Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Work Indeed

Dear Mike:

Bob is out of town and your recent email has been forwarded to me. We are currently in the process of changing the lineup for this Wednesday's Life Online podcast. Rest assured that Casey Serin will NOT be a guest. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Very truly yours,

Nima Kelly
Vice President
Office of the Chairman
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
14455 N. Hayden Road/Suite 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
T: (480) 505-8826
C: (480) 220-1888
F: (480) 624.2540

Good Work ENers!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Rob Dawg said...

Things are coming together. Grab popcorn.

Other said...

I missed it.
was Casey scheduled to appear?

Anonymous said...

WTF, awesome work LOL Poor Casey....SUCKER!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh....Does this mean that Go Daddy (through its Page Daddy division) is no longer going to publish Casey's upcoming book?

Poor Snowflake...

Anonymous said...

you are all suckerz. wow, you must all be so proud that he won't be on the radio. you are a bunch of sorry azz losers that have nothing better to do than stare at your computer trying to shut casey down. don't you get it, he is an idiot he doesn't need any help. i guess all the morons unite. good fucking luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey stop impersonating me Anonymous #2.

So sitting on our azz and letting some Uzbecki dickhead indirectly fuck us out of money, by borrowing millions and not paying it back, is what we should be doing? Fuck you pussy. Haterz 4 lyf

Rob Dawg said...

Anon, you need a pay cut. Get your supervisor on the 'net maybe she can give you a few pointers.

Saving godaddy from the blackhole of serin is a bad thing? There are so many LE actions pointed at Caseyworld™ right now that only one is going to get him and all the rest are going to beat the bushes for anyone in the area just to save face.

Other said...

Thanx to Google Cache-
On Our Next Show:

The Blogger You Love To Hate
This would-be mogul's 10 real estate mistakes left him teetering on the brink of financial disaster, but the blog he started to take his woes public has made him a lightening rod for disdain. Find out how he has generated a rabid blog following fast and how he’s using it to get back on his feet, much to the dismay of his detractors.
Guest: Casey Serin, World's Most Hated Blogger

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Mocha!

Tony Soprano said...

Could someone please tell me WTF this is all about without some bunch of super secret mumbo jumbo? I'm so far behind it's not even funny.

Jerry said...

Dang! Rob, can you post what you sent to GoDaddy?

Power of Haterz!

Anonymous said...

I wrote this to GoDaddy on the 23rd...

Dear Mr. Parsons,

I am a recent customer of yours, customer number XXXX. I chose to transfer my few domains to GoDaddy based on your appearance on Donny Deutsch. Your service as a veteran, your transition from accounting to technology as described to Donny, and heck-- even your motorcycling (I ride a BMW around XXXXX) gave me confidence in GoDaddy. And before continuing, I will say I have been completely happy with my choice and events this Wednesday will not sour me on GoDaddy. That being said, I am compelled to write about your upcoming interview with Casey Serin.

It is written on your website: [description as per anon @ 2:19]

Mr. Parsons, I don't hate Casey Serin, and even if I did it would not be for his blog. Casey lied about his income on multiple mortgages, lied about 'owner occupancy', timed the mortgages to deceive the lenders about the simultaneous closings, did not disclose the cash back on multiple houses to the lenders, and then let each of these homes deteriorate before being foreclosed on most of them. These are the original criminal actions behind 'I Am Facing Foreclosure', and his destruction has continued since then. Casey deceived his wife throughout this escapade and then abandoned her leaving his creditors threating suit against her. Here is a letter to Casey from his wife:

[Galina's letter published on EN]
( )

Casey's own brother called in to Casey's "talk shoe" call and stated that Casey was hurting Galina and bringing shame to the family.

Casey has received very little critical press. Most of his coverage has portrayed him as a naive kid with a unique 'fan' base. The truth is Casey is a criminal, and those few that support him and even donate money to him only continue his defective behavior.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I hope you recognize this is not a funny human-interest story. Casey has committed crimes and likely mortally wounded his family relationships. And, he is indicative of the greed and materialism pervading modern American society.


I followed up with a thanks email a minute ago.

lawnmower man said...


Rob Dawg said...

I'm just a dumb dawg. I didn't do nothing. I am a loyal dawg and trustworthy companion. That is why I am here. People can trust me and know the posts here are not lies or containing hidden agendas. Hidden messages, foreshadowing, secret messages sure but no guile or bad intent. Think back to when I had the guess the AUSTRALIAN animal contest. Can you imagine Casey reading that? No wonder his pants are sagging, he crapped his underoos. Now I post a countdown clock. Even if the time is wrong can you imagine the cold pit feeling that when he does try to come back that some people will have 12 hours notice and know exactly where he will be at exactly what time?

