Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Black Shriveled Soulless Heart

As longtime EN readers recall the Dawg was one of the first people to go ballistic over Casey stealing $10,000 from Cashcall. I said they would never sleep, never rest until he and everyone he knew or sat next to in 3rd grade was squeezed dry and then some. And frankly i was amazed that Casey showed nary a sign that the nice collections department was living up to their reputation for persistence.

We can visit my opinion of how Cashcall's very existence is the embodiment of the limits of recent attempts to destroy capitalism. Put that sadie for a technical economics post. This post is about a revealation so profoundly heinous that propriety prevents me from summarizing here. Instead let us just read what Galina and Casey had to say to each other a few days ago. If this doesn't leave you speechless or cause an aneurism feel free to leave your own comments.

Galina's email…

“I called Cash Call. They are starting litigation. She said they'll be sueing me too since its CA and will treat it as my debt too and will garnish my wages!!!!!!!! YOU SAID THEY WOULD NOT GO AFTER ME!! YOU NEVER NEW THAT WAS TRUE!!!DECEPTION DECEPTION DECEPTION!!! How am I supposed to put my life back together if they'll be taking all my money!!??? And no, they wont take $10,000.. She said $40,000 !!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, TO US, TO YOURSELF????!!! THIS IS NO JOKE, YOU CANNOT JUST HIDE FROM IT AND LEAVE ME PAYING FOR IT!!!!!!!!""

Caseys response…

“"-----Original Message-----
From: Casey Serin [mailto:casey@serin.us]
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 7:56 PM
To: 'Galina Serin'
Subject: RE: CASH CALL

I think they are bluffing... I'll check into it.”


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The Real Wagga™ said...

Positively First!

LOL said...

She needs an attorney, like NOW.

Mike said...

All I have to say is WOW, how callus. She has brothers or other male relatives that are going to hunt Casey down right???

Anonymous said...

Did Galina send you this email correspondence, and was she aware that you were planning to post it on your blog?

samk said...

That's just the beginning though, I think. Won't Cashcall's lawyers jump into every financial detail of Casey's life?

Rob Dawg said...

Can I bring you anything back from New England? Maine Coon cat to add to your collection?

Bixbite said...

Bfd, community property state baby!

Nice spelling too!

This is the blockbuster?

Hard money lenders are a bitch!

Jean Valjean said...

WANTED: Someone like Quigly to do a job Down Under. Not aborigenes this time.


aaron said...

casey's response....he's hoping she buys into the fact that it's a bluff(NOT - of course they are coming after her...she's the only one making money). "I'll check into it" means casey thought about it when he typed that email and that is all. He doesn't give a shit about G. It's her mess now in his mind. One less thing for snowflake to worry about. Sad very sad for her.

Rob Dawg said...

I have permission. Thanks for your concern. Anyone who has hung around EN long enough knows that I do not betray confidences.

apoplectic said...


Gypsy Pete said...

Meh - no big deal. Reality is only in our consciousness....

Money is just there to remind us we are in the game of life. The biggest game of all.

Odd how her email sounds like how my horrible ex wife did.

Zintradi said...

and now his time with his Australian enablers, oops I mean 'Hosts' is coming to an end becasue of 'complications'...
Now instead of getting a clue and coming home to help out his wife he's attempting to stay or flee to yet another country?

Duane and Mark, i hope you have 'G's back. It would be nice to know what if anything is being done to help her and specific way those of us who are interested can help.

Anon1 said...

Seeing his smug face on his latest Aussie media Flickr picture is disgusting.

Any guesses on how long it will be before he starts 'checking into it'? Yeah right!

Was that all he had in his response? No 'I miss you' or 'I'm sorry'?

Mouse And Pencil said...

He thinks they're bluffing.



Zewg said...

I wanted to be first but I refreshed and there was 15 comments :(

michael said...


aaron said...

I don't think we should help G until she has divorced snowflake...otherwise you are indirectly helping him. If she ditched his ass help if not...I wouldn't.

Gypsy Pete said...

Hey HeeKee/Zewg - good sticky on CampIdiot. I guess you're trying to emulate Rob's intelligent community over here finally? (and to think he does it without forums?!).

Zewg said...

There must be something we can do to help her :(

Anonymous said...

meh. pretty obvious, if you ask me.

got anything else dawg? thanks in advance.

Zewg said...

Hey Gypsy,
As much as I dont mind a little trolling these idiots were just taking it too far.

Hopefully FFC comes back up so they can go back to their own little clown pit.

baa said...

Can't Cashcall sieze Casey's one remaining asset - his blog - and sell to a high bidder?

Mouse And Pencil said...

What is the status of their relationship? Can you hint?


She gave Rob permission to post *his* e-mail...the main Hater...


Holy shit!

Kirk said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, WHAT A PRICK!

CashCall isn't in business to give away money, of-course they're not bluffing. That being said, they probably won't sue immediately. They'll wait until close to the end of the statute of limitations (4 years for contract enforcement in CA I believe) and then sue. That way they can get a judgement for all of the interest that's accumulated.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. I've never done business with CashCall. Someone who knows this stuff better than I will likely find errors in everything I said.

The Dude said...


If you're the zewg.com dude.....couple of questions. Why the idiotcamp board and all the porn on your site? What's your relationship w/Nigel?


Zintradi said...

I should clarify... if the help mark and Duane are giving her is helping her distance herself from Casey, then I would like to help in that endevor...
If she still wants to "stand by her man" then nothing good will come of that...
At this point though, unless she wants to be drug down with him, I don't know that she has a choice but to lawyer up and get a seperation order and a Son-of-a-bitch attourney that will convinve whoever that everything should be thrown in caseys lap and Galina cut free from this debacle.

Anonymous said...

You wanna help Galina? Seriously? Help her flee like KC did. I don't think she's got much choice left.

2muchtime said...


Heh. I've been checking the Sacto County Court records (civil, criminal, family, probate) every single day. Nothing reported yet but I assume that it takes a while to get those into the system.

Anonymous said...

Egad. I just watched Casey on Ozzie television claiming that "it's not as bad as it seems".

Apparently not, Casey.

Apparently it's WORSE!

Flame on!

Bixbite said...


They don't even have a judgement yet.

After they get a judgement they need an order to garnish her wages, all this will take several months.

In the mean time she should make payment arrangements, which would probably satisfy them.

