Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tick Tock Waiting for Godot

Steph Js clicky finger is getting tired. Can't have that. New thread while waiting for permission on the next segment. Oh, and I expect some other details on the fallout from yesterday.


samk said...


Murses said...

First murse!

Murses said...

Woohoo! I got the murst!

samk said...

I love the smell of 'first' in the evening. It smells like...victory.

Anonymous said...

Rob, thanks for explaining WHY there is a delay in revealing the details. It is greatly appreciated!

Casey Enablers said...


I found a picture of Casey new room where he is staying at:

Those are Case's feet (bottom)! Galina can confirm it:


Joe Dirt said...

Moist BITCHES!!!

East Coast Haterz RULE!!

Anonymous said...

MODS!!! PI!!!


Zintradi said...

@Casey Enablers-


Anonymous said...

@Casey Enablers

Howza 'bout a NSFW tag next time there buddy????


Jade said...

Get permission already!!!

Murses said...


Are you around today? Come on out and play. I'm getting bored waiting around for the rest of the story. Let's chat.

Casey Enablers said...

Are these the couple in Australia that took Casey in?


I think the 3 of them are going to get along very well. Sweet!

lawnmower man said...

Oh, and as Tavington's back: the 5PM EST start time of your talkcast puts it squarely in working hours for most of your North American listeners.

Marty Stewart's fly is open said...

Day 1a is worthless. Casey mentions RESCOM on Day 1b but only in passing.

Caseys Sex Life said...

@Casey Enablers

You have violated the copyrighted and trademarked law stuff associated with that patented picture of me loosing my virginity.

You took something beautiful and sacred and made it ugly and vile.

Shame on you hater (jealous, huh?)

Sprezzatura said...

What's next, goatse, peas, and/or blaming everything on Bruce Springsteen?

walt526 said...

Where can you DL them, MSFIO?

GOD said...


cgi/bin/laden said...

I farted and a pea rolled out!

Anonymous said...

In Casey-Audio-Day-2 (first couple of minutes), Casey talks about the possibiliy of becoming a guru and standing infront of investment clubs in Sacramento and saying "Hey, How many have an appetite for big juicy deals! Go to bigjuicydeals.com"

It's funny as hell...

Marty Stewart's fly is open said...

@ Walt

Anonymous said...

Damn. This is the best entertainment
my money didn't buy.

This kind of feels like "Galaxy Quest" (or "Realty Quest") and I'm crewman #5...

Crewman #5

KC said...

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Contact: domains@sweethost.net
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Domain name: bigjuicydeals.com

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Mouse And Pencil said...

Ruh Roh.

Those audio files may be his undoing.

Well, that'll teach an internet marketer/publisher about the importance of passwords.

Casey Sex Life said...

Nicole Simpson told Ron Goldman "you can eat my pus*y but the juice will kill ya!"

bada bada bing!

Endgame said...

But, but, Casey's and Marty's Secret Interwebs Clubhouse was secret. It said so!

(getting bored)

Sunsetbeachguy said...


thought you might find this of interest...


I put the website into the sign in as well.

Endgame said...

Casey's web site names sound like something an 8 year old would make up while playing.

SpaceyCasey said...

What was long and hard on Casey?

Third grade!

flailing forward said...

@ M&P
Maybe not his undoing, but Casey Fannnnn can make one hell of a remix.

Anonymous said...

Day 5, 40:37, re: Rio Rancho conspiracy

Marty Stewart's fly is open said...

Day 1b -

08:00 Casey got in a wreck with no insurance in high school. He owed 3-5k as a result of this and put it on a credit card. He was going to go to college, but as a result of this he instead took a job to pay off the CC. He refers to the wreck as an "opportunity".

11:55 Casey calculates that he received an infinite rate of return on his first condo.

15:45 Casey reveals that he is a "super-savante"

segfault said...

The scroll wheel thingy on my Mighty Mouse keeps getting jammed to where it will scroll up but not down. When I clean it, it's better for a day or so, then starts acting up again.

Blatz213 said...

Is Nigel back "in" with Casey? The anti-nigel comment has been struck through over at IAFF.

Whoever said...