My methods are dawg secrets. I could tell you but then you'd have to be taken to the vet.

segfault said...

Re: Power of Haterz™

How can we sleep at night, knowing we're ruining the only chance he has to make an honest living?

Re: "Grab popcorn"

The last revelation about CashCall was nice, but only cemented very plausible suspicions rather than adding another piece to the mold.

king friday the 13th said...

Curious if GoDaddy has been notified of the similarity between PageDaddy and GoDaddy, and the resulting trademark dilution?

The more people who mention PageDaddy to Bob Parsons, the faster GoDaddy will take action on this matter.

Broward Horne said...

I think it sucks. Youse guys are destroying the Web's best entertainment and for what?!

For "justice"? Cazey already got the loans! He already blarked his wife! He's in AUSTRALIA!

Free entertainnment at ZERO cost to Americans now. Let the Koalas deal with his next RE scam!

Dolph said...

Since anonypussy levels seem to be declining (and even a certain Casey supporterz is on IAFF telling him to shut it down) one has to summise that IAFF is on full decline.

Just as we called it.

Anonymous said...

finally someone who knows what they are talking about. i allincompassingly agree with BH.

as for the rest of you haterz. STFU!!

Aspeth said...

For all I care about his sweet media coverage, KC could 24-hour host every one of Rupert Murdoch's stations.

Unfortunately, the reality is that each new fluff piece about him exposes him to new rubes that he may farm for his next con.

Obviously the goal is to have the consumer association be "KC = victim = foreclosure expert / financial advisor / pro blogger" (these are his attempted incarnations thus far, no?) for the purpose of the book or other guru shit.

In order to keep the less informed from buying into KC's schtick, this particular Anon did a good deed.

Anonymous said...

Easy there, Mocha.

ps. Shut up!!

Sharky said...


"Woo HOO!

There it is! Right on up there where it belongs.

Bandago Van chum SharkyL's outfit.

Check out his rolling stock if you're planning a family vacation, want to show someone around town, or are planning on an extended state of homelessness after following Pretty Little Miss Casey's "Foreclosure Help" advice.

Hey Kid:

"You're welcome.".

asw: investor"

Man, now Caseyroo ain't got no excuse whatsoever to NOT give Toby the Comment Coolie some pocket jingle, right?

I got him an OA to re-up, and even gave him a fishy plug.

Ain't it the right thing to do to give the chump some "chump change"?

BTW...Kangatard seems touchy about that "transitioning to a girl" didn't make the cut.

Homey DA Clown be watchin said...

Homey be watchin' the trollz. Remember dat when you's be fallin' ta sleep tonight.
HOMEY has his mofo eye on you.

Broward Horne said...

Why Cazey didn't sell his domain?

I got curious and tested his domain against this appraisal robot - = $21 = $21

EN = $42!

My domain = $656! HO!

And finally... = $784!

lawnmower man said...

*applause* for Aspeth, too. Very insightful.

Casey's sweet media has all been about positioning him as a naive victim, and about distancing him from the fraud. Everybody does it; I made mistakes.

Declan's article was less sympathetic, but also fed Casey's story by giving him a new angle: "most hated blogger". Again the victim, again further distanced from the fraud.

Anonymous said...

I posted this at the end two topics ago.

Rob Dawg is a pussy.

Sharky said...


Huh... I made one up and it came back with over 10k apraisal.

pardon my internet biz-ignorant ass for axin'...but so what?

Is this anything like home appraisals?

If it is, then you'll excuse me if I'm underwhelmed.

Sprezzatura said...

Holy @@@@, my personal domain came back with a $5,400 appraisal. That's nuts; way too high.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hello All, I'm MexicanMike..the guy who wrote the letter to Bob. My kitten "KittyKat" wants me to give a shout out to RobDawg for her post earlier today (she's pumped about being on the net!) "IT'S ALL GOOD!", said KittyKat.

I originally wrote this letter to Bob Parsons concerning Casey's interview:

Dear Bob,

I really hope you do your homework on this schmuck, Casey Serin.

He's committed at multiple felonies in obtaining liar loans and then went to foreclosure on all 8 properties. He also took out over $180K in unsecured loans and hasn't paid back one cent - and he doesn't intend to do so any time soon. Infact, it's pretty amazing that this guy has escaped any prosecution here in the United States! People are losing hope in the American justice system!! (Maybe that should be the story about Casey!)

He's a constant liar, has bilked people for money with his beg-a-thons, then used the money to go to NRU real estate scaminars rather than buy food for his family like he told people he would. In fact, he took off to Australia without his wife and without the $40K Cashcall bill (He left his wife to face the music on that one!) He's in "lender ignore mode" at this time. Would you be pissed if he didn't pay a bill for your service?

