Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hey Dad Why?

Travel broadens the horizons of the young. My 16yo had some interesting observations within a few hours of arriving in New England. She mentioned that the roads were smoother, less crowded, gas was much cheaper and taxes were lower than California. Fresh eyes fresh perspective. California $158 billion and 36 million people $4400/person. Massachusetts $28 billion and 6.4 million people $4400/person. Where is California's money going? Certainly not visible services.

Backgrounder on CA's crumbling infrastructure.


Slingshot Tom said...

MURST! First!

Andrew Imus said...


Andrew Imus said...


Sweet Cashback said...

Is it just me or did Snowflake take his Sitemeter down ???

He didn't like what he was seeing these last weeks ?!

Slingshot Tom said...

Cmon Andrew, you had half an hour to squeeze that one out.

I at least was busy puking at Casey's latest round of disgusting behaviour - to wit, going on a road trip around Australia while his wife cleans dunnies.

Casey, ya bludger! What a waste of good oxygen.

Slingshot Tom said...

I can see the sitemeter; looks like lots of hits. 35K visits on 16th - that's the highest this month; 2nd highest was 30K on the 21st of May.

That high rate of hits is probably click fraud, because there's surely nothing new and interesting on IAFF.

Anonymous said...

Some food for thought:

We have somebody from Ryde, NSW that has been VERY active around EN and IAFF. Just now we have him on from two different computers from that one provider (maybe same IP, maybe same house??).

Domain Name ? (Australia)
IP Address 202.7.166.# (TPG Internet Pty Ltd.)
ISP TPG Internet Pty Ltd.
Continent : Oceania/Australasia
Country : Australia (Facts)
State/Region : New South Wales
City : Ryde
Lat/Long : -33.8167, 151.1 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Firefox
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070508 Firefox/
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Jun 17 2007 2:10:18 am
Last Page View Jun 17 2007 2:10:18 am
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page http://exurbannation...ay-wheres-nigel.html
Visit Exit Page http://exurbannation...ay-wheres-nigel.html
Out Click
Time Zone UTC+9:00
Visitor's Time Jun 17 2007 7:10:18 pm
Visit Number 392,347


Domain Name ? (Australia)
IP Address 202.7.166.# (TPG Internet Pty Ltd.)
ISP TPG Internet Pty Ltd.
Continent : Oceania/Australasia
Country : Australia (Facts)
State/Region : New South Wales
City : Ryde
Lat/Long : -33.8167, 151.1 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Firefox 2.0
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070515 Firefox/
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution : 1280 x 800
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Jun 17 2007 2:00:16 am
Last Page View Jun 17 2007 2:25:20 am
Visit Length 25 minutes 4 seconds
Page Views 8
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page http://exurbannation.../2007/06/boston.html
Out Click This CaseyPedia entry
Time Zone UTC+9:00
Visitor's Time Jun 17 2007 7:00:16 pm
Visit Number 392,343

If we take into account Benoit's[tm] find here and a White Pages search we find THIS. It is the only entry with that name in NSW.


Anonymous said...

THIS is the right link....sorry for my MAD IT SKILLZ[tm].

Rob Dawg said...

The 1280x800 screen resolution is Casey's laptop.

IAFF gets a 30-35k spike when the msn homepage rolls over the Declan articles. Lasts 2 days typically.

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Google maps puts that IP here.

The Dude said...

It's Father's Day and I'd like to thank Casey for not being a father.

If he were a father, G would be reading a book to the little one.....

Sweet Cashback said...

I wonder what this kind of money this traffic translates into. Are we talking hundreds or thousands of $$$ a month ?

Another thing I was wondering was Y's cat. Anybody else think that KC left the states to escape the vision of his wife cuddling the cat?

lurker said...

Back to the topic of the post

One of the serious problems California has is that it is such a large state and such a diverse state that its Congresspeople can not get together to grab their fare share of the loot. The reason the roads are such much better is because California taxes paid for the Mass. roads.

