Monday, June 25, 2007

Casey Vis Exurban Nation

This from Wagga:

There is a bit of a dichotomy going on at EN. Some posters want to return to the good old days of urban planning, bubbles, transportation, energy, et al.
Some want all kc all the time. My suggestions for hybrid topics follow.

Hybrid Topics.

Lending Policies:
Building a shelter from expired, maxed-out credit cards.
Keeping warm by burning contracts & other financial instruments.

How many supporterz™ has kc thrown under the bus?
All those in favour of throwing kc in front of the bus.
Why kc doesn't walk to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't drive to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't car pool to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't ride a bike to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't take public transportation to his W2 job.

Land Use:
Is it legal for G (or CC) to bury kc in the back yard in California?
Is living in a car accepable land use policy?
Petting Zoos: Why do Kangaroos kick murse-carriers?
Why Koala habitat is perfect for fliptards.
Cassowaries can be lethal. Put kc in cassowarry habitat.
Drop Bears & Fairy Shrimp impact land values.

Biodiesel from algae. (caused by the sun)
Farming Koi (a type of fish) and food fish in Solar Updraft Towers.
Unopened mail & a fireplace: Keep warm all winter!

Urban Planning:
Striking success of kc attributed to Top Down Planning.

Taking out bins 75% of the time is a huge winwin!

Thanks Wagga. Good stuff.


Why, Oh Why Oh Why said...

First Queation!

Caseys Sex Life said...

MURST!! oh please - I am such a looser.

Gordon Sanders said...

Thursty thirsiness again

Sweet Cashback said...


And speaking of that....did I tell you about this great new page Google has to report paid linkz?

Report paid linkz

king friday the 13th said...

in your "sweet" report to Google, be sure to include the page where Casey lists his rates.

Caseys Sex Life said...


Just keep doubling the prices for your supporterz:

"To be mentioned here and in the sidebar requires a payment of $25 $50 $75 or more:

Click button to submit a secure payment via PayPal. And send me a name or link to credit you with. You may support me as often as you would like and will get credit/link every time."

My mad IT skillz won't allow it, but fliptard has crossed out the $25 and $50 and replaced with $75. Hey, someone's gotta pay for the sweeet life!

Caseys Sex Life said...

Gotta love it, Sweet Cashback - I think you need to repeat that on every post - we sure don't want anyone missing out on the fun!!!!

Odd Man Out said...

The dude is an immature idiot. It's annoying anymore. The guys 25 years old, completely fucked anyway. Still, lets make sure he can never recover. The constant barage on kc is starting to curve me towards supporting him. Again, the kids an idiot, can we move on?

Mozatta said...

In response to the previous thread. My "moment" hasnt come. I don't know what you are talking about. I just made an offer on a house this morning. $147K, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2500 sq. ft. fully renovated kitchen, hardwood floors.

So I guess I'm not worried about having the moment where everything slides downhill.

king friday the 13th said...


I have plenty of ex-classmates who work at Google. Some in the Quality Control Department. Paid links is something Google frowns upon severely. Like by removing offenders from the Google index (aka "The Death Penalty").

But, we have to report Casey. Enough reports and IAFF's days at #5 for keyword "foreclosure" in Google results are limited...

Sweet Cashback said...

Odd Man Out,
supporting him...I have a GREAT site for you to visit and pledge your support:

Supporterz Central

Have fun!

Caseys Sex Life said...

@Odd Man,

"Still, let's make sure he can never recover"

Sounds good to me!

Egosumabbas said...

Hey guys! Casey just released a new book! OMG! Linky right here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, shut up!!!

flailing forward said...

Posted to the Google link police:

The site is run by Casey Serin, recently dubbed "The World's Most Hated Blogger" for good reason by C|Net. The advertising page is here: and it lists those who have paid for the links. Serin defrauded US lenders of approximately $500,000 dollars, abandoned his wife, and fled the country. Now he is selling the links to support himself while in Australia. Serin touts the search engine placement value of the links, and all of the advertised sites are aware of it.

Casey Fannnnn said...

Ten weeks left on this looser 1099 job. Then, as gawd is my witless, I will catch up on the Casey saga. Or not.


On an unrelated topic:
It is hilarious fun to produce a animated kids' religious video for a big-deal ministry if you are a atheist and sneak in many unreligious poop-stuffed vagina gags.

christiangustafson said...

