Monday, June 25, 2007

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Duane LeGate needs some help. Please list any "haterz™" sites in the comments ASAP. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Murst and first

Dolph said...

Second? Third?

Stainless Granite said...

I've noticed most of them listed on

Akubi said...

While I also have a number of completely unrelated blogs mixed in at, I would recommend PEEPS AND HOMEYS at
Flailing Forward also includes photo collections.

Alabama_Swamp_Donkey said...

Thanks for the help!

roll over from prior thread:

lawnmower man said...

CaseyPedia lists a handful on its homepage but the list is not encyclopedic or terribly well maintained.

A CaseyPedia "List of haterz blogs" page would be a good addition; Akubi and flailing's lists would make a good start.

all things good staff said...

Akubi said...

Clicky link to Flailing's Peeps and Homeys list.

Property Flopper said...

Good timing... I need this info as well. Long story short:

Chatting with one of the couples on the bike trip - turns out they both work for the IRS. Senior level people with IRS criminal investigations...

So we get chatting about Casey. They were HIGHLY interested in the website and any other info I had. I'll be putting together an e-mail later this week with everything I've got.

I know snowflake is more of a mortgage fraud type, but the IRS has bigger teeth (one of them brought up Al Capone - it's been a long while, but they're STILL proud of that one).

In any event - we here can only speculate on what Casey has/has not done tax wise... these two can go through his underwear drawer with a magnifying glass.

Estimated quarter million in cash back deals for 06. Snowflake has either:

a) Not filed at all
b) Filed an extension and listed this income (but not paid an estimated tax)
c) Filed an extension and not listed this income (oops!)

I'm thinking not filed at all, but I don't have the access to find out... guess who does?

So - anyone want to add useful info and/or links for the e-mail?

I know IAFF, Exurban and the Caseypeidia right off. Someone had a great timeline written out before, I recall seeing it, but don't know it off the top of my head... anyone want to save me a search?

Oh yeah... the rest of the trip was good as well. France, food, museums, biking, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I missed this and someone already posted it:
Steph J's
"Insert Clever Title Here"

Akubi said...

M. SINGH SCANDAL SHEET seems to be missing from Flailing's list:

The Real Wagga™ said...

Google "casey serin australia" and click on "News". Most of the articles there.

Akubi said...

Does anyone of the link to Flailing Forward's detailed timeline doc?

Egosumabbas said...

I sometimes post about snowflake, but I'm not as "big" as the other ones:

Good things are coming though, I'm planning out a Casey Serin Video Game. It's going to be SWEET.

Joshua said...

Anonymous said...

I'll be putting together an e-mail later this week with everything I've got.

Shoot, that's a short e-mail! just send a link to CaseyPedia.

It's all good (except for the part that isn't)!

Steohanie J. said...

Anonymous said...

is this that fat girls site.

its the one the Lonely EN'ers blow up because... well... the only girlfreinds they've had they had to blow up.

fatty fatty two by four

flailing forward said...

My list is way out of date.

Akubi, here's the link to the timeline word doc.

lawnmower man said...

Mmmm. The trolls take weekends off; and appear at the same time every weekday morning. It's almost like a regular job, isn't it?

Ogg the Caveman said...

I wish I could get paid to troll 40 hours a week.

Hey, wait -- what's pubtard's e-mail address?

Anonymous said...

en is boring, like most days.

Akubi said...

Thanks, it's a detailed list nonetheless.

Lawnmower man,
Regarding the timeline doc, I submitted a context-related question to Caseypedians.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind being paid to troll either.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Just for the record, 99% of the stuff on has nothing to do with Casey. He's a very small part of what I think and write about.

Only three posts concerned him directly:

Casey: The Anti Pud -

The Sad Lessons of Casey Serin -

An Open Letter to Casey Serin -

Two other postings refer to him somewhat incidentally, both written well before I was involved in any kind of haterzlike activity or thought:

Any particular reason this information is needed?


TheMunger said...

An early New York Times Mention (see bottom of article's page):

Early Metafilter:

Two posts on "Less Urban" (by aka 'Honestly Wondering'):

Obviously, the "References" section at:

Ramit (Casey's friend from High School):
...and a reaction to Ramit's post (not really that negative but has posts by Casey himself?):

A discussion site:

Already mentioned?:
In the comments here:
...and of course (thanks to Casey himself) - the numbers don't lie:

themunger said...

Rob, are you 100% sure it's really Duane asking for this information? I don't remember if he usually has a blogger link in his name. There's no way for an outsider to know. It would be bad for Casey & Co. to be on the verge of "massive focused action" - just rounding up all the sites with EN helping?!... If it is a fake out - good luck with him going after the nytimes!

Rob Dawg said...

Yes, Duane asked through other channels. Besides, what's the harm. It's something that needed to be done for the caseypedia anyway.

Anonymous said... has a few anti-casey posts, but is by no means focused on Casey.

JohnDiddler said...

this group is impeded by ignorance of RSS and HTML. trolls have all these skills in spades. presumably even marty's indian sweatshop knows how to use RSS. so i worry a little that us leaders of the free world face a boot in the face forever because we're internet dolts. not everyone but obviously some. i aggregate the leading casey sites using bloglines. if you do not, then the flow of information and insight is impeded. such is the plight of ignancy.

WeWantTheFunk said...

such is the plight of ignancy.

You tell 'em.

serinitis said...

housing forum on

If you do a google search on

real estate forum casey serin

you will come up with 12,900 matches. A quick sampling says 95% are hostile to Casey