One of the reasons why Gas is cheaper is we require some additives so that our gas is less polluting (theoretically)

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

I looked at the timestamps of Casey's photos and there's something fishy going on. For example, the "night" photo has a timestamp of 2007-06-17 00:09:55
If the camera's time is still set to CA time, we need to add 17 hours, so the photo was taken at 5pm. I think it's believable considering that the sunset is at 4:56pm and it's cloudy.
But this puts the timestamp in the future.
So, is Casey (ineptly) editing the timestamps now to make it look like he's still in Australia?
Is the camera's date set incorrectly? Well, probably not. You can see that it's set correctly from his speeding ticket photo.

Endgame said...

At 5:20 AM, Rob Dawg said...
The 1280x800 screen resolution is Casey's laptop.

Rob - didn't someone else from Oz post a few days ago that it's his computer?

From KC's "prison cell" (quite a guest!) photo, looks like he still has the floppy top. It's not widescreen.

Endgame said...

New post at IAFF. Mostly whining about everyone else stopping him from reaching nirvana.

A "fair use" sample:

2. After months of trying, my juicy $43,000 corporate credit line was finally approved but then suddenly flagged for review and closed down.

No, there was nothing shady, as far as I know. I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested. There may have been other issues. Things I need to improve on.

Endgame said...

I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested.

invested = spent on shiny things

There may have been other issues.
Things I need to improve on.

like fraud

Slingshot Tom said...

Ryde is the location of the TPGI headquarters, so don't jump to any conclusions about the location of a TPGI subscriber.

Anyway, it looks like Casey landed in Brisbane and he's been following the coast south since then. What a loser; he needs another holiday while Galina scrubs toilets.

As for the kids book ... heh, is Casey the elephant sleeping it all off?

Rob Dawg said...

Yes. I said those two things as part of my answer to my kid. 19 of the last 20 years California has been a donor State. Sometimes as little as 72 cents on the dollar returns. As to gas about 5 cents goes to market forces because of unique formulations. Another 10-11 cents to the costs of the unique formulations and yet another 8-9 cents to pay for the leanup of the previous formulation that included MBTE. The sad part is CA gas has about 111k BTU/gal. Real gas has 127k BTU/gal. Our special formulation has 10% less emissions because there is 12% less gas in a gallon. Oh, and don't forget CA charges sales tax on the excise taxes on fuels. Yep, a tax on a tax.

Endgame said...

He ends by saying:

Yeah I know, I look sad. [ed. in yet another staged pensive photo] Being hated by the world is not easy. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in on me. Must keep going though.

What a shame our little innocent martyr is being persecuted by all the bad people.

Bemused Guy said...

For the Love of God!

Will whoever is monitoring Casey on whichever continent (beit Aussies or Galina), please have him use the free shampoo in the hotel on his hair?

That sh*t is not an attempt to be stylish using bad products; it is just unhealthy & unclean. Seriously, it is skeeving me out.

Slingshot Tom said...

Casey, ya dumb bastard. You fail because you're stupid!

The negativity comes because you treat your wife like sh*t and flip the bird at the world, taking "holidays", taking advantage, conning people and sleeping instead of honest work.

Don't blame your predicament on other people.

Casey, you are a criminal. The best way you can make amends is to get a job and work hard.

Slingshot Tom said...

I was really counting on it for sweet passive income (sweet arbitrage!).

Casey, you're the dumbest living f*ck within 50 lightyears of the Sun. Don't expect to make money from money that isn't yours. Get a job, earn honest dosh for once, and do a blog or whatever on the side. Not insulting your wife and family with international holidays.

While you keep on scamming people and entering dodgy "business relationships", haterz will continue to expose you.

Endgame said...

And, Casey,

You got one thing right.

The walls are closing in on you. Your past (and current) irresponsible, impulsive, illegal behaviors have caused it. You have only yourself to blame.

I'm pleased to see that someone in the financial system realizes that you can't be trusted to borrow $. Sweet!

OneOfTheLurkerz said...

Casey sure knows how to troll. Let's see...

Google banned me from AdSense for fraud clicks again.

Translation: Gotta tell Marty to go easy on that botnet.

