Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shady Is As Shady Does

Casey reports on his troubles. Well, not really his troubles, what he thinks are his troubles:

2. After months of trying, my juicy $43,000 corporate credit line was finally approved but then suddenly flagged for review and closed down.

No, there was nothing shady, as far as I know. I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested. There may have been other issues. Things I need to improve on.

That’s a pretty big roadblock. I was really counting on it for sweet passive income (sweet arbitrage!). The income to start paying back debts and to float the existing corporate credit. Worse yet, I lost my guarantor and need to find a new one if I am to try to re-apply.

Anybody have 700+ FICO?? (Just kidding)

Nothing shady? You were going STEAL forty three thousand dollars. Nothing shady? And that young snowflake is your real problem. You see nothing shady with stealing ANOTHER forty three thousand dollars.


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another anon said...

First Murst

Robbie Fields said...


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Does this Kid know when to say "When"?

Jake said...
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Bemused Guy said...


As in moisture, as in something that needs to hit Casey's hair. Along with shampoo. Yes, I said it in another thread but it bears repeating. CASEY! Wash & dry your hair, those pictures are skeeving me out.

Sweet Cashback said...

He just hit an all time trolling high. He is either heavily mentally disturbed, and by that I don't mean just a bit crazy, or he fully works on the premise that ANY publicity is good publicity. I am convinced he is getting plenty of positive feedback and encouragement from his AU environment. They are trying to speed up the train for the fun of it.

NoVa Sideliner said...

So what's he doing up in high-rises in downtown Sydney at night *and* in the morning? Office building? Unlikely he'd get in one of those at night.

Level 42 still in busine$$? Probably too expensive for most shaggy-looking, unemployed bludgers, but he's got a good knack for spending money he doesn't have.

Or perhaps more likely he's in a hotel? But why, if he's got generous hosts who give him a free place to live while he does some Massive Focused Action??

Dang I wish I remembered downtown better so I could place his location from the photos.

I See Debt People said...

We have all been waiting for Casey to hit bottom with his debt binge. Cutting off the corporate credit line is a real blessing to him even though he sees it otherwise. At some point relatively soon, all further options of borrowing and speculating will be gone. Then he can really face the reality of his situation.
I'm one who finds his story more sad than funny at this point. He has published all the personal details of his life on the web and then whines that people are too involved with his personal life. Go figure. I hope that his mom did get her name off the account. I would not be surprised if she were the one who tipped off the credit source about her son's history. As a parent of a 24 year old, it is not hard to feel her anguish and concern for the direction he has chosen. Hopefully everyone in the family will be better informed both to his condition and the best response. No more enabling. No more co-dependency. Maybe or maybe not.
I feel blessed. Today I go to see my daugher get her masters degree from Stanford. Proud mom and dad, great celebration, then we're off to Big Sur for a few days of hiking and hanging out.
Thanks RD for this great blog. Thanks to everyone in the community who keep it fun.

Rob Dawg said...

Let's keep two things separate. This post was pure haterz™ troll. There's a reason his corporate account was flagged. From the very very first day he mentioned purchasing an aged shell corp months ago he's got NOTHING but the EXACT same opinion as to the legality of what he was planning. He's stupid but not so stupid as to know exactly why his line was frozen. Saying "there was nothing shady, as far as I know" was the lowest form of lying evil vicious lashing out from someone who increasingly reveals himself to be not just dumb, not just stupid, not just uneducated, not just willfully ignorant but one who has at his core no redeeming human qualities whatsoever. He won't stop causing great harm and anguish until h is forcibly stopped.

I only continue to shout out for the moral high ground to go after our own failure of leadership. When he goes down it will be important to not let our LE people pretend they were doing their job. Every bit of damage he's done since November is their fault not his.

Unix-Jedi said...

I was really counting on it for sweet passive income (sweet arbitrage!). The income to start paying back debts and to float the existing corporate credit.

Assuming we're not being trolled...

He's really not learned anything, has he? Who in the heck was he going to loan the money to at a profitable rate? Someone worse off than him?

And apparently with better credit than him.... (Since they'd be - unlike him - paying it back immediately)... Err, why would they be borrowing money from him again?

NoVa Sideliner said...

plenty of positive feedback and encouragement from his AU environment. They are trying to speed up the train for the fun of it.

It's a fun Aussie trait, actually. I can hardly imagine the shite he gets from them without even knowing it! They can be merciless if you're unaware. I'd say it's all in good fun, but... all in *their* good fun at Casey's expense if he hasn't got his wits about him. Which he hasn't.

Shaggy boy needs a haircut and a shower, too, from the looks of it.

flailing forward said...

I'm glad that he busted out the yak-herding hipster look for our friends down under. I'm also glad that mom is now a haterz. I was afraid she was going to end up being a defendantz. I want to know what Galina has been up to.

Has she filed for divorce?
Has she declared bankruptcy?
Has she sold the blog to Duane for $15k?
Has she burned Casey's guru library?
Has she placed an ad in the Craigslist personals yet?

Haterz want to know!

meh said...

I'm still trying to figure out who the fuck needs to know how CS got into debt. People with manageable debt don't need to know how to NOT buy 6 houses which then become foreclosures. People who have unmanageable debt need to know how to pay their debt back. Right now, Casey has nothing to say to either group. That book is the dumbest idea ever conceived.

flailing forward said...

Whether he's trolling or not, it's statements like that that will keep him from ever getting a substantial line of credit. All the corporate lender has to do is google Hammar Investments or Hammar Corporation to see that the corporation is just a front for financial black hole, Casey Serin.

Wasn't this where he bought Hammar from? Corporation Brokers
The site has been mostly scrubbed of content.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Casey's request for a co-signer that has a 700 credit score, thinly veiled as a joke, is a real 'day in day out' scam.
I posted an article about it yesterday below on EN.
Anyway, let me read Casey's mind.
He gets another "Supporterz"(TM) involved that has the high Credit Rating and gets more loans and splits the Sweet Passive income with his "angel" co-signer.
A fellow at work, who sat by me for a day till I asked to be moved, told me, this Thursday, that his sister and brother-in-law have been loaning out their credit score and name for 5 years to a fliptard in CA so they could help people buy homes as investments. In return, they make $40,000.oo a year in sweet passive income, and their credit score has gone up!
Man oh man. I am so assimilated by the 'rulez' that I can't even think of these scams (I am too busy doing it the "right way")and I am truly amazed with this front row seat.

Lou Minatti said...

His latest post is unusually nauseating. Well, he is living with his parents right now, so anything to keep the story interesting.

ennuisme said...

Everything he writes nowadays is just blatant flamebait. It's become a big snooze.

ennuisme said...


Fico is closing the loophole.

As usual, he's a day late and a dollar short.

Sophie Gershwitz said...

Hi. Sydneysider here. Casey was probably staying in the Marriott Hotel on College Street when he took those photos on Saturday morning. The park is Hyde Park and the other photo from a high vantage point is up towards Kings Cross. My apartment building is actually in the second photo. The Marriott confirmed they had a guest last name Serin on the weekend. I can't think of any other tall building there from which he could have taken the photos but I will check tomorrow.

Rob Dawg said...

He so desperately wants it to be about him. It isn't. If anyone wants to get through to him that's the way. Remind him that no one cares about him. We care about the ripples his tiny pebble of existence caused. Will law enforcement be able to restore lost confidence? Will mortgage fraud affect our lives directly? Will his family be able to grow past the damage he's caused? No one cares how well the bomb came through the explosion.

Anonymous said...

Well said about LE not doing their job Dawg. Problem is that if LE takes credit for Casey's eventual bust and Haterz point out how he could have stopped well before his eventual arrest LE will lie to cover their ass. LE is composed of bureaucrats when everything is all said and done. The one thing bureaucrats hate is aggravation, they do their job and eventually go home. Pointing out their failures to perform will only inflame them so they can protect their comfy little sinecures. As an example of what I mean while Nifong justly took his hit in Durham yesterday, isn't it interesting that no ADA challenged him in the laast 15 months. No one in the Durham government of any power said this travesty of justice must end long before this point. It took the AG of NOrth Carolina to end it.Hope this makes sense.

you can look but not touch said...

ha ha, Casey, I have a FICO of 820 or so.

you can look but not touch!

my hump, my hump, my lovely credit lumps.

if you touch there's gonna be drama!

