Monday, June 11, 2007

Duane LeGate Part 4.0 The Meeting

Duane reports:
I have always tried to steer Casey to do what is best, not convenient, but best. Some people (especially Casey) do not agree with the approach I have taken. So be it, I can live with it. Casey has always controlled the information flow, only telling his side in the best light possible. At the same time, he has thrown everyone around him that doesn’t fully endorse his idiosyncrasy’s under the bus. That includes his wife.

I had business meetings in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. I had some spare time in the evening that I was arriving, so I emailed Casey to see if he wanted to meet. I knew he would say no because that was in the middle of 2.2. To my surprise he emailed me back saying that he and Galina would meet with me. I told them I would buy them dinner, told them where I was staying and what time we should hook up. I got to San Fran and called Casey to confirm, to my surprise, they were already at the hotel (this was 2+ hours before we were scheduled to meet) . I had a meeting in an hour with a client, so I told Casey I would meet with them before and after the client meeting.

Casey looks in real life thinner and more pale than I have seen in the pictures. The decision to shut down the blog had just been made. I guess he was stressing over losing his baby. I sat down and we ordered a beer, Galina wasnt there yet and I asked him how pissed he was at me. He told me he thought I had his best interest at heart but didn’t agree with what I had done. Again, so be it. Galina arrived and I ordered her a drink as well. It was awkward at first, but we settled into a conversation. I was watching both for non-verbal behavior. Like LossMit said, Galina was very postured, and quiet at the same time. You could sense a certain hollowness in her. Its almost as if the life had been sucked out of her. It was tough for her to speak without her voice cracking, or flat out crying. The stress of Casey was tearing her up.

We engaged in small talk, and discussed the happenings as well. Galina kept making the comments that Casey agrees with everyone, then does his own thing. (I had just heard the same thing from Steve, that’s why Steve called me… to see how to get through to Casey) Their pastor had made Casey a generous offer to help with employment etc… only to have Casey blow him off. Galina had asked Casey (as we all know) to keep her out of the public light, and Casey kept pushing the envelop further and further. Again, from her voice inflection, to the lip quivering, to the tears the gushed down her cheek… she was tired of his actions and the repercussions it had on them as a family. It was getting close to time to meet with my client. I hated to ask them to leave and come back, but I had to. I asked them if they had any money on them, they said no. I gave Casey 200 dollars, and told him to use some of that money to buy Galina flowers, it was the least he could do.

My meeting ran a little late, and by this time I am getting tired. It was about 7ish PST, and with the flight and all, I was getting worn down. We decided just to eat at the hotel. It was a sushi type restaurant, right up Caseys alley. I’m not a sushi kind of guy, but whatever. I told Casey I was proud of him for shutting down the blog. I also told him that I would be willing to give him a 1000 dollar “loan”. The terms? 5 years payback, no interest. All he had to do was to keep the blog down, do the right thing by his wife, and get a job. Those are the things he agreed to when he shut the blog down right? He waffled, and I knew right then he wouldn’t keep his commitment to his wife. We talked about my outing him, I told him one of the reasons (out of many) was so his wife could see he blew a chance at 72K. She didn’t know anything about it. Surprise. Casey kept trying to convince me of all the good things coming, as if he needed approval from or was looking for affirmation from me. He did discuss the casino. He really thinks he is going to broker a deal to sell Circus-Circus and make millions. When I told him it wasn’t going to happen, that business transactions weren’t handled by buddies referring a buddy through email, but by investment bankers, attorneys, auditors, etc… he started shaking…. I MEAN shaking… his hands would tremble .. not in a way that a person would tremble from alcohol, or drugs… but a trembling like I have ever seen. It was angry.. it was a “hurt” tremble.. it was weird.. He did buy goldspring.. he spent over 30 minutes trying to convince me it was going to a dollar soon -it is not a pump and dump - it really isn’t a penny stock per se - it just happened to be priced in the pennies. He kept saying “well if it gets back to a dollar or so.. implying he would make it big. Well Casey, GSPG has over 1 BILLION shares in the float. That would mean a multi billion dollar valuation for a company that has had only a few hundred thousand in revs this past year. You were the fish on this one.. you ate the bait, and your family – not you – is suffering the loss. Surprise.

