Monday, June 11, 2007

Movies Movies Movies

This is Marty. Marty drives a Delorean and spent three movies trying to control events in the past, present and future.

This is Stewart. Stewart drove a cute little car but always got into trouble.

In one of those wierd twists they share the same actor.

This is Quigley; Quigley Down Under. A man who travelled to Australia to take care of a job. Unfortunately that job didn't turn out like he planned.

Someone just read this post and sh!t their diapers.


Snuff said...

I hope to be the FIRST to read the next part ...

The Real Wagga™ said...

First shot.

Snuff said...

Yes! But the reason I'm lurking is because I *AM* curious to see the unfolding train wreck ... wow ...

Bemused Guy said...

Is it MOIST in Australia this time of year?

The Dude said...

More latebreaking news from Down Under:
Koi Alert!

Rob Dawg said...

A favorite (of many a) line in that last movie: "You idiots, he's been up there all morning just waiting for two of you to line up so he could do that!"

Anonymous said...

OK I must be dumber than Turdflake what do these movies have to do with anything. The quiggly reference sure but the other 2?

Sputnik_the_Cat said...


I used to live in Australia - for about 8 years, until 2004. I still own a house in Sydney. I'm hoping Fliptard doesn't wreck the RE market in Sydney as well!



Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Post 4.2 (which you indicated already exists in the last post).

Shit like this makes you look like you're intentionally dragging things out for the hits.

michael said...

casey has parkinson's disease and is getting a controversial treatment in australia?

holy crap!

Mouse And Pencil said...

Cast of characters?

Marty: ?
Stewart: ?
Quigly: Casey

lawnmower man said...

@Anon: we care. And unlike Casey, Rob has delivered the goods he's promised.

(ObSnark: Forums excepted.)

Anonymous said...

You care about three pictures from some movies and some vague "Casey's shitting his pants!"?

OK, bully for you.

Bemused Guy said...

Dawg, I never saw any of those films.
But can recommend A Town Like Alice or more appropriately for this case, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Anonymous said...

Really, though, what is the point of dragging this out?

Dolph said...

LOL....good one Dawg.

michael said...

im gonna count the three, hit refresh and duane's newest post will be up.


MaxedOutMama said...

Be at peace, O' Anon of Skepticism. You have to cultivate a Zen-like detachment.

Besides, we'll always have Paris in the spring, reading the Bible and finding God in the LA slammer while Casey goes on walkabout Downunder with his corporate credit card and contributions from the realtors and brokers who set him up with these deals originally.

Conmen always run, especially if they can get other people to pay for it.

The question is, will Paris and Casey, those star-crossed, deeply spiritual soulmates, find each other in the end? Sure, Galina's prettier, but Paris has better credit.

This is a weird danged Monday.

Anonymous said...

Really, though, what is the point of dragging this out?

Hits, and/or attention queen syndrome bordering on that of Casey.

If that's not true, sorry, but it's sure what this looks like.

Rob Dawg said...

Shit like this makes you look like you're intentionally dragging things out for the hits.

I said ahead of time I was dragging things out for a reason. Don't bother to call it "hits" because as of now the blog is not monetized. This has been an expensive decision for me and your criticism is not deserved. IMO this blog -should- be monetized -because- it has an air of authenticity. EN is not currently because the story is more important.

The story is multi-part because there it too much content. Read, digest, read, digest. Repeat. The story is also multi-part to get information out ASAP without making silly mistakes. I do admit that in some small part the story is being serialized so that some people can make fools of themselves by complaining about it. Finally, as people are finally figuring out, I "telegraph." Even the throway posts are telling something to the observant.

Casey Enablers said...


You are doing just fine and a good job.

Thanks to you and all of those who still believe in honesty.

Endgame said...

OK - will wait for the relevance of this to become apparent.

Someone is going to Australia to take care of KC? That's hard to believe, so must be something else.