If she hasn't figured Casey out by NOW, she's really stupid.

Whoever called Nigel a seasoned business mqan in the last thread made me LOL, in fact I think it was Lol.

aaron said...

agreed zintradi. It does seem she may finally be coming around. If she sees that there will be genuine help from the haterz in the form of advice and cash to get away from Casey I believe she may decide it's a 'sweet deal'. This email seems to indicate she's just about had it with snowflake and the debacle she is now in.

sid_finster said...

Why did G call CashCall and not CashCall call her?

LOL said...

"Whoever called Nigel a seasoned business mqan in the last thread made me LOL, in fact I think it was Lol."

Ok I agree, I probably gave Nigel too many props there lol.

Anonymous said...

And Casey thinks he is communicating with his family from what he said on this video... heh...


sid_finster said...

Also, my trolls, note the dates on Casey's response (we apparently do not have the date G email KC).

Fear The Murse said...

As much as I feel she was screwed by Idiotflake, any help paying off Cashcall at this point just let's Snowtard off the hook.

It's a Catch-22. She needs a good attorney and a divorce before anyone outside her family should consider helping, otherwise The Wandering Minstrel of Sweet Cash Back will benefit.

baa said...

Casey, casey, casey.

Cashcall does not bluff. They will get their money and pound of flesh while they are at it.

@ sid_finster - i think duane earlier said galina is trying to do the right thing. maybe she was just trying to work something out to clear this off her plate.

LOL said...

"Why did G call CashCall and not CashCall call her?"

She is probably trying to figure out the total damage that fliptard has left her with. We can be sure that he has not been telling her everything.

sid_finster said...

My line of thinking was that G was possibly responding to an answering machine message or to a nasty-gram.

Zintradi said...

Ya know, this whole thing with Casey and the time Duane met with him in san fransisco, and Duane attempting to burst his buble about the casino deal, reminded me of the movie "boiler room" where Giovani Rabisi's charachter is being chewed out by his dad the judge who just found out from and ACTUAL investment banker that the company his son works for is a scam and how mad Rabisi's charachter got.

Just thought I'd throw that in there.

samk said...

It would be nice to get the full header from that email.

Baffled said...

Being the cynical person I am, I wonder if there is any chance that Galina and Casey are in on this together, and so are orchestrating this sympathy drive in tandem.

Just a thought.

Rob Dawg said...

Remember what I said about body language. Everytime Casey lies he looks down and closes his eyes! Better than a lie detector.

R-Boy said...


We are working on a way to help.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Okay, quick question...is that 40K for the original 10K loan? has the vig gotten THAT high?


You don't understand the CashCall situation. Casey defaulted on the loan, and the loan probably has a 90%+ interest rate on it now. Galina will sink fast trying to chase that loan, she can't make enough to do any real good with monthly payments. That's IF CashCall accepts payments at this point - if it's in the lawyer's hands, it may be too late.

That loan needs to be paid off in full yesterday, to stop the vig, and transferred to a more reasonable account, if it's to be paid. Galina cannot make enough to service that loan in a meaningful way, where she's not just paying part of the interest and none of the principal.

Galina needs a lawyer to distance her from these debts, and she may need to declare BK herself.

Remember, that's just ONE of her debts.

That fucking piece of shit. You KNOW he harrassed her and lied to her to GET the loan, now he's washing his hands of it. We all know what "I'll check into it" means with Casey - he'll ignore it, because HIS needs are more important. You know he'll throw the fact that he has no way to get home and no money to eat and stay at the best hotels and rent cars and basically play in australia in her face now.

I wish I were related to the Serin's, so I could my steel toed foot up his ass so far the top of his head would be dented.

sid_finster said...

of course, there are doubtless other emails to be revealed as well...no doubt this is the tip if the ass-berg where KC is concerned..

Anonymous said...

Gaysey should be in jail. End of story.

Bixbite said...

Wow! Since Galina has been working several jobs, I am sure glad I did not waste any energy being outraged that Casey fled and left Galina with only $300.00 in the checking account.


samk said...

Having never been sued before, I am wondering why CC is suing for 40K rather than the 10K that they gave out. Does it cost them 30K to sue? Are they asking for punitive damages?

baa said...

@ samk

the default rate on the loan is in the neighborhood of 96%, plus penalties and fees. the balance could very well be that high at this point.

The Dude said...

Unless there's some irregularity with the paperwork, the only way to "help" is to get them to forgive some of the interest in lieu of full payment. People who loan money like that know what they are doing and do it well.

Judgments, at least in states I'm familiar with, are good for 10 years with an option to extend for another 10.

My$.02 said...

We are working on a way to help.

Please keep us informed, I will certainly contribute.

Rob Dawg said...

$10,000 at 36% for one month $10,350
$10,350 plus penalties all at 94.6% for 5 months probably $25,000. The $40,000 is a negotiating tactic. They'll look like nice guys when they offer to settle for "only" $30,000.

justanotherw-2looser said...

OMG...."I'll check into it."

I about peed myself.

Does he EVER have any other answer for anything??? I assume he will be setting up a team of "qualified" assistants to help him check into this situation. Of course, that will take many months of "hard" work, late night meetings and emcompass many different continents. In the end, nothing will be resolved...Cashcall will get their judgement. Yulia's house will be stripped bare of anything that is not nailed down. Galina will have to work many jobs, and still scrub toilets just to make ends meet. But...itsallgood, because Casey will convince himself and his moronic supporterz that he has tried diligently to fix the problem.

I hope nobody gives this guy free passage to another country, nor a pillow to lay his head on. Let him sleep in the gutter and eat out of garbage bins. Let him fester in his own idiocy. Good things are NOT coming for him. Good things are NOT coming for his family...only the shitstorm he left behind.

Casey, you sure are some stand-up kind of guy. Bet you make your momma proud. You are a leach on humanity, you are a financial toilet, clogged up with nothing but crap. I hope that you are as sad and depressed as you look in the pictures. Of course, you probably put the "poor, poor me" look on for the camera. Damn shame though, because miserable, depressed people have a tendency to rid the world of themselves.

samk said...

@baa and Rob:

Thanks! 96%.

He's never coming back.

sid_finster said...

even at 100% APR the balance is not going to be 25 000.

There may be several loans, and Casey may have lied about paying them down. G thought he had a $10 K balance, when in fact it was $40K.

