Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome New Haterz™ Google & Yahoo

One definition of haterz™ according to Young Snowflake is when you become an obstacle to his goalz™ of sweet passive income. For we haterz™ this is yet another example of how proximity to the Caseyworld™ reality distortion field can affect perception. Haterz™ wish Casey and hiz enablerz everything they deserve and have earned. If that includes honest income then fine. Play by the rulez and good luck to you.


R-Boy said...

The First, Murst, and Worst search engines ever!

Walter Sobchak said...

Dammit! Relegated to Thirst, Moist and Boobies.

Rob Dawg said...

Boobies? Where? Did I miss something? Oh well, off to Alexa to see what the trollfest did to my rank. Did anyone notice how the tardbots had to stop clicking right about the same time the pizza delivery business times started picking up?

sid_finster said...

@RD: Are you insinuating that the child labor laws are being broken?

My feeble attempt at with aside, trolls are like Caseys in that for them, any attention is good attention.

We all steadfastly ignore them, they will go away.

Rob Dawg said...

Child labor laws don't take into account intellectual and emotional age. Unfortunately.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

I think Marty may have realized h was both cutting off the adsense/yahoo revenue for Casey, AND increasing the traffic over here and ranking.

Rob, by your definition, Marty is one of the biggest haterZ yet! :)

Schnapps said...

This is way too early for this sort of thing.

And child labour laws should take emotional and intellectual age into account.

If only to protect the rest of us from the insanity.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


What time do trolls usually wake up in the morning?



Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Rob is still on East Coast time, they probably won' be up until around 8am pacific thinking Rob will be sleeping in so early.

I had a dream last night, of a young frail, effiminite little boy playing in a house of cards. The cards slowly started falling one at a time until he was covered by them. Sadly, it was so frail he was suffocated.
I woke up, and now it's time to start my day!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, KC is never coming back to the US except by extradition, which is why he is now looking for a way to another country, hopefully one that isn't as US-friendly as Australia.

I wonder how long before Cashcall gets a court order to freeze his Paypal account? Ooops, no more Paypal ATM card!

Anonymous said...

not that it needs mentioning but.. more casey flickr / homeless and eating salmon and baiting :-)

Jean Valjean said...

Good morrow (archaic) fellas.

Last night I finally put up some events in the Casey timeline. If you're a Caseypedia contributor and want to help, by all means, feel free. I am starting to realize how big this job is going to be.

I figure I have about 1/100th of the stuff so far. Thankfully, Snowflake's recent posts have been nothing but trolls, so that is giving me some time to catch up on some of the bigger events.

You can view what's up so far at the Timeline at Caseypedia.


visioneer said...

Did GOOG and YHOO not pay because of clickfraud?

I'm confused.

flailing forward said...

There is a partial timeline here that has events Casey mentioned up until the December posts. (Word document)

Khatie said...

Oh, Casey isn't homeless by any means--he values his own comfort above all else. He's either got money he's not talking about (as usual) or perhaps he's even lowered himself to tricking for shelter. It appears that he will do anything for money.

Yanno, tt must be nice to take brewery tours and eat at tourist attractions while your wife is slaving a world away to make ends meet.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Just browsed Casey's flckr pics ... looks like he was in Brisbane, and now back in Sydney (if they're in time order).

I recognize PICT6858 as being Kent St. in the Sydney CBD, and 6843 and 6852 look to be in West Sydney (I used to live in Sydney for 8 years...). I'm pretty sure that Hungry Jack's and KFC are on Parramatta Road...

What's with the swinging through trees like some kinda monkey? Maybe he took the posts in yesterday's EN thread literally (the chained monkey in India guarding the public toilets!).

I think he's nuts.



Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the last timeline entry about the $40k be around the 14th? That's the date his email is.

Jean Valjean said...


This is great! Thanks!

Sweet Cashback said...

Ohhh...feels like some fresh air around here. Lets see when the stinkin fish from last year will make their appearance.

Anonymous said...

"Just browsed Casey's flckr pics ... looks like he was in Brisbane, and now back in Sydney (if they're in time order)."

He already admitted to going to Brisbane, Internet Detective.

GC said...

Hey Folks...

Who is actually writing Casey's post at this point? Has there been a Hater investigation of this, yet? Sounds like a worthy topic for your fine detective skills.

And, I'd be able to IGNORE his site once someone told me who was actually doing the posts there these days.

Sharky said...


What company is in Fountain Valley?

God, sometimes I think y'all are addicted to dropping the other shoe.

For fuck's sake...make like Sputnik and spit it out.

It's the steaming pile of product that elcits the "ooohs" and "aahhhhs"...not the dramatic buildup.

That's just schlock.

Anonymous said...

im sure hoping casey misses the oppurtunity to make some passive income due to not registering a good domain name...

Domain Name:

Description: potential resource portal for financially challenged homeowners or people facing financial hardship & credit card debt.

Category(s): Consumer Goods & Services-Financial Services

Time Left: 2 days 6 hours 31 mins 28 secs

End Time: 06/24/2007 02:00 PM (PDT)

Sale Type: Auction

Includes Website: No

Serin is as Serin does... said...

New thread.

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


Excuse me. I'm in Anonopussy Ignore Mode.



JimBobJoeBobJim said...

RE: Casey in AUS.

I've had enough, so I called an old friend in Brisbane. She's read the Sydney Herold piece, and she's miffed.

Did I mention she's a journalist?

Any of you Aussies/ex-pats familiar with the TV show Today/Tonight?

king friday the 13th said...

wow. casey stole $2.2 million, flipped off the FBI, and now is now selling his blog for $100K.

Law enforcement in this country is a sad joke.

Anonymous said...

"So what can I do with $100,000?"

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares.