Saturday, June 16, 2007

Google Stretches Its Tentacles

Apologies for the infrequency. Google has switched admun procs while I'm on vacation. That along with the free kegs on the beach in Newport, RI and Uno's pizza this "fat walrus" is more of a beached whale. Oh, and 7yos don't accept time zones as excuses.

A lot of things may need to change. When I get back to expensive, imploding, dysfunctional, corrupt California you all deserve better service and more protection and flexibility. We all also need some protection from Google. Caseypedia has done wonders as repository. I will try to make this more structured and hierarchical while remaining a quiet advisor but adding full search and bowing to no corporate master. A few bucks a week are still coming in to the tip jar as well as special funds for specific purposes. Question?: Would ads be an acceptable replacement? Real question not some troll for a flame. Visitor comfort is more important but if there is no problem why not let the site pay for itself? Again, a serious question.

My talent if I have one is an ability to project trend not just extrapolate. Not a circus act but it has advantages. I saw the end of the housing bubble for instance and sold. I "project" that Google is going the monetize their investment in blogging. Distasteful it may be but it may turn out to be a choice of who you want to be beholden to. Think about it. Provide sage "advise."


Anonymous said...

furst? murst? whatever.

Orson Buggy said...


Do what you feel you need to do, Rob.

Lou Minatti said...

Dude. You're late.

The Dude said...


Naw, I've been here....just reading and thinking about the topic.

This, We all also need some protection from Google., caught my eye and I've been trying to figure out what he's saying....

FIRST has become boring....every once in a while I'll grab one, but it's Paris sez. :o)

tracy said...

Foreclosure Rate Hits Historic High

By Dina ElBoghdady and Nancy Trejos
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, June 15, 2007; D01

The percentage of U.S. mortgages entering foreclosure in the first three months of the year was the highest in more than 50 years, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

As the association released its numbers, the Federal Reserve held a hearing to determine whether regulators could do anything to crack down on abusive lending practices, which have exacerbated the problem

The problems arose last year as the housing market softened, driving down home prices and making it more difficult for cash-strapped borrowers to sell their homes or refinance their way out of trouble.

The most dramatic fallout took place in the subprime market, which caters to people with blemished credit or other factors that make them a risk to lenders.

Those borrowers entered foreclosure at a rate of 2.43 percent, up from 2 percent the previous quarter. The percentages seem small, but they are far above norms, particularly in a healthy economy. The concern is that the mortgage industry's troubles could damage the economy if they are not contained.

For more credit-worthy, prime borrowers, foreclosures rose slightly, to 0.25 percent, in the first quarter from 0.24 percent in the previous one.

New foreclosures for prime and subprime borrowers combined hit record highs. They rose to 0.58 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis, compared with 0.54 percent in the previous quarter and 0.41 percent a year earlier.

The high translates into about 254,591 mortgages, or one in 172 loans, the association said.

The problems weren't uniformly spread around the country. Doug Duncan, chief economist for the mortgage bankers group, said the rate of new foreclosures would have dropped had it not been for big jumps in California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona. He said high rates in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana also drove up the overall percentage of loans in foreclosure.

Some who track the industry say the worst is yet to come.

"We think we're just starting to see the tip of the iceberg," said Karen Weaver, global head of securitization research at Deutsche Bank Securities. "We believe more and more [subprime borrowers] will default, and that's a process that we think will happen over two years."

Others disagree. Among them is Michael D. Youngblood of FBR Investment Management, who said the deterioration of subprime loans has slowed significantly in the past four months. He predicts "a slow upward drift" of default rates for the next nine months, before the rates recover to current levels, absent sharply higher joblessness or interest rates.

Many borrowers fall into the subprime category because of a one-time setback such as job loss or illness, Youngblood said. But with time, they repair their finances, which means that not everyone who is missing payments will necessarily lose their homes. "It's wrong to assume that once you're a subprime borrower, you're always a subprime borrower," he said.

One major issue is what happens with adjustable-rate mortgages. These mortgages gained popularity during the housing boom, especially with subprime buyers. They often have low introductory rates that later spike, sometimes doubling a monthly mortgage payment and creating payment shock.

A study released this year by First American CoreLogic concluded that the jumps in monthly payments would result in 1.1 million foreclosures in the next six to seven years, assuming average home prices stay the same as they were in December.

The study, which analyzed 8.4 million loans made from 2004 to 2006, said that while the fallout will hurt the affected borrowers, it most likely would not break the economy.

As the problems deepened over recent months, legislators and regulators have weighed in with proposals on how to curb the damage.

