Saturday, June 09, 2007

Some People Have to be Jolted Into Reality

What did the Sheriff think? That a compassionate society would understand that equal* protection under the law was trumped because Paris couldn't handle the discomfort?

Do we know anyone "special" who obviously will never learn until that "Shawshank" moment when the bars slam shut? The Sacto DA had better watch her popularity ratings. Everyday she continues to allow our reality resistant fliptard to go free she is causing greater public harm both our economy and our fragile support for a corrupt and preferential legal process. It is no longer about Casey. He's sick and cannot help himself. This about dysfunctional law enforcement.


Pitah7 said...


Chad said...
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Benoit™ said...

Do we know anyone "special" who obviously will never learn until that "Shawshank" moment when the bars slam shut?

Well, I heard about this one guy around Sacramento who brags online about committing multiple felonies online. I can't for the life of me remember what his name is, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was once arrested and then let free at the station once I convinced them it was a civil offence but even though I knew I did not commit a crime the cuffs going on my wrists was a scarry feeling...

Anonymous said...

Damn -

Saturday morning cleaning and I miss being first, second, murst or thirst.

While not growing up with the name Hilton, snowflake has the same sense of entitlement as Paris. The big difference? Paris has the $$ and snowflake only has credit.

And, of course, while snowflake thinks living out of the vdub would be an interesting exercise -- a shared jail cell with no computer, cell phone, pda, will put him in the same delicate mental frame Miss Paris finds herself. The difference, Paris got a "get out of jail free" card (until the judge took it away) and Casey will be told to buck it up -- or, perhaps, sent to the psych ward where once and for all he will be diagnosed and treated for one of the many ills.

W-2 Girl said...

Printing this here -- snowflake is selective in posting comments.


Casey - you publisher may have asked you to bring the blog back, but s/he have done done you no favor. Prior to bringing IAFF back, you and s/he should have outlined, at minimum, a few of the initial posts.

Sure, that might not be "organic" however, you admitted to pushing our buttons and trolling.... the minimum you could do, since the great rebirth of your baby is to figure out how to breath life into it.

Nothing of interest or substance has been said.

Your post just after midnight is pointless - when is this "guest post" from the publisher going to happen? Today (Saturday), or next week??? And doesn't s/he need to run by their legal department any statement (post) they make on the blog?

Now - for the more important question - regarding this "book." Is it of an autobiographical nature (i.e., your story)? If so, how do you plan to keep those near and dear to your heart out of the the pages of the book? They are key to your story - a HUGE percentage of your story infact. Have they too signed NDAs as well as publishing releases for inclusion in the book?

Another important question - why the "editing" and "deleting" of both your posts and reader comments? This seems to me a bit of rewriting of your history and strips the "organic" nature from blog.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I have come across more than one cop that needed their very own Shawshank moment, swear on my dogs life.
And, just for the record, I am assimilated properly and richeously.

Military Dad, School Teacher Mom.

These "supposed" cops are one of the revelations that got me out of the Republican/MSM matrix lie.
Took the blue pill.

My Point:

Said Sheriff MAY be one in that club. The Judge is not happy with this Law Enforcement Executive.
Paris should serve her time.
Ganu is bigger news, imo.
Oh, and I really like Paris Hilton, as a person. She will mature with time, and I think she will be pretty cool.

Casey Fannnnn said...


Paris: I Bought the Law

Did family money buy Paris Hilton a temporary get-out-of-jail card?

Sheriff Lee Baca, the Los Angeles law-enforcement official who ordered Hilton released from jail after serving only three days in her 45-day sentence, accepted a $1,000 campaign donation last year from William Barron Hilton—Paris's grandfather. That contribution constituted the maximum amount allowable under California campaign rules.

In office since 1998, Baca has cultivated close ties to the Hollywood community. Others who donated money to his campaign last year included Rupert Murdoch, Les Moonves, Ron Meyer, Brad Grey, Steven Segal, and Burt Bacharach. He was assailed last year over a claim by the Sheriff's Department that Mel Gibson had been arrested without incident, when the star had actually spewed anti-Semitic statements after getting pulled over for drunk driving. It soon emerged that Gibson had taped a public service announcement for Baca's relief committee.

Baca has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Rob Dawg said...

Everybody of a certain stature donates the maximum to the Sheriff. It doesn't take a law degree to figure out why. It's the same as free tacos at Titos.

Kerriella said...

Hey Rob, I was wondering if the boards idea was still in the works? The only reason I ask is because I would love to be able to find the Q&A thread to ask silly questions like:

Where in the world can I find a plain black cheap toilet tissue holder? I can't find one anywhere and I am not paying $40 and up for something to hang a roll of toilet paper off of.