Because unless CC has a good faith credible basis for punitives (AFAIK, they don't), threatening to sue for $40K on a $25K loan would land them afoul of the Truth in Lending Act, possibly any Cali equivalent, and possibly Cali and/or Fed debt collection laws. They could lose their ticket over that.

Not worth it for CC, unless there is something going on here that I don't get or know about.

Gustavia said...


It is rather painful to see her wake up. It is NEW to her that what Casey claimed to know was not true.

Kirk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lurker said...

The Cashcall is painful, but it was not a suprise. The fact that she still believed anything Casey said is even more painful.

The reality is that California is a community property state. Until she divorces, she is responsible for all of Casey's debt. This includes the second mortgages on the houses that were foreclosed. She is also responsible for any new debt Casey can create.

Once she divorces him, she will still have 1/2 the debt. But she can declare bankruptcy to get rid of it. I don't believe she has much to fear regarding fraud charges.

Duane, LMP - I hope you are giving her this message loudly and clearly.

Kirk said...

Just curious here; has anyone contacted the Australian benefactors to learn what "complications" arouse in his living situation? If I remember correctly Snowflake had a two month commitment for free room, board, and Internet. While I can guess what happened it sure would be nice to hear first hand.

If the Aussies are reading, how about a post on the realities of livin' with KC? It would be illuminating to say the least.

Mozatta said...

He's begging for a new place to stay...and help with travel expenses!! Too funny.

So wait, for say $500, I could let Casey stay with me, eat my food and listen to countless pitches about investing with him in this next sweet deal that's surely a win-win? Where do I sign up?

Please tell me there isn't a idiot out there gullible enough to do this?

Serin is as Serin does... said...

"If the Aussies are reading, how about a post on the realities of livin' with KC? It would be illuminating to say the least."

I think we have a wee insight into that particular little level of Hell via Galina's e-mail. "Deception, Deception, Deception," anyone?

sid_finster said...

can someone more clued-in than I give us a run-down of the "innocent spouse" defense? Can G discharge her half of the community debt in BK?

Remember, bankruptcy is equity jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

Casey Serin: A user and a looser (sic) of the first order. Stop hiding behind your(soon to be ex) wife's skirts and grow a set. What a despicable waste of skin.

LossMitPro said...

On June 4, 2007 Casey asked me about Cash Call, in the email blurp below:
CashCAll is saying they are moving to litigation... Anything to worry about?”

My response on June 5th was:
”Depends on who at CashCall is making the threat. If it's authorized by management, then there may be something to be concerned with (often hard to tell, if dealing ONLY with collection staff). If you've simply been told that by a collector, over the phone? Then some doubt is present as to the seriousness. Now if you get something in writing from a lawyer stating he/she represents CashCall, then THAT should be taken seriously.”

On June 16th (just last week) I had a phone conversation with Casey who indicated he “needed” to “take care” of the CashCall issue, as only he had the account number and they would only deal with him. (Without written authorization even a spouse may be prevented from negotiating or dealing with a creditor.)

Casey had over ten (10) days to “take care” of CashCall! And Supporterz wonder why I’ve become a true Hater? Stoaaap it!?! Don’t get me started!


Dumbfounded said...

Date of "I'll check into it" - June 14.

Obviously our precious tardaroo is now in Galina ignore mode™

TK said...

I just watched his video on the Age. The guy looks totally psycho. "Thanks to my fans and supporters. To my Haterz...(Smirk, laugh then look of total discomfort) Just keep watching the story and don't get to upset when things start to turn around for me."

"I can't talk about everything we're doing here...but some good things are coming out of this trip..."


Bixbite said...

Mouse & Pencil,

I understand the cashcall situation, they were willing to take small payments from Casey just a couple of months ago, remember?

Besides, she has the mitigator you admire most , LMP on her side negotiating for her.

I think you are being overly dramatic, after all, "I'll check into it" is caseyese for his usual M.O.

We all know he won't do a damn thing , that's been obvious since last November.

apoplectic said...

It is rather painful to see her wake up.

Can you imagine...I feel sick to my stomach. She has been betrayed on every possible level. I'd rather be punched than beaten up this way.

Big Gay Al said...

I would pay money to have Casey around for a week. I would sexually harrass him, and force him to have sex with men for room and board.

In other words, I would turn him out.

Rob Dawg said...

My fantasy. Casey finally runs out of supporterz down under and shambles up to the US Consulate Representatives office, shows his passport and shuffles inside while the Marine wrinkles his nose. The office gives him a secure location to clean up a little while they see what can be done. After some checking the rep, this time with two Marines returns and says there seems to be a little problem. Casey's citizenship can not be verified and he'll have to return to Uzbekistan while they straighten this all out. Meanwhile the Marines on duty catch drift of what's going on and one of them remembers a "Serin" from basic. Could this be that dude's problem brother he was always griping about? If so the cargo plane ride to Uz via Diego Garcia and Afganistan is going to a tough one on young fliptard.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'm not turning into a Galina Hater, but there is one thing that is curious...

On the CNET interview, Casey said that indeed, checks Galina wrote bounced, because he took the money out, but $500 was coming in. (Or $400, who knows, Casey changes numbers at will.)

Why would'nt he have said that that point, "She'll be fine, she's working, she'll have money to live on."

Part of his insanity? His ego can't deal with her being the primary source of income? Or baiting us yet again? I know we can't trust anything he says, but it is odd that he has never mentioned her working and having an income...although he did say a while back she was looking for a job.

Rich said...

Casey, the bare minimum a husband can do is take care of his wife. You owed her quite a bit more than a single-sentence response. Way to go.

lurker said...


Casey does not have the resources to take care of Cashcall. This was also a foregone conclusion months ago, so it should not turn you into more of a hater.


If cashcall sues both Casey and G and uses fraud as part of the lawsuit, will the judgement survive bankruptcy?

If G divorces Casey before the lawsuit, would this make a difference?

TK said...

Meanwhile she's stuck here and he's galavanting around Australia, the media in tow, smirking and telling the Haterz good things are coming. What a scumbag. Jail might be the only place left where somebody recognizing him doesn't give him a brass knuckle sandwich. He's off his game though, seems kinda rattled finally.

"It's not as bad as it seems."

Nope. Worse indeed.

Mouse And Pencil said...