Casey loves the spotlight he gets with interviews; mainly because the intervies only scrape the surface of the story - HIS SIDE! The side he makes up and wants you to believe.

Please for the love of the hard working taxpayers: portray Casey as he really is - a lying, manipulating, swindler out to make money off other people's hard work!

His site can be a reference as well as:,, and All which has a log of his actions. So do your homework now!!

Bob, I would appreciate a response from you personally to show me that you actually have read my email and you plan to have a "accurate" interview with "true" facts!
Other interviews have been lacking, hope yours isn't.

Thank You

Then the response as posted above.

lawnmower man said...

Yes, shouty anon: Casey is a citizen.

And since when can citizens be deported?

Rebecca said...

At last glance, I think "citizens" are jailed, rather than "deported."

Sharky said...


"And since when can citizens be deported?"

It's rare, but it CAN happen.

That Ukranian fellow back in the 80's who was alleged to have been a concentration-camp guard.

I think INS found that he had lied on his citienship application, and that thus he was a fraudulent citizen.

Back to the Old Country he went.

Moonrabbit said...

I'm a GoDaddy customer as well. I'm glad to see they are reconsidering giving Casey more attention.

Anonymous said...



Homey DA Clown be watchin said...

Anonypuss 3PM. Rob Dawg has a family and shit ta be consideren', but some mofos been born ta fight ta death and theyz beez avoidin personal connections and shit. If youz like ta have a decent nighz sleep lay the FUCK off orz I's be huntin you.

TK said...


The wind needs to be taken out of the sails of Casey's little Media Junket. It's starting to make me sick this whole line that he's somehow "turning it around". Well he's not and even the most cursory skimming of Haterz material proves it in every conceivable way. Though Caseypedia does it with much hilarity.

Loved the Jon Ronson interview - it was definitely the most cutting to date.

The Dude said...

I don't believe mortage fraud will rise to the level of Treblinka guard.....

Mouse And Pencil said...

I have popcorn, just need to know when to throw it in the microwave, Rob. All we need is a shot of pocorn posted, with a countdown.

eebee said...

I've been inspired-- or at least I have the inspiration born of procrastination on my networking case study. I present to you, humbly, the horrible story-that-should-have-been and may-yet-come-to-pass:

The Strange Life of Corey Raven, "Entrepreneur"

The first scene is pure fantasy: Corey in a jail cell, enjoying his "sweet" upper bunk. The rest... I'm still working on it. Hopefully I can get a scene a day done (maybe), once the networking finals are done (Thursday).

lawnmower man said...

@shouty anonymous:
August 20th, 2003: Become citizen of U.S.A.

Anonymous said...



Sharky said...

The Dude:

"I don't believe mortage fraud will rise to the level of Treblinka guard"

I would hope not.

But it's not like he'd be getting deported to face a War Crimes trial with a "Bosun's Necktie" as a possible penalty, is it?

This would be more of a governmental "Bum's Rush"...tossing Fliptard out on the sidewalk on his ear as an "Undesireable".

Not deaf said...

There is no need to shout. Enough with the all-caps

Gordon Sanders said...

Very interesting reading:

June 25th, 2007 at 7:36 am
An Interview with Casey Serin of “I am Facing Foreclosure”
Posted by Trevor Smith in Real Estate, Discount Brokers, Flat Fee Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Commissions/Fees, Discount Agents, Industry Problems, Real Estate Blogs, Real Estate Websites
Editor’s Note: Below is an e-interview I conducted with Casey Serin of I am Facing Foreclosure. Casey has gone under much scrutiny lately for his real estate investment practices and his marketing tactics. Recently he was dubbed by MSN “The World’s Most Hated Blogger.” The goal of my interview was to find out if the real estate agents that worked for Casey adequately protected him both when he was purchasing his investment properties as well as when he was selling his homes as short sales. Any text in italics and/or brackets is mine and is for the sake of clarification.

When you were in the process of buying your investment properties how many real estate agents did you work with? How many did you work with while you were trying to liquidate your properties?

***I tried many different things. Some homes I did FSBO, some I listed with agents. I worked with probably about 3-5 different agents. I’ve also had some homes where one agent didn’t work out and I got another one.

Did the agents that you worked with while purchasing your properties know that you were buying 8 homes? If so, what was their reaction?

***Most of the properties I bought were not done through an agent. I like to buy direct from the home owner. I did use agents to buy 2 properties I think. They both knew I was an investor and have other properties and [that I] plan[ned] to buy more. They didn’t know anymore than that.

What kind of advice/warnings did your agents give you about your investment strategy?

***They didn’t. They just presented the properties and said how it would be a good deal.

What was your best experience with a real estate agent?

***[My] Best experience was with the agent who attempted to help me short sale one of my properties. She was one of the few in the area who had the knowledge and experience to do this and she worked VERY hard. Unfortunately as often happens with short sales, it got denied by the bank at the last minute.