I really hate to detour the tread with stuff like that.

Kerriella said...

errr that was supposed to be thread NOT tread.

Rob Dawg said...

Threads are definite. Lots of things happened all at once, you know "craziness" and I got sidetracked. My bad but I will make itallgood.

lurker said...


Rustoleum spray paint does wonders

Habitat for Humanity should have some, though you probably won't find particular colors

An internet search one example

luker said...

Lets try my link again black toilet paper holder

Anonymous said...

thanks rob

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I can't waste too much time or mental capacity on Rico Swaby.

SLCRE is no longer "award winning", now it's "nationally recognized." Please update your jealousies accordingly. Good day.

Rob Dawg said...

"nationally recognized."

I am definitely going to have a serious post on this turd. The Caseypedia reference to Nigel Swaby is fun but he's gotten out of control and needs a warning label. Hint; infamous ≠ famous.

Kerriella said...

OMG lurker! That is exactly what I have been looking for! Looks nice but doesn't come with a huge price tag! Thanks so much!

lurker said...

First time Nigel has ever been modest. He could legitimately claim to be internationaly recognized:)

Out of curiosity, did they take away his award?

walt526 said...

"Where in the world can I find a plain black cheap toilet tissue holder? I can't find one anywhere and I am not paying $40 and up for something to hang a roll of toilet paper off of."

See for the catalog price.

Call up your local branch, ask for sales, and give them the five digit order number. If they don't have it locally, then they can usually get it from another branch in a day or two for no additional charge.

king friday the 13th said...

I don't think Paris should be in jail. Instead, she should be given the option to pay some outrageous (but affordable fee) to avoid jail. Say $100K a day. (or $4.6 million) in this case.

That money could be used to help keep the truly dangerous off the streets. No, king friday is not afraid of getting mugged by paris hilton. But, she is taking up a cell that could hold someone who would.

king friday the 13th said...

hey caseypedia crew,

nigel's entry doesn't include his sweet stock tips, or his sweet tips on real estate investing.

flailing forward said...

I disagree King. The rich should not be above the law. They essentially are, but it's not even remotely cool. Your child would have to do the time, why shouldn't the Hiltons' kid? The fact that she knows there are no serious repercussions to any of her actions is a major factor in why she is so worthless. She doesn't have to do anything at all except sit around being spoiled.

Sarah Silverman dissing Paris at the MTV awards

Anonymous said...

I disagree... for two important reasons: Paris would never be in the general population. The LA jail has a "high profile inmate" section that is apparently empty most of the time, thus her spending her time in the clink would not affect overcrowding of the general population at all.

Plus I think the minute you start letting people pay instead of go to jail you start down the slippery slope. Do you want Bill Gates deciding he wants to kill someone and pulling out his checkbook? If you allow Paris to pay instead of jail time, you've already agreed in principle to let Gates do that, we're just haggling over the price at that point.

The Dude said...

For Casey, G, Nigel, and Paris:
Strip search instructional video

Casey Fannnnn said...

I personally know people who have done much worse than Paris and skated with a warning, home confinement, or extended probation. Sentencing is frequently capricious, subject to an individual judge's whim. In this case it appears the jurist wishes to make a point. It is my opinion that, no matter how easy it is to dislike the public persona of Paris Hilton, her sentencing in this highly public case may not, stricty speaking, be fair. However, if this unfortunate young lady gets her throat slashed in jail, I will laugh my ass off.

flailing forward said...

Have the inmate empty his murse of all items. Keep the inmate in your sight at all times as you check the investor's bag of tricks for illegal objects. Check the bags under the inmates eyes for contraband. Sweet deals and concentrated wheatgrass have been found before. If the inmate is having trouble lifting his penis, tweezers are provided in all inspection rooms. If you suspect that an inmate is concealing a PDA in his rectum, have him squat and cough deeply. This may cause him to inadvertently post an entry.

Anonymous said...

If CA wasn't so busy locking up multi-millionaires for misdemeanors maybe they could take back some real convicts off of our hands. Fine the crap out of her, enough to get her attention, or let her go. I could really give a crap, she's not a real threat to anyone.

lurker said...

It is not that she is a threat (although her drunken driven is a threat). It is once you establish that high profile people can rip commit fraud, drive drunk, or do other crimes; many other people assume that if it is ok for the famous, it is ok for the not so famous.

Anonymous said...