Democratic lawmakers have blasted the Federal Reserve for a "pattern of neglect" that fostered the crisis. Yesterday, the Fed invited consumer groups, lenders and other experts to weigh in on how it can rewrite its rules to prevent predatory lending.

"We must determine how we can weed out those abuses while also preserving incentives for responsible lenders" so that risky borrowers still have a chance of homeownership, said Randall S. Kroszner, one of the board's governors.

The board focused on whether to crack down on the use of prepayment penalties and loans that require little or no documentation of salaries. It solicited opinions on whether escrows for taxes and insurance should be required. It also questioned whether loan officers should be required to make sure potential borrowers are capable of paying back the loans they are applying for.

No consensus was reached on any of the topics, and Fed officials declined to comment on yesterday's foreclosure numbers.

The Dude said...


My first blush:


Are we talking, shudder to mention, FORUMS with threads and all

What about a small "membership" fee

What's the projected monthly nut if you change the format and stuff

Other said...

a)require Reg. ?
b)Lock out trolls ?
c)Move to REFB domain ?
d)archive and possibly delete EN ?

The Dude said...

Tracy, do you know how to post links instead of the whole newspaper?

Sac RE Agent said...

dawg, it's coming. maybe not tomorrow but it is coming. if there is some money to be made, you will get charged.

as a side note, i really don't think it's a bad idea if google goes down that path. there is so much garbage on the net, that if charging someone a buck or two every month, will lessen the garbage, i'm for it.

whatever you choose to do is fine. put ads up if you must. charge readers monthly. if you're being charged, you've got to get your money somehow.

The Dude said...

Well, slap my face and call me stoopid. The answer is as plain as day.

You can get Snowflake to use his mad IT skillz to code up custom forumz! I hear he's working with Koi v2.0. Koi, also a type of fish, is what award winning, nationally recognized bloggers use. v1.0 had some problems . Comments and entire topics were disappearing. I think it defaults to "no negative comments" mode, or maybe that's one of those SweetSettings(tm) a nationally recognized, award winning blogger uses.

Anyway, itsallgood

lawnmower man said...

Ads are OK by me -- the hard-core here all block them anyway.

And as for "protection from Google", note the comments from a few posts ago that Google basically shrugs threats off with "get a subpoena" -- and remember how hard it was to get anything done about RCS's dangerous antics?

Move elsewhere and, as Casey found out, you're at the mercy of whoever hosts you.

lawnmower man said...

And FWIW, it would really help if people *didn't* cut and paste entire posts from IAFF into the comments here. Casey is correct in identifying this as infringement. I'd have no problem with Rob deleting these on sight.

king friday the 13th said...

Bob Dawg,

Go for it!! Wouldn't it be sweet irony if EN is generates more revenue than IAFF. I'm sure Casey must resent how he must lock down IAFF, while EN is truly organic.

btw -- someone slipped RESCOM into a comment for one of the past 3 topics. I'll let kangtard hunt it down himself...

Akubi said...

SWEET! F Google!

Ogg the Caveman said...

Google is far more likely to monetize Blogger by putting mandatory ads on blogs than by charging directly for it. Charging end users for access to services isn't really their MO.

*Yawn* Much massive focused action in the literal sense today, and now I'm ready for Casey-style massive focused action.

jiggy said...

I have no problem with ads, I think it's a good idea. But....I wouldn't be surprised if Casey, Mocho and Tavington all got together for a click-fest orgy.

T said...

The Dude said...

Tracy, do you know how to post links instead of the whole newspaper?

No shit, huh? Not only has she stolen my first name, but she's also given me carpal tunnel. Hey, Tracy 2, please post a link rather than the whole article.

Akubi said...

I do agree with Casey on the nap/sleep issue. I really enjoy my sleeping life. For example, last night I had this really strange/funny dream about finding an old school book I'd written and drawn in page after page and had forgotten about...Long story - as dreams go - but it was entertaining.
I guess I'm a praying mantis TinderBell on a Hot Tin Roof.

CHJTS said...


Please designate someone to post new topics for you when you go on vacation.

The 300-500 threads get way too long.

Anonymous said...

I say put up some ads.

KC said...

No on the ads.

Rather people donate. Its not like hosting costs much anyways. You are looking at $10-$15 month that people will surely donate.

mejustme said...

Ads, schmads. It's fine with mejustme.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! Like monetizing this mockery of an exurban nation blog was not your intension all along. Join the people riding Casey's coat tails Robby. But what are you gonna do when he is gone. When your Massive Casey hungry audience dwindles as they do when you don't talk Casey. Also, remember, its less money for booze. Will your seven year old drive you around then? We will have to see huh?