Bring it on! (4.2, that is!)

Anonymous said... are you trying to tell us???

Are we to gather from this post that snowflake headed to Australia to do a specific deal (as opposed to generic REI)??? But he's not doing the deal with who he thought he was (ie, this is a set up)???

oooooh, this IS getting good. ;)

sigh said...

@ 10:28 AM, Anonymous, and others -

1) *some* of us enjoy reading what the commenters have to say

2) If you're not getting anything out of this, go do something else. I'm sure they'll be more for you to read tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Bleh. I've read, I've digested, I've read, I've digested.

How about at least putting up a time that you think all of us peons will have digested by, so that I know when to check back at your blog to avoid fluff like this?

And yeah, I'm so sorry I'm "making a fool of myself" by missing your awesome "telegraphing" because I am "unobservant". That's wonderful.

lurker said...

Reading to much into the pictures

Quigley ended up taking out his employer. Perhaps it isn't Casey that needs to clean his pants.

Endgame said...

(mumbling to self) Patient, must be patient...

Jus Askin said...

Why hasn't Casey been arrested yet?

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog since you set it up as a haven for haterz. I don't comment here very often other than a couple of snarky anon comments in the last month or two. But please, regardless of whether or not you are making money off this (ignoring the tip jar for the ever-impending forums), don't let the fawning internet attention go to your head.

"I do admit that in some small part the story is being serialized so that some people can make fools of themselves by complaining about it."

That's just retarded. Not clever.

That kind of baiting troll and the lack of progress on forums is the same kind of lameness that Casey gets rightfully mocked for.

Don't become what you seek to destroy. The story is interesting enough on its own merits. I'll slink back to the F5 woodwork now.

Endgame said...

FWIW, when I mentioned supporting G, I wasn't thinking paying her living expenses. Agreed, she's an adult and can work to support herself.

I was thinking more about moral support, legal advice/referrals, etc. And to whatever extent that's she's been a mentally competent accomplice, she needs to pay that price.

She's young and has been manipulated by a young master - I'd imagine her self-esteem needs some propping up.

Crockoshit undees said...

I don't watch movies, so I am at a disadvantage to decipher the telegraph. How bout some old fashioned dots and dashes?

Or better yet the next installment.

Thank you, I am getting indigestion.

Stephanie J. said...

Mmmmm... Alan Rickman...

parallels to serin said...

"I do admit that in some small part the story is being serialized so that some people can make fools of themselves by complaining about it."

michael said...

marty = casey
stewart = casey
quigley = casey

a guy that gets into trouble trying to do a job in australia that is supposed to fix his past, present and future.

segfault said...

Wild-assed guess:
R-boy is traveling to Australia to find/interview/apprehend KC (some combination of those)... If he's just now getting his passport, it could take a few weeks. Which of the other players or haterz™ already have a passport?

Mouse And Pencil said...

Not to derail this, but over at they're covering the Jobs keynote live...VERY cool stuff being demoed!

Nigels Mom said...

You freaking crybabies need to stop complaining about the way Rob is running things here. Stop acting like a bunch of self-absorbed entitled brats.

Patience is a virtue.

Rob, pay no mind to these whiners. Let them go somewhere else if they don't like the way you run things here.

Endgame said...

Chris Record is in Oz?

KC and Nigel have eloped to Oz?

KC is starting a murse factory in Oz?

KC and Nigel is starting a koi (a kind of fish) farm in Oz?

KC is going to Oz to ask the Wizard for a special wish?

CHJTS said...


First I would like to fucking say that I am godamn fucking pissed. I am choosing to vent here because I am anonymous.

I get fucking home today and there is a fucking sheriff sitting there with papers....PAPERS to godamn serve me...I am getting fucking sued.

I wont go into why (it has nothing to do with casey---it is my business related shit)...but I cant fucking believe someone would have the fucking gall to sue me. Fucking POS cocksuckers.