At the press conference, Sheriff Baca claimed that PH probably received a harsher sentence than is usual in these cases, because of her celebrity. It is common in LA jails for inmates to get released after serving 10% of their sentences (!) partly due to overcrowding which is a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

For a while there, the City Attorney was considering filing a contempt of court motion against the Sheriff for releasing PH, which would've been pretty interesting. The judge had specifically prohibited any early release, including electronic monitoring/home confinement (which is what the Sheriff had assigned to her.)

Rob Dawg said...

No, no, no. The DUI put her on probation. Violation of probation is a one way ticket. When she was caught the second and third times she got preferential treatment by not going directly to jail.

And Baca is lying out his badge if he is claiming 3 time offenders typically serve 10% of their sentences. Thing is, just like with other special offenders we have no idea how many times she was stopped and never citied. That she caught 3 known events means there were a lot.

Legion said...

Rob Dawg said...
"nationally recognized."

I called some of my real estate and mortgage broker friends around the country to confirm this...

Here are the results

NYC "who?"
California "Nigel what?"
Wyoming "Never heard of him"
Kansas "Is he a snake charmer?"
Chicago "Sounds like an asshole"
and last but not least
Utah "Oh, you mean the fag on youtube?"

flailing forward said...

I'll wager $10,000 sweet cashback from Countrywide that within a week one of the guards smuggles out a night-vision Paris slammer-cam video.

Mouse And Pencil said...

I've been ignoring the whole paris thing, to be honest, i don't care what some spoiled whore is going through - she put herself in this position and I have ZERO interest in this story, her life, or if she lives or dies.

I've worked around and hung out with actors, and they are the most self-entitled group of spoiled narcissists going - the only group worse is professional models (the Stephanie Seymour type). Actors make rawk stars look like Ghandi.

There are also hard working people with good hearts and who don't let the fantasy become their reality. Sadly, they are a minority.

I'm just offended by actors who think that just because they are actors, they are 'special" - and that goes for their political opinions, the special treatment they demand and get, and their whining when their little worlds smack into reality.

Being an actor can be hard work, but it's not that bad. It's a pretty good gig if you get a good long running show or movie. You get perks most people can't even imagine. You get catered to, your ass kissed, and you never, ever have to soil your hands doing menial labor or dealing with the dirty masses.

Paris Hilton? Fuck her. I don't care. Hers is a wasted life, wasted attention, and a slap in the face to anyone who follows the law. Aww, poor little coke whore could'nt stay home or hire a driver, and flaunted the law. Fuck her, let her rot in a cell, of get knifed by an angry gang member. My compassion does not extend to someone like her, she is a creature born and raised in the worst aspect of our society, and until I see anything from her that's meaningful and worthy of respect, I simply do not care.

It enrages me that so much attention is being paid to her, I've been changing the channel whenever she comes up, I simply could not care less, and there are far more serious issues we should be paying attention to! It was a great relief that the immigration bill died (for now), but there's still things happening that are important, like the economy, or that Al Queada has declared jihad on India.

Fuck Paris Hilton. Seriously. Why the HELL do we give a shit about someone like her?

(I know why, it's a rhetorical question. I HATE that our culture is so fascile and lazy and dumbed down that it's entertainment to watch someone like her flail around out of control, and that stuff like economics and terrorism and stuff are just...boring!)

flailing forward said...

Don't deny your rubber-necking tendencies, M&P. You are human after all.

Rob Dawg said...

Paris Hilton is important because some people think she is important. It the phenomenon that bears careful watching like a mole thar exhibits sudden growth or change.

As to her desireable. She may be a fancy late model chassis but she's also high miles and hard miles and between depreciation and mantainence costs a really bad deal. Never buy a vehicle that has a bumpersticker that reads "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington."

NH Steph said...

Longtime lurker, murst time poster...

Couldn't let the "Mt. Washington" comment go by without a shout-out from New Hampshire!

(BTW, there seem to be a lot of Stephs around on!)

Rob Dawg said...

...shout-out from New Hampshire!

Wicked pissah! I'll be Back East next week. My aunt owns part of a hotel in Waterville Valley. Might get that fah. Who knows?

Mouse And Pencil said...

Flailing, yes, I am human. I do admit to rubbernecking, it's part of the draw here, to stare at the carwreck that is Casey Serin - and that appeal is fading fast.

However, I do have limits. Paris Hilton is waaaaaaay past mine. I don't care nor care to watch celebrities trash their lives all the while milking it for press - I've been around these people, i know what it is, and it's ugly. Paris is the poster child for everything wrong in this culture, and I refuse to partake, especially because I know 90% of what you read and see about her is manufactured by her managers and press agents.

Anonymous said...

Didnt you get a DUI Rob Dawg? Paris is being made an example of because she has money and looks. Jealous losers are trying to get her back.