The Dude said...

Can the ads be nekid wimmin?

lurker said...

I have no problems with ads. I would warn you that the same trolls that click frauded Casey may click fraud you as well. A couple of monthly sponsers may be far more effective. Hit up some of Casey's sponsers. They should find you have a much higher quality clientele.

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

I seldon remember my dreams. When I do, it's usually the really lame one where it's the week before exams and I realize that I'm signed up for a class that I've never gone to. Despite the fact that I've never done any of the reading, turned in any work, or showed up to any exams, it's *just* possible that a tour de force on the final will give me a passing grade.

That one gets old.

Anonymous said...


You'd be well off turning this into a forum with content - similar to Fark - and even HBB - with comments directed to a particular story or topic.

You could piece it out by region, city, zip.. And have ongoing threads where content continues to be added - which would end up creating a nice info database on each topic.

Even the Casey topics could be pieced out into subtopics where content can be added and easily stored and accessed as needed.

I could see a minor fee being charged to post a topic. It might be a fun way for users to have a way to generate topics while giving you a little $ boost as well.

I know some people don't want to be charged - but I do think there are plenty of people who would contribute a bit for a small soapbox to stand on. :)

king friday the 13th said...

Actually Casey is right about napping. Read "Power Sleep" by Dr. James Maas. In it, Dr. Maas details his research showing that a 15 - 20 minute nap in the early afternoon increases productivity. He refers to it as "Power Napping".

Yes, kangtard takes it too far (Maas is not advocating HOURS of napping).

I actually recommend the book; it gets into how the brain functions during sleep and talks about ways to sleep better.

Akubi said...

Everyone has really lame dreams, but there are the occasionally interesting ones that make it a worthwhile pursuit. I have tons of entertaining dreams, but it's difficult to translate them into text - and maybe that was the meaning of my last dream/memory...

WeWantTheFunk said...

Oh, stick a banner at the top and run a column of Google ads or something. EN has plenty of blank real estate on the right. No one will care, they're practically invisible and don't hammer the load time. If you make some coin of the realm, so much the better. Bandwidth ain't free.

Whoever said...

Re: early afternoon naps

Isn't there a word for these already:


Akubi said...

King Friday,
Napping is great for solving problems, but apparently it hasn't worked for PenisHat because he doesn't feel he has a problem to solve.
BTW, I generally hate Boomer shit, but I do like the Dalai Lama despite the fact my monastic experience was Zen (but the Dalai Lame is kinda like Steph J. in his mobilizing abilities)..So anyway, my mom lent me Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves Isn't transformation for plastic toys and/or koi ponds?
K, the worthwhile elements require further explanation, but I'm watching a film in Spanish and I don't know Spanish. More later

Anonymous said...

Relaxing in CA

Fliptard did not need to go to Oz to get away from his problems -- he could have gone camping in a CA state park. He could have kept IAFF updated from there because CA state parks have wireless Internet access (seriously!)

Of course, KC would never do that because:
1. Businessmen take trips abroad, they don't go camping.

2. Camping is too much like hard work.

Bemused Guy said...

@Ogg & Akubi -
Lordy, I hate that "final exam but not enrolled" dream as much as the one where I learn many years later that I missed taking one class thus voiding my high school diploma.
I've always wondered what those mean!

Bemused Guy said...

I wouldn't mind ads if that's what you need to do, I just worry about all the extra spyware that sometimes come with them.

I use Firefox...can someone tell me how to maximize its potential with adblockers & ways to anonymize my visit the tard's site? Not that I am trying to hurt CS mind you, I just am too embarassed to let anyone see I visited there.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

I have a recurring dream that I left college but forget to actually graduate, then find out I need to enroll for another semester to take a final exam...

As far as naps go, I'm starting to go in for afternoon naps - definitely more productive than pushing oneself until one drops. My problem has always been an inability to take my mind off the hook, meaning I could never properly drop asleep during the day.

The trick to successful napping is of course actually doing something productive both before and after, something which Snowflake appears to have 0% success with.

DO THE ADS said...

pls make more money on the ads than pooflake does.

that would be soooo awsome if the hataz site out revenued his.

donate the funds to the anti mortgage fraud coalition or unicef if its 'too much money' or keep it. who cares, it wont be a windfall so dont quit yer dayjob...hehehe.


eebee said...

bemused guy:

There are two options I can think of off the top of my head:

1) Download Safari 3.0 beta and use "Private Browsing" mode:

2) Try the Lifehacker-recommended "Stealther" extension

I also recommend the Adblock Plus extension:

What's nice is that, when you install it, it gives you a choice of prebuilt filters to install from that include the most common ad companies.

