the better! The crux of this wealth building system is to keep the total fraud amount low and spread it out across the country. Federal prosecutors will not bother with you if you steal less than $1 million. And local prosecutors will ignore you if you have a single fraudulent deal in their jurisdiction.

Your passive income is limited only by the number of illegal deals you're willing to do! For example, if you purchase a home in every state, at an average sweet cashback of $30k, that's a total of $1.5 million! Just for signing your name 50 times!

I thought everybody was doing it

In order to facilitate all of these purchases, you will need to use stated income loans. On the loan applications, just say whatever you need to to get the loan. Again, details like interest rates are unimportant. You won't be paying them back anyway.

You'll need to set up all of these home purchases to go through quickly. You've got about a 4 month window of opportunity before your first loans process and the free money faucet gets turned off. Therefore it's important to plan ahead. No need to visit or research the properties. All that matters is the cashback amounts. Check Craigslist or the NRU Investor Concierge service. When you're ready, pull the trigger and start raking it in.

Get more sweet cashback than you intend to keep. You will use the extra sweet cashback to make token payments on the mortgages. This will help keep your activities from drawing attention. Make a few token renovations here and there to maintain the appearance that you intend to sell them. In the example above, you would use $500k of the sweet cashback in this way and pocket the remaining $1 million.

Here's the beauty of this system: if the market rises, you can sell all of the homes for a profit. But even if it goes down, you still made a million bucks!

Multiple streams of passive income

Now max out all of your credit cards and stop paying rent. Take all of your cash and sweet cashback and stash it somewhere. I keep mine in my blue ball. Everyone thinks I'm always sitting on it to help my posture, but it's really because I like to keep my money close.

If any of the lenders, your business partners, your mom, or your wife wants to make you sign a contract, SIGN IT! You can always renege on it later. Just do like I do and turn that contract into a non-tract! This is easily done by ignoring it.

At this time, take out numerous high interest loans from "payday loan" type outfits. You may also want to borrow money from friends and relatives. Scam letters are a good way to identify who the most likely suckers are.

After a couple of months of token payments to each loan, stop replying to correspondence or returning calls. Go into lender-ignore mode. Start planning how you will spend your money. Pick a "vacation destination" in the event that you start getting some heat from lenders or law enforcement. If you come under scrutiny, you may need to make some kind of mechanism to spin your story, like a blog or puppet show or something. You're just a dumb kid, right? You were just naive and got in over your head. Heh heh.

If you think the feds may be getting ready to knock on your door, you can always clean out the joint checking account and leave your spouse holding the proverbial manbag.

Jamba Juice every day, Macaroni Grill every night

After the homes are all foreclosed and sufficient time has passed, declare bankruptcy. Live a work-free life off of the money in your magic coffee can. Your credit will be trashed, but after 10 years you'll be back where you started. Rinse, wash, repeat. Folks, it really is that easy. I love America!

See for more details and more exciting Casey Serin info products!

Copyright 2007 Casey and Marty's Hidden Content Area, Inc. All rights reserved. Content may be reproduced only with permission, unless you're LMP, whom we're afraid of.

Sharky said...

Blast off Buckie;

"the exurbs (Leesburg being exurban enough by most definitions, I believe) are getting hammered in a way that housing built within reasonable distance of transit isn't."

Well, a lot of the reason that Loudoun County is taking it up the keester is that the quality of construction in the Ashburn Farms and South Riding developments-without-end were utter crap.
For half a million bucks and up, one would expect that one's McMansion would have been built "square"...but this literally wasn't the case in some of the samples I've been in.
The juncture of the ceiling and walls meanders about in "S" shaped curves, vertically AND horizontally.

So folks got easy money, and threw it away on homes essentially slapped together out of cardboard and plastic by undocumented illegal worker aliens.

Gee, what a surprise...

Transit, you mentioned?

Since when did anyone in Fairfax, Loudoun or Pee Wee counties give a shit about mass transit?

The entire point of moving out beyond the mass transit lines was to get away from nearly everything that had the stink of DC's clammy mitts on it...and that includes WMATA, (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority).

And at that point, I think we can't discuss the subject any further without getting into a New Orleans discussion...a city I happen to have more than nodding acquaintance with.

Anonymous said...

Le's play my new favorite game, name that malody.

Which malody helps describe our screwed up little flippy-tard-snowfake?

Check out this site and just replace the name, Saddam with Casey.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Um, looks like Marty's gearing up for the fight by taking down both and ... neither seem to be working for me... confirmation?

Anonymous said...

Foreclosurecode doesn't respond for me either.

flailing forward said...

Confirmed, both are down.

Anonymous said...

)))Your credit will be trashed, but after 10 years you'll be back where you started(((

Actually, it's more like 20 months. That's right. Less than two years after the latest in a string of serial bankruptcies, credit card companies are willing to extend to the bankrupt person, in aggregate, $50K of credit or more. I think they are insane.

Endgame said...

Both sites are down, but both respond to pings, so the shared server is up.


flailing forward said...

It will be funny if Godaddy dropped Pagedaddy and Random House shut down foreclosurecode.

Rob Dawg said...

RE: pagedaddy. Up or down he's quiet. I think that means he's decided. Which i don't know but most likely he's done the math and realizes the deal carries too much baggage. Better now than later although I don't think he'll be thanking anyone anytime soon.

RE: Kangaboi. I think he's actually down there to "start over." Honest. He has this incredible way of compartmentalizing extreme circumstances. Once he got foreclosed "it was over." So now I think he's busy filling his dayz with reseach into lines of credit, corporate formation and a new Aussie identity. By the internal Caseyworld™ calendar I suspect he thinks this will take about 2 weeks. Then "Provider Casey™" will return triumpant to Sacto with a personal line of credit and credit cards and a contract in hand for a new home for Galina and a fresh start for their christian based marriage and newlife. Right about now in the real world he's probably finding out that shipping the v-dubs is only going to cost $3000. A $200 win!

G's_Hymen said...

I think you are right. I think he's been researching for a couple of months different countries where he could escape to. The major requirements, no economic instablities (sorry Eurorussia) and free economy with a strong real estate market. He feels he can be successful in RE if he had another shot. He knows that shot won't come in the USA. I wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to create a new identity for him and G and they rebuild their lives there. I also figure he will keep the website up and in his crazy little mind, feels once he's made $500,000,000 he can repay "every dirty penny" and come back a hero.

Anonymous said...

I can't help wondering if Casey is now ready to do testimonials for Robert Kiyosaki. Maybe he can bring down Cashflow Technologies, too, just by association.

Benoit™ said...

@ LossMitPro / CHJTS -- just listened to the impromptu Haterzcast from yesterday.

Thanks for recognition of my leet detective skillz. ;-)

EazyE said...

So did anyone ever real what the "problem" was? I never caught what it was.

HurtMe said...

Casey has/is putting up more pics at flickr...



Sweet Cashback said...


could you stick this comment somewhere on Caseypedia?