Dramatic? Moi? :)

Casey said they were renegotiating the deal, but he "forgot" to file the paperwork on time, and started getting vague about where the Begathon money went...he was already in default, so it may be too late for him to negotiate further terms, as he's shown demonstrably that he's incapable of honoring a contract, he's burned them twice now, and been ignoring them for a long time.

LMP verifies, Galina may not be able to negotiate terms with them.

subsonic22 said...

Methinks Casey has just entered Responsibility Ignore Mode. Congrats Snowflake!

Anonymous said...

Cashcall is bluffing. Suing for $40K over a $10K loan less than a year old, even at crazy CC rates, is just trying to scare naive people like Galina. Especially when CC knows these people have not a dime to their names. Doesn't excuse Casey's lack of concern, but this "revelation" was pretty lame. Try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

At least we can take comfort in the fact that when he says "Good things are coming" we know for a fact that good things aren't coming.

Everyone, Casey will get what his coming to him and it will be spectacular. Just give it time.

R-Boy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lurker said...

To the people who think $40K is too much: Cashcall is going to include the costs of collection in the lawsuit. When you add in their attorney fees, it adds up real fast. And their contract fineprint specifically said they were going to do this.

Anonymous said...

Unless G divorces & gets an atty to protect herself, all this could be a scam - people feeling sorry for G & sends her money, when it is really gonna' go to KC.

R-Boy said...

I'm giving it two weeks


The revelation is that somehow, Rob has an email exchange between Galina and Casey. Someone in this sad tale is obviously talking to someone in the inner circle of HaterDom. Read tween the lines, start looking at what's being said by the inner sanctum, and understand that, itsallgood.

TK said...


It doesn't even matter whether Cashcall is going to sue or not. The fact that he's left her financially indigent and with nothing to do but try to scrape a living together and clean up his mess while he runs around the world believing he has a single true supporter (other than Mocha, we've established Trav is a troll). So what's he gonna do? He's going to make her call their bluff and potentially be on the receiving end of some rather unfortunate circumstances while he is making sure that good things are coming. Come on...

He's a soulless, non-man.

R-Boy said...


That won't be happening.

sid_finster said...

I am sure court and attorneys fees are included but i do not think that will bring the total up to $40K

Bixbite said...

Mouse & Pencil,

I have no worries that LMP will save the day so to speak for Galina.

Even R Boy, blogging from his government issued computer says help is on the way behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

And yes the overarching theme here is not the CONTENT of the thread per se, it's the thread itself. Chief hater has contact with the one person Snowflake feels he should be able to trust. Sadly, I don't think it will have the impact on him that I hope for. Probably just an email subject line" WHY?!

Anonymous said...

I for one would donate money to her but it would have to be money that was guaranteed to never find it's way into the "black hole". Like I'd help pay her attorney's fees to get her out of this terrible marriage. She's got a Christian reason to leave now: He abandoned her. That's grounds for divorce as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they can garnish someone's wages on a signature loan. Only student loans, taxes, child support etc... are subject to garnishments. Bill collectors routinely threaten all kinds of things to get the client to pay. These collectors get paid by commission only and are usually desperate to get some money (any money) coming in.

Anonymous said...

This isn't England - attorney's fees are not automatically included as part of relief in a civil case.

I believe, in most stated, it can be stipulated by contract that the "loser pays".

However, they have no idea what the legal fees are going to be by the end, and I doubt $10,000 is an "estimation".

LossMitPro said...

Anon @ 7:12 AM:
”Cashcall is bluffing. Suing for $40K over a $10K loan less than a year old ... just trying to scare naive people like Galina. ... but this 'revelation' was pretty lame. Try harder next time.”

Well, thanks for sharing you’re expertise on the matter but there’s more to it than CLEARLY what you believe. Ever hear of treble damages? Doesn’t matter maturity of a loan, an asset could be in default one day and treble damages might apply in complaint allegation. So whose really being lame here, ya Tit-mouse-anon-thinks-he-knows-something-crack-head.

(Has a thing against Anon posts)

Mouse And Pencil said...

Thats why I posted "Oh shit" earlier that Galina gave Rob *permission* to post an e-mail exchange between her and Casey.

That's HUGE.

If i were Casey, I'd be getting a real cold chill in my nether regions, because the one person who knows more about his shady dealings and the true story behind the baiting and trolling and lies...is in the Dawgpound.

A bunkerbuster just came through Casey's roof and said "Hi there!"

The Interweb wires between Australia are glowing like the elements in a toaster right now.

Heh heh heh heh heh.

Bixbite said...

7:22am Anon:

Wages can be garnished by anyone who has gotten a judgement. I know, because I had to sue in small claims.

It goes like this:

1. Get a judgement.

2. Examination of assets

3. Get an order for garnishment or seizure of assets.

This has been over 20 years ago, but it is a time consuming process.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:22 - not true. Any debt pursuant to a court order can be used to garnish:




Gary Coleman said...

I dun' told you not to fuck with me!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry bixbite - you beat me to it.

sid_finster said...

@LMP: what basis would CC have for asserting treble damages? Breach of contract will not get you there. Even civil fraud can get punitives, but not treble damages.

*IF* G's memory is accurate and correct in that she thought she owed CC $10K and CC Legal stated that the amount was closer to $40K, Legal has to have some good faith basis for their assertion.

An attempt to collect a debt without a good faith basis can get CC and its lawyers in serious trouble.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Casey's assets:

One slightly soiled murse.

Old, out of date camera.

PDA thingy.

Cheap laptop.

Soiled underwear (he's fresh out after today, poor thing.)

Clothes, soiled, need laundering.

One Website, value dropping daily.

One "book" deal, value dropping daily.

One barely used passport.

One gold (may be fake) wedding ring, soon to be pawned.

One pair trendy sunglasses, knock offs

One hat.

Handful of cancelled credit cards.

baa said...

one hundred and murst!

samk said...


You forgot the blue ball.

Serin is as Serin does... said...


The blue ball's still in Sac. It's Galina's to sell on eBay now.

Mouse And Pencil said...


I think we can safely assume that anything in Sacramento now belongs to Galina, including the blue ball. :)

One more thing, then it's off to work - why does Rob's fantasy of issues with Casey's identification make me think he's foreshadowing something?

Maybe it's just me.

Bixbite said...

@ Mouse

You forgot Casey's investment portfolio!

You'll never make it in the collections biz!

Gustavia said...