He has a million things going like Circus Circus and goldspring… he believes that he will be worth millions and millions… SOON… hence the reason (supposedly) for the need NOT to seek a job… When I came back from San Fran, I emailed a select few and said four things: 1) I could see this kid going postal one day, 2) I am wrong about bi-polar, there is something much deeper there.. MUCH deeper. 3) He would fire the blog back up and soon, and 4) Divorce was around the corner. So far, I have hit on 3 and 4, could be right on the 2nd.

During the meeting, I told Galina that the blog had value if nothing else just for the media backlinks. I told her as bad as they needed money they should consider selling it without the content, and there names (especially hers) would slowly disappear. It would give them a cash injection, and with both of them working (imagine Casey working… no IMAGINE REAL HARD) that they could start knocking out bills rather quickly due to their low over head.

From meeting with Galina, I am CONVINCED of this: She has been manipulated. She has played the part of the respectful wife, allowing her domineering husband free reign. She IS NOT involved. She wasn’t on the mortgage notes except for the first one, and when she realized things weren’t as they seemed, she had Casey take her names off all the properties. She doesn’t deserve the beating she has taken. To date, she has been a shadowy figure in the background with Casey planting continuous seeds of doubt over her. The fraud, the lies the manipulation from Casey is all about Casey, not about Galina.

Hopefully this tiny appetizer will keep you dawgs satisfied while we work out the big stories.


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walt526 said...

First to enjoy the latest Duane

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R-Boy said...

Aww Rob, you're going to make them wait?

Walter Sobchak said...

It's hard to imagine that Casey Serin can sound dumber and more shallow with each passing day, but somehow he manages to top (bottom?) himself. (Please, no Nigel jokes)

Thanks Duane - this is classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

My biggest hope is no longer to see Casey go to jail, nor pay for his crimes (although I still hope both happen....), but to see Galina walk away from that marriage with her health, self-respect, honor and dignity intact.

Her family needs to step in and save her from this mess. Let Casey go down in flames, but someone who loves Galina needs to do an intervention on HER behalf.

Anonymous said...

As long as you're throwing away a few hundred could you at least throw a few my way? BTW, if Casey really thinks he will make millions soon then I will loan him 1k if he gives me one night with Galina as collatoral, just a date. If he will make the cash soon then why not?

walt526 said...

Just finished reading. Some very interesting stuff.

The shaking with anger has me worried too. This guy obviously doesn't fully consider the consequences of his actions, doesn't care about anyone but himself, and views himself as above the law. I'm very worried about Galina and Yulia--this guy could very well go postal at any moment...

Scary possibilities.

aaron said...

duane thank you.

I truely feel for Galina. Casey is not a good manipulator but I can see it working on a young naive lady. I truely despise Casey now. She is getting ruined by this assclown.

I hope some good stuff happens so that
a. casey is reigned in
b. Galina can somehow get out of this mess
C. Casey either goes to jail or has to get a real job working long hours.

He has no concept of the value of money.

beezer said...

RobDawg -

You went from part 2.5 to part 4.0. Does that mean there's a missing part 3 or is that uhm, a er.. clerical error?

This is good stuff, but don't make us wait, where's the other good stuff?!

aaron said...

PS. I believe the 'publisher' is a figment of Casey's imagination. He made this up so that he could convince Galina and family that he needed the blog back up. The kid is about to crack. Without the blog...reality comes crashing down upon him with all it's weight.

beezer said...

Duane -

Excellent stuff, though as above, did something happen in between your last post (the worm turns one)and this mtg?

Did he buy the flowers? Heh.

I can't believe, cannot believe he actually bought the Goldspring. I mean I believe you, but geeeeeeeez. And he's still holding it?!

Do you know how much credit he got from Hammar? Do you know how much he's spent?

Mouse And Pencil said...