I'm also about to try the Adblock Filterset.G Updater for the first time-- it's supposed to download new updates every few days to the filter list:

Anonymous said...


Adblock(not Adblock+)
Filterset G Updater

I can't imagine surfing without them.

lawnmower man said...

Adblock(not Adblock+)

Why not Adblock Plus?

bemused guy said...

Adblock (not Adblock+)

er...I just added the PLUS version. Pros & cons are welcome!

PMSPMS™©® said...

Rob - my 2 aussie cents:

1. No forums.
2. Troll protection if needed.
3. Ads ok.
4. External host preferred.


PMSPMS™©® said...

More buzz trolls on flickr from KC. Seems he is in Sydney (the city - not the man).

Casey's Enablers said...

Anyone has Marty Stewart contact info?

I am writing an article called "How Has The Biggest Cojones".

Marty, please contact me - I need to interview you.

I also have a 2nd article I want to write called "Tu Eres Chicken".

Marty, call me dude!

Casey's Enablers said...

!!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!

Mocha has been spotted:;_ylt=Atbio.60yJTVlVeeqsWAnO8DW7oF

Warning: Put on your shades first.

eebee said...

Bemused Guy: I like the Plus version better, since a lot of the filtering is automatic once you've chosen which set of filters you want to use. I tried the plain 'ole Adblock about a year ago, and it was such a pain to get configured properly. I think the Filter.G set of filters probably makes it easier to deal with, but when I tried it, I had to try to set everything manually. I thought it was a pain in the butt, honestly, and I uninstalled it.

But both pretty do the same thing, so it's really just a matter of preference.

eebee said...

>But both pretty do the same thing, so it's really just a matter of preference.<

Good lord, I need coffee... I meant, "Both pretty much do the same thing..."


lawnmower man said...

Casey seems to be aging backwards: in Study with Disgraced Flipper and Sports Car he looks about 14.

NoDebtWhatSoEver™ said...

Casey seems to be aging backwards

Well, he is associating with Marty McFly. Maybe the plan is to use the sports car to "flip" (haha) back to 1997 and clean up both on the dotcom and the housing booms.

The Dude said...

Has Casey been tested for HIV?

Slingshot Tom said...

Casey's hotel view photo

... was taken from the Marriott Sydney, 36 College St.

The Marriott overlooks Hyde Park and you can clearly see the American Express building on the left (its on Liverpoool St) and the city skyline
matches the photo on this page:

Marriott Sydney Hotel"

The Marriott isn't the cheapest hotel in Sydney, nor the most expensive; rack rates for a weekend stay are from A$199 to A$495 per night. The room looks like it is on a high floor from the photo - those rooms are $270 per night according to Marriott's website.

If I was staying in Sydney I'd choose something cheaper, say the Pacific International Hotel on 717 George St for around A$90 - A$140 per night. But then I'm just a loser with a steady job, not a deadbeat wife-abandoner with dreams of being a successful passive income businessman.

Rob Dawg said...

That Casey pic with the sports car. Is he physically shrinking?

Thanks for the suggestions. I've got what I think is bundle of ideas that will make everyone happy as much as a unruly mob of independent spirts can ever be called happy while in the same room. I'll put it all together and report today/tonight.

New post up on CA vs. MA. I didn't answer my own question but I will in the comments.

Slingshot Tom said...

City view 1 in the morning

Looks like it was taken from the other side of the Marriott Hotel.

City view 2

Is from the Hyde Park side of the Marriott; presumably from Casey's room.

In the daylight it doesn't look so high up, so perhaps he paid a lesser rate of A$235 per night for that room.

Finally go to see drive around (sic) ...

Looks like it was taken on George Street facing North. Coincidentally this image shows the Pacific International hotel I mentioned earlier.

Street performer

Was probably taken at Circular Quay.

I hope he is deported soon. And arrested the moment he sets foot back in the United States.

Endgame said...

Ads at EN cause me no heartburn. Go for it.

Poet said...

I think if you put up ads, you should donate the proceeds to habitat or something.

1. It would show that the "haterz" don't hate everyone.

2. It would allow some small good to come out of the Casey mess.

3. It will prevent a slew of trolls attacking you for being greedy.

4. It will probably really piss Casey off.

Bemused Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bemused Guy said...

@4:29 DUDE

I don't know about Casey but every responsible adult who hasn't been monogamous for the past 10 years should be, regardless of orientation or gender. ::so ends this public service anouncement::

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Go for it Dawg. I reckon there is a lot of work involved in satisfying this hungry pack.

Jake said...
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