MaxedOutMama said...

It should never have been approved in the first place. His name should be on every financial institution watch list in the country.

Can you imagine what the fate of the person authorizing credit to any Serin venture would be? I know I circulated info about him. For banks, at least, this would be a very serious matter that could cause bad findings on BSA examinations. It's sort of prima facie proof of a lack of due diligence to be extending credit to this bozo, given that he has posted both his past fraudulent endeavors on the web and then proceeded to post his plans for future fraud on the web. Banks can get fined millions for not meeting their BSA responsibilities; it is not just that you shouldn't give credit to conmen, but you also shouldn't be providing the financial means for such a person to perpetrate frauds.

Another thing: Casey is in fact judgment proof except for income he gets from his website, which can certainly be levied. But his guarantor(s) will not be, and they are liable to claims from the defrauded in any future ventures, because any victim could certainly argue that anyone should have known that by guaranteeing his credit, they were likely to be aiding him in future fraud.

I certainly hope his family members (and friends) now understand their jeopardy. When I read Declan's comment that Casey's mother had probably been the guarantor, I winced.

Casey really is a wrecking ball.

Kirk said...

Dawg: Ads are fine with me. People should be paid when they provide something of value, and many of us find EN valuable for one reason or another. For me it's valuable entertainment, for others it's probably valuable for some other reason; either way, you should be paid.

Anonymous said...

Has Snowflake been kicked out of the place he was mooching?

G'sHymen said...

I'm about done with the trolling. At this point his story is going no where. He is reaching and reaching to continue to bait the haterz and garner empathaty from the supporterz. The only remaining questions I, personally have are:
1) Will he ever be sued?
2) Will he ever go to jail?
3) Will G leave him?
4) What was the DAMN @#$#@$#@$@#$@#$@#$ Problem someone posted about a few days ago.

Endgame said...

At 7:14 AM, Lou Minatti said...
His latest post is unusually nauseating. Well, he is living with his parents right now, so anything to keep the story interesting.

Lou - fact or speculation? Either is fine, but would be nice to specify.


Anonymous said...

Casey's cell phone is still going straight to voice mail, for whatever that's worth.

StephanieS said...

I would like to know what the "problem" is as well.

Also, doesn't the new line of credit violate the agreement with Galina. He is not allowed to get any more lines of credit.

Arbitrage...Hilarious!! Apparently that's borrowing lots of money with no intention to pay it back

LOL said...

"Maybe all this negativity is helping cause these obstacles…"

Oh yeah all the haterz are sending poverty vibes, that must be it. If we had those kind of powers you would be sitting in jail snowflake.

Um no, maybe it's your momma wising up and refusing to co-sign.

Anonymous said...

It's the Sydney Marriott, I've stayed there and took and almost identical photo.

Rob Dawg said...

Please, do not call it "borrowing." It is stealing. He's done enough damage to the language already. Has the urban dictionary added haterz yet? ;-)

Sophie Gershwitz said...

Funny. My car battery went flat Saturday right outside the Marriott and I sat there waiting for the AA for nearly two hours. Who knew I should be looking out the windows?

Donkeysong said...

Yes, it's almost certainly the Sydney Marriott. I did some amateur sleuthing today, and found the place.

For those of you who are interested in the blurry photo, The blue cubic building is the world square and the blurry blue sign in the american express building.

You can see the interior of the room reflected in the glass in his photo, and it matches the interior of the Marriot pretty well (at least it matches the photos on their web site, I didn't go inside).

The other possible building is the hyde park plaza. I called both hotels, but neither could find a guest by the name of casey serin. So he may have checked out about a week ago.

Sophie Gershwitz said...

I didn't think of the Plaza. Whichever is closer to Liverpool Street, I think. So he is based around Sydney, in the Blue Mountains, then, right? If he was based in QLD no way would he drive all this way. Any further info about where he is staying?

Ew. Thinking of Casey scuttling around my city gives me the same feeling as seeing a cockroach scuttling across my kitchen floor. Same reflex response, too.

Donkeysong said...

Oh, btw, I think I may have seen casey when I was walking around sydney. Either that or it was another effeminate blonde man carrying a brown manbag.

If it was casey, he's gotten a haircut since those last photographs were taken.

I'm pretty unsure about if it was him or not, so don't take this as a confirmed sighting.

Lou Minatti said...

"Hi. Sydneysider here. Casey was probably staying in the Marriott Hotel on College Street when he took those photos on Saturday morning."

Sounds to me like there never was a mysterious Canadian benefactor and there never was an Aussie couple that let him stay gratis.

We all know that Casey doesn't think like you or I. I think he got one last lump of cash from somewhere and blew it on a whim, staying at B&B's and expensive hotels in downtown Sydney.

"Lou - fact or speculation? Either is fine, but would be nice to specify."

I challenged Casey to post a photo of himself holding the current edition of the SMH to prove he's there right now. He won't, because he can't. He flew back to SacTown days ago.

Jerry Mander said...

@ Rob Dawg
Is it time to consider an open letter to the Sac DA in whatever the major publication is in Sac? Is there any downside to that as long as it is factual, and possibly referenced? Would it impede an ongoing investigation? Then again - how much time do they need?

That'd be one fishy treat I'd throw a little in the tip jat for.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

If he spent the night at Marriott Hotel he wouldn't have passed up a chance to brag about it and rub it into haterz faces.
Judging by the look of Casey's hair, I'd say it's possible he spent the night in his rental car instead.

Anonymous said...

sorry that we're disrupting your life casey and you'd like the haterz to quit. once you stepped over the line and committed a crime, the public is allowed to defend itself from any further crime from you. do yourself a favor and stay away from committing a crime using a weapon. the reaction you get may not be so kind as what you're getting your current haterz.

unbelievable said...

Yo Dawg

Haterz is there - someone needs to add an entry specifically addressing Casey (since his HaterZ are so unique)


Benoit™ said...

@ Any Photoshop Experts -- the picture of Casey pointing at the ship. Make it so that E.T. is touching his outstretched glowing finger to Casey's. hehe ;-)

unbelievable said...

I screwed up the link


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when he removed his site meter? I can't help wondering why....

Anonymous said...


Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules and laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside.

Please report any violations of the TOS to:

Yahoo! Publisher Network
Attn:Business & Legal Affairs
3333 W. Empire Ave.
Burbank, CA 91504
Fax (818) 524-3001

Serin is as Serin does... said...

Hey, Rob Dawg! Thanks for the (possibly unintentional) homage to my online pseudonym around here--I'm honored!

And on another note, I like Jerry Mander's idea of an open letter to the Sac DA re: Snowflake. In addition to the Sac Bee (local paper) though, I think a big fat ad on SacTown's Craigslist would help, as well. And it's free!

0 Comment Sway-Bee said...

Translation of latest IAFF post:

-When I went to Australia my mommy decided to pull the plug on my credit line.

Zintradi said...

why that guys thinks that borrowing a crapload of money on corporate credit (something that could lead to serious consequenses if defaulted on) and trying to invest it in a higher interest rate is beyond me...
simple mathmatics would tell me that either the borrowing rate is really low, or the return could be really high.... but along with high return comes high risk, more akin to gambling... which brings me to my original question... why he thinks Gambling with others money while he's 500k + in debt is beyond my level of comprehension.

Trying to get paid for his blog and profit from his noteriety is ok by me, yay capitalism... but the panzi schemes need to stop.
Oh and he really needs to stop using the "I made mistakes" crap... no he didn't, he demonstrated gross negligence fueled by abhorrent incompentance.
If he DID make a mistake, it was the very moment in time he figured he could be a real estate investor.

LossMitPro said...

Hey EN Tech-heads:
Could any of you technical types tell me what other search engines are located within California, other than Yahoo! and Google? Any, no matter the size, would be helpful. Please email PRIVATELY to LossMitPro (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

::Clears throat::
::Looks for projectiles::

I for one am glad this corporate credit situation has finally come unglued. What he had planned for it, the main reason he came to Utah in March, would have burned up that line like gasoline on tissue paper.