I think it's the best and most concise sum up I so far on the content of the tapes :-)

PMSPMS™©® said...

Ok KC has not responded to my repeated invitations to come to Singapore from Oz for a week. So I assume he may not be there.... however I agree with Rob's general assesment. It will be quite easy for KC to get new credit in Oz - at least some. Many immigrants from a certain middle eastern country bordering India do this repeatedly.

And Rob - you forgot the cost of RHD conversion for V-Dubs as well as shipping!

Anonymous said...

Casey has/is putting up more pics at flickr...

He's pointing at a shipwreck? That's rich!!!! The shipwreck should be pointing at the trainwreck!

::Tired of talking about himself in the third person, Nigel simply leaves the dawgpound::

Miguel said...

Well, we now know for certain that Casey was here at some point in the last few days!

(And this is what he was looking at)

HurtMe said...

The shipwreck made the news there yesterday, unless that is a photoshop trick, he is still there...

Shipwreck Link


El Gabo Gringo said...

RE: Marty's Sites

I think the most rational explanation is that Marty probably feels like he walked into a hornet's nest and has decided to lie low for a while. He was trying to use KC's publicity to make a little money, it didn't work, now he's in damage control mode.

IF, now that's an IF, Marty is doing this for any other reason (eg. Gearing up for a fight) he's alot dumber than even we are giving him credit for.

The smart thing to do is lay low, admit KC is a flake and most of the negative attention will be mitigated.

Anonymous said...

EXIF Editor

Quick EXIFeditor will allow you to edit every EXIF tags within your digital photos fast and with ease. You can edit date, description, camera model and other data of your digital photos by selecting them over a pulldown navigation. All data can be saved as a textfile or displayed completely on screen.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Anon's request for mugshot art can be found here... not that funny, but I've got all these floating heads, have to put them to good use.

It's funny how Marty is systematically wiping himself from the Internets. It's almost like he doesn't want his business scrutinized.

HurtMe said...

Oops, looks like that has been there for a while... And he could certainly be tweaking the EXIF data to make it look like he is still there....


Benoit™ said...

@ Sweet Cashback -- done... didn't know where exactly to put it, but decided on the Info Product entry. :)

Anonymous said...

hahah... thanks Nigel's Guest Blogger - it made me laugh anyway, esp. Kirowski's... or Kaslowski... Or Kurosaki... however you spell it.

bemused guy said...

@7:13 AM, Blast_Off_Buckie

Those pictures were even more eerie than casey's fickr account! Thanks for sharing.

Sharky said...


Looks like she lost her port anchor, I can't see it in the hawsepipe clearly.

Their emergency diesel is running, since her foremast light is burning.

The crew didn't abandon via lifeboats, since both are still there.

She was probably in ballast, since her freeboard is so high, anchored off, lost her anchor and off she went.

Lucky she was empty, since unloading a bulker is VERY difficult without the proper port facilities.

Something similar happenned to a US containership off Cape Town a few years ago.

The peculiar thing is that I don't see any dayshapes hoisted.

She SHOULD be showing 4 black balls from her halyard, signifying she's not under power and not under command.

Rule of thumb is that the more black balls you're showing, the deeper in the shit you is.

I wonder what Flag she flies.

Benoit™ said...

The picture of Casey pointing at the ship with a mock-surprised look on his face is just begging to be Photoshopped. Replace the ship by:

- Jesus Christ walking on water
- An inflatable raft filled with Secret Service agents
- An inflatable raft filled with Galina, Yulia, and Anna.
- The Loch Ness Monster

You get the idea ;-)

Sharky said...


Or a Cash Call Amphibious Strike Force...

Anonymous said...

i see a hotel room with two queen beds.... where did he get the money?

The Original Kevin™ said...

The Cash Call Amphibious Strike Force HAS to have Gary Coleman on it, since he is starring in their new commercials... preferably in his infamous security guard uniform.

HurtMe said...

It does not appear to be photoshopped, if it is then someone went to a lot of trouble to put the flash shadows on the railing.

Funny, he's putting himself into a recent event (possibly proving he is still in Oz), he's wearing his wedding band, wearing the murse, and mocking us with a shipwreck. Casey is still a troll...


flailing forward said...

Too bad we don't have a photo of Duane or LMP. They could be rising from the ocean to smite him. Ooh, the prlinkbeast...

What does the exif data say on the new photos?

Anonymous said...

New KC Post:

June 16th, 2007 8:58 am
Crickey He’s a Beaut! Pasha The Shipwreck Foreclosure

That's what I call a "Shipwreck Foreclosure"

Have you heard of Pasha Bulker? Everybody here in Aussie has. I feel for Pasha. It’s kind of like my foreclosure story. People can’t resist to come and watch the ship/car/trainwreck and see if he makes out alive. Had to get first hand experience of this “foreclosure”…

Poor Pasha. So many parallels. Pasha doesn’t listen to warnings. Pasha cames too close to shore. Pasha gets stuck. Pasha trying to avoid “foreclosure” or at least get out alive. And people can’t look away. Poor poor Pasha.

(I wonder if Pasha’s owner is a distressed seller… Hmmm)

Driving on the WRONG side

Oh and I finally got to drive on the other side of the road. It was kinda weird. I still say it’s the “wrong” side (as far as steering wheel goes). Most people are right handed, right? So, having the shifter and controls on the left just seems wrong. Aside from that, and the getting used to Kilometers again (just like in Uzbekistan) it was ALL good.

Check out more “shipwreck foreclosure” and other photos in the Australia set… mate!

Ok… I’ll try not to overdo the Aussie slang. They don’t ALL talk like that here.

Oh and I miss my wife… (hey that does NOT mean you can comment about her. Just wanted to let that out ‘cuz it’s really true.)

BelowTheCrowd said...


I saw the same thing. His cityscape is definitely from a hotel. Maybe his hosts taking him around for the weekend? Presumably at their own expense.

I would not be surprised if Marty received Cease and Desists related to both his domains. The key to running an operation like that is to remain so far below the radar that the violated copyrightholder doesn't notice.

When they start getting faxes and emails pointing things out, it's over.


HurtMe said...

I have only looked at the two posers (shipwreck and inside the car), they both show Friday June 15th. The hour differences might give someone familiar with the area an idea of where he went, how long to get there, etc. But, as someone else pointed out, EXIF can easily be spoofed.


MursesToMurgatroid said...

foreclosure code -> C&D from Doubleday

pagedaddy -> C&D from GoDaddy

It's all good.

(all conjecture)

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

The ship (Pasha Bulker) has been there since June 8th (BBC: Australian storms beach freighter).

Reading between the lines it looks like the navigator spotted Casey's trademark™ basecap'n'murse driving along the shoreline and was distracted from his (the navigator's) actual job of not hitting the land.

flailing forward said...

Oh and I miss my wife…
Awww, that's sweet. Pretty soon maybe he'll miss her enough to actually call her. Maybe he'll even miss her enough to respect her.

Irene said...