That’s a pretty big roadblock. I was really counting on [the corporate credit line] for sweet passive income (sweet arbitrage!). The income to start paying back debts and to float the existing corporate credit.

Translation: I am a troll.

Worse yet, I lost my guarantor and need to find a new one if I am to try to re-apply.

Translation: Even my mother wants nothing to do with me now.

Anybody have 700+ FICO?? (Just kidding)

Translation: I'm not kidding.

My personal life and relationships is… personal. Let me handle it please. As much as I appreciate the well-meaning intentions of some of you, outside involvement is only making it worse.

Translation: Don't interfere. It makes it very difficult to manipulate my wife.

Because of my unique situation, my best bet to pay off my debt is to make money by telling people how I got into debt. People can learn from my mistakes and hopefully save lots of money.

Translation: With my advice people will get even farther into debt. But I don't care, I'm a guru!

Dealing with empty threats is not a good use of time.

Translation: I am too chicken to follow through with my threat of legal action.

Slingshot Tom said...

I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it

Yes, you were anxious to get your hands on it. So you could spend it. Or throw it away with more stupid purchases like GSPG.

Haven't you done enough damage already, mate?

Pretty Vacant said...

MA is also a donor state. Look it up.

El Gabo Gringo said...


Built by Republicans...

Ruined by Democrats...

Tesla said...

It's shocking to hear my state of MA upheld as a model of efficiency compared to California. That's truly scary for CA!

Transit said...

Okay, here's what I think about Casey's trip to our fair shores. A lot of this is educated guesswork - if I turn out to be completely wrong, it won't be the first time.

1. This trip was organised well in advance. ETAs, International Driver's Licences, these things take some time to get sorted. Not to mention the issue of cash, which brings me to...

2. This trip is costing somebody a lot of money (Australian dollars, if ya don't mind). Probably Casey. I'm thinking the car he's sitting in outside the dealership photo is a rental, which he picked up at the airport. This is costing him about fifty dollars a day. Petrol ain't cheap, even in a hybrid - filling the tank probably costs another sixty dollars.

Traveling to Newcastle to gawk at shipwrecks takes a couple of hours from the heart of the Sydney CBD. We're talking a distance of about a hundred miles, at petrol prices higher than what I understand you can be expected to pay in the US.

3. Jesus Christ! Looking at the pic entitled "City View 2" I just had one of those "the call is coming from inside the house!" moments. That path, running behind the building in the bottom right of the shot? I used to walk that every day on my way to the city. Funnily enough, there's a Starbucks within spitting distance.

Now, if that picture wasn't taken from one of the hotels or serviced apartments that overlook that particular patch of greenery, then I'm the fuckin' Tsar of Russia. You don't get a room in one of those for less than a few hundred dollars a night, and the "breakfast in the city" pic has me convinced he's spent at least a night in one - I'm the victim of many a similar morning buffet.

4. The earlier photos look more like they were taken at a bed and breakfast than somebody's house. This is really just a theory, but the Blue Mountains are riddled with hostels, backpacker joints and the aforementioned B'n'B style affairs. I used to work at places like this during my school holidays. Again, to actually stay at one runs into some bucks.

5. The whole "Martin Chambers"/Ryde thing might be a coincidence. If Casey is returning to the same internet cafe (Starbucks?) to blog every day, or has organised TGP to provide internet access, the Ryde server is the one that is going to show up. Hell, I'm in South Australia, and all the location-specific advertisements I get tell me I'm in Canberra. Somebody whose IT skillz are more mad than mine might want to prove me wrong, or clarify this.

My conclusion is this: Casey organised his flight from America well in advance. He has somehow managed to enter the country with a considerable amount of cash, or set up the cash he had in an offshore account accessible from Australia. He is now cruising the NSW coast, looking for a new location to set up his next scam. He's probably made one or two dubious contacts, although I can't really speculate about that now. Although his plans are up in the air, and his cage is considerably rattled, he has no intention of heading back to America.

Whaddaya think?

soem dood said...

"After months of trying, my juicy $43,000 corporate credit line was finally approved but then suddenly flagged for review and closed down.