I've thought about Casey's situation for the past few days in an attempt to reach out and communicated with Mark about it. Casey has faced no meaningful consequences to his actions yet. He still has some supporterz that will make him feel what he does is ok. Until this dries up, he'll keep up his antics.

The disolution of his corporate credit will go a long way to restricting his fantasyland activity, but he really needs to get cut off from all "free"/"begging" income altogether. How on earth can he equate 1k of ad money with a job that would pay 4 times that? I just don't get it.

::Avoids swipe from Sputnik::
::Gets out with Dawg nipping at his heels::

LossMitPro said...

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy @ 9:18 AM:
”Casey has faced no meaningful consequences to his actions yet.”

Methinks the operative word there is “YET,” as the day is still young.

Projectiles? We don ned no stinkin, projectiles.


Schnapps said...


Hi Nigel!

Come over to the dark side. We have cookies. :)

segfault said...


Found what I could... You've got mail. Amazing how many search engines aren't headquartered in CA!

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

Nigel, STFU until you finish your posts at donthatecasey. :)

Seriously though, Nigel, do you feel at this point he's seeing his blogging as his passive income that he will use to pay for his next sweet deal? I think we can all agree saving is not his forte. I also wonder if he's seeing the $15K-30K he values his blog being worth as some form of an asset that he will eventually try and leverage for more credit.

So, call in the lawyers for this question.

What would happen if he "sold" the blog to his Shelf Corp, used the proceeds of that blog to put money in his personal pocket for sweet deals, and then borrowed against the blog and it's "virtual networth" from the business for more "sweet deals".

Benoit™ said...

Serin's making money in Australia by working at an all-male brothel at night. "Hotel", my ass... ;-)

Serin is as Serin does... said...


Don't give Casey any more ideas on how to creatively borr... er, steal more money from his shell corp! (Like he needs them!) :-P

Anonymous said...

This twit never ceases to amaze me, especially how he manages to book rooms in nice hotels and travel on everyone else's dime. Guess the so-called 'line of credit' purveyor called his number. BTW, for those who want to refer him to a DA, if his last 'official' US residence was with Yulia in West Sacramento, it is in Yolo not Sacramento County.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Don't give Casey any more ideas on how to creatively borr... er, steal more money from his shell corp! (Like he needs them!) :-P

Sadly, the only people Casey will listen to are his guru 'friends' and the guru books.

ClickyFinger said...

I think I might be getting carpal tunnel.

LossMitPro said...

segfault @ 9:44 AM:
”Amazing how many search engines aren't headquartered in CA!”

True enough, but ICANN is (Marina del Rey) and THAT’S what matters most as related agreements and web protocols are subject to Cali jurisdiction.

(Biting lip to quell
the blab temptation)

Anonymous said...

His site meter is back up.

teucer said...

Casey outCasey's himself once again: Fraud clicks are not my fault but Google doesn’t care. I should have turned on the IP filter thingy but I figured the haterz wouldn’t try that stunt again. I figured wrong.

I'd play from my selection of the world's smallest violins, only the one most suitable to accompany this whinge is so small that I'd need subatomic particles for hands.

In conclusion: Fuck you Casey.

The Trailer Park Boys said...

Whilw Casey is enjoying himself down under, I have been banging Galina to no end.She is now real woman and understands the meaning of "big dick".

She will be leaving Casey to come stay with me and learn the finer points of giving blow-jobs and taking a big one up the ass!!!

Casey is a small dicked "looser".

Galina no longer wants a commy bs artist, she is in love with a big dicked trailer boy!!!

teucer said...

Just out of interest, since Casey began blogging his intention to pay back every dirtee penni (or not) via passive income from a monetized blog, how much money has he personally paid to his creditors?

There was, what, about 2K paid to Cashcall back in April, right? Anything else anyone can remember?

I wonder how much that would stack up to a W2 job?

Anonymous said...

(Biting lip to quell
the blab temptation)"

Spill it. Don't be a tease like Snowflake.

Casey Fannnnn said...

>>panzi schemes<<

Ha ha ho ho

Honestly Wondering said...

My personal life and relationships is… personal. Let me handle it please. As much as I appreciate the well-meaning intentions of some of you, outside involvement is only making it worse.

.. and let's translate that using the handy-dandy, patent-pending Honestly Wondering NPD-to-English converter:

"All you guys calling me on my bullshit are only making it harder to get the wife to go along with my bullshit.

This keeps up, I might not have a wife anymore, and THEN what will people think of me? As all the gurus say, being married is important for success, because it projects an image of stability.. if Galina divorces me, her pain will be on YOUR HANDS!"


(Sorry, guys. Bad weekend with my own pet NPD. Not in a good mood today.)

Anonymous said...

mocha-licious had this to say on Iaff. You guys know she is right, even if you won't admit it!

June 17th, 2007 at 8:00 am
Letter to Mark Villasenor(LossMitPro/dogeu4ic)

I am not from here, so I don’t have all the big flowery words you use to address you…but actually, what YOU really need is a good old fashioned spankin’ anyway…so here we go:

Marky Mark…Loss Mit PROSTITUTE. I see you keep whoring yourself over there at the dawg pound. Businessman my a** . Fronting like you were trying to help Casey. What was that you said? “No fee, zero, zilch, nada…Casey can’t afford me” Casey can’t afford you is right. You are definitely one road block I am glad he kicked out of his way. You were trying to use the guy!!! You…you…GOAT!!!

So that is how you operate. Your client has issues with your plan and you respond by slandering their name and divuldging personal and financial information about them??? No matter what!!! I am glad the haterz are “using” you now too. Don’t you get it??? They think you are a slimy scum bag too. But as long as you say “ihatecasey” even if you are a serial killer, you are welcome.

I got news for you. Google “foreclosure.” IAFF is always on the front page. Foreclosure work is your claim to fame right? Well Casey Serin is a BIG name in foreclosure. When people follow the trails…they will see your half man half goat muddy hoof prints all over the place MARK VILLASENOR…or what ever the f*** your name is.

Also, don’t forget that the mongrels you are consorting with are mostly all anonymous…but you dumbass…we know who you are…you “stick up the a** -chest puffed up-empty briefcase-bullshit talking-aint worth s*** -backstabbing-judas-bastard.”

Mouse And Pencil said...

"Dealing with empty threats is not a good use of time."

A feeble shot across who's bow? LMP? Galina? Both?

I think that sentence is going to cost L'il Tourist Casey a whole bundle.

I hear the D (Dawg) -1 bombers revving up and getting ready to fly, while LMP's tanks are racing down the valley into position...

Benoit™ said...

There was, what, about 2K paid to Cashcall back in April, right?

Hah, two thousand bucks?? Try $250. Go look it up on IAFF.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who was his previous guarantor? Was is his mother or that Corporate Brokers?

Mouse And Pencil said...

OMFG, coffee all over my nice clean Cinema display.


You can't make this stuff up.

Billy goats hate trolls.

Hey, wait...

Did Mocha just out itself?

My head hurts. More coffee.

No koi was harmed in the making of this post

Anonymous said...

"Just out of interest, since Casey began blogging his intention to pay back every dirtee penni (or not) via passive income from a monetized blog, how much money has he personally paid to his creditors?

There was, what, about 2K paid to Cashcall back in April, right? Anything else anyone can remember?

I wonder how much that would stack up to a W2 job?"

He's paid his sister for rent as well. He may be behind again. He got paid up with the begging money(?) after falling three or four months behind. Other than that we have zero evidence of payment to anyone else.

I think this is one of the best examples of Casey's world view. He and Galina could have gotten W2 jobs, even minimum wage ones, and started making dents in his overall debt. While he's never, ever going to get out from the CashCall burden, he has plenty of small debts he could be working on.

From just the Australia trip alone he could have paid off the two smallest of Galina's credit cards. Not big in the overall scheme of things, but a start. More importantly, a sign of good faith.

He's also got the various non-federal taxes to be paid. I don't know if those went back to the bank along with the house. If they didn't he could have paid some of them as well.