That was after MONTHS of work. I appreciated her efforts very much.

As an investor I know how to do short sales myself and I know its not easy.

The most time consuming part is being on hold with the lenders every day to try to hurry the decision along. It can get very frustrating because the decisions are made by a committee.

The agent kept me informed about everything and was not only professional but also sympathetic throughout the whole time. I would recommend her to anybody facing foreclosure in Sacramento area who wants to sell on a short sale.

What was your worst experience with a real estate agent?

***[My] Worst experience was when I hired a young lady to be my agent on the sale of my Dallas property. [I] Asked her one simple question. “What price would you have to price it at in order to get this property under contract in under 30 days?” The project was already over budget and I couldn’t afford to keep making payments. So I needed a quick sale. Hence my challenge to the agent.

So after she gave me a price I asked another simple question: “Would you be willing to do a 30 day listing agreement then?”. That was to have her put her money were her mouth is. She agreed, saying that she’ll have no problem in getting a purchase contract in under 30 days. I had a feeling that she just wanted my business though.

That feeling proved true. After a few open houses and other marketing efforts on her part she still didn’t have anybody interested in buying. Right around the 30 day mark I decided to give her a little bit extra time on the contract. However, she started complaining about the house still needing repairs done and something about the trash that was left out for too long.

That was trash that my contracts forgot to clean [up] and it was taking a little longer to get in contact with them. I’m in California at this time and wasn’t able to baby sit the contractors. So it was taking an extra week or two to get the trash removed. Plus the trash was not in the front of the house. It was in the back and it was neatly off in the corner. We’re talking just some construction materials and stuff like that [which was] OUT OF VIEW from the street.

Ok I’ll give it to her on the trash, a little bit. However, when she starts complaining about the house having features that make it hard to sell, that really got me. She has seen the house several times BEFORE signing the listing agreement. She came to my FSBO open house and had a good look around. So she knew full well what she was getting into.

All in all, I don’t hold it against her, too much. I think she just over-promised and realized she could’t sell it in 30 days. I just wished she would be honest about it and not try to make up lame excuses.

Did you ever have a moment when you felt that an agent talked you into a real estate deal that wasn’t in your best interest? If so, how did he/she do this?

***Yes, kind of. On this particular deal I got 50 grand cash back at close built into the package when it was presented to me. Out of the 8 deals this was the biggest amount cash back. It was packed and actually advertised as $50,000 CASH BACK AT CLOSE deal in an email that went out to members of this investment club that I was a part of. Well at that time my deals were already not looking so good and I need[ed] to raise extra capital to finish repairs and pay mortgage payments. It was too good of a carrot to pass up.

So I took the bait and went for it.

The deal was already under contract by another investor (working in conjuction with the agent) and they were offering an assignment of contract for an upfront NON-REFUNDABLE payment of $7,000. With that payment I would have the ability to close on this deal with my own loan and get my 50K.

Here is where I think the agent could have done a better job. They knew I was a beginner investor/flipper and I feel they could have done a better job making sure I was aware of this deal being more or less a trap. Here is why.

The appraisal seemed kind of inflated but they justified and said it was legit. They low-balled the list of repairs. And they didn’t explain to me that in this neighborhood, there would be nowhere I would be able to rent out the house for what my 100% finance mortgage payment would be. IN fact I would be in the negative over a thousand dollars per month. They said I can probably do a lease option and get more per month but still it was a short sighted deal.

Yeah I would get the 50K but would never be able to resell it for what I bought it for, EVEN after sinking 10-15K into repairs (I believe that was their estimate).

Here is where my fault came into play. I trusted the agent too much. Yes, we DID the home inspection but I never bothered to look at the property before buying. I was traveling at that time I believe doing a deal in another state. So I had the agent let the inspector [in] and get the report back to me. The agent walked the whole house with the inspector and she later reported her findings to me. I feel they were still kind of low-balling the repairs but I didn’t find out until I later looked at it with my own contractor. So I made a mistake there.

OH and by the way… Hehe.. Did I mention that agent also acted as a mortgage broker on this transaction? I should have never done that because it create[d] a conflict of interest. Who know[s] what they may have been telling the lender just to get this deal done. So the agent made commission on both sides of the transaction. And then there was the 7K assignment fee that went to the original investor/buyer on the contract that was assigned to me.

At least I think that’s where that 7K went. I really don’t know.

It was a pretty crazy deal to say the least.

What would you say was the average commission you paid (or agreed to pay) agents to sell your home during the pre-foreclosure/short-sale process?

***On a short sale I didn’t have much of a choice because the bank kind of determines what they are willing to give to the agent. Since they are losing money they try to low ball the agents too. Even though the agent works 3 times harder on a short sale with less of a chance of selling it as a regular house.

I believe the bank was ok with 4% or 5% split between both agents. So the poor agents definitely worked for less money and higher risk on these deals. That’s why I appreciate any agent that is willing to do a short sale.

Did you ever use or think about using a discount agent to sell your property(ies)? If so, how did they do for you?

***Yes I tried a discount agent or a flat-fee listing agent a couple of times.

For example paying only a flat fee of $250-500 to get listed on the MLS and I do all the work. I’ve had some good experiences and some bad. Overall I would only use a flat fee broker if I have the time/money to do all the marketing myself and the market is favorable.

Yes, you save on the fee with these brokers but if you don’t know anything about marketing or selling real estate it’s a very bad move for an average home owner and beginner investor (like myself). In a down market it’s even worse because your inexperience will show even more.

Also putting up your own marketing dollars coupled with lack of experience could cost you a lot more in the end. A good and established real estate agent already has the connections and the experience to move a house quickly and they pay for their own marketing usually. You as a homeowner/investor don’t have to put anything up except a larger commission once the house sells.

I would recommend most people stay away from flat-fee or discount brokers. Unless you know what you’re doing or willing to pay for a learning experience (which could end up being not so fun in the end.)

Sharky said...

Deporter Anonymous:

Interesting links...reveals intriguing possibilities.

It would also be cheaper for us than giving the Fucktard a few years in the "Man Pound".

And, it would racially balance the process, since it's very likely that the Haitian scumball was a black fellow.

lawnmower man said...

Anon, your third example is not of a citizen being deported.

The Jean-Baptiste case is worrying, but hinges on crimes _committed_, but not _prosecuted_, before he took citizenship.

Even with this precedent, it's not the case that Casey could be deported for the fraud he committed in purchasing his 8 properties. They all took place after he became a citizen.

The Dude said...

Anonypussy Deportation Guru.....

You work on that with the INS and see how far it gets. Write them four, no make that ten times a day, and make sure you do it in all caps so they pay attention.

Report back when you hear from them; until then, STFU

Sharky said...

The Dude:

Why you aiming the hate at Deporter Anon?


Flipster doofus was running Usenet Ponzi schemes back in his teens when he was,presumably, a legalized alien.

I'd have to consult the master Serin timeline to see if his mortgage highjinks were concurrent with his citizenship finals.

But you gotta admit, deporting the little schmuck, and others that may happen to be like him, would save us all a heap of dough on the incarceration side, would it not?

lawnmower man said...


The USCIS, as they're now called. Like the IRS, they grind slow but exceedingly fine.

I doubt they'd bother with a teenage chain letter. However, the Salmon Falls purchase and sale predates Casey's naturalization. There was cash back on that deal -- for closing costs? for repairs -- although I think he said it was declared.

All wishful thinking IMHO though.

Gordon, good find. Confirms what we already suspected: Casey was reamed hard on that too-sweet-to-resist $50K cashback.

So_not_trolling said...


Who was first and murst in knowing something was amiss with Snowflake? I have been searching Caseypedia but I can't seem to find that information. In a story rich with attention whores, I think it's sort of sweet how modest so many of you are.

Sharky said...


"All wishful thinking IMHO though."

Yeah...for right now.

But y'know, I'm looking at the economy slowing down, jobs getting scarce, local and state budgets hitting shortfalls, and the immigration shout-fest going on, and I could easily see a bright young politician campaigning on easing the citizens' tax burdens by deporting convicts like Koala-boi may one day be.

Funny things happen in a tax-revolt. Being an immigrant AND a convict isn't something you want to be when that goes down...not a lot of "Lobbying Power".

Imagine the savings of emptying California's prisons of the illegal aliens incarcerated therein...d'you think that would pay for Cali's portion of the Border Fence?

Not Disgusted Anymore with Bob Parsons said...

I wrote an email to Bob about both PageDaddy and the upcoming show - just wanted to give him a shout out for having integrity. My domains are staying with Godaddy!!!!!

The Dude said...


It's the AnonoPussy Screamers I'm fed up with; not the INS tactic. In fact, I think it's a cool idea to see if they'd open a file on him. This past week has been one AnonoFool after another.....

That's yer answer! :o)

rokit88 said...

Am I the only one that thinks of the "ass pennies" sketch when chimpCasey talks about repaying the dirty pennies?

Perhaps that is what the world tour is all about, chimpCasey is defiling coinage around the world in his bid to dominate the global arbitrage scene.

Sharky said...

The Dude:

OIC...You just had yerself a "Primal Anono-Scream".

Hope ya feel better.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I know I started doubting Casey duing the PRLinkBiz episode, and then when someone posted his De.Lic.ious stuff and I went through it all, and saw how much research he had been doing on monetizing blogs, writing compelling content, and various guru stuff like creative speaking and such, I tunred to the Dark Side. It was around then that the Earth Mission was linked to, which further showed another side to him, and I saw the "Oh, poor pity me" pose he was pulling.

There were some others calling BS early on, but I don't think they ever came over here. hard to say, screen names were different over there.

lawnmower man said...

It's trolls gone wild in the previous post. When you have a moment, Dawg?

Not Disgusted Anymore with Bob Parsons said...

Letter to Bob Parsons

Dear Bob,

I wanted to give you a heartfelt thanks for having the integrity to pull Casey Serin off your talk show line-up. He is a disgrace to this country, and all the hard-working people who live here. You have set a precedent that I hope will be followed by all the people that this scumbag encounters in his miserable life. My domains will be staying with, and you have made a customer for life.

Thanks again

The Dude said...

For all our Haterz(tm) who follow the subprime meltdown, here's a goodie:
Stanley C. Brooks, founder and CEO of failing Brookstreet Securities wrote his employees:
Brookstreet went from 17mm of net equity at the end of May to minus 17mm of net equity and the liquidations are not over.

Now THAT is some haircut.....
Full story is HERE

Not_a_troll said...

It was around then that the Earth Mission was linked to, which further showed another side to him, and I saw the "Oh, poor pity me" pose he was pulling.

I felt a moment of that but then I let myself be taken in. M&T thanks for your post, it makes me realize that one should take seriously thoses flashes of discomfort and not dismiss them as being overly suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Screw you LMM.

@LMM says "Rob save me. Boo hoo. my feelings got hurt."

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Rob BBB here.

Casey's blog has been flushed. There is no way he is writing those posts.

And they are just one giant ad for one harebrained money losing scheme after another. Work two days a week and make your living off blog income.


I believe Galina is with him and taking the pictures and believe she is 100% fully involved in his blog just like she was 100% fully involved in his properties.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool and is being played.

I've known a million like this. They are two peas in a pod and actually, it reflects on the whole Casey Clan as well.

Anonymous said...

"If someone is foolish enough to give you $100,000 for this site, take it immediately. In cash. Change your name. Flee to Mexico. Find some senorita that you can scam into sneaking into America. Have her work three jobs. Then she can send you $1000/month. Use that money to speculate on the price of tortillas. Sweet passive income!"

I've laughed alot since I started following the terrible/disgusting saga that is Casey Serins life.

Then I saw the above posted by "Mexico Awaits" over at IAFF (#101 6/25 post)

I peed myself a little when I read the speculating on tortillas part.

We have achieved the apex of humor. It's all downhill from here.

Oh, also, how do you all think this will end? Will it end? Or will Casey keep living in his fantasy world. Will he face facts eventually? CAN he face the facts?

The more I read about Casey on IAFF and CaseyPedia, the more I can only think one thing:

Poor Galina. :(

serinitis said...

I just wished she would be honest about it and not try to make up lame excuses.- Casey Serin (the Trevor Smith Interview)

The Dude said...

Benoit found dead!

That's not OUR Benoit, is it?

Anonymous said...

i had to drop the price another 10%

Domain Name:

Description: potential resource portal for financially challenged homeowners or people facing financial hardship & credit card debt & foreclosure BETTER THAN SWEET!

Category(s): Consumer Goods & Services-Financial Services

Time Left: 90 days 21 hours 23 mins 58 secs

End Time: 09/24/2007 02:03 PM (PDT)

Sale Type: Offer/Counter Offer

Includes Website: No

Caseys Sex Life said...

Aaargghhh! That could NOT be out Benoit (who I also believe is the beloved flailing forward). Somehow I don't think he would leave RAW at night to post with us! (but you never know) Condolences to the Benoits.

The Dude said...


Yeah.....that's a CaseyPedia moment if ever there was one.

lawnmower man said...

Time Left: 90 days 21 hours 23 mins 58 secs

Does this mean we have another 180 comments about to loof forward to?

We don't care. Stop spamming it here.

Rob Dawg said...

I believe Galina is with him and taking the pictures and believe she is 100% fully involved in his blog just like she was 100% fully involved in his properties.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool and is being played.

I've known a million like this. They are two peas in a pod and actually, it reflects on the whole Casey Clan as well.

Nope. Just nope. No additional exposition, no anything. You are wrong. You are anon because you know you are wrong. This is why anon is left open so that people can hang themselvesYou'd never dare write this with a name that could trace to the person posting. We know it, you know it.

walt526 said...

Why ask Casey about techniques that he used to try to sell his properties? He failed to sell every property that he bought as an "investor," except for the one where he took the crappy South Sacramento house back at an inflated price.

"Did you try FSBO?"