He really thinks he's going to broker Circus Circus? The boy is off the deep end. I don't know wether to laugh hysterically or get angry or sad.

If this is just the teaser...good grief.

R-Boy said...

Hammar corp is funding the book deal. It is real. And that will come out soon.

RD, you need anything from me on that regard?

Anonymous said...

Why would Casey start "shaking" when you told him about the realities for the sale of any casino? Do you think he REALLY believed he could "broker" or facilitate such a deal and receive a $15 million fee?

Obviously Galina rads IAFF, but she never checked out EN and the published offer you made Casey re: job and IAFF sponsorship? I find that difficult to believe.

So, you gave him $200 - did he buy Galina flowers??

If they had no $$, how did they fill the car with gas and drive to SF from Sac? That would have been at least 5 gallons of gas for the jetta to make the trip - costing somewhere between $15 and $20.

Thanks for getting the 411 on Goldspring. He will, however, to continue to deny deny deny.

Were you able to determine how much of his "corporate" credit he's used? By my estimate(s) it must be close if not in excess of $10K now
* goldspring purchase = $4 K,
* back, current and future rent = $3K
* Vacation to Tahoe (with possible gambling)
*$1K Paying back creditor with corporate credit $$: 4K

So, with all the scrubing of toilets she's been doing, how were Galina's hands? Did they have the look of a woman cleaning homes?

When you said: … "came back from San Fran, I emailed a select few and said four things: 1) I could see this kid going postal one day, 2) I am wrong about bi-polar, there is something much deeper there.. MUCH deeper. 3) He would fire the blog back up and soon, and 4) Divorce was around the corner."

Who did you e-mail this to? Casey? Rob?

I think you are correct about item 2 (something much deeper than bi-polar) and item 3 (bringing back IAFF). How do you know about the status of item 4 (divorce)... do you know something or is it based upon Galina's behavior at dinner?

RE: Item 1 - going postal. This is a possibility - however, Casey doesn't have an employer, boss, or co-workers... only his family...

Please answer and keep us posted.

beezer said...

R-Boy -

Wait, sorry, what's real, Hammar or the book thing?

I know that's not a mainstream pub (as does everyone else with two neurons to rub together, I know) because, among a dozen other things, that whole 'publishers don't market books, that's completely up to authors' idiocy was just... idiocy.

They can certainly do promotion themselves, and show up to as many things as the publisher books, but er... they have marketing departments for a reason, duuuh.

Kirk said...

Good stuff Duane. I'm surprised he met with you as well. I'm flabergasted that he bought that stock, he continuosly amazes me. The fact that he really thinks he can broker a deal to sell a multi-million dollar casino is... I just don't have the words!

I suppose I always root for the underdog, and you can't get much more under than KC. I was actually hoping that the publisher was legit and he was going to start a speaking and "guru" career. Gurus are not my cup of tea, and usually they're con men, but the people they con are willing participants and usually only hurt themselves. Yeah, I know Snowflake is an exception. I think KC could be good at being a motivational speaker, or something of that ilk.

However, the casino, crazy stock deals, and everything else is over the top. What's wrong with this man?

I was glad to read your comments about Galina. Reading between the lines I too have thought she's been unfairly brushed with KC hate.

Rob Dawg said...

The black hole that is Casey threatens anyone near him. I agree with Anon, I hope his family comes out of this with only radiation burns and bad memories.

At 6:41 AM, R-Boy asks;
Aww Rob, you're going to make them wait?

The proper strategy for saturationbombing to deny the enemy the ability to continue waging destruction is to stagger the impacts. One post with everything would lose the effectiveness of making sure once and for all that he can escape. I intend that there exist no supportez left unconverted when I am through. Resistance is futile.

4.0 is correct. 3.0 was the end of the last story before Casey took down the blog. With IAFF went down there was no need to blog a dead whore. Now with all these events (aka craziness) it will wait until after the big reveals. Today, No stretching out 4.0, just releasing in an orderly fashion. I also got a little real work that cannot wait. I can't believe I put off two clients today to blog. I may be th next haterz™ intervention necessary.

lurker said...

If Hammar corp is funding the book, the family member that cosigned can press charges. Casey is mentally ill and forcing him into the system may get him the help he needs.

Anonymous said...

"RE: Item 1 - going postal. This is a possibility - however, Casey doesn't have an employer, boss, or co-workers... only his family... "

A-ha, look, finally an area of expertise I can use here.

'Going postal' is a subset of mass killings. Casey could theoretically go on a spree anyplace, but if he took out his family, that'd be a mass or spree killing (depending on what he did, where he did it and over what time period), family annihilator type.

Kirk said...

Oh yeah, a couple of questions. You said you were right about item 4, the divorce. So they are getting divorced?

Also, de he take the $1K you generously offered? If not how did he explain that to Galina?

R-Boy said...

It is my assertation that the Corporation is what is funding the book deal, etc.

The publisher is real. When the letter came out this weekend, there was one juicy nugget that stood out amongst all others, and that was "joint venture" Discussions throughout the weekend that you all will be made aware of today coincided with that nugget and many things were confirmed...

Alas, I too have a meeting to go to, and then some actual work, followed by a passport application and some talking to a new player in the behind the scenes escapades

Khatie said...


I fear for Galina's safety. I hope she leaves him, and soon. Physical violence, if it hasn't happened already, seems to be next on the docket.

I also think that Casey wrote his own "Publisher" response--to appease the family and justify the blog being back up.


Anonymous said...

I've got to shower and get to work.... the life of a lowly architect.

So, as part of his "publishing" deal will Casey be photocopying his own book and burning the CDs himself (or, more correctly, delegating the burnign of CDs to Galina)?

I hope Dateline, 20/20, or 60 minutes comes knocking soon... and not to talk "forecloser" or "most hated blogger" but to dig deep into the fraud. lousy biz skills, etc., of Casey's efforts and attempts to get rich.... If only to do so as a public service.

Anonymous said...

Is it true M Signh had a stroke from the last IAFF fraud cast?

Mouse And Pencil said...

Okay, this is getting serious. Couple of serious-type questions:

Can we appoint an IAFF watcher, to go over there and post back here any attempts to fight back or do damage control? Lets kill his traffic!

Or, lets go over there and start the ball rolling, talking about Circus Circus and stuff. Casey has to have seen the new post by now.

I'd also like to say, if Galina does leave him, I will donate to a fund to help her get a good lawyer, extricating herself from Casey's dealz and crimes is going to be a long process.

At what point does knowledge require action? And what can we do? Lead us, Spartacus.

Rob Dawg said...

Family is safe for now. By my estimation they should be safe for at least 6 weeks and certainly not less than many days in any event.

G is taking action. I only hope it is enough and in time.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Did she have him committed?

Anonymous said...

Please check out

There is no upfront $$ from the book writer. I'm certain this is who Casey's "publisher" is... they do all sorts of crap (CDs, etc).

I don't know if Bob Young (CEO) wrote the post this weekend, however, whoever did obviously did not run it by their legal or PR department.... unless the CEO wrote the IAFF post, heads at the publisher's office will be rolling this morning......

I can imagine Casey writing the post (who in the working world has the time to write such a horrible document for publication). He then sent the post to his "publisher" for review. He probably did not get approval to post the document, but went ahead and did so anyway.

Again, my thinking is if there is a "publisher" and the post were not written by the CEO, heads will be rolling this morning and at least one job lost by the lunch hour.

Honestly Wondering said...

Bipolar may be off the table, but all this is still very consistent with NPD.

I've had long experience dealing with someone like Casey. Someone with NPD literally has no sense of reality or identity - instead, it's all about validation and perception. They learn early on how to attract folks who don't know any better, and to sideline people who can punch holes in their nonsense. They usually paint them in good/evil terms, and tend to be attracted to cultish environments.

Bipolar's a matter of medicating a chemical balance. NPD goes right to the core - he'll stop when he's stopped. That's the only way to deal with them, because they're masters at using cut slack and misguided hope to buy time. They aren't recoverable.