I am still digesting the info I am receiving in rob's posts. I am completely torn as to what I am thinking right now.

I will wait to give my take on all of todays occurences (and the ones yet to happen) until the haterzcast tonight.

Right now I have some errands to run, I have to go to home depot and get a couple sheet of drywall to replace the holes I punched into the walls. (and no I am not kidding about that either) fucking douchebags suing me.

Ubermonkey said...

Damnit Rob! I have to get work done today! You're killing me with these stories of Snowflake in Oz.

your mom said...

Dawg's sister has something to do with this. What exactly is her employment?

Bemused Guy said...

@Dawg & Duane...

Is it unreasonable to think that someone in Oz is going to bankroll a fall-guy for one of their schemes?
Casey seems ready-made to be duped (again).

aaron said...

you referred in the previous post to snowflake only having 6 weeks on his visa? so he strung everyone along...his wife, family etc. even when he closed his blog he knew what he was going to do. Signed that contract with the wife knowing he would be gone in a couple weeks. If I saw him on the street I seriously doubt I could keep from giving him a good shot right across the face. Hell with as weak as he looks it'd probably break his neck.

Anonymous said...

You freaking crybabies need to stop complaining about the way Rob is running things here. Stop acting like a bunch of self-absorbed entitled brats.

Oh, please. He can do whatever the hell he wants. But if he wants to drag it out, he should be aware that it doesn't look good.

Rob Dawg said...

At 10:53 AM, parallels to serin said...
"I do admit that in some small part the story is being serialized so that some people can make fools of themselves by complaining about it."

Ahhhh, RCS is not dead. It just needed a little coaxing.

To everyone else. The troll baiting has accomplished its mission. The out of character posts will now cease on my part.

CHJTS SUX said...

If you are anything like your intertoobs persona, you would seem to be a lawsuit magnet to me.

segfault said...

@mouse and pencil:
I have it open in another tab. I don't care about games, have already seen the ten new features in Leopard, so there's nothing all that exciting to me yet. I'll start drooling when he demoes the iPhone or another piece of hardware.

speaking in general - KC approved the following comment to his publisher's post (I visited there in Firefox with AdBlockPlus):
139. isamu
June 11th, 2007 at 9:19 am

G’day, mate. Cooking up some organic shrimp on the barbie?

StephanieS said...

OMG!! OMG!! I have finally just gotten caught up. I must say that I have been reading this from the beginning. I'm a lurker and an occasional poster but jesus!!! this was not how I thought it was going to turn out...On a side note, does anyone else have a spouse who thinks they are crazy. My husband thinks I have lost it. I actually called him today and told him what was going on. He is not a follower (except when I rant at him) but event he as like wow.

parallels to serin said... said...

Hi Dawg,
good troll response.
This is getting more entertaining now....

Murses said...

@ 11:04 AM, StephanieS

Yes, you aren't the only one whose spouse thinks you are crazy for wondering how KC gets away with it.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Like i said, we are watching a master at work.

It's gonna be a rollercoaster folks - and you don't get the whole ride on the first hill.

(And we are gonna mangle the living shit out of metaphors today! LOL!)

Nigel's Publicist said...

Firstly, in regard to dropping this bomb first thing monday morning when my looser W2 needs some serious attention, i'd just like to say thanks a fucking bunch! I have done literally sod all so far today.

Secondly, someone mentioned in the previous thread how Mocha could be written by Casey. It then popped into my head, what if casey did want to manufacture some controversy by using an aggressive supporter? You just know he wants to bait the haters but can't use his own name. I would have thought the easiest way to get some random person to talk random shit on your fraudcast would be finding some fucked up crack head and paying them a few dollars to phone in, hten taking care of the text based stuff yourself. Mocha couldn't sound any more like a transexual crack whore if he tried - was he paid off by casey? Just throwing it out there.