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

If anyone wants to see what doing business with Casey is like, just do a google image search on "goatse".

For those who do, or already know the results of this, I apologize. Tough love...literally.

The important thing to realize, and take solice in, is Casey has hurt himself. When Google cuts you off, you can either appeal (which rarely works) or setup another account with a different name and e-mail address. If they realize you've done this, they will cut you off again. According to Casey, he lost $2000 to Google from the last incident, Yahoo owes him $1000 (which look at the irony there...they owe him money and he's upset when he doesn't get it quickly). Now his best week ever numbers-wise he has just lost a lot of money.

Translate that to this: he will need to blog a LOT, frequently, and add a lot of pictures and troll like a mofo to regain money. In other words, he's lost the ad revenue all the PR he received over the past few weeks.

That alone causes me to celebrate.

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

okay, I seperate my posts because it was getting long.

I love how flip-for-brains says he will repay every dirty penny. With the exception of the checks G cuts for her credit cards, I wonder when the last payment received by any creditor was. He will never repay a dime. His personality won't let him. He sees cash in pocket as cash to be spent. He will spend every dime he makes, attempt to invest it, and keep playing and never take his debt seriously. The only way it would be paid, is if someone else paid it for him.

Repitition Reptile said...

I am so assimilated by the 'rulez' ...

OMG. Flying Monkey Warrier! Those are the words I've neded for years.....I too have beem assimilated by the rulez!

Anonymous said...

The new Monkey Moderator is worse than Casey at moderating, or no moderating at all.

At least Casey would sit down and moderate a couple hundred comments at a time. He would also let the people posting realistically about his situation through.

This new guy is much worse. He only does 25 to 50 at a time. The filtering of haterz is also annoying.

Holiday Inn said...

This is pure speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if Galina is in Australia will Buttflake, on their last-hurrah vacation before jail. It would make sense on several fronts.

Mouse And Pencil said...

@anon 10;28

We only know what he told us. All we can do is speculate. He's posted his attitude, that $30 towards a cc is a waste because it's juts a "drop in the bucket".

I'd love to know how much his hands shook when he found out Galina was writing checks to the credit cards.

Also, Anon, Yulia, his landlord, is Galina's sister, not Casey's. It's not important right now, but it could be VERY important in the future.

Anonymous said...

Apologies in advance for the linkwhoring, but the real reason Casey went to Utah is posted.

Considering today's revelation about the corporate credit, I see no reason to keep it secret any longer.


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Repitition Reptile,

LOL, Good on you, RR!!!!!

We are "Righteous Haterz" I reckon.

te he

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Nigel Poo Poo,
You are on crack if you think anyone will click on your clicky linkys.
Just My Opinion.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

PS. If you have something to post then just post it.

ClickyFinger said...

Overworked, slim, freshly manicured pointer finger seeks like-minded digit for long term cyber-relationship. Must possess the ability and willingness to make sweet-clicky love for hours on end. ("minute" men need not respond!)

If you think our interests "click", please respond to box #2759.

flailing forward said...

Hey Marty, you forgot a page during your whitewash session.
- is a domain I own that can be transferred to you for this.
- Domain name sounds "authorative" and fits the Hoovers data in place of Corporate Tax Relief.
- Utilize the Hoovers content to act as bait for list building to attract:
Entrepreurial CEO's, Independent Professionals, Small Business Owners, Info Marketers...

- These are rough draft mock-ups, and need graphics, as well as effective CTA's:
Sample Inner Content Page
Sample State Landing Page
Sample 50 State Landing Page
(**note: links on these mock-up pages are not active**)

Next Step
- Needed:
completed page template with graphics
CTA's for right sidebar
Opt-in code for email opt-ins
Tracking Codes for CTA's
Hitslink and / or Google Analytics Code to track traffic

- Marty to make "final" mock-up.
- Eric and Marty coordinate any technical issues of website structure.
- Marty to make process flow chart diagram.
- Upon final approval, pages will be created.
- Coordination with Eric to upload pages to appropriate server.
- Page "drip" schedule set to push more pages live each week.
- Traffic Infrastructure created - Marty
(ie: signing up for video, audio, article, social networking sites)
- Traffic Driving ongoing - Marty

Mouse And Pencil said...

Worth a read, Flying Moneky Warrior. I laughed. It's a long post, so it's better it go up on Nigel's site.

Hoo boy. All you Haterz™ who think Casey is some Evil Mastermind™, I think you are going to be disapointed - Casey is just a kid who believes anything anyone tells him, if they pump his ego up.

There was a South Park episode, where they went after Pokemon. They had Evil Japanese businessmen who were brainwashing kids with Pokeman. When the parents found out, and would go after the Japanese Businessmen, they'd deflect criticism by talking about how huge American penises are and how small Japanese ones are. Then the American parents would go away mollified.

Casey is the American, being told what a huge dong he has, and he's mollified. "You're SPECIAL, Casey, and we're going to give you a SPECIAL deal!"

"Okay, where do I sign?!?!?!?!?!"

His mom MAY have gotten out just in time. He was gonna throw 100K away on a scam. On her guarantee and dime.

Hoo boy.

Casey, Casey, Casey. The key in being a success is knowing when someone is playing you for a sucker.

And fuck you for trying to do that to your mother.

Is his father that passive, that he allowed his wife to sign for it?

Casey's parents are an enigma which could shed a lot of light on why Casey is the way he is, and his relationship with them.

lurker said...

I found Nigel's comment interesting. It indicates Casey got $100,000 in Corp credit that he blew on a scam. Confirmation that he got the credit would be nice. We might get the confirmation from Glen Snow if we put a little pressure on him.

Anonymous said...

Nigel, a whole post of yours has gone missing from your blog! Did you think you could delete it quickly enough before anyone noticed?

I guess you changed your mind about burning any bridges with Casey after all.

I'm betting it's awfully hard to play both sides as a supporterz and a haterz.

Here's Casey's email which was in that post.

-----Original Message-----
From: Casey Serin []
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 7:45 AM
Subject: Why???

Why are you outing Glenn?
WHY ????????
Nigel I thought you could be trusted.

--Casey Serin

Anonymous said...

Did KC actually invested $100K on that scam, or was he only planning on investing?

AlabamaSwampDonkey said...

7:45AM....him...I wonder what local time that was.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Nigel never said he invested it, just intended to.

I bet Casey's scammers were pressuring him hard for the cash - now? They just lost his e-mail and phone number.

No koi were harmed during the making of this post, well, except that one in the corner that looks slightly bruised

Anonymous said...

A couple quick answers for you guys:

Casey did not invest the money because he didn't get it. He was planning on doing this. "Good things are coming."

Yes, I did "hide" a post. Casey sent me that message yesterday morning and I was incensed. I wrote a post about it and when I hit publish he had emailed me back. I didn't think it was fair to keep it up since he responded to me.

I'm not trying to play both sides. I've been involved with this Casey thing for so long and I thought he had a chance to do something with his life. As time has progressed it's become more and more evident that Casey is completely deluded. I thought the critics and haterz were too harsh but again it's become very clear you had this guy pegged from the beginning.

My dilemma is I like Casey as a person, but I deplore his actions. At one time I thought his activity wasn't hurting people, but that's obviously not the case.

Casey's blog has to go. With corporate credit frozen, a wife facing reality and a family awakened to what their relative actually is, the blog is the last enabler. Stop commenting, though I must admit I have one in queue right now. My last one got moderated out.

The supporterz need to know the truth. There are no "good things coming." This kid just doesn't want to work. He's too special.

walt526 said...

Nigel's post is worth a read, IMHO. Here's the most salient point:

Casey's plan was to borrow 100k from his corporate credit through Hammar Investments. With a rate of 2% per month he hoped to gross 5% leaving a net of 3% per month. That would have been $36000 a year in "sweet passive income." Folks, this is the "good things are coming" plan in its entirety. This kid was getting scammed every which way from paying $4000 for corporate credit which has yielded about the same amount back in credit lines to falling for a stupid real estate ponzi scheme.