Re: Tracking down fliptard

Rob, and others: there can't be too many hits on your blog from Oz. If you can access the raw logfiles, perhaps you could look for a User-Agent that has hit your site from both OZ and Sacramento?

Anonymous said...

Day 5 - 44:00

Casey explains that he knew that it would take a primary residence in New Mexico...he created an impression that he was moving to the state...."How do we get a 100% financing on this property?"

Aborigines Hate Casey 2 said...

There is a listing of Savants in Wikipedia - may I suggest adding Casey as well?

Casey Serin - able to lose more money than humanely possible and profoundly enough is able to remember to forget where every dirty penny went.

Endgame said...


Nigel is trying to remain the one voice of sanity that Casey will listen to. I applaud his motives, but am not real optimistic as to Casey's ability to be sane.

1000 a weak said...


Unplug it, or turn it off if you have the Bluetooth model. Get a barely damp paper towel, rub it against the scroll ball. Turn the mouse upside down and scroll in one direction for about 5 or 6 long scrolls. Paper towel, different direction, paper towel, different direction, etc. That will clean it fairly well.

Endgame said...

Thanks to those giving us the relevant soundbites. Kinda like reading the Cliff's Notes version of the "book" for free.

Anonymous said...

A Blast from Casey's Past

About Us: We are a group of private real estate investors who buy and sell houses nationwide. We specialize in providing direct WIN-WIN real estate solutions for buyers, sellers, renters and investors. Feel free to call for a free no-obligation consultation!

Anonymous said...

This was funny:

Day 7 about the auction sale:


"When they see how the bidding works ... and everybody who showed up at the house - of course I gave'em em uh bidding sheet x'plained em how it works, I had copies of home n'spekshun, an appraisals - well I didn't have the appraisal you don't wanna have that on there. Let THEM figure out what the pur- uh- market price is"

Dan said...

Did I miss a link to all of the audio files somewhere in the last massive thread? If so, please repost here. Thanx.

Endgame said...


No you missed it in this short thread :=)


Anonymous said...

the ip address from Camberwell, Victoria (220.253.147) tracks to a map reading of Lat. -37.8170, Long. 144.9670 (if this is even casey, and i would suspect it might be...)

any james bond types out there who have access to satellite sites (non-premium install of google earth just zoomed into a blurry mess) perhaps we can track Casey from outer space!!

You can run but you can't hide little snowflake!

TK said...

Another Shrewd Serin Investment™

Starting Value: $4,420
Current Value: $2,859.74

Total Loss 64.706%

Dan said...


Who you callin' an idiot????

Thanks for the kick to the head.

Silvio said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Heekee says that he'll host exurbannation if Google pulls the plug.


Sure, I'll host EU, I think wordpress actually has a pretty good converter to pull a blogger blog onto its own database.

The Dude said...

I'm gonna grab and upload the Supportz TalkCast...IF....they ever post the file. A whopping 60 minute file...1/3 Haterz.

Someone was saying....what was it? Bueller?....Bueller?

lawnmower man said...

The Wayback Machine is a _motherlode_ of information on Serin's past activities.

getcashoffer.com is a nice find, but check out also the wayback versions of sweethost.net -- Serin's failed web-hosting business -- and, in particular, the ever-changing serinsites.com which is pretty much a potted history of his previous entrepreneurial attempts. It's even an advert for the Salmon Falls condo at one point.

(I particularly like the "Do Not settle for amature design" versions.)

eek said...

@segfault & 100 a weak

Use rubbing alcohol to dampen the paper towel instead of water, easier and faster to clean. Just did this yesterday and the mighty mouse is good as new.

Anonymous said...

Starting Value: $4,420
Current Value: $2,859.74

Total Loss 64.706%

Actually the loss is 35.3 %, it's current value is 64.7 % of the starting...still not very satisfactory for the enterprising investor...

The Dude said...

Another nugget for our HaterSpeak:

"amature" ROFLMAO

He can't spell amateur

TK said...

Anon -

Thanks for the correction. Any way you slice it, the boy blew it again. GSPG is dead money.


Justme / Just in said...

Now we've got two completely information devoid websites. Sweet

whome said...