Re Galina, i have believed all along that she was being manipulated by casey. She isn't blameless in all this but if you do read this Galina, this is obviously a horrible time for you right now but it will get better with time. This is rock bottom but without your disgrace of a husband things can only improve. Keep your head up kiddo!

segfault said...

Wonder how he is handling cell/PDA access down there--probably on the corporate credit, which would make his mom liable? I hope she kept records of everything she signed, so that she can contact the creditors and stop the bleeding.

MOCHA said...

Yes this is "the real" MOCHA, the "mos def" Casey supporter. And yes, I still keep a watchful eye on your lil haterz community from time to time. Today is one such day and I think its time for a lil spankin' Detroit style.

Rob Dawg, In this thread, you did a mediocre job trying to copy Nigel's "style" from his post on Don't Hate Casey 6/8/07. So is that what you wanna be when you grow up...A Nigel??? In your dreams pal. You will just have to be content with licking your own ballz and sniffin the other dawgz ass in the pound.

You know, I am trying hard to stay out of this shit cuz I have "real work" to do in "real life". But you clownz are really messing with my groove.

In fact, I'm done with trying to chase you idiotz away. Stick around. So that I will know exactly where to find you when casey makes it big.

Face it, the boy is a superstar like it or not. How many of you stayed up alllllllllllll fucking night waiting to hear something juicy about my boy???????????? Hehehehehehehehehe. Even I don't hang on his every word like a love sick teenager.

All I can say is "hot damn...a book is in the works"...any "new developments" will only make it all the more interesting. A "real life story" is always already known foolz. A book/CD will just "tighten" things up and make the story flow from all points of view.

Go ahead and make fun of myyyyyyyyyy grammatical errors/typos all you want. At least I learned a foreign language(english). Tell me, what other languages do you speak besides Casey rhetoric bullshit? You can all kiss my black ass and I am still keeping score btw:

KC:1 Haterz:0

Carolina Blonde said...

How do we know this is true? What proof has been offered up? I believe it more than I believe anyting from Casey, but this is a pretty big bomb to lob without some type of proof...

Whats the proof?

Anonymous said...

"But if he wants to drag it out, he should be aware that it doesn't look good."

Doesn't look good to who? You? Do you speak for everyone? No.

The way he's doing things here looks just fine to me. You must be another self-entitled brat - biting the hand that feeds you.

Bemused Guy said...

Re: 11:11am
Well folks, it looks you CAN trade food stamps in for Mad Dog. Morning Tiger - Happy Pride Month.

Anonymous said...

Proof? Rob and Duane said so. That's all the proof I need.

StephanieS said...

Sorry Mocha,

The score is as follows:

1 for the ghetto

0 for an education

Bemused Guy said...


Ghetto trans-sexuals - 0

segfault said...

From MacWorld keynote:
Jobs has a "sweet" solution for iPhone developers.

1000 a weak said...

Mocha @ 11:11:

Face it, the boy is a superstar like it or not.

Superstars don't make their wives cry in despair.

Mouse And Pencil said...

Oh snap! Steve Jobs just said "sweet" in reference to how to develop for the iPhone.

The virus is spreading!!!!!

Stephanie J. said...

Dear Mocha,

I'm sure Casey appreciates a classy supporter like you.

I'm sure you spend a lot of time thinking about your language and your vitriol--and know what a positive reflection the cast upon him; and the other people who 'support' him. Reading your post, I'm kind of embarrassed for him.


Mouse And Pencil said...

LOL @ Segfault - are you laughing at work too, and can't explain to your coworkers why? :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look good to who?

Me, obviously.



Do you speak for everyone?

No, obviously.



The way he's doing things here looks just fine to me.

Good for you. You like seeing three random pictures and a vague "someone just shit themselves", rather than Duane 4.2, when it has already been made clear that Duane 4.2 already exists.

You must be another self-entitled brat - biting the hand that feeds you.

The hand that feeds me? You have an overly inflated opinion of this blog's influence in my life.