(PS - *This* isn't the big story? :) Boy, the upcoming one must be good..)

beezer said...

R-Boy -

By real publisher you mean a real vanity press, yes? Because otherwise why is the corp funding it... And if it's a vanity press, who is he blathering to to 'transcribe' it and he thinks magically turn it into a book..

Rob Dawg said...

Not "lulu."

R-boy, could you shoot me your latest? I've got most but the recent revelations of "run it by the board if directors" bit tickled a doubt. Thx.

Anonymous said...

RobDawg -

Do you have an ETA on the big bombs, even generally, like, in an hour, after noon, that sort of thing?

I keep refreshing here, going back to the main page to see... :)

Anonymous said...

Rob - family safe for now and for six weeks - is that because of the pre-rent payment? If so, that is not correct.

Until an order of protection is granted by a judge and Galina goes into hiding at a secret location for abused women, she is not safe.

The only thing that will keep G safe is hide and file for divorce, then gather evidence so that, while California is a community property state, snowflake ends up with the bulk of the debt. Better yet, G needs to get an annulment - there was fraud and mental illness which are both qualifying factors.

One final note: my own sister-in-law lost her mother to murder.... the abusive husband of her best friend murdered her in the course of getting her friend to safety.... No one is safe in that family unless they have orders of protection and 24 hour armed guards.

wine country dude said...

Props to Duane for this harrowing entry.

However, I do not see Casey getting violent, with Galina or any others. It's not in the nature of his personality. Casey is a manipulator, someone who doesn't care what the effect of his actions are upon others. He does metaphorical violence to the lives of those around him, but I do not believe he will resort to physical violence.

Think of it: he has excellent verbal skills, is accomplished at presenting a public persona that has little to do with reality and is a master at spinning a "reality" that he can believe in. The way such a person "solves" his problems is with more of the same--as we have witnessed time and again--not by going postal.

Given that life can throw some real curves, though, I hope I am not wrong.

Anonymous said...

I tend toward thinking Casey is not a danger in the shooting spree way.

Most people who end up perpetuating a mass killing of these types feel either they have no way out of a situation, or that they have nothing to lose. Casey, nutty as he is, seems to actually believe he has big things coming and will soon be raking in the riches.

While that's working against him in general, it works for him in the sense it probably makes him less likely to start shooting, because he thinks he does have things to lose, and he's convinced it'll all be great.

Dan said...


I have bills too and I plan to pay them, how bout spreading the wealth.

I need to get into whatever business it is Duane is in.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to set up an interview by Galina with the Haterz. And I'd be willing to chip in a little to help with the divorce attny.

lurker said...

The problem is then that Casey has to maintain his good things are coming or he goes to the bottom of the deep end. Casey has not shown a predisposition for violence that we are aware of. But htat does not mean violence is not there. Vioence or the threat of violence may have helped keep G in lne. Casey also has a predisposition for going out in a big way.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I'm a little worried about the upcoming bomb being a trigger. If Casey is that far gone, who knows what all this will do - going by past behavior he'll just be petulant and snarky and hold a grudge - but who knows what the trigger could be.

I really would need to know if there's ever been any physical abuse on Casey's part in his marriage before I pulled the trigger, I hope you guys know what you're doing - and I do think you do - but this could get scary. Well, I have faith you guys did your homework and have all the bases covered, no matter what the fallout.

I'd caution everyone, while this might be exciting as Rob & Co. put on Shock and Awe: Casey's Ass Is Grass, but this could get very serious, very personal. When Steven called in the story became real, no longer an internet kook drama for reading over morning coffee - it's real people, real emotions, real damage.

Rob, Duane, R-boy, i think I speak for a lot of Haterz, you need anything, ask. We're here, ready to rumble. I'm an hour away from Sac. It strikes me Galina has family behind her, which is the best thing in the world. I hope she's not still estranged from her parents, although that's what Casey told us so i'm not assuming it's true. She's going to need her family more than ever right now.