Now we didn't know the details, but pretty much everyone with an IQ above room temperature figured that Casey's next scam was something along these lines.

Nigel, I just have one question for you: why did you wait until now to make this information public?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Thank you Mouse and Pencil.

What is the URL to go visit Nigei poo boi's opines.

Been around EN since before Casey and just never cared about Nigel's Blog.

There is always all the scoop here!

Anonymous said...

Love ya Casey! You're in Aussieland and there's an Aussie in the lead at the US Open. It's all sweet!

The Dude said...

In the past couple of days, somebody posted a link to a graphic file where they erased the background so it only had Snowflake pointing into space....

Anyone have the link handy? I have an idea to put my mad IT skillz to work on it.


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

"Utilize the Hoovers content to act as bait for list building to attract:

Entrepreurial CEO's, Independent Professionals, Small Business Owners, Info Marketers..."

bait... interesting word to use in a business plan. Marty is the guy who fucks up all my google searches.

Mouse And Pencil said...


If you don't want to follow the link from Nigel's screenname, just go to

KC said...

Do you know if Casey is still on vacation? Seems like a lot of those photos were taken a week ago.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

@ Mouse and Pencil,

I followed the link and my computer was hi jacked by Nigel's advertisers. I had to re boot twice and install new fire wall thingys.
Never knew the url, so Thank You M&P.

Casey_is_yummy said...

I wonder if Rob Dawg is jealous because he is old fat and out of shape, and Casey is HOT? I have to laugh my ass off when I read his blurb that he paddles out and surfs. LOL I always see a big Clalifornia sea lion laying on a boat eating fish and yawning. The gut maybe floats, But paddles??? Casey you are looking hot!

Anonymous said...

Nigel, I just have one question for you: why did you wait until now to make this information public?

I've said this before, I don't want to be the person sabotaging Casey's "efforts." He has plenty of rope to hang himself. I have advised him many times not to do it as well as the corporate credit. It's his life, but I've expressed my disapproval very clearly. Why now? The speculation about me, my employers and my business associates being involved is too much. Further, I think anyone who still has faith in Casey needs to know exactly what they're placing their faith in. Casey has faced no consequences for his actions yet and until he does, he'll never wake up.

Do you know if Casey is still on vacation? Seems like a lot of those photos were taken a week ago.

I'm not sure. The emails I receive from him don't have future date stamps on them and he responds to me during daytime here which would make it very late in Sydney. Given his sleeping schedule, that doesn't mean much. He did hint he'd be back sooner than he thought, but I don't place much faith in that anymore.

For those of you having problems with SLCRE, I assure you this isn't malicious. I've experienced it myself a few times. Hit cancel both times and then page back. I don't know what's causing it, but need to look into it. I hate shit like that. Blogger is giving me problems because of an Adsense incompatibility, so I can't change any of the code right now. I'll need to reinstall all the Adsense ads to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


MEAN BITCH said...



Casey -

We know you read this site - and since I know you would never allow moderation of what I'm about to say, I'm saying it here.



You say you are going to Australia for "massive focused action" to work on the blog and such..... but thus far, how much "work" have you really done?

You said your first few days were spent getting to know your hosts, playing poker and seeing some sights...... Then what - NOTHING.... the posts on the blog were lackluster and B-O-R-I-N-G....... and they remain so.

You want your personal relationships to be respected - however, you DO NOT RESPECT your relationships. In your interview with CNET you say that you'd not spoken with your wife since leaving.

You have time for media phone interviews, traveling the country side, visiting the sites and no time to call your wife?

What an absolute dumb fuck you are. Actually, worse.

Here's what you said in today's posting:

"My personal life and relationships is… personal. Let me handle it please. As much as I appreciate the well-meaning intentions of some of you, outside involvement is only making it worse."




Did you put $1000 on the table Friday night? Or, did that money go towards the car rental, gas, hotel and restaurant expenses?

No Casey, you are not the "World's most hated blogger."


You make cheating Prince Charles look like a decent dude.

You make murdering OJ look like a big pussy cat.

Yes Casey, repeat after me:


Your wife deserves so much better. The one silver lining of this latest "mistake" of yours? She is seeing the light (hopefully), reaching out for assistance, and tossing your ass to the curb.

You should just stay in Australia because I doubt you'll be wecomed back home with open arms.... In all likelihood, you will find, upon your return, the locks changed, all person items either sold, donated or burned. An attorney will be providing you with divorce papers.

In addition, Ihope Galina does the following:

First safeguard herself against any and all debts your actions have resulted.

Second, SUE YOUR ASS FOR SPOUSAL SUPPORT. Yeah, you might have nothing but debt right now.... but should you ever win the lottery (unlikely), get a job (even more unlikely), or actually end up running a successful business (most unlikely), Galina should be entitled, at minimum 30% of all gross earnings for the remainder of her life.


And, please...... Stop taking the "oh the world is so bad" trolling photos. You've said in your CNET interview that you troll.... Nigel has admitted you stage photos.

NO ONE BELIEVES FOR A MINUTE YOU ARE THAT SAD.... You probably set up the photo, put on a sad face, click... then smile and laugh at how well it looks....

What I find, however, more interesting, is that NONE OF THESE PHOTOS of you in Australia have any other people in them. Sure, you've got photos of people in Australia (where someone has obviously taken the photo) but any of the photos of you lack tourists or other people in the background. Why is that?

flailing forward said...

I finally got a chance to conduct my experiment on Blinky McFly. I approximate 55 blinks in 22 seconds. (It was hard to tell, some of them were blink flurries.)

Marty "Shittin' Up Teh Internets" Stewart
Chris "I was the um, webmaster at until Marty deleted everything"

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Casey's real destination is Indonesia (quite close to Australia) where there is no extradition treaty with the US?

Just a thought...

Bemused Guy said...

I just had an unsettling thought about where some cash could be coming from. Since Casey technically has no assets left, could he have filed and be receiving public assistance?

@Nigel. Three quickies.
A) I appreciate that you may like Casey as a person and you probably have this deep desire to be the hero, get through to him & get his life turned around. Admirable, truly, but probably very draining emotionally. You need to be objective and consider cutting that thread and focus on other relationships.
B) Thanks for being a good sport about some of the other riffs and honestly, I kind of hope you don't mind if they continue at a less-than-acidic level. You have to admit, objectively, some of the ongoing references to koi, moisture & axe are some funny sh*t.
C) If you continue with #A, please do us all a favor & tell Casey to wash his hair. It's skeeving me out. Didn't any of those gurus teach about the importance of appearance?
Have a pleasant Sunday.

stupid-is-as-stupid-does said...

I am loving the sweet sound of all the doors closing Casey's life.


The only better sound would be the slam of a cell door closing behind his whiney, pathetic, lazy, dirty, trashy, lying, scheming ass. What a sweet, sweet sound that would be!

Casey (we know you hang onto every word here at EN), you're a were born a loser, you will die a loser, a very lonely loser. (sorry people, I know I spelled that wrong, should have been "looser" but I just can't bring myself to stoop to a Casey-level of stupidity.

kndmanz said...

@bemused guy

Even when he has clean hair he skeeves me out.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh, my holy farting God.

No, there was nothing shady, as far as I know.


I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested.

The mind reels. Invested in what? I thought G wasn't going to allow any more borrowing. That didn't last long.

There may have been other issues. Things I need to improve on.


Nigel's Guest Blogger said...

Flailing, I made something for you.

The Dude said...

The Murse Rulez!

Sharky said...

Nigel drops a manhole cover:

"It's been asked what "G-money" man Glenn saw in Casey. I think it's clear now that while Glenn fronted the trip money, Casey was the real money man. Hammar Investments was the source of the 100k and Glenn was along for the ride. Casey also revealed the following about his contacts:

"The cash-back at close deals I was helping Glenn locate were gonna be done legit. We found a clean way to do it. I was just helping him out with some connections. None of that materialized unfortunately.""

But I think he missed the target.

Money Man Glenn was holding the money at lunch, wasn't he, Nigel?

And the Hobbit didn't even have the cash to buy a lousy case of Jamba Juice water, did he?