Look, if you get off on seeing three random pictures and "someone's shitting himself", good for you. That doesn't change the fact that it looks like pure and unadulterated fluff to me.

StephanieS said...

The whiners on this website remind me of the parents who complain about the content on TV...Don't like it, then turn off the TV. Nobody is forcing you to read.

segfault said...

mouse & pencil:

Nope, I'm at home, taking a break from studying...

My comments on MacWorld:
Leopard's ten new features - already demoed some time ago.

Safari for Windows - pretty slick, but I still have the occasional website that doesn't work properly under Safari. Maybe that will change. In OS X, the mouse scrolling with Safari is so much smoother than Firefox or Camino. I submitted it as a bug, and got a response that no one else has complained about it. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed.

iPhone developer access - pretty much a foregone conclusion after Jobs' "be patient" comment a week or so ago.

Bemused Guy said...

Reading this thread has made me nostalgic. Anyone else remember when the Anonymice were clever and funny?

Khatie said...

@11:22 anonoass

"Look, if you get off on seeing three random pictures and "someone's shitting himself", good for you. That doesn't change the fact that it looks like pure and unadulterated fluff to me."

Goody for you. Can you take your broken record bullshit elsewhere? Because deny it all you want, bud, but this blog must have some influence on you--you're hanging around here for a reason. Shaddup and enjoy the ride.

Or are you afraid because you might have something to do with all this?

R-Boy said...

I am getting a passport because I am getting married and we are going on a honeymoon to the caribbean

Silly readers.

rokit88 said...

Man oh man, I am guessing Casey is in Australia for some kind of metal or mineral deal.

And he ends up being a pimp somewhere where brothels are legal. Pics of the pink fuzzy sunglasses to follow.

Poor G, my house usually needs cleaning, at least you will never be out of work.

Duane 4.x is making my head spin. And wtf happened to 3.x?

BelowTheCrowd said...

Worth noting here that he has now given Galina an excuse to divorce him, even under the strict rules of her religion.

And a judge isn't going to take kindly to him disappearing, particularly if that makes him unavailable for any proceedings.

Which is a nice way to say that she's likely to get any assets he has, including the rights to his story, ownership of IAFF, the corporation, and even the stupid GSPG shares. This process, of course, would give a court the opportunity to rule on and rule out the various unenforcable "contracts" he has signed.

And she could actually have a compelling story to tell when the time comes and if she chooses to. She's a shoe-in for an Oprah slot.

The material on IAFF, this blog and Caseypedia are a divorce lawyer's dream. I suspect that's part of the reason Casey started deleting and has continued to monitor things strictly.


Mouse And Pencil said...


Yeah, kind of lackluster, Safari for Windows is not gonna fly, everyone I know who runs iTunes under Windows HATES it.

But, Safari is the platform for the iPhone, so they've just opened up Windows to the iPhone. Good show. They're gonna sell a TON.

No real hardcore info...kinda disapointed. But the new look is very cool, I LOVE the AppleTV interface .

I just want to know how much the iPhones data service cost is gonna be.

Bemused Guy said...

@Mouse & Segfault
I can't wait to read more but let me bring it back to the shallows where I hang...
today I saw a diamond encrusted cellphone on "sale" for 50,000 EURO.
Even I had to blink when I saw that! (and give the salesgirl a hard time when they were selling the adapter for 100Euro. C'mon, 50K and they can't throw in the adapter?!!)

Anonymous said...

"MOCHA the moron said...
You know, I am trying hard to stay out of this shit cuz I have "real work" to do in "real life". But you clownz are really messing with my groove. "

REAL WORK? Injecting heroin and avoiding your debts aren't "real work" you fucking dead beat. And how does a group of people posting stuff away from you "mess with your groove"? Is it because YOU are the one that's obsessed with "haterz"? Your fucking care-free, debt avoiding, hippy bullshit days are comming to an end my lazy friend... Soon you'll find yourself living on the streets smoking crack cocaine with Casey talking about making it "BIG"

Lazy dead beat scumbags like you are a dime a dozen, Mocha. I'll see you on the freeway offramp panhandling soon.