Pillow. He took his pillow with him.

Which will come in handy when he is sleeping on the street.

Anonymous said...

$40k is explained fairly easily if KC applied for multiple loans under different names or guarantors.

etc etc

We verified before that there could have been multiple loans taken out from CashCall. So... somehow Galina has ended up having to deal with them all?

Run Galina.

LossMitPro said...

sid_finster @ 7:30 AM:
”... what basis would CC have for asserting treble damages?”

Several things, some you know of most you don’t and I can’t expose those now. Let’s just say the treble theory is plausible and as far as good faith pleading, yeah right. Apparently you’re blessed to have never defended suit before, nor have had to engage the outright lies some (but certainly not all) lawyers entertain.

Anyway, I hear what you’re saying Sid, but there’s lots more to pleading a suit than you may realize. Although $40 grand may seem high, it’s not inconceivable that a $15,000 beef wouldn’t turn into a $40k plus judgment fast.

(Off to work!)

H Simpson said...



Seems like you brother is out on the lamb, trashing the Serin name internationally while screwing over his wife.

On his last night at the Serin homestead, did Snowflake allude to the fact he might be in trouble and was cutting out?

Did he say he was going to leave Galina high and dry?

Did your mom cut off the Corporate credit but leave G to fend for herself?

When are you, your dad or your other brother going to do a quick trip to Oz to drag his @ss back home?

If my brother pulled such a scum bag stunt, I'd be saying to my wife "Sorry honey, but no vacation this summer. I need to go drag my nitwit brother back as he is destorying his wife and too many in our family". And then I would find and kick his @ss.

DO IT BEFORE ONE OF YOUR PARENTS HAS A STROKE FROM THE STRESS. Casey has no clue as to the pain he is causing.

Miguel said...


And then get him locked up for his own protection.

There never was much doubt of his mental instability, but it's 100% certain now.

samk said...

Details, details, details.

I'm just an idea man.

Anonymous said...

@ LossMitPro

You hate anons? Then come meet me at 14th and Minna.

Bring a baggie.

2boysmama said...

rob dawg @6:40
I thought he it was: you can tell when Casey is lying becuase his mouth is moving.

lawnmower man said...

@lurker: If cashcall sues both Casey and G and uses fraud as part of the lawsuit, will the judgement survive bankruptcy?

There's no evidence that the CashCall loan was fraudulent. Although I'll bet Snowflake, as per his habit, exaggerated his ability to repay.

Poet said...


I know you, Duane, and Co are working behind the scenes to try and help Galina, and that obviously the "greater hater" community can't participate in this.

On the other hand, I think we need a discussion to develop a hater manifesto concerning Casey's public image. For example some people like myself are trying to deny him attention on his blog while others are CALLING THE MEDIA, giving him more exposure, hites, ads, and book revenue! Obviously conflicting goals.

A first step I think is to put a list of hater greviences (sp?) on the front page of Caseypedia so that any newbies from the MSM can see right away who they are dealing with.

If I was completely new to the story and visited his blog and browsed a little of Caseypedia, I would probably feel sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

H Simpson and the like of his crappy patronizing posts are turning me from a hater to a neuter... Get off telling people what to do? Crikey what a wanker.

sid_finster said...

@7:38 anon - that is what I am talking about.

@LMP - take your own advice and do not make assumptions about what I know.

Anyway, nothing I have seen so far will support treble damages. I don't know how it works in CA, but in many jurisdictions, a settlement (after suit is filed) must be approved by the court. No way will a judge approve a $40K settlement on a straight $10K contract.

From the information I have seen so far, the "multiple loans" theory seems more plausible.

TK said...

Galina dear,

Two Words: Garage Sale

Sell everything of his, send it straight to cashcall and change the locks.

PS: True ENers (not the trolls) support you. We're glad that you decided to trust the right people. As a result, you will get the help you need.

Anonymous said...

>Bring a baggie.


pmspms said...


A $500 garage sale won't make a single bit of difference. Come on - we all know she's gonna have to BK in some form. KC knew this and that's why he ran.

Anonymous said...

Oh tough guy alert at 14th and Minna. I lived at 18th and Mission in 1994 when it was a pimp crazed, crackwhore hellhole. Heroin, Meth and crack were the fuel of the neighborhood giving it a scattered, sketchy vibe at all hours. Looks like it's cleaned up a bit since then tough guy. My neighbors moved out when a crackwhore shot her pimp in the head on the corner outside the smoke shop. Do a little google mapping street view. You can see it's still pretty peachy.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

It would make sense for CashCall to move quickly and recover as much as they can. If other lenders swoop in first CashCall might not see a dime.

Anonymous said...

Would fraud, in the form of lying about his income or falsifying documents, have anything to do with the CC suit?

Anonymous said...

@ Sid

Loans taken out in parents name would be identity theft. I don't think he did that, but if he did they would either press charges or pay cashcall.

I don't think a lender will let you off the hook unless you press charges.

Also, any judgement I ever got always included court costs, no legal fees since I did not need a lawyer, it is sop to include collection costs in judgements.

wine country dude said...


That Casey be some cold-ass shit. Same as de dude whut wants ta meet up at 14th and Minna. Gonna go Jet Li all OVUH yall's muthafukkin ass.

ratlab said...

Oh man.

I remember drinking coffee with buddies in college and discussing scenarios in which "justifiable homicide" would come into play. If this happened to a family member or close friend of mine, this would come close.

sid_finster said...

"14th and Minna" is a meme from the FC days. Maybe older, who knows.

I doubt that pressing charges would result in additional loan balances being transferred to KC's name.

But taking out multiple loans in multiple peoples' names, plus interest, fees, etc. would get KC to $40K.

Fear The Murse said...

The complications alluded to by the Wandering Minstrel of Sweet Cash Back are probably that after the Aussies got tired of playing hold'em with him, he couldn't amuse them anymore and had basically turned into a human paperweight.

H Simpson said...

7:46 Anon

Been following this trainwreck since Christmas.

The only person who I have seen Snowflake stop and listen to is his brother.

It was after Steve's call-in that Snowflake did the contract and shut the blog down for a while.

Snowflake will be home:
A: when he wears out his welcome
B: His visa expires.
He sure isn't going home to G. Unlikely Marty or Nigel want him at their abodes. And he has probably lost track of homeless dude (we told him not to burn that bridge). So where is a snowflake to go? It is home Ace.