Remembering Laci
How her smile would make you smile
Remembering Laci
How she loved there's no denial
Now the angels hold her gently
And little Conner's with her, too
And she smiles and says "We're all right, and we send our love to you"

So full of life and happiness was pretty Laci's life
With little Conner on the way, just made things seem so right
Still the two of them together, from the start to Heaven's door
And she smiles and days "We love you" to the ones she's loved before
The tears that fell made flowers bloom
On Earth and Heaven, too
And little Conner runs and picks them, "Momma, these for you!"
Now the angels are preparing
Special tributes from afar
As we gaze into the heavens, Look!
The Laci-Conner star

Remembering Laci
How her smile would make you smile
Remembering Laci
How she loved there's no denial
Now the angels hold her gently
And little Conner's with her, too
And she smiles and says "We're all right, and we send our love to you"

And we send our love to you!
I love you!

The Dude said...

Laugh all you want, but he's got mad programming skillz to fall back on!

You amature loosers...

king friday the 13th said...

Is Benoit okay?

walt526 said...

@ king

This was covered in an earlier thread today. Our Benoit is fine. As for his childhood hero... not so much.

Sharky said...

Casey Fann:

"It is hilarious fun to produce a animated kids' religious video for a big-deal ministry if you are a atheist and sneak in many unreligious poop-stuffed vagina gags."

Sounds like a real blast.

Y'know what else is fun?

Handcuffing blasphemers who peddle sexual and coprophilic smut to children to a chain-link fence, piling up some old pallets underneath 'em, and then setting the pallets on fire.

Yessirree! Share some o' that Ole Timey Religion!

They always call out to God and Jesus...always.


You should drop by some time for a revival.

Mucho_something said...

Interesting that comments seem to have been turned off on that nicely imaged thread about Mexicans.

You know, giving an American the benefit of the doubt in terms of European gypsies is just polite, but that driver's license isn't an 'accident.'

Always nice to see how exurbanites view the world - 'that I have to give up my rights to free speech because of my ancestry is the only racism I see in this discussion.'

Of course it is the only racism you see - after all, living in a nation that manufactured a war to acquire the land you now live in, it is clearly racist to talk about it.

From , a bit of background of how those morally upstanding Americans were forced to take over half of Mexico's land -
'Mexico's Constitution of 1835 prohibited slavery. Many Texans were slave owners who had emigrated from Tennessee and other slave states in the United States. These Texans objected to the abolition of slavery.'

And to think a Texan is president today, while we talk about how the Mexicans are to blame for all our ills.

Nothing racist about it all, of course not.

And strangely, no one is likely to sweep you up in an immigration raid, or otherwise complain if you wave a flag from another country - any Irish blood that comes out on St. Patrick's day, like it does in NYC, Boston, or Chicago? - you know, cities where people march with the symbols of a foreign nation.

Such raids admittedly seem to have become rare since the last time this issue was a major national concern - under Ronald Reagan. Strange how Republican presidents are the ones in charge during such periods. It was striking how those INS raids worked in Northern Virginia/DC, with 100,000 'illegal' immigrants from those unspoken wars in Central America. I knew a Puerto Rican Special Forces member - his two comments about his tour were that Soviet helicopters in quiet mode were really quiet, and that he thought no one in the U.S. knew we were fighting a war then. I also knew an Air Force aerial analyst, back when the 'MiGs' where being imported - he said the containers from the freighters were the wrong size, though they about right for helicopters, but he was told that such facts were less important than 'proving' what the politicians knew to be true - how things don't change in America.

The INS agents always knew who to check - they just looked at the color of the skin of the people - the illegal Irish workers (strange, I never hear much in the way of those illegal Irish - the number of Irish that have worked in America in construction is probably a higher percentage of the Irish than the number of Mexicans) at the construction sites didn't mind, of course, and at least a few white Americans demanded that the INS thugs treat everyone equally, if they were going to do a document check - 'papers, please' was only for the clearly non-American back then, 15 years before a few legally present non-immigrants decided to plunge America into a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Paid links is something Google frowns upon severely. Like by removing offenders from the Google index

Umm, aren't paid links the whole foundation of their AdSense / AdWords programs? Can they monopolize advertising on the net?

