Sunday, June 10, 2007

While You Were Out

Back from Disneyland. So, anything happen today? ;-)


Conversekidz said...

If your not MURST your last!

Annie said...

Second -

but first to say First

Dinah Might said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Rob - Casey's "publisher" has posted to IAFF. Countless misspellings ("loosing" rather than "losing"), poor grammer, etc.

How can we post this to keep people from going to IAFF.....

It is a very intesting post.

Lou Minatti said...


What the HELL can Casey teach except how to fail spectacularly at everything?

Lou Minatti said...

Casey ignored his publisher. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Cut and paste so we don't have to go there?

Milton's Ghost said...

I believe Casey wrote that whole "Publisher" comment himself. It stinks of Serin.

From the bizarre secrecy, to the misspelling of "looser", the teasing references to "Casey's world!" and breathless optimism at young Snowflake's future prospects, there can be no other author.

Casey, you're a bad troll. Bad troll! Your blog stinks, with all this "Wait until next post for the details!" and "Man, some crayyyyzeee things have been happening! Which I won't tell you about!"

Your story was compelling only while there was a chance you could make an effort to pull yourself out of the hole you dug for yourself. Now you've been revealed for what you are, there's no story anymore. You gave the haterz a lot of material to make fun of, but now you're all fake. You are desperately trying to regain hits and notoriety. It's boring, Serin.

People, we are watching MonkeyDance 2.0. Casey is flailing around, trolling madly to regain his lost audience.

flailing forward said...

I thought the writing style seemed very different from Casey's. The "looser" and other Caseyisms were probably an attempt at humor, and the over-the-top gushing about the book was just shameless marketing. You're right about him desperately trying to stay flagging interest.

Milton's Ghost said...

I'm looking more at what message the writing is sending, than idiosyncrasies of writing style.

Only Casey can truly believe that he will be a millionaire soon because "millionaires have 5x as many failures".

Only Casey believes that he is "a very entertaining guy" because he is unpredictable.

Only Casey believes that he can educate people facing foreclosure and wants to "assemble others that can help those facing foreclosure".

And who could believe that Casey "gets up and keeps moving forward no matter what"? All the naps put the lie to that. "Proactive" is not a word which sits easily on the shoulders of young Snowflake.

I could go on. Most people have more sense than Snowflake, and anybody holding the opinions of this "Publisher" is either as deluded as he is ... or is Casey himself.