You fool haterz™

I'm sure Casey was there to BROKER the scrap deal for the Pasha. He'll get a sweet passive cut from the sale to a scrapyard for at least a 100K maybe more. He's a playa, he went down under with his mad broker skillz. You W-2 loser still getting the same paycheck week after week, paying off mortgages and bills regularly like the losers you are. You think our playa is gonna pay taxes on his broker fee in Australia or the US? Nah, our playa has it all worked out. It's all good™

HurtMe said...

FWIW, I am using Exifer to examine the data. Simply download the original full-rez image and point Exifer at the download folder and you'll see something like this.

Time to get outdoors and do something about that garden...


The Dude said...

Who wrote the new post on IAFF...sure ain't Snowflake.

flailing forward said...

Reading between the lines it looks like the navigator spotted Casey's trademark™ basecap'n'murse driving along the shoreline and was distracted from his (the navigator's) actual job of not hitting the land.

I suspect that upon seeing fliptard on the beach, the captain immediately yelled "ramming speed."

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Benoit, turns out this was the shipwreck Casey went to see.

Blast_Off_Buckie said...

Kunstler is a man that hates suburbia, and focuses his arguments around his goal - unfortunately, that doesn't make his arguments wrong or invalid, it just means that the goal is more important.

At this point, his deus ex machina is peak oil.

And it will be interesting to see how the future of that turns out. For example, Great Britain has a number of plans built around the idea that it will remain an oil exporter for years - budgets, tax frameworks (petrol tax, for example), and pipeline construction (who needs a pipeline for continental natural gas when you previously produced enough for your own needs?)

Unfortunately, the reality is Great Britain is no longer a crude oil exporter of any significant amount - and either this year or next, will become a net oil importer, regardless of what it says on paper about how the future should run.

Personally, I think the discussion about exurb/suburb/city will be pretty much beside the point in the U.S. in the next 5-10 years.

That too was part of the Gary, Indiana pictures - America's industries are so neglected that an entire downtown of a hundred year old company planned steel town can be left to rot, and no one notices, while a house in Detroit costs less than a car.

America is rotting out from the inside, and running away from that fact is considered a desirable sign of progress - sort of like America's mastery of financial engineering.

flailing forward said...

NGB, that shipwreck is swaheeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Lou Minatti said...

"Quick EXIFeditor will allow you to edit every EXIF tags within your digital photos fast and with ease. You can edit date, description, camera model and other data of your digital photos by selecting them over a pulldown navigation. All data can be saved as a textfile or displayed completely on screen."

Yep. The shipwreck occured June 6 or 7. Why would news crews and gawkers still be there? Since KC is in NSW, he has easy access to the SMH. I challenged KC 2 days ago to simply post a photo of him taken with the current issue.

KC's back in Sac Town and has been for days.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

@The Dude said...

Who wrote the new post on IAFF...sure ain't Snowflake.

No kidding. No need to run Bayesian analysis on that one. That ain't KC. That's not even a bad impression of KC. How long can the blog keep driving traffic if Casey isn't spouting Caseyism with blind optimism. That like telling us Lindsay, Paris and Britney are going to wear gauchos and granny panties from now on.

Casey Fannnnn said...


You may use it to make pictures such as THIS, only with funnier backgrounds because you have all the time in the world to go look.

flailing forward said...

Does anyone remember if was definitely where Casey got the corp from? If so, most of their site is gone, except for login pages.

And may we never see the terrible day when LP&B's coochies are imprisoned by undergarments. May they always remain free and visible to the paparazzi. This is the haterz prayer. Amen.

Load O' Horse Sheesh said...

Just now getting around to reading up on Friday's events....

What the hell is up with Nigel? Anybody else catch that he's said very little in his last few posts on DHC? A few paragraphs later and all he's done is informed us of what we already know with a promise of more to come. Bastard.

The Original Kevin™ said...

Lou - the shipwreck happened earlier, but will not be taken out until end of June; hence, people are still there - it's a tourist spot, now.

Casey's Enablers said...

Hey Marty Stewart, you has the BIGGEST BALLS?

Looks like you are backing down guy. Your foreclosurecode web is now down.

Marty, you had such strong words during your CNN interview. What happen?

Are you CHICKEN?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhahahahhaha

Rob Dawg said...

At this point, [Kunstler's] deus ex machina is peak oil.

Yes, it comes from several false assumptions and several more dubious conclusions. We ran out of $10 a long time go but we cannot run out of $100 oil. At $100 so many economic substitutes become viable that oil will only go to important stuff. The petroexporters know this and will not allow prices to rise to the point where alternatives are viable for nations to make massive investments in alternatives.

As to EXIF and editting. By now every should absolutely understand that Casey uses this blog as his primary source of inspiration. By letting this cat out of the bag it now becomes impossible to trust his flickr photo tags. He's already becoming a better liar, don't enable. Yes, he's still in AUS and he obviously needs people to believe he'll be there for a while. He has no compunctions in fooling the haterz™ now thinking it is some kind of game. Playing his game is lose-lose.

Backstage said...

WOW Sharkey, you know your stuff.

On June 8 Pasha Bulker was waiting to go into Newcastle when the storm hit. Captain seemed to have ignored a warning to go out to sea to avoid the storm.

Ship ran aground with engines operational and anchors up. Crew was rescued by chopper.

Much like CS, this could have been avoided by paying attention to the situation and taking appropriate action.

Perhaps CS and the Pasha Bulkers' Captain could be hung from the same yard arm

MursesToMurgatroid said...

What the hell is up with Nigel?

I enjoyed the posts. Perhaps Nigel saw too many .gov addresses in his logs and decided he'd distance himself publicly a little more from NRU: CS, CR, GS -- knowing EN would help vet his side of the story.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Poor Casey,

He's late to the party as usual. He finally decided at the 11th hour to try and "monetize" the blog. After reading some "how to blog" posts elsewhere, he went with the "i'll troll my haterz and not really tell my story anymore" route...

Well, Casey has lost control once again, been snookered by the community at EN.

Casey, posting your Aus pics would have gotten everyone up in arms a few months ago, but the real story (and the slow reveal) here is the real story. The comments at IAFF are just a repeat for the types of comments that were first at IAFF when I found it months ago.

Shoulda kept that blog down, mate.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I agree that Casey's latest entry seems atypical. But WHO else would write it and why would they bother?

And do you really think that Marty would have received a C&D that quickly, and reacted that quickly?

And why pull the other domains down?

Anybody seen Glenn Snow lately? :)

Endgame said...

At 10:09 AM, Load O' Horse Sheesh said...
Just now getting around to reading up on Friday's events....

What the hell is up with Nigel? Anybody else catch that he's said very little in his last few posts on DHC? A few paragraphs later and all he's done is informed us of what we already know with a promise of more to come...

(1) Nigel may not know a whole lot more that he has already shared.
(2) Nigel is new to haterdom and is (justifiably) being a bit cautious.
(3) Nigel already has more neg publicity on the net than he ever bargained for, he may just be laying low a bit and letting it cool down.
(4) He is still trying to help Casey, so still keeping some info close to his chest.