Other said...

Hey Sharky,no need to use the religion angle.
Casey Fannnn was just stopping by to regale us with some always welcome jokes about poop-stuffed vaginas.
Im sure I'm not out of line in saying that R-Dawg enjoys a little humor on his blog as much as the next guy.So,Casey Fannnn, please entertain us some more.I can't get enough of poop-stuffed vagina gags myself.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

@ At 11:39 Mucho_something,

We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Rob BBB here

The newest Casey post is just another ad... this time for blue something or other mortgage something or other

He is not writing these posts any more. There is just money being paid for promotion trying to squeeze every last penny out of the blog.

Now he's squeezing the money from you readers.. your eyeballs are paying for his lattes.

Gonna take a week off from checking his blog once a day and wait for some actual news instead of just paid ads

Anonymous said...

Wow, you actually did turn off comments on the Mexifornia thread.

Lame, Rob. Seriously lame.

Ca$3y said...


WeWantTheFunk said...

@Anon 11:40 --

Umm, aren't paid links the whole foundation of their AdSense / AdWords programs? Can they monopolize advertising on the net?

Different use of paid links. A site's position in Google's search engine (the PageRank) is determined partially by what other sites link to it. A site linked to by IAFF would get a boost in it's rankings, and show up higher in the Google search. That's probably a big reason why Casey doesn't allow links to EN anymore -- it helps EN's page rank.

What Google objects to is someone paying to have their site listed, and the listing site not flagging it as paid. If they allowed this, it'd be simple to set up a site that is nothing but paid links from people who want their sites to show up higher in the Google search.

Casey actually promotes the rankings bump a site gets from paying for IAFF to link it. His promise to mention premium links twice a month and link to them in posts is clearly saying that a better Google score is one of the benefits of advertising with him.

Google doesn't want their search engine to be used to display other people's paid links. Even if Casey flagged the paid links on the front page to keep Google happy, mentioning the sites and linking to them in posts gets around that.

Google sells advertising, too. If you want a paid link to show up in a Google search, pay Google, not Casey.

And of course they can't monopolize 'Net advertising; they don't want to, and they're not trying. There are lots of places you can advertise without gaming the search engine.

WeWantTheFunk said...

D'oh! No apostrophe in the possessive "its." Must be bedtime.

Falling Floorward said...

Anyone here see the movie 'you, me and dupree'???

IS THAT MOVIE CASEYS PLAN?!? Dupree writes a BS book at the end and its sooo funny.

SamHouston said...

I propose the next war be adding baja california onto the states.

Divide up the newly conquered lands amongst the veterans of the war. Beautiful!!!!

Just like the history of Texas, fair and square land distribution unlike in Mexico where the patron owns everything.

There is already a labor force down there for us to give jobs to. Take the jobs to mexico for a change!


Holy bat crap!

Is this really the case? Are the prosecutors so lacking backbone that they will look the other way?

Chances of Casey Being Charged

Anonymous said...

万 々 歳!
八 紘 一 宇 !

The Dude said...

A Japanese Troll! Your divine presence is an inspiration to all....NOT!


...with such arrogance, no wonder the Chinese feel the way they do about ya. :)

flailing forward said...

Watch out, Dude, the Yasukuni Jinja is a secret underground organization of forensic accountants. Their weaponry skills are highly valued and strongly utilized by the government. They've been trained by Brian S. Nick and they will (almost but not quite) kick your ass!

Anonymous said...

If Rob wants to censor his blog and close comments, that is his right. This is his blog and he can do whatever he wants with it.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

@anon, 6:02: 馬鹿野郎!

Fear The Murse said...

Guest Blogger Alert!

Rob Dawg said...

I didn't censor. i turned off a few comments sections because people were deciding that they could post on any subject anywhere while active topical threads were still up. Multiple posts of te same things and general confusion. Housekeeping nothing more.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

looks like the virus is out, some O&A fans on the board?

Anonymous said...

and people can express their opinion about what rob does. and you can express your opinion about them too. thanks for your informative post dumbass.

Anonymous said...

i'm epressing my opinion

mocha is a bush bitch.

Anonymous said...

What does that mean in English, Fuck Off?

Dolph said...