No, there was nothing shady, as far as I know. I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested. There may have been other issues. Things I need to improve on."


I know it's an intentional troll, but it is still delicious. (He trolls like some people without a social radar pick their nose - they don't even realize they are doing it sometimes, it just comes so naturally)

Yesterday, Casey caused me to flash on a man I had not thought of in years. He appeared unlike, but also was very much like Casey, depending on the layer you had access to view.

This was an uncle who was an "independent oil and cattleman" (read "Scammer") in the Kansas and Oklahoma area. Insurance, land claims, oil rights reselling, you name it, it might wind up in his clutches. Typical '70's gaudy insurance man mold; yellow Olds 88, plaid golf pants, gold watch and diamond jewelry meant to convey the sense of having so much money he just couldn't figure out how to unload it fast enough.

One on one, he was an extraordinarily glib and likable cuss. Had the gift of blarney, Irish drinking man's broken blood vessel nose from constant 'deal making' over an evening of single malt shots... like all con men, was able to take a steaming mad person, intent on pinning him down like a bug, but after some "man" talk, he could leave them with taking down a new "order" from them!

Unlike Casey, he had a family to raise, and the women in the household were all on the up and up, shielded, but the sons were all a chip off the old block and he had them running mini-scams of their own.

Eventually, the law, marks, & creditors were closing in on him, and he was driven to leave home, live out of his car, leaving wife and family destitute, and he was finally rounded up in a dramatic case of getting stopped by the Oklahoma State Patrol on a major highway, which he turned into a major incident by drawing a sawed off shotgun from under the seat while the officer was at his cruiser and threatening suicide. He eventually was treated for various supposed mental ailments. Another con. The only thing REALLY wrong with the man was that he had an intense need to: a)get over on people for money without adding value to the equation, b) be seen as a big man by the established circles.

Although someone else looking at the two in the street would think they could not be further apart, I'd guess that they themselves would recognize each other as kindred spirits instantly.

NH Steph said...

The Granite State is also consistently jobbed by the Feds-- to the tune of .67 cents on the dollar.

From the Tax Foundation:
Federal Taxes Paid versus Federal Spending Received

Anonymous said...

From soem dood-

"The only thing REALLY wrong with the man was that he had an intense need to: a)get over on people for money without adding value to the equation, b) be seen as a big man by the established circles."

World, meet Casey Serin^

king friday the 13th said...

those numbers are skewed to favor sparsely populated states with a heavy military presence. Sparce population means no big cities, so not many uber-rich paying big taxes.

New Mexico does best -- 2.00 recieved for every dollar sent. Sparce population, most of which works for Los Alamos, Sandia National Labs or at 1 of the military bases. Whole damn state is kinda like DC West -- everyone works for the Feds.


Casey -

We know you read this site - and since I know you would never allow moderation of what I'm about to say, I'm saying it here.



You say you are going to Australia for "massive focused action" to work on the blog and such..... but thus far, how much "work" have you really done?

You said your first few days were spent getting to know your hosts, playing poker and seeing some sights...... Then what - NOTHING.... the posts on the blog were lackluster and B-O-R-I-N-G....... and they remain so.

You want your personal relationships to be respected - however, you DO NOT RESPECT your relationships. In your interview with CNET you say that you'd not spoken with your wife since leaving.

You have time for media phone interviews, traveling the country side, visiting the sites and no time to call your wife?

What an absolute dumb fuck you are. Actually, worse.

Here's what you said in today's posting:

"My personal life and relationships is… personal. Let me handle it please. As much as I appreciate the well-meaning intentions of some of you, outside involvement is only making it worse."




Did you put $1000 on the table Friday night? Or, did that money go towards the car rental, gas, hotel and restaurant expenses?

No Casey, you are not the "World's most hated blogger."


You make cheating Prince Charles look like a decent dude.

You make murdering OJ look like a big pussy cat.

Yes Casey, repeat after me:


Your wife deserves so much better. The one silver lining of this latest "mistake" of yours? She is seeing the light (hopefully), reaching out for assistance, and tossing your ass to the curb.