Not necessarily trying to defend Nigel, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at this point.

E.g. Nigel said Casey had $ in Utah, it was a loan, loan not from a man. Answered question "Was it from his mom"? with "I can't say" followed by " ;=) ". That was pretty clear and news to me.

Casey Serin said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for telling me about EXIF editing. There have been times in the passed when I have wanted to make it appeer that pictshures were taken on different daze. Now I no how!!!

Please pass along other tips I can use in my carear! Anybody know of softwear for my PDA that I can use to better keep track of my lies? - it needs to support a pritty large database.

Anonymous said...

Endgame - Well said.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

And do you really think that Marty would have received a C&D that quickly, and reacted that quickly?

That's an easy one. Hint: If the company that is sending you the C&D is *also* the domain registrar for your names....

sooem dood said...

Q: Has Casey Serin done scams other than serial mortgage fraud before?

A: Why, yes, he has.*

Q: Has Casey Serin duped people out of millions before?

A: Why yes, he has.

Q: Is Casey in Austalia?

A: Why yes, he is.

Hmmm. I sure hope stuff like this (link) isn't giving murse boi new visions. Wherever he is, you can bet your boots that sure sweet passive income (AKA "theft") is on his mind.

*(email chain letter at 14)

Jus Askin said...

So who is Martin "Marty" J. Stewart? Have we determined his identity?

Is it true Marty disappeared from the scene as soon as people started digging for his info a few days ago? Did they get a hit?

Benoit™ said...

Around 120:00, Day 2, McFly Tapes:

Casey says that after one of the first articles about him appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, he had some gay guys contact him in an attempt to... ahem... get to know him on a personal level.

On the tapes, Casey nervously laughs while he says, "It was pretty funny... uhh... but I'm not really into that."

No joke, I'm being completely serious.

MursesToMurgatroid said...

Tavington could have done a better job of impersonating Casey than Casey today on IAFF.

Maybe Casey is in need of 'deliverance' from his Aussie host because he is in 'misery'

Is he drugged? Are there code words embedded in the drivel: SOS I'm being held hostage?

Nigels Mom said...

Nigel has been taking a sabbatical. The talkcast last week was very exhausting for him. Later, he broke down weeping in my arms over Casey and this whole ordeal. It's really put him under a great strain. I've had him getting bed rest, cough syrup and a daily soap water enema. Just like the old days. He's recovering quite well and will join all of you soon.

flailing forward said...

Is he drugged? Are there code words embedded in the drivel: SOS I'm being held hostage?

If so, I say we send his "hosts" a nice skin product gift basket courtesy of EN.

Casey, please think of us every time you put the lotion in the basket. From the haterz with luv

G'sHymen said...

Repost-replace Saddam Hussein with Casey. This explains about everything that Casey does:

Saddam Hussein’s psychology can be described in terms of the syndrome of malignant narcissism. The core components of this syndrome are pathological narcissism, antisocial features, paranoid traits, and unconstrained aggression.

1. Pathological narcissism

Saddam exhibits extreme grandiosity, overconfidence, and self-absorption to a degree that renders him incapable of empathizing with the pain and suffering of others. He is devoid of empathy and unmoved by human suffering, which permits him to commit atrocities against his own people as readily as he is willing to brutalize his enemies.

2. Antisocial features

The tenuous social conscience of malignant narcissists is governed primarily by self-interest. Malignantly narcissistic leaders like Saddam Hussein are driven by power motives and self-aggrandizement; however, their amorality permits them to exploit the principled beliefs and deeply held convictions of others (e.g., religious values or nationalistic fervor) to consolidate their own power. They are undeterred by the threat of punishment, which makes them singularly resistant to economic inducement, sanctions, or any other pressures short of force.

3. A paranoid outlook

Behind a grandiose facade, malignant narcissists harbor a siege mentality. They are insular, project their own hostilities onto others, and fail to recognize their own role in creating foes. These real or imagined enemies, in turn, are used to justify their own aggression against others.

4. Unconstrained aggression

Malignant narcissists are cold, ruthless, sadistic, and cynically calculating, yet skilled at concealing their aggressive intent behind a public mask of civility or idealistic concern.

Political implications

Because self-aggrandizement is the guiding force that drives Saddam, the only plausible scenario under which he would voluntarily relinquish political power would be the conviction that it would give him a “second lease on life” and permit him to survive the current crisis, ultimately to return to power. His personality profile suggests that Saddam Hussein will use all means at his disposal to cling to power. If backed into a corner, there is an elevated risk that he will take his own life rather than surrender.

The Dude said...


419's are a serious industry in Nigeria....second largest contributor to GNP behind oil. My alter ego, Jack Meoff, baits 419'ers for giggles. Maybe I'll post some of the more graphic and entertaining death threats Jack's received. The scammers remind me of Casey....blinded by greed.

Nigel's Guest Blogger said...


First, you and Shark's gigglefest had me cracking up.

Second, could you take a moment or two and maybe speculate as to what you think the likely outcome of yours and Caseys relationship if he had not blown it so quickly?

What would some likely outcomes have been?

TK said...

I used to send out boilerplate C&D letters to people who stole copyrighted material from the magazine I worked for. Guys like Marty backed down so fast it was hilarious. And we would send them out RIGHT quick, so this seems like an appropriate timeframe.

TK said...

And as far as I can tell, the only way that Marty is an "Ideas Guy" is that his ideas are to steal someone else's.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ flailing forward,
Yes, and I spoke to the Mortgage Fraud Division of the Secret Service in Washington DC about our little Aussie Flower. This guy told me he had "Heard something about it" and this S.S. Detective also told me they are ONLY interested in multi million dollar fraud deals.

His lips, my ears.

G'sHymen said...

I'm getting a bunch of "not authorized" on all of his google ads. I wonder if he got cut off again?

Notatroll said...

Does anyone else feel like they are participating in something inappropriate here?

I'm angered by snowflake's weird sense of entitlement, infuriated by his refusal to work in any way, saddened that he has somehow so completely misunderstood what it means to be an American entrepreneur. I won't even mention his family....

That said, some people here have made decisions that make me so uncomfortable. I miss the days when things were so much more on the up and up. Just saying....

flailing forward said...

God, that it is just disgusting. So basically any asshole can defraud his way to a million bucks as long as he spreads it out over enough jurisdictions. Let's just send Casey a cake on behalf of the FBI that says "Thanks for not stealing the full mil".

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

I'm getting a bunch of "not authorized" on all of his google ads. I wonder if he got cut off again?

Not showing here either. Though I have a feeling - as it's unlikely KC himself was "reinstated" - it's someone else, some "business partner", who's been "cut off".

EazyE said...

Are you refering to the people who have turned in him to various law enforcement agencies?

I personally don't care. It's a sad state of our country that people have to turn him in for justice to be achieved.

However, that said, I think he would never serve a day if arrested. I feel he has all the cards stacked to cop a deal. He's not as dumb as we think. Somet of the written statements by him on the mortgage fraud hint that his lenders told him nothing was wrong with it or that it's technically not illegal.
The fed would love to go after these lenders, make an example of the lenders, push laws, and win votes from the poor americans who were preyed after by the big bad corporations.
I almost am more afraid of seeing his dumb face in front of Congress saying, "it's all good".

I think I'm going to go back to sniffing glue...bbl

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

@the Dude: back when I had a "W-2" job (as opposed to being self-employed), I had a lot of fun with 419 baiting too. Maybe that could be a future Haterz™ project for whenever Snowflake finally melts...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

flailing forward said...

God, that it is just disgusting. So basically any asshole can defraud his way to a million bucks as long as he spreads it out over enough jurisdictions. Let's just send Casey a cake on behalf of the FBI that says "Thanks for not stealing the full mil".
Not sure about that.
Any asshole can defruad if it is in smaller amounts was the jist of it.
I was/am really irate about it.

This Secret Service Detective was a Fed investigator and there is a new federal division that targets Mortgage Fraud.

Some of my cryptic notes:

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

January 11, 2007
Contact: (703) 518-6330
FinCEN Contact: (703) 905-3770

NCUA and FinCEN to Host Joint Seminar on Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Programs

I was calling about something that happened to me (loss of only a couple of thousand dollars, fradulatly and from supposed "licensed professionals") and, anyway I started the discussion about Casey. This Fed guy then told told me he had heard of him. He may have been cool about it, "can't discuss an on going investigation" type of policy, rather than un- caring.
Actually, Casey fits their mark or target in that his fraud is over 2 million.
One can only hope.
I am sure This Secret Service Detective is not going to share any information with me.
But, they know about him.
After that I would just be playing "let's pretend" like the funny posts here.
te he

soem dood said...

At 1:38 PM, Notatroll said...

"Does anyone else feel like they are participating in something inappropriate here?"


"... some people here have made decisions that make me so uncomfortable. I miss the days when things were so much more on the up and up. Just saying...."

EN is just a place to blog. It is certainly not responsible if one or two individuals decide to do something you or I would not. Is there some specific issue you have?

I know that applying my own moral compass, finding the MP3s, for instance, using standard search tools gives me no qualms whatsoever.

Likewise, privately listening to them in place on that unsecured site also would bother me not in the least. However, streaming them elsewhere would give me misgivings, but IANAL. When LMP decided to make a stand that he was taking legal accountability for sourcing them, then I had no issue with other deciding to copy them themselves from that location.

What I find AMAZING is the amount and degree of scrutiny people do to themselves and others about these type of things (not to say it's wrong -- we should take consideration) but Casey Serin is CONSTANTLY trotted out as a 'kid' who 'made some mistakes'. No. He is a criminal who calculatingly executed a prearranged plan to defraud others of 2.2M, and to THEN brag about it, attempt to profit from his criminality, and ALSO thumb his nose at those observing (Starbuck coffee down under, comments about the ship wreck, etc)

I have mentioned this before, but I can almost guarantee you one of his favorite films is "Catch me if you Can" or "Thomas Crown affair" or something in the genre of debonaire crook gets over on the thick and dull townspeople and laughs his way into fun and exotic ("passive income") times.

Well, I say we tar and feather him and ride him out of town on a rail. Now, where did I leave my torch for tonight's mob scene...?

flailing forward said...

The amount of his fraud isn't really above 2 million though. That was the amount of his total debt when he had all of the mortgages plus his unsecured debt. The unsecured debt (with the exception of his corporate credit activities) isn't fraudulent, and the amount of his secured debt was greatly reduced through the foreclosures. The deficiencies on his secured debt are something like 200k - 300k, and would really be the only part of his debt that could be called fraudulent. He's way below the federal radar it seems.

Totally not related, but this is freaking hilarious:
Some poor McDonald's representative getting heckled on a UK food message board

soem dood said...

And for the person so sensitive to Murse Boi's shrieks of invasion of his Top Sekret Web Cave to steal his materpiece, usually it takes a bit for hte facts to come out, but when they do, the truth is usually pretty simple, and the complex is the false.

Or, as Momma Dood used to say: "The truth don't take long to tell"

What The sippy cup passenger claimed, and how they spun it is here

But here is what the facts later showed to be the case
to be the case

soem dood said...

Here is the actual video if you want to see with your own eyes.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

He's way below the federal radar it seems.

@ FF,
You have to be effing kidding me?
Well, he's is a small fry then.

What was your word, disgusting?
Ditto that.

What gets me is if you or I owe the IRS a few thousand dollars and don't pay, they just freeze assets, and take the money but if it is stolen from you or me Casey style, they do not care, it is not their money!!!!!

I reckon the IRS may have some interest in Aussie Flower Boi (a kind of human), according to Homey DA Clown.
te he

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of link love on MSN for EN, Caseypedia and even DHC.


G's_Hymen said...

Nigel, I have a question directed towards you or someone else with real estate experience.

I see G's name on all of his transaction histories. Here is an example, followed by him signing over the deed to himself from his wife.

So it would appear he bought the house with both of their names on the mortgage, then signed it to himself.

Again, what is the logic to this from a legal standpoint?

Follow-up question: Does this not show that she was envolved well past the first hosue if even the Dallas house had her name on the documents?

Sale Recording Date: 05/12/2006 Sale Price:
Sale Date: 05/04/2006 Sale Price Type:
Rec. Document #: 175461 Multi/Split Sale:
Document Type: WARRANTY DEED Other Document #:
Title Company: TITLE TEXAS INC
Seller: SERIN G%%%%%%

History Record #: 4
Sale Recording Date: 05/12/2006 Sale Price:
Sale Date: 05/03/2006 Sale Price Type:
Rec. Document #: 175459 Multi/Split Sale:
Document Type: WARRANTY DEED Other Document #:
Title Company: TITLE TEXAS INC
Buyer: SERIN CASEY K & G%%%%%%
Seller: JONES %%%%%%%%

The Dude said...


If you want to see how NOT to handle a public relations situation, CLICK HERE. McD's in the U.K. got it handed to them by some protest nuts. We used to laugh our asses off at how stupid the Corp was dealing with these people.

flailing forward said...

Yeah, the IRS will have a good time with Snowflake, assuming he's in the country. I've given up on him being prosecuted by law enforcement, but I want to know more about the bankruptcy angle.

From what I've gathered from here and elsewhere, any of his numerous creditors can force him into bankruptcy. All it takes is one. Some people have said that there may be the possibility of prosecution arising from the discovery process. I don't know much about that, but the BK trustee will not forgive any debts that he/she knows Casey got fraudulently. That means Casey could have this debt indefinitely until he pays it off, which to me would be justice. I don't really want to see him go to jail.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Guys and gals,

Before you commit Blog Seppuko over the statement by the Fraud Feds, remember, that's at the Fed level.

This does not apply to the state level, nor does it apply to the California authorities who would go after Casey.

However, a freindly letter to the appropriate department heads in Washington saying that it's your perception mortgage fraud is a crime that goes unpunished, due to Casey's continued freedom. Be polite, don't threaten to commit fraud yourself, just point out that it's now your perception.

Be prepared for follow-up interviews, and let it go. And don't mess with the SS, they do not mess around.

Hammer the same message to the CA folks - especially if you live in Sacramento. Ask the Sac DA's department if they plan to let mortgage fraud go unfinished, and use Casey as an example, and let them know this issue WILL effect your vote in the future. THAT will get their attention.

I could say more, but it could benefit Casey, so I'll keep it to myself.

The Dude said...


That would be hilarious and I cannot think of a better group to engage in some social engineering.

Ever hear of a guy in England who goes by the name of Shiver Metimbers?

Hands down, he's the best. In fact, he just published a book about his exploits.

Anonymous said...

soem dood,

Thank you for addressing my concerns, you hit them all and I feel so much better.

TK said...

FYI, Marty Stewart's "Self-Created Video Message" on google is gone as well. Marty's been a busy boy cleaning up this mess. Good work Casey. I'll bet he got quite an earful.

Miguel said...

If you want to see how NOT to handle a public relations situation, CLICK HERE. McD's in the U.K. got it handed to them by some protest nuts. We used to laugh our asses off at how stupid the Corp was dealing with these people.

...which is why they handled Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me very differently - instead of suing, or ignoring it, they took out loads of ads saying "Of course eating three supersize meals a day is going to make you feel ill - well, duh!" or words to that effect. I loathe McDonald's, but I was quite impressed by the chutzpah.

flailing forward said...

@ tk
I know, I'm pissed. I wanted to count how many times Marty blinked in a minute.

By the way, where the hell did Declan come up with "kerfuffle"? I think that dude eats dictionaries for breakfast or something.

Notatroll said...

soem dood,

Smart, kind and funny answers..they are not missed or taken lightly. Thanx.

flailing forward said...

@ G's H
For the California ones, Casey said he had to have both of their names on the title originally because it's a community property state. In Texas, he said it was because the hard money lender insisted on it. I don't know if that's true, that's just what Casey said.

Don't Trust Any of Them said...

I am not a hater but I am a critic of the illegal things which Casey has done. It is very obvious to anybody that has spent more than an hour following this story, that Casey did in fact commit numerous crimes when applying for his 8 loans. ( inflated income, false claims of owner occupied, lying about the other properties, as well as illegal cash back at closing)

What I find strange is the self- rightous indignation that is being expressed by Mark Villasenor of Queuetrac Asset Systems and Duane Legate of Homebuyers Network. Both of these individuals were more than happy at one point in time, in becoming business partners ( or being involved with ) a person whom they full well knew lied on eight loans, took cashback and then ceased making attempts at repaying any of the money.

These two individuals were willing to allign themselves with Casey when they thought it would be an advantage to them finacially, but when that failed they act as though they are some kind of defenders of justice.

Just a few weeks ago they were onboard with Casey, willing to work with or collaborate with somebody they KNEW had committed mortgage fraud. Now they try to act like Mother Theresa.

What kind of legitimate business seeks partnerships with somebody that has committed mortgage fraud and has acted the way Casey has.

Please call for their respective business's to be investigated and let people know the types of people they are more than willing to bring onboard when it will suit them financially.

Duane and Mark, I find your newfound outrage at Casey's ethics hilarious, seeing just two weeks ago you were willing to do business with him.

2GOOD2BTRUE! said...


Mocha's Used Tampon said...

I'd like someone to stick me up Casey's bunghole. Pre-used, of course.

Miguel said...

By the way, where the hell did Declan come up with "kerfuffle"? I think that dude eats dictionaries for breakfast or something.

If he's a fan of the BBC's Little Britain (which apparently has a hefty Stateside following on BBC America), he'll have come across it regularly.

Anonymous said...

419 Bait

Akubi said...

Perhaps someone has already mentioned it, but I just happened to come across Declan's hilarious article and photos (particularly like the Scientologists one as I mentioned on Steph J's blog): Brain-eating zombies invade SF Apple store.
Damn one misses out on a lot of interesting activities living in the burbs.

KC said...

My guess is that Casey got cut off after the articles. Google probably saw the whole clickfraud in the article and shut him down. His revenue streams are falling apart LOL.

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

FYI: Mocha buys me in Super Plus size. She's got a cavernous hole.

Anonymous said...

MSN homepage, hope Casey is as proud of it this time...

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

There isn't enough room in here for both me and you, Casey. Pull your head out and allow me to expand please.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Jezzus Nigel,

I clicked on Salt Lake Mortgage Guy because I have never been to your sight before, as I get it all here, and my computer was hijacked!!!!!!!!
Have you gone from link ho to hijacking PC's with ad a ware???

I have installed a virus scan anew, so back off nigie poo.

I had to re-boot twice.

I thought your slim ball dayz were over.

The Wench said...

WooHoo MSN homepage! Our boy has hit the major leagues! Now every single one of his mother's family and friends, including friends of friends of friends, are aware of what an embarrassment Casey is to his wife and family! Betcha Galina's parents are so proud of their son in law!

Rock on Casey!

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

I know I was created to absorb; however, even I have my limits.

Between both Mocha and Casey's collective bullshit, I'm at my absorption capacity.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

MSN readers' reactions to the rehash of the Declan article here: Sound Off: What should Casey do next?. Nothing particularly interesting though (and an annoying pimped-up Ajax-style forum system to boot).

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

NEWSFLASH: Mocha's primary malfunction = Toxic Shock Syndrome

Lou Minatti said...

"I clicked on Salt Lake Mortgage Guy because I have never been to your sight before, as I get it all here, and my computer was hijacked!!!!!!!!"

Yes, that happened to me as well, using Firefox. I don't know why Nigel does this. I assume it's deliberate, since people have complained about this for weeks now and it's not stopped. Never, ever go to Nigel's SLC page.

For Casey said...

When the Feds pop you be sure to let them know just how willing Duane Legate and Mark Villasenor were to work with you and utilize you to make money for themselves.

Let them know how eager Mark was to negotiate repayment of the money that was obtained illegally. Mark knew full well the manner in which you obtained the mortgages and the other loans, yet was more than willing to help you get out of repaying the full amount.

Those two aren't upset at what you did,,,they are upset that you screwed them as well and they couldn't profit from your exposure.

Anonymous said...

"Marty Stewart's "Self-Created Video Message" on google is gone as well"

Why would he yank an unrelated video? What could be incriminating in it? I don't see how it was the C&Ds because there's already proof the websites existed and they're gone now anyway.

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

I overheard Mocha saying she planned to purchase more of me in multi-pack form so she can lend a few to Nigel to dam up the cracks in his nice guy facade.

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

I hate attending medical school with Mocha. The dumb bitch expects ME to absorb all the information she's supposed to be learning.

Endgame said...

At 3:42 PM, Mocha's Used Tampon said...

Enough - OK ???

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

Word on the street is that someone was searching for me in Mocha's trashcan. The last laugh is on them because I hid behind a box of Twinkies.

Mocha's Used Tampon said...

You people don't appreciate me. Mos def.

TK said...

Marty doesn't want to exist in the harsh light of day. His video may not have anything untoward in it - but it does provide plenty of heckling material and he's in "deep undercover mode". Like Nigel's accountant Ninja friend, or Brian S. Nick's alter ego.

Anonymous said...

Casey is like the plague. He destroys everything he comes into contact with.

LossMitPro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FMW said...

would some one post the MSN Article, I am not going to click on another Nigel link again.

LossMitPro said...

StephanieS @ 5:22 AM:
”You have said that you know other details that you won't revel about Casey. Have any of the speculations hit close to home,”

Hey there, can’t stay too long so forgive the rush. But I did want to address this issue, then get back to my Casey-related research (got to compose out a few things concerning Mr. Stewart). So here goes.

Lots of speculation has come close and much of it is questionable. But I do believe in my heart of hearts, the one piece (of spec) floating around that comes closest to the bull’s eye is the NPD line. And Casey himself knows my sentiments regarding this, lest anyone accuse me of open betrayal.

May I suggest that you read Rob’s posts in this thread for stronger possibilities? Rob has a keen way of putting these things that make more sense than if I were to try, not that I couldn’t add to the favors. You know what I mean.

Nigel's Guest Blogger @ 11:58 AM:
” and Shark's gigglefest had me cracking up.”

Well there you have it, laughing really is contagious. And that’s what really happened to us both following CHJTS’ comment. Guess we kind of feed off the visual (I know I did) and each others laugher, but it was a good moment. Glad you enjoyed, it was a break from the seriousness of this Serin mess.

I still chuckle when thinking about it. CHJTS clearly comes up with some zingers, whether intentional or not. Methinks he’s the right guy to Mod those podcasts, irrespective our little laugh-fest.

Don't Trust Any of Them @ 3:15 PM:
”Duane and Mark, I find your newfound outrage at Casey's ethics hilarious, seeing just two weeks ago you were willing to do business with him.”

Well then we have something in common. I find people who attempt speaking from a seated position, muffling their words, oddly laughable thing too!

For Casey @ 3:37 PM:
”Mark knew full well the manner in which you obtained the mortgages and the other loans, yet was more than willing to help you get out of repaying the full amount.”

Please see above?

(Back to pre-action Discovery!)

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

MSN article

Lotsa sweet traffic coming in from there to CaseyPedia... bet Kangatard and Pubtard are kicking themselves (or each other).

FMW said...

Thank you.

Casey'sLostTouchOfReality said...

Casey, you are a disappointment to your mother and your father. They pity you. They should have stayed in Uzbukistan at least left you there.
Just remember, even though you have one or two supporterz left, people are quickly getting tired of your sh*t.

Anonymous said...

KC's gonna be feeding off that MSN article for many weeks to come. They just re-enabled IAFF.

soem dood said...

At 3:15 PM, Don't Trust Any of Them said...

"Casey did in fact commit numerous crimes... These two individuals were willing to allign themselves with Casey... Now they try to act like Mother Theresa... call for their respective business's to be investigated..."

To answer your question, sheriffs and bail bondsmen and lawyers and food servers and barbers and doctors (among many others) interact with criminals, and even may rely on them for legitimate business reasons. The question is - is the person interacting doing anything wrong, or just providing a service?

I don't know of ANY evidence, or even rumor, that the two folks you mentioned are doing anything needing investigating, at this point.

Slander much, Casey?

Anonymous said...

Re: Gary, IN ghost town

Isn't the point that population is basically moving west, to high-growth places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.? Population is increasing. You travel around the exurbs outside L.A., L.V., Phx, etc. and it seems there is constant big-box and housing construction going on. There are spots where population has increased 100%+ over the past decade. (Not counting illegals.)

Anonymous said...

is iaff down, or just me?

Endgame said...

At 3:45 PM, Mocha's Used Tampon said...
You people don't appreciate me. Mos def.

Mos def! Thanks.

Adopt another shtick and hang around!

Anonymous said...

L.A. added 37,658 (recorded) residents last year (L.A. Times 5/2/07); Beaumont had an annual growth rate of 21.2%.

Chandler AZ (suburb of Phx) grew by about 40% since 2000, adding 70,000 residents. (Wiki)

Henderson, NV (suburb of LV) has grown from about 175,000 in 2000 to approximately 232,000 in 2005, an increase of about 30% or so.

Maybe that's where all those folks formerly in Gary went to ... ? (Or more likely they're from Guadalajara.)

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Very Interesting Reuters Story:

U.S. Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity
Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:25AM EDT

By Jason Szep

BOSTON (Reuters) - It bills itself as the world's "most prestigious college discussion board," giving a glimpse into law school admissions policies, post-graduate social networking and the hiring practices of major law firms.

But the AudoAdmit site, widely used by law students for information on schools and firms, is also known as a venue for racist and sexist remarks and career-damaging rumors.

Now it's at the heart of a defamation lawsuit that legal experts say could test the anonymity of the Internet.

After facing lewd comments and threats by posters, two women at Yale Law School filed a suit on June 8 in U.S. District Court in New Haven, Connecticut, that includes subpoenas for 28 anonymous users of the site, which has generated more than 7 million posts since 2004.

According to court documents, a user on the site named "STANFORDtroll" began a thread in 2005 seeking to warn Yale students about one of the women in the suit, entitled "Stupid Bitch to Enter Yale Law." Another threatened to rape and sodomize her, the documents said.

The plaintiff, a respected Stanford University graduate identified only as "Doe I" in the lawsuit, learned of the Internet attack in the summer of 2005 before moving to Yale in Connecticut. The posts gradually became more menacing.

Some posts made false claims about her academic record and urged users to warn law firms, or accused her of bribing Yale officials to gain admission and of forming a lesbian relationship with a Yale administrator, the court papers said.

The plaintiff said she believes the harassing remarks, which lasted nearly two years, cost her an important summer internship. After interviewing with 16 firms, she received only four call-backs and ultimately had zero offers -- a result considered unusual given her qualifications.

Another woman, identified as Doe II, endured similar attacks. The two, who say they suffered substantial "psychological and economic injury," also sued a former manager of the site because he refused to remove disparaging messages. The manager had cited free-speech protections. Continued...

soem dood said...

RE: Gary -- great photos, BTW. I enjoyed looking over the spooky-beautiful desertion shots, perhaps because I secretly wish South Florida would have a similar exodus...

If that was the worst of it, it would not be bad, but obviously the surrounding blight is usually not quite as benign as the ghost town appearing downtown buildings in the day time photo essay.

I don't know if Gary has areas like East St. Louis, but I took a wrong turn off the Interstate in E. SL one time and it is the most afraid I think I've ever been. I honestly thought I was going to have to shoot my way out, the way people instantly converged on my car.

