Thursday, June 14, 2007

Haterz™ for Habitat

Okay, the grand total you've been waiting for. I am sure I missed a few so speak up in the comments please. Duane also came through like the gentleman of his word he is and donated the full $1000. Wow, that's real money even in the Bernanke era.

NOA $50 (for New Orleans) (company matches) $100
anon 19 May $50
EP 25 May $200
dsw $100
rh $100?
jy $50

There are more but a lot were anon with gift tags that said no amount. Apologies and please take credit in the comments. I is never too late either:

Apoligies for the sloppiness. I am on amazingly tight deadlines here today. The big post in a few hours.


EazyE said...

First Must

I is Mocha said...


Teucer said...

Pipeline Murst.

Benoit™ said...

30:00, Day 2, McFly Tapes:

Casey says that after the Kiyosaki "Rich Dad TV" taping, Kiyosaki gave him $100, saying: "Do you have any money for food? You look kinda skinny."

Casey, ever the altruist, charitably accepted the money. No word on what it was spent on -- probably semi-vegan hamburgers as usual.

Mird said...

8==D <---KC's cock with Galina

8====D <---KC's cock with Nigey Poo.

Akubi said...

That's all we came up with?! Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in you guys.

Akubi said...

Not, Duane of course, but with the volume of visitors, it seems we could have done better.

Teucer said...

Just for the record, the quite frankly brilliant Timeline Guy has posted on IAFF (I know, I just had to read some of the comments, just a few, that's all, I'm no addict, I can quit any time I want to) that his last couple of Casey-esque entries have not been approved through moderation.

But they are preserved for posterity, here.

A sample, here bird dogging the recent post from Casey's publisher:

"Too™ all. I am a profesional™ publishr™. I have many experience in eding™ and pulibshing™ fine books. Casey present™ a very comeling™ storee™ that will have readres™ interesting™ to read. I am took™ a very bg and substantial risk, but Casey is brite™ and kind. He might not be a regular W-2 guy and maybey™ will end up in jail so I must hurry."

TimelineGuy, you're a frikkin' genius.

Nick from Canada said...

May be a little off topic guys and gals but how the fuck did creditard get to Australia ona moments notice. I seem to remember having to go to the Australian consulate and getting a visa that took a couple of weeks, you also have to prove that you have money to spend.....just a thought

Teucer said...

Oh yeah, and thanks to Jaded Developer for preserving his material for posterity.I just hope he'll write an Australian post soon.

Dumbfounded said...

@ The big post in a few hours.

Such a tease there Big Dawg. It's OK, I'm heading out for dinner and won't be back for a while. But then I'll have 600+ comments to wade through just to catch up.

Akubi said...

Rob Dawg,
It might be easier to track if you put one of those badges on your blog...

The Dude said...

Hey.....that graphic. Who's those two that have my tool in their hands?

Anonymous said...


cough...bittorrent...cough cough

SmellyPogoStick said...

Nick from Canada said " the fuck did creditard get to Australia ona moments notice. I seem to remember having to go to the Australian consulate and getting a visa that took a couple of weeks..."

It takes 30 seconds to get an online ETA, which is basically an electronic visa. Read more here.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Galina finally realizes what a big dick Casey is now that he left her and went to Australia with no money in the bank.

She married a professional beggar with no morals.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to make a nice black and white silohette out of Casey...I need to make a t-shirt. So it has to be tshirt size.

ItsMe said...

hey Rob,
Any DCMA bs come your way yet? anyone else (caseypoodia?)

king friday the 13th said...

>> Kiyosaki gave him $100, saying: "Do you have any money for food? You look kinda skinny."

I wonder if Kiyosaki knows that Casey has pictures from the visit all over IAFF.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Hi to all my fellow Haterz from Las Vegas!! Here for a bit of R&R after attending a conference near San Diego.

The conference I was at was PMC 2007 (Predictive Methods Conference) and is actually a kind of mortgage technology conference. Anyway, wanted to let you all know that there were a couple of sessions on MORTGAGE FRAUD.

Interesting ... and timely, I thought. Anyway, there was one session where a D.A. and an investigator from L.A. County spoke - they were both dedicated to Mortgage Fraud full-time. They said that for the whole of L.A. County, they have less than two dozen full-time investigators for these cases. They probably prosecute less than 1% of all the funny bizness that's going on out there.

If Sac County is anything similar (and I have to believe it is ... probably even worse than L.A. County), there isn't a chance in hell our little fugitive hero will ever be prosecuted.

Sad, I know - but dem's the facts.

OK, well I gotta go an poop in somebody's shoes, and then get a bet down on the Spurs game.



Anonymous said...

Big post coming?

What, that Casey and Mocha are tying the knot?

Or that a Kangaroo got Casey?

MursesToMurgatroid said...


Tis certainly true regarding the priorities of prosecution. However Calif. is big on Celebrity Justice. You'll do more time if you've gained notoriety and made a public spectacle of yourself. Casey has flaunted the authorities. Right now the public doesn't really care about mortgage fraud. But when the murse hits the fan and pleather is everywhere, the people will want blood. Casey will be a good show for the public to prove the law still works. Still I only expect a few days or even community service. However, if he's tied to a fraud ring (given some of his meetings, you never know), then he could get some serious time -- made even worse by his fame. But my guess is he's not tied to anything bigger in the racketeering realm other than being a mark.

Stephanie J. said...

@Anon w/ the t-shirt

Use the image from JambaJuice, where he's in his sweet sunglasses, sipping a juice.. someone already posterized it... turning it into a Che-like b/w image should be easy.

Benoit™ said...

Found through sweet detective work, never posted before (even at ratlab's flickr acct... heh):

Erin Morgan gets jiggy at a male strip club. Real picture, not photoshopped.

soem dood said...

Casey's Bitter Mocha
1 hot shot of espresso
1 square (1 oz.) extra bitter dark chocolate
3/4 cup steamed half and half

Steam the half and half
Pour hot espresso and grated chocolate into the hot half and half; increase heat to medium until the chocolate is melted;
Stir it up occasionally
Whip up to frenzy with whisk until foamy
Pour into glass two sized too small
Don't allow to Chill; keep stirred up!
Serve with a Ganache whisky chocolat on the side

Murses said...

@ soem dood

Casey's Bitter Mocha...

After seeing that picture of Mocha that someone had on their web page, thinking of Mocha juice makes me puke a LOT in my mouth!

Stephanie J. said...

They sure are classy chicks, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Who ever thought of Fat Walrus gets a golf clap from me. That was comedic gold. One of the few times i truly laughed on something i read online.

oh man i hope that dope from SLC didnt come up with that. If it was him i totally take it back.

Fat Walrus. Funny.

Casey Enablers said...

Is Erin Morgan missing a hip?

She looks like a saugage - no bobdy figure, just a straight tube up and down.

The Dude said...


MY EYES!! I'm blind......Oh the humanity....

Benoit™ said...

@ Steffypoo™ -- They sure are classy chicks, aren't they?

Professional businesswomen 'til the end... :-)

Still searching for the inevitable nudie pic. You know, there's "no limits" to what these gals will do. :-p

Anonymous said...

Can you please give us guys some freaking advance notice!

I just saw that picture of Witch Erin Morgan and puke in my mouth.

A little warning first guys.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I want to have angry, angry sex with PRLinkBiz - she's insane, and angry insane sex is the best. She's the kind that needs to be tied up and told what to do.

And before you rest start going "eewwww!" and all that, you know you'd hit it.

Anonymous said...

Day 6 min 48

Casey's last house was advertised at the RE club as offering 50k cash back. Casey's was hosed by the buyer's agent who was also the mortgage broker who was also the one who got the appraisal.


Anonymous said...

Sputnit said: Anyway, wanted to let you all know that there were a couple of sessions on MORTGAGE FRAUD. Interesting ... and timely, I thought.

Really is that what you thought? that it was interesting? And that it was timely?

I am sure it was a coincidence. En'ers are not the smartest bunch.

Broward Horne said...

Hey, I still own a slice of Casey's memestream.

And it's the *sweetest* slice, I even beat out!

I'm the #2 Google entry for "Casey Serin Wife".

Thanks, Casey!

soem dood said...

Anon at 4:23

Here is some eye bleach to wash out the horror:

Babes 'n Jeeps

Murses said...

I find it interesting how timely your post is 4:24pm Anonymous. Because I was just thinking how all the anonymous posters talk about how EN'ers...blah, blah, blah.

Are you not an EN'er by virtue of posting here? And if not, why are you here?

Mr. Valentino said...

I Mr. Valentino will do just about anyone, but NOT Erin Morgan.

I will do a fat chick, I will do an ugly chick, heck, I will do the dog and any other animal with an orfice, but I have my dignity to preserv and I will NOT DO Erin Morgan. No Sir!

I remain,
Mr. Valentino

ken said...

MursesToMurgatroid said...Calif. is big on Celebrity Justice.

Show me the bodies !

Who that is high profile have they gone after in LA?

Casey needs not worry. Call the DA all you want it aint going to happen. I know that for a fact. Hint I have a Sacramento address. And a govmint email.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...

Hey, Anonopussy:


Oh, and I wouldn't leave your shoes unattended. Just sayin'.



Anonymous said...

Benoit™ said...
Erin Morgan gets jiggy at a male strip club.

Damn that's some picture. I'd totally hit it.

with my car.

Anonymous said...

hey S_t_C

just ignore the angry anons they'll go away. Its probably just casey anyway.

Or maybe it was me.

p_Sten said...


Yeah I put my shoes on the stoop 10 minutes.
Let me check...
yup still nothing.
Whachu gonna do now? Bitch. STFU.

Man I was just kidding sheesh. I am sorry. People can be so sensitive. I gave you guys one of those translations don't be mean to me.

Broward Horne said...

Hey! I'm the #2 and #3 Google results for "IAFF.COM"!

Massively sweet!

Thanks for the traffic boost, Casey, but why did you hire that hack Marty when *I* am the obvious Meme Master of the Planet!


piedpiper said...

Rob===was in for $200 & didn't see it up there. Wanted to mention it so Habitat got their match...once again, great cause. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds? Could it be?

Natalie the PA said...

ATTENTION West Coast Haterz™

the Hollywood Haterz™ California chapter will be meeting this coming Saturday morning from 10am - 12noon at:

12170 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Laurel Canyon is the closest cross street.

ordering triple mocha ventis are what's hot.

© Hollywood Haterz™ LLC 2007

Anonymous said...

Will you looser haterz get a life already??? W-2 jobs??? You can't possibly be getting much done at work! Post your job numbers so I can call your bosses. Even MOCHA is not on Casey's ass the way you guys are.