You should just stay in Australia because I doubt you'll be wecomed back home with open arms.... In all likelihood, you will find, upon your return, the locks changed, all person items either sold, donated or burned. An attorney will be providing you with divorce papers.

In addition, Ihope Galina does the following:

First safeguard herself against any and all debts your actions have resulted.

Second, SUE YOUR ASS FOR SPOUSAL SUPPORT. Yeah, you might have nothing but debt right now.... but should you ever win the lottery (unlikely), get a job (even more unlikely), or actually end up running a successful business (most unlikely), Galina should be entitled, at minimum 30% of all gross earnings for the remainder of her life.


And, please...... Stop taking the "oh the world is so bad" trolling photos. You've said in your CNET interview that you troll.... Nigel has admitted you stage photos.

NO ONE BELIEVES FOR A MINUTE YOU ARE THAT SAD.... You probably set up the photo, put on a sad face, click... then smile and laugh at how well it looks....

What I find, however, more interesting, is that NONE OF THESE PHOTOS of you in Australia have any other people in them. Sure, you've got photos of people in Australia (where someone has obviously taken the photo) but any of the photos of you lack tourists or other people in the background. Why is that?

BelowTheCrowd said...

I do not believe he rented the car.

Yesterday he said "I finally got to drive on the other side of the road." This is more than a week after the picture of him in the sweet Prius. My take on this is that the Prius belongs to his "host" and that he's been traveling around with said "host."

Incidentally, he would not need an international drivers license for Australia. Really the IDL is just a certified translation of your existing license and generally not required in places where English is read and understood. He'd only need more than his California license if he was planning to stay for more than six months.

(I have rented cars all around the world, including Australia, with no IDL.)


H Simpson said...


Back to the original post:

You give Mass much to much credit. They are full of tools just like Ca. I lived in the Bay State for 40 years before i could not take it anymore. And I am in Ca. at least twice a year on business, so I understand that is no bargain either.

The taxes are insane just like Ca. One US Senator is a womanizing drunk who killed a female staffer. The other is a has been low life who puffed up his war record and then told lies to get press to start his career. Neither is ever actually seen in the state.
They have a Congressman who was caught having sex with the male pages. And yet these dirt bags get reelected every time. Or the former head of the Mass legislature who's brother has been chased by the FBI for 10 years. He just took a retirement package that pays better than the President of the United States.

Hyprocrits who blab about how W is bad and we need alternative energy, but put the kibosh on wind farms off Cape Cod because they could spoil ocean views of certain people's homes.

While you were in Cambridge last week, you were safe as it has a "nuclear free zone" so no bombs are allowed. They also have open arms for illegal aliens, but bring your dog from another town to use one of their parks and you are labeled a criminal.

A state that started the revolution on no taxation without representation, but who sees no disconnect collecting full income tax on any workers who commute from another state, while giving them NONE of the tax breaks.

The roads sux in Mass. Just get outside of Boston to the rest of the state. Ca roads are much better as they do not need to deal with frost heaves. Then you have the 15 BILLON dollar tunnels that fall down and kill people while constantly leaking water.

A state who has tolls on the turnpike that was paid off 20 years ago, but nobody wants to get rid of the patronige jobs.

An airport with one of the worst records in the nation because they have no clue how to keep it open in the winter.

A "democratic" state whose legislature last week did every dirty trick in the book to stop allowing the citizens of the state to vote on gay marriage.

You know better, just cross the border north into God's Country. Better roads, schools that rank with Mass, local police who will jail illegals even when ICE wants to turn their heads and look away. And it is done without an income or sales tax. Taxes are collected at the local level so there is no pot of gold everyone is constantly trying to raid.

Mass Sux. You need to bring that lunkhead Arnold to New Hampshire where we can pound some sense into him. The LIVE FREE OR DIE state where the state government rather take less money from the feds so as not to have a bunch of stupid laws "just because".

Rob, you have been in Ca so long, your reality filters are screwed up. Hope the vacation helps to recalibrate what is possible without overbearing infrastructure.