You got a better idea on how to stop the damage he is causing his wife & family, I am all for hearing about it.

lawnmower man said...

The most cynical thing? Casey's aww-ain't-he-cute "I miss my wife" comment was made on the 16th, 2 days after this exchange.

(Edited out of the post now, but still in the CaseyPedia summary; Google cache.)

He may well miss his wife; but he certainly isn't missing the responsibilities he left behind.

Prejecting are we, Benoit? said...

Benoit said,

"BTW, while you're alleging me to be some kind of social misfit, exactly how do you have time in the middle of the day to post 500-word diatribes about people you've never met?

Methinks you're "projecting", as psychologists would say..."

You go look in the fucking mirror and say that to yoursrlf too.BTW how are those new french nickers working out for you. You look purrrrrrrrty Be Be ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Sid

Of course it would, he stole the money! The lender will require his parents to file criminal charges in order to transfer the loans acquired fraudulently in their names to his.

That's why I think LMP is correct but I think the 40k was to scare.

Murses said...

I hope someone in Iraq invites Casey to stay... All expenses paid, of course.

sid_finster said...

@anon: do you have any other basis to assert that charges have been filed? Can you show that this is some sort of CC policy in cases of identity theft?

Don't get me wrong, I would not be at all surprised if Casey did take out loans in the names of various living and dead Serin family members. Some or all without their knowledge or consent. I am sure that Casey planned to pay it all back as soon as sweet passive income started rolling in. LOL.

But it will take a little more to get CC off one's case than to say "no, my looser brother/son/dog took out the loan." and then CC transfers its efforts to that looser.

If you can show me CC policy, I'll admit that I am wrong. A simpler explanation is that Turdboi got his folks to co-sign loans. Apparently his Mom has done so w/r/t Hammar.

Handsome Pete said...


Casey can't find anyone in Australia to take him in and can't find anyone to pay for a ticket to leave Australia. He ends up having to sleep in his rental car. He is either arrested for vagrancy or because the rental car company reported their car as stolen because Casey kept it long past its scheduled return date.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if, after all the illegal crap Casey pulled here in the states, it was the Aussies who incarcerated him first!

The Dude said...

Dear G,

I want the blue ball. Regardless of how much you want to paste Casey's picture to it and knife it, I'll buy it....cash.

Name yer price

The Dude

Anonymous said...

Watch LMP's last few posts, he is trying to insult the way Mocha does. You know with the dashes ( baldass-lazyass-so and so) Me thinx LMP wants him some mocha. You want some of that booty dontcha? I heard once you go black, you never go back. oooooooooooo Mark Villasenor, I am gonna call your wife and tell on you!(LOL) You hate anon cuz you wish you were.

Anonymous said...

Watch LMP's last few posts, he is trying to insult the way Mocha does. You know with the dashes ( baldass-lazyass-so and so) Me thinx LMP wants him some mocha. You want some of that booty dontcha? I heard once you go black, you never go back. oooooooooooo Mark Villasenor, I am gonna call your wife and tell on you!(LOL) You hate anon cuz you wish you were.

sid_finster said...

also, my trolls: parse G's email carefully. She mentions CA community property law as a means of tagging her with Turdboi's debt, but not identity theft or anything similar.

Fear The Murse said...

Can anyone arrange to get Snowtard into Singapore for a sweet caning?

Anonymous said...


You do not understand what I wrote.

Since you know it all do your own research re identity theft. Lenders will not even talk to you without a police report.

I never said any of this happened, that is your theory.

Carry on!

lurker said...

Reading more into G's post. She said "How am I supposed to put my life back together if they'll be taking all my money!!?"

She is not thinking about saving the marriage

Anonymous said...

@ Sid

If his parents cosigned, cc would be going after them and unlike Casey, they probably pay their bills.

They certainly have more assets.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Hey, I wonder if Casey is staying with Ozzie Tim - remember him? He used to have some really funny posts on Casey's blog.



entertainme said...

Anonymous trolls come off too silly and lightweight. New to this, boyz?

MursesToMurgatroid said...

To Duane's whiny, self-righteous list of why Galina haterz are wrong and he is right, we should add another:

If EN bloggers disrespect Galina, she'll stop giving them inside dirt and permission to post her emails and inside information about Casey.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

LOL said...

Steve Serin called it, Casey is literally a "homeless dude with a laptop" now

Anonymous said...

Galina could have been working a real job over the past couple of years and been making the payment herself.

GET A JOB GALINA and see a lawyer pronto. If you can prove that Casey was scamming you, his own wife, maybe the lawyer can get you off the hook.

Regardless, GET A JOB ALREADY!

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but Snowflake is very soon going to prefer death to life. As much he deserves this hate can we make it more circumspect because someone (maybe Momma) would mourn him if he did off himself. This whole saga is like a slo-mo Leaving Las Vegas. Pity him like you would a killer, rapist or some other criminal who ruined what could have otherwise been a blessed life. Hate if you must but at this point it's really like kicking a dying homeless man despite all the evil that homeless man has done.

visioneer said...

Cash Call also acts as a solicitation agent for First Bank & Trust.

Just sayin.

michael said...

i'll save my charity for qualified charitable institutions with proven track records, thanks.

Serin is as Serin does said...

@ lurker 8:24--

I agree; that line absolutely proves that G is bailing on the marriage. This is an e-mail from a long deceived person who finally got a toxic spouse out of their life and is currently in the process of damage assessment/control. (In G's case of course, the damages and deception are a lot huger than most of us can possibly imagine.) I'd imagine this e-mail was the result of a convo. b/w G and CashCall that went something like this:

CC: Is Casey Serin there?

G: No, this is his wife.

CC: [Long schpiel about collection on their loans] We're going to start litigation if $40K isn't paid by such-and-such-date.

G: But we're separated/he abandoned me/fled the country!

CC: It's California, you're stuck w/the short end of the stick re: community property laws, etc....

I'm sure that G wrote that e-mail after Cash Call and other misc. creditors had similar conversations w/her. I don't think she'll be taking KC back any time this century.

lawnmower man said...

@Anon 8:31: GET A JOB GALINA and see a lawyer pronto.

Galina reportedly _has_ jobs -- and note her email talks about "my wages".

LossMitPro reported a few days ago that Galina was consulting a criminal defense lawyer.

Stephanie J. said...