Roger Hayes said...

FWIW, Nigel posted over at DHC that he's supposedly stunned at this as well. He does cop to having some clues that should have alerted him and said that he'll post about them "once facts are confirmed."

aaron said...

4.2 is up

Bemused Guy said...

@Roger. I had to peek too. The Swabtard continues to impress with comments like "His phone went straight to voicemail, typically an indicator the phone is out of the service area."

Typically when my phone goes to voicemail it means my phone is turned off, battery dead or I hit "do not answer stalker." In fact, my phone is global so people can get me almost anywhere. I attribute that cellphone ability to the sun.

Rob Dawg said...

Gee, Nigel. How did you find out? And the credit was given? When are you going to get why it is you bring out the wurst in people? I've been holding back replying to a current employer of yours about you. I'm reconsidering.

Anonymous said...


Think about it. This is ALL A SCAM. Dawgfatuglypornstache and Duanedesperatelooooser are part of a HUGE hoax. Wake up people and smell the wheatgrass!

Rob Dawg said...


And what did I say about RCS? You sick fuck. Move on. Nothing here for you.

The Voyeur said...


I'll be doing my best to be on the call tonight!

walt526 said...


I know that you had a rough day with getting served, but is your podcast still on for tonight? Rob, can we get a post devoted to it to start ruminating about topics to cover?

MOCHA said...

OH, I think I remember you now Stephanie J. Are you the "classy" chick that they say flashes her boobs on her blog. Nice!!! I should enroll in the same charm school that you went to. Put in a good word for me will you.

For the record, I don't represent Casey in anyway. He is his own MAN. I have not even met I can't say much...unlike you "know it alls." I just ADMIRE him for having the ballz to say that he made mistakes, then even put it out there for others to avoid the same mistakes he made. How many fucking times do I have to say that. Are your eARS plugged with dawg shit?

I am who I am and you are the last people that I will try to impress. Infact, I will even be more foul than I already been if that pisses you off. Stay put though..."BIG things ARE coming..." ;-)

Stephanie J. said...

FYI: I never flashed my boobs on my blog. The cleavage you see there is cut out of a stock-image of cleavage I found on Google. But you know what they say about assumptions.

And you don't piss me off. Frankly, you're not important enough to me to warrant the energy to be pissed off.

I feel pity for you and your need to prove something. If you were so confident in yourself and in Casey, you wouldn't feel the need to come here and troll. You're ashamed; and you feel defensive, and your response is to come here and act ridiculous.

We're not interested in your opinion; no matter how crass it is.

MOCHA said...

Stephanie J,

You in particular are not worth the effort it takes to type. You "gurl friend" are so "hooked on Casey" its not even funny. I laughed my ass off when you were "jonesing" for him when IAFF was down. Do you scream out his name during an orgasm....hehehehehehehee....come on now...its just us gurlz chatting. do dontcha?? Well guess what? You're never gonna get it!!! Go get your knee pads and get on with your duties here among the dawgz. We already know you are their bitch.
(hummmmmmmm....I wonder will this even get posted...hehehehehehehe)

Stephanie J. said...

Well, you're typing and I'm laughing.


You are such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Mocha, pay attention, simpleton. Every female that posts here is intelligent and articulate. Noone in here is anyones' "bitch". We do, however, seem to have a pet monkey hanging around. Look in the mirror to see what it looks like.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hey Mocha,

I realize it's way past your bedtime, but for your information I speak six languages. So there, drittsekk.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Every female that posts here is intelligent and articulate.

Thank you. But, EN seems to have a pet monkey hanging around is insulting to us monkeys.
This monkey's pet is a dawg, anyway.
te he