Amateur. Oh. I thought he meant 'armature'. I settled for one of those once. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

day 5 is interesting - writing the special letter and using a HUD from a sale to show he'd be living in New Mexico.


"buying all these houses at the same time - you're able to claim them all as primary residences as long as you use different banks"

Anonymous said...

Serinsites -- (c) 1998/1999? He must've been what, 16-17 years old at the time? Precocious. Looks like he peaked early.

TK said...


I suspect "the tapes" contain all that the feds would need to prosecute snowflake. The details, the proof that he KNEW he wasn't really functioning in a grey area. In any case, hopefully their availability on a public server would negate the Feds' need for required warrants.

0 Comment Sway-Bee said...

The fact that Nigel is turning to the dark side just doesn't impress me that much. The guy is a chameleon who will try to blend in with the winning side. He has tried all the other sides before turning haterz left him no other option.

Anonymous said...

Day 7 from about 1:30:00 gets interesting, (at least as far as new info on M) as M lays out his strategy, and explains what they are trying to do with IAFF.

-Setting up new website, "Foreclosure Code"
-MS talks about how product, etc.
-using camtasia screen recordings.
-will interview lawyers on "foreclosure code" website, and make them pay for the interview.

"Big Money Stuff"

Casey is ya, ya ya.

overall, other than when someone else noted CS blatantly cops to the fake primary resident letters (in consltation with the bank, and re agent) its alot of boring stuff.

segfault said...

1000 a weak:

I tried doing that with a regular towel (worked for a couple days), but will retry with a paper towel. Thanks!

The Dude said...

In any case, hopefully their availability on a public server would negate the Feds' need for required warrants.

Picture this:

Feds find out info exists on someone's server

Feds show up at server owner's door en masse

Feds stare, en masse, into owner's eyes and ask for cooperation

....what do you think owner will do?

Endgame said...

@0 Comment Sway-Bee

No, you're mis-reading him. He just tried longer than most. What did it for him, as he said in the show last night, was KC abandoning G.

He still wants to help KC, which I think is laudable (for G's sake), but ultimately is hopeless. KC's self-destructive abilities are far beyond a mere mortal's ability to comprehend, much less fix.

Anonymous said...

Listening to part six. This Marty guy sounds like a journalist, and Casey is kind of eating it up - giving a lot of detailed information. I don't know how this guy sat through all of this shit.

I know there's got to be some gold in here. Still listening...

king friday the 13th said...

>> The details, the proof that he KNEW he wasn't really functioning in a grey area.

Whether Casey knew or not is a red herring. Ask Jerome Mayne (AKA The ghost of Casey's future).

CHJTS said...

Okay I am back on board with EN and the Haterz....back to the casey bashing.

I figure nigel can pull casey back...I am a proud Casey Haterz again and a Galina Supporterz.

that being said...here is some shit....Benoit or Lawnmower..please cut and copy this to caseypedia.com..I got allot of stuff going on and wont have time.

"Casey Serin" casey@serin.us

RE: talkcast is in 4 hours

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 16:45:15 -0700

As much as I want to call in and all that I'm really against providing
content to the haterz. I don't mind the hating but when they rip off
copyrighted posts, podcasts and revealing private sensitive info,
going way too far.

They are trying to sabotage every last bit of opportunity I have to
make an
honest buck and pay off all this debt. People don't realize that I
pay back my mountain of debt with just a job. Duane himself started a
business in order to pay off his $700,000 of debt. That's right the
Duane who is telling me to shut everything down and get a job did the
opposite when he was in the same situation. Duane is the biggest
and back-stabber. Mark Villasenor is too (LossMitPro). But my wife
personal stuff with Duane is probably the biggest blow. I don't even
what to think or who to trust anymore.

Casey Serin

MY COMMENT (Duane is such a backstabing prick--jesus Duane..did you atleast give him a complimentary reach-around when you stabbed him in the back?)