You haterz are so mean. You have practically ruined Caseys life. If it wasn't for you people getting in his way messing things up, he'd be a huge success right now.

We didn't do anything to Casey that wasn't sabotaged BY HIS OWN INDECISION, HIS SHORT ATTENTION SPAN and LOVE OF SHINY NEW THINGS.

Let's get this straight, okay:

1) Casey admits he can't handle follow through - big problem for "entrepreneurs" in any industry.

2) Casey admits he bought his other homes for the cashback. So basically he took on more debt to get quick cash to float other loans. Explain how we kept him down here?

3) Casey tried to spin his failures, right before IAFF started, into an "investment" opportunity which was documented at his friend Ramit's site. Again, how did we ruin Casey's chances?

4) Casey lied on loan applications so he'd be approved. How did we ruin his life?

5) Since Casey won't pay back every dirty penny as promised (since he CLAIMS he makes money) how exactly did we ruin his credit scores? We weren't the ones keeping him from paying his bills.

6) Casey can't stay focused on anything. He goes after the lowest common denominator when it comes to finding lazy ways to make bank. None work out...why is that our fault?

So basically Casey can't take any responsibility for his failures so he needs someone to blame. He blames us, his biggest CRITICS. Can I say this one more time, trolls - WE are not the cause of his downfall - HE IS. We just shine a light on his miscues so others will be aware of what they are getting into. No different than a consumer advocate who says that McDonalds is bad for you. You can still eat at McD's everyday if you wish, but don't cry to me when it kills you.

Basically...stop whining about us being Casey's downfall. I AM NOT the reason he fell and neither are my fellow haterz.

Try again. You can't win this argument because it's unwinnable.

StephanieS said...


Any significant's to the picture in the thread. Especially about the multi million dollar lawsuit. Care to share? PLEASE!!

Mocha said...

Everybody just shut the hell up!!

early retirement said...



Don't you have work to do?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Casey comprehends how fucked he is?

He is Mega-Ultra-Super-Fucked. He must not realize it, because he keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper. He then refuses to acknowledge that said grave exists... as he digs it deeper still.

He totally blew it in the real estate market. Totally. Utterly. Completely. Could not have failed any harder if he tried.

He then broadcasts to the entire planet that he failed, and that he lied to achieve that failure. He told everybody how he lied and cheated and committed fraud over and over. Despite all his chicanery? FAILED. Prolonged abject failure is all I've witnessed from this lad.

Any potential that IAFF had, Casey has completely squandered. Completely.

Not only this, the fucker is married! Unless Galina played some as-yet-unknown role in all of this, she got royally screwed over by her knight in dull armor. So to top off his abject failure in real estate, he is most likely facing a quick divorce. He will also likely have to deal with Galinas lawyer as she attempts to untangle herself from the mistakes her soon-to-be-ex-husband made.

How about Caseys "reputation" as a "businessman"? Casey appears not to have the ability to form an honest self-image. Can't he grasp how naive/immature/haphazard ALL of his actions appear to be? Doesn't Casey understand that nobody with even an ounce of business sense would ever form a partnership with someone so... so... so Casey-like?

So he is 2.2M in debt, is about to be served with divorce papers if Galina has a lick of sense to her, has made a complete and utter fool of himself in every way possible on an international stage and now is just getting passed around by the Web 2.0 "gurus" like a doobie at a frat party. They just haven't realized Casey is roached. Nothing more to smoke, man. The bowl is cashed. Tapped out. What little there was to begin with, there is nada left.

So here I sit, dumbfounded. Spend a while each day checking out IAFF and EN, hoping Casey has done something positive for a change. Each day I've been disappointed.

So how do you all think this disgusting tragedy will end? What will put the brakes on the runaway train-wreck that is Casey Serin?

The way I see it, Casey is headed for jail or a shallow grave on the side of an old, abandoned road. Or both.

But hey... Its All Good.

Legal System said...

It's the Haterz that actually bring Casey all the attention that has made his blog the success it is.

The story is in the most hated blogger, not the most foreclosed on blogger.

Actually, if Casey was well liked, nobody would know who he is.

Laughing Hard said...

Way too funny!

Don't be a Casey!

Ryan Davison said...

You guys have probably been here, but after posting a comment at IAFF, my awesome blog that gets like 3 hits a day (, got this one.