Holy shit. I have missed some stuff, haven't I?

Mouse And Pencil said...


Nobody is asking for donations, people are volunteering. You are free to donate as you see fit.

Rick said...

Galina needs to do the following:

1. File for divorce.
2. File for bankruptcy.

Nothing else will get her out from under this mess. If she remains married to fliptard she cannot declare bankruptcy as an individual and ALL of the debt the stupid ass accumulated will be hanging on her, INCLUDING THE CORPORATE DEBT.

CA is a community property state, there is no separation of debt between spouses. What is his is hers and vice versa. She needs to get away fom the malignant tumor yesterday.

Mouse And Pencil said...

@Stephanie J

Nah, we're just being drama llamas.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Via the IAFF comments, this delightful site: http://www.carliving.net/.

R-Boy said...

What I love were the comments from michael and others about how galina is guilty because she isn't getting a job and that she's in on the scam

And now, in what I imagine will be the first of many emails (I do not know this as fact) disproving the troll's claims.

It's nice.

The so-called Haterz have a heart

Benoit™ said...

Prejecting are we, Benoit? said...

... and misspelling too. ::Yawn::

The Real Wagga™ said...

Hey, kc, all you need to read is this

Stephanie J. said...

I said it before and I'll say it again; if *I* were Galina, and my husband was doing this shit to me, I'd have jammed a fork in his forehead somewhere between the purchase of the second or third house. Definitely if he used my name to obtain property.

WeWantTheFunk said...

Interesting subtext:
How am I supposed to put my life back together if they'll be taking all my money!!???

Notice she's not talking about putting their life back together, just her own. I sense a parting of their goals.

"It is the little rift within the lute
that by and by will make the music mute . . ."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone made the connection between the increase of trolls here and the fact that it's nearing the end of June -- you know, the time when elementary schools and high schools get out for the year?

I suppose the trolls will vanish when Mommy and Daddy send them off to summer camp.

LossMitPro said...

lawnmower man @ 8:37 AM:
”LossMitPro reported a few days ago that Galina was consulting a criminal defense lawyer”

(Just popping in here for a sec...)

To be clear LM, I contacted attorney Chris Wing (criminal defense) in Sac for two reasons: 1) to confirm my findings that Galina is not subject to mortgage fraud prosecution; and, 2) to provide Galina some peace-of-mind regarding those findings, and for no other reason. (She’s not under investigation, prosecution threat, or anything similar.)

As I’ve said all along this lady was duped by her own husband, she has done nothing wrong by all indications and legal conformations. So Trolls be gone!


segfault said...

If Galina wants to get back at Casey, she should start and monetize her own blog--call it Truth About Foreclosure and chronicle all the nasty things KC has said and done.

king friday the 13th said...


unless those emails show Galina did not sign a fraudulently obtained mortgage note (i.e., one with mis-stated income), then she may be culpable.

If her signature is NOT on the loan docs, then she's probably clean, and shouldn't be afraid to turn herself in.

If Casey forged her signature too, then she should be pressing charges -- against him and the loan officer who let him get away with it.

I used to suspect ignorance on her part. Now, I wouldn't put forgery above him.

Remember: Ignorance is NOT a defense for Galina.

Anonymous said...

ass dripplings

The Dude said...


.....and I would runnoft to Mars, with fork in said head. Australia would not be far enough

socrates said...

The way out for "G" is clear, but she will not take it.

1. Divorce KC

2. File BK

3. Move on

She will not follow these three simple steps though, because she thinks there may still be money to be had. Don't give me that "deeply religious" crap either. People get religion when they are in a bind, not while the good times roll.

mejustme said...

The sad thing to me is that all this could be avoided by paying a $250 or so monthly payment.

Casey shut down his checking account when the bank "stole" his money -- and moved, what, $1,000 or so into another bank, IIRC. That would've covered four payments.

If he had given CashCall the new account number, and both of them got jobs, $250/mo would be no problem between two people paying $550 for rent.

Everybody knew this was coming. We told him time and time again that CashCall wants their money AND they will take it from whoever they can. I'm sure Galina read it, too.

Somebody said she'll be stuck with half of the debt even after a divorce. Isn't it true, though, that each person may be liable for 100% in California? Sort of like if you cosign a loan that defaults, they're not going to say you owe half, they're going to say you owe it all.

I'm not surprised by Casey's reaction. I would be surprised if he actually looked into it, though.

I've heard so many stories of both women and men filing BK after a divorce because one spouse invariably sticks the other with a ton of debt. I always wondered how people who loved each other and made vows to each other could end up treating each other that way. It's pretty creepy to see it from the inside, and to know that he doesn't really seem to think he's doing anything wrong.

STFU Stephanie J said...

Quit it with the touch chick act. We all know you're a fake. We heard you live, remember. You're a lil pig tail lollipop suckin lil pissy girlie

Stephanie J. said...

Whenever something comes out that further villifies our little Snowflake, the Trolls go on the defensive; they have to come in here and justify their support of him more for themselves than for anyone else.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Looks like Mocha is awake.

Stephanie J. said...

LOL... Bite me Mocha, you know you wanna.

LossMitPro said...

king friday the 13th @ 9:09 AM:
”...unless those emails show Galina did not sign a fraudulently obtained mortgage note (i.e., one with mis-stated income), then she may be culpable. IGNORANCE IS NOT A DEFENSE”

Don’t know how many times I’ll have to post this before everyone gets it, but... I reviewed all the mortgages, spoke with Casey about them, examined the HUD-1’s, considered the lenders, and picked apart the numbers. Galina only signed on one loan, Dallas (hard money), and THAT was a legit deal. Here read what I said in another thread which may bring more light on the subject:

In the case of Dallas: the lender REQUIRED Galina to sign (an express lender stipulation she cannot be prosecuted for), credit considerations were not an issue, the LTV (Loan To Value) was 65% (plenty of lender liquidation room), Casey put down over $27,003.23, $11,500 was escrowed for repairs, and the lender was aware of Casey’s activity. There was no mortgage fraud on the part of Galina Serin.

These facts are verified on the HUD-1, I have reviewed this document, I have consulted with competent counsel regarding the issues, and have obtained a legal position regarding the result! Plus, I am qualified (professionally) to make an assessment of the lending and asset recovery criteria. This is why I can state what I have with high certainty, in the extreme.