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 17:41:26 -0700

I don't know if I'm gonna call yet.. I'm busy trying to deal with my
publisher on the information breach. This freakin' sux. Just trying
make a buck or two on my publicity. Otherwise it's a waste of the last

Everybody is slanting the story to make it seem worse than it is. I
leave Galina. I'm here to take care of some business in a
enviorniment (work on the book, catchup on emails and contacts, focus
regroup, etc). Not planning to stay very long. My trip was paid for
by a
blog fan who offerd $1,000 for me to keep bloggingg and my stay here
offered by a supporter as well (free stay, food, internet, etc). It
happen last minute. The opportunity was there so I took it. I'm NOT
spending any extra money by being here. And NO I'm not trying to fun
from my debt. I'm here to get stuff done and focus to PAY OFF my debt!

The voice files that are comprimsed have people's names that have
nothing to
do with anything. It's just not fair to do this to me and all the
people that are simply associated with me.

Duane's "tough love" is not accomplishing anything. Him back-stabbing
like this is only creating big marriage problems for me and killing my
honest money making efforts. I used to have respect for the guy. The
I'm making on the blog has been as much as any full-time job or more
gives me time to spend working on my relationships and producing even
income to pay off all these debts. It's just unbelievable.

I'm going to focus on writing a post on IAFF to tell my side. I'm not
I've gonna call in. I have too much crap going on. I'm talking with a
people right now to figure out my strategy. That's why I can't commit.

Casey Serin

Sorry casey, but any love I have had for you is now gone the more I think about you going to OZ and leaving your wife to clean up the fucking mess you created..you smug little prick.

Officer Fife said...


There is nothing going on here tonight, so you'all break it up and go home to supper.

Get some rest, as one never knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

Go on now....


Endgame said...

Yeah, but the fact that he KNEW will just make justice that much sweeter :=)

CHJTS said...

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 21:37:48 -0700

I'm having issues sending this email out (I tried a few times but my
connection here is on and off)

DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS EMAIL! I'm going to make a post and say all this
stuff myself.

Casey Serin

Anonymous said...

"At it's peak your account had just over $90,000..."

Casey: "Yes"

"At what point did the carrying costs sink in?"

Casey: "Yeah well, I think I realized maybe in the Summer, may or June. The Dallas property needed more work than we thought....my $90,000 started to dwindle, especially with all the travel I was doing." Of course I didn't know for sure how long they would take to sell, because the California markets were starting to cool."

segfault said...


Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I have been in communication with Casey today. I laid out a plan for him to return home and face his problems instead of running. I promised I wouldn't share the details, and he has responded to me.

-- Nigel Swaby 6/12/2007

0 Comment Sway-bee said...

@ Endgame:

I'm not saying that he wouldn't like to help out Casey/Galina I'm sure he is actually human and has feelings. That said, Nigel picked the wrong horse and flogged it for all it was worth before his "awakening". I would be hard pressed to change my opinion of the man based on one phone call (I will admit the guy seemed almost decent in the talk cast).

Khatie said...

Well, unless it involves money, I don't see Casey going for Nigel's deal.

segfault said...

New post is up!

lawnmower man said...

New comment, to be precise.

''those leaving encouraging comments (few)''

*snork* Mostly Mocha, I'll bet.

segfault said...

Was talking about EN, not IAFF, but you're right too!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

other than when someone else noted CS blatantly cops to the fake primary resident letters (in consltation with the bank, and re agent) its alot of boring stuff.
When I spoke to Casey about this on a fraud cast, right after Steve got off of the phone, (tough act to follow) Casey admitted it and laughed called it "all my tricks and secrets".

Anonymous said...

2. Casey Serin
June 12th, 2007 at 6:33 pm
Ok, in his defense, Nigel didn’t break my trust that bad compared to some other people we all know. But since he is no longer supporting my behavior, I disabled his moderation account just in-case. Just trying to contain everything in light of all the information breaches out there.

A bunch of comments are in moderation and thanks to those who offered to help with moderation as well as those leaving encouraging comments (few). I have a lot of other things that are much more pressing going on then worry about moderation right now. I will try to get to it when/if I can.


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ King Friday,
re; The details, the proof that he KNEW he wasn't really functioning in a grey area.

This he also admitted to me, his words, "not illegal, but shady" on the same phone conversation.

Shady is the same thing as illegal was my respons.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

response, rather.

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