Yep, didn't have much luck with that.

"Did you try flat-fee listing?"

Yeah, didn't work either.

"Did you hire an agent?"

Yeah, but the bitch lied to me. Told me that no one wanted to buy a house with lots of crap on it. So I told her, "You should just be grateful that it's not visible from the street." I never noticed it in the three times I was in Dallas but was too busy at Jamba Juice to actually inspect a property.


But this is the one that kills me...

"***Yes, kind of. On this particular deal I got 50 grand cash back at close built into the package when it was presented to me. Out of the 8 deals this was the biggest amount cash back. It was packed and actually advertised as $50,000 CASH BACK AT CLOSE deal in an email that went out to members of this investment club that I was a part of. Well at that time my deals were already not looking so good and I need[ed] to raise extra capital to finish repairs and pay mortgage payments. It was too good of a carrot to pass up."

Wow. You know, I've heard him tell this story a few different times and it never ceases to amaze me. He only bought Larchmont because he "needed" the $50k cashback at close... and he never bothered to tour it before buying it despite it being 15 minutes from West Sac.

That kills me every time that I hear it.

Aspeth said...

"Here is where I think the agent could have done a better job. They knew I was a beginner investor/flipper and I feel they could have done a better job making sure I was aware of this deal being more or less a trap."

Like you would have done anything differently...

Since when is it a RE agent's job to school you on investments, particularly when you present yourself as a big-boy RE Investor? What about all your pricey RE edumacation?

I actually knew a couple of really level-headed agents in CA who would present the downsides of potential buyers' pipe dreams. Both could read the market for what it was (tragically inflated) and had integrity to spare...both lost tons of clients bc no one wanted to hear that. Needless to say, I don't think either one made it past a year in that business.

They are called real estate salespeople, right?

lawnmower man said...

He failed to sell every property that he bought as an "investor," except for the one where he took the crappy South Sacramento house back at an inflated price.

And except for the Albuquerque property, which he sold in a bizarre "round robin auction".

Ara said...
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walt526 said...


He chose "Anonymous" as his identity, but clearly identifies himself as "Rob BBB" in his post, a poster both at EN and IAFF. He's really not anymore "anonymous" than any of us who choose to post under "Other."

Sprezzatura said...

@walt re larchmont -- classic Casey -- always chasing the shiny without a thought for the potential consequences.

That's why I do not buy into the 'Casey is a master manupulator with cans of money in the backyard' theory. Nothing he has done shows that he has any ability to plan for even an hour into the future.

Ara said...

I would also report his blog to google for using paid links. Instructions per Matt Cutts google engineer

The Dude said...

Casey sez, "Why are all the women waving their little finger at me?"
Now we know why...ROFLMAO

segfault said...


I think Google and Yahoo already shitcanned him, probably for that reason (other paid links).

Sweet Cashback said...


Since that article Google has made it much easier to report paid links:

Report paid links

mejustme said...

Does this mean we have another 180 comments about to loof forward to?

I only flail forward. I do not loof forward.

Aspeth said...

@M&P 4:19...

Glad to know that I could help usher you over to the side of reason and logic :)

The posts you referred to nearly drove me over the brink.

Benoit™ said...

@ The Dude: That's not OUR Benoit, is it?

No, but that's actual where the handle comes from. I used to be a big WWF fan, sort of outgrew it.

Christ... I thought that was a joke.

Not_a_troll said...

Mouse and Pencil,

I typo when my emotions are high. No disrespect intended in my last post where I got your initials wrong.


Sarah L.

lawnmower man said...

I do not loof forward.

Heh. I must have been thinking of our favorite backwards fool.

Casey_Supporter said...

You haterz are so mean. You have practically ruined Caseys life. If it wasn't for you people getting in his way messing things up, he'd be a huge success right now.

You people have stood in Caseys way all because you're jealous of him. You sit around miserable in your boring lives and pathetic slave-worker w2 jobs and hate on Casey like it's his fault.

You've screwed up so many things for Casey. I have no doubt if not for haterz, Casey would be a multimillionaire by now, flying around in his own private jet buying and selling properties several times per day while being an inspiration to millions.

Why don't you people just leave him alone so he can be the success he deserves?

Lou Minatti said...

I have discovered the other source of Casey's annoying and misused buzzwords.

Rob Dawg said...

You haterz are so mean. You have practically ruined Caseys life. If it wasn't for you people getting in his way messing things up, he'd be a huge success right now.

The real trolls tried this 6 months ago. Visit Caseypedia and try something new to tickle our fancy.

walt526 said...

Haterz only wish that they could destroy someone. The truth of the matter is that Turdflake has done more, much more, to sabotage himself than any of us could ever dream of.