WeWantTheFunk said...

@anon 4:21 -- IAFF works for me.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Aaaaand it looks like Google has pulled the plug on his ads.

Too late to change stripes said...

I see Mark is getting alittle testy. Can't answer the questions with any kind of straight answer?

It is going to be funny in court when you try to explain why you were willing to negotiate reduced payments, for somebody you new to have committed a crime in obtaining the money.

Cleans hands Mark, clean hands.

too late to change stripes said...


flailing forward said...

Damn, what happened to Gary? That's crazy... I've seen some dying towns before, but nothing like that.

Endgame said...

You know, the pic of Gaysey giggling at the boat just doesn't look real when I look at the original size on Flickr. I'm a bit of an amateur ('armature') photographer, and know just enough to be dangerous.

The 'shadows' that Casey's jacket (left side) and murse strap (right side) throw on the railing (?) have edges that are just too sharp and well defined for natural light on such a very overcast day. If they're due to flash, then the the flash would have to be significantly (a couple of feet) off axis from the lens, I'd think.

And the lighting, color, graininess, etc on Gaysey vs. the ship just 'feel' very different.

Any of you have a pro photog that you could have look at this? Anyone know Declan well enough to ask him?

And, maybe I'm 'seeing things' - but WRT KC, assuming he's lying & fabricating is ALWAYS a reasonable summuption.

captain crusader said...

Duane was all for Casey making a substantial amount of money before he was against it.

Duane and Mark had no problem with Casey being a conman and involved in mortgage fraud a month ago.

But hey, in a week, after Marty breaks up with Casey, he will be everybodys new best friend over here, after everyone hated him this week.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

You know you are right. KC looks like he is standing in front of a blue screen. His hand, the one pointing at the ship is too sharp in focus when compared to the background.

WeWantTheFunk said...

When I lived in Chicago a few years ago, an honest-to-god Frank Lloyd Wright house was found in a bad neighborhood in Gary. It wasn't worth much of anything, and no one wanted to live there because the area was so bad. It didn't make sense to restore it and moving it wasn't economically feasible either. Last I heard it's still there, slowly decaying.

Gary is really the extreme south side of Chicago; so far south it's in Indiana. Bad town. I lived in LA for many years, and at times duty called me to Watts and Compton. Gary is scarier.

flailing forward said...

I don't get funny business at SLCRE, but I've got adblock and noscript. Must be some garbage embedded in his ads. Looks like I'm blocking linksynergy, adbrite, and crispads. Everything else looks benign.

Be Consistent said...

If you don't think that an individual that owns a company involved in purchasing billions of dollars of real estate, teaming up with an individual that he knows has been involved in multiple accounts of mortage fraud within the past year, warrants an investigation, then I have a hard time following your sense of what is right and wrong.

People involved in real estate companies should not be looking to partner up with individuals that they know have committed crimes in the real estate business. Would you feel comfortable entrusting a thief like Casey with your transactions?

Be consistent said...

When Mark was calling around trying to settle Caseys debts for pennies on the dollar, do you think he was informing the people he was negotiating with, that Casey had been involved in multiple accounts of mortgage fraud, and perhaps some of the unsecured debt money that was used for travel, repairs, and other expenses associated with the real estate fraud?

I do not find that behavior very honest. Mark knew that Casey had ripped these people off and he was helping Casey to rip them off some more, by weasling out of full repayment ( probably without providing the full facts of the situation).

Not slander

CRY BABIES said...

EN obvioucsy moderates ITS comments! Why do you bitches boohoo when IAFF does it?

CONFUSED said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Casey has been around Sydney! And he's driving a Toyota Corolla!?... Wonder if he knows that Bayswater Car Rentals has probably the cheapest rates around... About $15AUD / day... They have those "" stickers on them.. See those cars everywhere now...

BelowTheCrowd said...


I just reproduced that flash effect using my Nikon, where the flash is about three inches off the lens axis. I presume the reason for the lesser shadow in the Casey photo is that either the flash is closer to axis, as would be the case in a typical point-n-shoot, or casey was closer to the railing than my tripod was to the back wall (about 2' here) or both.

If the flash were a couple of feet off axis, at that distance, the shadow would be cast far off to the side. It might not even be visible in the frame.
I've taken a lot of pictures similar to that one on overcast days on the beach. It's amazing how much the subject will "pop" out of the background with just a little bit of fill flash. It doesn't look natural, but in this case I believe it is. Sorry, no way I'm going to post photos of friends here just to prove the point, but I have done it and the effect is amazing.


Bemused Guy said...

@whoever is having problems with Duane & Mark's business with Casey...

I'd like to point out that Duane was trying to find a "win-win" partnership with the kangatard where he could make at least some money to pay back some of his debts.

As for Mark...I heartily approve of lossmitigation for those who get in over their head ... by accident. Since we all know CS planned this, I am less sympathetic. But don't forget, Mark's attempts to get anyone's debt reduced would have to be accepted by the lenders.

BelowTheCrowd said...

With regards to LMP, keep in mind that if Casey were an honest forclosee -- some guy who just couldn't make the payments for one reason or another and walked away -- there would be no reason for LMP to get involved in the first place. In California there's no recourse for the lender in that situation.

So by the very fact of his involvement and his desire to negotiate a settlement, LMP is telegraphing the fact that "we think you have a residual claim." No way they'd proceed without a pretty good understanding of the background. Even if they did, the agreement would not be worth the paper it was written on if the full background wasn't disclosed up front.


I Like M. Singh said...

To the writer some posts above this one,

Thank you for pointing out that Casey's advertisements are now served by Yahoo instead of Google. I outlined Casey's violations of the AdSense TOS in a post here and also in direct email to Google. We can presume these offenses were noted and acted upon.

Good day and go Beavers.

As always,

Anonymous said...

Good day and go Beavers.

Not sure why, but I find this line HILARIOUS.

BelowTheCrowd said...

M. Singh,

I somewhat disagree with your assessment.

Casey was kicked off AdSense some time back due to click fraud issues.

Then he came back with Yahoo ads.

Then the AdSense ads reappeared, at about the same time we now know he did his deal with Marty/PageDaddy.

Many of us speculated that the AdSense ads were made possible by his using of a different person's (presumably Marty's) account.

And the latest switch from Adsense back to Yahoo seems to neatly coincide with the demise of everything Marty-related.

Not sure if Marty was shut down by outside forces, or if he just decided it was time to disassociate himself with murseboi and lay low for the storm to pass. Either way, whatever resources he brought to the table now appear to be gone, including his Adsense access.


CHJTS said...

someone already put a link up for shiver metimbers...

I wasnt aware that he wrote a book.

I have read allot of his scambaits and they are pure genious.

A must read for anyone that has a sense of humor and a sense of sticking it back on the scammers.

Anonymous said...

I don;t think Casey has the coffee can, but I found this article interesting Australia gets poor marks for money laundering

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