Casey was the mark, on that we agree, and I'll wager that it was Money Man Glenn who saw fees from the Fliptard's cash-back checks.

You looking for the Rasputin here, I'd look no further than MMG.

And btw, Nigel, this is one of the reasons that I neither like nor trust you.

All of these Utah real estate scams...why aren't they on your SLCRE blog?

You've been the perfect little pitchman for getting people into homes downwind of Tooele Chemical Weapons Disposal facility while YOUR cash was in Wall Street.

You're definitely a jib that shifts with the prevailing winds.

And I hope that new Haterz Brownshirt you're wearing doesn't chafe too much.

flailing forward said...

Oh lord, NGB, I think I love you.

( a brother, jeez.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, just flipped on the 10 here in Sac; Robert Allen real estate scaminars running ads for this week.

"There's no way you can lose money in Real Estate."

Then an interview with a 8th Grader who put $2200 down on a house, fixed and flipped for a $36K return! Wow, if he can do it anyone can....well, except Casey that is!

The scaminars are so bullsh!t.

Anonymous said...

Sharky -

I know you don't like me. That's ok, but your mis-statement of facts is leading to the wrong conclusion.

First of all, look at part three of my Salt Lake story. Casey had a wallet full of cash.

Secondly, I do have money on Wall Street, but my money is clearly hitched on SLC real estate. Matt Krantz got it wrong. I have real estate in this market right now and am buying more.

I think Glenn is probably the biggest bystander in this sordid saga.

Anonymous said...


What is your opinion on the way Casey shared about purchasing the gold stock. Did he really mean for the April 1st release to be a joke, is was he thinking it was serious, until he read the many critical comments and then tried to spin it. Is he aware of the rules requiring disclosure of ownership if he is going to comment positively on the stock? Why was he so guarded at first about the ownership? Is it possible he didn't really buy it and this is just a joke? Do you remember the troll at the beginning of IAFF that used to pump gold stocks (I think he was 'goldspring'?)- do you think he could be related to the purchase?

Anonymous said...

>> I think Glenn is probably the biggest bystander in this sordid saga.

I don't think Glenn is a bystander at all. I suspect that in an org chart of NRU (the kind the FBI may or may not build in their offices), Glenn sits at the top of the pyramid. Chris reports to Glenn, and Casey is the foot soldier.

Now, if I were Glenn I would be nervous. some people may or may not be using the following words in the same sentance in the near future: "NRU", "may be indicted", "FBI", "under RICO", "Casey", "plea bargain", "state's evidence", and "implicates key member of ring".

Whether the law was broken or not,
I really doubt Glenn appreciates the exposure Casey is bringing his way.

And if Galina has an honest bone in her body (which I doubt she has), she'd be at the FBI and Sac DA with the contents of Casey's "sweet dealz" folders.

Orson Buggy said...

Well, it's clear to me the April Fool's Joke was that Snowjob collected the money from the begathon BEFORE he let out that he blew $4.x grand on 1.3 million shares of the sub penny stock.

Repitition Reptile said...

Ew. Thinking of Casey scuttling around my city gives me the same feeling as seeing a cockroach scuttling across my kitchen floor. Same reflex response, too.

LOL, Sophie! He's been 70 miles from me for years. That's a big EWWWWW!

I'm sure he's still in Oz. CA hasn't seemed this fresh for a long, long time.

Orson Buggy said...

This just in:

For every dirty penny Casey never pays back, God kills a kitten!

Please, think of the kittens.

Anonymous said...

Anon -

Casey writes April 1 -

That's a fair writeup. Thanks for that. Stay in touch.

How's my April Fools post? A bit too much? I didn't have time to stage
anything more creative.

Casey Serin

Casey writes June 11th -

Yes I DID buy it... And perhaps I fell for another scam... Who knows for
sure? I trust the guy giving me advice but there is always risk involved in
stuff like this. The mistake I keep making is buying stuff on borrowed
funds. I was under the impression this thing was on its way to recovery so
I wanted to jump in right away but didn't have the money. I know I know,
buying stocks on credit is stupid because you never know how long it will
take for it to increase in value and you're paying interest the whole time.
The plan was to use the rest of the credit to make money and pay for the
interest on the stock and what not. However, I've had trouble getting
additional credit. So my plan is kind of on hold right now. But I DID
learn a good leasson in listening to advice about stocks that are "poised to
come back big". It may or may not happen. I know it's a long term strategy
. Again, paying interest on it while I waiting kinda sux.

I never once thought to question him on it. It was all a joke to me. You guys read right through that. Add another loss for mark Casey.

Akubi said...

As I mentioned over at NGB's blog, frequent and spontaneous eye-blinking is often associated with schizophrenia.

El Gabo Gringo said...

Nigel, et al,

please help clear some things up for me.

- Why was Glenn fronting money for this? Was he hoping to get a cut of the cash taken out of the corporate credit line? If so, how? Maybe it's clear and I don't get it (although I could take a couple of guesses.)

- Why did KC have money he was so reluctant to spend? Was it because it was a temp loan from mama or was he just mooching as much as possible?


Akubi said...

The Dude,
That murse video is hilarious!

flailing forward said...

Casey's trip is completely ruining my mental image of Australia. I've always imagined that it's full of grizzled Bon Scott types and road warrior dudes driving around with half-naked women strapped to their hoods. Sure, I knew we couldn't count on California to kick Casey's ass, but I thought he was surely in for a murse beating as soon as he touched down there. California gave us wheatgrass colonics; Australia gave us cretins in hockey masks fighting over burning refineries. WTF, Australia? Are we going to have to ship Casey to Gary, IN to get his ass kicked properly?

Mouse And Pencil said...

Nigel, I think i know how you feel right about now - admitting Casey conned you with his "I'm just an innocent guy trying to do the right thing!" act ain't easy.

I think you're telling the truth, so I'm cutting you some slack - you still have some issues here, but that'll work itself out eventually, or not.

However, koi, pleather, pins, Axe, and such are OUR meme, so we're keeping it.

One koi was slightly irked in the production of this post.

KC said...

Someone contact a nigerian email scammer LOL.

Anonymous said...


Don't eat the yellow snow.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Yes I DID buy it... And perhaps I fell for another scam... Who knows for sure?

I do! Of COURSE he fell for another scam.

R-Boy said...


Casey used for his corporation.

LOL said...

@ flailing

Send Casey to Detroit, no matter what Mocha says his tiny white murse carrying ass would get kicked in 5 min in her supposed neighborhood (something about Mack ave was mentioned on the fraudcast which explains a few things about Mocha).

Mack Ave = cracktown

Akatsukami said...

Nothing to monetize in Serin's -- or anyone's -- blog

Anonymous said...

Domain Name:

Description: potential resource portal for financially challenged homeowners or people facing financial hardship & credit card debt.

Category(s): Consumer Goods & Services-Financial Services

Time Left: 6 days 23 hours 44 mins 55 secs

End Time: 06/24/2007 02:00 PM (PDT)

Sale Type: Auction

Includes Website: No

Benoit™ said...

@ Casey_is_yummy 11:32 -- Casey you are looking hot!

Yeah, he's a shoe-in for next year's "Mr. Universe" contest. :-P

Casey's looking hot under the collar, but that's about it.

lawnmower man said...

Casey_is_yummy: I wonder if Rob Dawg is jealous because he is old fat and out of shape, and Casey is HOT?

Yes, truly there is much in Casey's situation to inspire jealousy.

As for Casey looking hot: maybe. If your tastes run to scrawny lank-haired runaway teenagers, that is.

BelowTheCrowd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BelowTheCrowd said...

I can think of only two reasons for Glenn to have fronted Casey's trip. This doesn't mean there aren't others, but these are the only two I can think of:

1) Part of the NRU sales BS. Glenn spent a couple of hundred bucks being "supportive mentor" as part of the MLM deal that sent Casey to NRU. Typically in these outfits, the money moves up the pyramid, so it's quite conceivable that both Glenn and Chris got a chunk of Casey's "investment in education."

2) Glenn was associated with the scammers, playing inside man to get Casey hooked.