BTW, Turdflake is an inspiration to millions. According to the BLS, in May 2007 there were 6.8 million unemployed persons (and 1.4 million not in the workforce).


Lou Minatti said...

Broward, according to that domain valuation site, my humble place is worth over $30k. And I haven't updated the POS in 3 years.

Longevity, maybe?

lawnmower man said...

You've screwed up so many things for Casey. I have no doubt if not for haterz, Casey would be a multimillionaire by now, flying around in his own private jet buying and selling properties several times per day while being an inspiration to millions.


Now that's trolling. Well done sir.

Sarah L. said...


I will take you seriously and tell you: On the contrary, I believed him. I grew up very comfortably off and when appealed to, I sent him money.

I honestly believed him and thought he just needed a break to get on his feet. I thought he was humiliating himself to take care of Galina. I thought I was doing the right thing.

To my horror I now see I perpetuated the very thing I thought I was ameliorating.

I am so, So disgusted with myself. Knowing I contributed to G's life today is unbearable to me. I comfort myself that I have a conscience even while it led me to make a terrible decision.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, how much did you send him?

Caseys Sex Life said...

Wow Sarah, did you fund the plane ticket?? Please tell, we won't hold it against you. In fact, I think it is a good thing for supporterz turned haterz to come forward and tell their stories. It may bring dickhead to his knees a little quicker.

Anonymous said...

This was just posted at Casey's latest guru website:

Hey Yaro:

Unless casey had you sign a non-disclosure agreement, could you please answer the following for all of us Haterz:

1. Who suggested meeting over a meal?
2. What did you guys eat?
3. Who paid for the meal?
4. Who took the photo of you guys?
5. Did you charge Casey for your time?

Can you tell us anything more about your meeting with Casey? Have you looked at the other sites and come to understand that Casey lies and cheats to get what he wants with no care for anyone other than himself?

Wounder how long it takes for Yaro to come to the dark side?

Anonymous said...

I'm a looser W-2 and don't have enough time to read all the comments of the past week. Could anyone tell me:

a) Was Casey scheduled for a CC sponsored by GoDaddy?
b) Is this cancellation affecting also the upcoming book?
c) Who did the did? Mark? Dawg? Duane?

lawnmower man said...

a) Casey was scheduled to appear on GoDaddy's internet radio show.

b) No, they're totally separate. I imagine Casey-n-Marty are pissed off, though.

c) Unknown. A number of haterz emailed GoDaddy, but we don't know who or what caused them to change their mind.

Sharky said...

I cannot be the only one on these boards that noticed that Fliptard's little "Christian" schtick was never delivered with any sincerity, and has been significantly absent these past few months.

Which is just as well.
Reading some criminal fraudster who obviously couldn't GAS about anyone other than himself write:

"I am TRULY Blessed"

always made me want to "anoint" him with a paintbrush of Sterno, and then burn him...just a little bit,(at a time), with a Zippo.

"Leading him to the See,(and Feel),Light", so to speak.

Sweet Cashback said...

Yaro responded:
Hi Kitty,

Lol, there was no non-disclosure, it was quite a casual breakfast.

Casey contacted me through my helpdesk saying head had read my blog years ago, long before he did what he did with property investing.

Here’s the answers to your questions.

1. Casey did.
2. Casey just had coffee since he had breakfast already. I had poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon and a fruit juice.
3. Casey did.
4. Casey asked a girl who was eating near by when we left to take the photo.
5. And no, there was no charge, except Casey did offer to pay for my breakfast as thanks, which I accepted, although given his financial situation I did say it wasn’t necessary, but he insisted.

I haven’t done a thorough investigation into Casey’s actions, no, so I’m not educated enough on the situation to have a reliable opinion.

What I can tell you is that meeting Casey he was just as friendly and normal as any other blogger I have met in recent months. He may have been “tricking” me, but personally I don’t think he was.

Snowflake paid? Did he allready make a sweet cashback deal down under?

Miguel said...

He chose "Anonymous" as his identity, but clearly identifies himself as "Rob BBB" in his post, a poster both at EN and IAFF. He's really not anymore "anonymous" than any of us who choose to post under "Other."

Yes, but in RobBBB's case we know he's a fraud.

I exposed him as an FFC troll last December. He threatened to sue. I'm still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Sure snowflake paid. He also signed up for "Yaro’s Mastermind Blog Mentoring Program which cost only $47/month right now because of introductory special."

As usual Casey got scammed. In his desperate search for 'sweet passive income' he's providing a lot of income for the scammers of this world. Those people who sold him the 50k cashback house sight unseen at a stupid valuation probably made out like bandits. They even got him to pay a 7k transfer fee on top of the rest.

Anyone who has watched 'The Real Hustle knows that the best way to hustle someone is to make them think that they are the hustler. Great programme by the way!