Please, unless you are a lawyer (or have consulted one specific to the issues) and have had the attorney review facts and/or supporting documents? Making mild or wild speculation without disclosing that’s what your statement is, can harm the innocent and cause other problems.

Your view is valid, but not founded upon the facts (not picking on you, just saying I’ve done the homework.)


Casey is a Genius said...

If you guys thinking Cashcall trying to get $40K is impossible...Then check out what these dry cleaners are getting sued for a pair of pants.


Hey Steph!!! said...

Stephanie J, do you fantasize about getting finger fucked by a steel toe boot wearing, jeep driving butch bitch? Me thinx you do. Tell your guy to play dress up for you and slap you around a lil. Will that get you off?

Stephanie J. said...

Is that what *you* dream of?

Is that why you have such a boner for me, Mocha?

You want me?

Bixbite said...

I am anxiously waiting for Nigel's
most astute 'seasoned business man' observations on the latest Casey cashcall/Galina saga.

Nigel's early and on going prognostications re Casey's character and intelligence were uncanny in their divergence from


Mozatta said...

Snowflake and G's email - another copyrighted piece of information we are going to get sued for. I can not wait to see the amount the judge awards Marty and Snowflake.

Stephanie J. said...

I'm happy with my husband, Mocha. I'm really not interested. Sorry to dash your hopes.

TrollWatch said...

The kids are just bored... they've finished their final exams, and are waiting for sleep-away camp to start. BTW, most of the kids who come here to troll will likely have to repeat the same grade again.

NotAnOptimist said...

Post says: Posted with permission.

Death is much too simple for this slime.

Mozatta said...

@ 9:28 NotAnOptimist

I was being sarcastic

Anonymous said...

"At 8:08 AM, lawnmower man said...

The most cynical thing? Casey's aww-ain't-he-cute "I miss my wife" comment was made on the 16th, 2 days after this exchange.

(Edited out of the post now, but still in the CaseyPedia summary; Google cache.)

He may well miss his wife; but he certainly isn't missing the responsibilities he left behind."


ickkkkkkkk said...

Jeebus, some of us are trying to eat their lunch here. Trolls, try to get your fevered minds out of the gutter...

mejustme said...

Now is the time for Not-so-sMarty to reveal what it was that Casey had that he thought creditors might get their hands on.

Hell, now is the time for Casey to give it to them.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

You guys crack me up. Everyone wants more, more more. They think there is more to this that Duane, Mark, and Rob are holding back on just to keep you speculating. You also feel that by calling people out or angering them you will get that info.

Fact is, we already have most of the facts. Rob's "between the line" info, Mark and Duane's passion should be enough to tell you things are worse than they appear. Yet we already have all the facts we need.


Also, Casey is so deep in his own web of half-truthes, he doesn't know which lies are which and that's why he has problems communicating with G.

The only question no one can answer is, will he come back? Will he return if he knows the "itsallgood fairy" won't be testifying for him?

Duane, Mark, and Rob will spill the beans when they are allowed to. Respect their wishes to present the information legally and with respect to those envolved.

Mark especially understands the principles of privacy and due process. He's not trying to be a dick, he's just trying to do the right thing.

They owe us nothing. Return to the stands, the curtain will rise again and we can continue to be entertained.

beezer said...


Does anyone in the know know what the other debts are like? If she's trying to deal with lenders, is there an updated (running) total of what was racked up? Just out of curiosity, since we've been speculating for a while.

mejustme said...

Now is the time for Casey to sell his GSPG and give it to CashCall.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I would suspect the fecal finger of Marty with the interviews as well, it would be his job to secure them, especially as he has a book that will CHANGE THE WORLED AS WE KNOW IT next month.

Anything on IAFF is fodder for the fucking book - I'm sure Casey and Marty have the impending divorce all mapped out for maximum sympathy and ad value.

Marty, however, has a minor issue with a security breach in the form of Galina...

It is entirely appropriate and good that it is she who tanks that jizzbucket Marty.

Salt Lake Mortgage Guy said...

Wow, just catching up after a night away from the computer.

So Casey left his wife for a great "opportunity" in Australia and now after less than two weeks it didn't "work out?"

Sounds like everything else he's done. I think he's liking the title of most hated blogger and will continue this schtick for quite some time. The international press seems to like him and that will drum up a whole new core of supporterz.

He will never stop. He has nothing to lose any more. The only thing that will stop him is law enforcement which will probably do nothing.


NotAnOptimist said...

Ah, sorry, didn't quite catch that. Must be the rage that's clouding my vision.

txchic57 said...

Rob: I know a lawyer in Cal. who can help her. Drop me an email if you're trying to get that together.

She can file bankruptcy. Sucks but she may have to do that.

Yo Yo Steph said...


You take your knee pads to your
W-2 job with you too??? Wowwwwwwwwwwww. I guess a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do (LOL)
Dawggie dong! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Be a nice lil "bitch" now and get to work. Line up boyz.(LOL)

Your husband would love to know the extent of your affiliations here with the boyz. You fuck shark yet? Go on "jump that shark" bitch!

Anonymous said...

LossMit @ 9:20 -
If Galine benefited in any way from KC's illegally obtained monies (was her credit card paid with them in full or in part?), then, yes, this is one way she can be held legally responsible. Stop saying she is pure as snow.

Thomas Paine said...

Casey, you absolute piece of shit.

14th June 19:56 PDT ... Casey blows off Galina's panic with "I'll check into it."

15th June in Australia ... Casey writes "I might as well enjoy whatever is left of my stay here."

Now it's possible that Casey posted the "It's all good in tha Aussie Hood" story before replying to Galina. The emailed reply was sent at roughly 1pm Sydney time. So he had half a day either side of the email. But let's look at what followed that story ...

16th June ... Casey mugs for the camera while pointing and laughing about a shipwreck.

17th June ... Casey whines about haterz and losing his $43K line of credit and tells us "Let me handle [my personal life and relationships]."

18th June ... Casey's being evicted by his "current Australian host" soon, begs for somebody to take him in, thanks people for supporting his "mission".

Basically he's fled the country and left Galina holding the empty bag. Casey's off to enjoy himself!

EazyE said...

I would personally donate $50 for airfare to Beruit. Anyone else have some spare change they would help out on? I think if we could raise enough for a one-way ticket and 3 nights hotel he might take it.

Anonymous said...

I hate anons

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