Either way, a few hundred bucks invested for a return in the thousands or tens of thousands, and a mark who was too naive and inexperienced to realize that he was taken by his "friends."

As I think through this, I keep coming up with quotes from "The Sting" that describe exactly this kind of activity.


RuNuts? said...

Casey hot?! The guy looks like a meth addict. He could play a disheveled extra in 'Intervention'. I know it sounds unkind but he is so thin and unkempt.

Jeepy said...

Nigel -

Once again, Casey has it wrong. He says that buying stocks on borrowed money is the wrong thing to do, except its done every day - its called margin. The truth is, it's wrong for CASEY to be buying stock with borrowed funds. In fact, it's wrong for Casey to buy stocks at all, because he knows less than nothing about securities analysis and trading, and thinks it all a casino. Duane's analysis (that for the stock to go to $1 would imply an over $1 billion valuation for a company which has practically no revenues) and Snowflake's response was priceless. Another in a long and neverending series of mistakes. His contention that he has a genius IQ is becoming less and less credible.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to one of the podcasts. ROFLMAO. Benoit sounds like he has din din with mommie every wednesday and sunday. He also sounds like the type that molests little boys. ROFLMAO
My buddy said he imagines benoit bound n gagged in an S&M scenarion, with his DOMME yelling at him to wimper like a little puppy. ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Re: Glenn and Casey's trip to Utah.

My interpretation was this: Casey owes $20k to Glenn (the balloon payment due in May). They were trying to set up a cash-back deal. Casey would be on the hook for yet one more loan, but he would have the cash to pay off Glenn.

All the above is speculation and supposition.

Anonymous said...

Re: Glenn carrying Casey's cash?

I just don't get this. What adult allows another adult to carry their money for them? Especially when they have a convenient murse in which to carry said money.

I think Nigel has mis-interpreted what he saw with the bill payment.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the exact amount of corporate credit Casey has obtained thus far?

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

His contention that he has a genius IQ is becoming less and less credible.
Casey's IQ is in the low 130's, as posted on an advertisement for readers to take an IQ test on IAFF.
Genius is 140 and up.
What is really scary is that 1/2 of the population has an IQ of 100 or less. I am not an IQ snob, really, ;;;soft cough, cough;;;just sayin.
It also stated that Casey has a high tolerance for stress.
Ya think?

Nagasu said...

Casey_is_yummy: I wonder if Rob Dawg is jealous because he is old fat and out of shape, and Casey is HOT?
Casey_is_yummy, have you seen his ass? If he isn't storing it in his murse, where the hell did it go?

Benoit™ said...

He also sounds like the type that molests little boys.

I wonder exactly how you would know what such people "sound like". Hang out with the NAMBLA crowd much?

Pick a username, troll. :-)

Benoit Fan said...

Hey Benoit. Is my mental image correct of you?

*Tall and Lanky
*Oblong head
*Thick glasses(I mean REALLY
thick, with one cracked lense, a
crooked frame and tape at the
nape of the nose area)
*Nice straight teeth(braces from
age 9 to age 29)
*Briefs(with shit skid marks
*Pocket protector(never leaves
home without it)
*Pale skin( cuz you are ALWAYS
indoors on your computer digging
shit up on people)
*Right nostril red(cuz you are
ALWAYS digging shit outta your
nose too)
*Pants length ALWAYS way above the
ankles(cuz you're cool like that)
*Stinky fingers(cuz you're ALWAYS
digging your briefs outta yoour
TIGHT ass)

Shall I go on or am I dead on.


Anonymous said...

"His contention that he has a genius IQ is becoming less and less credible.
Casey's IQ is in the low 130's, as posted on an advertisement for readers to take an IQ test on IAFF.
Genius is 140 and up.
What is really scary is that 1/2 of the population has an IQ of 100 or less. I am not an IQ snob, really, ;;;soft cough, cough;;;just sayin."

Casey's IQ is NOT in the low 130s, and there's no "genius" level in IQ testing. Anything over 130 is very, very bright, 132 is the handy 98th percentile on the two most standard tests.

I'd guess (from having done actual testing on actual people with the actual thing, not internet IQ tests (which are all bunk, just btw), his IQ is somewhere between 100-110. Just a guess, but I've been not bad at guessing in the past.

Not for nothing, but people tend to have weirdly skewed views of IQ scores and testing.

Jeepy said...

I would strongly doubt his IQ is in the 130s. It's been 20 years since I took one, and I don't recall the score accurately - I could say it was 150, but that would be entirely speculative and Snowflake-like. On the other hand, on every standardized test from the SAT to LSAT to GRE to GMAT, I've scored in the 99th percentile, so I'm fairly confident I've left Snowflake behind in that completely irrelevant respect.

Benoit's lover said...

"Be Be, c'mere you nasty boi. You wanna be the top guy today or you wanna be the bottom guy? Yes my lil bitch, you can wear the lacy french panties, your purrrrrrrrrty like that."


BENOIT(LOL) Even his handle sounds like a closet gay lil pansy.


I can't say get a life cuz there is no hope for you. Might as well get out the make up kit and your lil frillies and get to work on Casey. You already think he is dumb, so he probably won't notice.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Oh, anon, okay.
140 and up is MENSA rather than Genuis, I assumed they were synonymous, so much for my to 2% pigeon hole. te he

Casey would never exaggerate his intellect, especially in public, naw.

Casey's advertiser of the Internet IQ test on IAFF is not a real IQ test?

Casey would never stoop so low.
te he

Benoit™ said...


I know you do. BTW, while you're alleging me to be some kind of social misfit, exactly how do you have time in the middle of the day to post 500-word diatribes about people you've never met?

Methinks you're "projecting", as psychologists would say...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Methinks you're "projecting"
@ Benoit,
Good one, LOLOL lolol
and you're right!!!!!

Akubi said...

Benoit's lover troll,
Would you like us to get medieval on your ass?

Miguel said...

Never forget that Casey's 131 IQ score was achieved:

1. something like double the time most people are permitted;
2. ...with the help of scratch paper and a calculator;
3. an entirely self-administered home environment.

I'd hazard a guess that a professional IQ test in far more controlled conditions would produce a somewhat different result...

(This is quite apart from the fact that IQ tests don't tell us very much - especially if the testee is mentally ill, as may very well be the case here)

STFU FMW said...


No one cares what you have to say. You are merely an EN cheerleader. You would eat dawg shit if they told you it was the thing to do.

By the way who is watching your 16 year old while you "play" smartass online???

STFU FMW said...

Better yet. How about I come babysit that neglected 16 year old for you. We'll play find the dawg bone. Dawgs like tight lil pussies! Meowwwwwwwwwww! Or is it a lil boy? I heard that's Benoits fav. Get a life woman. Your EN hero worship is nauseating.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Since when does a 16 year require "watching"?

Jesus, you trolls are running out of material.

TrollWatch said...

Marty, is that you? We know that the group here outed your lame "info product" attempt, but that's no reason to be bitter.

Go back home to your mother and cry on her shoulder. Oh wait, you're not allowed to do that, since she filed that restraining order against you.

Ah well, you'll get over it soon enough.

flailing forward said...

Hey Marty, please shave that retarded tuft off the top of your head. You're starting to look like Butters from Southpark.

FMW is a Goddess said...

It's true. She is. You trolls are just haters.

Mouse And Pencil said...

*yawn* Typical loser troll. LOL. So, you admit to having sex with underage children? Interesting.

Hey Dawg, how about throwing the IP of STFU FMW to FlyingMonkeyWarrior so she can get a restraining order on him and report his threat of raping underage teens to his/her local authorities and ISP?

I guarantee it's IP will scramble to comply, when it's about kids.

Repitition Reptile said...

@ Lou Minatti


CS has never and will never take a challenge. The only skill he has is creating suspence and speculation. He will not take yours no matter where he is.

It would be a simple matter for me to get a paper from Oz and photograph myself, even though I'm thousands of miles away.

He's in Oz. It would be completely in character.

Akubi said...

One other thing Benoit's lover troll, just like the regional and political diversity in the supposed “Haterz” I would say we have a broad range in the straight/gay spectrum so a homophobic projection generality isn’t going to fly.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Eat a bug Troll.