Dumbfounded said...

Thanks for the post Duane. Casey's life and thoughts are a comic book. Amazing. Simply fucking amazing.

R-Boy said...

Kirk 659 AM

I am vehemently anti-guru and anti-GRQ. Ive seen good people taken advantage of over and over, so I don't buy the willing participants line. These gurus understand psychology and use it to their advantage to trick folks to be willing.

Anonymous said...

Y'all want to go back to the main page, because Duane 4.1 is up and OMG.

michael said...

can't believe you gave him $200.

why do you insist on enabling this guy.

if you must give someone money, give it to yulia.

good grief.

Kirk said...

r-boy: I know what you're saying, and I agree that gurus use psychology and tricks to their advantage. I guess my conservative bent shows through here.

I believe that some people are going to be taken advantage of no matter what. Society can't be there to protect fools, fools will be fools and there's nothing we can do about it.

wine country dude said...

@ Honestly Wondering 7:13

Agree. NPD is real and psychologically very destructive. It is NOT the picture of Narcissus lying by the edge of the pool, gazing in on his reflection, and sighing with admiration--kind of a benign, slightly foolish eccentric.

Special emphasis on incurable/not recoverable. An accomplished narcissist rejects all information from the world at large to the contrary, and insists on weaving and re-weaving his or her own internal version of events. They do not change.

My mother is almost 87, is a clear NPD sufferer, and has had enough shocks from the real world in recent decades to wake the deepest sleeper. But she persists, unchanged, and thinks the world has been very unkind to her. I have also seen her VERY angry when her version of reality is questioned, to the point of shaking hands and furious, quivering voice, but she has never been physically violent. In my experience, physical violence is not part of the package.

Important point: with NPD, there is not a psychotic break from reality. No auditory hallucinations that I'm aware of. They can still drive a car; still write a check; still pay a phone bill; and even go to work, although their completely constricted view of themselves, compared to the "little people" around them (W-2 loosers?), usually creates a lot of friction.

NPD sufferers are not very good at working with others, and provoke a lot of resistance. Unlike family, though, the co-worker only has to put up with this bullshit 8 hours a day. The family sees it 24/7.

R-Boy said...

@ Beezer

More like Vanity Scam

Yes, there would be transcription needed. You're thinking like I was Saturday. =)

I will consider our efforts successful when we

1) Help to protect the innocents involved (Galina, and to some extent his family...not fully because they do enable him but they mean well...maybe they are like Galina there too)

2) Prevent the rise of another guru


3) Achieve some measure of consequence for young Serin.

@Honestly Wondering

This is like the tip of the iceberg of the big story. I am letting the other guys handle its development

Gotta run, off to meetings, passport, etc.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone bring me up to speed with "Circus Circus"? How was KC planning on broking it?

I like M. Singh said...

Dear Mr. LeGate,

Your post, entitled 'DLG 4.0 The Meeting', was placed in my briefcase by my page Chester Sedgwick. My first meeting was across town, therefore I had an opportunity to read your report at the start of my day.

Thank you for conveying these details to us. Yet these events are so personal it seems that the publication for simply our titillation is unseemly. To your credit, though, I believe these posts may have much more important consequences - ultimately positive ones for Casey - and that is professional intervention on the part of his family.

Anonymous said...


You should have given the money to Galina and NOT Casey.

I am still shacking my head in dis-belief.

Casey is a Con-man and he is NOT going to go postal. He loves himself way too much for that.

I can't believe that you have all fell for the BS Casey puts out.

Anonymous said...

No, it wouldn't be a 'publisher' like

Lulu just prints and binds whatever you send them. There's no editorial applied whatsoever.

I have no doubt that the people speaking to Casey (if they exist) are book packagers, probably with experience in the guru field, looking to make a quick buck.

Anonymous said...

Galunka is not an innocent victim. Casey is not going to hurt her, he is trying to drop her. He does not care about her at all. SHe was in the pics as a partner with her clipboard, geez get real. Now she is the poor abused one, I think Duane has a hard on for her...LOL