You borrow money from Cash Call to pay for your ISP.

LOL, thank you EN'ers.

The Cheerleader Goddess with an IQ of
just under Mensa (on line any way).
te he

TrollWatch said...

Interestingly, the troll's comments kept going full steam for an hour straight until the name "Marty Stewart" was mentioned.

Why do I get the feeling the IP would be coming from the general vicinity of Reno / Vegas ... ??

Akubi said...

If the troll happens to be MOCHA, your writing is much better when you post as yourself and mention goats and other funny asides like we're "a bunch of 12 year olds boyz with your kissin' cousin steph, t and FMV at the club house."

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Casey what his SAT scores were.

Anonymous said...

FMW, you dumb bitch. This need you have to "belong." Is it worth having your kid mentioned by idiot trolls. Maybe they are right. You might need to get a life babe.

Benoit's lover said...

But that is why I love my Be Be. He is gay and proud as fuck about it. But why only when he is with me?


LossMitPro said...

Mouse and Pencil @ 4:05 PM:
”I guarantee it's IP will scramble to comply, when it's about kids.”

...Or in compliance with civil orders, connective to criminal conduct. SDT’s are beautiful things. ;)

(Shakes head at Casey kneeling behind Marty!)

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

This is a "Red Herring" Troll. This troll throws up comments about irrelevant topics to divert the attention away from the Evil Doers that this blog is about, which, MAY includ said "Red Herring; Troll,
imo, but I ain't nobody.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Oh, now you're pretending to NOT be the one who threatened her kids.

Wow, what a tough guy you are. So brave.

Typical fucking loser troll - always attack the weak (kids) and then try and hide like the pussies they are when they get called on it.

Are you proud of your life? Is your life so empty that you go online and threaten kids, to make yourself feel better? How pathetic are you?

Gee, you could'nt be so full of bile and anger, because she fits in with agroup of adults, and you have no ability to do that, at all? Hmm? Jealous much? Of all things to be angry at someone here, but to be angry because you feel like someone wants to fit into a social group.



(Do i need point out how many of these trolls attack the women here? What does that tell us?)

Mouse And Pencil said...


Oh, that one's gonna leave a mark!

Anonymous said...

I've consistently scored in the 125-135 range on regular IQ tests and online IQ tests. I was surprised at the consistency of the online tests.

You don't need an IQ of 140 to get into MENSA. I got in with an SAT score above 1250. :) But it was a pointless accomplishment.

TrollWatch said...

Which is sadder --

a) people who spend time exposing a habitual criminal like Casey and his associates, or

b) people who complain that the above group has no lives, while spending hours (days, weeks?) to post online slurs. Raping kids. Check. Gay jokes. Check. We're on pins and needles waiting for the inevitable comparison to Hitler.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

angry because you feel like someone wants to fit into a social group.


@ M&P.

Does this mean I fit in??
::said in a doubtful tone::

Just kidding!!!!


My face is hurting from laughing, thank you Mouse and Pencil, chivalry is not dead.

The Goddess Cheerleader

STFU Mark said...

pompus son of a bitch. Go add some glue to your funky toupe if you have no foreclosures to fuck up.

BelowTheCrowd said...


My high school English teacher always had response ready when kids tried to provoke him.

"I don't get mad, I get even."

He always did.

That was the most important lesson of my high school English class.

On that note, let me say that I like your style and think my high school English teacher would too.


Play fair Rob Dawg said...

Your crew gets to say all kinds of shit but you pick and chose what you will post from the "other" side. AT least Casey is trying to protect Galina and his family. Thought your blog was organic. You opened the can of worms. Let her rip. Or can't your pack handle a lil ribbing! (NO FAIR)

Anonymous said...

Play fair Rob Dawg said..

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Dawg knows my e-mail.
Thanks. I won't feed the troll, but ping them all you want.

RCS is a manbag sniffer said...

Hey RCS, why did you take your blog down? Was it because you realized you had nothing to say, or was it because you're a gigantic pussy?

Akubi said...

Perhaps "get(ting) medieval on your ass" loosely translates to
"I don't get mad, I get even." Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

@RCS is a manbag sniffer

Like there's no chance it could be both?

BelowTheCrowd said...


"...Or in compliance with civil orders, connective to criminal conduct. SDT’s are beautiful things. ;)"


"I don't get mad, I get even."



Jus Askin said...

Has Martin "Marty" J. Stewart dropped Casey?

Has anyone determined his identity yet?

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of pussies. You put it out but can't take it. You're boring me now (YAWN)

HP Refugee said...

Why are the trolls trying to scare the regular posters at EN away, unless they are guilty?
Well, they can't and won't run us off with threats of attacking and assaulting our children.

Hi Marty! said...

[<<] [>>]
Domain Name ? (Network)
IP Address 71.0.39.# (Sprint DSL)
ISP Sprint DSL
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Nevada
City : Las Vegas
Lat/Long : 36.1515, -115.2048 (Map)

Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
Javascript version 1.3
Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 16 bits

Time of Visit Jun 17 2007 5:05:02 pm
Last Page View Jun 17 2007 5:06:14 pm
Visit Length 1 minute 12 seconds
Page Views 2
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page http://exurbannation.../06/hey-dad-why.html
Time Zone UTC-8:00
Visitor's Time Jun 17 2007 5:05:02 pm
Visit Number 394,495

The Manhunt Begins Now said...

Has anyone confirmed that Marty is the individual that's in those court dockets from Washoe County/Reno NV?

Benoit™ said...

Has anyone confirmed that Marty is the individual that's in those court dockets from Washoe County/Reno NV?

Here's what I wrote at Caseypedia: An Intelius-type public records search of "Marty Stewart" in Nevada turns up nothing. However, "Martin Stewart" in Nevada turns up five or six people. Only one was under 40 years old. That person (Martin James Stewart) not-so-coincidentally had known addresses in both Nevada and California, and had a 59-year-old relative named Lynette Stewart.

In almost all likelikhood, it's him.

Akubi said...

Yes, Nietzsche provided just about everything I needed to learn about life.
BTW, how did we get so many boring trolls here tonight?

Anonymous said...

- Why was Glenn fronting money for this? Was he hoping to get a cut of the cash taken out of the corporate credit line? If so, how? Maybe it's clear and I don't get it (although I could take a couple of guesses.)

I'm not sure why. He probably felt sorry for Casey. Maybe Casey was conning Glenn? I don't know his motivation. Like I said earlier, Glenn seemed like a nice guy. My only beef was the excessive focus on NRU.

- Why did KC have money he was so reluctant to spend? Was it because it was a temp loan from mama or was he just mooching as much as possible?

I think he's been conditioned to this. It was almost automatic for him to ask, even though he knew he had a wallet full of money. To be fair, he had paid for dinner the night before and technically I still owed him.

Who made money off of Casey for NRU? Who does he owe that note to? We all know the answer and it's not Glenn. Savvy?

::end Johnny Depp impression::

STFU COTE said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Akubi said...

OT, but I'm customizing my organic produce delivery order and wondering why is it so damn difficult to find FAVA beans anywhere when they are so easy to grow? And there seemed to be plenty of them a couple weeks ago.
I Love FAVA beans

WelcometotheclubNigel said...

"Posted by: Nigel Swaby | February 25, 2007 at 07:19 PM

Um, how come nobody is focusing on the fact that he LIED to get the mortgages? Surely that's the more grave mistake. Had he applied legally, he might not be in debt that he can't repay. He should be in jail for fraud, not lambasted by bloggers for his failure to admit defeat."


Wow Nigel, you were a hater long before you came out of the closet here on EN.

LossMitPro said...

STFU Mark @ 4:36 PM:
”pompus son of a bitch...”

Foremost, that’s “MR. Son-of-a-Bitch” for you. Secondly it’s pompous, P-O-M-P-O-U-S, thank you very much.

@ Hi Marty!:

Oh that’s rich. The diddly-squat-cockroach logs on EN, with a static IP, talks crap and thinks there’s no method to the madness of egging him on???? Oh well, “good things coming” (saving me a step or two).

(What is this, bat around the Trolls day?)


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